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. ' ' ' • 

^ POCKET DJcTiojmnr 

, . . / , .-. ( ■ 



r*v/;/.v>vv'v\vv •\:VvV>xv'^\ 

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I. ir. 



OF Apelung, Johnson, and others of the 


In which 

the Parts of Speech, and the Genders of the German Nouns, aJ© 

properly di/tinguifhed ; each PVord accented according to its 

juit and natural Pronunciation ; and the Irregularities of 

the Englijh and German Verbs duly marked. 

/^V— : 

|\ With 

an alphabetical List of the moft uTual Christian an^ Proper 
Names, and of the molt remarkable Places in tHe 
Ic^^own World. , 

Printed por C. T. Rabenhorst; 

and fold by T, N. Longman and O. Rdes, N^ 39. Pattrnofter-row> 
' %^ London. 

1 Q O 0« > Digitized byCjOOglC 

. TIIR y".'X YORK 


A^9]l, LS!fCX AND 
B Ui% L 

d by Google 

T « E 9 1 W 


P A R t II." 
Cant»lnin){ the GERMAN befor* «li« BNCLISK. 


XXal , m.ttl; ein kleiner Aal , 

grig ; der zerftUckelte und ge 

bratene Aal, fpitckcock. 
Aalbeerllniucb, m. black geoft btrry. 
Aalfang, m. catehtng ef tett 
Aalfeit.n. ttlgTtafi. 
Aalgabel, f.Aalftecher, m.eeLtpe^r. » f. an ed'sjhn, thtjhin of 

mn eel. 
Aalkirfche , f. blatk voUd fcrvitt. 

Aallager, n. btdef eels. 
Aalnippe, Aalraupe, f. teU^out, futb. 
Aalteich, m. teLpond. 
Aalwehr, n. etl-dam or ware* 
Aa», n. car ea/s I carrion. 
Aaseeier, m. hor/e.kite. 
Aaj^kSfer, m. korft.htttk. 
Aafen^ v. a. to feed on flejk, 
Ab.part. of, off,frotn,fTo, doum ; ab 

und au, to andfroy weit a.\i,far of. 
^ch Abitchzen, v. r. to fret, to ptne 

Abackern , v. a. U fiparate or take 

•viay hy ploughing. 
Ab!(naern,v.a. to alter,amendi repair; 

T. to decline. [ble 

Ahjinderlich, a. alterable, changea- 
AbSndening , f. alteration, amend. 

ment; T. declenfion ; variety. 
Abangftigen , v. m.. ta vex, torment, 

grieve. ^ 
Abarbeiten, v. a. towear out iGch. , 

to xuo'k one's /elf weary • cin^ 

Schuld., to clear a debt by wording. 
Abarbeitung,f wearing out, vaorking 

•ut^nijktng one*! tAjkywafie by hard 

Atarocen, r. a. to reap, hart>eJl,erop. 
Abait, f variety, degeneracy. 
Abancn, v. n. /• degenerate. 
Abanung, f - degeneration, corruption, 
AbiUlen, v. a. *• cut eifthe branches 

of a tree. 
Abbaden, v. a. ftf bathe, voajki water ^ 

AbbaJgen, ▼. a. toJtHp off thejkin, to 

fiayi fidu, to thump me another. 


Abbeererf, v, 

• Ab he i fsen , v. ^. to bite of. 
AbbeileliCn , v. a. to countermand, 

Abbeten, y. k. to deprecate , to pray 

Abbettcln , v. a. to hegof, to get by 

Abbettcn, V. a. tojleep a/under, toft- 

par ait e beds, 
Abhcugcn, •Abbieg«ui, v. a. tobend- 

how.turn of. afidt, downwardSi 
•Ahbieten, » a. to outbid one. 
Abbilden, v. a to copg, "tprtfeat. 

adumb-'ate, delineate, drfign forn, 

draw, picture ; to portray, to d^ 

after the l\fe, from life; to defer. 

ftt forth lively ; inWach*-, to 

bofs in wax. 
Ahbildung, f. repre/intatien, delinrO' 

iton,im0reji^n, topy, portrait, po^~ 

traiture I J/itught, drawing i image; 

ftictu'r J paihting. 
Ahbinden , v. a. to unbind^ untie, 

AbbVfs, m bite. 
Abhitte, (.deprecation, begging-ajihig 

Abbiuen, y.n, to deprecat^ aji.btg. 

iifirt-implore pardon. 
Abblafcn, v. a. it blow off- away the 

d .Jl\to flouTiJk,to found the trumpet. 
Abblaiten, V. a. to pluck off leaves. 
Abbliiuern , v. a. & n. to Jhfveroff, 

b'cak into fivers 
AbbUtien , v a. to cudgel, to beat 

Abbllihen, -v. n. to drop -to leave e^ dtray Jadt,withet. 
AbblUten, v. a. to nip the bloffoms, to 

take off the btoom . 
Abbor'gen, v. a. to borrowfrom one. 
Abborger, m. borrower . 
Abbrau^hen , v. «. to wear off, to 

wear out. 
Abbrechen , v. at to crop , gather, 

pluck off i to bade, abate, deduct,, 

to puk -pluck off ubridgetfocutfkortitopinektAnu 

Rede., to break of, to difcontinue. 
Abbrechung, f br,aking, abatement. 
•Abbrennen,Y burn with fire tm 

fire, tofet on fire, to light j rn.ta 

burn down, lay in afkts. 
•Abbriagen, r ». to bring down ^ U 

mifleal, to lead the wrong way t ts 

put out 1 to aboUfik. 
Abbroekein, v. a. to crumble off. 
Abbruch , m. abating, abateiitenti 

abridgment ; damage, detriment s in. 

ASbrUbeo , v. a. tofcald; to parboil i 

'o I'eeth. 
AbbUrflen. v. ft. to brujk. 
AbbUfsen, v a. to expiate, atone for %. 

to make amends for, 
AbMlfsung, f. expiation, atonement t 

*ntnd. [mer. 

Abe, Abcbuch, n. abc. abcbook, prU 
Abr fc hiller, Abcfchilia , m . /r jjiMr.iiy^, 

Abdachen , v, a. to build or raife 

any thing ftopingly, 
Abdachung.f. tahts,fiopenefs, glaeit, 

or the fleepnef sofa roof. 
Abdimmen. v. a. to dam ; dasWaf. 

fer-, tojknt up water by dams. 
Abdampfen, v n. to evaporate. 
Abdanken.v. a. to difmifs, dif charge i 

dif ard, to fend away, to put off, to 

dixxfi of an offire - of an employment, 

di/mifffrvmfervicet v. n. to ab» 

dieate, dijband, renounce, refign, 

with'draw. , ^ 

Abdankung, f. difmiffon, difcharge i 

abdication, refignation. \ 

fichAbdaiben, v. r. to pinch himftlf 

off; to pinch his own gut. 
Abdecken, v. a. tv uncover; to flay, 

tofkin ; den Tifch ., to tahe away 

the table-cloth. 
Abdecker, m.fieaer. 
Abdeckerei, f. employinewtof afieatr, 

fltaing \fleaing.houfe. 
Abdeichen , v, a. tofeparate with H. 

hei,to indo/e witkdikes,to cut dikes. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

1 ABE 

Abdielen , v. a. tofieor « ro»n with 

deals. l^»g 

Abdienen, v. a. to dear m deht by fer. 
•Abdingen , v. a. to abate, ckajftr, 

Abdorraa, v. n. f« dry away, dry up, 

parrk, fcorek. 
Ab'lorren.v. a« to arefy, dry. 
Abdrechfcln, V. a toftparaiehytur- 

ning, to jinijk m turning. 
Abdrehen, v. a. ** /crew, to f«pa 

rate by twijling. 
«Abdre(chen. v. a. to tkrf/i i to 

eurr^, maul, tane, bang. 
*Abilnngen, t. a. to extort, to t*. 

aft front. 
AbdringuDg, f. tuaftlon, ejttortion. 
Abdrohen, v. a. ta extort, to get by 

Abdnick, no. tmprej^on ; €opy,^amp, 

Abdrucken, v.. a. impre/t, imprint i 

fit ' make tke Jiamp, mark upon 

a feal. 
Abdriicken, v. a. to break | toexafl; 

to difehargt i to JkoOt, let of, dart- 
Abdiinften, v. n AbdUnften, v. a. 

to evaporate. 
Abebeneh, v. a. to even, to level. 
fichAbeiCern, v.r. to put kimfelf in. 

to a pajton. 
Abend, ta eve, even, evening ^ w^, 

oefident; g«nerYi Abend, lafi nigkti 

diefcn Abend, this night ; a wird 

Abend, it grows dark ; zu Abend 

effca,to/upperi detheilige Abend, 

Abendbrod» Al^endeflen, n. Abend- 

mahlzcitff. Abenddfch, ta.fupper. 
Abenddiiminerung, f. twilight. 
Abendg^ett n. evening prayer. 
Abcndunder, ^\.'w^-iountries,-we. 

Jltrn regionst der AbcadlXoder, the 

inhabitant <(f tic 
AbcndUndifch, a. wtfiern, w^erly. 
Abendlied, n. even -/hnm. 
Abendluft , f. the W(/r wind , xt 

phy, xetkyrus. 
Abcndmahi, n. communion, koly 

euckar^ft, tke lordfs /upper. 
Abendmufik. f. /ertnade. 
Abendregen, no. evening .raiH» 
Abendrotb, n. Abendrikhe, f. tkt 

rednr/s at /unfit. 
Abends, ad, in the evening. 
Abendfegen, m. evening . prayer. 
tA'oendAern, im evening .Jlar. 
Abendftunde, f. evening. hour. 
Abendtbau, in. evening, dew. 
AbendwSru, ad.^o tke wej, wejlwtrd. 
Abendwind, m. w^, wejlern wind- 
Abend eeit, f. eventide. 
Abenteuer, n. adventure, venture. 
Abenteuerlich, a. Jlrange J adventu- 
Abenteuerlichkeit, f. adventure/o- 

menefs, adventurous thing. ' 
Abenteurer, m. adventurer. 
Aber, c. but ; aber doch, itayeti 

aber gleichwobl, however. 


Aheracht, f. double, ban. 
Aber^laiibc, m. bigotry, /uperftlUon 
AbergUubig, AbergUubifch, a. bh. 

goted, bigotttd, fuperjtitious. 
Aberkennen^ v. a. togive a verdict. 
Abermal, ad. again, once again, 

once more. 
Abemialig, a. ficond, iterated. 
Aberwitz, m. over- wit, /alfiwxt, 

witiUi/m i dljr action , /ranticntjs 

/renxy, madne/s, 
Aberwitzig, a. di/hacted, mad. 
fich Aberchern, v. r. to /atigue ont'i 

•Abeffcn* v.a. to eat; torifi,Jlir. 
•Abfahren, v. a. & n. to break by 

carriages , to fit out, depart, to fit 

/«!/; goof 
Abfahrt, f. fitHng out, departure, 

departing ; going ofT 
Abfall, m. falling of:, fall, apojfa. 

cy, ba'-kjliding, dtfirtion. 
'Abfallen, r.a. & n. to /all of; to 

ap^atite, turn apojlate, to bak/li. 

de, /or/ake religion ; to defert. 
•Abfangen, v. a. to catch, /natrk. 
Abfifrben, v. a 8c n. to die -^ to toofe 

tke die, to/ade. 
Abfaflen, *. a. to compo/e, draw up, 

make, write. 
AbfalTung, f. eompofing, drawimgup, 

making, writing. 
ficb Abfaft^n, v.r. to pinch one's fit/ 
Abfanlen, y. n. to corrupt, become 

putrid, to rot, grow rotten, to pu- 

•Abfechten, ». a. to get by Jigkting. 
Abfegen, v. a. to wipe, cUanfi by 

rubbing, to rub, fiour, /ret- 
Abfeilen, v. a. to file, Jile away 

of, to ctt witkafile. 
.bfeili ' " • - 

Abfeilicht, a. /le-dujl. 
Abfertigen, v. a. to di/patck, expe- 
dite, /peed. 
Abfenigung. f. di/pattk, expedition, 

Abfefleln, r. a. to un/etter, take of 
/etters, to free /rom Jkackles, to 

unjkackte, to unckain. 
Abreuern,v.a tnjire,di/ckargea gun. 
•Ablinden, v a. to content, faHf/y, 

to make aneends\ fich ., to agree. 
Abfindnng, f. amends , contenting, 

/atis/action , agreeing with /ome. 

Abfifchen, v, a. to empty a pond by 
Mi"*; fig- to/kim,/Jk. 
kbflattern, v. n. to brujk away, to 

marck of. 
Abfliegen, v. n. tojly of. 
Abflieuen, v.n. to ebb, run downi 

to empty, evacuate, di/rkarge itfilf. 
Abfldrten, v. a- to empty, evacuate, 

to float, toflim. 
Abfluri, lA. the flowing down. 
Abfolgen. «. n. (laflen) to hand it 

one's rtquefl, deliver, yield. 
Abfordern, v. a. to call ofi to de. 

nand\ /end/or, nflt/ar. 



Abforderung, f. ro/ftnj; of, fSc. 
Abformen, v.a. to/orm, model, 

mould, fiape, frame. 
Abfragen, v.«. to infidre, infuir* 

of, examine flrietly. 
•Abfreffen, v. a. to krow/t, brow/e 

on - upon, to /eed, feed upon, eon. 

•Abfrieren, v. n. to cktU, he bla/led 

With cold, to/reexe. 
Abiubr, f. exportation. 
AbfUbren, v. a. to export, emrry, 

carry down - away . out i to dean. 

fc, purge { to drain ; to miflead, 

leadaflray, divert. [Wc. 

AbfUhrang, f . purfotion ; exporting^ 
AbfUllen, v.a. toflllout,to pour out. 
AbfUttern, v. a. to /eed, to give the 
X provender 
AbAiKerung, t. /ceding, giving/cod. 

p^ oven der. 
Abgabe. f. delivering^i cn/tom, due, 

duty, impn/l, tax, tribute, 
Abgung, m. fitting out , going of, 

departing, riding of; /3e, vent, 

market } decay. 
.\bgiingig, a. /aleable , vendikle, 

that fills well. 
•Abgebcn, v.a. to delivery to give ; 

to be, to reprefintl to pay, to lay a. 

tax, to tribute i (icb mil eincr Sa- 

che., to deal in, to meddle wttk | mit 

jemand . , to have intertourfi with 

Abgeber, m. giver, deliverer. 
AbgeOiumt, a. fig. arrant, crafty. 
' Abgchcn, v. n. to depart, go, go 

away, take tke road', to^oof, re. 

tire ; to go/rom ont*s/ubje{l,/wtr. 

w; to go ijlray, flraggle i to/eU\ 

to discount i V. ». to wear Vf ky 

Abgelebt, a. decrepit, old. 
Abgelegen, a. out of the way, diK 

tant, /«' d\flant,/ar of, remote. 
Abgcleflebbeit,f. dijtance, remotene/s, 
Abgenclgt , - a. duafectianaie , un. 

kind, unfavorable. 
Abgencigtheit, f. unkindne/s, di/a/- 

Abgenuizt, a.. iMr* out , treated, 

w^/lrd. [Ifflt. 

Abgeordneter.m. defuty^ kgate, de. 
Abgerben, v.a. to curry, to tan of. 
Abgefandtc, f ambafadre/s. 
Abge(andter, m. ambaffador, envoy, 

wuffenger\ nuncio i emtfa'yl ml/. 

Ronary\ deputy, delfgate 
Absefchmackt, a. Inflptd, flat, ab. 

furd finfelr/s, nonfinfical, ab/o. 

nous, impertinent. 
Abgevrinnen, v.a. to win, to gain. 
Abgewdhneti, v.a. toii/u/e, break a 

Abgieften, v.a. to decant, to clear - 

pour ofi to/ound, to cak. 
Abgier«uog, r. deeantitig, clearing of, 

pouring of; /oundinf, tafling. 
Abgiefier, m. /ounder, cq^er. 
Abglanz, m. re/pltndenct. 

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AhglUtten.r^.U^lJkj make/moaik. 
Abgleichen, t. a. to efuml, tfmalift, 

efmalize, rtfUUe, 
^Abgleiien, v. n. to Jlift fi^ «rrt. 
I dintaUy,fmllmway- 
AbgtUhen, v . a. to purgt^byjirt. 
Abgott, m. Hot. 
Abgoiter, m. Hoiater, morjkifftr ^ 

Abgmterci, f. iiUuhy } . tr^ibeo, to 
idotatrtzt, commit idoUtry, wo-Jktf 
Abgdittrcb.a. idoUtromt,W9rJktpping 

idott : ad. idolmirQufiy 
•Abgrabeo, v. «. todigmf, tonmktt 

Abgrabung, f. dtggimg of 
ficb Abgrimen, v. r. to grieve, ajlift. 
Abgiafen, ▼. a. to graze , irow/e ; to 
cutgr^&s [ger, 

•Abgreileo,vA. /« toear offhytktjin. 
Abgrund, m. m^fs, gi*(ft prtcipict. 
Abgunft, f. tnoy, difoJftSio*. 
AbgUnftig, a. rnviout. i 

AbgUrten, v. a. to ungtrd, to looft. 
Abguft, m- decanting, clearing off, 
pouring off; cajltng, founding j jS 
gue, cuft, copy. 
Abhacken, v. a. to cut • chop of 
• Abhalun, v. a. todetain, to Hoidoff, 

htet ofi'i hinder. 
Abbaitung, f. detaining, holding off^ 

hindering, withd'awing. 

Abhandein, V. a. to tuy, purc/iaft ; to 

ahate, deduff, hagglr, ckafr ; to troaff to handle, difcufj. 

AbbandluDg, f. treaty, negotiatiou ; 

treatife, di/tujion. 
Abhanden, ad. not ad hand, ab/ent, 

Abbang. m.Jfope, dntioity.JlanUng i 

cliff. Jeep 
Abbifngcn, t. a. to hang off. 
«Abbaageo, v. a. to depend, to A 
from; to decline, flant,^ope. 
AbbMngig.a. declivous, ffanting,Jlo. 
ping, defendant \^dancy. 

Abhingigkeit, f. dependante, dtpen. 
Abbiiren, v. d> & r. to loft the hair. 
firh Athi(riiieii,v. r. to grieve, to pine. 
Abhtoen. v. a. to harden, wtakehard, 

gtow hard'f fis obdurate. 
Abhiinung , f hardening , growing 

hard; fig . abduratmg . 
.\bbarpeln, T.a. to reel off, wind of 

a reel. 
•Abbaueii, t. a. to beta . cut down, 
chop off, fell; to behead, ffrihe off. 
•Abbeben, v. a. to heave . lift of; to 

(ut, l.ft. 
Abbebung, f. cut. 
Abbeileo, v. n. to heal, curt. 
Abbeilong, f. healing, curing. 
Abheifchen, v. a. to ojh from. 
\Abhclfen,*. %\ to help from; to help. 
Abbeiaich.a. hrlping. 
Abhellen, v. a. to clear of, 
Abberzen, v. a. to klft one enough. 
Ahbetzcii, v, a. to tire .fatigue by 


fich Abhealen, ▼. r. to weary kimfilf 

with moaning 
Abbobein, v. a. to plane, fmoothe, 

Imootten ; fig. /« potijk. 
Abhold, a. I. Abgeneigt. 
Abbolen, -v. a. to fetch of, to call of, 

. avsay. ' 

Abhuliing. t. fetching off; tailing of, 

Abburcben, v. a. tolearn by lifening. 
Abhuren. r. a. toemamine; try, hear, 

to learn by hearing. 
Abb'ingem, v a. to be pained - wea- 
kened with hwger, to be hungerbtt. 
fich Abhuren. v. r. to wear Umfelf 

out by whorifg. 
Ahhiiten, v. a. /« graxe ; to feed. 
Abjagcn, v. a. to over-courf*. ovtr.ri 

de. founder j to refcuefrom, retrie. 

ve. 'ccover. 
Abjocben, r. a. io unyoke, loofen, ta- 
ke from the yoke. 
Abirren, t. n. to aberr. 
Abkimmen, *. a. to comb of. 
Abkappen, v. a. to unhood the hawk ; 

to cut - chop of. 
Abkargen, v. a. /o niggard, te^ clip his 

own neceffarits. 
Abkanen, v. a. to complot, projeS, 

Abkaiif, m. buying ; purckajing, 
Abkaafcn, v. a. to buy, purchaft, 
Abkiiufer, m. buyer. 
Abkchr, Abkehrung, f. turning <ff-^ 

brujking; fwtfping fwtep. 
Abkehren, v. a ioturn off; to brujk 

to fuetp. 

Abkeifen, v a. to get by chiding. 
Abkriiern, v. a. to pr^s. 
Al'kippen, v. a. io chop off. 
AbkUfren, V. n. to gape. 
Abkl^ren, V. a. to cltar off, decmnl. 
Abklaub«n, *.a. to pick off, pluck off. 
Abkletden,v. a. toputofclotkes,to 

und'cfs ; T- partition. 
Abkleiduog, f undrejlng ; T. pai 

t:tiontng, partition. 
Abklemmen, v.u.tocrujk off,fiuetse 

of. pinch off. 
AbkJopfen, v.^a. to btmtfrom, . of. 
•Abkneipcn, v. «. topinchoff, nip. 
Abknopfen, v. a. to unbottom and 

take dddm. 
AbknUpfen, V. a. toknit^, umkuU, 

unbind, umtye. 
Abkochen, v. a. to boil. 

Abkommdn. v. n. to cowu of, de- 

viate; to lofe ; to grow out iifufe;to 

Abkommlinf , m. deftent, defcendant. 
Abkdpfen, ▼. a. Pflanzen., tohead. 
Abkrifnk«n, v. a & r. to grieve, to 

pint away with grief. 
Abkratzco, ▼. a. tofcrape off, rub off 

tvith the nails. 

Ahkratzung, f . fcraping off, rubbing 

of with the nails. [bang. 

AbV riegen, v. a. to get off; btar a 

Abkiiblen, v. a. to cool; to quench 

fig. to apptaft ; to r^rejk. 

ABL a 

AbkUhliing. r. cooMngtfiunckUig, re. 

AbkUmroern, V. a. to grieve, to pbie 

away witkfadnefs. 
Abkiindigen, i a. to proclaim.' took e 

known from the pulpit ; io bid bams. 
Abkiindigung, f. proclaiming, bidding 

Abki.nfi, f . defcemt, birth, famUy. 
AbkUpfen, V a. to cut of the point. 
AbkUrzen, v. a. to abbreviate; to 
Jiorten ; to abridge; to epitomlfe; to 

defalcate ; to didufl ; to dimtntjk. 
Abkiirzting, f. abbreviation, epitome, 

dtfaJration, deduHion, dimnuttam, 

abridgment , Jiortkand, abbrevia. 

ficb Ablacben, y. r. to f^t your 

fides witk laughing. 
Ablactiran, v a. T. to ablaffate. 
AblaciSrcn, o. T. ablailaUon. 
Abliden, v. a- to unlade ; to unload, 

d{/hkrden, difharge. 
Ablader.m. (Litsenbruder) unloader, 

dif charger. 
h\Au6itt\o\a\,m.tkefetfor unloading. 
AbUndcn, v. n to Ift tke anchor, U 

depart. Jet fail. 
Ablab, m. drain, draining ; indul- 
gence, indutgtnry. 
Ablafibrief, m. letter qf indulgence. 
•Ablaflen, v.a. & oifi einea 

Teich., let out ; am Preifc, abate, 

bate ; von einer Sacbe . , to ctaft, 

AhUrsgeld, n. 
K\>\iS%V.nm,m,fellmg of indulgences. 
AbUrikriiiner, m. ftlUr ff indulgen- 

Ablauben, v. a. #« pluck of leaves. 
Ablauf. m. goiag qf; - cmet Jabret, 

expiration ; - einer Sacbe. iffue. 

event; •etaei Wechfel*, time ^ 

•Ablaufen, v.n. to run down, run of, 

to end; -}uUcn,to'fcndaw^yi ei- 

nem den Rang ., to autdo, to autgo. 
Ablitugnen, w. a. to abnegate, deny, 

di/own, renounce ; io gain fay. 
AbUuren, v.a. to leer, to wait, tofpy- 
Ablaurcben.-v. a. toUJlen, hark. 
Ablaufen.Y.a. /• hu/e, to take oflUt. 
Ahliiuern, v. u.. to clear, ptrify. 
Ableben, n. dtceafe \ death, 
Ableckcn, V. a. to htk off. 
Ahlecren, v. a. to clear. 
Ablegen, T.a to lay; to lay apart, 

ajfide, away.from, to put - coftoff; 

einen BeUicb., bipay avifit \ Re- 

cbenfchaft.. to account; Rcch- 

nung., to brtPg in accounts ; einen 

£id-. to lay an oath ; ein Zcugnif$ 
, to depoft. 
AMeger, ni. T. layer. 
Ablchnen, v. a. to decline. 
Ablebnung, f. declining, 
•Ablciben, v. a. to borrow. 
Ablribung, f. borrowing. 
Ablf iten. derive ; fig. miftcad, 



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4 ^ ABP 

Ahlrnktn, Ti, fc, ^rtftierrito J|»„,. 

J- ^■'^'« *#: [/,. 

A]Ilie^*rJ(l^ ¥. » fe if,i(i,r^^ 

Abltr>«rn, * a, /("Jrr frf /rlr^j. 
AblarLrq, i», *. /, rf-jn, rt#^ I* Ml * 

/a I- iktf'ii 
Abin^inon, *.*, tm/^y. 

r- t,->tf of s J T 

itiaft'ii, tti 'til (./; tc fwiit- J die Wi- 
the ., |p ■^rtfrvf. ' 

AbfcRchen, T. I,, ffl /pi/iTt i'r."/f(i, Cn 

A^mihlen, it. i. ^« ^'^irf^ 
AbnfAlicn, \.M. tit putft, tke-mi-it; 
alh^n.^ fa Jram tnn^i fiifiuTti 

AtmillBJHfir,*, tfJt^.frtJ'^n^ JrfL 

AlirairraEjH, ,. i, Jpu>tijtf, matt^^fr, 

AlktUarf^ll i riBj 1 . ,1 J p rt„^Jl ^ pp.j.'^^ 
Ab baricrn ,it.^, ia tarmtHtt U kuwa i 

*/iH! ; if nrafJ-, fui!-i/>T,i,. 

AbmiCLhtn^lr, i, /# Jlff/riftU. 

r^PHTj^ /rr-j/f (JjFfA^ rao^ 
' AbinliriS««n ,.«f.m.t^ ff^-t timffr^tt, ; 

Ahiuhute.r. Ji«TiJ,nrfiTM; ^iw.Hnufi^ r 

i*rr*rJ!r; d fit Bin-, tajiutt fif 


M. |«iitdjV, inji^yftir 


i^fjfShdrnr ». » ii^jlraiw, feitt 
Ah^fliHrfceFi » V, 1. fj (^utkoj; go, 


A h |»r Ji r-L. V . ^. 1^4^ rerw K m>r, J»:riu.P 
/iiP l*ra 1 1 iin , t . it, f i; i-r^im^ ^ 

A"prOiu-lK, y. 1. (V ir(|',i»wjr. mati/ 
AhjiniTieti .1, n.. f.-j fi- .f^ta rlta.a^ wt, 

U nf ; fa w»if fff_fi. 

Ahq • i:i;lrti , V a- iiHtiffrlitBf 
ftlii|-.t'f-hcni ^' a. Mi^rtd^, fj '*'Jjfl' 
A I 1 H *1 r n , IF, J ^r /iraff * jj/" itr aii.B.jv, 

|>IM d '^J^t 

A^Tlnthin, i,n, frj rtjjfijf (ji-, (i i^Jtair 

A(ini|iFfi1^ «.a. UtiKT., tm ficl mfi 

Ali^rkrn. «,B. ^inchErd-, |k ^«|< 

ff\' iiiff^ttt iiiT sA» 

.\Jii>i:f n, ^,a. ^p, vffjf/ty^ nra^t, rr- 

fiiimi ^ cinpJIV [JMJ(e1atlCitei].b t* 

■fljir-ritf i cin abgEijgirr Frlnd, 4 

,f(nurii tM^mjt, 

A hhi ' c 1 n , If • ',. r** t ^fiiitf,ni<iit, 

hkit^it-^ J I . an ci netn Heme , j4''^/^ . 

Fitttr Miner, /r;?;*; -5ic5(L^^ ^r 

*' «■ J rf ,*'f PT ■ 9n Sf hiiJini , 4:^ri'J ^me r 
ini^libe, ,#,*J, /foiiTflj , Jn ^iiiEr 
A>tde.,4 l^'M . im Schr^ihen, ^iJk 

AhrFTiihcTU.If a. V'rf rlfJuQi, /Mtr C*i«* 
if II ^'' ub^ 

A^^lrJ^aljeH. I . pW») i^*|iJi fijktVtaf, 

AtiCrhaFfiP, v a^ Id itftiar^ - '^ iM^~ 

AhFCEticn, y a, rp An r F-NI14J, 
A dree hna-fi , t , » f^ j,ff^ ^^ U i^ tvfit - 
fffit-atiiif Uf thriMf.rminf, rtfiHH 

Abi^L>iniPrt|f.J 4ifa"ni,f'ftilng ™h. 

Ai^i'K\^^it%■f■.4•/i^^I rniWji^d{J'm_^^f^ 

AMsi*i\f,i «>a O^in^f ta ^rt i hare, 

Abr^'h^Ttfn' Ti a, ta fa** arctar fi^r 
_^itA fiinfff 

AliFFRTirn ^ V, i r ^.^ fca w */" raJ h j^^f, ^ ■'-(V Jm^ii reo , v ■ a r fi? jtf#rfii»j. 

,<f a. ftf rk* tjf; ^i?jf»fMj^ 


^eiittfl,? - ■ 


If Tjf .1.1, ^ 


/4T il/it lantaj^, te 

r- -- * ffvJrJtfuit rJfirgtih 

AI^Ri:kc4|, VI. r« *B/aft, i»/s<^, 

Abrnthtii^i'. a. ^(^r(a<^; f.0 Jfittri- 
Abreire, f. ^/kaff^rf^ ^r^ij, /ff, 

Ahrei fd n , V .a -m A^a rf< ^art J /rt .^H ^ 
-\ltri;ificn, V. n. h hrvai, t^H^A" ; 

-, fB|)x»tfy9iM.fe rf^tifl^^; tin aiin 

^Alirpin;™, 1 n. /,i a^t «HMjt '* A/ 

CAlf , "y 1 Itf i'i'lt (t*>^. 

^ Ab rcnitcd ,. V. n ta run atun^ % i-^ 

ALirkbFEflpV Br la diJfifliMTiHf 4rfft\ 

!.■ M<im -f 1st ttari. 
- Aliri uneb^ *. n. r^ rcnii i-f, ifrti>e^ 
Ahrifi^ tta. J-aajjWf ,^r^*i, rfr^f^-a^ 

AhiLiHea. -y. n, f« rrU ^4b'N { V. *. to 

^ A Km fun, T,!. ^Dfi/^iffi -lilTEq, !■*. 

A1.rilhnrr>, 9, 9, ia.'ifaK 

Abfttimituen, *■. II to f-'Ttmt _^n iir 
d>L'.i, rj*i -..ifr^r f'tt^ 
Al.fE:brETCll> *.. »r jie Hht* - , ^p 
^PTT ^ * i ii Jkiaar- , lo jUj-* r, Jtftvf^ 

* iVIirchc^ deit . T. a. fpit^artjr-fm \tu 
A t JtlieS Fem , t- I» • rir ^^ rt/", 

U.fthiililicb^Tl. ihaminAelr^ tffif/f-iiirw 

Af.frhcnLjrbkrii, i. if^iHimJLiienr/st 


>\k> fchlrh I cn , » . *- f-i ijff^ffi Afi'lt^ 
Abrctrrktcij * , l, T-J jSnrf *ip*/, Jjj. 

AhfrhkltiinR, r, jOxAiff 4li",lf» iij^. 
-A fi frbic bertj v . d , la iJl »t-v 1 ^ » x p^ 
A^.^^h;4^Hlr lo^ if«/^jj?ui| | .^Ehaii, |a 

*(W^^ r'rf<^4:dff; ej «> nertchil itTicT-, 
rfr. .-rr J f A bro ir«r ) Ji^a r r Ji F - ; - itrh . 
me It, r.' *t.f- tdkrjtfrwwrit, to tait 

Abi«birdtpri:d.ig(, I- ^hd^lfr^Jtr- 

d by Google 



.Wdu'edafchmauls , m. valtARvry 

•Abfchiefsen, v. a. tojkoet - diffhtrgt 

. Utfly - Jtnd of; • » • n tojkoot - 
v rm . fioxo d9V>n \ (von Farben) to 
"l Jtit. iofe colour . 

HJUkithvin^J. Jhooting,(3e. 
AWthiffen. t. a. tojkip^jkip of', - v. ftt fail. 
Abfcl.ildera, v. a. io ^aurr.drfirite. 
Abfchilderung, f . piHurt, dtJc'ipHon. 
MbfchindeB.v.a. toJkxn,jUa,JUy. 
Abrchirren. ». a- to unkamtfs. 
Abrchlachteo, v.a. toJlaHgkttr,kiU, 

AbTc^lag, m. auf-, on acfount'y kaf~ 

gcben, toaivt h^ore.hand\ thtf*l' 

linf 'of the price). 
•Ablcblageo, v. a. Steine., to brat 

of, down, to hew of-, to cut of; 

ein Zelt -, ta unfitch-p fein Wafler 

~, to make wmter ; einem etvras -, 

1orr/u/e,denjfi *v. n. to abate, to 

Abthl;gen, n. rtfyjing, rrfuje^ ab- 

Mting, falliHg. , 
hhic^\ii\fi,t.Jenying, r^ufingi eine 

abfcbUgige Antwort, denial, refu. 

fai.'ftiu'/e, negative in ftxer. 
Abrchliglicb, a. .bezahien,/o^^i». 

«Abrcbleifen, v. a. to blumf, to whet, 

• Abrchieimen, v. a. torid ofjlimt. 
^ AbCchlenkeTit, Abfcbleudern, v. a. 

to fiing , fixng avtay, >»*« of, 

throto of. 
Abfchleppen, v. a. drag down, away, 

train ; fo wear of, to wafit. 
fAhfchlierten. v. a. to lock, to ba. 

lanrt ; to agree. 
AbfchJarfen, v a, to^p, /*p of. 
Abfrhliifs, m. balancci conctujion. 
Abfcbmeicheln, v. a. to get, obtain 

feSiem'j .in einem Verre, ^«t,|Abfetxen, v. a. to fit down f tofelii 
pak/e \ T. {egmtnt^ I to depo/e. 

Abfchoitzel,!! cktp, cutting, clipping, \ * Abfcyn, v.n, to be of. 

' ■ ' "" Abficht, f. intention, *4fptH, vitw^ 


•AbArfameiTsen, v.a. to throw -ca/i 
off tojling of. 

Abfcbtnelzen, v. a. to melt of, to dif. 
folo', io make liquid ; 'v. n. to dif. 
fotve, melt. 

Abfcbmieren, t. d. tofmear of. 

Ahfcbmutzen, V n. to dirt, foul, be- 
mtre, make filthy, bedaub, foil, fuU 
ly, tamxjh to nafiy. 

Abfi bnallen, v. a. tonnbuckle. 

Abrchnappen, v.a 8c to 
fiacken.Jlip, getloo/e. 

•Abfcbneiden, v. a. to cut of\ die 
NiTgel ., to Dare; dteFlUgel-, to 
xlip ; das Korn •, to cut down ; ei- 
nerStadida* Wafler'-, to dig off.^ 
die Zufuhr ., to flop the visage } die 
Hoffnung., to deprive ofhofs \ ei. 
Bcm feine Ebre . , to hurt one^s re- 
futaiion . 

Abfchncllen, v. a. to fiinch, Jiing. 

Abfcbnent^en, ». Scbnetitzcn. 
Abfchnitt. m. cut; .ineinerFeftung, 
tntrenckment , trench ; - in ainem 
Ctpiiel, article ; . in einem Buche, 

fnipptt, fntppini: Jhred.' 
Abrchniiuvrinlcel, m. T. the angle of 

a fegment. 
AbTchnitzen, v. a to cut of. 
AbrcbnUien,v. a. to unjhiug, to un. 
lace. [of. 

Abfchopfen, v.a. tojklm, feum, take 
Abfcbratiben, v, a. to wfcrew. 
Abfchrecken, V. a to deter, dtfcourage 
f'on, to fright ft on. 
Abfchreiben, v. a. to copy, trati- 
Abfcbreiber, na. copier, eop'Jl, tran- 

Abfcbreien, v. a. to crypto cry of 
againft , to decry, di/pute ; (ich -, 
to tire himfelf with eying. 
Abrcbreiten, v. n. tofiepafide, out 

X the way } *i.%.. to meafure by 
Abfchrift, f . copy, iranfcript ; . 

men, to draw a copy. 
Abfchnppen, v.a, to fcale,frip of 

Ahfchafs, m. the fwtft running down 

of the water ; declivity, fleep. 
Abfcbiiflig, a. declivous, ftep \ ben- 
AbrcbQueln, v. a. tojkake of. 
AbfcbUiieD, v.. a. to pout of. 
Abfchwi(mmen,v. a. tofwim wood, to 
'Jk, water. 

(cbwiircn, v. n. toftfieramay. 
Abfcbwarmen, v. n. tofwarmfor the 

l^ time, 
Abfcbwifrzen, v.a. 8c n. fa make quite 

black, tofmut. [i>/f. 

Abrchwatzen, v.a. to obtain bycafoL 
Abfcbweifeo, v a. to lave, wafk^ v. 

n. to go ajiray. 
Abfchv^eifsen, v.a.T. to f moot hen, fa. 
fkion iron or metal by heating and 

hammering in afo^ge. 
•Abfchwimmen, V. n. tofwim of. 
•Abfchwingcn.v.a to winnow ( oats }, 

fich voro Pfeltle - , to alight. 
Abfchworen, v a. to take an oath 

to ahjure, fo'fwear, 'enounce. 
AbCegeln, v. n. to fail away, fet fail, 

to put to fea. 
Abfcben, v a. to look awajf, thun 

the look } to view ; to perceive, fee 

to aim at a thing. 
Abreben, it. dtfign, view, pmrpofe, 

intention, end; refpeii. 
Abfeiben, v.a. to decent ; to filter, 

Abreite, f. T. the wing of mn edifice 
Abfeiis, ad. a/ide. 
Abrenden, v. a. to fend, fend away, 

Abfendung, f. fenUng, dif patching ; 

Abfengeo. v. a. tofinge,fear. 
Abrenken, v.a. to Jink down { to 

bend down. 
Abfenker, m. twig, layer. 

Ahfickem, v.a. to trickle down. 
Ab<icben, v. a. tofift of. 
Abfieden, v. a. tofeetn ; t^oack. 
Ablini(cn, V. a.foj^H/^; to carols 
Abiitien, v. n. to aitftht. 
Abfonderlich, ad. fprciatly. 
Abfondern, 'la. to ftparate, fegrt- 
gate, put af under, part ; to ahfiraS. 
Abfonderung, f. feparation, fegrcg*. 

tio'i, parting, 
Abftmlten, v.a. ta cleavr, fj/lit of. 
kblpaancn, v. a. den Hahn ., to un- 
eoi*, cock Aituiti ; einen Bogen ., 
unbend; Prerde., unteam; Ochfen.^ 
AbfpatnAig, a. alienate, alienated,; . 
machcB, to alienate, e/trsnge ; • 
werden, toturn djloyal. 
Abfparen, v.a. to /pare from, to livt 

AbrpeiTen. v. n. to dine, fup ; eincn 
mil leeren Worten -, po put one qff 
with fair words. 
Abrpinncn, v. a. toft>in of. 
Abfpitsen, v. a. to fpike, topoint. 
Abfptiitern, y.n. to exfoliate ; v. a« 
tofplint, fplinter. 
Abfprecben, v.a. to abjudicate ; ei> 
nem all< HofTniing -« to bid one gi- 
ve over all hopes. 
AbfprCngen, v. a. tofpring. 
* Abrpringen,v.n.f0 Itap of; toaligkt* 
Ab(prung, m. leap, leaping of. 
Abfpulrn, v.a to un/pool. 
AbfpUlcn, v.n. to wajk, lave; toriafe} 

to wafk away. 
AbAammcn, v.n. to defcendfrom, 

,fpring of, derive. 
Abflammung, f. dtfcmt, derivation. 
Abdand, m. djfiance. 
Abftatten, v. a einen Befuch., topay 
avtjtt ; Zeugnif$-, to htar, give te- 
flimony; Dank., to pay, give, ren- 
der thanks. 
Ab(U"ung, f. paying, giving, bea- 
ring, rendering. \.^hJ^ 
Abfliiaben, x^ a. to beat * wipe of the 
-Abflecben, «. a. to kill, to butcher; 
Rafen ., to cut ; einen Teicb., to 
drain. Weia., totap; ein Lager., 
to pitch ; fig. einen-, to outdo, fur- 
pafs i 'v. n. tofrt of, contraf. 
Abftei'ben, n. hilling, butchering ; 

Abftecbmefler, n. butcher ing.knife. 
Abftecken, v. a to unpin ; ein La- 
ger., to pitch afittdwUh pales. 
*Abflebcn, v.n. toftand of; todtfifi; 

to die 
•Abfteblen, v. a. tofieal, roB ; fig. 

to learnofkimbyfiealth. 
•AbAeigen, v. n. to alight, to light; 

todffcend, toflep. 
Abftcl'lcn, V. a. to aholijk. 
Abfleppcn, y. a. to pink. 


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^Abderbeo, v. a^» dify toftdt\ U%o 

of. expire. 
Ablterben, n. Jeeea/e, death. 
Ab<leuern, v, «. tojittrof. 
Abftid). m. rut, Jtab ; fig. contrafi. 
Abftimmen, v. a. & n. to be diffonanV^ 

to dtfftnt ; tinein -, to deny htm 

you* ^»; etnea-, tog^in tfeptu. 

raiity of voices over one 
•Abflofsen, v . a . & n . /o thrujl of, to 

treat ; von Landc, topujkof, 

Jet fa l; eine Scbuld , to payadtht. 
Abftrafen. v a. to rhaJHft ; topuwjk. 
Abftrafiing, f . chafttfiHg, chajli/emenf, 

Pui.J»l,ig, puntfiment. 
•Abftreicben, v. a, to ftrike, level; 

Jhav of \My 

Abftreifen, v. a, ioftrip, pull of -, to 
*Abftrelten,v a. to iereave; todi/pute. 
Abftricken, v, a. to knit of a needle. 
Abariegcln, v. a. to curry'. 
AbftUlpen, v.a. tojlouth, uncock. 
Abftumpfen, v. a. to blunt, dull } ) 

weaken, deaden. 
Abfturz, m. precipice. 
AbftUrzen, v. a. to precipitate. 
Abftutzen, v.a. to clip; tocuti poUof^ 

to\r(fp J to lop a tret. 
Abfuchen, V. a. to pick. 
Abr, m. abbot. 
Abtakeln, v. a. to unrig, /Irip of the 

Abici. r. abbey, abby. 
Abtheilen,v.a.<o divide,pmrt\ tojkare. 
Abtbeilung, f. divifitn, parting, Jka- 

ring, appanaging. 
«Abthun,v. a, to put (f^ to abolijk ; 

to kill. 
Abtilgen, y. a. to clear a debt. 
Abtiflinu, f abbejt. 
Abtoben,v.n. to rage; to ceafe raging. 
Abtrag, m. payment i compen/ation. 
•Abtmgen, v. a. to pulldown, demo- 

lifi \ to even , to level y to clear ; tt 

pay } to wear of. 
Abtragung , f. pulling down , pay. 

ing, (3c. 
AbtrHureln, v. n. to trickle down. 
« Abtreiben, v. a. to drive, drive from^ 

along, to ruin with driving ; fich 

cin Kind., to make ker f elf nAf carry. 
Abtrennen, ^.^.to ■'\p\to cut. 
*Abtreten, v. a. & n. to tread of, 

down I to wear of, out ; to abdicate ; 

to reugn ; to furrender, render up ; 

to alight, put up at, to turn in; to go 

of, retirt, 'depart, withdraw. 
Abtretung, f. treading- wearing of ; 

abdicating, cefion, rejlgning, re- 

dgnment } alighting, Be. 
Abtriefen, v n. to drop, drip, trickle 
*Abtrinken . V. a. to jip, to drink a 

little of I to win of by drinking. 
Abtritt, m. alighting^ privy, neceffary 
Abuockoen, v. a. to dry up, wipe of, 

to dry, wipe; to air, drain ) ▼. n 

to dry of. 
Abiropfeln, v. n. s. Abtriefen. 
* '•irotren, v. a. to htetor out. 

^nnig, a. rebellious ; . werdedi 


todefert', toapefiatixt,torevolti - 

m%chen,f»debauch./eduee, draw of 
AbtrUnnige, m. de/erter, apofate, 

backjlvder ; rfvolter, renegade. 
Abtumineln, v. a. tobrtak, manage a 

horft y to fatigue by overriding. 
AbiUncbcn, v. a taplaifer. * 

AhDnheilen, v. a. to decide. 
Abverdiencn, v. a. to merit by Hsfer~ 

•Abwiigen, v. a to weigh. 
Abw^lzen, wallow down; to roll 

away ; von fich .. to dear kimfelf. 
Abwarten,v. a. toejtpeH; tojtay, wait 

for attend, care, take cart, mind 

Abwanung, f. aliening, caring. 
Abwjiru, ad. ^aumwartf, downwards 
• ovt of view. 
•Abwai'chen, V. a. towajkaway, of, 

bathe, clean, eleance. 
Abwarchfar*, n . the laver. 
Abweben, v. a. to wiave. 
Abwechfelii, v. a. to exchange ; to 

change; to change for '^ to vary j ein 

■bwechTelndesFieber, intermittent 

Abwechreiung, f. exchange, change, 

variety, alternate, alternation ; vi- 

Abweg, m. by.way, by.path, wrong 

Abwegfaoi, a. out of the way. 
Abwehen, V. a to blow of, down. 
Ahwehren, v, a. to ketp off\ to repel \ 

to hold of -J to avert 
Abweichen, V. a. to/often, mollify, 

*v.n. to deviate, decline, turn away; 

to fwerve, to vary. 
Abweichung, f. deviation, declination 
Abweiden.v. a. & n, to feed, forage; 

to graze. 
Abweifen, v. a. to windof. 
Abweinen, v.a to hurt the eyes by 

weeping ; fich ., to enervate your- 

felfwitk weeping. 

Ibweifen, v. a /« r^ufe, put of; to 

turn of. 
Abv>eirung,f. repulfe, refufal. 
" Abwendcn, V. a. to turn of; to ward^ 

repel ; to avert ; to abandon ; to 

Abvrendung, f. turningof; warding 

averting; changing. 
Abwendig, ad. . oiachen, to ai«/(>> 

nate, draw over. 
Abwerfeo, v. a. to cajl, throw of; 

tolling of; to pull down; to Jkake 

of; ng. to profit, yield, advantage. 
Abwefend, a. 8t ad. abfent ; ein Ab. 

wefcnder, an abfent, abfentte. 
Abwefenheit, f. abfence. 
Abwetcen, v. a. toblunt;iofurbiJi, 

to whet; to wear of by whetting. 
Abwickeln, v.a. to unwind, unfold. 
^Abwinden, v.a. to wind oj^ untw'Jl. 
Abwifchen, v. a. to wipe, ahfitrge, 

AbwUrgen,v.a. to kill, buUktr, cut 

tht throat. 


Abvriircen, v.a. tofeafon ; put 

one of with ajkort anfwer. 
Abzahlen, v.a. to pay if, to fuit. 
Abzaihlen, V. a. to /*//, to count, num^ 

be, reckon 
Aheahnen, v. n. tojkei teeth. 
Abzapfen, v.a. to bottle, to draw, 

draw of, to drain ;' to empty. 
AbzSumcn, v.a. to take of the bridle. 
Abzaunen, v.a. ioftparate by a hedge. 
Abzchren, v.a to make lean ; fich., 

to wear of, fall away , confume 

Abzehrung, f. confumption. 
Abzeicbnen.v a to de/ign, delineate, 

draw ; to ckatk ; to adumbrate. 
Abzeichaung. f. defigning, chalking ^ 

de/ign, delineatto", Jhetch. 
•Abzichen, v.a to pull of; to drain, 

to withdraw ; to fu^raff ;to defal. 

tote; to deduff ; to abJlraS ; to retU 

re from, abandon to draw of; to 

bottle ; to d'filt, reHify ; to fet ; 

*v. n. to retirt, march of, retreat, 

to go of. 
Abzielen, v. n. toitimat, tend to ^ v. 

to view. 
Abzirkein, v. » to mtafure with the 

compafes. ' [itiort. 

Abzug, m. retreat, going of; dedu- 
Abzupfen, v. a. to pluck ; to pull off. 
Abzwacken, V. a. to ffueext, nip, 

gripe, pinch, pill- 
Abzwecken,v. n. to aim at, tend to, 

bear in view. 
Abzwicken, v.a. to nip, pinch, to 

clip of. 
'•Abzwingen, v.a. to esttortfrom ; ta 

Abzwirneni v. a. to untuAne. 
Accent, la. Jtrefs, accent. 
Accent uiren,v. a. to accent. 
Acceptiren, s. Annebmen. 
Accidenz, n. accidental, profit, pef^ 

juijltes, v4ils, vales. 
Accisbar^ a. exn/eable. 
Accife, f. excife. 
Acciseinnehmer, m. exeifcman. 
Accord,' m. accord; agrefment. 
Accordiren,v.a.& n. to accord; agree. 
Ac curat, a. exali, accurate. 
Ac'curateflie, f. exaflnefs. 
Acb. i. aki i^mtl mktkatt imt 

ah I alas I oh ! 
Achat, m. agate, jet. 
Achfe, f . axle-tree ; axis. 
.\chrel, f . Jkoulder. 
Achfclband, n. /ioulder-band. 
Achrelbein, n Jkoulder-bone i (Scbul. 

terbUtt) Jkoulder-blade. 
Acbfelgrube, f. arm-pit, amuhote. 
Achfeltrifger, in. trimmer, timefetverf 

Achrennagel, m. axle-pin, linch-pin. 
Acht, a. eight \ acht Tage, /emnight* 
Acht, f. outlawry, ban. 
Acbt, r. . geben, to attend to, give 

heed ; to mind ; aiit der Acht laflen, 
to forget; in Acbt iiebmen, to take 
cart ^. 


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Acht, 8. genuine, trut, pun. 
Acbtbar, a. honourable. 
Acbte, a. ei/(Ath ; f. eight, 
Acbieck, n. off agon. '* 
Achteckig, Achtreitig.a. tSagoual. 

Ac\m1, a. eighth, eighth pmrt of « 

Kckn, V. «. to tuhe, ihinh ; ejttem 
Hhu, mmheof, tahe ^ to miud- 

icken, ▼. a. to proftrihe, outtau), 

Acbtens, sum Acbien, adk eighttj. 
Achtftch, a. eightfold 
ichtbeic. f . truth , origimmlify , mu. 


tiihrig, a. of eight years* 

ilos.a. unmindful. 
Achilofickelttf. ntgiigenee- 
AchioiAl, ad. eight timet. 
AchtCam, a. rmrefmi, heedfut, mind- 
fui, utt. '■ 

Achtftmkeit, f. e^rrfuine/s, heedful, 
neft, mindfmlnefSf aff'iti " 

Achu«rklilrung, t. profcriptiom. 
Acbcrpifnnig, a. udtk tight ho'fex. 
Achtiagig, a. ^elghtdsys. 
Acbiang, r. mindtng, emring, thiuh. 

i'lg, taking; tjleem. 
A( Ixceho, a. rightten. 
Achtsrbme, a. eighttenth, 
Achizig, a. t'ghty, four /core. 
Acbizigjiihrig, a. fourfcore^ I'^Al^ 

yt»r< old. 
Achtzgfte, a. eightieth. 
Achtzigftel, n the eightieth part. 
ichzen.v. n. togroan,figh. 
Acker, m Jitid ; acre. 
Ack erbau , m . agriciUture\ hufiauiry j 

Ackerland, n. mraile land. 
Ackermann, m. ptoyghf, ploughman, 

hnjhandman, tiller, tilman 
Ackein. V. a. to plough, till, toil. 
Ackerzeit,f. plough- feaf on. 
Ackerzeug, n. ploughing tools. 
Arten, pi. a9i, judicial a fli, deeds. 
Actien, pi. odious, fioeks . 
Anieohjindler. m-^ork. jobber. 
Add, m. nobility ^nobleaefs'y magna- 
Adclig. a. nohte. [^nimity, 

Ai1elige,m. & T. noble. 
Adein, V. a. to ennoble, nobilitate, 

mahe noble. [bility. 

fidehhticf, m. eharter, patent of no- 
Adelftaod, m. nobility, nohUne/i. 
Ad«r, f vetfi ; goldene Ader, hemor 

rkotdal vein } zur Ader laOcn, u 

Ueed,fetbl30di .im Hol%t,grain, 

Adtfchen. n. little vein. 
Adertg, a. veiny, veined 
Adcrlaft, m. letting ^ blottd, opening 

of a vein, bleeding, blooding, blood. 

letUng, phlebotomy. 
AderUHbinde. f. fwath. 
Aderfchlag, m. putfe. 
Adjutant, m. adjutant. 
Adier, m. eagle ; ein jong er Adler, 



Adiexklaue, f. r/oco . pounte of mn 
Adirrniare, s.HabichuiMf*. [eagle. 
AdIerReiii,Bt. eogle.Jlone. 
Admiral, m. admvral, commander of 

a fitet. 
Admiralittft, f- admiralty, navy-qfice 
Adftiirairchaft.f aimlraijhtp. 
AdmiraUrcbifT, n. admiral, admiral 

gjally, admiral Jkip. 
Adrejfe, s. AufCcbnft. 
Ai'eeat,m- advent; Adventskirdiea- 

gebetc, adventual colledi. 
Advit-Jacht, «. Jacht. 
Advocat, in. advor ate, pleader, 
Advoca|ur,f. advocation, advocate/hip, 

AdTocacengebtibfcnt f I. fees. 
Advociren, t. a. to plead. 
AfTe, m monkey, ape ; ein grolur., 

baboon; t'ta Mebnet -, marmofet , 
Affect, m. ajr.a,mfeGious. 
Aflectiren, v.a. toaffiH. 
A7eI^ V. a. tomock, elude. 
Affengeficbi, n. ape's face, 
Aflenoare, f.flat nofe. 
Affennafig. a flat.nofed. 
Afferei, f . apijinefs, mockery, eiujton, 

apifr. trick i, foppery, bantering. 

After, ni. orfe, buttock, breeek, fun. 
ArterbUrde,Artergebiirt, f . afterbirth, 

Aiterdarm, m. arft.gut, Jlrait.gut. 
A'tcrerbe, m. ^ter-heir, fteond.fub- 

Aitute heir. 
AfterkSnig, m.falfe- pretended king. 
Afterlehn, n. mrfne.tenure,mefne-ji'f. 
ArterlehnsiDann m under. feudatory. 
Aficrmchl, n. milldujt. 
A<terpap(t, m. anti.pofe,falft -pre. 

tended pope. 
Afterrede, f. backbiting 
Afcerreden,v. n. to backbite, 
Agat, t. Achat 
Agiren,v.n, to alt, play. 
Agent, m. agent, fador. 
Agentfchaft, f. agency. 
Agio, n. courfe of exchange. 
Able, f. au>l. 
Ahm, f. aume, awme ; eine halbe •, 

aundelet; eine doppelte., puncheon . 
Ahnden, v. i. to fort fee, misgive- 
Ahnden, V. a. torejent, revenge, pu. 

Ahndnng, f. foreboding, misgiving ; 

(Beftrafung) refentmeut , revenge, 

Ahnca,pl. ancefiors, elders, for ef a. 

then, progenitors. 
Ahnfrau, f. graudam, grandmother 
Ahnherr, m. grandjire, grandfather , 

Ahn\ich,u. re/embling, like. 
Ahnlichkeit, f refemblance, likemefs 
Ahom, m. maple. 
AbfC, f. ear I ' Icren, toglean. 
Ahrenlere^f. gleaning. 
Ahrenlefer, m gleaner. 
Aicben,v.a. to gauge. 
Aichmaals, n.Jlandard. 

ALL 7 

Akai«ml«, f. academy, untverJSty. 
Akarieinircb,a. academial,arademieal, 

a> ad. mie. 
Akeiei. f. cotombine, aful/egia. 
Alabafter. m. alaiajer. 
Alabaftrrn, a. alabajler. 
Alaun, m. mlum. 
Munnxg, u. aiuminous. m 

Albern , a. ^Uy , Jmple , abfurd, 
Alt ero, V. n. /• bejilly, to toy, trifle, 
Albernbcit, f. /itinefs, /mfUnefi, 

Alchymie, f . alekymy. 
AlchymiA. m. aUhymift. 
Alcbyminircb, a. alchymicali ad. 

Alfanzerey, f. toy, trifle. - trcibcn, 

to tcy, trifU. 
Alicantwein.m. alicaut.wlme. 
Alkoran, m alteram. 
Alkove, m alcove 
All, Alier. alle. aliet. u. all, every i 

alle beide, both of them. 
AUee, f. alley. 

Allein, a. alone. Jingle ; c&ad. but} 
, nicht allein, n«foa/y. 
Allcinig, a only. 
AUemar, ad. always i (allezeit)af 

all times, at any time, ■ eve'y'time } 

ein flJr allemal, ante for all. 
Allenfalls, ad. at all adventure. 
Allenibalben, ad. everywhere, at evC' 

ry hand. 
Allerdingt, ad. jUitt, entirely, per- 

f'Hly , fur* enough, certainly. 
Allerdurchlauchtiofl, a. me/t high, 

r,Jlfer,ne, m<tJtilUJtrioH,. 
Allerhand,a. ma'.y, various, fundry, 
JevermI, of all forts, hinds, of every 

Allrrheiligen, all faints day. 
Allerlei, s Allerhand, 
Allcrnifchft, ad hard by, next door. 
Allerfeiu, ad. on ex>ery fide, from all 

pa'tt. all together. everyuhere.atvoays, at 

at.y time, coutinnaily, ever. 
Allczeii, ad at tvry time, always. 
Allgegenwart, f. omnipifeftnce, ubi. 

Allgegenwairtig, a. omniprefmt. 
Allgemacb, ad. by little and little, by 

Allgemein, a. epidemical, epidemic, 

uiiiverfal, general, common, public. 
Allgenieinheit, f generality, univer. 

fahty, common. 

Allgcwaliig, a. omnipotent. 

Allbier, ad here in thit place. 

Allr><ach(,<. omnipoten.e, omnlpotency. 

\*laiiichtig, a. omrifiotent. 

AllmifhliK, *• Allgemacb. 

.MlTchend, a aL- feeing, 

Alh^gig, Alltitglich, a daily, every 
day ; ein Ag^ichet Fieber , « 
onttrtual fever ; alltMglicbc Klci> 
dung, week'day apparel. 

Allwaftend, a. all-governing. 

aMm ' 


Allwiflend, i. omni/cieni, emnifciotu> 
Allwiflenbcit, f. omnifcitnttt emni" 

Allwo, ad. whfrr. 
Allza, nd. too, too muck ; atlzu groft, 

ovtr /frtaf, allzn klein, ootr Titllr ; 

allzit E^nlicb. over. fund. 
Allziiglfich, ad. alt tonttktr, «// at 

on" Amiibote, m mtfftn§tr, 

A\\zutn»],nd,aUtog/ther,all^thtm 'Amubuch, n rourt.rol/. 

Amfel.f. •«/>/; Hack Urd. 

Ami, n. thargt, tmpttyment, offict 

Amthaiu, a. haUlg'^skouft, 
Amtlos, a. tsiUhout emplovmtnt, out<^ 


AmtroannVm. ^ai/i/*; dcITen Gebiet, 
dasAmt, ^oi/tivicA. 

Almanacb, m. almanac. 
Almoren, n. alms, charity. 
Almofcnamt, n.almjkou It, almonry. 
AlmofenicT, Almorenpfleger, m. aU 

mo'CT, almntr. 
Aloe, f. alcts. 
Alp, m. nightmare. 
Alphabet, n. aiphabti } - tod 04 Bo. 

gen, quirt 
Alt, c* than, as ; likt^nhtn ; onehr 

alt, mort than ; nicbts ah, nothing 

AUbald, ad. directly, prtftntly, forth. 

uiifli, immediately, iy and ky, quick- 

ly, incontinently. 

Altdann, ad. tf.eK. 

Alfo, ad. 8c c. tkutf/o; confequtntly, 

AlAer, I. ma^.pie. 

All, a. eU, fiale ; ancient ; ag/td. 

Alcan, m. terrace. 

AJiar, m. altar, fommunion.taktt- 

Ahbacken, %.Jlale. 

Altcin, w. n. to grow elderly, to hett. 
Ae'ly\ tofade,\i3ither,gro\ajiale. 

Alter, n ant, an'ierttnefs ; »or Al- 
ters, ^oidi anciently, in elder timet. 

Alter, a. elder, older x- more ancient. 

Aliermiitter, f. great-grandami great' 

Altcrn, V. n. togrow old. 

Aliern, pi. parents. 

Alterlich. a./a'rn/a/. 

Altrrthum, n. antiquity. 

Altcrvater, m. great-grandjirtf great • 

Altefl.a. eldeJl,oldeJl', mofi ancient. 

Ajtcfte, Altmeincr, m. elder, femor. 

Alt'rankircb. Ahvifterirch, a. mnti- 
qufj antic, old f intoned. 

AUpclell , m. Itcad-journeyman, ft- 
AltkliiK. a. cunning. \nior. 

AU'ich, a, tldtrty. 

AUreift. tn. cobhttr. 
Aiifltnime, f< (der Alt) counter. tenor. 
' Altvaier, m. cundfatker 
Am, ir\>. (an deoi) at the, on the, to 
the. by tke, againft the, near tkr, 
upon tk' ; am erfte.i,_/('^, 
Am'>an'a<rir, m. amhatfador, 
Ambofs, m.cifi/ 
Am oriflock, m anvifsjlock. 
Am*ira, m ambergris. 
Ameife. f . ant emmet,mirt, pisnUre. 
Ameiienbifr m- ant bear. 
Am«ifcnel, n. «ir/'t r/^^. [lock. 

Ameifcnhaufe, ra. amt.hill, ant-kU. 
Amcirenneft, n. anVsneft, koU. 
AinelmchI, n.Jfarck. 
Am the, f. iiurf*. 
Ammeincr, m. chief magijlr ate. 

Amtt(;enoac. Amts^ehiilfe, m. afo- 
riate, '■olleague, partner, fu^ltute 

Amtscerchi^if, pi. bufinej 
Amitpflicht, f. diUy. 
Amcsri, bicc,in. jujlict. 
Amtsrchofler, m. the haitlf's attaun. 

ter cf incomes, revenues. 
Amtsrcbreiber, m. the bmilifU elerk, 

Amuftube, f. court of roomofjudi- 

Amtivcrwaltft, m. tke bailijf'tdeiii. 

ty.fubjiitutt. Reward. 
Amttvogtci, f. pr^ecture. 
An, prp. in; on,, at, by,iip,upam, 

unto. With, agasiji Uc. 
AnMtzen, t. a. to lay a bait, allure. 
Anbacken, v. n. tocling, cleave. 
Anbauen, t a. to tiU tke ground, to 

eultioate ; to fettle. 
'Anbefehlen, v. a. to enjoin, direff, 
command, bid, charge, order, give 
orde' ; to commend, recommend, 
Anbeginn, m. beginning. 
•Anbehaltcn, V. n. to keep on. 
Anbei, ad. vnihal 
•Anbeiften, v. a. to take a kU of a 

Anbellcn, V. a. to bark at. 
Anbcramen, v. a. toff-appotnt-fet 

a time, a day. 
Anbeten, v. a. to adore,toworJkip, 
Anheter, in. adorer, worjkipper 
Anbtriiing, >. adoration, worjkip. 
Anbeireffen, AnbcUngen, v. n. 
AnbeireSendf p. &*pTp. hctonglHg to, 

touiking, as to, as for. 
'Anbieten, v. a. to ojfer, proffer, 

AnI-indcn, v. a. totie,fafien, bind ; 
(bclchenkcn) to make one afrefent- 
Anbifk, m. bite \ fig. breakjafi. 
Anblaren, v. a. to blow at, breathti 
at, upon 
Anblccken, v. n. tojketatke teeth. 
Anhlick, m. look, view, afpeS, pro. 

Anblirken, v. a. to look at, view, 
glance at, caft an eye upon, regard, 

Anbiinzcin, v a. to leer upon one. 

Vnblflckcn.v. a to bellow at,aftf 

Anbobren.v .», to bore, to broack.taf> 

• \nbrechcn, v.a. &n. to break, cut, 
open. ' ' 

>Anbrennen, V. a. to kindle, light, ftt 
on fire ; V. n. to catch fire. 

►Anhringcn, v. a. to hring in, on \ ein 
Vi on., to accommodate', eminStort-, 
to kit; einc W^arc, to vtut.fth 


well ; cioe Tophter-, to marry ; ei< j 

nen Sohn , toJettU\ eine Sachc, 1^ 

putforth'y beiCericht.. to denounetS,'' 

Anbrucb, m. .deiTagei, dayireati,] 

Ike break of dayi desMorgens,<i!0v,- 

ningi -derNacht. growing dark i 

T. -einer Mine 8cc.,frfikreakiug 

up ^a mine. 

Anbrttchiy, a. rotten 

AnbrOn^n, V. a. taiellow, low, romf] 

at, upon. 
Andaeht, f. devotion. 
Andiicbtelei, f bigotry. S 

Andtfcbtig, a. devout } devotional. 
Andichtler, n. devotee, dtvotionaliJU 
AndKcbtleTirch,a. bigot. 
Andcnken n. rememb'ance, memory ; 
bring. • 

Ander. der, die, dat aodere, a. otheri . 
da» andere M»i, the fecvnd time i 
eins um dat andcfc, by turns, 
Andern, v. a. to alter , to change } ta 

turn the mind; tocorreff. 
Anders, ad. othtrwlfe, another way, 
m, after an other manner ; nicht 
andeis, /» be fare \ ^ichtt anders J 
nothing elfe, bitt; niemand anilter*^ 
no body etfe; nirgend anden, h" 
where etfe. , , 

Andcrfeiu, ad. on tke other Ada., > > . / . 
Andertwo, ad. elfewhere, othet-,,, 

fomewhere elfe, im other plac 
Aadenviohcr, ad. from an otht 
Anderswohin, ad. /• an other,p , 
Andertbalb,a. one and a half ^^^i, 
Andening, f. alteringj clian^g, cv.i 

reding ; turning tm mind. ^f, 

Andeuten, v. a. tofignify ; toOeteh, 

deign; to declare, int.mate. 
Andeutung, f. fietching, declaring, 

Andichten, v. a. to impute, charge 

with, lay at one's door, put u/oh, 
Andorn, m. hore- hound, 
AndrMngen, v. a. to prefs on. 
Andieben, «. n. tofcrew. 
'Andringcn, v. n. toprefson,fofce 

Androben, r. a. to threaten, menace, 
Andrikken, v a. to prefs ctofe to, 

Aneinander, ad together. 
Aneinanderftigung, f. conjunOien, 
Anekdoie, f . anerdote. 
Anentpfehlen, v a. r# recommend. 
Anerben, V. a. fo /*ave by iuhrritanee. 
Anerhieten, t. Anbieien. 
.Anerkenneu, v. a. to aeknotaledgep 
to own . 
Anfachen, v. a. to kindle. 
Anricheln. v. a . to fan at. 
Anfahren » a & n. to pufk htr.t ; to carry up \ fig. cinea«, 
to rate, rattle. 
Anfahrtmg, f the carrying up. . 
Anfall, ro. affault, attach, infult, JL, . 

Anfallen,v.i.& n./o affault, attack, 
attempt, fall oni tefallagtknjt, to 

d by Google 

A»faag,ai. Itgimning, ctmmtnenunt, 

»ftndng,eniramce ; origUisi, 0rigin' 

H^fangCn, v ■ & n. toiegin, com- 

AMQinfer,iB. ttgimmer, navic^ 
Anflaclich, AaTangs, .ad. in M/ ic- 

jfauUf > a' thejirjt. 
<|rflMilmcbft«b, m. btUiml htttr. 
MaStmaif^. a. totmkt, kold of, touch. 
iaftiiKn, V. n. /• ^^m /« 'of- 
«tarecbftn, v.«. todijlurt, attack\ 
, t»mgrtfs. off oft. 
I lafochtuag, f . oppofitioH, tntieemtni, 
^ %mptMtion. 
talciailen, ¥. a. /• ifar iU-wUl, ha- 
tred, enmitjr to. 
Aafcindang, f. M< httrimgilLvOU lie. 
Aafcffeln. ¥. a. tofttteT,lkackU. 
AafcucbteD.v. a. fA moiffen, wet. 
Anfeuem, v a tf^jCrr the mind, to 

atimMte, heat. • 

Anflannien, v. a. <« kindle, inflame. 
•*Anflechten, r m, to unite hy tmi. 
Jhng, to fafitn by twifting. 
Avflehen, v. a. to implore. 
nfiicken, ¥. a. toioteh, to/m on, 
*a tag, tack. 

"AieRen.v. D. toflyio. 
o&CBfV.n. tofltm, 
m. tAefwetting ^« rioer, at- 

oag, {. claim, demami, prt 

^.,f. calling for, afHaghythe 
ay, inquiry, demand. 
^afragcn, v.m.^oiallfor, afk in 

going, by. 
«Anf relTen, v.«. to gnaw, to fret, eat, 

to corrode- 
•Anfrieren, r. n. to freeze. ' 
Anfiircben, v.a to animaie,ene9u. 

rage, enliven, incite. 
AafUffcn, v. a. to adjoin, add,mnnejt. 
AnflblcD, ». a. to touch. 
Anmbren. V. a. iolead, toit\JlUute, 

b^ufli to deceive, impofe upon ; to 

cite, quote. 
Anfbhrer, m . leader t guide, irJhuSori 

Anfuhrt, f. landing-place, harbour. 
AnfUbrung, f. trading, iitfiruaing, 
• inft^uStoni citation, quotation, ear. 

rying on', deceit, deceiving 
AnnUlen, v. «. tofiU,fU up, tojlore, 

Aogabe. r. dejgnijiitch, proJeBi de. 

/ tttaffen, v. ». to gate at. 

* ^ngeben, v -a. to defiga,ntich\ to 
tmounre, impeach, aceufe, charge ^ 
|ch ., to offer, pretend to he ; einen 
- , to impeach one i die Kanen ., n 

^ngeber, m. accufer, denouncer.: 

• ^inde, n. 
Angeblicb, a. pretended '^ «ngebli« 

cnenna&en, in the manner propofed 

Angcbung^ f. advancing, dtJSgning, 

impeaching Uc. , denunciation ; giv- 

ing over, offering. 


Angeborrn, p. inho'rn, inhred, Inmaie, 

Angcbot, n. tkef'Jlketat an au/lion 
Augedeihen, v.n. to enjoy; .laflcn, 

to htfiow. 
Angebinge, Angcbcoke, n. antaletf 

*ADgeben, t. n. toiegin } to concern, 

touch I fofolticit, entrtati cioen ., 

to fuppHcate one. 
Angehoren, ^ ktlong, appertain, 

to be related. 
Angchiirig, a. belonging to. related to. 
Angcl,f. m. angle, hook ,JiJking-hook. 
Angcid, a. earneft, tarn^-money, ad. 

Angelegen, a. mJioiningi licb ange. 

legen feyn UOcii , ta take great 

care of. 
Angelegenheti, f. concern, hr^^neft, 

affair, matter of importance ■ 
Angelegentlich, a. &. uA.earn^, ear. 

Angein, v. a. to angle ; n. angling. 
Angcloben, T.a. to vow, protytfo' 

Angclobung , f. vow, fotermn proti/ta- 

Angdrutbe. f . angle-rod. 
Angel fchnur, f. littt. 
Angelftem, m. lode-fiar , loadflar, 

pole-fiar, north-flar, cynofure. 
Angclweii, ad. xuidt o^n. 
Angenehm,*. acctp4ohU,fu>tet,i^ee- 

able, pleafant, accepted. 
Anger, m. pafturt ; (Scbiodanger) 

Angeficht.n./MY, eountenance,vifage. 
Angewdbnani r.%. to accu/lom, inure, 

Angewohnbeit, f. cvftam, habit, in. 

ur erne fit, ufe- 
•Angiefsen, v.n. to pour at. 
AnglSnzcn.v. o.toglanceat. 
Angler, a> angler. 
Anglimnico, v. n. to begitt to glint. 

mer, to catch f re, to Mmdie- 
*Angreifen,v.a. to apprehend, handl/, 

feixe i to agrefs, attack ; to endea- 
vour, flrivt,flrain, labour, to en- 

haufl, fatigue, tocfttt, go about, 

Kngreif end, a. o^enjlve. 
Angreifer, va. aggreffor . 
Aogrenten, v. n. to border up**, to 

<onJlne upon o 
Argnff, m. attack. 
Angft, r. anguijk ; in ingften Teyn, 

to be ftized with angui^ ; cinem 

be fe 

igft n 

Angft machen, to put one in fear. 
Angftgerchrei, n. lamentable out.cry. 
AngiUgeo, v. a. <• ^ifl, tofU,Jtrih 

with angui/k. 
AngAlich.a. anguifitd, anniouj i ad. 

aiMiouJly, careful. 
Angfllichkcit, f. anjtieiy,earrful»e/j, 

Ang«»»ol1. n. fearful. 
Ani^uckeo, v. a./« look at one. 
jAngUrtcn, v. a. to gird, girdabovt. 

ANk ^ 

•Aahabcn. v. o. to have »u J al—m 

eiwai., to prevail upon 
Anhaften.v n to be attached. 
Anhifieo, ». a tof^en, afiM,amnem, 

to '«». 
AnhMkeIn, v a. tofim with tittle hooht. 
Anbaken, T.a to kooh in, tomappte. 
•Aohalten, ▼. a. & n. to hold to, U 

rem up, rf/hain, control i to Jtap^ 

toarrffi; zaetwu.,toketpto,ea. 

hort; um atwas- , to fuefor, t» 

afk, requtft, follictt, to make fuit | 

to take kold if, to conttnue, to lajt, 

kold -on, keep on. perfiflin; ein« 

anbalteode Krankheit, a tafling 

dtfcafe.^ mitder Arbeit., toditcon- 

Aobaltcr, m. holdf^. 
Aohang, m appendtj,, addUion, p^. 
fcript ; tig. adherents i band, par* 

ty, faa\on,fea. 
•Anbangcn, v. n. tohangon, upon \ 

einem., to adhere Jtick to; einer 

Sache .,tobe intent upon a thing. ■ 
Anhingen, v. a. to hang, fich., to 

cling; cinem ctwas., totacha ri. 

dtckle upon 
Anbknger, m. adherent, follomer. 
Anha ng ig.a . cleaving, (lingi ig,clingyi 
machen, to enter in a fuit attpw; 
feyn, to be pendent. 
AnbJingfel, n. amulet. 
Anbauchrn, v. a to breathe at, upon. 
Anhauen, v u. to begin to hew, cut. 
Anhkufen, v. a. to heap up, amafs. 
-"Anhebcn, y. a. 8c n. to heave up, f ' 

begin, commence. 
Anheber, ra. beginner, 
Anheften, t. AnhKrtcn. 
Anbeilen, v. a. &. n. to heal at, ran. 

folidate, unite. 
Anbeirchig,a. ficb .niacben.f« «ra« 

mfe, bind, oblige himftlf. 
Anbenkeln,v. a tofafien to. 
Anhetzco, t. n. to hunt, hound i to. 

abet; to incite, ftt on. 
Anbeixer, m fitter on, abettor. 
Anhtihe, f. rifing ground. [to, 

Anhdren, v. a. to hear, hear to, tijten 
Anjochen,T.a. toyohe, couple under 

Ankauf, m. buying, purchafingi 

purrhafe; earne_fi, earn^ money, 

earncjt ■ penny. 
Ankaafen, v. a to buy, purchafe. 
Anker, m. aarA^r ; ucb vor • IcfcOf 

vor. liegen, to anchor, 
Ankeiboje, f. buoy. 
Ankergeld, t». anchorage. 
Ankergrund, m. anchorage. 
Ankcrlos, a . unmoored. 
Ankern, v. a. to anchor, moor. 
Ankerrcbmid, m. anchor.fmith* 
Ankerfpindel , Ankcrrutbe , f. At 

Jkank of mn anchor. 
An\i.ctRock,m. the Jtoch tfananchfir. 
Ankertau, Ankerreil, n. cable ; «s 

Kufammen legen, to toil. 
Anketicln, «. a. to f^cn with little 

chain J. 


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to ANX. . ' 

Anketten, ▼. a. ttchmtm. 
Ankitten, v. a. t* etuUnt. 
AnkUge,r. mectffatipn, imf<adtm€ut, 

Ankligen, ▼. a. to a<euft,- trnfttuk, 

AnkUger.iB .in,f.aeeuftr,impMrlur. 
AakJimmem, v. a. togrmfpU ; fidb . 

to fltng. 
Anklcben, v. n. to ctfve. 
Ankleiben, V. a. to pafie on, mpom. 
Ankleiden, v. a. to put on clotktti to 

drtft. mttire, habit, array, 
. AnUleiftern, ¥. a. to pafit up, on. 
Anklingeln,v. a. to ring the Ml. 
Anklop*'en, v. a. to knock, knock at. 
Anklopfer, m. clapper tif c door ' 

Anknopfen, ▼.«. tohutton, button at- 
Anknapfen, ▼. a. to knit, to tie to, to 

/ajirn utit/i a knot. 
•Ankommen, v. n. to come io, foar. 

rite ; fig. ai^ eiwas., to depend, eon. 

eerr. ; die Luft kam ibm an, he 

took afanry ; enkomnii micb faa. 

cr an, it it hard to me \ et darauf - 

lafTcn, to venture, hazard \ «£dI1 

darauf nkhi ., JJkallnotJtkck at 

this : wohl odcr tIbeU, to meet with 

good or ill fucrtfs. 
Anktimmling, m. comer, frejk comers 

Ankomen, v. a. to bait, allure, decoy. 
ADkiindigcd, v. a. to declare } to de. 

Mouneei to announce', to publifi, 

Ajikiindigung.r dlrc/arafi«n ; denoun- 
cement ^ proclamation. " 
Ankunft, f . arrival, coming to, in. 
Ankuppein, ». a. to covpte. 
AnlKcheln, v. a tofmile,fimper. ' 
AnUcben.v. a. tojmileat, upon. 
Aniage, f. fcot, affeffmtnt'y plat 

draught i di/pojttton- 
Anlanden , v n. to land, come iojkore, 

draw near the toajl; to arrivCi 

me in. [re. 

Anlandiing, (■ landing, coming tojio. 
AnUngen, V. n. to arrive, comet at 

r. a. to concern, touch, belong. 
Anlaft^ m. oecafion, reafan, caufe, 

motive, inducement. 
■»AnU(reii,v a. tolet on } einen (Jbel-, 

to reprove him in high terms ; *v. r. 

flch wobl Oder UbcT -• to carry, de. 

mean, behaU or comport your /el/ 

well ot ill \ to look well or iU. 
AnUuf, m. on/et; -de»Feinde«, 4/. 
/ault ; - de» WaOen, /welling, ri. 

the river /xut^lls', die ScbuWen lau. 

.j^ fen an, the deltt art/e; (kabnig 

'^^ ^'crden)ta grow hoary, anetwai-, 

to run againjl ; 'v. a. einen., to 

importune i utaefwaf., to/olieit, 

pr,/s, refu^. 

Anle(;en,v. a. tc put on \ Ytacr ., to 

/et /teo* ; an Ketten -, to fetter ; I 

Gcid ^ to employ, place ; cine Bi J 


hWoihck., to /ound; Cch., to I00 

on; n.n. (vonSchiffen) to land. 
Aniebnen, ▼. a. to lean again/t. 
Anlei men , V . a . to glue on , to agglu- 
Anleiten, v. a. toguide, lead ; ta im- 

Anleitung, f. leading, guidanee, in- 

/IruSion, Predion ', opportunity, 

Anieuchten, v. a. to li^t at. 
•Aniiegen, V. n. to fit well; eineB* 

um etwat -, to entreat, /olicit, im. 

parturiate; (angrcnzen) to border, 

be adjacent 
Anlief;en, n. concern, cart. 
Aniocken, ». a. toattraff ; taaUve, 

entire, decoy. 
Aniockung.f. atfrafHvei aUmrementi 

enticement, decoy. 
Anleten.v. a. to /older. 
Anmachen,v.a. to fa/ten, knii on 

Feuer., to make fire; Wein., to 

adulterate. marching on, approack- 

Anmarfcbiren, V. n. tomarchon. 
fich Anmafieo, v. r. toufurptoffume, 

arrogate, claim, lay claim to. 
Anmablich, i- pretended, arrogant. , 
Anmafsung, f. pretention. 
Anmelden, v. a. togitte notice if, an- 
jV>nierken, ▼. a. to remark,' ob/erve, 

perceive; to mark, note, put down. 
Anmerkung, f. remark, ob/ervation ; 

mark, note. 
•Anmeflen. v. a. to take mea/ure; 

(nngemttten) /uitabU, agreeable. 
Anmurb, f. agreeabUneJt , grace, 

Anrndiben, v. a. to demand, dejire, 

rejuire, propo/e. 

Annageln, v. a. io nail an, fajlen 

with naitj. 
Anniiben, v. n'. to/ew on. 
Annifbern, Annabcn, v. il. to ap- 
proach, draw near, to nigk, come on . 
Annitherung, f. approach, drawing 

Annabme, (. acceptance. 
'Annebmen, v. a. to take} to ae. 

cept ; to adopt ; to receive. 
AnnebraeV, m. accipient. 
Annebmlicb, a. arc»ta^/r ; agreeable. 
Annehmlicbkeit, (■ acceptablenefs ; 
/weelnejs; ptea/afttne/t, agreeable- 

Annebinung, f.. acceptation \ taking ;< 

reception; adoption. 
Anordnen, t. a. to be/peak, order; 

to fix a day ; to di/po/e. 
Anordnung, f- be/peaking, O'der, or. 

dering ; fixing a day ; di/pojing, 

AnpacKcn, v. a. to lay hold rf , to 
feite, gripe, ■' 

AApaflTen, v. a.&n. toadapt, Aj 

aceommodate,fit well, ae^ifji. ' ^ 
AnpaUend,p. &a. adejuatg. 
Anpfalile?, ▼.« to prep. 
*Anpfeifen, ». «. to whifileat. 
Anpflanzen, v. a. to plant. 
Anpicben. vt a. & a. to pitch fa. 
Anpocben, V. a. *• knock at. 
•Anpreifen,v. a. to/rmi/e, eommtn 

Anpreilen, v.a. to dafik, ^uud, 
Anprobiren, v. a. to try M. 
Aiiputz, na. dre/j. 
Anputzen,v. a. to dre/t. 
* Anratben, ¥. a. to advice, eonnfel. 
Aarecbnen, y. a. *• rate, rgcko* 

charge; to impute. 
Anredcf. acceding; adire/s , fpeetk 

Anreden. v. a. to accofl; addre/j 

karmngue, /peak to. 
Anregen. v. n. tofitr up. 
Anregung, f. incitation. 
*Anreiben, v. n. to rub again/t. 
Anreihen, t. a. to firing, 
"Anrcificn, y. a. to cut off. 
Anreiten, t. n. to ride againfi. 
Anreizen, V. a. to en^e, incite, ^ 
filgate. ^ 

Anrcizung, f. incitement. 
•Ahrennen,v.a. to run again/I^ iibc! 1 

-, to come blindfolded. 
Anricbren, v.n. to dre/s. 
Anrichtloffel, ni. ladie. 
AArichtfcbiiiTel, f. platter. 
•Anriechen, v. n^o /meUto. 
AnrUckeo. v. a. i|» a^/roccA; (dei^, 

Siuhl) to draw near. 
Anrudern, ». a. an dai Ufer -, to rox^' 

Anpappen,\. a. topafieup. 

•Anrnfen, tr. a. to call. 

Anrufung, f. invocation. 

AnrUhmen, v. a. to prai/e, commend 

Anriibren, ». a. to touch, handtt. ^ 

Anriihning. f. touching, handling. 

Ant, (an das) prp. to the, as far at. 

AnCage, f. notification, mefiage. 

Anfagen, v. a. to bring toord, to n*.. 
ti/y ; . laflen, to/end ward, 

Anfager, m- meffenger. 

\n^aig,n /ettled. 

Anfatz, in. on/tt; knack. 

Aafcba£Fen,v. a. to procure, pr-ovi4e 
for J ficb . , fo furni/k kim/elf uoith* 

AnfcbafFer, m. provi/or,/urnijher. 

Anfchaffung. i.procuring,/urniJhini 

Anrchauen, v. a< to look an, vietot 
contemplate; to gaze at 

Anfchauung, f. looking on, piewingj 

Anfchein, m. appearance. 

*Anfcbeinen, v. a. to/kine upon. 

■\nkhtinend, a. apparent. 

ficfaAnfcbicken, v. r. .zttetwaa, ia 
prepare, to offer ; albern ., to be- 
have awkwardly. 

•Anfcbieben, ». a. to/kove on. 
\aCcbicl9n,v. n.tofiuint,dook a/fuint 




*AaCchiersen, v. a. to Jkeot, teound, 
rufi ifgainjl j • »• n. crxfiaU 

• Anfehiffen, v.n.tojkip to, approach^ 

J §»ntar by. 

bAwfehlrren, v. a- to harnt/t. 

\laiM9g,m.Jlroke ; aMxittg-, caUula. 

^ 4««, computation, Jupputation, rtt- 

mmchination, tunning dtvkt. 
|*Aaicblagcn« v. a. tojfrikeoni to 

tt»pan ; to nail at % to affix \ to taji, 

rate, valuer *v. n. to/aliagalnji, 

Jhrike againjl ; to optrate, avrk . 
lAnfchlaigig, a. invtntive, ingenious, 

•AnfchliefftcPt v. a. to add, incloft\ 

to iatk at t *ir.n. to lo<k into tach 

\ Anfehniieden, v. a. tojkut, tqftUer. 
Anfchnallen, v.*. to hucklt on. 
•Anfcheicidrn, v. a. to cut. 
Anfchnitt, tn. cut, fir B tut. 
Anfchraaben, v. a. io/crtw pn, up. 
•Anfchreibeix, t. a. to write down. 
AnfchTcibetafel, f. ioard, table. 
, •Anfchreien, v a to cry to, to call at. 
Anfcbtildigen, v. a. toaccu/e, charge 

AnfchOren.v.a. toki9dlt,^ir,mtnd. 
Anfchwarzen, T.a. to Uaci ) fi|.<o 

Anfchwatzen, y.n. to per/uade to. 
■•Anfchwellen, v. n. ft Jtotll, ri/ti 

r. a. to/well 
^AnfchwimneTii^n. to/wim to, 
Anf«R«ln.v- n tojatl to, u}oh. 
•• Anfehent * •• to took on, upon, fee, 

bakold, vitv)\ to regard ', to take •, 

■fa conjidtr. 
Anfehen, n. Jtgkt. confideration, ap. 

ptaranet, reputation, account. 
Anrehnlicb, a. confiderahlt. 
Anfebnlichkeit, f. confiderabltnefs. 
Aoiehung, f. in-, in tonjidtration, 

in refpect of. 
ADfetzen, v.a to put to\ tojioot 

upon thefidet J toftvi ; toftt, ta* ; 

to determine ^ v. n. toftt on. 
Anficht, f. Jtgfit, profpta, infigkt. 
Aafichtig, a. .v/erden, to fee, get a 

Jtght of, dif cover. 
^AnHnneo, v. a- to defirrof, require. 
Anfinnung. f demand, dejfrt. 
•Aafitzen. v n. to fit f aft, cleave to ; 

er ift angefefTen, he is fettled. 
Anipaancn, t. a. toftrain; to put the 

korjts to. 
•Antpeien, ▼. ». to fpit into. 
Anfpieleo, v- a. to hint at, allude. 
An(pie)ung, f. allufion. 
Aalpiefscn, va. to fpit', einen., to 

impale. [to. 

Anfpornen/v. a. to f pur, clap f pur j 
-*.'\nfprechen, v. a. to call^ to accoft. 

*ddrtfs, fpeak to J to beg, defire, 

Anrprengen, v. a. to rifs ati to 

fpring at } tofprinkle, water, 
•Anfpriogen, y.n. to leap againjl. 


Anfprilzaa, n. a. to kefprinkle, to< 

ffout againjl. I 

Anrpruch, m. tolling i tnditi:ment ^^ 

claim, pretenfion, title. 
Anftalt, f. regulation, difpojSti(tn i 

preparation j itftitution ; order, dU 

Anftiiminen, v.t. toJltm,ftem agalnJL 
AnOand, 19. delay; cnrriage,andrefs, 

air; behaviour. 
AnftSnd^g, a. deetnti agreeable, be. 

fteming, btcoming, ccnuenitnt. 
AnAiCncligkeit, f. decency. 
Anftatt, prp. ti^/iead, in lieu. 
•Anftechen , t. a. to io'Ct hroath, 

Aaftecken, v.a. to breach, fpit; to 

pin ; to light; to infe/l, taint. 
AnHeckend.a. contaf(ious, infeffioUs. 
^Anflehen, v. n. to behave ; das flcht 

mir nitbt an. that I don't like ; nab 

-» tojtandnear; -Ufftn, tofor- 

tear,- put off, delay; (B«denkea 

4ragen] u> doubt, balante. 
Anficigen^ v. n. to afctnd,fltp on. 
Anftellcn, v. a. to place by ; to order; 

fich zu erwat., to carry himfelf. 
Annicbcin, v. a. to nip. 
Anftiften, v. a. to caufe ; to raife. 
Anftiftcr, m. abbettor, author, plot. 

Anftiftung, C taufing, abttting, in- 

ftigation, plotting. 
Anftimtnen, v.a. to Intont, tun*. 
Anftimmung, f. intonation; tuning. 
AnAinken,v.n. toftfnk, tobe^- 
fenfive to. 
Anflofs, wa, ft umbling. block; offence; 

htfitating; paroxyfm. 
•Anftorsen, v.a. to fufhag^inft; to 
ftut; tohefttate; *v.n. tothruft; 

to fumble ; to befall; to border, he 

Anfl6r*ig, a. ojptnflvt, fcandalout. 
Anftrahlen, v. a. tofkint on. 
~AnAreichen, V. a. to toloar, paint; 

to roar k. 
Annreifen, v. n. tofweepaf. 
Anftrcngen, v.a. to prefs; to impel; 

fich-, tofirain. 
Xndrengun'g, f.ftraining, effort. 
Anftrich, m. laying on; colour; point- 
ing ; pretext. 
Anftricken, v. a. to knit on. 
AnflUcken, v. v to piece, to patch. 
AnftUrmen, v. a. toftorm Mainft. 
AnAUizen, v. a. to lean, r^ upon. 
Anfuchen, v. a. to befeecht addrefs, 

Anftichung, f. addxefk, petition. 
Antaften, v. a. t»touth,fingtr,hanHt. 
A'mheil, in. ftiart, lot; .baben, to 

partdkt, take ajkart. . 
•Anthun, v.a. to put on ; Sc^ande-, 

to affront. 
Antlitz, m. face, tounttnanct. 
Antrag, m. offer, propofition, pro- 


.^ntT^^n, V. \. topropofe ; to offer ; 



*Antreffen, ▼. a. ta meet witk, to find. 

Antreibenj v. a. to.drivt on ; tf ex. 

titc, inft-.gate ; •v.n. to drive, to 

tome dt ivtng. 
Antreiber, m. inciter, inftigaUr. 
*Amreten, v. a- to tread to; tafet 

out ; ta enter upon ; ♦v. n. tofttp up.y 
Antrieb, m. drift, uapulfe; ntotivet 

Antritt, m. amble ; en$tHmgt begin- 

tiing, commencement. 
Antwort, f anfpetr. 
Ancwonen« V/ a. toanfv>tr. 
Anverirauen, v. a* to truft vUh, to 

Apverwandt, &c. s Vervraodt. 
Anwacbi, m. incrtmtnt, increafe. 
'Anwachfcn, v. n. to increafe^ it 

\oYiM, m. advocate, aftomeji* 
Anyt'ilzen,v.n. to roll on. 
Anwartfcbafu f- reverfion. 
Anweben, v. a. to weave to. 
Anwehen, v. a. (« blow upon, of. 
- Anweifen, v. a. to affign | to advift, 

Anweifer. m. ajfigntr; adoifer. 
Anwei(ung,r. a_fignmtn,t,»Jfis:^^'^i 

advice, inftruftlon. 
•Anwenden.v.a. to tfft, employ ; «" 

etwas., t<fturn to. 
Anwerben, v.a. to levy, raife ; to 

defire ip marriage. 
Anwerbung, f. levy; drfiring in mar- 

Anwefend, «. prefent. x 

AnwcAfnhciit/. prefence. ^ 
Anwiehcrn', v.n. to neigh at. 
Anwiiofchen, v. a. to congratutaUt 

felicitate, wijh welt. 
AnwUnrchiing, f. congratulation, ft. 

licitation, wifking ; imprecation. 
Anwurzcin, v. n. t« taht root. 
Ancabl,f. numher- 
Anzahlch, v. a. to pay, pay off. 
Anzapf^n, v.a. to tap, broach, botet 

pierce. -^ 

Anzaubcsn, y. «. ta heoiitch. 
Anzeichen, n. fign, mark, iohent 

Anzeichoen, v. a. to mark ; notct 

Anzeige, f. notict, advift; mark, 

Anzeigen, v.a. to give notice; ta 

fignify; to indiU; to declare. 
Anzetteln, v.«. to oecafion, contrive^ 

projea. „ . , 

An Ziehen, t. a. to draw, pull, hale ; 

to put on ; fich -, to clothe, drefs ; 

to ft rain ; •y.a. to draw on ; ta 

Anzichend, a- attraSive, alluring,^ 

charming. . 

Anz[ig,m. drawing; entering; (KlCi- 

dung) drefs, array, attire ; fet. 
AnzUglicbj a. attraOioe; potgnantt 

fatirical, keen, injurious. 
'Anziiglichkeit, f. poignancy, outrage. 

Digitized by.LjOOQlC 

Aprdliiiiio, ui. sf^t^lrrr, 

ApfE Lfnq ft , m !■ riin p jf jf^^ 
ApfrirchttiEt, m, atpSt ^Jiiff- 

AjKitlrljjeltliichic/f. /Ar^^f i/ ^Af 



Apatlieltefkunfl, f |*it«r«*fT. 
AfpclliLiai, f diysni;, 

AppeLUiionmiTj, m, mji>tA/^^/- c/ 
Ajrpe I ( iTB n , f . s = fna^finl. 

OtfifwU, tiljitailf. 

Aprllf nq. d/rl/. 
A^brif^ f. ^diekr^ K^^ftr 

.At^biiif, Arii-tij^ mifl ri , m. f.if-o\i- 

r-tr, mmwvJt'Urer, n.flrl,wijo, 
ArbtiLJ^ra^ *- &A,?r|»Hf| Ci'hzr, Jt- 

Archci, r, gS'i, 
Arcfaiw, n, arthivrs, 

firt/^ iitjttrti haw 4; Junnirfni , 
irtrr, iiflr/fj IP, Iff n,i^ kitrj^T- 
IriMc, lu>?r>, 

mjinf/j p /rfifuiwt/i 

AimUfL, r. irr«/riJr^/ip rJ^qiur^, i-!4~ 
ArRllMf kciE ^ f. crefhtSf/i , ran 

ArfiwiiLiTitrT, T.«. fn /u/f>tff, 

AtjrwaiiTjireK, ■. /iij>cfi&iM/, 

AriftokrtUe, f arifioeraey. 

Ariftokraiifch, a. arijloeraticai, art. 

Arm, «. ^oor, own^iN^, »«</y, in. 
digrnt, neceffitpus. 

Arm, m. arm- 

Arntbind, m. brtctlttt armltt. 

Arnibraft, f. eroft-bovt, 

Arraee, f army. 

Armel, ta. Jlttve 

Armenhaiu, n. almjkouftt koAitai, 

Arnigerchmctde, n. hrattkts. 

Armleucbter, m. feonee. 

Arinrchiene, f. armltt \ f^int. 

Armlehoen, pi. (ta einem Stulile) 

Armfelig, a. poor, nttiy. 

Arqirdigkeit, f, poorntft. 

Amifeflel , Armftuhl , ta. armed 
chair, eiioW'chair . 

Armuth, f. ,povtrfyi vianU 

Arnte, f. harvrft, crop. 

Arnten, v. a; to harv^, crop, gatktr. 

Arreft, m. arrrjl, attachment. 

Arreftiren, v. a, to arrtfi, attach, 

Arfch, m. arfc, hrtech, fundament. 

Arrcbbacke, f buttock. 

Arrcnik, m. ar/tnic: 

An, f. /pedes, race, fort, manner, 

Aricn, ▼, n. to take after, to re- 

ftmble, imitate. 
A»tig, a. gtntetl, pretty, comely, Jint, 

Artigkeit, f. comelintfs, agreeable. 

»'/'. fintneft, prettintfs. 
Artikel, m. article, part, head. 
Artillerie, f. artiUtry. 
Artifchokis f. artichoke. 
Arseaei, f. medicine, phyfic, reme. 
dy, fn<iic«mrn^ i«bewifhrie>. fpe. 
Arzcneikunde , f. fhyfic* 
Arzt, m. pkyfician, doHor. 
Afche, f. ajk, 

Arche, f. ajk*s\ glUhende., embers. 
Afcbgrau, a. ajk . coloured. 
Afchenfalz, n. alcali. 
Archermiuwoche, m. ajk-wedatsday, 
Afcbicht, a. ajky 
Afcbig, «. full of ajhes. 
Afpe, Afpe, f. afp\ afgtn, 
Afs, n. ace, 
AfTeciurant, m. infurer% 
Aflecurans^ f. injuranee^ 
ASIecuriren, v, a to infure, 
\A, m. bough, arm} branch. 
•^<^>K> ■• f>ill of bought ; iftigei 

Holz, knotty wood. 
Atheifl, m athcifi. 
Aiheifterei, f. mtheifm, 
Atheiftirch, a. athti^, atheijieai. 
Athem, m, breath. 
Atbroeni v. n. to breathe | to drftu 

Aihmen, n. breathing, reffiration. 
Aihemlos, a, brtathlefs. 
Athem zag,iq. breatk, drawing breath. 


AiUs, m. atlas, 

Atlafi, m faftin. 

Atzen, v.a, to feed; to baiti to eiek. 

Atzpiilver, n. corrojivt, fretting pom. 

Aiziing, {.feeding; baiting ; etching. 
Auch, c. alfo, too, even. 
Auaion, f auSlion, public fait. 
Auftionator, m. aufHoneer. 
Aiidienz. f audience. 
Auditeur, m. auditor. 
Aiie, < . pafiurt ; green. 
Auerhabn, m.htath.cock, wood-eoek. 
Aiierbenne, f. heath. pout, wild-hen. 
Auerochs, m. urt om, buffalo, wild 

Auf, prp. on, in, at, upon, by, to, 

Uc auf and ab , up and down ; i. 

auf, auf! up, up I 
Anfackern, V. a. to plough' . till up; 

to plough , till once again. 
Anrarbeiten, v. a. to break up, 
Aafbabren, v. n. to put upon a bier. 
Aurbauen, v. a. to ereS i build.. 

raxje uf again. 
■Aurbebahen, v. a. to keep, lay up, 

prtferve, favt, /pare. 
^Aufbeifsen, v. a. to crack. 
Aufbcraen, burjt, chap, gape, 

Aulbiegen, r. a. to btnd - lift up. 
•Aufb)eten,T.a. tobid,callin,raife up. 
•Aufbinden, v. a. to tie up ; to loo/en, 
Aufbliihen, v. a. to puff, /well. 
•Aufblafen, V. a. to puff, blow uj 

. to turn over j fich 

. up. 
i fich 


-, to open. 
Aufblciben, v. n. tojlay out of bed. 
Aofblicken, v. n. ta look up. 
Aufbliihen, ▼. n. to blow, to flowery 

to bloom, bloffom.. 
Aufborgen,v.a. to barrow; to take up. 
Aufbraiifen, v. n, to roar. 
Aufbrechen, v. a. ft n. /« open, break 

up; tochapitofet out] to decamp, 
Aufbrechen, n. opening, breaking 

up J chapingi kibe. 
Aufbreiten, v. t.^to fpread, difplay, 
Aufbreonen, v. a. to burn up, con., 
fume woodi >v. n. to break out in 

a flame. 
»Aurbringen, t. a. to bring up ; to 

rai/e, levy ; 6g. toftt up, irritate. 
Aufbruch, m. Jetting out, breaking 

up ; decamping, marking off. 
Aufbiirden , v. a- to burden, charge 

itk, impute. 
Aufblirften, v. a. to bru/k up. 
Aufdslmmen, v. a. to dam up. 
Aufdauera» v. n. to flay up. 
Aufdecken, v. a. to uncover, deteff, 

dif cover. 
•Aufdingen, t. a. to bind to a mafter. 
Aufdrehen, v. a. to twi^ upon ; to 


Aufdringen, ▼. a. to obtrude upon. 
Aufdmcken, v.a, to imprefs, Jfamp, 

Aurdrilcken. v. a. to open, break up. 
Aafcnihalc,m. abode iJtay; hindrance. 

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Aarcrlejre«,tv. i. to im^»fe, tnj^m. 
•Aufcrftchen, v. n. U rift up } to 

AuferHchung, f. rtfurrttUon, rijing 

fnm tAe dead. 
AAfowecken, v.k. to raifi from 

tkidtaJ, rtfufeitttt. 
Aa^erweckung, f . rtfufciUtion 
' ^isfcvziehen, v. i to nourtfk ; to 

tnit^ mp, to brtedf educatt. 
Aifcrztenong, f, momrijking ; edu- 

Vafeflen, v. a. to €*i v/i tonfwmt. 
•AoSl^hren, v n. to afcend'^ rift ^ 

§g. to fly out ; -*«. a. to ^m ofen, 


Aaflkhrt, f, afeenfien, ri^ng. 
*\aftmtt9n, r n to fait upon ; *v. a 

to hurt, wound, hruift by falling* 

es tdWt. ibm auf, fig. itftrikts km. 
Aafrallend, p fig. firihimg. 
•Auffangen, v. a. to inttrctpti to 

Aafnfrb«n,v. a- to new. dye. 
AafTanen, v. a. to eateh up, tetke up. 
Auffircbeo, v.a tofjkup.iuttrcept 
•Aafflecbten, V a. totvtijtupi to 

umtiJo\Jl ; to unbratd 
•AafQiegen.T. n. to fly up, fly open. 
AufFofttom, V. a. to mjkfor ; to kid ; 

to invite. 
•AufTrcfTen, v. a to devour, emt up 
AofTrirchen, /.a. torrfrejk, rouft. 
AuffUhren, v- a to ereff, build up ; 

to give, reprtfentj den Tanx '^to 

Itad y Gch ^ ^0 irAaw. 
AuffUfc-runa, f. butUing\ reprtfen. 

tation ; pehmviour 
Aufrullen, v. a. to fill up. 
KuffUttern, r. ». to fpend eonfume 

Aafgabe, t. problem \ fropofition 


to give up I to re. 


Aofhcficn, V. a. to pin *t, f^/ttux, 

etnem etwas., to impofe upon. 
Aurbeitern, ▼. a. to rlemr up ; fich., 

to grow clear. 
Aurbelfen, v. a. tt ktlp up, fkt. 

Aufhellen, ▼.■. to clear up, 
AiifhenkeOi v. b. to hang, fufyend. 
Aulbeizen. V. a. to Mound; to iit/li. 

Auibiflen, t. a. T. to koife. 
Aufbdren, v n. fi» ceaft, leave 'ff. 
AufhUpfeo, V. n. to hop 
AufjagcD, T. a. tofla't, rear. 
'.ufkaufeai v. a. to buy up ; to en. 

Aufkifiifer, n. engrojer, foreflalltr. 
Aiifklappcn, v. a. /* lift up, raife. 
Aurklitren, v. a. to cltar up; to U. 

Aufk)i(rar, n. «Ao enlighten/, itlu. 

Aufkliirung, f. enlightening, iUumi. 


Aufkleben, Aancleiftcrn , v. a. to 

glue; to pafle upon. 
Aufknopfcu, v.a. to unbutton. 
AuiknUpfen, v.a. tokang ; to unknit. 
Aurkochoo, V a. to fttth, to boil. 

Aufkommen, v n. to come up; to 

recover ; to advance. 
Aufkratzen, v.a. 4ofcfatck up. 
Aufkriurdn, v. a- to crifp, curl. 
Aufkricxen, v. n. to get open, 
Aufkiindigen, v. a. to retrafl i give 

•Aafladen, v.a. to ladt'load upon, 

charge with. 
Auflader, m. loader, packer. 
Auflage. r. edition i impofl, tOM. 
^AunafTen, ▼. a. to let opm. 
Auflauf , m. tuereafe ; flocking, flir. 

ring. ' 

•Auflauren, T. n. to Jkoot t tofweU; 

to encreafe, run up to; *». a. " 

Aunauern, v.a. to lurk, lit in am. 


flg»} '• A'*/*/< 
Anfffeblaren, a. haughty. 
Aufgeblarrnheit, f. haughtinefs. 

! Aufgebot. n. mrrlet^-ban ] the bans. 

I •Aufgehen, V. n. to gfl open: to rife.\A}x^\t\>fa, v. n. to revive, renew. 

\ Aafgeld, n- agio- |Auflccken, t. a. to lick up. 

.Aufgaweckt, a. awaked; hrift% lAunegcn, v. a. to apply; to lay 
♦AttfgUfjen, V. a. to pour upon. | upon ; to impofe \ to reprint. 
•Adfgraben, v.a to dig, dig up. fich Aunefanen, v. r. to learn, r,ft 
AaibiineD, v a. to tuck up, to gird upon; gegea jenand-, to oppoft. 

^Aannben, v. n, to have on, open 
Aufbacken.v.a. to tut up \ to hough 
•Aufhalten, v.a. to holt -■- ' 

tup; to hough, 
old up ; to a-r. 

rift i einen ., to hinder, keep bath . 
efwa* -» to uphold] fich bei einer 
Sache •, to dweUupon ; cine Sacbe 
., to delay, put ojf; ficb., to flay; 
fich Uber etwas.,' to laoek at. 
'Aofbiingcn, v a. to hang up. 
«A«niaucn, v a. to cut, htw. 
Aufhjtufen, v. a. to heap up; toft< 
•Aofhebcft, v.a. to hold up ; to lift 
up\ to take up, pick up- to ar 
rtfl; to keep, f pare; to abolijk) 
t» difannul ; to retail. 

upon i gegea jenand 


nfleimen, V. a. to glue upon 
•Auderen, v. a. tofick up, galhf 
Aufliegen, v. n. to lie, lean, r^ 

upon I fich., to be fretted bv. 
LuilockCTn, V. a. to moulder 

AUF 13 

AufiBuatera. v. a. /* awake, enkorti 

to encourage, animate, revive. 
AufmunMrung, f. waking; tmtou-. 

Aufmutzen, V. n. to upbraid, rt-' 

Aurnatein, v. a, to nail upon, 
A»rni(hen, v. a. to few on, 
Aufnahme, f taking «/; improve* 

'Aufn«bnen, v. a to take up \ to 
meafure ; to harbour ; wohl, Obal 
• . to take well, M. 
Atifneftcln, v, a. /• unlaee. 
Aiifnoihigen, v.a. to fortt . frtft 

Aufopfern, v. a. /• etftr , immoUte, 

ofer up\ to fatriflce. 
Auropferung, f. immolation, iffer, 

Aufpacken, v.a. to pack up. 
Aufpappen, v i. to pafle up, upon. 
Aufpaflen,-^. n. to attend; to wait 

for; to watch. 
Aufficken, v.a. to tick, 
Aufplatzen, v. a. to burfl. 
.^ufputzen, V. a. to drefs, trim. 
Aufquellen, v. a. & n. to fwelt up : 
to bnbble up. 
Aufraflcn. v. a. /• ^atker indifcrU 

minatttyi fich-, to rife. 
Aufriluaien, v.n- fet in order ; targe. 
rMiimt Teyn , to be in good humour, 
Anfrechen, v. a. to eock up hay. 
Aufrecht, ad. upright. 
Aufreiben, v.a. to fret, rub, gall i 
to drflroy. ^ 

Aufreirten, v. n. to unrip, tltave, 
think, gape, burfl, thap, fplit\ 
•v. a. to tut, rip open. 
Aufrennen, v. a. to run open. 
Aiifrtchtea, v. a. to raife, ertS, 

rear, fet up. \re. ~ 

Aafrichng, a. wpHght, tandid, flnct- 
Aiirrichtigkeii, f. uprightnefs, flnm 

Auftiegeln, v. a. to unbolt. 
Aufrirt, m delineation, draught. 
Aufriuen. v.a. to chap, flit. 
Aufrollen, v. a. to roll up. 
AufiUcken.'v.a. to upbraid, reproach. 
Aurruren, v. a. to tall up, to bid 
on* rife. 
Aurruhr, m. uproar, fedition, liu 
furrettion, mutiny, faSion, rtbeU 
lior,. tumult 

to flir, move. 
enfiter , mutineer. 




Anfloren, V. a. toUofen, diflolve. 
Aufl^rung, r. loofening; £ffolutlon. 
Auf1dten,v.a. to foder, folder upon. 
Aufmachcn, v a. to open. 
Auripauern, v. a. to mure. 
Aufmcrken, v. n. to attend \ to mark 
AuFmerkfain, a. attentive, htedfu' 
Aiifmerkramkeit, f. aUenUon, heed. 


mutinout, feditious, 
to fay ; to unfay^ 

4\urrUhreri 01. 
htg . leader. 
Auffiihrifcb, a. 

Aufragen, v.a 

reciaim; to renounce. 
Aufratteln, v a. to f addle. 
Aii<fatz. .m traHaie, pamphlet i de- 

fg^i ^'«"» projeft, 
AnfTcbarren, v. a. to ftrape up, 
Anffchauen, v. n. to. look up,^ lift 

AiiilTcheucra, v. a. Ufret »ilA, 

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♦Auffchieben, v. a. to adjturH, put 

off, br along. 
•Auffchieficen, v. a. 8c n. to Jkoot, 

to Jlart up J to Jkoot oftn. 

Auffchlag, m. thefmcing. / 

-•Auffcblagen, v. a. to fit up\ die 

Augen., tooptn; ein Celaichter-, 

to /oil a laughing i dicThiire-, 

t to break open \ in eincm Bache -, 

to turn over I ficl» den Kopf., 

to bruife with falling: •v. n. tc 

Spring up ; (»on Waaren) to rife. 

«AufrchHerseo, v.a. to unlock, open, 

ftt open. 
Aiiffchlitzen, v. a> to flit ; to rip up. 
Anfrchlnft. m. unfolding. 
Aarfcbnallen, v. a. to buckle up \ 

to unbuckle. 
Aufrchnappen, v.a. tofnap,fnatch, 

catch ; to faring up. 
*Aaffchneiden, v. %. to faagger, 

bully , rodomontadt ; to cut ; ti 

rip up. 
Auffchneidcr, m. fwaggertr, btdly^ 

blujierer. • 

Auffchneiderei, f-fwaggering, brag. 

ging, bullying. 
Aufrchnitt, m. cutting up. 
Auffchniiren, v. a. to unlaet. 
Auffchnbern, wfa. to gone. 
Auffchranbcn, V. a. toftrcwopen, up. 
•Auffchreiben, v. a. to write down, 

•Auffchreien, *. n. to cry aloud 

•v. a. to cry ouf. 
Auffchrift, f . addrefs, fuperfcription. 
Aufrchub, m. delay, adjournment. 
AuffcbUrxen, ». a. to tuck up. 
AufrchUOeln, v. a, to dijk up, fur. 

ve up. 
Aufrchiitteln, v.a. to Jlir up. 
Auffchiiueni V. a. to koard up. 
♦Auffchwellen, v. a. & n. to fwell. 
* «Aurrehen, v. n* to took up ; • ma- 

$hcn, to make a .^rai. 
Auffeher, m. overfeer, infpeflor. 
Aufretzen, v. a. to Jet up j to put 

up; Speifen-, to jerve up; fich-, 

to mount; eine Schrift., to draw 

upi feinen ICopf., to take head. 
♦Auffeyn, v. n. to b* up. 
Aufficht, r. ooerjisht, infpeOionJur. 

vey, care. 
♦Auffieden, v. a. & n. tofeeth, boil. 
«Aufntzeo, v.n. to fit up ; to mount. 
AuripaUen, v. a. to fplit, cleave. 
AuHpannen, v. a- tofiretch \ to bend. 
Auffperren, v. a. to open wide. 
Auffpielen, v. a. toftrike up, flay en. 
Aufrpiefscn, v. a. to impale. 
•Anirpiiincn, v. a. to fpin up. 
Aurfprengen, v.a. to break up. 
•Auffpringen, v.n. tofpring up, rife, 

Auffpronen, v. n. to fproult gir- 

Auffpiilen, v. a. to wajk. 
Aufrpulen, v.a. to unnd yam upon 

the fpool. 
AuffpOnden, v.a. to open the bung. 


Auffland, m. riflng, revolt. 
•Aufftechen, v. a. to pick, pierce. 
Aufdecken, v. a. toJHck up,pin uPi 

to put upon. 
«Aufftehen, v. n. to fiand open } to 

AuHleiren, V. a. to fit ff en. 
Aufileigen, v. n. to rife ; to afcfnd; 

to mount. 
Aufftellen, V. a. tofetupi to ejipofe. 
Aufflorcn, v.a. tofiir up. 
Auffiofsen. v. a. & n. f,; pvfi op«n j 

to rife upi fig. to meet with. 
♦Aufftreichen, v. a. to fpread, 
Aufllreifen, v. a. & n. to turn up ; 

*• fweep. 
Aufftreiien, v. a. to flrdw, flrew. 
AufftOlpen, v. a. to cock up} to 

Audliirzen, v. a. to clap up. 
Aufrochen, v. a. to feek for, fktrch 

Aurthauen, v. a. to Aaw. 
•Aiifthun, v. a. to Jfen. 
Anfthlirnien, v. a. to tower. 
Auftifchen, v. a to frroe up, diJk up. 
Auftrag, m. commtjlon. 
• Auftragen , v a . toferve in { to lay 

on ; einem etwaa •, to charge one 

'Auftreiben, v. a. to fwell i to drive 

up ; Geld -, to raife. 
AuArennen, v. a. to ui\ftitch, cut up, 
*Aufircten, v. a. Sen. to tread up\ 

to appear. 
Auftritt, m. fpeaking \ ftene] tread. 
Auftrocknen, v. a to dry up. 
Aufwachen, v. n. to awake, roufe. 
•Aufwachfert, v. n. to grow up. 
Aufwallen, v.n. to wallow up \ to 

Aufwallung, f. tbullietfp>] eferwc' 

Aufvrand.m. cojllineft, expenfivenefs. 
Aafvriirraen, v. a. to warm again ; 

to repeat. 
Adfwarten, v.n. to wM\ toferve. 
Aufwiiner, m. -in, f. fervant. 
AufwjCru, ad. upward, upwards. 
Aufwartung, f . ferving ] waiting ; 

•Aufvrarchen, v. a. to wajk away, 

Aufweben, r. •• to unravel. 
Afifwecken, v. a. to awake, roufe. 
Aufwehen, v.a. fit n. to How up. . 
Aufweichen, v.^. to mollify i tc 

•Aufweifen, v. a. U fkew forthi 

Aufwenden, v ». to emplmy, fpend. 
■Aufwerfen, v. a. to coft up j to 

propofet to rife up againfl. 
Aafwickeln, V. a. to entwijl ,* to un- 
Aufwiegeln, v. a. to raife agoing 
Anf Miicgln,m. author, raifer againfl. 
■Aufwinden , V. a. to wind upi tc 

weigh; to hoife. 
Aufwirchen, v. a. to wipe tway. 

AufwUblen , v. a. to turn vp ; to 

dig uf. 
Aufzsfhlen, v.a. to. reckon, numier^ 

AufcaEumen, v.a. to bridle, fut the 

bridle on. 
Aafzehren, v, a. to confume. 
Aurzeichnen, v.a. to note, torite 

Aufzeichnung, f. annotation, 
Aufzeigen, *. Aufwrifeo. ^ 

' Aufziehen, v. a. & n. to draw ac^ | 

to wind up ; to ioeigh ; to raife ; 

'o ^^i «A» einen., to^eer, 

fribbW-y to mount (the guard). 
Aufzug, m. w^xdxng up \ pomp ; atl. 
Aiif zugbriicke, f. draw . bridge. 
""Aufzwingen, v.a. to obtrttde, force 

Angaprel, m. eyeball. 
Auge, m. eye; point. 
Augenarzt, m. oculljl. 
Augenblick, m. twinkling ; momenta 
.^ngenblicklich, ad. momentatly. 
Augenbranne, f. eyebrow. 
Augenlied, n. eyelid. 
Augennafs, n. view, glance, ^ghf. 
Augenraerk, n. point of view, alm» 
Augcnfchein, m. view, look. 
Augenfdieinlich, a. evident. 
Augenwimpern, pi. eyelafhes. 
Augenwinkel, m. comer of the ey«, 
Augenwuraelt f- valerian, 
Augcnzahn, m. eyetooth. 
Augaft, m. augu/f. 
Aus, prp. out cf, from, hy\ ^i. aut, 

up, over. 
Ausarbetten, v. a. to perfeH \ to ela.' 

Ausarten, v. n. to degenerate. 
Ausartungt f. degeneration. 
Ausathmen, v. n. & a. to breathe out. 

.\uibacken, V. a.&n. to bake fuf.. 

Ausbaden, v. n.^fig. to pay for. 
Ausbaaen, v. a. to build out. 
•Ausbedingen, v. a. to condition, 

Ausbeichien, v. a. to confefs every 


Ausbeirsen, v.a. to bite out. 
AusbeflerQ, v. a. to mend, repair, 

AusbefTerung, f. mending, reparation. 
Ausbeute, f. Jhare, gain. % 

Ausbeuteln, v. a. to bolt meal, fich 

., to drain pocket j. 
Ausbiegeln, v.a to fmooth, plait 
with the goofe. [tate. 

Ausbiegen, v. a. to turn afidt, tvi-^ 

Ansbieten, v.a. to prof er . put -fet 
to fale. 
Autbilden, v. a. to cultivate. 

Aaibitien, v. a. to beg for, afifor, 

Ausblafen, v.a. to blow out. 

Ausbleiben, v. o. to Jlay out. 
Autbluten, V. n. to bleed; to ceafi 

Aiuborgen, v. a. to lend money. 

"Aiubrechen, v. a. 8c n. to brtah tmt» 

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, ▼. a. to ffre^, tJtitni. 
ibreimen, ▼. k. & n. to turn out. 
ich, m. trekking out ; eruption, 
Ekcn, V. a. to/cmU, fmrtoU. 
iten, v.a. to brood, k*ttk. 
ad, na. Jtandmrdi fig. «rrMf 

todig, a. fjifuljlte, iJtettUnt. 
' ften, V. a. to kjfifii, fwttp. 

ten, V. a, to mend, rtpair^ to 
f for. 

npfen, v. n. to naporatt. 

■prcD, V. a. 1o tvaformtt , i 
' cut. 
luern, v. a. /* lajl, ftrftvtrt. 

tojiretch, tMttnd, 
denken, v. a. to tJieogUatt, 

deuicOf V. a. to interpret, ex- 

dienen, ¥.n. to ftrve out. 

dorren, v.n. Autdorren, v.a. to 
Viry up. partk. 

usdrcrchen, v. a. to tkrtjk out. 
druck, m. exprtjjion. 
nsdrUcken, v-a. to exprtft , de. 
f Jcrihe ; to fquteu out. 
AuMlnicklich, a. exprtft, eMflUit. 
AutdUnAen, ▼. n. /« evaporate, ex- 

A^sdiinAiing. f. evaporation. 
* Auserlcren,*Aiuerrehen, Auserwilh. 

len, •- a- to ehuft, ettft. 
A^terlercn, a. exi,uifiti, tkoite. 
•AuielTcn, *.a.' /* tat out. 
•Ausfahren, v. a. to marr the road 

hy carriages \ to export : *r. n, 
la rtde m^out'^ to Jlip, glide ^ fig 

to break ant. 
Amfall, m. failing out \f ally. 
«Ausrallen, v. n. to Jolt out \ t<. 

fally forth. 
A^.iuhn, V. a. to ui^kread, feaxe. 
Aisfaulen. *. O. /• r\>r out. 
•Ausfechten, v. a. to fgkt out. 
Ausfegcn, v a. /• purge out, /weep 

Auifciten, v. a. to fie out: 
Ausfertigcn, v. a. to expedite, df. 

pat'k, execute. 
•Aiufind«ii,v.a. tojlndout ] aiufindig 

machen , to falkom, inveftigate. 
Auktlicken, v.a. to mend\ to patck. 
•Ausfliegcn. ▼. «• to Jly out. 
•A'.istlier»en, V. n. tg fiow out. 
Auiflii>bt, f evafiou, efcape, Jhijt. 
AtuRaft, m. out gate, mouth. 
A^$fordcrn, v. a, to defy, tkalUnge. 
Autforderung, f. dffy, cartel. 
Aiuforfchen, v. a. to efifuire j to 

/iarck, fpy ; to pump out if. 
Aus^'rtgen, ▼• « <* examine, enquire. 
•AuftfrcOcn, v-a, to tat out. 
lAvufahr, f. export, exportation, 

luHihren, ▼•a- to export, carry 

of- to eviS, evidence \ to purfue. 
(Aihrlicb, *. /iifitieHt, targe, evi. 



AusfUlTto, V. a. tofU mpt maei/mil, 

flJ. ^ 

.^usfUutffo, v.a. to/odJtr a^i aln 

Kieid., to fur. One. 

Autgabc, f. giuimg out ; tittian ; ex» 

pence. [let 

Ausganf , m. going out, exit \ oui- 

^Aiuginraa, ▼. n. to ferment fu^ 


Autgcbcn, V. •. to give out ', to if- 
fue money ; fich tUr etwa» ., /• 

give out kkmfelf. 
>Aasg«hen, v.n. to go out, abroad ; 

to terminate in; (Haare) toloofc. 

(vom CaldeJ to Jpend; (Farbe) (0 
AutgclaOcn, a. extravagant, Sffbtuti.. 
Ausgelaflenhett , f. extravagmnte, 

Au^erbcn, v. a. to Ian fully. 
•Au^irrten, v. a. to empty, pour out. 
Aiitgiefuing.f. pouring out, efujion- 
Ausglcichen, v.a. to even, efuali/e, 

balance. * 

Ao'glehen, v. n. to Jtide, flip. 
Aasgltlhen, v.a. to glow out. 
Ausgr^Len, v.a. to dig out j to 

Atugritrn, v. a. to bone a fjk. 
Ausgnibcin, «. a. to inof/ligate, fnd 

AuigtiTt, m. effufiow, gutter. Jink. 
.^.usback•n, v.a. ta pink ; die An. 

gen ., to pick out. 
Aushakeiti v. a. to hook out. 
Aushalteo, v.n. to kcld out; to 

lafl, flay } to ptr^^vere ; to endure, 

AuKhiiudigca, v. a. to kand out. 
Ausb^ngen, v. a. to hmng out, 
Auibarrcn, v.n. to perfevere, 

Auihiaucheo, v. n. to breatke, eX' 

Anshsuen, v.a. to hew out\ in 

Stein ., to eut out .' «iaen Wald ., 

to grub np. 
'Anshebcn, V. a. einenBauin>, tt 

d'gcuti einFenller., to unkinge; 

Recrutcn., /• lewy; (au»Jefenf/« 

Authecheln, v. a. to hattkel out. 
Authecken, v. a. to katck, brood. 
Aiubeilen, v. a. to cure perfedly. 
Autheitern, Ausbellen , v. a. ti 

clear up. 
•Aiuhelfea, v. a. to kelp out, aid. 
Aushohlcn, V. a. to pump out, found 

v.n. tofetck. 
Aiuhohlen, v.a. to kotlo»\ to un. 

Aiuhohnen, v.a. to abufe, infult. 
Authurcben, v. a. to kearken to. 
Aosboren, v. n. to kear to an end. 
Mishlilfen, v. a. to unkuji, decor- 

Aukhungcrn, v. a . to famifk , ftarve. 
Au^iiiren, v.a. to xuttd, root up. 
Aufkiimmen, v. a. to comb. 
Aiukaufen, v.a, to buy out. 



Aurfa li r— » v. •. tofweep | to brujk, 
Auskebricht, a. fmeepingt. 
AutkUtfcben, v.a. to expttdiy t» 

bUb. '^ 

AuikUuben. v. •. to puk out | fig. 

to centrive. 
AutkUiden, v. a. to mclotkt, undrefr. 
Ausklopfen, v. a. to beat out, knock 

AoiklUgflin, V. a. to excogitate, fean, 

Auskocban, v.a. to boil, feeth. 
*Auikomn>en, v.n. to come «af{ 

to go abroad. 
Autkommen, n. fein - habcn» 1ob«» 

veil ta pafi, to live - fubM well. 
Aoskramcn , v. a. to difpUy , fet 

Autkratzen, v. a. tofcratck ; to *af*» 
•Auskriechen, v. n. to creep fortk. 
.^lltkund^charlen, v. a. to fpy, fcout 
AuskUnAeIn, v. a. to contrive WiU 

Auslf chen, v.a. to taugk, deride. 
* Aiuladen, v. a. to unload, dtfckarge. 

Au»l»ge, f. d'fiurfement, laying out. 
Ausland, n forrign country. 
Austiindcr, m. forriguer, flranger.. 
AuUindifcb, a. foreignt autUmdifkt 

AusUngen, v. n. to rtmck. 
AutUft. m. outlet. 
AusUnVn, V. a. to let out; to Af. 

folve \ to leave out ; to difcover. 
Aiulauren, v.n. to put out; ta 

run out. 
AusUuien, v. a. to tall tk€ fair out 

Uiith a bell 
Audrcken, v. a. to lap up. 
Ausleercn, v. a. to empty, vaidi\ 
Autlegen , v, a. to lay out, difplay f 

to explain, inter fret; to inlay. 
Auxlegung, f. interpretation, expls- 

Autlchren, v.a. to teack fufieicntly, . 

Ansleihen, v. a. to lend out. 
Auslcinen, v. n. to aceomflijk tkt 
time of prentUfJkip X to learn out. 

Aiuleren, v. a. to cull, tkoofe,feleS, 
AutHefern, v. a. to deliver over. 
Auslocken, v. a. to draw out, pump 

AMSlofcben, v. n. to extinguifki 

v.a. to blot out, deface. 
Ausldren, v, a. to redeem, deliver. 
Aiismachen, v*a. to make out. 
Ausmalen, v.a. to illufminate, 
Ausniar({«ia, v. a. to enervate. 
Auscnauern, v. a. to mure out,, v.a. to cafl of, rtjett. 
'AusmeiTcn, v.a. to meafure out. 
Animiflen, v. a. to cleanfe tkeftable* 
.^tumudern, v.a. tocafiire ; to rejeS. 
.\itsna'hcn, V. a. to fiourifk. 
Aiisnabme, f. exception. 
*.\usnebtncn, v. a. to take out, up; 

to except- 
Auinehmend, a. exceeding. 
Auspaclren,v.a./« unpack, open a pack. 


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♦Auffchiebon, v. a. to aijfurH, put 

off, brolong. 
•Auffcbte(*en, v. m. 8t n. f« Jioot, 

to Jlart ^p X to Jkoot open. 
Aanchlag, m. tktfmeinr. / 
«AurrcbUgen. V. a. to Jrt upi die 

Augen., tooftni ein Celiicbtcr-, 

to/*dt a laughing 'y die ThUrc, 
« t0 brtak open \ in eincm Bache ., 

to turn etvr } fich den Kopf., 

to bruifc vtith faliittgi "v. n tc 

fpring up ; (von Waaren) to rife. 
«Aurrchliertea, v. a. to untotk, optn, 

ftt optn. 
Aiiffcbiitzen, v.a. tojlit ', to rip up. 
Anfrchlnrt. m. unfolding, 
Aarfchnallen, v.a. to huckU up\ 

to unhucklt. 
Aufrcbnappen, v.a. iofn^p, fnatcht 

cttch J to fpring up. 
*Aaffchneiden, v. a. to fwaggtr, 

buUjt , rodomontmdt ; to cut ', to 

rip up. 
Auffcbneider, m. fvaaggtrtr^ ki^y, 

Aufrcbneiderei, ^.fvtmggering, irag. 

ging, bullying. 
Aufrchniit, m. cutting up. 
Auffchniiren, v. a. to unUet, 
Aiifrcbnbern, *#*. to govt. 
Aufrchranben, V. a. tojerewopcn, up. 
•Auffchretben, v. a. to write down, 

•Auffchreien, v. n. to cry mloud} 

•v. a. to cry otd. 
Anffchrift, f. addrcfs, fuptrfrription 
Aufrcbub, m. delay, adjournmtnt. 
AuffchUmen, v. a. to tuck up. 
AafrcbUOeln, v. a, to dtjk up, far. 

•e up. 
AufrchUtieln, v. a. to Jlir up. 
AuffcbattCD, v. a. to hoard up. 
«Auffcbv«reUen, v. a. & n. to fwell. 
* «Aurfeben, v. n* to took up ; - ma- 

chen, to make a /ken. 
Aufreher, m. overfeer, imfptHor. 
Aufretzeo, v. a. to fet up } to fuf 

up; Speifen-, to Jerve up; ficn. 

to mount; einc Scbrift-, to draw 

upi Teinen ICopf., to take head. 
•Aoffeyn, v. n. to h ut. 
Aufficht, f. overfight, infptaion,fur. 

vey, cart. 
«Aufrieden, v. a. & n. tofttA, toil. 
•AuffitBcn^ v.n. to ft up ; to mount- 
Aufrpahen, v.a. to fplit, cleave. 
Anffpannen, v, *. tofirttch \ to ktnd. 
Auffperren, v. a. to open wide, 
Auffpielea. v. a. tojlrike up, play an. 
Aurrpiefsen, v. a. to impale. 

Aurfprengen, v.a. toirtak up. 
•Auffpringen, ' ' 

AuffprofTeiif ' 

minatt . 
AaffpUlen, v. a. to wafk. 
Aufrpulen, v.a. to wtnd yam upon 

the fpoot. 
AaffpUnden, v.a. to open the bung. 

'*» brea 
' to fpring u'p,rife, 

to fprautt g*r. 


Aurftafid, m. rifng, revolt. 

Aufftecben, v. a. to pick, pierce. 
Aufdecken, v. a. toftick up,ptn ufj 

to put upon. 
-•Aufheben, v. n. to Jland open } to 

AuraeiFen, V. a. to fiffen. 
Auffteigen, v. n. /• rife ; to afchid ; 

to mount. 
Aufflellen.v.a. to fit up i toespofe. 
AufAoren. v.a. to fir up. 
Aumoften, v. a. & n. t,/ pi>fk open ; 

to rife up I fig. to meet with. 
'Aufnreicben, v. a. to fpread, 
AufAreifen, v. a. & n. to turn up \ 

to fweep. 
Aufftreuen, v. a. io firow, flrew. 
Aufnulpen, v. a. to cork up} to 

Auflliirzen, v. a. to clap up. 
Aufrachen, v. a. /* feek for, ftarch 

Aiirchauen, v. a. to ^au> 
•Aiifihun, V. a. to ]fen. 
AnrihUnp'en, Y. a. to tower. 
AuftifchcD, V. a to frrve up, difh Up. 
Auftrag, m. comm^jlon. 
■Auftragen, v a. toftrve im ; to lay 

on ; einem eiwaa ., to charge one 

•Aufuelben, v. a. to fwell \ to drive 

up : Geld -, to raift. 
AuArennen, V. a. to ut\fiitth, cut up. 
•Aafireten, v. a. 8e n. to tread up ; 

to appear. 
Auftritt, m. flaking \ ffent; tread. 
Auftrocknen, V. a to dry up. 
Aufwachen, v. n. to awake, roufe. 
•AufMracbfert, v. n. to grow up. 
AuFwallen, v. n. to wallow up : to 

Aufwallung, f. ebuUiei^l efferwe- 

Aufwand,in. cofllineft, exptnfvenefs. 
AufvrMronen, v. a. to warm again ; 

to repeat. 
Aufwarten, v. n. to wdlt\ to ferve. 
Aufwaner, m. . in, f. fervant. 
AufwiCrts, ad. uptvard, upuards. 
Aufwartung, f . ferving ] u-aiting ; 

Aufwafchen, v.a. to wafk away, 

Aufweben, r. •• to unravel. 
Abfwecken, v. a. to awake, roufe. 
Aiifweben, v.a. & n. to blow up. . 
AuFweicben , v.%. to mollify j tc 

Aufweiren f v. a. to fktw forik, 

Aufwendcn, v a. to employ, fpend- 
"Aufwerfen, v.a. to cajt np\ to 

profofti to rife up again^. 
Aafwickeln, v. a. to entwijt ; to kr. 

Aufwiegcln, v. a. to raift agai^/t 
Aafwiegler,m.«tt<A0r, raifrr agaityt. 
^Aufwindeo , v. a. to wind up ; to 

weigh; to hoifc. 
Aufwirchen, v.a. to uipe a 

AufwUblen , v. a. to turn pp ; to 

dig u». 
Aofzifblen, v. a. ta retkom, number t 

Aufziunen, v.a. to hri^, fut tie 

bridle on. 
Aurzebren, v. a. to eonfmme. 
Aurzeichnen , V. a. to note , tarite 

Aurzeicbnang, f. annttatianm 
Aufzeigen, *. Aufweifeo. ^ 

•Aufziefaen, v. a.& n. to draw a^l 

ta wind up i ta weigh ; to rmtfe ; 

'" ^jrif/ "^y einen-, ta^eer, 

fribblTi to mount (the guard). 
Aufzug, m. welding up t pomp ; atl. 
AttfzugbrUcke, f. draw . bridge. 
"^Aufzwingen, v.a. to obtrude, force 

Augapfel, ID- eyeball. 
Auge, m. eye; point. 
Augenarzti m. ocullfi. 
Aagenblick, m. twinkling ; moauntm 
.^itgenblicklich, ad. momcHtalty, 
Augenbraone, f. eyebrow. 
Augenlied, n. eyelid. 
Atigennaft, n. view, glance, Jlghf. 
Aiigenroerk, n. point of view, aim, 
Aageofcbein, m. view, look. 
Augenfcbeinlicb, a. evidtnt. 
Augen win pern, pi. eyelafkes. 
Augenwinkel, m. corner of the eye. 
Augenwurzel, f. valerian. 
Au^nzabn, m. eyetooth. 
Auguft, m. augu^. 
'us, prp. out ^, from, byi ad. ««f, 

up, over. 
Au%«rbeiten, v. a. to perfeR \ to ela- 
Ausanen, v. n. to degenerate. 
Ausinung, f. degeneration. 
Ausatbmen, v. n. & a. to breathe out. 
Aiubacken, t. a. & n. to bake fuf. 

Ausbaden, v. n.^fig. to pay for. 
Ausbauen, v. a. to build out. 

Aiubedingcn, v. a. to condition, 

Ausbeicbten, v. a. to confeft every 

•Ausbeiften, v.a. to bile out. 
AuibeflerQ, v. a. to mend, repair, 

AusbelTerung, f. mending, reparation. 
Ausbeute, f. f^are, gain. % 

Aufbeutein, v.a. to bolt meal^ fich 

-, to drain pockets. 
.\usbiegeln, v.a to fmoetk, plait 

with the goofe. [tate. 

Autbiegen, v. a. to turn afide, evi' 

Autbieten, v.a. /* pr^er . put .ftt 

to fate. 
Antbilden, v. a. to cultivate. 
•Aatbiiien, v. a. to beg for, aft far. 

Auablafen, v.a. to blow out. 

Aaibleiben, v. o. to fiay out. 
Ambluten, v.n. to bleed; to ceaft 

Autborgen, v. a. to lend money. 
•Aasbrechen, v. a. 8c n. to break tvt. 


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Jk*n, ▼. a. to /j^tmJ, tjtttni. 
■nen, t. a. & n. to bum out. 

, m. hrt^king out ; truption- 

n, V. a. toJt*U, parioU. 

n, v.a. to brood, kmtck. 

, va. Jlandmri'f ig.mrrant 

jlig, a. 4xfuijltt, tJtctlUnt. 
Aen, V. a. to hytfii, fvetp. 
^n, V. a. to mettd, rtpairi to 


pfen, Y. n. to tvaporate, 

krcn, T. a. to tvafortte , to 


lirti, V. a. to laRt ptrftvtrt. 

•en, V. a. to Jtrttch, eMttni, 

nken, v. a. to txtogUatt, 

buicn, ▼. a. io inttrprtt, tjn- 

nen, v. n. to ftrvt out. 
trren, v.n. Ausdorren, v. a. to 
, up. parck. 

idrercben, v. a. io tkrtjk out. 
ruck, m. e*prtjfian. 
_i»drUcken, v. a. to *xpr<fs , tU' 
JcTih*'y to fquttxt out. 
.usdriicklich, a. taprtfs, explUit. 
AusdUnften, v. a. (o *v«poratt, tn- 

A'J&dUnAiing. f. tvaf oration. 

* Au$«rlefen,* Aaserfehen, AuserwMh. 

len, «. a- to chuft, t/tft. 
Auserlefen, a. t3n,u<Jitf, tkoUt. 
•AusefTen. «.a.°l« tat out. 
•Ausfahren, v- a. to m»rr the root 

hy carriagts : to export ; 'v. n. 

ta ride aiout ; to Jlip, glidt i fig 

to hrtak out. 
Atxkfall, ta. falling out ', folly. 

• Aiufallen, v.'n. to fail out \ ti 
/ally forth. 

Au^fafen, V. a. to nifkrt»d, ftozt. 
Ausraulen. * o. to rif out. 
•Auifeehien, v. a. to fight out. 
Au«regen, v a. to purge out,fw*tp 

Au&feilen. v. a. io file out. 
Ausferugcn. v. a. to ejtp*Ate, df 

pat^k, execute. 
•Aus(ind«n,v.a. tofindout ; antfindig 

machen , to fathom, invefiigate. 
Apatlicken, v. a. to mend: to pattk- 
•Au«nieg«n, v. n. to fiy out. 
•AutJlier»en, V, n. tq flow out. 
Aujftudht, f evafion, efcope, Jhift. 
Ao»H.if«, ta. outgate, mouth. 
Autfordern, v. a. to dffy, ck^Unge. 
Autforderung, f, dffy, cartel. 
Aaiforfchen, v. a. to etifulre ; tc 

ftarck, fpy ; i' p^mp out if. 
Aus^'ragen, v. a te examine, enquire. 
•AukfrcITen, r.a. to tat out. 
Autfuhr, f. export, exportation, 
Ausftihren. f-*- to export, carry 

cff- to etAS, evidence : to purfue. 
AusfUhrlicb, a. fnffdtnt, large, en- 


AuifUil^o, ▼. a. to fiU mp, mtk/aU» 

AusfUuero, v. a. to fodder a^ { aln 

KJeid., to fur, lime. 
Atagabc, f . gipiag out j ed$ttom ; m< 

pence. [let 

Ausganf , aa. going out, exit ; out. 
•Ausgiihren, v. n. to ferment fujfi. 


Aiugrben, ▼. a. to give out ; to if. 

fue money \ Cch tUr ctwas ., to 

give out kimfelf. 
'Ausgchen, V. n. to go out, abroad; 

to terminate in; (Haare) tolonfc, 
' (vom Calde) to fpend\ (Farbe) !• 

Autgelaflen, a. extravagant, diftlutf.. 
Atugelafleoheit , f. extravagance, 



jerben, v. a. to tan fully. 
Au^irrien, v. a. to empty, pour out. 
Aiitgiersiing.f. pouring out, effufion- 
Ausglcichcn, v.a. to even, equalife, 

balance. * 

Aon/jleiten, v. n. to Jtide.flip. 
A<i$glUbcn, v.a. to glov> out. 
AusgrAlen, v.a. to dig out J tt 

Ausgrtirn, v. a. to bone a fijk. 
Ausgriibcln, v. a. to inv^/Hgate, find 

Ausgtifs, m. effufion ', gutter, fink. 
Ausbackao, v.a. ra /iaA ; die Au. 

gen •, to pick out. 
Au&haken, v. a. to hook out. 
Aushaltcn, v. n. to kold out : io 

laft, flay ; to per^^vere ; to endure, 

Aushiiudigen, v. a. to kand out. 
Autb^nftcn, «. a. to kmng out, 
Au»barren, v. n, to perfevere, be 

Aushaucheo, ▼. n. to breatke, ex- 
•Aoshauen, v.a. io kew out; it 

Stein ., to cut out ; einen Wald ., 

to grub np. 
<Ai<shebcn, v.a. einen Bauin>, to 

dgoufj einFenller., to unhinge; 

Recrutcn., io levy; (aiuleren) fo 


Aushecheln, v. a. io katckel out. 

Auahecken, v. a. to katck, brood. 

Aushcilen, v. a. to cure perfeWy. 

Autheitern, Ausbellen , v. a., i 
clear up. 

*Ausheiren, v. a. to kelp out, aid. 

Aushoblen, V. a. to pump out, found '. 
v.n. to feick. 

Aushoblen, v. a. to Motion { to un- 

Auth6hnen, v.a. to abufe, infult. 

Ausborcben, v. a. to hearken to. 

Aiuboren, v. n. to kear to an end 

Mitbiilfen, v. a. to unkiijk, decor- 

Auihungern, V. a. tofamifik,fiarve- 

A'lsjiten, v.a. to weed, root up, 

.\tHk3'mtnen, v. a. to tomb. 

Aiukaufen, v, a. to bny out. 

AUS ,, 

AnaKcbrtii, v. a. tofweep ; to brujk, 
Auskebricht, n. fmeepingt. 
Autklatrcben, v.a. io expltdfi ta 

blab. '^ 

Ausklauben, v. a. io pick out / fig. 

to contrive. 
Auskleiden, v, a. io unctotke, undrefr. 
Ausklopfeo, v. «. to beat out, knock 

Ausklagein, v. «. to excogitate, fean, 

Auskochen, v. a* to boil, feetk. 
Auskommen, v.n. to tome outl 

to go abroad. 
Autkommen, n- fein • habcn, io b«, 

well io pafs, io live . fubM well. 
Aukramen , v. a. to difpUy , fet 

Autkratten, v. a, iofcraick \ io faf*» 
•Auskriccben, v. n. to creep fortk. 
Atukuadfcbarteo, v. a. to fpy, fcout 
AuskiinAeln, v. a. to contrive nitk 

Aiulpchen, v. a. to laugk, deride. 
'AusUden, v. a. to umloadf dtfckarge. 

Autlage, f. d-fiurfement, laying out, 
Ausland, n fortign country. 
Auslitnder, m. foreigner, Jlranger, 
Audifndirch, a. foreign, outtattSJk, 

Auslaogen, v. n. io remek. 
AutUrs, m. outlet. 
Auslaflen, v. a. to lei out; to Hf. 

folve; to leave out', to dfcover. 
Atttlaufen, v.n. io put outt ta 

run out. 
Auslautcn, v. a. to ioU tk€ fair out 

iiiith a bell 
Auslrcken, v. a. io lap up. 
Auslcercn, v, a- to empty, void^\ 
Auslegen , v, a. /* lay out, difplay f 

Io explain, interpret j to inlay. 
Auslegung, f. interpretation, expl: 

Auslebren, v.a. io ieack fnffieiently, . 
•Aiisleihen, v. a. to lend out. 
Ausleinen, v. n. to accomplifik. ike 

time of prenticejkip : to learn out, 
• Aiuleren, v. a. to cull, ekoofe,fele6l, 
AuUiefern, v. a. to deliver over. 
Au&locken, v. a. to draw out, pump 

AtisUifcben, v. n. /• exiinguijki 

v.a. to blot out, d^ace. 
Ausldren, v, a. to redeem, deliver. 
Aiumachen, v*a. to make out. 
Ausmalen, v.a. to illuminate. 
Ausmargeln, v. a. io enervate. 
Auscnaaern, v. a. to mure out., v. a. to tafi off, rtjeS. 
'Ausmeflcn, v.a. to meafure out. 
Antmiften, v.a. to cleanfetkefiable» 
.\iumu{ltrn, v.a. tocajkire j to rejeS. 
.Aitsniihen, v.a. to fiourijk. 
Ausnabme, f. exception- 
*Ausnebfnen, v. a. to take out, upl 

to except. 
Aiitnehmend, a. exceeding. 
\f^\i%T^ucViia,i! .*.to unpack,opeHmpack. 


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i6 AUS 

Auspeitfcheii, y. a. to nkip, feourge. 
Ausprxnden, v. a. to difirgirt, 
•Auspfeireo. v. a. to hift out. 
Ausplaiidem, v. a. to blab. 
Auspliindcrn, v. a. to flundtr \ ei- 

nen ., to Jtrip, 
Auspofaunen, v. a. to iUxe, 
AuspriCgen, v. a. to eoin.Jtetmp monty 
Autprcflcn, v a. tofrt^fs out ^ FrUcn- 

te • , fo fjuetzt i Thrineii - , to 

Auspumpen, v. a. to pump out. 
Ausputeen, v. a. to c/ean/e, po/ijk j 

todrefs] to fnuffout\ 6g. to 

Jeour , repritHMnd. 
Ausputzer, m. figt reprimand, rt. 

Aanraacben, v. a. to /moke out. 
AusrMucbern, v. a. to perfume. 
Autraofen, v. a. to werd; to pluck 
AutrMumen, v. a to remove ^ ein 

Zimmer., to clear ^ .ein Haiu., 

to gut» [culate 

Ausrechoen , ▼. a. to reckon , col- 
Auu-echnung, f. cattulation, compu- 

Ausreckeo, ▼. a. to Jlretrh, difiend. 
Ausrede, f. evafion, excufe- ^ 

Ausreden, V. n to jinijk \ ^, 

/erfuade out ^; (kn., to evade. 
usreiben, ▼. a. to rub out. 
Aasreicben, v. n. to reach. 
•Ausreifscn, v. a. to draw out ^ tear 

out'y to jly, deferi. 
Autreifter. bb. fiyer^ deferter. 
-^Ausreiten, v. n. to ride out, 
Ausrenken, v. a. to /prain, wrench 
AutrichtcR) v. a. to execute ^ vie) •, 

to prevail upon ) aichu ., to /peed 

*Aasrtngen, v.a. to wring out the 

Autrotten, v. a. to root out, unroot 
AOiriicken, ▼. n. to decamp, draw 

Aiuruf, in. railing out, exclamation. 
♦Auirufen, t. n. to call out; 'v.a, 

to cry out\ to proclaim, fublt/k. 
Amrurer, m. cryer. 
Ausrahen, v. n. to repo/e^ make a 

Aotrupfen, v. a. to pult out. 
Ausrilften, ▼. a. to arm, furni/k, 

efuip\ fig. to endow. ^ 
AusriiRung, f. tf nipping. 
Autraat, f. /owing. t 

Ausften, v. a. to /«itf. 
Ausfage, f. depojition. 
AotCigen, v. a. to depo/e, report. 
Au*rats, m. lepro/y. 
AusflCtzig, a. leprous. 
Ausfttzige, m. leper. 
-•Ausraufen, v. a. to trink up all 
'Autraugeo, ».a. to/tuk outi einen 

Acker*, to draw. 
Autrcharren, v. a. ** rake out. 
-•Autrchelteii, r. a. to chide, groul. 
A(i»rchicken, v. a. to fend out. 
'Autrchiefsen, r.a. tojkoot out} 
to garblti *v.z. ta'p'cot up. 


Aasrchiffen, v. a. to debark, iif. 

Aitsr^himpfen, v. a to abu/e. 

« \usfchlafen, v. n to /letp evough. 

Ausfchlag , m turning , decijion j 
tiupticns on the /kin 
Autfchlajt^, V. a to heat out \ et- 
•WM., to re/u/t', ein Zimmer mil 
&C ., to kaug a room with &r. ; 
•r n. (von Pferden) to jtrk, fling 
out ; (von der Wage) to turn ; 
(von den Bsfumen] to bud; (von 
den Mauern) to give; wohl oder 
Ubel , to iffue, prove. 
Ausfchliefsen, v. a, to /hut out, eti- 
elude, egcept. 

A»Krcblief(unR, f. exception. 

AuircblieGlich, ad- exclufively. 

A.^srchlUrfen, v. a. to /up up. 

Ausfchliifs m. exclu/ion. 

Ausrchmilcn, v. a. to reproach, 

Autfchmelzen, v. a. to melt out. 

Ausf<ehmierf n, v. a. /* /mear. 

AutfcbmUcken, v. a. to"^ decorate, 

Ausfchnauben, Auifcbneulzei^ ▼. a. 
to blow -/nite (the no/e). 
Aucichneiden, v, a. to cut out. 
Autfiehneider, m-. gelder. 
Aasfchnitzen, v. a. to carve. 
Ausrchopfen, v.a. /« exantlate, drains 
Aiufchrtuben, v. a. to /c^ew out. 
Ausfchreiben, V. a. to copy ; to 
write ' out. 

Ausfcbrciten, Jr, n. to /iep afide. 
Ausfchufs, m. brarh, trajhi com. 

AusfcbUtteln, v. a. to /hake out. 
Aiurt-blluen, v. a. /* pour out, rf. 
fu/e I /* di/clo/e. 
Ltisfchw^nken, v. a. to rin/e. 
*AiiifchwSren, v. n. to/uppurate. 
Autfchvatzen, v, a. to blab out } to 

fer/tade out of. 
Autfcfvweiren, v. n. to digre/s. 
Autfchweifung, f. extravagance % di- 

g' tj^on. 
Autrchwitzcn, v. n. to /weat\ to 

Ausfeben, v. o to look. 
Aiifien, ad from without, outward. 
'Ausfenden, v. a. to /end out. 
Auften'M-crk, n. outwork of a fort, 

timer, prp. without; out oft c. 
buti auuer daTs, but that, ex. 
ctpt that : aufterifem , moreover, 
Aursere, (der, die, das) utter, out- 
ward, exterior i Ami-, appearance. 
A'ifserhalb, prp. out\ ad. abroad. 
Aufterlich, a outer, outwardf extern, 

Aufsern , v. a. to appear , di/cover, 

Aurserordenilicb, a. extraordinary, 
AuGerft, a. utmo/t, extreme. 
Ausretzen, v. a. to expo/e ; to/tt out; 
to di/coniinue ; fig. to ce'/ure. 


Ausficht, f. view, pro/peS. 
Ausfieb^n, V. a. to garble, Jift, 
•Ausfiedcn, v. a. to boil-peth aut, 
•Amrmnen, v a. to contnvt^ emcmA 

gifaie, flnd out, invent 
Ausfbhnen, v a. to reconcU* . «*» 

pea/e. '^ 

Au«f6hn>ing, f. reconciliation. 
Aiisrondern^ t. a. to /e f urate ^ Jing^ 

out y 

A.ufpahen, V. a. to /py, e/py, 
Ausfpannen, v. a. to firain, extend t 

(einkebren) to put in. 
•Ausfpeien, v. a. to /pit out. 
Adsfpielen, v. a. to have the foro^ 

hand 5 to play out, fln-/k 
Ausfpotten, v.», to mock, ri, 
Ausrpracfae, f. accent, pronunriatttnUt 
*Aiufprecben, v. K to pronottntm 

/peak out J to acTent i to /entencCft 
Aiufprengen, V. a. to/pringi ci^ 

Geritebt-, to divulge, /pread. 
■Ausfpringeti, v. n. to Jpring out. 
Ausrpritzen, v.a. to/pout y to/jpurtm 
Ausfpriicb, m- /entence. Judgment. 
Aiitfplilen, V. a. to clean, rin/e, xoaflk^ 
AusfpUren, v. a. to find out, tracii 
AiMflaffiren, ^. a. ' garni fk, harder. 
Ausftatten, s. Aiufleuern. 
Aiuflkupen, ▼. a. to whift Jcourme 

publtcly. ^ 

•Ausdecben, v.a. to dig out i to fiuH' 

out, /lab i eincn -, to/uptiant. 
Aiudecken, v. a. to/et up, hang ttfi^ 
•Ausfteben, v. n. to ferve out} ta 

abide ^ to endure, fufer. 
*Ausfteigen, v. n to /let out. 
Ausfteilen, v a. to pojl \ to e*po/e, 

lay out ; to draw. 
*Aus(lerben, v n. to die, expire. 
Ausfteuer, F. dower, dowry, portion, 
Ausfleuem, v. a. to give in doxjorv^ 

to endow. 
Aiisftopfen, v. a. to fiujf, fill, cra,n^ 
•Ausftofsen, r. a to thru/t out, ^ 
Ausftrecken, v. a. to diJlend,JiretcAt 
•Autftreicfaen, v. «. to blot, <ro/t, 

Aiitdreiien, V. a. to firew, /pread. 
Autftromeo, v. n. to outpour, dif. 

Autftudiren, t- a. einen ., to team 

to know\ T. n. tofini/khisftudies. 
Ausrucben, v. a. to eleH, /eleS j to 

Austireln, v. a. to wain/cot. 
Aiutaurchcn, T.a. to exchange. 

Anner. f. oyfieri . fangen. to dradge. 

*-"—'-" — — ■- — in. 

„ difirihux 

give out i da> Abendroabl .,^ 


fer-y . fangen. to t 
r, m. oyfterman. 
V. a to/pend, di/i 


admini/ler. . {Jlrmtion. 

Aiistheilung, f. djgribufion, admtH'- 
•Ausihun, v. a. to put out. 
Austilgen, v. a. td deftroy, abottA. 
Aiistilgung, f. extermination, d^ru. 

a. on. 
Austrag, m. iffue, end, event. 
•Austradcn, v. a. to carry out} 

n^to anioiiiit. 

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\Aamna«ru, r. a. U Mtiir* (ir imt 

l^hamrnhvn, v. n. to drive uit ; U 

tufft fwmting\ to t*fl out. 
l^hmrrtT". v. a. to tr^md; to wukt 
iyt trtadimgi •«. n. /i 
; /mB; to deftrt. 
> ^Uivinken. v. a. tf« drink of, o^. 
dropping out 
, V. a. to dry up. 
imeln, t. a. to drum, puhHJk 
If tkedrum. 

—^ — -. a. to titer tife, praBif*. 
f. exereiee, prafH/e, 
bfien, V. n. to Jkoot out, 
Sprout out. 
" hi. f. choice^ feUSiOH. 

Ihlen, V. a. to tuU, tkoo/e, ft' 


randerer, m. emigrmnt. 
randem, v. n. to emigrate. 
twanderung, f. emigration. 
rarten, v. n. to tuait to the end. 
Mr tig, n. foreign, 
an*, ad. outward. 
.tuwarchen, v. a. to taajk, wa^ out. 
Xffem, V. a. to water, jrtjken. 
echfeln, v. a. to exekange. 
vreg, m. wajn^ift. 
fAusweicbcn, v. n. to give w»y^ 
' ciDcm-. t9 evitatei cinerSacbe., 
I to ejimpe. 

ILawciden, v.a. to iowel, gut, huik 
■Aacvrcifen, ▼. a. to Jkew,'di/rover. 
Aittweifsen, v. a. to wajk, vJtiten a 

Ausweiten, 'V. a. to widen. 
Aaswendig, a. outer, outwmrd 
'erncn, to learn it by keart. 


•Aoiwindeo, v. a. /• wring. 
Aoswintern, v. a. 8c n. to winter. 
AoswirkcD, v. a. to tjf,a, oiUin. 
BAafwirchen, v. a. to wipe. 
Aotwittcro, v.a. to [melt out. 
Answarf, n. outcaft, dregt, exere. 

Aaszacken, v. a. to pink, dent. 
Aoszaklen. ▼. »• to pay, iffue. 
Auscapfen, v. a. to draw, tap out. 
Aaszenren, v. a. to eon/mme, devour. 
^AatXehrung, f. confumtion. 
Ao»««icImen, v. a. to mark out, ex. 

traffi fich ., to dijlingu'jk kimfelf. 
•^uzichen, v. a. to draw out; to 

fnt ojf'y etwas-, abridge, t xtr ad \ 

*«.n. -to remove, fuit, teabe. 
Aanieren, v- »• '* detorate, em. 

Aonifchen, v. a. ** ki/t out. 
Amzng. CD. marcking qfi mbridg. 

ment, epUfime. 
Axt, f. mjf, hatchet. 

Uuwrrfen, v. a. to tajl out, fpit. 
uwicfceJn, y. a. /• u-^fold, difen. 


laccalaoreos, m- baUkeUr. 
1Kb, m. hrofh, rivulet. 



BachfUlze, f. wapaU. 
Bachwcide, f. ojTer, water.mUtum. 
Backen, m. cheik. 
•Backen, v.a. 6co. to hake ^ to fry, 
Btckcnftreicb, in. box on the ear. 
Backcozabn, m. eheek.taoth, grinder. 
Backer, m. baker. 
Biickcrknecht, m. baker*s man. 
Backhaut. n. bakeJtonfi. 
Backofen, m. oven. 
Backfcbaufcl, f. peel. 
Backncin, m. kriek. 
Back trog, m. kneading traugk, ktOehi 

Bad, n. batk. 
Bademuttcr, f. midmi/e. 
Baden, v.a. to batkt, 
Baden, n. balneation. 
Bader, m. bagnio.keeper. 
BadeAube, f. bagnio, bathing-room. 
Badewanne, f. bathing.tub, 
Bihta, v.a. to foment. 
Bahn. t. path. 
Bahnen, v. a. (• beat « pM, make 

, bier. 
BSbung, f. fomentation. 
Baioanet, n. bayonet. 
Bakbord, n. larboardm 
Bake, f. T. beacon. 
Balcoo, m. haltony. 
Bald, ai.foon. 
Balg, m. ptU,JHn. 
fick Balgci>,.v.r. to mri/IU,fght. 
Balken, m. balk, beam. 
Ball, m. bail. 
Ballafl, ra. ball^. 
Balten, m. bale. 
Ballen, v.a. to clofe. 
Ballenbinder, m. packer I John, 

Ballet, n. ballet. 
Ballbaus, n. tennis-tourf. 
Ballfpiel. n. tennis. 
Bairam, m. balm, baifeim.. 
Bairamiren, v. a. to balm. 
Bairamifch. a. balmy, bal/amk»L 
Band, n. band, tye. 
Band, m. tover'^ volum*. 
Uande, f. band. 

Bandclier, n. bandoleer, Jkoulderbelt. 
BSndigen, v.a. to break, tame. 
Bange, a. afraid. 
Bangigkeit, f. anxioufnefs, fearful. 

Bank, f. bank\ bench. 

Bankerott, a. bankrupt. 

Bankerot:, m. bankruOcy, breaking. 

Bankeroitier, m. bankrupt. 

Bankgeldf n. bank-money. 

Bann, m. ban. 

Baonen, v. a. to exoreife, c»nfure. 

Banquier, m. banker. 

Banle, f. barn. 

Bar, Baar, a. bare ; readv. 

Bar, m. beari -in, f.^e-bear. 

Barbar, m. barbarian. 

Barbarei, f. barbarity i barbarifm. 

BarbariTch, e. barbarian, barbarous. 

Barbiar, m. barber. 

Barbittea, ^,k to Jkmvo. 
Barblerftub*. f. barber's Jiop. 
Barchent, m. fi/Hami fdacr., tU 

BKrenbatz, f. bemr.Jtgkting. 
Biirenbaiu, f. bear's Jhin. 
BKrenbJIuter, m- lubber, lukbtrd. 
Barfufs, ad. barefoot. 
BarfUfter, m. barefooUd frimr, Mr. 

Barke, f. tarki eina kMiMM^ 

BMrne, f. barm, ye^. 
Barmberzig, a. mereifui, tmapaf. 

Barmberzigkeit, f. merey, eompaMmt, 
Ban, Barficb, m. pearck. 
Badchaft, T. tajk, ready money, 
Bart, m. barb, beard. 
BIrtIg, a barbed, bearded. 
Bartloa, a. barblefs, keardlefu 
Ba&lt, m. bafattes. 
Bare, f. aunt, couMn. 
Bafi. n. T. bafe, baft. 
Bafla, m. bajkaw, baja. 
Bartgeige, f. bafe-violt Mi.nttk 

Ballart, n. baiard. 

BaAci, f. Baaion, n.baiiom, 

Bauille, f. battle. 

Bataillon, n. batteJUjt. 

Batift, n. tamhric, lawn. 

BatiAweber, m. cambricmeamr* 

Batceria, f. battery. 

Batzig, a. fprute. 

Bau, m. building i culture iJtruSttrt* 

Bauari, f. Jlyle, form, manner, 

Baucb, in. belly, faunch, womb, 

Bauchgrimmen, Baucbwah, n. jri* 

pes, belly, aeke, cotitk. 
Bauchig, Biucbig, a. bellied. 
Baucbricmen, m. belly. band. 
Bauen, ▼. a. to buildi to culHvatt, 

produce i auf etwas., to rely on, 

upon\ cin Bargwerk., to dig 

Bauer, m. boor $ pea/ant i euliivatori 

countryman, ruftic. 
Bauer, ( Vogelbaacr) m. & Q. tagje. 
Bauersut,n. Baaerhof,iB^/)m>«/«r«« 

Bauerbuad, m. majl^. 
Bauerbiitie, f. cottage, 
BXuerin, f. country-woman. 
Bituerifch, a. rujlu, cldwniA. 
Bauerfpracbe, f. country dialeit. 
Bauerftolz, m. r luteal pride. 
Baufilllig, a. decaying. 
BaugerKtbe, n. materials for buiUiag, 
Baubcrr, m. builde^} edile, 
Baubolz, n. timber. 
Baukunft, f. arcklteffure, 
Bauleute, pi. work-men. 
Baum, m. tret, 
Baumeifter, m. arthlteH, 
Baumeln, v, n. to bob, dangle. 
BMumen, v. n. (von Pferden) to 

Baumgartcn, m. orchard. 
Baumgartnar, m. «rb»Tat*r,*rbori0. 

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i8 BEE 

BaamiiSrtDeTci, f. emlturt ^ trtts. 

B«u<nol, n. oU, f*lltt-otl. 
Btumrinde, f. bark, rind. 
Baumrcbule, f. nurjftry, 
BaumRark, a. very Jlrong, irifl. 
Baumvrachs, n. grafting.u*Ji. 
Bauniwolle, f. C0tton. 
Baviinwollcnpflanse, f. totton-trte. 
Baurrh, m. BSufchchen, n. MJler, 
Baiirchen, r. n. to/wtll, blmi uf, 
Bavian, m. iaioen. 
Bay, r. bay. 
Bayonnet, t. Bajonnet. 
Beabficlitigen, v. a. to have im 9Uw, 

aim at. 
Beamte, m. officer. 
BcKngfttgeOt v. a. to ajtifl. 
Be«ngft{gung, f. anguQk of mini. 
Bcantworien, v. a. to an/wer ^ to 

Bcaniwonung, f . anfxoering ; reply. 
Bt-arbeiten, v. a- to work, /airick ; 

to cultivate, tahour, 
Beben, v. n. to juake, tremHe. 
Becber, m. heaker, cub, goblet. 
Beck en, n. ba/tn, bajon. 
Bedachc, m. conj^deration, delibera. 


Bedicfatig, BedKchtlich.Bedachtram, 
a. confederate, dt/creet , circum. 

Bedachtramkeit, f. eireum/peSHeft, 

fich Bedanken, v.r. to thank. 
Bedauero, v. a. to pity, to regret. 
Bedecken, v a. to cover. 
Bedeckuiig, f. covering. 
, •Bcdenken, v. a. to confidtr, cogU 

tate i flch ., to advi/e with one't 

/ei/i fich anden-, to change his 

BedenkcD, n. conjideration , kefila. 

tion ; • tragen, to doubt. 
^rdenklich. a. doubtful, dubious. 
Bedeuklicbkeit, f. doubt, hefitatio*. 
Bcdenkzeit, f. refpitt, leifure. 
Bedeuien, v- a. to fet rsght , con. 

tfinct i v.n. to Jlgnjfy, intimate. 
Bcdetitung, f token i fegnificatioH. 
Bedietien, v. a. to Jt'rvt, attend i to 

office i fiob eincr Sache ., to make 

y* ^' 

Bedlenie, m. fert>ant\ officer, 

Beciienuag, f. fervite; office, em- 

B«ding, m. condition, tlaufe. 

*Bedingen, Y. a. to condition, con- 

Bedingung, f. condition ; Jlipulation 

Bedr:<ngen, v. a. to aggritvf, prefs, 

Bedrifngnift, Q. grievance, pteffui^e. 

Bedrohcn, V. a. to tkrratin, menace. 

Bcdrikken, v.a. to opprtfs. 
BedUnken, n. meaning, opinion- 

•BedOrfen, v. n. to need, want, lack. 
Bcdilrfniri, n. needineft, necfJSty. 
Bedllrrtig, i.needy, w^nlingi indigent. 
Beehren, v. m. to honour. 
Bcciden, Becidigea, t a. to take an 
oath ^. 


BcaidigoBg, f. taking am oath. 
Becifem. v. a. to animadvert; ficlH, 

to endeavour, 
Beeintiifchtigen, v. a. to prejudge. 
BceintrttchtigaDg, f. prejudice. 
Beerben, r. a. to keir, inkerU. 
Beerdigen, v. a. to inter, kitty. 
Becte, {. berry. 
Beet, n. bed. 

'Befabren, T.a. to navigate, erofs. 
■Befallen, v.a. to brfaU, aUack. 
Befehden, v.a. to make war upon. 
Befehl, m. eomtmand, charge, order. 
•Befeblen. v a. to command, bid, 

Befehhbabcr, m. commander, 
Bereaigen, v. a. to f often ; tofortify 
Befefligoog f. foxing, fortifytng 
BercftigungtkSnd, f. fortf cation. 
Bereuclhten, v.a. to wet, moifitn. 
Befiedern, v. a. to ftather. 
•BcGndcn, v.*a. to find; to take; 

fich., to be. 
Bcfindlich, a. prefent. 
BeBecken, v. a. to blot, dtfU, ma. 

• fich Befleifslgen, v.r. toJlrive,en. 

deavour, fiudy. 
BefliflVsn, n.fludioms, diligent. 
Befliflener, m.fludent. 
BeflilTenheii, (.Judy. 
BeflUgeIn, v.a. to wing. 
Befdrderer. m. advancer; patron. 
Beffirdcrlich, %. furthering. 
Berdrdetn, v. a. to advance, further ; 

to prefer to. 
Beftirdening, f. furtherance, advan- 

Berracbten, v. a. to freight. 
Befragen, v.a. to estandne, fue/lion ; 

fich-, to en f aire. 
Befreien. v, a. to free, deliver: 

fich ., to Mit rid <f. 
Berrciiing, f. dtliwance. 
Befremden, v. t. to firange at. 
•BefreflVn, v.a. to bite, gnaw. 
Befreunden, v.a. to ally; befrcuO' 

det feyn, to be relattd. 
Befriedigen, v.a. to hedge, endoft 
with a mure; to content} to ap. 
Behiedi^ngtt. conteHHng,appeaJlng, 
BefiigniTs. f. right. 
Befugt, a. entUled | . Ceytt, t» haw 

a rifkt. 

Befuhlen, v. a. to feel, fumble. 
BeriirchtcD, v.a. to fear. 
Bci^aben, v. a. to tndow. 
Bei(atfen, v.a. to gape at. 
fich Bcgaucn« V. a. to couple. 
•fich Beseben, v.r. to go; to ar. 
rive, chance ; - einer Sache, to re. 
f>gn, renounce, 
Bcgchenheit, f. adventure, accident- 
Bcgegncn, v. n. to meet; to b^all; 

Begehren.Begehr, ». iejir*, StmMnt. 
Begeifcrn, v. a. to dribble, fi^btr. 
Begeiaern, v.a. to animate, infpira. 
Begeifterung, f. animation, imfpiri. 

Begierde, f. defire ; appetency, lujl. 
Begierie, a. defirous. 
•Begieben, v.a. to water, /prink le. 
•Beginocn, v. a. & n. to begin. 
Beginnenr, n. allion, undertaking. 
Beglaubigen, v. a. to aver, credit. 
Beglaubigungircbreibeo , n. credi. 

Bcgleiten, v.a. to accompany. 
Be^ileiter, m. attender, conduOer. 
Begleitung, f. conduS ; convey. 
BcglOcken, v.a. to blefs, pro/per. 
Begnadigen, v. a. to pardon j. to/a. 

fich BegnUgen, v. r. to be contented, 

to aceuU/ce. 
BegaUgum, t. Gentlgram. 
•Begraben, v. a. to bury, inter. . 
BcgrabniTs, n. burial, JepmHure. 
fich Bcgraren, v r. to graze - 
•Begreireii, v. a. to /tel, touch; to 

comfrthend ; to contain. 
Begreiflich, a. apprehenfive, compre. 

Begrenzen, v. a. to bordet^imit. 
BegrifF, m. n'>Hoii,idea, conctptioni 

tin Begriff feyp, to be about- 
BegrUfsen, v. a. to greet, /alute. 
BegrU&ung, f, greeting, falutation,] 

hailing. I 

Begucken, \in. to beheld, view. 
BegUnfligen, v. a. to favour, grati/y. 
BcRUtcn, a. rich, opulent. 
Bchaaren, v.a. to cover with hair^ 
Bcharken, v.a. to htw, lojp. 
Behaftet. a. charged \ fubje9. 
Behagen, v. i. to like, to piea/e. 
Bchaglich, a pleafing, agreeable. 
•Bebalteit, V. a. to keep, retain. 
Behirltnifs, a. cpnfervatory ; re/er. 

Bchandeln, v.«. to treat; to da; to 

Bchl[f>gen, v.a. to hang. 
Bcharren, v. n. to continue, perfevere. 
Bcharrlich, ^. eoi/lant, affiduous 
Beharrlichkeit, i.covjlanty,affidnHy. 
V. a. to hew. 

Behauptcn, v.a. to affert; fich 

Behauptung, f. afertion, deftnffion. 
BehauAing, f. lodging. 
Behelf,.m. e»cuft,Jlafl. 
fich •Behelfeti, V. r. tojkift. 
Bebend. a handy, agile. 
Behendigkeit, f. agilenefs, nimHe^ 

Bcherbetgen, v.a. to harbour. 
Behcrtfi:hea, V. a. to dominate; to 

govern, to rule. 
Beberrfi:ber, m. aio.iMrcA, governor, 


Bcr.eenirs, f. occurrency. | 

iBigeheii.v.a to celt bratr; to commlf. l^hcrrtchang, (. domination, f way, • 
BcK', v. a. to defire, crave ) to Behercigen. v. a. to take to keari, 
aim at, |Bcbcrzt, a. courageous, bold. 

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I. t0 ktwUei. 
bdn, ▼. a. to p/ane, 
rchen, v. a. to Hfien, hearken. 
; n. iUtner, tmvesirofp*r> 
r, m. beko^, htlmlf. 
Iflicb, a. kelpfut. 

.». to guar J. 
. a. keeJfui, ciretmffeH. 
mkcit, f. circumfpefhon. 
p. «/, atoHf, i^^, >>/«>>» on, 
near, to, in. 
ad. hmrd hy. 

balten, v. a. to keep, retain. 
__ ibringen, v. a. to kring ky^ to 

* *ite, f. cm/ejion. 
:en, r. a. to conftfs. 
eld, n. conftffor^s fa, 
ind, n. pentttnt- 
itftuhl, m. eomJtSonal. 
[vater> m* tonftfftr. 

Bdderlei. a. kotk, «tf kotk. 
Bdderfeiu, ad. both. 
BeiefTen, u by-iift- 
Acitall, m. mpplaufe, m/proiatiok ', 

.geben, /^ applaud. 
Bcifugen, v. a. to add, adjoin. 
BcifUgung, f. addition. 
BeifuXa* m. muMwort. 
Beigehcnd, a. ktrtky inelo/ed. 
Bcigerellett, v. a. to affoeiate. 
Beiber. ad. ky the fidt of, 
BeibUlfe. f. aid, affiance. 
•Beikommen, v n. to come at, 
Bcil, n. axe, kattket. 
BeiUge. f. addiUmnit,fuppUmeHi. 
Be-ilager, n. eeiek'ation ^marriage ■ 
Beiliiufer, m.footboy. 
Beilifufig, a. ky the way, ky the ky. 
Beilegeir ▼•>• to add,'adj'oinftoat- 
trikute ; to accommodate ; to af 
ftnt ; fig. to tay a Jkip kytkelu. 
Bcilegung, f. accoinmodation ■ 
BeUeid.n. condotementi • beaeigen, 

to condoU. 
Bciletdsbezeiguag, C condoiation, 
•Beilicgcn, ▼. n. to lit mitk. 
•BciatcUen, v. a. to tay to, impute, 
BeiBifcben, T.a. to mingle, min. 
Bcin, n. teg ; kone, 
Beinabe, ad. cUmoft, near, nearly. 
Beiname, ro. ky-name. 
Beinbroch, m. kreakmgjf a leg, 
Betnbaas, n. char net •liSufe. 
Beiaicbu a. as hard at kones. 
Bcinig, a. legged i konv. 
Beinkleider, pi. kreecket. 
Beinrchiene, f. fplmt. 
Beiparkcn, v. a. t« back ky. 
Beipterdi, n. by-horje, Udhorfe, 
Beipilicfaten. v. a. to ajent. 
Bcifaniinen. ad. togttktr, 
Beifchlar, m. lying untk. 
BciCcblitferin, t. concubine. 
•BeircbUgen, v. c. to ajinti to 

add, iiflofe. 
•Beifchliebcfi, v. a. to inclofe, 
BMCchluff, m- incloftd. 
1»«';'"c1^Wffcl, m. ky.kif. , " 


•Beirdircihea, ». a. to write to. 
Bcircbrift, f. annotation, marginal. 
Beireit, Beifetu. ad. a_fide. '^ 
Bcifctxen, ¥. a. /• fet on i to kury. 
Beircyn, n. prefence. 
fieiruzer, in. affeffor, 
Beirpiel, n. eaample, f ample, 
•BeiAiringen, ». n. to aid, kelp, af. 
•BeiUen, v. a. & n. to bite, \jjl 
Bei&ig, a. kiHng. 
BeiRand, m. aid, ajpftanct. 

Beifteben, v. n. to Jland hy ; to 

Beifteoer, f. contrikntion, fukjidy. 
Beiftimmen, v. n. to conjent, affent 
Bciilimmung, f. confent, affent. 
Beirtzange, f. pincers. • 

Beiirag, m. eonttikutionm 
•Beiuagcn, v. n. to contriknte. 
•BeiiretcD, r. n. to offtnt, confent} 

to^fide with. 
Beiuitt, m. Jiding uitk, taking part. 
Behze, f. maceration i kaiting; 

Bcitzen, V. a. to kite} to macerate ; 

to bait', to.kawk. 
Bcivreg, m. b^-xaay, by-road. 
Beiwohnen, r. n. to Jie witki to ke 

Beiwort, n. T-adjeHivt, epithet. 
Beiseiten, ad. befime, ketlmes, foon. 
Bcjabeo, v. a- to afftrm, affert. 
Be^abrt, a. aged, in age. 
Bcjabung, f. afirmation, affertion. 
Brjammcrn, v. a. to lament, hwail. 
BcjammcrnnvUrdig , a. lamentable, 

BekMnpfati, v. a. to combat i to eon- 


Bekannt, a. known } familiar i >ma. 

chefi, to acfuaint with. 
Bek^nnifcbaft, f. acjuaintance. 
Bekehren, v. a. to convert. 
Bekehrung, f. converfton. 
•B«kennen, V. a. toconfefs,profeft- 
Bckenntnib, Xk.atknowledg;m€nt\ con- 

Bckiageo, y. a. to eowadferate, ptty^ 

(icb dber etwat-, to complain of. 
BekUgenswertb, a. commiferable. 
Bekiagtc, m. defendant, entitee. 
Beklebcn, Bekletftern, v.a. to plai. 
Beklecken, v.a. to blot, blur. ['Jler. 
Bckleiden, v. a to clothe, invyl. 
Bcklemmen, v. a. to pinch. 
Bckleminung, f. anxiety. 
Bekliigeln, v a. to reafon pertly- 
''Bekomoien, v. n. to get, receive y 

to obtain; to do, kecome. 
Bekoftt^cn, *. a. to dut. feed. 
Bckriftigen, V. a. toco firm, avouch, 
BekrSrtigung, f. confirmation, 
BekrKpzen, v. i. to wreath. 
Bekriegeo, v. a. to war. 
"■-kUmmern, v. a. to aj0ifi, grieve \ 

T'ch um etwas*, to coHtem. 
Bek^iquniernirt. f. afim^on, anguijk. 
Btl.ichcn, *. a. tolau^h. » 
•BcUdcn, V. a. to load, ladr, charge. 
BaUgern, T.a. to keleagutr,layfiegf. 

BEN >y 

IBclagarung, t. keleagnerlng, fiege. 
Belaqgen, v. a. to kelong; ainan ., 
to accufe, 
Belaften, v. a. to burden, charge. 
BeUftigen, tr. a. to mol^, troukle. 
BellAiguog, r. mol^ation, vexation. . 
BelaubcD, v a. to leaf. 
Bclauero, Belanrcbeo, t. a. toeavet. 

drop, lifien. 
Bclaufen, v. a. to line', ficb-, fa 

Belcbea, v. a. to animate, enliven. 
Belcbt, a. quick, mvaciout. 
Beiebung, \. animating, fuickening, 
Beleckan, v. a. to lick. 
Beleg, n. korder ; note. 
Bdegen, v. a. to overlay, cover ; (• 

Belehnen, v. a. to i'ftof, inv^. 
Bclehnter, m. infeofrd. 
Belebnuagi f. itfeeffing, invejliture, 
Bclehren, v. a. to advice, itfform. 
Belabning, f. advice, information. 
Beteibt. a. kulky, 
Bvleidigen, v. a. /• offend, ^ffront, 

Bcleidiger, n. offender, injnrer. 
Bcleidigte, at. offended, injured. 
Belei^gung, f. offence, injury, 
Btflefen, a. rtad. 
Belercnheit, f. reading. 
Bcleuchien, t. a. to illundne, en- 

elfcrn, v. n. to yelp, cry. 

elieben, v. a. & i. to like, ke flea. 
Belieben, n. pleafure, liking, [fed. 
Beliebig, %. pUafing. 
Beliebt. a. likened, pltafei\ endea- 
red; (ich. machcti, io tndtar. 
Bellen, v.n. to bark; to bay. » 
Beiobnen, v. a. to rewa'd, reeom- 

Belohnung, f. reward, recompenfe. 
•BclUcen, v. a. to belie. 
Beluftigen, ».a. to diimt ; fich-, 

to tteltght. • 

Behtftigung, r. diverfion, deligkt. 
Tich Bem^chtigeo, BeineiOcrn, v. r. 

to pog'eft,feize. 
Beraalen, v. a. H fign; to bepaint, 
Bemannen, v. a toman. 
Bemjinteln, v. a. to cloak. 
Bcmaaen, v. a. tofumi/k witk aajt. 
Bcmcrken, v. a to ma'k, obferve. 
Bemerkung, f. okfervation, 
Renaicteli, a. opulent. 
BemUben, ». a. to trouUey ficb-, /• 

atttmpi, endeavour. 
Bemtihung, (. trouble. 
Scnachhart, a. neighbouring. 
Bcnachriphtigen, v. a. to advertife,- 

Hen.chrichtigung, f. information. 
Hpoagen, V. a. to gnaw, nibble. 
Benahen, V. a. /<> /au. 
Bcnafchen, v. a. to rob and tq/h pr^. 
Benedeien, v.a to Heft. [''/y. 

Beocdictiner, ni. -i.J, f. kened'ffn. 
• Penehm^-n, v a. todeprim., atafei 
I ach -, to beiiave, deport. 

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eommodit/, eon. 

B«nclm«ii, n. dtportwuwt. 
Bcneiden, y. «. to envy, grujgt. 
•Benennen, v.». to nmme, nominmlt. 
B«nennung, f. naming, nomination. 
Bcnettcn, tr. «. fo 4ao«^ kumtH. 
Bcn^el, m. tudget ; dolt. 
Beniemen, v. a. to appoint. 
Benothigt, m. -feyo, to need, lack. 
Bcnutzen, v. a. to uft. 
Beobachten, ▼. a. to ohftrvt, knd. 
Beobachtong, f. obfirvation, obfir. 

Bcordein, v. a. to order, eowmand. 
Bcpacken, v, a. to pack up. 
Bepflan;ten, v. a. /* plant. 
Bequem, a. (onvtnient, commodious', 

- madien, to adapt. 
Baquemen, ». a. to accommodate i 

fich-, to/erve, to comply. 
•cquemlichkeit, t. commodit 

venienejr . 
•Benthen, v. a. to deliberate : to 

Beraihrchlagen, v. n. to eon/utt, de- 

Beraihfchlagung, f. eon/uUation. 
» Berauben, v. a. to bereave, berob. 
Beritiichern.v.a to be/moke i tafum* 
Bcraurcheo, v.a. &r. to fuidlv. 
Berechnen, tr. a. to account ; fich. 

to even. 
Ber«chtigen, ▼. a. to give a rimkt. 
Beradeo, v. a. to perfuadet to re. 

Beredramkeii, f. elofuence. 
BeredtiBeredfam.a. elofuent; fluent. 
Bertgnen, v. a. to rain on, over. 
Bereichem, t. a. to enrick. 
Bcreifen, ». a. to/reexe koarfr^. 
Bireu, a. ready. 
Bcreiten, v. a. to make ready ; to 

*Bereiicn, ▼. a. to ride. 
Bcreitier, m. rider, kor/t. breaker. 
Bcrfiu. ad. already. 
Bereiifchaft, f. readine/j; trepara. 

Bcreitwillig. a. ready, milling. 
Bereitwilligkeit, /. readine/t. 
Bcrennen, ».a. to inv^, block up. 
Bereuen, v. a. to repent, regret. 
Bcreoang, f. repentance, regret. 
Barg, m. mount^ni kill. 
•Bergen, ». a. to favt. 
Berggang, m. mine, way. 
Berggrtln, n. natural forax. 
Bergbauptmann, m. furveyorrfmi. 
Berghuhn, n. wood- cock. [mes. 

Bergicht, a. mountain . like. 
Bergig. •■ kUly, mountainouj. 
Bergmanh, Bergknapp, m. miner, 

work . man. 
Bcrgmeiflcr, m. bergmafier. 
Bargordnung, ft conjfitution of mines ..^ 
Bergrath, m. councU^qf tkecUefiff. 

fleers rf mines. 
Bergrecht, n. ftatutes of mines. 
Bergroth, n. red ocker. 
Bcrgfalc, n. mineral /alt. y 
Borgftadt, f. mountain . town. 


Bergvrerk, n. mime, 
Berpxinnobcr, m. cinnabar. 
Bericht, m. notUe, advice \ -abftau 

ten I to give notice. 
Bericbten, v. a. to adai/e i to adver. 

ti/e. ^ 

Bericbtigen, v. a. to Jet right, to 

•Beriechen, ». a. to fmtU. 
Beritien, p. 8c a. .feyn, to bemouM- 
Berkan, m. barracan. [ted, 

Bernhardiner, na. Bernkardtnes. 
Bernftein, m. yellow amber. 

Berften, v. n- to burjl. 
BerUchtigt, p. 8t a. Uj. renowned. 
BerUcken, y a. to dtco^ \ furtrife. 
Beriickung, f. decoy \ furprije. 
Bcruf, m. calling, vocation ; motive. 
*Benifen, v. a. to caJU. 
Berufen, a. famous, defamed. 
Beruhen, v. n. to depend on. 
Beruhigen, v. a. to fuiet, appeafe, 
Berwhigting, f. comfort, fuiet. 
fich Beriihmen, v. r to bon/l, track, 
BerUhnt, n. famous, eminmt. 
BerUhxen, v. a. to touck, 
BerUhrung, f. toucking. 
BerupFen, v. a. to plume. 
Benicn, Y. a. to flow. 
Befagc, ad. according to. 
Beralben, v. a. to anoint. 
BcHinftigen, v. a. to appeafe, f^ttn. 
Beniaftigung, f. appeafement. 
Berafmaft, m. T. bonaventure, nda. 

Beranregel, n. mixxen fail. 
Befaizung, f. garrifon. 
•Befaiifen, v. a. to fuddle, make 

BeCcbKdigen, ▼.«. to da 

BercbXdiguag, t. hurt, damage. 
BerchafFen, a. natured, fualifled. 
BerchaSenheit, S. fuality, nature. 
BefcbXftigen, v. a. to bufy, occupy. 
Befcbtrtigung, f. buflnefs , occupa- 

Befchillen, v. a. to korfe. 
BefcbXIer, m.flaltion. 
Bcrchkmen, y. a. to Jkamt, htujk, 
BcfcbiConung, f. confounding.^ 
Befchktten, y. a. to Jkadt, Jkadou, 
Befchauen, v. a. to view, bekold, 
Bercbaulicji, a. intuitive, contempla- 
Befcbecreo, v. a. to Jkave. 
Befcheid, in anfwer, decree. 
■Befcheiden, v. a. to allot} to ap. 

point ; to concede. 
Bcrcheiden, ufober, difcrett. 
B«rchcidenheit, t.fobriety, difcrett- 

ntfs. ' 

•Bercheinen, y. a. to Jklne upon. 
Bcfcheinigen, y. a. to attefl, certify. 
Brfcbeinigung, f. kand'Writing. 
•Bercheirsen, Y.a. to befiU. 
Berchenken, v. a. to make a prefent. 
Bercberen, y. a. to be/low, give. 
Befchicken, v. a. to drefs ; to take 

care ^. 

•Befcbierien, y. a. fa tannmnmde, \ 

bombard. \ 

BerchifTen, y. a. to navigate. 1 

Bcrchimmeln, v. n. to grow kenry, 
Berchimpfen, v. a. to diflonour. 
Berchimpfung, f. dijkonouring. 
Befchirnien, Y.a. to cover; to protett, 
Berchirmer. m. defender, protestor. 
Bercbirmung, f. d^ence, prottfHon, 
-Befchlafen, v. a. to advife wUh the 

Might', (fchwiCngern) to lU wUk. 
Befchlag, m. tonflfcatton , feitttrti 

♦Befchligen, y. a. to plate ; iojkoe. 
•EeCcMticiitn, y.*. to furprtfe. I 

Befchleunigen, v. a. to kafien, Af- 

Berchleunigang, f. kaflenbtg, &e. 
•Bercblicrsen, Y. a. to lock m/; ta 

comfrehend; to determine. 
Bcrchliefserin, f. koufekeeper , eate. 

Befcbluri, m. locking up; contlu/ton. 
Berchmaufcn, v. a. to go a fcojlistg. 
•Befcbmeirceni Y.a. to blow. 
Befchmieren, v. a. to lay «»| to 

befmear. | 

BercbinutseOf ▼. a. to befmui, ^. 

iB^rcbneiden, Y.a. to cilf^ to emti 

to lop. 
Berchneien, y. a. to fnow. 
Bcrcbdiiigen, Y.a. to colour. 
Berchrifnkcn, v. a.^ to circmmfcrUt, 


Befchreibco, y. a. to defcrikt. 
Befchreibung, f . dcfctiption. 
~Bcrchreien, Y.a. to cry. 
Bercreitcn, y. a. to b^fridt ; tojtef. 
Berchuhen, v. a. to floe. 
Bcfcbuldigen, Y.a. to ckmrg/t , «r. 
- cufe. 

Berchaldigung, f. ekmrge, ateu/ation, 
^(chau*n,y.u.tofcatter on; to dmflk. 
BerchUtzen, Y.a. to cover, defend, 

Berchatzer, m. dufendtr, predeftor. 
Berchwilngern, y.n.toget witk chitd. 
Befcbwatzen, Y.a. to perfuade over. 
Bercbwerde, f. moleflation. 
Befchweren, y a. to freigkt ; to aa*. 

l^; to ekmrge; fich., ta eono^ 

plain of. 
Bcfcbwerltch, a. troubtefomt. 
Berchwerlicbkeit, f. trouble, ekar^o » 
Befchwdren, v. a. to make oath ^; 
' to adjure. 

Berchworer, m. conjurer, exorcift. 
Bercbw&rung, (. conjuration, enor. 

cifm. itken . 

Befeelen, v. a., to animate ; to fuU 
•Bereben, y. a. to fee, view. 
Befeligen, Y.a. to blefs. 
Befen, ro. befom, broom. 
Berenbinder, m. broom- maker, 
Berenftiel, m. broom. flajf. 
Beretzcn, v. a. to befit, border, 
Berenfzen, y. a. to fegk, bewail. 
Btfichtigen, Y.a. to inj}«a, take a 


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(, r. infptaion ; vifiUHtn. 
• a. tofign/jfimt. 

, conjutr. 

•llteea. V. a. to vatTftuJkt 
g fc r i ig en, ». a. /o jfn^. 

" , r.r. f« betkinki to 

\f m. Befitzuag, f.iojffjfion. 
z. to tojtfit njoy. 
n. pofftfor, frofrUtor. 
r. a. to /oie. 
T. a. to give faiary. 
{, f. faUry, #«jr. 
• a. pmrtieuimr , peculiar, 
; Jlrangt. \ntntly. 

\, ad. of under, mfiit j rMi. 
!nheit, f. diftretiout frtftntt 

fen, Y. a. to take emre ; to he 

jlich, a. apprtkenfive. 
Iglichkeit, f. mfprt^Jiventfs. 
— nifi, f. taking care, f tar. 
men, v. a. to put korfes to. 
ieb.v. a. to ke/pawl, ke/pew. 
_ icken, V. a. to lard. 
Bcfpiegeln, v. r. to regard one' j 

/etf in a looking. gU^s. 

to ke/feaii *" 
to •fperfe, he- 

^fprengcD, v. a. 

•Bcfpriogen, v. a. to etner : to leap. 
Befpritzen, v.a. to ke/primkle. 
defTer, a. ketter. 
-Scfleni, V. a. to kefter ; to improve, 

meliorate ; to mend. 
ajefferung, f • kettering j improvement. 
Oeftalluug. f. a^/»tn/im»t. 
Atoftandy m. duration i ~hahcn^ to 
■ conHnut ', T. /ar». 
9efti(ndigt. ■• eonjlant, continual. 
^I«ftjiiidigfceit,r. duration i confiancjf. 
teOandtfaeil, m. ingredient. 
Irken, ▼. a. to confirm, 
irkuag, f. confirmation. 
Itlgeii, V. a. /o confirm, ratify. 
"' ing, f. confirmation, ratifi. 

xn, ▼. a. zur Erde •, to kkry, 
r. , 

_^, ibcB, ». n. /« iriv/. 

4»efte, (der. die. das) a. kfj. 
jMeflechen, v. a. to krike, corrupt. 
3tftMk, n. cafe. 
f Sl«ccken, v. a. to kfBick. 
.'-Mdirn. T| " tofubfifi\ to Jlani 
Ma/, proa/ i aut etvras., toper. 
M i»i aos, in ewai ., /« roti/i^ 
31 in ; ♦». a. T. to hire, farm. 
•iBtdilen, V. a. to Jical. 
"tflfcciflrn. «• a. f« ^^ } fo M0kn^ 
Bcidlen, v. a. to appoint ; *o dre/ty 

BcAcUung, f. delitfcring } drejing. 
Jeftaocrn, v. a. f« /a;* «n contriku- 

■BeftidMeb, a. M'V> ««>//>. 
ScAl*. f. beajl. 

^cftiaacn, v. n. /ajCit ; to i^ne ; 
ich.^ ta determine. 


B«(limnaag, f. determining', d/Jli. 

Beftrafen, n. a. to punijk j «« repri. 

Beftrafung, f. punijkment. 
Beftrablen, ▼. a. to irra^ate. 
fich Btdr ehea, r.r. to endeavour f/lrive- 
Beftreben, n. endeavour, Jtrixring. 
ofieareichen, t. a. to kefmear j to 

•Befircicen, t. a. to difpute-y to bear. 
Beftreuen, v,a. to k^rew, potudtr. 
Beflricken, v. a. to entangle, catck 
BeftrSinea, V. a. tojlream ky. 
BcdUrmen, t. a. to attack, ^orm. 
Befliirzen, t. a. to /urpri/e , cor. 

found i beftiirzt werden, to ke per. 

BeftUrzung, f. afionifiiment, perplexU 
Befuch, m. vijtt. [ty. 

Bcfuchen, v. a. to vifit, fee. 
Befudeln, y. a. to foil, ktgrime. 
Beiiireln, v. a. to wainfcot. 
Betagt, a. aged, old. 
Be(«(ten, ^.a. to feel, finger, 
Betjiuben, v. a. to din, flun. 
Betilubung, f.flunning. 
Beten, v. n. to pray. 
Bei/abrc, f. pilgrimage. 
Bethaaen, v. a. to kedeto. 
Bethau*, n. oratory. 
Betheucrn, y. a. to affure, o\firm 

Betheurung, f. affurance. 
BetbSren, y. a. to ktfool, iUude. 
Betug, to. 
Betitein, v. at to entitle, name. 
Betrachtcn, y. a. to confidtr, look 

to reJleH. 
Betrachtung, f. confideration, refle. 

B«tng, m. amount. 
'*Betragen, y. a. to amount ; fich ., 

to behave kimfelf, comport. 
Betragen, n. kehaviour, comport. 
B«uauern, y. a. to mourn, kevtail. 
•Botreffen, V. a. tok^falt; •y.n 

to concern, touch. 
*Betreiben, Y. a. to urge, prefs. 
«Bctreten, V. a. to tread, fitp. 
Betrieb, m. driving j prtffing. 
Beiriebram, a. kufy, indiifirious. 
Betriebfainkcir, f. indufiry. 
•Betriegen, v a. to ifeceive, falfei 

r,ch., to mifiake 
Betrieger, m. deceiver, falfer. 
Beiriegerei', f. cheat, frauiulentneft 
Betriegerifch, a. deceitfuP,frawlu. 

•Bctrtnken, V. a. to fuddle. 
Betropfeln, y. a. to drip. 
Bctriiben, v. a. to afflij3, grieve. 
Betriibnifi, f. afflxRion, griff. 
BeuUbt, a. afiliHtd, grieved. 
Betrug, m. fraud, deceit. 
Beuiigiich, a. deeeiiful,doukl*.dealin§, 
Bett, n. ked- 

Beudecke, f. blanket i counterpane. 
Bettelarm, a. beggarly. 
Bettelbube, m. begging key. 

» E W „ 

Betteki, r.kegglng, menikUy. 
Bctteirrau, f. beggar- woman. 
Bettelhaft, a. ktagar.tike. 
Bettelhrrbcrge, 77 beggar* t. inn. 
BettcUeute, pi. ktggars, mendicants, 
Beitelmdncb, m. mendicant .friar. 
B«aeln, y. n. to keg, menduatci - 

gehen, to go a begging. 
Bfttelftab, m. mendicity. 
Bctielvogt, m. beadle. 
Beiten, y. a. to make the body to kei, 
Beicgellell, n. bed.Jfead. 
Beuligerig, a. keeping the ked. 
Bettler, m. keggar, mendicant, 
Bett{lollen,-in. ked.pcfi. 
Bettucb, n.Jkeet. 
Hcttwiirtner, m. warmingpam. 
Bettzicche, f. ked- tick, 
Betze, f. kitck, brack. 
Beugen, v. a. to btnd, bow. 
Beule, r. beat, bUe, boil. [kU. 

Baonruhigen, v. a. to difiurk, trou.. 
Beurkunden, y. a. to att{/l witk re, 

Beurlauben, y. a. to give leave l 

fich •, /• take leave. 
Beurtheilen. v. n. to judge, 
Beurtheilung, Beurtheilungtkrart, f. 

judgment. , 

Beute, f . kooty, fpoil, pillage. 
Reutel, m. kag, furfe ; kolter, 
Bcutelkaften, m. kolting . hutck. 
Beuiein, y. a. to bolt, fift. 
BeutelperUcke, f. bag. wig. 
Beateirchneider, m. pick. pocket. 
Bcuiler, nt. purfe. maker. 
Bev^lkern, v. a. to ptople. 
BcYollmScbtigen, v. a. to authorize. 
BevoUmStchtigter, m. attorney, pU.. 

Bevor, ad. before. 
•Bevorftehen, Y. n. to Impend. 
Bevonbeilen, y. a. to eoxen. 
Bewachen, y. a. to watch, guard. 
Bewachfen, y. n. to grow j *y. a. 

to cover with graft. 
BewafTnen, Y. ». to arm. ■ 
Bewaffnung, f. arming. 
Bewahren, y. a. to keep, beware. 
Beiwifhren^ y. a. to prove } to try. 
Bewandert, a. verfed, experienced, 
Bewandi, a. conditioned, natured. 
Be^wandtni(i, f. condition , conjumm 

Sure, Jlate. 
BewajiTern, v. a. to irrigate, water. 
Bewegen, v. a. to ftir, move^ ta 

raift J to animate. 
Bewcglich, a. moveable, 
Bewegung, f. motion i raifingi «/. 

fefHon . 
Bewegiingtgrund, nt. motive, rcafon. 
Bevrciben, v. a. to efpou/e, marry. 
Beweinen, y. a. to btweep, deplorO' 
Bevreit, m. proof, demonjlration. 
*Beweiren, v. a. to fkow\ to prove, 
Bev^eitgrund, m. rcafon, argument, 
•Bcwenden, y. n. to r^, have »/". 
fich Bewerben, y. r. to endeavour, 

labour for \ to woo. 
Bevrerbung, f. mootng, fuimg far. 


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•Bewerfeo, *. a. it ^rgti, piajltr. 
BewerkfteUigen, »,». t» tjfka, tM. 

Bcwerkftelligung, f. txecution. 
Bevrickeln, v. a. to envelop, 
BewiUigen, v. a. to confent, grant. 
BcwilHgung, f. eonfeut. 
Bevrillkoinmeiv, v, a. /* weUome. 
Bewinhen, v. a. /* entertmin, treat. 
Bewinhung, f. treating. 
Bewohnbar, a. inkabitahte. 
Bewohnen, v. a. to inhabit, dwell. 
Bewobner, m. inhabitant. 
Bcwunderer, m. admirer. 
Bewuodern. v. a. to admire. 
Bevriinderong, f. admratiom. 
Bcwufst, a. known. 
Bcwufaireyn, n. recoUefiiom. 
Bezablen, v. a. to pay. 
BIzahler, m. payer, pay -majler. 
Bezahliing, f. payment. 
Bealhmen, v. a. «« tame ; to mo^ 

Bezaubern, ▼. a . to charm, enchant. 
Bezaubcrung, f. cAarm, enchantment. 
Bcsdchnen, *,a. to fign, mark. 
Bezeigen, ▼. a. to do, Jknu ; fich -, 

to behave f 
Bez|i{;en, n. Jkewing, behaviour. 
BezLigen, v. a. <« att^/l, bear wit. 

Bezed^aog, f. attejtaiion. 
•Bczikfaen, r-a. to Jiring ; to take 

a hdfi/ei' fich., to r^fer. 
Bcaiahung, f. r^erring, appealing. 
nezirk, m. circuit, comfajs. 
Bezug, in. relatiam. 
Bezweckcn, ▼. a. to peg. 
Bezweifeln, v. a. to doubt rf, 
•Bezwingea, *.a. to tonfutr, tiv$r. 

Ribel, f. hihU. 
Biber, m. beaver, eajtor. 
Bibergeil, n. cafioremm. 
Sibci'baar, n. fur qf beaver. 
Biberhut, m. beaver, toMor, 
Bibliothck, f. Ubrmry. 
liibliotbakar, n. librarian. 
Biblifch. a. biblical, fcriptural. 
fK\nAtT,^. hon^, genteel., [man- 
niedermanD, bl. hon^ man, gentle- 
Biegeleiren, n. goofe,/mootking.iron 
Biegelo, v, a. to fmootk. 
• Bieg«n, v. a. n. & r. token, bend, 

Biegfam, a. fupple, Jlejtible. 
Bicgfamkeit, f* fuppleaefs, fienibi, 

Bienc, f. bee, 
Bitneiikorb, BienenAock, m. bee 

BicneDrcbwarm, m. fwarm of bees. 
Bier, o . beer j ale. 
Birrbauk, f. alekouft • bench. 
Bierbmien, n. ^.brewing. 
Bier^raxer, m .ale 'brewer. 
nierfart, n. ale -vat. 
Itierfiedler, OR. atekoufe-fddUr. 
Biersaft, m. Cfjiomtr. 
BicrMus, n. atehou/e. 


Bierhefen, T. barm. 
Bierkanne,f. ale •pat. 
Bierkellcr, m. »le- cellar, 
Bierfuppe, f. aleberry. 
Bieizeichen, n. Jlgn of an aUkouft, 
•Bieten.v.a. to bid, offer, tender. 
Bigou, a. bigot. 
Birance, f. balance 
Bild, n. image ; piffure, fainting, eat. 
Bilden, v. a. to form, fajkion. 
Bilderbiich, n. booh furnifud wUh 

copper . plates. 
Bilderrcich, a. Jlourifk. 
Rilderfchrirt, f. hieroglyph. 
Bildbauer, on Jf at nary. 
Bildhaucrkuna, t.Jiatuary. 
Bildlicb, t.Jtguratiwe. 
Bildner, m. artift, 
Bildaift, n. print, image. 
BiWntile, f.^a<«#. 
Bildrchnitzer, m. carver, fculpior. 
Bildung, f. formation, fajkia* ,fi. 

Billet, n. bi/let. 
Billiard, n. billiards. 
Billig. a.jujl, right, reafonable. 
Billigen. v.a. to approve, like. 
Billigkcii, f. jtfflnefi, right, reafo. 

Bijligxng, f. approbation. 
Bilz, in. mu/kroom. 
BimtAcin, m. pumice. 
Binde, (. baud, filet. 
BindemeiTer, n. addlte, 

BInden, v. a. to bind, windi it 

tye; (einrcbritnken) to bind up. 
Bindewort, n. T. conJunMon. 
nindrad^n, m. packtkread. 
Binnen, ad. within, by, 
Binfe, f. bent, rufk. 
Bjrkc, f. birch. 
Birken, a. birchen. 
Birkbabn, m. wood. cock, 
Birkbenne, f. kaxel. hen. 

(. pear. 
Bimbaum, m. pear. tree. 
~it, ad. tiU, until to, even ia, f. 

far as. 
Bifam, Ri. mufi. 
Biramthier, n. mujl .cat. 
Bifrhor. m. bifiop. 
Birchdflicb, a epifcopal. . 
nifchofshut, m. mitre. 
BircbofsiUb, m. crofier. 
nithcr, ad. hitherto, till now. 
Bitberig, a. hitherto, face, till n9»- 
Bifs, m. biting, bile. 
Bificben, n. little bit; a little. 
Bidden, m. bit, morfel. 
Biftcn.Y.a. to if, call by bf. 
Bitthum, a. bijkoprick, epifropate. 
BUweilen, ad. fometlmei, now and 


Bittlicb, Blttweifit, ad. A^giaffr* 
Bittrcbrift, f. addrefj, petiHom, 
Blacbfeld, o. plain. 
BUckfilcb, m. cuttle. fft. 
BUCben.v.a. to caufe windi fiai.» 

to blow up. 
Bli{bung,.f. windimefr, flmtulenee. 
Blank, a. blank, white i foiijkadi 

Blankeu, n. blank . bond. 
Blafe. f. bladder t bli/ler , bmbUe i T. 

copter atembUk. 
Blafebalg, m. bellows. 
Blafen. t. a. & n. to blow; L^. 

men ., to found alarm. . ^ 

Blafenftein, m.^aiif. 
Blaferobr, n. trunk, mmk. 
BMig,a.full (f^blifers. 
Blaft, a. pale, wan, bleak. 
BUfTc, f. palenefs ; T. blaae. 
B\^n, n. leaf, nl. leaves; kUdt ^ 

(vom Tifth) loard. 
Blatter, r. bti/teri pock. 
Bliftter^ebackene, n. pt^^pafke. 
BUcterig, a. leaved; fkiverimg. 
BUliterlos. a. leafefs. 
Bliittem, ▼. a. to turn over the team 

ves rf a book ; Gch -, to ftivtr ajfl 
Blattern, pi. fmall bo*. 
Blatiemarbc, f. pockkole. 
Blatiemarbig, a. having pockhates. 
BUtteruback, n. tabacca im Uavest 
BUttlaus, r. vtne.fretttr. 
Blattzinn, n- leaf .tin. 
Blau, a. blue. 
Blau, n. bluenefs. 
BlaiUugig, a. blue-iytd. 
BUael, m. beetU. 
~'l«uen, v.n. &a. to grow klmtl U 

dye blue. * ^ 

Blaufarbe, f. blue colour. 
Blauliirber, m. blue. dyer. 
BlauhoU, n. logwood. 
BlifuHcb, a. blui/k. 
BlauftrumpC, n. fig. fycopkmni. 
Blacb.n. plmte; tin. plate. 
Blecbern, a. of plate, 
BlecbfcblXger, m. Ms . im», tinker, 
BIci, n. lead. ^ 

•Bleiben, v. n. to fay, keep ; to ref\ 

(lehen •, to continue, to Jtmnd. 

Blcicb, a. pale, bleak _ 

Bleiche, f. patene/si bteachimg . plmcCi 

Bleicben, v. a. & n. t» blemek ; 

' bleaching. 

Bleicber, m. bleacher, fhitenar. 

Bleiern, a. leaden. 

Bleierz, n. leaden ore. 

Bleigieber, n. plunder. 

Bleilotb, n. plumb, ptummetm 

Bleirecht, a. perpendicular. 

^leifchnur, f. plumb . line. 

Bletdirt, m- crayon, pencil, 

Bleiwage, f. level. 

Bleiwcirs, n eerufe. 

B\t»dc,{.Jireeni blind, 
'to invite. Blenden.'v.a. to blind; to daMt. 

Bitter, a. bitter. Blcndlaterne, f. dark tanthoru. 

Bitirrhofr. a. eatremely angry, IBleitdwerk, n. dating, daxxlimg. 
Bitteikeit, f. bittern^i; bitter iv«rtff.|Blick, m. glance, view. 

Blue, {. petition, demand, defire,fuU. 
" 'i a/f, beg, de. 

»Bitten, V. a. topri^_ ^ ^ _ 
fre, petition, folicit; (einladen) 


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I, «. Hint-, blindes Gcfedit, 
ri -M^t blinder Una, fttft 

it, r. Uimimtfs, mUtifi, 
, ad. Maifr* 
iche, f. iUni. W0rm. 
En, ▼. n. f« ii^iiM, ftptai/r. 
idn, V a. f« »/iii*, tmnite. 
BUtxarahl, m. tightnlng. 
ta,v. n. /« gUntti t0 Ugkttn. 

tau.D. Utk.koufi. 

, v. a. «« MotkMU. 
,a. purUini'f Jkmwfucti. 
'Lett, f. purbtindnt/s \ Jktmt. 


|en, v.B. (a afftaT\ 

purUinitu/s of mmder. 

innig^ a. fmriiimd aJ^imdtrftawL 
», v. n. <« i/M/ ; to Hart. 
I, a. Jlaxtn, /mir, lightbrwtn. 
,a. ii«A«4; l«r«} ad. only, ba. 
f, mtr^fjf. 

i, {. m^kiiiuft, bttnt/t. 
;n, V. n. /« -ilcom, flower, blof- 
I ; fig. U fiowljk. 
e, f. (/Mm, fitmtr. 
leobeet, n. bti ^t fitmtrt, 
enblatt, n. ptUl. 
enganen, m. Jtowtrg«rJtn. 
leng^rtncr, m. fUrifi. 
lengcwiicbc, n. itoutr.pUnt. 
icnkobl, m. toUtfitwtr, 
enkrans, m. garland, wrettk 

enlere,f . fig. eetuaion i/ftemj. 
enftraui*, m. noftgay. 
icntopf, m. Jlowtr.pat. 
leozwiebel, f. bwlb. 
iticlii, a. ilcnuryl likt mflontr. 
I n. bttoJ. 

ler, f. w*in. 
^n, a. mi/erably ptor, 
Md, n. blood. jiedtjlaiigktet. 
, f. Blutgeriift, n. feafoid. 
.m. blood -thirjl. 
Brftig, %. fanguinarjr. 
'.a, V. a. to blttd. 
la£,at. bUody'fluM^ hem&rrkoldJi 

imtk, D. blood, vtffil. 
[cricht. n criminal Jtijliee* 
lefchwttr, d. bloody /ore. 
|ier, r. bloody mind. 
perig, a. bloody minded. 
M, f. blofom, Jlower. 
ttfaofpe, f. bud, gem. 
fK.a. bliedy. 

ifd, n. ^ffA, bloodfmeker. 
laif. m. Moody. fiu*. 
rrich, a. fmnguin, /angmineotil. 
ichter, ■». criminal J i^e. 
OaKg, a. bleeding. 
Bchaade, f. iarf^. 
'ct^aler, m. ine^uout per/on. 
cUMcrilch, a. imce/hioms. 
ebiM, f. blood . gmUtine/jtcapi. 

BlutftlUeiMi, a. blood .flopping. 

Blutstropfcn, m. blood* j drop. 

Blats¥rrwaadte,ai. f . confamguimeotts . 

Blutunbcil, n. /entente rf dtaik. 

Blutvergieben, a. blood/ikeddtng. 

BlutwaUer, n. lymph. 

Bliuwurft,r. bUek pndAng. 

Bluiaeuge. m. martyr. . 

Bock, m . buck , r«ia, metker ; he goat- 

Bdckchcn, n. kid. 

Bockig. n. /melling like m goat. 

Bockpfetfc. r. bag.. pipe. 

Bocksbeutel, m. book's . bafi antU 
fue cuflom. 

Bocksfpning, n. goofs leap, 

Bo4en, n. groundi J'>^ i ^^ttotn; 

Bodeolot, a. bottomlt/s. 

Bodenlati, m. gromnas, iets. 

Bodmerei, f. T. bottomry. 

Bogen, m. artk,mrci bowl C^f^**) 

Bogener, Bogcnoiicher, m. 

Bogengang. m. arc, arch. 

Bogenrcblurt, m. key/lone. 

Bogenrchurt, m. arched flot. 

BoKcnrrhiitt, m. bowman, artktr. 

Bogendellung, f. arcade. 

Bogetrwcife, a. arckwt/e ; (voa Pa- 
pier) by fleets. 

Bogig.a artked. 

Boofpriet, n. T. ^ow/prit. 

Bobne.f. beam. 

Bohle, r. board. 

Bohlen. v. a. to board. 

Bohnen.v.a. to rub with wom, 

Bohnhale, m. bungler, kuddler. 

Bohren, r. a. to bore. 

Bohrar, oa. borer ; anger, wimbte. 

Bobrlcxh, n. bore. 

Bohnnehl, n. BohrrpXne, pi. borings. 

Boi, m. baiae. 

Bo\rnlx,n. boy./alt. 

Boknl,m./ilver. golden gobM. 

Bdller. m. lUtle mortar. 

Boliwerk, n. bulwark, baJHon. 

Bolus, m. bole. 

Bolzen, n. bolt, arrow, fla/t. 

BoAbarde.f. bombed. 

Bonbaidentent, n. bombardment. 

Bombardier, m. bombarAtr. 

Bombardiergaliote , f. bomb, kettk, 
bomb ' veflel. 

Bombardiren, t. a. to bombard. 

BombaA, m. bombafl. 

Bombe, r. bomb; •werfcn, U bomb. 

Boot, n. boat. 

Booumann, m. boatsman, /eaman. 

Booufeil, n. boats, rope. 

Borax, m. borax. 

Bord, m. brimi board. 

Bordell, n. brotktl, bordel. 

Bordiren, v. a. to border, embroider. 

Borg, m. tick, /core, trufl. 

Borgen, v a< to borrow ^ to take on 
credit i to lend. ' 

Born, m. bourn } well. 

Bdrfe, f. pur/e ; exckangf. 

Borfle. f. brifllt. 

rich Borfle n, v. r. to br\flle. 


Borfllgi a. br\flly. 
Borftwifcli, n. kair. broom. 
Bone, f. border; galloon j late 
Borteawlrkrr, m.tate. maker. 
B5*artig, a. peflUentiol, malignant. 
BfkarUgkeit, t. malignancy, malice. 
BdTe, a. bad, ill, evU. 
Bdfewicht, m. wUktd, profligate, viU 

Bothaft, a. angry; malicious ; wUked, 
Bothcit, f. wickedne/si anger; malice. 
B&Hch, ad. malicioufly, matienantly^ 
Bor«eibahn. f. bowling, green. 
Boftelo, V •• «• H*T ot bowls. 
Bofikugel. r. bowl. 
BoOiren, v. a. to embo/s. * 
Botanik, f. botany, 
Boianiker, m. bot*n\fl. 
Boianifch, a. botanU, botasOtal. 
Bote, JB. mejbnger. 
Betenlobn, n. mffltnger'tfee. 
Boienmeider, n. mo/ttr qf tke mefl 

Botroifdiigkeit, f. dominion. 
Botfchaft, f. nufoge, errand. 
Botfchafier, m. awtbajador. 
BdiKher, m. cooper. 
Bdticherlohn, n. cooperage. 
Boitich.m. ccop. 
Booteille, f. bottle. 
Braob, u. fallow. 
Brachacker, m^ Brachfeld.^. fallow 

ground. ' 
Brache, f . /■//«» if allowing. 
Bracken, v. a. to fallow. 
Bracbmonat, m. June. 
Brack zeit, f. faUow.feafon. 
Brack, m. brack. 
Brackgut, n. brack -ware. 
Brack waner, n. brackifl water. 
Bramfegel, n. T. top. fail. 
BraraftSnge, f. T. top .gallant mafl.- 
Brand, m. flre , brand, burning -^ 

blight in torn. 
Brandblafe, f. blifler^ bUb. 
Brandcafle/ f.flre • oflce. 
Brander, m. flre - flip. 
Brandicbt, a. brand, tike. 
Brandig. a. blofltd, blighted. 
Brandkom, n. blighttd com. 
Brandmaal, Brandicichen.n. brand. 
Brandmaaken, «.a. to brand. 
Brandopfer, n. burnt- efering. 
Brandpiahl, m. burning. flake. 
Brandfalbe. t. falvt /or burnt s. 
Braadfchaden, m. fire. damage. 
Brandftelle, f. burning . place, 
Brandfteuer, f . fire - ta*. 
Brandung, f. branding } blind rock, 

Brandvrache, f. fire • watch. 
Branntwein,ai. brandy,, 
Branntweinbrenner, n. diflilier. 
Brafiltenbolz, n. brafil, brazil. 
Braflen, m. bream. 
Braibock, m. Jack .frame. 
Braten, v. a. to ro^ } to fry. 
Braien, m. roafl mrat 
Braienwender, Bratfpleft , m. broa. 

thcr, /pit. 


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Sntefra, m. 


Bntwurft, f. frying fmufagt. 
BnubotUcb, a. mlt ,vat, krewimg- 

BnochbAr, a. u/tfut. 
Brauchbarkeit, f. uMmhuft. 

Bnucben, v. a. to mftt make m/e if\ 

V. n. to wamt, nttd. 
Brauen, 1. a. to irtw ; n. hrtuimg. 
Brauer, m. bretotr. 
Brauerei, f. brewings bre^ufc. 
Brauer^lde, f. brtwn's corfcrmtin. 
Braugerccbtigkcii, f. right tf brtw- 
Braubaot, n. hrtwiuuft. {,*-g- 

Brauhcrr, n* br«yommfitr» 
BraukcOel, m. brtvittttt. 
Brauknccht, m. brtva/trvamt, 
Braukufc, f. brtvung.vt, mlt-vt. 
Braun, a. brown. 
Braunbier, n. brtmn begr. 
BnCunc, f. fminfy, fjuimtnty l (der 

Schwcine) viUd Jirt. 
Braunkobl, lo. bromt, bint c*bbmg€. 
BiKunlich, a. browniji. 
Braunroth, a. brovan . ttd. 
BnuTen, v. n. to rujk, rtr ; (giOw 

ren) to flower, froth, ferment. 
Bnufen, ». flemning, frothing, 
BnuGcht, a. noifome. 
Braut, r. brOe. 

Brautbctt, n. brUebed, wurriagtbed. 
BrauifUbrer, n. bridemtn ; . la, brU 

Brautgefcbenk , n. bridal. fpoufal 

Bnfutigaoit m. bridegroom, 
BrautjungfcTt f. bridemaid, 
Bnutkleid, a. raedding gown, nuptial 

Brautkranz, m. bridal garland. 
Brautlied, n. bridal hymn. 
Brautmutter, f • maker of the bridebed- 
Brautring, m. bridai ring. 
Brautfchatz, m. dower, dowery, por. 

Braut(chinuck,in. nuptial ornament 
Braiutag. n>. bridal day. 
BrauwcMn, n. proftjion of brewing. 
Brar, a. brave. 

BrecheifeBf n. BrechAange, f. eroe 
•Brechen , v. a. & n. to break ; 
Flach* • , to brake, heat ; eiocn 
Brief., to fold -y (»on I.ichiftrah- 
len) to refrad; (von Wellen) to 
dajk ; fich ., to vomit. 
Brechmittel, n. vomit. 
Brechpalver, n. powder vomitive. 
Brccbpankt, m. point of retradiom 
Brecm^or^, t. ipecacuanha. 
Brei, 4h. pap, panaio 
-BtcW^, ^. taprfcent, pappy. 
Breit, a. broad. 
Breite, f. breadth', latitude. 
Brciten, *. m. to Jpread. 
Brcmre. f. bree, horfe .fly \ (der 
Scbini«d«} brake, fnaffie. 

. tetter, wr iter i let- 

, BKO 

Brenfeo, r. a. T. to fm^0*. 
Breonbar, a. combfflibte. 
Brcnnciren. n. brand, ircit. 
•Brennen. ▼. a. & ■. to bum ; ICob- 

lea., to eoali Bnaotweia., ti 

draw of, dfftiL 
BreninUs, n. burning. gUfs. 
BrennhoU, n.flrewood. 
Breonkolbe, m. mUmbit. 
Breonkraat, n. mullein. 
Brenaorcn, m. burning. emtn. 
Brenn51, n. burning, oil. 
Brennpunkt, wn.foeas, 
Brennfpiegd. m. burning. gla/t. 
Brefcbe, f. breach. * « "^ • 

Breabaft, a. maimed. 
Bret. n. board, plank ; table. 
Brctern, a. boarded, planhed. 
Bretmiiblc, f. tam.mUl. 
Bretfpiel, n. gante at table/. 
BretAcin, n. man. 
Bretzel, m. crinkled bread. 
Brcohabn, m. pale beer. 
Brevier, n. breviary. 
Bricke, f. lamprey. 
Brief, m. letter, epi/Ut. , 

Briefbucb, n. leUer . booh. ' 

Brief^eld, n. p^age. 
Brieflich, a. written ; by letter*. 
Briefpiefle, f. letters .prefj. 
Brief fcbaften, pi. letters, msuieni wrU 

ter .baoh. 

Briefurcbe; f. letter. cafe. 

Brieftdtger, m. letter . bearer. 

Briefwecbfel. m. eorrefpandnee. 

Brigade, f. brigade. 

Brigadier, in. brigadier general. 

Brigantine, f brigandine. 

Brillant, m. britliant; a. brilliant. 

Brillantiren, v. a. to mahe brilliant. 

BriUe, (. f^effacUs. 

Brilleamacher, m. fpeSacle.maher. 

'Bringen, v. a. to bring, convey j 
um eiwat •, to deprive, to d^raud; 
etwas an fich, vor ficb>, to get. 

Briifche, f. c/it>, mace. 

Britrchen, t. a. to whip the breeches. 

Britrebmeifler, m Jack .pudding. 

Brocai, m. brocade. 

Brockcln, v.a. to crumble. 

Brocken, m. rrum, crumb. 
Brocken, Brdfeln, ▼. a. to crumble. 
Brockcnweifc, ad. by crumbs, like 

Brocklig, a. crumbling 
Brod, n. bread. 
BrodbScker, m. baker. 
Brodbaak, f. bread, table. 
Brodeno, m. breath. 
Brodkorb, m. bread . bajket. 
Brodknimc, f. rriMi, crumb. 
Brodlot, a. breadlefs. 
Brodmarkt, in. bread. market. 
Brodrinde, f. crt^, 
BAidfchragcn, m. bread, room. 
Brodrcbrank, m. cup board, brnd. 

Br*dtortc, f. bread, tart. 



BroJwrafler* n. bread, water. •'< 

Brombecre, t. black -berry, I 

Brombecrnrancb, m. brmmbk. 

Brofaioe, f. crum, crumb, 

Brucb, m. breaking; (Papier) /#«| 
(des Unterleibes) rupture. burJttM* 
ne/t-y i'lm Kcchaeo) fraOion. 

Brucb, m. & n. moor, marfk. 

Brucbarst. m. rupture, eurer. 

Bnichband, a. trufs. 

Briicbig, a. brUiU, fragile. 

Bmcbficin, m. euarry .float. 

Brifcke, f. bridge. 

BrUckenbau, m. brid^ng. 

Briickenjocb, n. ero/s. beams, crf* 

BrUckeo£oU, m. fontage. • 

Brudel, m. vapour i bubble. 

Brudeln, v. n. to bubble. 

BmdA-, m. brother: 

Brudcrkind, n. coufin germam. 

BrUderlicb, a. brotherly. 

Brudcrliebe, f. brotherly lave. 

Brudcrmord, m. murder ^ a kro. 

Briidericbaft, f. brotherhood. Ither, 

Brtlhe, f. broth ifauce. j 

BrQhen, t. ». to fcaid , 

BrUhbciis, a. boiling. 

Briillen, y n. to roar. 

Bruraneiren, a . jews . kmrb. 
" 'ummen, bellow, tow\ (: 
ken) to growl. 

. bmU. 

Brummer, Brummocbs, wa, 
BruneUe, f. prunella. 
Bruaeu, a. brunett. 
Branft, f . rut ; brim. 
BrunftbUirche, (. rut 
Brunften, v. n. to rut. 
Bninftbirfcb*. m. rutting .flag, 
Brunftfland, m. rutting. place. 
Bntnftwildpret, n. rutting . hind. 
Brunfizett, f. time of rut. 
Bruairen, v. a. T. to burnifk, 
Brunncn, m. well, fpring; .iriiw 

ken, to drinh mineral waters. 
Brunnenader, f. vein of a well. 
BruaDenmeifter, m. mafler ^ tii 

Brunnenrohre, f. conduUmpipe. 
BrunnenwaOer, a. well . water. 
BrunnenkrelTe, f. water creffes. 
Brunnenqucll, i. fpring of a well. 
Brunft, f. ardour ; t. aucb Brunft. 
BrOnaig, a. burning, hot; ardent. 
Brunzen, v. n. to pifs. 
Bruft, f. breafli (eines Thieret)] 

Bruftarzeaei, f. peflorals. 
Brullbein, n. breafl.bone,flema». > 
Bruftbild. a. bufl. 
Bjiihen.r.r. to brichen. 
BruftfcU, a. diaphragm, midrif. 
Bruflfiebcr, a. pe&oral fever. 
Bruaharnifcb, ai. bret^. plate. 
Bruftkern, m. breafl, brijiet. 
Bruftkrankheii, f. Mfforal difeafe. 
Bruftlatz. m. breafl. cloth. 
Bruftleder, a. leather . apron. 
Bruftleib, m. bodUe, flays. 
BniftftQck . a. brijltti (GcnUOde) 

ireafl. piece. 


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nt, t. pap, mlppte. 
Ttrfacht, f. peffcrai drcp/y. 
cbre, f. brtafiworkf *artif<t' 
!. hr9Pd, %aUh. 
a. brvtifi, irmtat. 
i, {• iront. 

. a. 8c n. to irooJ, hattk. 
itf/i bofer., A««nr. 
, n. hnm*€ry, 
knavijk, TQgnfJk, 
; m. ktkhinitr. 

er, m. printer. 

■ Jkhteckerei, f. printing, 
i PidUruckcrkanft, f. printing, ari 
lidiruckerprcfre, f. ktUr.prt/t, 
>Hbr, Bikbe, f. btttk. 
kbcichcl, f. tuckmajt. 
Ikheii, a. bttckn. 
fkherbret. n. Jktlfi ktmri. 
acherfaal. B. lihary-ktU. 
■cherfammlungi f library. 
\ Pdier(chnnk,m. rtpo/itory ^ hctkt. 
Ibchfink, m. buU./nck. 
Ibrhhalten, ■■ kook . keeping. 
lachhalter, m. kock . keeper. 
kcbhandel, m. Buchfaandlung , f. 

iDchhifiMiler, m. k»«k/eUertJlmti»ner. 
lochladea, m. BuchhandluoK, f. 

heokfeller^s Jkep. 
kchmaft, f. burkmafi. 
luchnufs, t. Bucheichcl. 
luchibaum, Biixbaam, m. koM. 
luchsbtfamen, a. koxen. 
ASchfe, f. kc*', (zumSchielsen}/mg 

IkhlTenkugel, r. kuUel. 
Sechrenmacber, m. gun./mUk. 
^hfeomeifter, m. gunner, 
ftichftafcbnh, m. gunjiotk. 
iBchfearchufs, m. gu^/kot. 
BScycoIpaaacr, m. gun . ckurger. 
facMabf m. Utter; (grofser ] m/j. 

tal letter. 

ibireo, ▼■ a. to fpett. 
'bitch, a. literal, 
t. inlet, creek. 
reitzent m. kuckwkeat* 
^-jkel, m. knnck, hump, kpfs* 
lackelig, a. kumpbaeked. 
lockeliga, m. kumpbmck. 
«ch Bilcken, v. r. to /loop ; to bow. 
ikkling, m. ( Verbeugung ) bow, 

Hckling, t. Pickling. 
l«4e. Cjlmll, bootkiJkop. 
Btdcl, m. Jkoek, Jkougk. ^ 

BoddmUtsa. f. /nrred Up. 
fiolcnzins, m.JHalUge. 
BiU!el« aa. ki^faloe, bt^Jgie. 
Bag, m. vdtkert ; (am Scbiffe) hem. 
BufQiidier, m. bower. 
tegel, ra.Jhrrup. 

BOgdeircn, n. goo/e,fmotithi»g4r«m. 
lOgelB, y. a. to fmootk. 
kglahn* a. witkerwnng. 
fcigfiren, *. a. T. to tow, 
kgftitngcy f. T-/trtm*Ji. 


Bagfltic|(i n. bow. piece. 

Buhle, m.&f. lover; /wett-htmrt. 

Bubien, v . a. to lone, court. 

Rubier, m. lover, galUnt. 

Bublerei, f. cofnetty; gtUnlry. 

Buhlerin, T. cofuttte. 

Buhlerirch, a. tof netting ] tMurnu. 

BUhne. i.Jimge, tkemtre, 

BaU, Bullocbi, m. kuU. 

Bulle, r. bnU. 

BuUenb«ir<tr, aa. knil. dog. 

Bund, m. mlliance, pull. 

Bund , Biindel , n. trmfs , bottU, 

bundle, bunck. 
Bundbrttchig, a. krfkimg tkt com- 

Bundeinanoft, m. mlly. 
Btmdcsladc, f. ark. 
BUndig, a. autkorit»Hve ; per/majtve. 
BUndiKkeit, r. vmlidity, /oli£ty. 
BUndnlr*, n. covenmnt, paS, oUtvue. 
Bunt, a. coloured, variegated. 
Buatfcheckig, a. checkered im mn 

antic manner. 
Btirde, r. kurden, charge. 
Burg, f. borough, caMU. 
BUrgc. t^. /urety, baiii . iellan, 

to put in bail. 
BUrgcn, y.n. to baU. [man. 

BUrgcr, m. burgker, citiMtn, jfru. 
BUrgerbuch, n. burgker. roU. 
BUrgereid, m. burgker -oath. 
BUrgerfrau, f. burgt/t, city. wife. 
BUrgerlicb, a. civil. 
BUrgcrmeifler, m burgom^Jler. 
BUrgerpflicht, f. duty of a cUixen. 
Bilrgerrechi, n. burgherjkip. 
BUrgerfcbift, f. city 
BUrgerAnn. m. civifm. 
BUrnerftand, m. city, Jlate. 
BUfgerBube, f. burgker. hM. . * 
BUrgervrache, f. trainbands. 
Borggraf, m. ca^ellain, burgh -graf. 
BurgRrafrchaft, f . cajlellany. 
Burghaupunann, as. captain ^ a 

Biirgfcbart, r. furett, caution, 
Burgvogt, m. c^/ltU^n. 
Burgvogtrl, r. caJteUany. 
Burawache, f. c^iJlU . ward. 
Buricb, m. fellow. 
^askhtn,s.u.toJkoet with a lomggun, 
Bdrfchrohr, n. long guM. 
BUrftc, f. bruj^. 
BUrilen, v. a. to brujk. 
BUrftenbinder, m. brujk-mmker. 
Burtelbaum, m. tumbling. 
Burzein, r. n. to tumble. 
Bufcb, m. bv^ ; underwood. 
BUfcbel, m. tuft ; wifp, bunch, 
Burchbolc, n. underwood. ■ • 
Burchicbt, «. lihe a bujh. 
Bufchig, a. bujky. 
Bufchwerk, n. bujkes, 
Buren, m. bofom ; bn, gulf. 
Bufenfrcund, m. bojom -friend. 
Bufie, r. penitence ; boot, fine ; .than, 

to repent. 
BUficn, v.a. to amend; to repair ; to 

amerce; atone for, to expiate. 

Btiftenda, m. It f. feniteni. 
Ru&fenig, a. penUent, repenttng, 
BufUied, n.fouM rf repentanre. 
Buf«predigt,r. ^WM ^ re/entan€tb 

Burip&loa, m. jenUenttat . pfalm, 
Buf.tag,«./^.Ay. ''-' 

Bufstrxi, 0. ttjct for a JaM- dn'>$ 

Butte. BUtta. f. tub, coop; (einnicb) 

bret, hurt, brut. ' 

Blkiel, aa. beadle ; Jailer. 
Bfhielei. f. goal, jaU. 
Batter, f. butter. 
Butierbtmne, f. Bitttarbtod, a. Ia<t 

tertd bread. I 

Buturbikbfc, f. butterkoje. 
Butierfafs, n. ckum. 
Buttermilch, f. butterwUU, 
Buitern, r. a. »o ckum. 
Buttertopr, m. butterpot. ' 
Buitetweck, as. butterwig, 
BUtiner, 0. covper. 

Cabala. Cabale, f. cabal. 

Cabinet, n. cabinet, clofet. 

Cabineuninifter, d. pAvy mtnUler, 

Cabineurath, m. cabinet- cemncU. 

CablneuftUck, n. cabinet't piece, * 

Cacao, a. cacao. 

Cadat, m. cadet, 

Caffee, 0. tojfee. 

CaFun. n. caftan, 

Calamank, m. calamanea, 

Calciniren, V. a. to calcine, cmttinate, 

CalcuHren, y. a. to calculate. 

Calecute, f. turkey; calecutirehe 
Habn, turkey . cock | . Heana, tur- 
key, hen. 

Caliber, m. caliber, 

Calvinia. at. calvinijf. 

Cantee, m..came9. 

Camelot, m. camelot, eamlet4 

Camerad, m. earner ode, comrade, 

Caneradrcbaf^, f. comradtjkip. 

Cimpagne, f. eupedition ; campaign, 

Campelchehalz, n. logwood. 

Campher, m. camphire. 

Canaille, f. rabife, mob. 

Canal, m. canal; (der Brittlfche .) 

Canapce, n. canapee, couch. 

Canarienrect, m. canary. 

Canaricnvogcl, m. Maar^ bird. 

Caiurienzucker, m. canary ft^r, 

Canafler, m. cant/ler. tobacco. 

Candelzucker, m. fugarcandy. 

Candidal, m. candidate, 

Candireft, ▼. a. to candym , 

Caneel. m. cinnamon. 

Canevals, m. <anvaft% 

Canon, m. canon. 

Caoonicat, n. canonry, preltni. 

Canonical, m. canon, prebendary. 

Canonifch, a. canonieM, 

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»* CAV 

CsnoniCrcn, v. m. U cmnniat* 
Canoniffin, f. cmntntft. 
Cantate, f. tmntmt*. 
Canton, m tant9n\ ^m*rier, 
Cantoniren, v.n. t* fmarter. 
Caotor, m. 4i.rtS»r rf wui/ukt su 

Cap. n. Up*. 
Capcllan, m. tkmplmin. 
Capcllaori, f tkapthy. 
Capclle. f. tkapiL'^ T. r«^A '</f- 
C«p«l)meifler, m. 4xrtS»r tf « «» 

jical comfanjt. 
Caper, m. ctrfair, pirtte» 
Caperei, f. firmfj). 
Caperfchiff, n. p'ivatitr. 
Capern. v. a. to take, emitk, gti. 
Ca;>iul, a. capital. 
Capiul.n. cm^ital'y tap\falfiotk%fum. 
Capiialbuchftab, m.mapiUU Utter. 
Capiialift, n. rich aMM. 
Capitain, ■>. eafitaim. 
Capiiel. n. ckapteri topic. 
Capit«Uhett. m empitmUr. 
Capitulation, f. raHtxlaiion. 
Capituliren, v. a. to capUmJsit, 
Capriale. f. caper ^ caprioU. 
Captur, f. capiat. 
Capuaioer, m capuchin. 
Caput, a lojfi m. capmekl». 
Capuze, f. cape. 
Carabiner, m carabine, eariUu* 
Carabinier, m caraiinier. 
^araffine. f.Jlagan. 
^arbiinkel, m carhuncU. 
CarcaCTe, f- cartafs. 
Cardamome, f eardaaumum. 
Cardinal, a. rar^'ns/; m. earSu^l 
Carhol, m. cautiJUuier. 
Carmeliter, m. canmeiite. 
Carnierin. a. crimojini n. trim/on. 
Carmin, m. earmime. 
Carneval, n rt"taval 
CAtnto\,m. car»et>an,comeiiMiJi*me. 
Carotle f. car rot. 
Carpie, r. pUdget of lint. 
Carreau, (in Kanen) diamond. 
Carricatnr, f. caricature. 
Carriole, f. chariot, chaifit 
Carrofell, n. carou/ai, 
Carrofle, f ceack. 
Cartel, n. cmrtel. 

Canhx'fe, f. nrtkujian monajtery. 
CarthMifer, m. cartkufian friar. 
Carton, m- cartoon. 
C*M, r chaftihtc ; gomn, 
Careroaue, f. cafv ' 
Cafrrne, ' 
Caflier, m. cajkier. 
CafTirefK v. a. to caJUtr» 
Caftell, n. caJHe. 
Caflellan. m. c^/^^'la^n. 
Caftellanei, f. cajteUany, 
Caftor, m. cajtor. 
daftraV m. eunuch. 
Canriren, v.a to rajfrate, nnmtn 
Cavalerie, f. cavalry. 
CnnlniA, m. kor/em4m, cmooUir. 


Cavalier, m. ehnaUer, enttUr, 

Caviar, m caviare. 

Cautel, r. cauttt. 

Ca.ttion, f. furety. laU. 

Ca iren, ». d. i' 

C«aer. f. ced*r 

Cedern, a. cedrimr. 

Cement m. cemtnt, 

Geo fur, f. cetfure. 


eroaue, i. cajtmate, 
rrne, f. ea/ern. 
re, f ckji cajk. 
rerolie, f. ftfu,pan. 

Cent, cru/j pro-, per 

Centner, m. ^uimtaJ. hund-^cd-meigkt. 

Ceotoersewicht.' n.- futmtad wetgkt, 

CcninerraA, f. heavy hurden. 

Central, a. crnt'at. 

Ceremonie. f . ceremony. 

Ceremoniel, n. ceremonial* 

Chagrin, m Jkagreen. 

Chaife. f. ch^ife. 

Chalcedon, m catcedanins. 

Chalon, m. JkaUoon. 

Cbaluppc. f Jkallop. 

Chamade, I. Jkamade, parity. 

Chamallcon, n. chameleon 

Champignon, m. champignon^ nnjh' 

Chaoi, B ^haos. 
Charaktar, n. eharaSeri itraiaiir} 

Cbarakterifiren. v. a. to ckarnfl/rife 
Cbarakteri(\irch, a. char after ylicat. 
Char''rci«ag. m. good friday. 
Charlatan, m fha>tmiam, ^uath. 
Charlaiancrte, f. charlatanry. 
Charnier, n. hirge. 
Charwoche, f. week he/ore e^/ler. 
Cherub, m chcfuh- 
Chinawura, f. china -root. 
China, f peruvian bark. 
Chimrgic, f. 'ehirurgery, furgery, 
Cbir:rgus, m. chiTurgeon,/urgeon. 
'ChocoUte f. chocolate. 
Chor, ni & n. chorus ; f M/re. 
Choral, m. choral mujtck. 
CborrchUier. m. chor.Jlcr, fuiryier. 
Chrift n. -in, f chrJUan. 
ChriRabend, m. chri/map.tnt. 
Chriftenheit, f. ck"fta''ity. 
Chrlfttnthum, n- chrijlitni/m. 
Chriftfeft, n. chrijlmufs. 
Chriftgrfehenk. n. chriMmafi .. gift. 
Chriftrich,.a. chrifltan. 
Chriftus, Chrifi. 
Chronik, f chronicle. 
Chronolog, m chronicler. 
Chronologic, f. chronology. 
Chro<«ologirch, a. ckronological. 
Chrvroliih. m chryfolitc. 
Chryfopras, nk. chr-y/opre^fnt. 
Chyoiicot, m. rhymjl. 

(Cby«nie. f. chimjlry. 
Chyivirch, a. ekymictt, tfymie, 
Cic boric, f. fuccory. 
Cider, nj. cidtr, 
Circuliren, v. n. to circulate. 
CiftercienlW, m. ei/tercian • monk. 
Ciftexne, f. cijiem. 
Citronat, m. candied lemon 'P*tl, 
Citrone. f. citron, lemon, 
Ciiadelle, f. citadel. • 
Civil, a. einil. 

Ciaref, f. tlaret. 

Claffe. r. etaO, elajls, tenei. 

Claiiirch.a. clajlral, claMc. 

CU.,fur. f ctai^ure. 

Clavicymhel. n. clavieordt Hrginat 

Clavier, n harpfUhord. 

Clerirei. f. cU'gy. 

Cloak, f.j.<o,/«*. , 

Cochenille. f. cochineal. ' 

Cocosn ift, f. oocoa. 

Collavioniren, v a. to coUattm 

Coilecte, f. colUSton. 

College, m. colteogue. 

Collegial. a .o/Ufiial, collegiaU. 

Collegium, n. colUge\ . lerea, f r$.% 

Colonic, f. colony. 

Colo,»honiun>, n. colophony, 

Coiorit, n. colouring, 

Cotumne. f column 

Commando, n. command. 

Commendant, m commandtr. 

Commendc. f pr eland- 

Commenthnr, n. commander rf «l 

Commenthnrei, f. commandhry, 

Commerciiun, n commerte. 

CommifTir, m. commiffary, eommiji 

CommifsbrcM), n ammnnltion.hread 

Commififahrer, m privateer. 

Commiliioi, f. commijion. 

CommiidonXr, m eommijioner. 

Commode, f. rhrfi of drawers. 

Communicant, m. communicant. 

Communiciren, v.n. &i 
nicatt\ to admmijler. 

Comni'inioii, f. communion { admini, 
J aHoH. 

Compagnie. f . company i partner^lp, 

Compagnon, m. partner, a^ociate. 

Compab, m. rompa/ti -kaften. ioMi 

Conipliment, n. tomphount 

Compioir, n counting ■ houfe \ ^ttk 
Concept, a. draught, Jict' h 
Concert, n. concert, mujieal. rnttr* 

Conciriiiin. tt> council. 
Concubinat. n conruhinagt. 
Conc'ibine, f. coneuhtue, 
Copcurrcaz, f. concurrence. 
Conctih, m, contou-f* of trtitttrti 
Condi tor, m. coHfeftiona'-y, 
Confeft^ n. comfit, confefl. 
Confcrenz. f cotife'enct. 
Conftrcation, f. confifeation. 
Confirciren, v. a to conffcalt; 
Congrefs, m congre/s. 
ConhH.trium, n. coufijfory. 
dtonRabler, m gunner, cannonitT* 
Conierfei, n. piBure, portrait. 
Conio. n. account. 
Contrahand, a. contraband. , 
Contria, m coutraH, barg^tn. 
Contra ft. ra contraM. 
Coniraftiren. V n. &«. f»lr ecafr*/^ 

ed. to contraft. 
Conirihtition, f. contribn 

aiiflegen, to impoft, 
Con3(jim, m. tJtnoemt. 
Digitized b^VjOOQlC 



Convtnrioii, f. ranoewtiom. 
Com^mionstbaler , ni. roH9enti»n, 

Convcniua), m'. ^, (. €0nvtntumt. 
Copie. f. ecfy. 
CopiA, m. i[opter. 
Copiilircn, V. a to copulaU. 
I Cordvan, ai rordwatn. 
I Coiduanmacner. m. cwrdvmrr. 
I Cornel, m . Cornetce, f. ctrntt- 
w Com n, m. to'iut*. 
I Corporal, m. eor^rgi. 
Correfjiondeiit, m. coirrtffonitnt. 
Correfpondenz.r. corrtjfvmitnct- 
Correrpondiren, v a. (« tvrrtffemi. 
fcrfar, ro. tor/air. 
Corfet. n. J-t»f. 
Co-iricr, ir. caurUr. 
Couvert. n. covering tf « Utttr j 

(Ccdeck) ecuvert. 
Cravaie, f. cravt, Htek.cMh, 
Credenzen, ▼. a. to frtftntforttajtti 

mrat or iiink. 
Credit, m credit 
Crcditbrief. m ietter of er«M. 
Crcdltiren, v a. to eredtt. . 
Criminal, a. criminal. 
Cnic-ihx, n rmcijix. 
Cabcbe, r Dmmmfi . raljlm. 
Cit, f. cure. 
Curiren, y a. to rare. 
Carrcnt. a. currttit. 
Carrentfchrift, f. common ktni. 
Currchmid. t. Fahnenfchmid. 
Curfivfcbrifu f. car/iw - writtJi« } T. 

cu'Jivt Utttr. 
Citflos, m T. (•ick • vtori, 
Cvliodcr, m. cylinder. 
Cymbel, f. cymbal- 
Cvprettm, f. cyfr^s-frtt. 


Da, ad. ihtrt% c. when, «/. 

Dabei. ad. near by, by U , with, 

tong with ; c. mortover, b^dts. 
Dach, n. roof. 
Dacbdecker, m. tiler. 
Dacbfeafter, n. dormer . niniovi. 
Dacbrinne, f. gutter. 
Dacht, m. badger, gray. 
Dachfchiefer, m.Jlate. 
Dachfchindel, i.fiingU. 
Dicbshnnd, m. terrier. 
Dachrparren, m. Hmbtr of a roof. 
Dachftube, f. garret 
Dach«uhJ, m ridgcleai. 
Dachiraufe. f- eaves. 
Dachziegel, m. tiie. 
Dadurcb , ad. by thai » thereby 

through it. 
Dafcrn, ad. tf, in cafe. 
DafBt, ad./«r,/or «. 
Dapegen, ad on the contrary; agaitifi 

1/ ; e whereas 
Dabein, ad. home, at home. 
l/ tkenee,from thence; hence; 

e. thtrtfort. 


DAier, ad. here. 

Dab in, ad thr^e, thither. 

Dab i men, Oatynter, ad. kthimd, 

Dahlen, v. d to dotty. 

Damalig, a then. 

Oarralt ad. then, at that time. 

Daparcener,' a. domajk 

Damafciren, v. a, to damafk. 

Damaa, oi. demafk. 

Damaden a damajhed, of damaj\. 

Dambret, n d-at.ght'boa'^d 

Dame, f. iady ; ( im Kancnrpiel ) 

Damenrpiel, n. draughts } game at 


amhirfcb, it. buch. 
Damircb, a- dull, filly. 
Oamit, ad. & e. therewith , by it, 

with it, that, by that, tot damii 

nicht, lijf. 
Damm. m dam, mole, momudi caufty. 
0#Dincn, ▼, a /• dam, 
mmmerig, «. twilight. 
DSmmern, «. n tog'^ow twilight. 
DKinmerung, f. twUight. 
Dampf, m damf, vafiour, fmohe. 
Dampfen, T.n. tofume, /moke; #b 
' Jtran. 
Dimpfeo, V. a. to extingu'Jk, quench 

/mother J Fleifch ., to Jtew. 
Dj(inpfiin|i,r. exHmguifkment, fMench. 
Dantihfcr, n doe. ['"#> 

Damwildpret, n. fallow - deer. 
Danebcn, ad hard by, thereby ^ c 

b'fides, moreover, 
Danieder, ad. down. 
Dank, m. thanks; • fagen, U give 

Dankbar, a. thanhful. 
Dankbarkeh, f. thankftdnefs ; gra- 

Dankbegierde, f. dtfire to be thanh- 
Danken, r. a to thank. \.f-l- 

Dankfeft, n. thanhfeajl, rejoicings, 
Danksebet, n. thanhfgiving. 
Jitn)t\\tA,n. thanh sgiviKg.fomg. .. 
Dankopfer, n. thanhofering, 
Dankfagung, f. thanhsgiving, 
Dankvergeflen, a. thanhlefs, 
Dann, ad then. hard by; t/^ere^, thertto, 

therein ; at it; by. that. 
Darauf, ad. thereon, tier eat, thereof; 

there uponx on it\ after that 

upon that. 
Daraui, ad. thereout, thence, hence i 

../ it; from, by.vntcf. 
Darben, V n. to fufer want. 
•Darbieten, v. a. to prefent with, 

•Darbringen, ». a. to offer, bring in 
DaVein, ad. 7n it, into it, 
Darin ad. therein, in it. 
Darlcgen, v. a. to lay down { fig. to\ 
I prove. 

[Dariehn, n. lending, loan, 
♦Darleibtn, ». a. to lend, 
iDarlciher, m.Jender. 
iDarm. m gut. 
>Darmbrucl^ an. enter ocele. 

^10 .; 

IDarmfcll, )n, feritanetm. 
D•rfQgich^ f. iliae.p^am, 
Darmraite, f. g-t./h^'g. 
Darnach. ad. thereafter, after Ikii, 

after it '. for it. 
Darre, f htln • drying, wealthiln. 
Darreicben. v. a. to preftnt with. 
Darren, v. a to dry upon m hiln, 
Darrbaus. n. hiln.houfe. 
Darro'cn, m. htln. 
Darrfucbt, f. comfumption, pkthiAt. 
DarAcUen. ». a. /• repre/ent, exhibit. 
Dirflellung. f. repreftntatron, exhi- 

Oarflreckrn, v. a. to fhretek fortk^ 

extend. . 
Daribun, v.a. to prove, rwiarr,. 
Dariiber, ad. hereover, over tt; at it, 

about it; above, 
Dar<im , ad. tkenfefe , for whiek 

'eafan \ for it; about it, 
Daninter, ad. thtrrurdtr, under ill 

amonf, amidfi ; by it. 
Dv^blcn. V. a. to pay daw. 
D*i, pr. tkai. 
Dafelbft, ad. there, 
Dafeyn, n. prefenet; being, 
Da^jcnige, pr. that. ^ 

Dafig, a. of that plate, 
Datmal, ad. this time. 
Daft, c. that. 
Datircn, v. a. to date. 
Datel, f. date; baum, da/te-trte- 
Datelpflaume, f. pl/iamin, ptrftmoM, 
Datum, in. date \ bit dato, ttU yet. 
Daube, f.A/". V^Jlates. 
Dauer, f. duration 
Daoerhafi, a. durable \ ev>{/lant, 
Daiierhaftigkcit, f. durablene/t. 
Daiieru, V. n. to endure, lajt; #• 

hold; to dure, continue. 
Da'iern, «.n. to regret; to pity. 
Daainen,iA. thumb. 
Daumenfcbraobc, f. Oauinenftock« 

m. thnmh^s fcrew, 
Daus, n. deuce, deuce afs.. 
Davon, ad of that, ^ it, of them, 

thtricf, off. 
Davor, ad thereof, to it, before. 
Dawider, iid. agamft it. 
Dazu, ad. thereto, at it, by it, to it. 
Dazumal ad. Mm, at that time. 
Dazwifcbcn, ad. there between. 
Decanat, n. Dccbanei, f. deanery, 

Decanus, Decbani. m. dean. 
December, m. December. . 

Decber, m dtker. • 

Decimal, a. decimal. 
Deck ben, o. cloth, clothes. 
Decke , f. cover, coverlet} -«!■•• 

Zi miner*, ceiling. 
Deckel m. cover, lid. 
JDeckelkannc, f. tankard. 
Deckcn^v.a. to dech, cover. 
Deckentttick , fl. painting an ti* 

Deckmantel, m. fij. tover -Jkame, 

Degen, in. fwori. 


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>• DEt 

DegeaUnd. n./«i9riiR«#. I 

Degenge(|f», n..hUt of m fuTi. 
Degcnffehenk, Dcgenkoppel, n. h€U\ 
Degenknopf, m. ftmrntt. 
Degenfehcidt, f. Jktatk, fraHtri. 
Dcbnbar, m. exUndiUtt tntewJiUt. 
Dchnbarkcit, f. tMUnjUiUty. 
Dchnen, v. a. U tjttendi to dijltni; 

fich-, tojirttek out kimftl/i fig. 

to Icjk. 
0«icb, m- iikt. 

Deicben, v. a. to raife up • dikt. 
DeichM, r. hftm, tkiU. 
Deicbfelaagel, m.,' 
Peichfelpferd, n. tkiil. horftt ihUUr, 
Dcichufer, n. tUke-iank. 
Dein, Deine, pr. tkjf,j^euri tkiue, 

Dcineihalben , DeinctvrMcn , una 

Deinctwillen, ad. for thy fakt. 
Deinige, (dcr, die, dat) pr. tkbu, 

tky own. 
Deismot, m. dti/m. 
Deift, m. d*i/t. 
Deiftifbh, a. deyiUal. 
Delicat, a. dtlUaii. 
Delinouant, n. dtUmftunt. 
Delphin.m. doi^n. 
Demnich, c tktreftrtf ttorMngly, 

Demutb, f. kumiUif, lowlinefs. 
DemUthig. a. kumhU, iom. 
Demlitbigea, v. a. to kumUt, mit/t. 
X^mUthigang, f . kumUUmtiom, »U/t. 

•Denken, V. a. hn. to tkink. 
Dcnker, m. thinker. [ment. 

Denkmaal, ti. rememkr«ncei monu. 
DenkmUnzc. f. .medgi. 
Denkftule. f. Matue. 
Denkfchrift, f. In/erifHrn. 

Dcnkfprucb. m. motto. ftng. 

Denkaagsart, f. mind, xuay tf think- 
Dtakwiirdig, a. memorable. 
DeakwUrdigkeit, f. aumcrmUe tking; 

Oenkzeicl^en, n. memormndtmt Jig*. 
Ocnkzettel, m. memorandum, note. 
Deun, e./or, then, \ . 
Denaoch, c. yet, nevertkele/r, not- 

vrith/iunding , kowever. 
Oer, die, das,' art. tkei pr. <li/, 

that, wko. 
Derb, a. eom}a&, firm, rude, kmrd, 

Dereinft, ad. once m day, in the fu. 

BtrgeAah, ad. fo much. 
Der^Ieichen, ud. Jhck, fueh like. 
Darjcnige, Oiejeaige, Xtatjeoige, pr. 

he tk*t. 
Dermafsea, ad- in fueh m manner. 
Dcrmalea, ad mt frefent, aiiuaily. 
Dernalig, a. mflusi, frefent. 
Oero, pr. your. 
Dcrrdbe, Dicrelbc, DaOeKe, pr. the 

Derweile. ad. in the mean time. 
Dcsbalb, Detv^eaca, ud.for that rea- 

fomi «. tkerejore. 

Defto, ad. ike'y fo muek. 

iDeubc, I. Diebfiahl. 

IDeutca, v. a. to Meffret} v a. to 

I Oeittlicb, a. elear ; difUnff. 
Deutlicbkeit, f. ctemrnefsi difHna- 

Deuifcb, a. ge^man. 

Diaconiu, m. deacon* 

Diadem, n. diadem, tiara. 

Biamani, In. dimmond. 

Diai, t. diet. 

Dicht, a. denfe, elofe, eompafl,foHd 

Dichtea, dicht madiea, v. a. to eaU, 

Dichten, v. a. to think oni to in- 

vent-f to com^fe. 
Dichter, n. foet, tomfofer, 
Dicbterin, f. pottrrft. 
Dicbterircb, a. poetical, fottU, 
Dicbterliag, m. poei^er. 
Dichibeit, f. eompaftneft, folHity. 
Dicbtkunft, f. poefy, poetry. 
Dicbtuag, f. invenUan.^ P^t ton. 

Dick, a. Hg, ikUk. 
Dickbeia, a. tkigk, 
Dicke. r. tkUknefst Ugnefi. 
nickbMutig, a. tUck . coated. 
Dickicbt, a'. tkUk, tkUket. 
Dickkopf, m. tkickfttn, ekuk. 
Dieb, m. .ia, f. Mi//. 
Dieberei, t. tktft, tkkvery, 
Diebifcb. a. thievljk. 
Diebtrotte, f. gang. 
Diebftahl, at. tk^. 
Diela, r. piank, hoards deal; floor. 
Diclea, v. a. to board, plank, 
Oienca, v. a. to ferve. 
Dieaer, at . .in, f. fervamti minlfler. 
Dieacrfcbaft, f. kouJkoU fervantsi 

Dienlich, u. ftrviceakU, nf^rd. .. 
Dieaft, m. fervite. 
Dieaftag, m. tuefday. 
Oieaflbar, a. obliged to ferve. fubjefl. 
Dienftbarkeit, i.ferviiude, bond^. 
■Dirnftbefliflen, a. officious, fervice. 

able. ifiics. 

Dicnftbote, m. ftrvant'^ pU dome- 
jJicafitihT^Mn^officioufmefs, zeal. 
Ditnftergebea, a. addiiled. 
Dienftfenig, a. officious, fervieeakle. 
Dieaftfertigk^, f. officioufuefs. 
Dieanfrei, a. -free from fervite. 
Dieaflherr, ni. mafter, lord. 
DienftleiRuag, f. rendering ^ a fet 

DieaAHcb, a. uftful\ uealous. 
Dieaftloha, m- hire, wages. 

Dienftlos, a. out of fervice. 
i,f. maidfet 

Dienrtaugd,^ f . m^fervant,firving. 


Piennniaan, m. vaffal, feudal ory^ 
DienApflicbi/f. liablenefs toftrvices. 
DienftwiUig, a. v»mfu1 to ferve. 
Dtenftzwaag, m. .r^K to emother's 

fervice I. 


DierfT. XMcfe, Diefcs, pr. tkls^ pi. 

Diesr.\l», ad. in this cafe. 
Dickjifbrig, a. of this year» 
Dietmai* ad. this time, at prefemt, 

DiefTeitig, a. DieflTeiu , ad. on this 

Dietericb, m. piih-loet. 
Dill, m. dill. 
Dille, t.focket. 
Oing, n. tking, 

Dingcn, V. a. to haggte^ to kirt. 
Dinkel, m- fpelt: 
Diate, t. Tince. 
Dirae, f. maid, maiden ; kufy. 
DiFcant. m. treble. 
DiOldeat, m. digdent, 
Diftel,f. tk\Jlle. 
Diftelfiak, m. greenfnck. 
Diftillirea, v a. to d>fhl,JiiU, 
Diftillirkolbea, m.fliU, alembic. 
DiniUiniag, f. diftUlation, 
Doch, c. yet, houeoer, but, for all 

that; pray. 
Docbt, m. wich. 
Docke, f. Jtein ; baby, T. dock ; (se- 

drechreiie SifuU) kalufler. 
DockeageliCadcr, a. balujlrade. 
Doctor, m. doUor, 
OoK8«if- (epgliicbe) buU-dog. 
Oohle, f. ckougk, daw. Jay. 
Dobae, f. gin ; net, moofe. 
Dohaenfaag, m. noofing if bUck- 

JX>lcb, m. dagger, poniard. 
bolde, f. T. umbel. 
Dolnetfcbea, v. a. to interpret. 
Dolmeifcber, oa. interpreter. 
Doni, m. dome ; eatkedral. 
OomXae, f. crown- land i 

Donicapttel, a. chapter. 
Domdecbant, m. dean *f a catheebral. ' 
Domberr, m. canon^ 
Domiaicaaer, m. blach -friar. 
Domiao, m. domino, 
Domkircbe, f. cathedral. 
Dompfaff, m. butl-fnck, redtail. 
Domprobft, m. provojl of a eathedratm 
Domftifi, a. cathedral, chapter. 
Donaer, n. fAiui^r. 
Doaaerkeil, n. thunder . bolt. 
Doaaera, v. a. to thunder. 
Doanerfcbl^t m. thunderclap. 
Doanersug, m. thurfday; dergtUne 

., maundy -thurf day. 
Doaaerwetier, a, thundering, thun- 
der - weather. 
Doppelbakaa, m.fauconnet, 
Doppellaut, m. diphthong. 
Doppcla, *. a. to double. 

-jppeipuakt, m. colon. 
Doppelrinn, nt. ambiguity. 
Doppelfiaaig. a. ambiguous. 
Ooppeli, a. double. 
DoppelzUngie. a. double-tongued. 
n. vulagf. 

in confcjuence ^iDorfjimker, ni. country. f^uire. 
DorfaiUchea, a. country - loft. 


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r. eiremit ff m wOUgt. 

hter, m, 
Cchaft. f. vUUge, 
chenkc, f. inn ^ a •itligt. 
Uwlxe, m. comntrf mjudgt, 
bhulmcifter, m. fck^.n^tr 

B. £k«rii, /rkA ; ttngut. 
' * DomEnuch, n. ti 

tig, a. thorny, fyimjf, Mckfy. 

m, ». a. <0 dr^i caucn Damn. 

I. Id. MrrJt yon,yo»4,j^nitr. 

ikr, ad. tkenee. 

Ua. ad. fAi<>k«r. 

lif, a. <A«rc. 

;, f. *«*. 

!nMck»n. pUttJwmfmmfic, 

>, f. ^9/<r. 

cr, m. ytlk of cA fM. 

erblume, T. iutter.Jtoutrt 

tergelb, a. ^/A • eoiourtd. 

cbe, as. drmgon ; Atff. 

toner, m. dragoon. 
£t, B. thread ) wife. 
Ihttaite, f. vlrt.Jhing. 
ibtzieben, n. wirtdrawingm 
ihuicber, m. wiredravur. 
ng, m. throng, crowd. 
ngen, v.a. to prtft, throng, erowtd. 
' * I. opfrtjion, vtMoilon. 
id. iot/ili0ii<, ahroad, 
tchfelbank, f. tmthe. 
tcbfeln, X. a. fo tttm ta c^laliU. 
ichsler, m. turner. 
ick, m. iir#. 
erkig. a. dirty. 
tbbabn, f. r op*. yard. 
ehbaun, m. turnpike, tnrntiU. 
tbbrttcke, f. tmm.'hridge, 
eheiren, a. ckifel. 
ebcn, V. a- to turn ; fo tvintf; 
ItaUf I drebcnd -wcrden, to nrow 

rebiad, n. turning w wheel. 
ckicbcibe, f. potter's wheel. 
ckftahl, m. turning- eheuTt 

• . three. 
rciangel, m. triangle. 
reiecK, n. triangle, trigon. 
reieckig, a, triangular, trigonal. 
rcieinig, a. triune. 
rcieioigkett, Dreifaltigkeit, f. iri. 


let, m. half, penny. 

!icriei,a. three different forts. 

' ■ W. 


Dreiftig.a. mrty. 

Drciftigfte, a. thirtieth. 

DreitMgig, a. ff three days iJlthat, 

Drcisack, m. trident. 
Dieizcbn, a. thirtun. 
Dreizebnte, a. thirteenth. 
Dreixinkift a. three .forked. 
Drell, a. f lAcA i iujiy. 
•Drefcben, v. a. to thrajh. 
Drelcben, a. thrajUng. 
DrerchcT, m. thrajhor. 
Drcfcbflegel, n. Jlail. 
Drercbtenoc, f. thrajking/loor. 
Dreinren, ».a. to drefs,lreak. 
Driebrachen, v. a. to trifallow, 
Driefela, v. a. to whirl i tountwij. 
Drillbobrer, m. T. drill. 
Drillen, v. a. T. to drill. 
Drillicb, m. tick, tiehen, tUkina. 
Dringen, v. a. to throng i to prefs^ 

iringto'f aufetwat., to inj^jt upon. 
Dritte. a. third. 
Drittel, n. tlOrd. 
Drittens, ad. thirty. 
Drhtcbalb, a. two and ha^. 
Drobcn, ad. there above. 
Droben, v. n. to threaten. 
Drobung, f. threatening, mt»««t, 
Drohoe, f. drone. 
Droll ig, a. droll. 
Dramedar, m. dromedary, 
Droffcl, r. thrujk, thrMe. 
Draft, m. upper kailijr. 
Drtiben, ad. at the other JSde. 
Druck, m./iufexci prefure^ print. 
Drikken, v. a. to prefs, fgueexe i to 

Drucken, v. a. to print; to ftamp. 
Orttckcr, m. handle i trieker. 
Drucker, m. printer i prefsmam. 
Druck erballen,'m. kaU^ 
Druckerei, f. typography 



Dumanbeit, f. dmlnefstftnpUtty. 
Dwamkopf, m. dtUhtmd, Jt^fd» 

Duatpf, a. duU. ^ 

DUmprd, m. wlOrlpool. 

Dampfig, a. dmmp, moiji mti/fy. 

DUae, f. down. 

OOngen, v. a. to dmng, muek, mmmttre. 

DOager, m. dung, muek, manmre, 

aonkal, m. fe(/. toneHt. 

Dunkal, a. dark, dujk, ^oomy\ . 

w«rdea, to darken, grow dim. 
Dunkel. a. Dunkclbeit, f. darkmefsi 

dujkijkntfii okfcurity. 
Hinken, v. n. to feem, to tkpnh, 
DlUn, a. tkin. 

Dttane, Ottanuag, f. tktnnefs. 
•Dtuifen, V. a. to fmoU. 
DunH, ai. vapour, damp, Jhtmt 

{SQhrot) fmaU .A*t- 
Dunften, Y. n. to vapour, Jltam. 
Dilnden, v.a» to Jlew, 
Dunttkreit, an. atotofphere, 
Duodex, ad. duodecimo. 
Durch, prp. through ; ky. 
nilrcbackcra, t. a. toplough through, 
Durcbarbeitcn, v^g. to worh through. 
Darcbaut, ad. t^oughout, fuitei 

dorcbant nicht, kp no means. 

Durcbbeifsen, v. a. to kite througk. 
•Ourcbblaren, ▼. a. to How through. 
DurcbbUitcra, v. a. to porufe, rum 

Durchblicken, ▼. n. to keep through, 
Darckbobren, v. a. to kore through. 
Darobbraten, v. n* to roajt through, 
•Durckbrecben, v. a. & a. I* kreak 


Durcbbrennen,v.n. (« kmm through, 

DurchbriAgen« v. a. to get, kring. 

thre^old, tri\ 
ifaiiigkeiubluine, f. pancy. 

reifufs, m. tripos, trevet. 

kt\'vlhtig,:triennial,three years tld. 
Jheilaut, Bi. triphthong. 
* int, m. half, penny loaf. 
Dreimal, ad. thrice, tkree.hmes. 
breifpMnnig, a- with a team of three. 
breifylbig. a. trifyllabUtU. ■ 
l>reift, a. hold; confident. 
|>reiaigkcii, t. hoUnefs } affuranet 

printing ; printing - oJKte. 
Druckcrlarbe, DruckerlchwXrse, f. 

ink. " 
Dru^krehler, m. fault, errata, 
Druckform, f. printing, model. 
Drockpapier, a. printing. paper, 
Druckfen, t. n. to tarry. 
Druide, m. druid. , 
Drufe, f. gfanderi, 
Driire, f. gland, kernel. 
Du, pr. thou. 
Dubleua.r. doublet \ detfk. 

Ducaien, m. dutat. 

Ducken, v. a- to duck. 

Dudelfack, m. bagpipe. 

Duel I, n. duel. 

ficb DuelUren, v. r. to fi^ta duel. 

Daett, a. duetto. 

Duft, m. vapour \ fcent, fragytMcy. 

Duften, V. a. to vapour. « 

Diiften, v. a. to give. 

Duftig, a. odorous, fctnting, fro- 

Dulden, v. ». fo bear,fujfer\ iterate. 

Duldung, f» toleration. 

Dunm, a. dull, dunJUtt, Jhipid. 

Oumindieift) a. pert. 

art ^f carry, run through) (verfohwea. 
itn) to Spend, con/ume, Jquander, 

DurcbbrucD, n. breaking through. 
Durchdenken, v'.a. to rejleS upon. 
Durcbdringen,' v. a. to penetrate } 
fig. to f netted, 
DuTclidringaad, a. Jhrtil, Jharp, nip* 

«Durcbfahrcn, ▼. a. iofmre throng 

to run through. 
Durcbfahrt, f. paffage } thoroughfare. 
Dttrchfall. m. diarrhoea, loofenefs. 
•DurcbfaUaa, t. a. to fall through. 
•Durcbfliegen , v. a. & a. to fly 

Durchflialseiif v. n. ft a. to fle» 
DarcbSu(s, m. flowing through. 
Durcbfrcfli^, v. a. to gnaw thtua^t 

Durcbfrierea, v. n. iofretxe. 
Diirchgang, m. pajlng through'. 
Durcbcifngig, •• common, univerfal, 
* Durongehen, v. n. to ''go througk ; 
to run away. i [.fi"y- 

Durcbgehcnd*, ad. gtnerally, univer- 
•Durcbgiefaaa, v. a. to poitr tkroughf 
I flUr. . 

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DarehmbM, v. a. t0 Jig tkr0Mgk. 

Durchbauen, v a. to htw thraugh. 

•Durch^uen, v a. fa Arw thraugh. 
Dorchhccheln, v. a. fa A«r4/« fA«- 
^ r0irfA/>; fig. ainen ., to tonfurt, 

•Durchhelfen, », a. to http through j 

*I>urcbkommeo, v. D. to totm . «ff 

J>urcbkreuueD, v. a. fa c^A* ' 
•Durchlaffen, v. a. fa Ut through. 
DurchUucht, f. highne/t. 
Durchlauchtigll, a. m^ high. 
«I>urchlaurcn« v. a. to run 'through. 
•Durchlerea , ». a. to ptrujt , go 

through. * 

*I>urcbnigen, v. a. fa htlf out hy 

Durchmarfichiren, ▼. a. fa mmrth 

through , 

Durehmefler, m. dimmtttr. 
Durchpriteela. r.a. to heat foumdly. 
Darchreife. f. pajfing through. 
Durchreifen, v. a. fa p*/s through. 
•Ourcbrehen, ♦. a. fa go through 

on horfihmrh. 
•Durcb(chein«a,v.a. tojkintthrou0. 
I>uicb(cb)*g.'ai.iS//<r, ^rM«(r, cuU 

•DuncbfcblagM* ▼.••»» ht»t through: 

to JtralH through 'j fich., to irtui 

through th* enemy} •». n. (von 

Pillen ) . fa too/tH ; ( vom Papier J 

fa blot. 
DurcbrchlUpfen, v. a. tojlip ^trough, 
•Durchfcbneiden,T.a. to cut through. 
Dnrcbfchoitt, m. cutting through i 

4ro/Ui im Durchrcbnitt«,aa( xuith 

the other, 
•DbrcbTcbea, ». a. fa fit through ; 

to review, revife. 
Durcbfeibeo, v. a. to Jitter. 
Durcbticbcig.a. tranf parent, peltueid. 
Durcbficbtigkeit, f. tranfpartnry. 
•Diircbftccbcn.T.n. to pierce thrtugh. 
Durcbaeck«n,T.a. to tut A'ough- 
•Durcbao(s«n, ▼, m^tothru/l through. 
'Durcbftrcichen, v. a. to efare^ to 

run uponddouni to^r the through 
Surcbfucbea, v. a. tofearch through. 
«Ourchireiben,v.a. to drive through. 
DurcbiriebcD, a. cunning, jffy. 
Durchtriebeabeti, f. cunntngnefs. 
Durcbwaten, v. n. fa ford, 
Durchvreben, v. a. to interweave. 
Durcbweicbea,T.a. to weah'en, /often. 
Durchwttblen, v. a. to root through. 
DurcbsiCblen, t. a. to fount over. 
•Durcbziehen, v. a. fa run through _ 

fig. -fa cenfurei «t. n. to ptfs'. 

march through. 
OurchxBg , m. p^Jing , mmrchit 

through ) T. mrchttrave. ' 

•DUrfen, ▼. n. to d*re ; to m*y } to 

need ; to he permitted to do. 
DBrfiig, a. needy, indigent. 
DHrftigkeit, f. ntedtne/j, indigence. 
Sttrr, a. arid, dry, demd. 
mn; r. mridUy, d'yncfs. 

£ HK 

DUiToren, m. hUm. 

Durtl, m. thirfi. 

Dtirften, «. n. to tlUrJl, try 

D irfiig, a. thxrfiy. 

Dafter, a. darh. 

DUte, r. tofin, p*her . eaft, 

Duten, V. n. to blow a* ^ horn, 

O itzbruder, m. companion l /tiU»' 

Ditsea, v.a to thou, 
Duueadf a. doien. 

Lhhe, U ebb. 

£ben, a. even, plain \ eb«n jetii, 

ju/l now ; eben dich* even thee , 

eben derfelbe , fAa very fom< ; 

eben fo viel, even as much ; eben 

fo gewift, at truly \ eben fo oh, 

as many times. 
Ebcnbild, n. image, refemblance. 
Ebcne, f. plain. 

Ebcnen. v. a. to even, level, plain. 
Ebcnfalls, ad. aifo, too, lihewi/e. 
Zh€aho\K,n. eben, ebony. 
EbeniDafi, n. fymmttry, proportion. 
Ebcr. m. boar. 
Eberhtrfcb, m. babiroo/a. 
Eherwurs, f- fouthetwood. 
Echo, n. echo, 

E^e. (. edge, corner; angle, nooh. 
Eckbaus, n. corner, houfe. 
Eekig, a- cornered, angular. 
EckOein, m comer. ^one. 
Edcl, a. gentle ; noble ; eaquijitt. 
Edelirau, f. lady. 
Edelbof, m. country 'feat qf a no- 

bleman . 

lelkoabc^m. pape. 
Edelmann, at. nobleman. 
EdeloiiUbig, a. gttttrous. 
Edelflein, in preciou* Jlont, 
Edict, n. eitd. 
Ege, f. harrow. 
Egebalken, m. AcrroiD . ^Mai. 
Egen, ».a. to harrow. 
Ebe, ad. ere, b' fore ; thtt,fooner, 

rather ; ebefte, next, 
Ebe. f. marriage, matrimony. 
Ebebeit, n. marriage- bed.' 
• Ebebrecbcn, v.'n. to adulter, aduJ. 

Ehebrecher, m. adulterer. 
Ehebrecherin, f. adulttrefs. 
Ehebrecbcrifcb, a. aduUerons. 
Ehebnich, in. adultery. 
Ehcconiract, m. affiance. 
Khedem, ad. before now, in old times. 
Ebefrau, f. wife, pi. wives, fpoufe. 
Ebegatte, m- hufiand, fpoufe, mate\ 

-tin, f. wife. 
EbegeAern, ad before yejterday. 
lEhebcrr, m. fpo^'t l»rJ- 
Ebcleiblich, ad. tktvj 

dejiro tt 

Ebclot, n. Jingle, unmarried, 
Ebclorigkeii, f. celibate, ceUbeuy. 
EhMnafig, a. old, former. 
Ebemalt, ad. before now, of old. 
Ebcmann, m. hufiand, fpoufe, mate. 
Ebepaar n. married couple. 
Ebepacten, pi. marriage .article*. 
Ebem, a brazen. 
Ehcrcbeidang, f. divorce, 
EKeregen, ai. conjng^ blejing. 
Ehefland, m. nuptiat^ate,wiarTiagt> 
Ebeftent, ad. next, 
EbcOeucr, f. dower, dowry. 
Eheftiftung, (. draugU ^marriage* 

Eheverlobnif*, n. betrothing, ^fianc** 
Ehcweib, n. *oife, fpoif/e, mat*. 
Ebrbar, a honejf. 
Ehrbarkeit, f. honefty. 
Ehrbegierde, f. ambition, 
. honour. 

Ehrbegierig. a. auctions, 
Ehre, 1. honour. 
Ehren, v. a. to honour t fa ^em. 
Ehrenamt, o. Sbrenfteile, f. place ei 

honour. [fpf^] 

Ebreobeaeigung , f. honouring rei 
Ebrendicb, m. calumniator, defamerl 
Ebrenerklitrang, f. derlarattonofa^ 

other* s being an hon'ft perfon, 
EbrenaedKcbtnirs, n maiiMMMif. 
Ebrenkleid, n. fijlival gown. I 

Ehrenpfone, f. triumphal are* 
Ehrenretinng, f. apology. j 

EbrenrUhrig,a. defamatory, injurlon/t 
Ehrenfache, f. matter ^honour, 
Ebrenntiila. f. /atue, monument. 
EhrenrcbMndcr, m. d^amer , fia*> 

Ebrentag, m. day of hopour. 
Ehreniitel, ta. title of honour, 
Ehranveft, a. grave, Jlif. 
Ebrenwort, n. parole. 
Ehrenzeirbcn, a. badge, marh * 

d.jfinmon. ^ 

Ebrrrbietig, a. reverent, refpeeifnl. 
Ebrerbictung, f. refptHfulneft. 
Ehrfurcht, f awe, reverence. 
Ebrgeitz. m. ambition. 
Ebrgeitzigt a. ambitious. 
Ebrlich. a honeft,fair,fatthfut. 
Ehrlichkeit, f. honejly, fair, faith 

fulneft. I 

Ehrliebe, f. love for honour. 
Ebrlot, a. dijkon our able, infamous. 
Ehrfam, a. hon^, honoured. 
Ebrf'icbt, f. ambition, thlrj after ha 

Ebrrergeflcn, a. forgetful «f honour 
EhrvrUrden, f. reverend. \ 

EhrwUrdig. a. venerable, reverend, i 
Eil i. whyt ay f heyl eight 
Ei, n. egg. 
Eicbe.f. oah. 

Eichel, f. acorn, wc/} nnt of* 
man's yard. 

vfut, ligitimate. I Eichelntaa. f . for> 

Eheleute, pi. married people. lEichen, a oahen. 

lEbelich, a/ aMfri»«R<«/, conjugal. lEicben, t. Aicben. 
'£bcHchan« ». «. to m»rry, wed. 

|ftiobh«i«i a. growe of onkt. 

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licUior*, a. ffuirrtt. 

fichwtld, m. wood 0/ emit, 

U, n. o*th. 

EdiB, m. fen -im. /«». 

6rfbi<icbig. «. brfktng «M«'i 9mtk, 

fidrcbfe, f. /Lc«rrf. 

tiderdunen, f pi. downs- 

Siotter, n ytlk. 

Ufcflofleniclrart, f. confederatton. 
Bflicb, a. M/eii «it voM. • 
Mcli%rur, m. fw*m*ing 9/ «m mM. 
£crit<chen. m. 0iMf/<f 
lofckaie. f. A**' «/ •» *Xr« 
IMbck, m. tvy. 
Scr. B. ztal. 
tSatx, m. xralot. 
Vth, a xtmlouj ; criraf, e<^fr. 
Jfcrn, ▼. n. <« *♦ xtatout,jeaitut. 
Tucht, f- jtaloufy ; f«i^. 
fuchtig, m. jtal»us ; inUdiout- 
mig, a. on«/ 
jeo, a. «ii)ii ; proptr ; Jira-ngt. 
gendUnkcl, m. prefumftion, ftlj. 

. n. oomtr, proprietor. 

iohiindig, a loir* one*! otan hand 

{enliebe, f./r/- Uvt, ftl/.tiking. 

:niob, n ftlf.pratft. 

figennMcbtig, a. mrHtrmry, arbttta- 

Efennuts, m. filfijkntfsf 


Frenniitsig, %. ftlfjk. 
uens, aJ. proptriy, tfpetimUy. 
Lenfcliart, f. propriety, quaUty. 
ifcniinn, m. rapriet, vil/nlntfj. 
kennnnig.a. tmpririovs, wdfmi. 
Itencbiim, n. p^opritty, p'optrty. 
pKcntMiiner, m. froprittor , pro. 

MeniMiinerin, f. proprittrtft. . 
EgenihiSmlich. a. mvm, proptr, pt' 
[ r»/i«r, proprittary. 
MCKtbonmcht, n. H[fA' ^ P^ff'f- 

^enUich, a. proptr \ true. 
pgtnwille, m./tlf-wilt, arbUrmrU 

GKcnwillig. a. arhttrabU, uU/ai. 

ManJ, t Infel. 

ine. f. knfie, fpttd. 

51en, ▼. n. *c haften, fpttd. 

Clcn. n. maiin^ ik^ri 

tUendt, ad. A«>R{r. M i«/r- 

BH,a. eleven. 

fcKtrtig, a. Ao^/, haftening, 

Drmigkeit. f. kaJtinep,fpttdlH*fs. 

K^mal, ad. r/«txN fimf/. 

tilftc. a. tlet>«vth. 

tilftel n. effventk part. 

■il^eni, ad. y(»r fAf tievemtk. 

Slin.a. kafiy^fpttdy 

^imcr, m /at/, bucktt\ barret. 

^n»«. a, «n ; flu*. 

inander, ad. ««« «» «<A/r, mtA 

•nirnien, * -a. *» gtiktr, reak. 
iaiirchcni, ▼. • /* lay in ajkes. 
ioathmmi, ▼. ». to breathe, dram air. 

SinKogtg, a. one. eyed. 
Einbatfamircn, ^.a. to embalm> 
Einband, i». binding ^ iover. 
•Einbekommcn, v. n. to take, get 

pofrfon of. 
•£inbi«K«n, v. a. to bend imuard. 
ficfaEinbildeo, V. r to tmagime, eon. 

etivt, tkink. 
Einbildung, f. fanty , imagination, 

£inbildangskraft« f. iatapfination^ 

•Einbinden, v. a. to bind; to make 

a p't/tnt to a god.rkild. 
•Einblafen, v. a. to in/pirr; to prtm/t. 
EinbUucn. v. a. to inflate, 
•Einhrechcn, ▼. a. to tmrk in, into, 

upon, open. 
•Einbringcn, V. a to bring in. 
Einbrockcn, v. a. to crumblt bread 

Einbracb, m. koufe- breaking, 
Einbiifte, f. lo/s. 
EinbUfsen, v. a. to lo/e, it come ojf Einge^eide, 

a Itifer Eingescgrn, 

Eincairtren, ▼. a. . to get in, put in 

•Eindingen, v. a. U include in a bat 

*Eindringen, t. a. to invade, break 

in J ficb •, to p/e/s kim/elf In. 
Eii^^ck, m. imp^ejion- 
EindrOcken, y. a. /• pre/tin, imprefs 
Einer, a. one. % 

Einerlei, a. tke fame, ane and tke 

Etniacb, a. Jingle ; /mple. 
Einfacbhcit, f. Jimpleneft- 
Einrxdeln, V a. to run a tkreadtn. 

to a needless eye^ fig. to (ontrivt. 
*Einfahren, ». a. to inn, koufe\ •y. 

n. to enter in a rarriage. 
Einfabrt, f. entry, entrance. 
EinFall, va. falling down I invajloni 

fally of wit. 
•Einfallen. t. n. to invfjt, invade; 

to remember j to fall down j to fall. 

come into tke mind. 
EinfaMf f . Jimplirity. 
Einniug, a. ^mple ; JlUy. 
Einrarhig, a. of one eotour. 
EinfaflVn, v. a. to enckafei to border. 
EinfaflTung, f. enckaf,ng, bordering 
Gcb •Einnnden, t. r. to come, appear. 


Einflechten, r. a. ta intertwijf, in- 

Rinfllrken, v.a. to interline. 

Einfltifsen^v. a to inJliU , infufe. 

Einfluft, m itiftuence. 

Einfordem, v a. to dun. 

Einformig. a unxform. a 

Einffirmigkeit, f. uniforaAty. 

•EiofrefTen, v. n. to eat, eat into. 

•Einfriereoy v n.^obind witk ice. 

Einfubr, f. impor^^ 

EinfUbren, t. a. tlmmforti to intro- 
duce; to bring up. 

£innibruDg, f. introdnSion, tmpartet- 

SiaMlMi, T. a. ta JUt up. 

Etngang, m. entrance. 

•Eingeban, v. a. to reatkphy/Ui ia 

put into wOmdi eioe ScbrUi -, ta 

Eingebildet, a imaginary; conceited. 
Eingebogen, a. incurvated, inclined. 
Eingeboren, a native. 

Eingebung, f. infpiration,fugg^ii remindtngofi.fa) 


emindtng 0^ 
to remind. 
EingeHcircht, a. tmeamaie. 
Ein(;crroren, p.&a ice.boumi. 
•Eingefaen, ▼. n. to enter; to come 
to kand ; to confent; to tome in \ 
to ruin, de.ay; . laflTen, todifto*- 
tinue to fyfialn. 
Etngereflen, a. inhabitant. 
Eingenacht, a. preferved. 
EingepFarn, a. parockiat. 
Eingeprarrte, m- f panjkioner. 
•EingcAeheo^ *. a. toconfefs\ ta 

. bowels, guts. 
„ ^ . . retired, foiitary. 
Einjtezogrnheit. f. retirememt, /rf. 

vary, folxtarinefs. 
'nngiclicn, V. a to paw ia. 

•EingrabA, v. a. to dig in ; ta «■• 

•Eingreiren, v. n. to cattk upon. 
EingrifF, m. fig. encraackaunt, ufur- 

Einhlikeln,£inbaken, V. a. to kook. 
Einhalt, m Jtop, cketk j . than, ta 

ckeck.Jlop, inkibit. 
«Kinbaltea, 1. a. &n. to Jfop, check, 

kold in , inhibU ; to difeontmue, 

leave of. 
Einbandein, v. a. to purckafe, buy. 
EinbiCndigen, ▼. a. to hand to, de» 

liver, confign. 
Einhaticben, v.a. to breathe in. 
Einhauan, v. a. to hew in, to clit 

Einheben, v.a. to heave Mo tht 

Einbcimirch, a. doa^Jtie, kamtbred, 

Einbeit, f. amity. 

Einbaitzen. v. a. to heat, ealtfy. , 
•Einbelfcn, v. a. /• kelp in, prompt, 
Einbclfer, m. prompter. 
EinhcUig, a. unanimous. 
Eiiibelligkeit, r. union. 
Einher, ad./«r<A, on, along. 
Einholcn. ▼. a- fa overtake, omtrun } 

to eotUa. 
Einborn, a. unicorn. . 

EinhUllen, ▼. a. to enxorab, wrap up, ^ 
Einjagen, «.a. to e^f right, to frigh. 

Einig, a. ane ; • feya, to agree tot 

gttker. ^ 

Einiger,Einige,Einlges, ft.fome,any, 
Einigkei(,r. unity; concord, karmony. 
Einimpfen, v. a. to inoculate. 
Einkaiien, r. a. to ckew before. 
Einkaaf, n. biding, purckafe, emp. 



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Eiaktnfcn, vv a. ta Imy, fwdmft. 
XiokMuftr, m. pwwy^r, 
liAkchr, f. twmins <■• 
Kiokdiren, v. a. U ium in. 
Zlnkerbcn, t. a. to earvt, ntith. 
Eislierkcrn, v. a. t» conjint in tijmii. 

tkat it got looft. 
Zinklang, m. uni/on, mccord. 
Sinkleiden, V. a. to chtkti to invejf. 
' Kinkletdung, f. elotking | iHveJHturt. 
Jlinklemaien, v.a. to htm in. 
Kinkneten, v. a. to kntad tinier, to 

work togttktr. 
Einkocben, v.n. to dimin'Jk bjr koU- 

img i v.a. to boU.ftttk to. 
^Klnkomtncn, v. if. to tomt in ; fig. 

to mddrtft a fupplicMon to. 
Kinkommcn, a. EinkUnfte, pi. in- 

€omt, rttnmt, fhbfijttnct ; rmf/. 
«Einkriechen, v.n. to erttp intoi to 

•EinUden, v. a. io Imde in } to in- 

fUe. ' 
Kinladoof, t. inviUtion. 
Binlage, T. Jiakt ; UtUr tntlo/ti. 
SiniXiMlirch, «. lolifDdircb. 
Einlals, m. Uttimg in ; inltt, wicktt. 
♦EinlaOen, v. a. toUtinf Cch ., to 

tnter, tngagt. 
Kinlauf, m. running in ; foiling in 
«Einlaair«n, r. n. to run <■ ; to /mil 

in\ to arrive i (voo Tuch) to/krink. 
UnUuMiit V. a. to announce witk tke 

town » belis. 
XinleMn, v. a. to Uy in, put in } to 

«ejervt', to pickle \ v.n. ( vo 
'aaren) to put ue ; eingalegi 

Arbeit, inlay, ckteier-work. 
Kinlehen, v. a. to introduce. 
Einlcitung, f. introducing, introdU' 

Xinlenken, v. a. to turn in ^ to re- 

turn to. 
•EinUrco, V. a. togti in, gotker. 
Einlicrem, v. a. to bring in, detioer. 
Einlogiren, v.a. to lodge. 
Einlofen, V. a. to redeem, recover» 
EinldftiAg, f. redeeming. 
Einlfithen, v. a. to folder in. 
£innachen« v. a. to preferutt eon. 

Eiiimal, ad. onee i one time. 
Einmanem, v.a. to inmure. 
EiniDCDgcn, v. a. to intermingle. 
«£inmeflen, v. a. to mtmfure into. 
Einmifchen.'v. a. to intermiM, blendi 

fich ., to intermeddle. 
Einmtiihig, a. ununimous. 
^XinmOibigkait, f. unmnimi^. 
EinnMtan, ▼. a. to few up^ioflittkin. 
Einnahne, f. taking j receining } rr. 

•EianebAen, v. k. to take int to 
confuer, takei to receive, gaiker : 
to take up; to perfuade; to be\ 

Einnebmer, m. r«rWtwrj gatker«r\ 
of tames. I 

ElniifltzeoyT.a. to modify, make ar/.| 

Uamften, Eianiftaln, v. a. U neM i 

fig. to n^U. ^ 

Eindde. f. defert,foliiudt. 
UBpacken.v.a. to pack up. 
Einpfthlen, *. a. to paU^ encompafi 

uritk pales. 
Einpftrren, v. a. Uajign toaparifk. 
Etnpfropfen, v. a. to engraft. 
Eiopdkela,v.a. tO'pickle. 
EinprKgcn, r.a. to imprefs, flamp\ 

fig. to imprint. 
Eiopredigen, v.a. to perfuade upon. 
Einprcflen, ». a. to preft. 
Ernpudern, t. a. to powder, ' 
Einqoartieren, v. a. to fuarter - biL 

let fotdiers. 
Einquellen^. i. to foak. 
£ii)raf{en, v. a. to rake. 
Einrammelo, v. a. to ram in. 
EinrMumen, ▼. a. to koufe\ to eon. 
fign over to j to grant j to permit, 
Einrifumuag, f. koujlng, putting into. 
Einrecbnen, *. a. to enter into tke 

fame account. 
Einrede, f. contradiSion. 
Einreden, t. a. to perfuadt upon } y. 
' n. to contradifl. 
Einreiben^ v. a. to rub into. 
Einrcichcn, t. a. to prefent. 
Einreiften, t. a. to tear^ rend l to 
pull down, demolifk ; v. n. fig. ' 
fieal in, inereafe. 
Einricbten.v. a. to fit into joint i to 

frditr, accommodate. 
Euiricbtung, f. difpofition, ordering. 
Einrtickca, v. n. to march into ; v. 

a. to infert. 
EinrUhren, v. a. to mingle, beat. 
Etna, a; one; ad. ^ the fame opi- 

nion ; . feyn, to agree. 
Eioracken, v. a to put in bags, 
Einlalben, v. a. to anoint. 
•Einfalzen, ». a. to fait, pickU. 
Einfam, a. folitary, alone. 
Einfamkeit, f./olitude,folitarineft. 
Einfammeln. v. a. to colted, harvtfl. 
Einlatz, m. flake. 
EinfKuern, v. a. to four. 
'Einfangen, v. a. to fuck in. 
Einrcbahen, v. a. to iaterline , in- 
fert, intercalate. [tion, 
Einrcbahung. f. intrr-calatlon, infer. 
ȣ.inCcbitltn, v. a. to inculcate. 
Einfcbarren, T.a. to inter; to cover. 
Einfchenken, v. a. to pour in. 
•Einfchieben, v. a. to Jkove in<«; 

to interline. 
*Eiiirchiefscn, v. a. tofioot down; to 

exercife in. 
Einfirhiffien, v.a. to embark, _^ip, 
•EinrcbUfen, v.a. to fall i^fleepi 

.v.a. ioap,fup. 
m. inclofed Utter j 

EIN . 

•ElnrcMeicfaen, v. a. to fneak 

creep ^toi fich-, to Jeal , 

one's favour. 

•Einfchlieften, v.n. to catch In i 

a. to make cftck in ; to loch 

to inclofe; (o encompaft y to 

elude \ to block up. 

Einfcbluckcn, v. a. to fwallom a 

Einrchlummern, v.n. to fall iai 





Einrchmeichein, v. a. (fich) to 

Einrchmeichelung, f. iufinuaHonl 
•Einfchmeiften, v.a. to fmiUdoc 
Einrchinelzen, v a. to melt. 
Ein&bmieren.v.a. to befmear, gret 
Finfchmutsen, v. a. to befmut. 
EiDfcbnallen, v.a. to buckle. 
*Einfchneiden, v. a. & n. to € 

notek, carve, indent. 
Einrchniu, m. incifure% euttini 
notching. ^ 

EinfchnUren, v. a. to lace. 
Einrchopfen, v.a. to pour in, tojU 
Ein(cbritnken, v. a. to limit, confm 

to keep in. 
ElaCchTtL\ib€n,r.n. to fcrew in. 
•Einrchrciben, v.a. to write in, 

Einrcbreibegeld, n. entering man 
Einfchrumpfen , v. a. to fkrin 

Einrchttttcn.v.a. to pour outfl^oTi 

to but gri/l in bags. 
EinfcbwMrzen, v. a. to black » to bi 

Einrchvratsen, v, a. to perfuade ta 
Eiorcgnen.v. a. to blefs, confecraU 
•Efnicfaen, v. a. to umderfland. 
EinCtifen, V. a. den Bart., to lather, 

' ' \er. 

"WUfcht -, to put foap over. 
Einreiiig, a. ^ one fide, fartial. 

Einfcnden, v. i 

to benum, 
Einrcbmirn, v. a. to lull ejleep. 
Elnfchlag , m. driving into } fig. 

•Einrchlagen, v. 

(enwrap; a\nA 

to break open 

en* I 

Oen Ito 

thoofe^ to thrive. 

'« drive into I to 
ief., to incline} 
, make an aver. 
to Jrike% fig. 

Einfeiidung, f. fending. 

Einrenken, v. a. to fink into, 

Einreieen, v. a. to flep into ; to putt 

fet into I to inftituU, con/Htutet 

inflaU. J* * "^ w^ 

Einfeizuog , f . fiepping Inta, &e. f 

i^aUation, it^JtUution. 
Elnficbt. f. infight. 
Einriedelai, f. her^titage, folitude. 
•Einfieden, v. a. to feeth to. 
EinficiHer, m. hermit, folitary. 
Einficdlerifcb, a. hermitieal. 
Einfpanncn, v.a. to put horfes to. ' 
EinfpXnner, m. tader. 



£in(pi(nnig,a. putting but one horfi to. 
Etnfperren, v. a. to pen up, hem in. 
Eiafprechen, v. a. to encourage j 
*v. n. bey jemanden ., to ceUl on, 
Einfprcngen, v. a. to befprinkle. 
Einfpritzen, i. a. fofpout into. 
Einrpruch, m. proti^ation againft • 

EinA, ad. onee, one day, one time. 
Einfiampfen, v.a. to ram in,Jtamp is. 

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fter, n. window ,-ciiJkiou. 
n, m. eaftmtnt. 
. ibe, f. glajfy roundtt. 
•X vacancy, vacaticiet. 
farram, far. 
^ T. n. to farrow, pig. 
%-far, di/lant, remott. 
tttakhoiz, a ftrnamhicA wp»4. 
i.farntfs, difiant*. 
> Fernerweitig, •furHtr. 
»in, ad. for thtfuturt, htntt- 

n. ptrfptaivt. 
*k f kttl. [JteJ 

^, ■. ready i fni/ked, mccompli. 
ligen, s. Abfcrugen nod Verier, 

igkeit, f. readintfj, habitude. 
eln, pi. fttters, Jkafkitt. 
leln, ▼ a. to fttt€r,fiackle, chain. 
W, %.fa/i,frm, hard, f olid; ton. 

«. n. feajl. holy day. 

baigkeii, i.fajintfs^frmntft, eon- 


sftlicb, ti. foltmn, pompoux. 

rHkleid, n f.Jl, habit. 

tftlichkeit, f . fejttvity. 

-" m. holy day.ftajl. 

„.£ fort, cafttcfortrtfs. 
efttuig»b«u. m. fortification. 
eA'ingswerk, n. work of foTtifea- 

bu, n. fat, grtaft. 
m,*.fat,f(rtafy, e 
chen, to fat, fatten'. 

fcti, \ fat, grtafy, corfutenff - ma. 

kttnecken, m./oot of grit/e. 

Vniicht. ». likt'fat. 
Ant>R> *•/»**>> grtafy. 
Settigkeit, f.fatntfs, grtafintfi. 
etcen. m Jkrtd, tatttr, rag. 
tticht. a. moifi, humid, wet, damp. 
•uchjen. v. a. to wet. damp, mo'Jlen, 
kochtigkeit, f. wetnefj, mojture, 
iompneff, humidity. 
fener, n. fire. 

leueranftalt, f. preparation to futnch 

SBuerbeftJtndig. »./x. 
ruerbeftilndigkeii, f. fiaU&ty, 
neibock. m. andiron. 

weffe, f. forge. 
erficber, m. fan, wing. 
•wfarbe, f . fire - c ' 

bwrfeft, a. fi*, 


, — ^. ...fparhU, 

i»wgk)cke,f. fire.betl, alarumUeU. 
'•wherd, m. hearth, fit e. fide. 
*M«kugeI, f. jf r, , *a//. , 

JeoCTleiier, f. fire, ladder. 
[eacrmaaer, f. Jhaft of m chimney. 
'euemuucrkebrer, f. chimnty-fwee^ 

«"rta5rfer, m. mortmr. 

ncro.T.a. to kindle, ttght', to give 

ItocrpfiuuMf f. firt -/•«. 


Feuerr«hr«, hand. gum. 
Feaerroih, a. as red as fire. 
Feuertbrunft, f. eonfiagrattoH, great 

Feuerrchirm, f . fire .fkreen, 
Feuerrcbwamm, m. agariak. 
Feuersgefahr,'e- danger, 
Feuerfjieiend, i. burning. 
Feuerlpriize, f engine. 
Feuerflabl, m.fieel. 
FeuerftMue, f. burning . place i kou/e, 

Feuerftein, m. fiint .fiout. 
Feuerflrahl, m. flojk. 
Feuerihurm, m. beacon, 
Feucning. f. fire - wood,firing,fewel. 
Fetierwiichter, m. fire - man. 
Feuerwerk, "n- fire . work. 
Feuerwerk«r, m. fire - worker. 
Feuerwerkerkunft, f. pyroteehny. 
Feuerzange, f- tongs. 
Feucrzeichcn, n. meteor ^ fire-token ■ 
Feucrzeug, n. tinder . box. 
Feurig, a. fiery, ardent, hot, P*ffio. 

Fiackcr, m. kachney . eomek. 
Fibel, f. horn. book, bmttU.daor, 

chrifi . cro/l - row. 

Fiber, t. Fafer. 

Fichte, f. tint, fir, red- fir. 

Fichcenwald, wood, pint-wood. 

Ficke, f. pocket. 

Fieber, n. fever, ague. 

Fieberhaft, a. aguifik, feutrifi, feve- 

Fieberkraut, n. ftmrfew. 
FieberrinJe, f. peruvitn rind. 
FMeX, {. fiddle. 
Fiedelbogen, m. fiddle- Jhck. 
Fiedeln, ▼.a. to fiddle. 
Fiedler, m. fiddler. 
Figur, f. figure. ^ 

FigUrlich, a. figuratiue, tropical. ' 
Fiiet, n. network. 
Filial, n. out-parijk. 
Fihriren, ▼.• a. to filter, filtrtte. 
Filirirrack, m. filtring.bag. 
FWz.m. felt i niggard. 
FiUen, ». a. to felt, fettre. 
Filzbut, ta.ftlt.hat. 
Filrig, n.fetty,f tiling i niggard. 
Filzlaut, f. crab.tou/e. 
T\\*{ch)jLh,m.Jkoe (f felt. 
Finansen, ^\. finances. 
Findelhaus, n. foundling .hofpltal. 
Findelkind, n. Findliag, m. /«!<■<(> 

•Findcn. v. a. to find. 
Finger, m. finger. 
FingerhandrchuE, m. fingered glove, 
Fingerhut, m. thimble. 
Fingerhutblume, f. blue bell.fiower. 
Fiftgerling, m.. finger. fiaU. 
Fingern, t. a. to finger } to touch 

with the finger. 
Fink, m.JfiinrA. 

Finne, f . //M^/( ; (der nrche}/M. 
Finnig, a. pimpled. 
Finfter, a. dark, tenebrous, gloomy. 
Finflerairs, f. dmrknefsi obfcuri^. 

Pinte, r. wiU, cunning trkk. 
Firmament, n. firmament, fiy. 
Firreein, *. a. to confirm. 
Firmelung, f . confirmation. 
FirniTt, m varnijk. 
Firniffeo, t. a. to vamijk. 
Kifcal, m. attomry rf the McArfMyv 
Fifctu, m.fifi, eacheeuer. 
Fifch. m. fijk. 
Fifcbadler. m. ofpray. 
FtCchungtl, I. fiJk. hook. 
FiTcbbein, n. whalebone, 
Fifchbrut, i.fry,fiJkbro9d. 
Fifchen, t. a. to fifii. 
Fi Tcber, m fifiier, fifier - m^n. 
Fifcherei, f-fijkery. art <ffiJUng> 
Fifchergarn, n. fifiking.yam. 
Fifcherkahn, m.jijitr . boat, momger. 
Fifcbcrnctz, n. fijhing . net. 
Fifchfang, m. fijiing , tateking ^f 

Fifchgra'te, m. fifit.bemt, 
FifcbbSher, m. caulf. 
Fi fcbbiindler, m . fifi, . mengiT, 
FiTchicbi, a.,^7 
Firchkeflel, m.fifikkettle, 
Fi Tchlaicb, m. /pawn. * 
Fi fc bolter, f. water. ptter. 
Fifchreich, a /^«y. 
Firchrogen, m. /pawn , fry. 
Fifchfatz, m. fry. 
Firchfcbuppe, i.fcaU. 
Fircbfpeirc. f. fijkmtal. 
Firchtcich, m- fifii .pond. 
Fifcbthran, ta.fiJkoU, blubker. 
Fircbweibcr, m. fijk-pond 
Fifchzug, m. drat^kt . cocking ff 

Firpem, v. •. to wkifper. 
Fift, m.foifi,fixxU. 
Fiftel, f. fuavering ueUt', ( einC*- 

Fiften, T. a. to foifi. 
Fitiich, m. wing. 
Fix, a. fin, firm} rf^i fnitk, 

Fixflern. m. fined fiar. 
Flacb, a. fiat, plain, leoel, ettm. 
FUche, f . fiat, fiatnefs i face. 
FlSchen, v. a. to fiat. 
FlMchenmar*, n. mea/ure fer plamr 

Flacht, m. fiax. 
Flacbsbrecbe, f. brake. 
FUcbidarre, f. fiax- drying. kouft. 
Flifchfen, a. flaxen. 
Flachfkraut, n. fiasi.weed, ttadfioM, 
Fladen, m. fiawn. 
Flagge, m. flag. 
Flaoime, {.flame. 
Flammen, v. n. to flame. 
Fiammicht, Flaromig, a. fl*»y' 
Flanell, m. flannel. 
ri*nkf,{. flank. ^ ^ 

Flankiren, ▼. o. to flutter, flank. 
FUtche, (. fiaji, flagon, bottle. 
FUfcbcnkotb , m- fla/ltt , cafe of 

FUrchtnett, «. flagfUt. 


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Flauargcli, n. inctnjtmnt ftUam. 
FlatterMft, «. Airtutgi intpn/ltnt. 
nauerlurtigkeu, f. £irtati»n. 
Flaitern, v. n. Ufiltt fittUr,J(MttT\ 

Flaumfeder, f. Jll», dsxon, plumt- 
Ftcchfe. f. tnJou, ttmVts, merve 
ncchtc, f . UtUr i JItcki trtfii A«« 

•Flecbten, y. a. to krmid, pimit, txoj/. 
Flechtwerk, n., yitmk. 
Fleck, m./fot.Jmim. 
Flecken, m. kerougk^ mmrktt • pU<ti 

blemijk. • 

Flee ken, v. a. Ufp»t,Jtmi%. ■ 
FIcckfieber, n. Jpottidftvtr. 
Fleckig, a. fpotUi, ftamxi. 
ricckkugei, i, fmv^Ktt. 
Flederniaus, f. bmt, /Utter, wumfi. 
Pledemvifch, m. goo/e »inm. 
riegel. m. JldUy tkurl. 

Flockig, a. Atcky, fiaky. 

Flockftide, f /Itrtt. ^■' 


yiegelei, f. tkurlifiintfs. 
Flegclbaft, a. ekutlijk. 
Flehen, r. a. to fupplittU m^ 
bly, imptort. 

lehentlicb, a. /mj 

leircb, n. fitji, i 

Icirchbank; f . Jhi 

bly, imptort, 
riehentHcb, •.. fup^imnt. 
Fleircb, n. fitjk, mtat. 
Flci^chbank^f . JhambUt, 
FleifchbrUbc, f broth. 
Fleircher, m. butckt*. 
Fleifcberbund. m- buteker's dog. 
Fleircberknecht,m. butcktr 't/tr»ant. 
Fleirchern. a. of Ji<Jk. 
Fleirchfarbe, f. fitJk . coioiir, Mrnc- 

Fleirchrarbrn, a. Jtfjk . coUurti. 
FleirchfriUIig, a. rarnivorous. 
Fleirch)^abel. f.jltjkkook. 
Fleirchgcfchwulft, f. fa'nofity. 
Fleirchhackcr, m. butcktr. 
Fleirchicht. Fleirchig, a /cAT- 
FleirchkaoMBCr, f. lardtry, butttry- 
Fleirchlich, a. fitjhly, rarntl. 
Fleirchmade, f. mofigot. 
Fleifchmarkt, m but(ker*t'm*rktt 
Fleirchrpe^ire, f. mtat. 
Fleifchwunde, f . Jlrjk - wound. 
Fleirt, m. dUigeuci, apptttatlon, es. 

Fleiliig, ». diligent, indujlriout. 
Fletrchen. t. a. to gnajk. 
Flickcii, V. a. to botck, pattk, rep^ii 
Flickwerk. n. bottking, fatcklng. 
Fiickwon, n- botck. 
nieder, m. tldtT'trtt. 
Fliege, (. fy' 
'•Fliegen, v. n. '» Jfjy- 
Fliegennrnger, m. Jty . ratektr. 
Fliegendreck, m fly -blot. 
Fiiegcnklatrche, i. fly -flap. 
FliegenfchnSpper, m. gnat/napptr. 
Fliegenfchrank, m. ward- mtat- 
Fliegenwcdel, m. flip 'fl*p, /«« /«r 

«Flichen, *. B. to fltt ; ta fly. 
Plieri, p. fletct. 
•Hiciten, y. o. to flow, run. 
Fliertpapier, n. blotting -paptr. 
Fliertwafler, n. running water. 
Flimiacrn, v. o. to gttflen, glitter. 


Flink, a. tight, brljt, alert. 
Flinkern, » n. toglflen, giitter,Jbi- 

nr, fpark/e. 
Plimc. f. gmvi/ujit. 
Flirtienkngel. f ball. 
Flinicnfcbluft, n flre-laek. 
Klinwnftein, m. flint. 
Flifpern, Fliflcrn, v a. Sin. ta vkt. 

tptr III •«*'/ ears. 
Fliilchpfeil, m. fleteh, dart, arrow- 
Fli'tcr. m. fpangte. 
Flidcrgold.n tinftt, leaf . braft . 
Fliiterhaube, f. toif with fpangUs. 
Flitiernaat, m. flipptry. 
Klitierwoche, f. homy-moan, 
Florkcn, xa. flake, fiock. 
Flocken, v. n. to flake, 
Floh, m.flea.' 
FIdben, y n. to flea. 
Flor, m. flower j gauze, tiffany, 
Floretband, n. floret - ribband. 
Floretreide, f . floret -filk, 
Flofi, n. float, 

Flofte, r. floating, float, floatages. 
Fldften, Y. a to float, 
Morsfeder. r./ii. 

FlofsbolK.' n. floatage, floating vtatd 
Flote, f. fl/te. 
Floti, a. floaty, 
Flotte, f flett. 
Fluch. n. eurff, matediifitn. 
Fiucben, v.a. to euf/e, ejie<rute\ to 

Fluchcr, m. cHtfer,fti 
Fl.ichi. (.flight. 
FlUchien, y. n- to flee. 
FlUchiig, a. fleeting ; fugitive ; vola. 

FlUcbcif(keit, f. fltetneft ; volatility. 
Flikhiling, m. r^ugee; deferter. 
FlUck, FlUgge, a. fledged. 
FlUgel, m. wtng. 

Klugt, ad. fuiek. direffly, ii[flantly. 
Flur, i. field; floor. 
Flurrrhbtt, m raigtr. 
Flurs, m. flood, flow, river \ rheum. 
Fliififitber, n. eatarrkal ftver. 
Fiiinig. a fluid, lifuid; rheumy. 
V\\M^f,Vc\x., i. fluidity, llfuidneft. 
Fl<iriwa(rer, n- river, water. 
FlUte, f. fluyt (ein Schiff}. 
Fluth, r. flood. 
Fluthen, v. n. to flow. 
Fluihzeit, f. tide. 
Focke, f . fore -fail (ein Segel). 
Fockmaft, m. fore- mafl. 
Foblen, n. foal. 
Folge, r. ftritt i eontlnm^ioH ; reti. 

fefuence, ftquel. 
Folgen, V. n. to follow, * 

~>lgero, Y. a. /• dtriva, infer, eon- 
Folgening, f. inferring, ronttufion. 
Folglich, %, con/efuenti ad. &c. com. 

Folgftm.a. obedient, willing tofatiaw. 
Folgrarakciti f. obt^mtt. 


fa\\»nx,m. folio, book. 

Folic, f.foil. ' 

Folio, n. folio. 

Fotier, f. ratk j tortur^ J 

Folierbank, f. tath- [ 

Foliern, y. a. to torment, 

Foniilne, f fountain. 

Foncanell, o. fo* tanet, eautere, \^_ 

Foppen, Y. a. to fob, banter, raJ/^ 

Foiderlicb.a. • feyn, to further 

Fordrrn, v. a to demani. afk, dtflti 

feak for J to tall for, out 
Furdcrn, Y a. to further, promote, 
Fordcning, f demand, dtflre, claim. 

^, f. trout, grey. 
Form, {. form, figure', metUd, block, 
Formalien, pi formaUuet-, n. Ate of a book. 
Formel, f. form. 

Formen, v.a. to form, fojkion, fl- 

nUen, Y. a. to form , frame, 

Fofmlicb. a Jkaped ; format. 
Fdtailicbkeii, {.formality. 
Formrcbneider , m. form • entltr, 

Fornniilar, n. fit form. 
Forfchen, y. d to ftar'ck, imfuire. 
Forft, m fo> 'fl. 
Ffirfter, m.forrfler. 
Forlliechi, n. fartfl . luwt 
Fort, ad./«rn^ away; i. hence 
Fortarbeitco, v. B. to continue 

a work. 
'Fortbringea, v. a. to bring «^. 
Fondauer, f. continual on. 
Foridauern, y. n. eo continue. 
Foririlen, v. n. to hofltn away, 
'Funrahren, y. n. to go of, coiu 

'Fonfliegen, y. n. to fly away. 
Fonflihren, y. a. to carjy away. 
Forigaqg. m. pr og'' e/> , fuece/s . 
•Forigehcn, y. n. to go away, M 

de/a'll to eontinue; to fucceed. 
•Forthelfen, y a tofwther \ 

Fnrthin, ad. htncforth in the future* 
Forijagen, y a /* chafe away. 
'Fori kom men, Y. n to get away; to\ 

proeeed, advance, to thrive. 
Fonkonnen, v. n. to be able to fr4 

cted, go on. 
•Fotdcriechen, y. n. to get forwa^ 

by c'teping- 
•ForilafTen, v.a. /• let go. 
•Fbftlaufcn, v. n. to run away ; j 

run on., 
•Fonltffcn, v. n. to read further. 
fich Fonmacben, y. r. to go off, mk 

ke away 
Fortpflanren, y a fff propagate. 
Forireircn, y n /• depart, go off, 
•Furireiftcn, y. a. /• tear away. 
•Fonreuen, y. n. to ride away, M 
FortrUcken, ». •• to move away, fl 

Fortfcbaffen, v. a. to carry ame^ 

to fend away 
Far^fchicken, v. ft. to fmi away. 


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lAta, T. «, tt inktrit, U ht fmt't 

Meiiein, v. a. to obtain ty b'^ging. 
Etbeuten, v. a to git booty, 
Zrbrall, na . funtage. 
t Iibfeind, m. /worn enemy. 
Irbgerechiigkeit, f. knrjup, 
Krtgrind, m. /(alt. * 

' ZrbKni, n. inkeritanee. 

trbberr. m. lord of the manor. 
, Zrbluildigung, f. homage to the lord 
kh •Erbieten, ▼. r. to fre/etit one's 

libiD. f. heirefi. 
*Ifbiuen, ▼ a. to keg, ie/irt. 
Miuern, v. a. to imbUter, e»a/fe. 

£rbittcTUog, f. imbittering^ exa/fera- 

Erbkon igrcich n . hereditary kingdom. 

Erbland, n. hereditary land. 

ErblafTen, •Erbleichen, v.n. togrow 

^U\ (fterben) to exanimate. 
Erblafler, m t'/lator ; . in, f. t^a- 

Erblthn, n. hereditary ^rf. 
ErHlehnherr, m feudatory. 
Erblich, a- hereditary, inheritable. 
Erblicken, ▼.a. to dt/eover, ferceive, 

fich ErblMcn, ». r. to have ajkame- 
Erbnebmer, m. inheritor. 
Erborgen.v. a. to borrow. 
Erbotig, ad. . feyn, to be ready, to 


£rbpacht, xa, fee farm. 
Erbpacbicr, m feefarmer. 
Erbprini, m. print t hereditary. 
-•Erbrechcn, v. a. to break «/} fich-, 

ia vomit, puke. 
Erbrechen, n. vomitirg. [dom. 

Erbrecfat, n. right of heritage ; keir. 
I Erbrechung, f. breaking. 
Erforichter, m. Judge by heirdom. 
tibfchaft, f. heirdom, heritage. 
Efbfc, f. pea, pi. pea/e. ^ 
Erbfiinde, f. original Jin. 
Zrbtbeil, n. hereditary portion, _^are. 
ErbverhrUderung , f. hereditary al- 

Erbvermifchinifs, n. legacy. 
Erbzios, m. hereditary rent. 
Erdapfc), m. earth, apple y potatoe. 
Efdbail, m. terreftriai globe. 
Erdbeben, n. earth, quakt. 
Erdbeere, f . /haw - berry. 
Eidbcfcbreiber, m. geographer. 
Erdbefcbreibuitg, f. geography, 
Erdbirn, f.fow. bread, earth. puf. 
Erdboden, m. eartk. 
£rJbUrger, m. citiatn . inhabitant of 

the world. 
Erde, f. earth. 
Efden, a. earthen. 
Erdenge, f- ifihmus, neck of land 
*ErdenkeD, v.a. to contrive, invent. 
Erdenklich, a. imaginable. 
Erdenklofs, ID. clod. 
Erdichten, v. a. to feign, inwnt. 
Erdichtungt f • Ji3i»n, invention. 


ErdkrcU, m.fphere ^ the earth. 
Erdkugel, f. terre/irial globe. 
Erdgelh, n. oeker . de . lace. 
Erdinefkkunft, f. geometry. 
ErdmelTcr, m geometer, gtometrieian, 
Erdreich, n. ground, /oil, land. 
fich Erdrcillcn, ▼. r. to grow bold. 
ErdrofTcln, «. a. to throttle, /hangle 
Erdriicken. r.a. to oppre/i,Jlifle. 
Erdfchnecke. f. Jkell.Jnail. 
Erdfcholle, f. clod. 
ErafchMrainin, m. champinion. 
Erdflrich, m. xone. 
ErdiQffel, f. potaloe. [>fer. 

Erdiitden, v. a. to tolerate, bear,/uf- 
Erdiildung, f. toleration, bearing. 
Erdzufifie, f. t/thmus, neck ^ land. 
fich Ereifero, v. r. to grow angry, 

fichEreignen. v.r. to arrive ^ fall 

out, happen 
Ereifnift, n. 
El em it, m. hermit. 
•Erfahren, V. a. to perceive , e*pe. 

riencCf to f%f^tr \ to aear, learn. 
Erfahren, a. experienced, hnowing, 

Erfahrang, f. perceiving } hearing; ex- 

•Erfecbten, v. a. to fght, get by a 


EriBnden, v. a. to invent, find out, 

Erfinder, m. inventor, contriver, de- 

vi/er J .in, f. inventre/s^ 
ErfinderiTch, a. inventive. 
Erfindung, f. invention, contrivance, 

Erfindungskraft, f. inventive faculty. 
Eriolg, »./«««//, ejfea, re/ult. 
Erfolgcn, ▼. n. to en/ue, re/ult, co- 
me a/ter- 
Erfordern, v. a. to require, 
Effordernifi, n. rcfuifite. 
ETforfchen. ▼. a. to/earck into', find 

put, examine. 
Erfnrfchung, f . invefiigation, enquiry, 
Erfragen, ». a- *• enouire. 
Erfreuen, t. a. to glad, delight, be 

glad, mahe glad. 
Erfreulich^ a. glad/ome, ple^fing, re. 

Erfreut, a. glad, delighted. 
"Erfrieren, V. n. tofreeae to death, 

fiarve /or. 
Erfrifcben, v. a. to refre/k, quicken 
Erfrifchung, f. re/re/kment. 
Errullen, v. a. to /tJfil, accompli fi,; 

to 'grant, 
Errulliing, (./utfilling,accompliJkment 
Ergiinscn, v. a. to redintegrate, re- 
pair i to /apply. 
Ergifnzung, f. reintegrating^ repara. 

Hon, /ufiplrment, 
fich •Ergeban, t. r. to /urrender, 

yield i to deliver over i to aejuie/ce 

in ; ta give one't /elf up to. 
Ergebcn, a. devoted, addiffed, givin. 
Ergcbenheit, f . devotion, acfuie/cence, 


Eisebang, f. fnrrendering, yielding, 

•Ergehen, ▼. n. topubH/h ; to happen ■ 
ErgiebiK, a. rich, abunaant, plentiful. 
fich •Ergieften, V. r. to overfiow. 
Er^otxen, v. a to divert, entertain ; 

iich ., to be pl,a/rd wUh. 
Ergdtzlich. a. delightful, pleajant. 
EriiOtzlichkeii, Ergdtsang, f. delight- 

fulr/,, delight, 

Ergreifcn, V. a. to catch i tofnatehf 

to feixe. 
Ergrimmca, t. n. to fret, growfu. 


Ergriibein, va. to penetrate, find out* 

" rgriinden, v a. to found, Jtarck the 

deptk of. 

ErKrUndlich, a. penetrable. 
Erbaben, a. r^fing above, prominent^ 

kigh, /ubltme. 
Erhabenheit, (. elevation, fubhnUty i 

Erhalteo, v. a. to /ave, con/trve j 

to maintain, /^f port; to produce; 

to receive, get, obtain, gain. 
ErhaUer, m. prefer ver, con/ervator. 
Erhahung, f. pre/ervaHou, /ufienta. 

tioH, impetration. 
■Ethandeln, t. a. to purcha/e, buy. 
fich Erhaingen,v. r. to hang one*t/el/. 
Erhincn, ▼. a. to prove, confirm. 
Eth°<(rtung,f. proving, eovfirming. 
Erhafcben.v.a. to overtake, ly hold t>/. 
^Erheben, v a. to heave up, It/tup, 

rai/e, elevate j to prai/i ; fich -, to 

rife, to pre/er one's Jelf. 
Erheblicb, a. important, confidtrabU, 
Erheblichkeit, f. importance, con/e. 

Erhebung, f. raifing, arifing. 
Erheifathen, v. 9. to obtain by mar. 

Erbeifchen, t. a. to require, demand. 
Erheiiern, v. %. to clear up, enlighten. 
Erheitzen, v. a. to heat thoroughly. 
Erhellen, v. a. to enlighten ; v. n. ia 

Erhitzcn, v. a. to heat; fich., ta 

grow hot; to be incen/ed. 
Erhitzung, f. keatingi overheating 

one's fel/. 
Erhohea, t.a. ta elevate, lift up; to 

Erhohung, f . elevation ) raifing. 
fich Erholen, v. r. to recover; Ratba 

- , to a/k one's advice. 
Erholung, f. recovering. 
Erhdren, y. a. to hear, to grant. 
Erjagen, v. a. to overtake ; fig. to get 

by great exertions- 
Erinnern,v. a. to remind; fich.) to 

Erinnerung, f. rememSrance; warn. 

Erkalten, v. n. to cool. 
Erkitlten, v. a. to catch cold. . 
Erkiiltung, f . catching cold. 
Erkaiifen, v.a. to purcha/e; to bribe. 
•Erkennen, v. a. to fee, to hear; to 

perceive; U aekwavJedge.. 

|« ERM 

Erkenntlicb. «. thant/ul \ /(rmifful. 
Erkenmlichkcit. f. mdmomitJgmtni, 

tkmnk/ulnf/t • vte»mp*nte. 
Erkenninir*, f. e»gmttUn, mgnitUn. 

knoiintdge . 
Erkiercn. % ErwVhlea. 
KrklKrcn. *. «. u *xflmiH, inUrfreti 

t» ieitart. 
ErkUfing, f. tttfUntum : itclmr*. 

bklecklicb, a. ffJjkUmt , twjiitr. 

Erklimioea, V. i. to cUmh up U. 
•£rklingen, v. n. /• /»uni. 
Erkorcn, a eko/en, tUStd. 
Erkrankcn . «. n to fall . mrma Jick . 
fichErkUbnen. «. r. to tolitn, mmit 

ficb Erkundigea. v. r. to imfidrt <tf, 

tnto, »ft*r, far. 
Erkiindiaung, r. iiif HirJir^ , iMfmirjt. 
Erkttnaeln, V a to feign. 
Erkiinaelt, a./eigntd, mrttficisl. 
Erlangen, v. a. to retthi^to oitmln, 

mttatn , $etuire. 
Erlansung , f. rtmtking, He. 
•Eriaflen, *. a. *• protUimi U mk- 

folvf J to free ; *• Ttttmft. 
Eriauben, v. a. /• permit, grmnt, h- 

ErlaubniA, f. permij/ion, mUom,»nte. 
Erlaub't, a. prrmitted, aiiowed. 
Eriaucht, a emiment, iUtj/trious. 
Erlauern, v. a. to oit»in fy tying in 

Erliutern, v. a. to ejip/ain, Ulttkrate. 
ErUutcrung, f. expttm*tion, iUif/lra. 

Erie, r. mtdtr. 
Erleben, v. a. to live to fee. 
Erledigen, v. a. to free, reteafe ; to 

Erladigung, f. vmraney. 
Erlegcn, V. a. to ^ajt, kiit ', to p*y 

ErUtcbterB, ▼. a. to lighten, eafe; 

to diminijk. 
Erleicbterung, (. lightening, emfing. 
•Erieiden, », a. to Jufer ; to tear. 
ErlaidlJch, \.fuf,rnhU. 
Erlernen, v. a. to learn. 
•Eriefen. v a. to ekoofe, feleff. [te. 
Erieuchten, ^.n. to illumine, Uluminm- 
Erieuchiung, f. illumining, illuminn. 

•Eriiegen, v. n. to be opfrefed by. 
Eriogen, a. not true, foi/e. 
•Erlofchen, v. n. to go out, be ««■ 

Crlofcn, V. a. to redeem, delivtr. 
Erlofcr, n. redeemer, fnvior. 
Erlofing, r. redeeming i dehvermnee. 
£rlufti^«n, ». a. to divert, dtverttf* 
Ermkhnen, v a- f# emkort, admon'Jk 

mdvettfe, mam. 
Ermabnung, f. ejtkortation, admoni- 
Ernangcln. v.n. to be wanting, iu 

mant, defnent. 
Ermangelunf , f. m»nU 


ftrbErRiann«n,«.r.^« rero^er eourage 
ErmciTen, meafurt-, to Mia*; 
to judgt 
Ermorden, v. a. to murder, 011; to 

Ermordung, f. murdering, murder. 
Ermiidca, «. a. f« tire,fotigut, toeary 
ErmUdung, f. tiring, fatigatien ■ 
Ermuntern, v. a. to awake i fig. /• 

woke, animate. 
ErnMhrcn, v. a. tof^r, nourlji. 
Erniibrcr, m fe/lefer, nourijker. 
ErnMhrung, f. nourijking. 
^Emennen, V. a. to nominate. 
Erncnnung, i. nomination. 
Erneuern, v. a. to renouate ', fig te 

renew; to revive. 
Erneuerung, (. renovation., reneming. 
Erniedrigcn, v. a. to humble, debafe 
Erniedriguag, f . humbling, humility. 
Ernft. m. earwfl. 
Ernft, Ernfthafi, a- earn^,ferious. 
£rnftbariigkcit,r. earn^neJt,feriouf 

Ernftlicb, a. earnejt, ardent, eager. 
Erobern, v. a. to win, eonfuer, t,he. 
Erobcrer, m. vanfuijker, fonfuerer. 
£robeniag,r. ronfuering, vanfui/hing. 
ErdlTnen, v. a. to open; todifcover; 

to publijk. 
ErdiTnung, f. opening, &e. 
Erdrtcrn, v. a. to determine, decide. 
Erortening, f. deciding. 
Erpicbi, a. given, tent, addiffed. 
ErprefTen, v. a. /• extort, preft out of 
ErprciTiing, f. e*to'Jion. 
Erquickan, v. a. to fuichen, refrefk, 

Erquickung, f . fuichenlng, recreation. 

Errathan, v. a. to divine ; to hit. 
Erregen, v. a. to raife, move, caufe. 
Erreicben, v. a^ to reach at, to at- 
tain to. 
EiTctien, T.a. to fave,free, deliver. 
Erretter, m. deliverer, ^avior. 
Errettung, f. faving, deliverante. 
Errichien, v. a. to ereS, build up ; 

to mahe. 
Erricbtung^ f. treSing, (3c, 
"Erringen, v. a. to acfuire -gain by 

Endtbcn, V, n. to coulour, redden 
Erfats, m. repair, reparation. 
•Er(auf«n, «■ n. to be drowned; to 

die in water. 
Erniuren. ». a. to drown. 
•Effchafrcn, V. a. to create. 
Erlchaffung, f. creation. 
.•Erfchallen, *. n. to refound; fig. 

to fpread abroad. 
Errcbeinan, v. n. to appear. 
Errchctnung, f. appearing; tppuri. 

tion ; phenomenon. 
•Erfcbieften, v. a. to kiU byjtootifg. 
Errchlaffcn,v. a. tojiacken, retaliate- 
•ErfcblagaD, v. a. to hill,^nhe to 

•EWchleicben, y, a. to furprlfe by 

fneaking after. (tery. 

Errcbaaicbcla, v.a. to obtMln byjtai. 

a. uf^ul, 

before; now. 


Eifcbnappen, v. a. to eaUk,/kap. 
Erfchttpfen, v. a. to eithavfl, ejtant. 

Erfchrecken, v. n. to beafrigkted; 

T. a. to put in a fright. 
ErCcbrecklich, a. horrible, frightful. 
Er(|hUttcra, «. a. to ouake, Jkahe. 
Er#)Uuerung, i. quaking, Juhing. 
Erfcbweren, v. a. to mahe heavy, 

ErGcbwingan, v. a. to f oar, afford. 
Erfeben, v. a. to fee; to learn; to 

Erretcen, Y.a. to repair, f^ft^y* re- 

Erfetzlicb, a. reparable. 
ErAnnen, v. a. to contrive, fnd out, 

ErGnnlich, a. imaginable. 
Erfjpareo, v. a. to /pare. fave. 
Erfparuiifl, f . /paring, /aving. 
•Erfprieuen, v. n. to be of ufe, to 

profit, pro/per. 
Errpriertlich. a. u/^ul, profilabU. 
'tik.ud./J, ' " ■ ' 

j>(/l i but. 
Ernarren, v. n. to benum, numbm 
Erftarrung, f. benumming. 
Erflatten, v. a. to eompen/ate, make 

good; to give notice, to inform. 
EiAauung, f. rrfiitution ; giving m». 

Erftaunen, v.n. to be ijlont/ked. 
ErOauncn, n aji^mjhment. 
Erllaunlicb, a. afiom^filing, amaxing. 
Erfle (der, die da$), *.fir^. 

Erftechen, *. a. to Jlab; pierce, 
'.Erftdien, t. n. to purcha/e in an 


Erfteigen, v. a. to climb, a/eend. 
Erftem, ad. firJly,for the firft. 
Erftgaboran, a. firftboru , primage. 

nial. I 

Erftgebun, f. primogtnitureJ 
ErAickan, v. n to be choked; r. a. 

to choke, fufocaie. 
ErIUckung, i. fufforation. 
Erdling, m. prmitiai, firft -fruits. 
Erflrccken, v. a- '• exttnd. 
ErAichen, *. a. to a/k, defere, be/eech. 
Enappen, *. a. (• /urpri/e one in 

the very aR. 
Erihallen, V. a. to cot\fer; to give. 
Ertbeiluog, f. conferring, giving. 
Enonen, «. n. to found. 
Ertrag, m. rent, income, revenue. 
'Enragen, v. a. to bear, /u^gitr, to- 

lerate. , ^ . 

ErirXgHcb, a. /upportabU,/uferabU. 
•Ertreten, ». a. /• tread to death. 
oEiirinkeOt v.n. to be drowned, 
Eriibrigen, ». a. to /part. 
ErUbrigung, f. /porimg. 
Erviracbcn, ». n. to awake. 
•ErwacbCBO, ». n. to grow up; fig. 

to ari/e. 
ErwSgen, v. a. *• weigh, confidtr. 
Erwigung, f. confidtring; to., te 

Erw&lan, «• a. I* thoo/e, eleB. 


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MaBg, r. tko«/lng% tteSing. 

Itbaen, T.a. to m*nti»n. 
ifhnang, f. Mrn/i*". 
ifhrmen, v. t. to htatl to w 
icb ., (• varm ont's ftif, 

r^ a. to tsftB, Jttjt • »«<( 

rtung, f. tnptSing, t*^fl*t^L 
jtocken, «. •. to mwmktni to mm- 

; to €tu/e, Otimjion. 
licbren, v. a. to kttp ojf- 
_ rcicbca, v. a. tojofttn, mollify; 

to tauekt »ft(i. 
Iiwcit, m. fro^, nideneo, demon- 

*ltwei(ea, v. a. te Jktw, do, girt; 

t» f^ove, tvtdtHte. 
Erweitlir.b, a. e^dmt, dimoijtrmhlt, 
In>ciicrn, v a. to 'Jidtn, amfli/jf; 

6g. to tnt»tm€, ejttend. 
Erweiterung, I widemimg, umpliji.m 

tion, txttnfion. 
£rwerb, m. aejuirtmont, g»in. 
•Efwerben, v. a to nrn, crf«ir«, 

£rbwerbnif$, n. arftiijition. 
Ervrerbung, f. tarHtHg, mifiiiriitg- 
Ervriedern. ¥. a. to rttwn, rttmJimtt, 

Ttuder ; to anfuxr, rtply 
£rwi«derung, f. rtturning ; anfvotr. 
£*wifchen, v a. to cctrh, jfurprift. 
Erwtirgen, v. a. to kiU ^ murdtr, 

I't, n. a'*} hronxt, 
IrtMhleo, «. a. to ttU, reUte, rttount. 
Ersifhlung, f. talt, r<lalloH,n§rrotiot. 
Erxbifcbof , m. artkHJkef. 
ErzbUtbum, n. mrckkifioprUk, 
Erzeigen, «. a to d», Jkovit t*AiiU 
Ercen, a. kroxtn. 
Erzengel, m. arck-mngtl. 
Eizaugen, v. a. to griuraie, pro- 
J CTtat*. ' 

• £r seugung,f . gtiurmtion , proertatlon . 
Enherxog. m. arekditk*. 
Erxherzogin, f. arekdueke/s. 
Enbcrzogtham, b. arckduktdom. 
•Erzieben, V. a. to.kreedt tdutatt, 

bring up. 
Erziehung, f. tdtuation. 
Erziclen, v a. to generate ; to aim at. 
EizlUinmerer, tn. mrek- ckmmkerUim. 
Erzkanzlcr, m. arrh- ckancUor, 
Enmarrchall, m. artk - mm'Jkall. 
Erzpriefter, m. arrk-frieji. 
Erziiclutzaieincr, m. eafurer. 
Ifzfchelm, m. arrant knave. 
Erzfchenke, m. arck. rup-keartr. 
Enilmen, v. a. to irritate, ma 

•"trj'i *• »>• '• 5T*" ««'7- 

Erztatcr, m. patriarck. 
'Eriwingen, v. a. to forte , obtain 

k^ force i fig. to dramt ejitort. 
E$. pr. it. 
ECcbe. f. ajh. 

Efcl, m. afi'y .in, I. fie. aft. 
£rclkaf^a fiuggifi,flupid. 
EfeUbfUcke, f. «« ignoranVs dif. 

ETdutibert m. aft-irintr. 


Efsbtr, a. ealahle. 
Efle, f. forgf ; tkimnty. 
Effen, V. a. to tat, feed\ («u Mil- 

la^cj to dine -^ (su Abend) tofu*. 
Eflcn, n. eating, meal, rep^fl^ wuat\ 

fit per i dinner. 
EfTenz. f. eftnte, 
Effer, ID' tate'. 
Eifig, m. vtnegar- 
Utiuft, f. apfetite. 
Efswaara. f . food, vi/tnal*. 
Ediicb, n. paoement, eieling. 
Eilichc. pr. fome, fome ones. 
Eiwa, Etwan, aJ. perkap* ; akont. 
Etwas. pr. fometekat, fometking. 
EiicH, pr. you 

Euer. pr. yourt, your, ^ you. 
Eule, \..ovU. 

Eulcnrpiegd, m. pleafant foot. 
Euriga (dtt, die, dat) pr. Mar/. 
Etitrr, n. dug, udder. 
EvangeliTcb, a. evangeliral, 
EvangcliQ, m. evangeltfi. 
E««ngcli>ini, n. gofptt, tvangely, 

Ever, m. wkerry . boat. 
Ewig. a. eternal, eoerl^Jtlng, im. 

Ewtgkeit, f eternity, e^erta^ing. 
£«ceUenz,f. eateUenry, etitelience. 
Excmpel, n- example^ 
Exemplar, n exemplar, eoty, 
Exemplhrircb, a. exampUty. 
Excrciren, «. a. to exttcife, 
Exerriiien, pi. exercifts. 
Exprefler, in. emtraordinary mrf. 

Extiapoft, f. extrapefl \ . rcifep, /« 

take p^ - ekaife. 
Exulant, a. exued. 

Fabcl, t. fable. taU./aiom. 
Fabeldichier, m. fabulij if oiler. 
Fabelhafi, n. fabulous. 
Fabellehre, f. mytkology. 
Fabeln. v. n. to fable, tell a tale. 
Fabrik, (. fabric, workmaijkip. 
Fabrikant, an. morkm^er, manufa- 

Facb, n. compartment, bay \ dravieri 

row ; Bt. province. 
F4cheln. ncbcm, «. a. tafam. 
FMcher, m fan, nring. 
Fichfer, m. fetdling, layer. 

nhig, a. able, empakU, apt, fit. 
Fibigkeit, f. ability, capacity t n. 

higkeiian. parts. 
Fabl, a faUow. 

Fahne, I. colours, banner j fame 
Fahiien) 'nker. F«hn«ntri(ger, FHuw 

rich, in. en/ign, rorntt. 
Fabnrcbmid, m. farrier of a foum» 

Fibre, f. ferry, ferry . boat. 
"Fahren, v n. to ride, to go (tn « 

ckartotdc); to^ideintoi toMipi 

•v » to earrjn to drioe. 
Fiihrgeld. n.ferriogr. 
FahrlMO'p. a inatttntive, negligemi. 
FahrliUigkeii, f. negligence 
Fiihrmann, m. ferry .man. 
Fahrmutter, I. (Muiteifchwainl/cr. 

FJhrfchiff, n. ferry-boat. 
Fahrt, f. fffage ; courje. 
F«brte, T footing, foiling, 
Fahrwaflier, n. navigable water. 
Fahrweg, m. kigk.umy, common rotd. 
Fahrzeug, n. vejel, bark, boat. 
¥*\b, a faltevo, pale. 
Falbe, f . fallom ko'fe. 
r>\hz\n,^.%, tofurbetam. 
Falbicht, a. foltowlike. 
Fa k m. falcon, kawk. 
Falkenbeitze, f. kawking. 
Falkenhaube. f. kood. • 

FalkenbMutchcD, n. mevt. 
Falkenbof, m. falconry. 
Falkenjagd, f. kawking. 
Falkenier, m. falconer, 
Falkenmift, m. mute, muttmgs. 
Falkenncll, n. airy 
Falkonel, n. faltonet. 
FalJ, m. fall, falling; cafe, accident 

tafcade; im Fall. Falls, in cmftC 
FallbrOcke, f. tfak. bridge. 
falle, f. trap. ^ 

Fallen, v. n. to fall j to drop. 
nWen, V. a. to fell, kew; to kitt, 
Fallendung, f. T. termination. 
Fallgaiter, Fallihor, n. falling gate» 
Fallhut, m. roller. 
FiiHig, a. due, payable. 
Falliment, n. bankrupey. 
Falliren, v. n. to bankript, ht€k. 
Fallii, m. bankrupt. 
Fallftrick, m. fnare,y}ringe. 


Fackel, f. Unkj tortk, fUmiean. 

Fackeln, V. n. to bum torck.Uke. 

Factor, m.failor. 

Factorei, (rfaSory,fa3orJUp, 

Facuhili, f. fatuity. 

Faden, m> tkread\ fatkom, cord of 

Fallfacbt, f . faUing jtcknefs. 

FallthUr, f. trap. 

Faircb, a. falfe; adulterated i * 

Falfchheif, f. falltkood, falfeneft, 

Falfchlich, nfalfe, decHtfuL 

Faltc, r. fold, plait. 

Fahen, *. t. to fold, fUtt. 

Fahig, n. folding. 

FaU. m. fold. 

Falzbein, n. folding borne. 
, Falzeu, *.a. to fold, fold «/. 
Fadenboix, n. wood to be corded. {Familie, f. family. 
Fadenrecht, a. after thready /rr/M.lFanatiker, m. fanatlck. 

dicutar. iFanatirch, a. fanatical, fanatit. 

Fagot, n. baffoon* iFaag, m. catck. 

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•Faagca, v. a. /« ra**./n^. 


iMittfiren, ▼. «. U f*mty\ U rmm. 

F«ataft. m. fmmimjtttmt ftiUm. 

Farbc, f. t^Utit, kme, Jte. 

Rrbdiajs, a. ^. A«m/^. 

FirbcboU, a. djrtmg m—d. 

Firbckram, a dur's mtti. 

Rrbekjoft. {.Jt.U tf Jyimg. 

Firben. «. t. r« taUmr, A«. 

FIrben, a. t^ltmrimg, djri'g- 

Farbengebong, f. et/tmring, 

Farbeaftift, m. p*^U. 

Fibber, a. dur. 

jnrberei. f. dit.knjt. 

Farbig, a. (•Utnrti. 

Farin, a. /arte. 

Faraktam, n./ara,/rra. 

Jarre, a. *a^^«. *««, m. 

Klrfe, r 70i(»^ <«v. 

Farbe, l./artt. 

Farxea, ▼. a. t*/arU 

Fafn. a. **m/m/. 

Fafaiieric, r. pktmjmmt . a«ft. 

Fafchiac. f. /«/'«'• 

FaCcbing, m. r«r«ia«/. 

F.Wei, t.f»pptry /epp^^fs. 

Fafeicr, m.f«p, fotl. 


Fafeln.v.a. to play tktfoal y Udttt. 

Fafen, a. tkrtmtl,JHer,^Ument. 

Farennackc, m. Jlmrk . n*ktd. 

Fafer, f . >lrr, jJ*r#. 

Farerig, Fafig, : ftmxing, fuxxing. 

Fafem, FafeOf v. a. tofutz,/«aMt 

Fafs, n. /«/, •«/, CM/, ra/l; tuf/, 

Fafsbiader, a. tooftr^ hooper. 

FaivUab«,f./«/; pi. >f«M/. 

laOen.v.a. toUMe, Uy hold im, 
Uke koUof, apprektmdi te/U up; 
to /ack upi to /ft in i to iOHtmin, 
imeiude, tmktim, koU^ to (oneeivt, 
eomfrtkendi Math., to ktep a 
[ood heart } ficb •, to retomer o 

Fanlft^v, ■. pKHidfetr. 
Faolaiis. f. rottewnoft 

Faolthicr. a JUtk, mL 



Fabficb, a. eomprehenfihte, eenetive. 

Faftlicbkeit, f. eomeeiwemUene/j, 
Faftreif, a. hoop. * 

Faffiing, f. rtfoltition. 
Faft, ad./«/e. nt*r, mouek •koiit. 
Fatten, f. JaJt,foJklng. \ 

Faflen, t n. to faji. 
Fafierpredigt, f. lent -fermon. 
Faftchrpeife, f. lent - prtvifitn. 
Faftenteic, f. lent, 
Faftnacbt, f.Jkrovttlde'f ctmlveU. 
Faftug, ro 
Faul, a. /mtal. 
Faul, a. foul, dirtyi rotten; fm*y, 

indolent, Jluggijk. 
Faulbett, n. pmiUt, touth. 
Faulen, v. n to rot, torrupt,hutrify, 
faulensen, V. n. to tojlejoul; to id. 

It, bt laey. 
Falenxer, a. idler. [wine/i 

Fauleiucrci, Faolhtlt, f. idlene//, Is- 

Fa-'ltrcafct, a. <lmk-i^m. 
FaiAlcbUg. m. e^, JJli€mf. 

Febnar, a. Wehrumiy 
Fccbtbodca, a. /enetmg . room. 
''Fccktea, ▼. a. to Ji^i (»/rarCi 

ttlt f to go • heggimg, 
Fechter, a Mkter. 
Fechtkuaa. f. the mrt ofJigktg,fen. 

FechtneiAer, a . /fweing . mejterm 
Fcdcr, f . ftmther i pern i /primg. 
Federball. a. JkMU-eotM. 
Fcderbeit, n.femtkerked. 
FederbUcbfe, f. peneoft^ pemmer. 
FcderbnCch. a. ^m< of ftmthers. 
Feierbart, a eUJl'u, elojhtmt 
Fcdcrig, ». femtkery, fmU of Jlmes. 
Fcderkiel, a ^uiU, pen-feaihtr^ 
Federkrafc. f. elmJUtity. 
Fcdcrlerea, a. tarryimg. 
FederacOcf, a. penkntfe. 
Federa, v n. to jked ftothers, ami 
Federfchmtkker, m. feather .mtmn. 
Fcdcrfpalie, f. tlfft ^ a pen. 
Fe4erfiiaber, a. /emtherdriver , /ea- 

FedcTvieb, a. poultry, /mat. 
Federwildpret, a. game, mild /owtt. 
Fee. f./airy. 
Fegefeuer, a. purgmtory. 
Fegen, «■ a. to/urkijh ; to/metpi tt 

Fehde, f. twir, quarrel, 
Febdebrief, a. challenge, eartet. 
Fehl, a. .biuen, to ktg in oehi ; • 
gehen, to go wrong; .grctfen, to 
mi/lake i - fcblagen, to mi/rarryi 
.fcbieben, to foU the marh. 
Fehlbitte, (. heggiig m vain. 
Fehlea. ^ faU ; to err, /a>dt, 

ktnmder ; to tsant, ke mijing. 
fcMcr, m. fault i blunder. 
Fehlerfrei, M.fauttleft. 
Feblerb'aft, a. fauttty. 
FehliCrifr, 'a. mi/lake. 
Fehlfchlag, a. failing la heating; 

Fehlfcbluft, a. folfe eonctwjteni. 
Fehircbuft, m. failing the aim. 
Fehhritt, to., flip, falfe ftep. 
Fchlwurf, m. throra imift. 
Febroe, f. Fehmgeriebt, a. «^Ha«ff 
court <f penal judicature of old in 
Feha, f. majt. 
Feier, f. celebration, keeping ^ a 

holy day 
Fcierabend, a. leaving of working 
Feierkleid, n./ejlivalhabtt, 
' "i, n. fol* 


Fcifcl, f. T. f^vts, viMs. 

Fcjge. a faimhemrted, kemrtteft, ca. 

Feige. f./,. 

FeigeabAua, m. fig. tret. 

FcifLbcii, r eomardue- 

(j^hercig. a fainthearted. 

^■bersigkeit. f . fainiheartedme/i. 

fVl^arxe.f fig. 

Feil, n to be fold. 

Ftile, f.fle. 

Feilen. «. a. to file, poiijh, refine, i 

Fcilcnhater, m. file. cutter. 

Feilfcbea, v. a. to cheapen; to higgle. 

Fti\{pint,f JiUnMi,JUe.di!/l. 

Fein, a', fine ; polite 

Feind, a frnd, enemy. 

Feiadiich. Feiadrdig, a. h^iU. 

Feindfcba*'!, f . enmity, hate, hatertd, 

Fcindreiigkeh, f h^ftibty. 

Feiabeit. f. fnenefs, 

Feift, n.fat. 

Felbcl. a. velvet. 

Feld. a. jWrf; ^^n. -ir 

Feldapoibeke. £. fitU-difpenfary. 

Feldapotbeker, ta. field . apothecary. 

Feldarbcii, f. labour i* tkt field. 

Feldarzt, m. feld . phyfician. 

Feldbjfcker, a. feU.baher. 

Feldbaa, a. agrieolation , agricul- 

Feldhett. n.fieU-bed. 

Feldbinde, f. fcarf. [a.^. 

Feldcbirurgm. ta. fungeon^ef an ar. 

Feldgefehrei, n. field- parole. 

Feldberr, a. towaaander in chief, 

Feldbofpiul, n. field . hofpital. 

Faldbuba, n. partridge. ' 

Feldkttaael, a. nM 

Feldlager, n. field, camp. 

Feldlercbe. f. feU . Uri . 

Feldaark, f. landmark, limit, baund^ 

Feldmarfcball , a . field . ma'jJkat. 

Feldnaut, f. feld- moufe. 

FeldacOer, a. geometer, geometri. 

I running he- 

!rcieTK.icia, n.r'e^ival 
Feierlichr a. folemn. 
Feierlicbkeit, f. folemnity, 
Feiera, v. n to reft from labour; 
.' «.a. to celebrate, foUmnixe. 
Feienag, m. holy day. 


Feidmefskunll, f. geometry. 
Te.\AfTtA\geT,m. preacher in the army. 
Feldrofe, f. wiW rofe. 
Feldrchercr, a. furgeon in the army. 
Feldwacbe, f. field, match. 
Feldwebel, m.fergeant 
Feldweg, m path in the field. 
Feldceugmettler, a. great mafter of 

Feldzug, ta. eampain, expeditian. 
Fell, n. hlde,Jtm. 
Fellairen, n. wallet, portmanteau. 
Felfen, a. rock. 

Felfenhart.a. as hard at a rath. 
Felficht, Felfig, a. rochy 
Felucke, f felucca. 
Fenchel, m. fennel. 
Fenfter, n. vtindow. 
Fenftergitter, n. lattice; Irettis. 
Fenfterctla*. n. xoindom-glafs. 
Fenfterkreuz, n. vmdoxit- poft. 
Itnti.n\».t9n, m. fkutter, cafentnt. 

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:k.«D, ▼. a. den Degen., U 
„ »/it0 pnt into tht p»tktt. 
nAcigen, v.n. to Jtif in, get in. 
ftellen, ▼. a. to put of ^ »iandon ; 
ich-, /• mppemr. 
ftimmen, r. n. to eon/tnt, mgrtt. 
timotig, a. vMk one voice i fig. 

topfen, ▼. a. toJluf,J!U. 
iBftofsen, T. a. to pujk in. 
iaflreichen, v. a. fa ^a^r iii> 
en, T. a. ftf fcatttr into. 
f TO. Raiting down, TUin,falt- 
en, V. n. &a. to/mil down, 
to fall on 

len, md. for a vAile. 
yibig. a. mono/jtUabte. 
tgig, a. efkemtral, efkemtric. 
laucnen, r. a. to dip into. 
jtaurchen,v.a to barter, exchmng*. 
intbeilcn, «. a. to divide \ to regu- 
tote ; 10 diftribmtt. 
Intheilong, f. divijion t dividing^ 

'njt5nig. a. monotonous. 

ntracht. f> concord, union. 

nuilcbcig, a. concordant , mnmni- 


ntrag.m. dmmage, detriment; .thun, 

to deroB***' 
Xiotragen, v. a to enter into; to 

gather j •». n. to yield tene^t, ad- 

vantage, inter t^. 
_iMraglich, a profitable, tucraiive, 
*Einireffen, v n. to arrive; fig. to 

agree, accord vtitk j to fall out. 
«£intreiben, ▼. >. to drive into ; to 

cotleft, call i«; fig. «• puzzle. 
•JEititreten, v. n. to enter; to draw 

ftrarf •» a. to tread into. 

ntritt, m. eitrjt, entrance ; begin. 

Jnuocknen. ▼. a. r» dry up. 
iiotrdpfeln, ▼. a. to drip into. 
'«ttinken , r. a. to dip. 

ui«erlcib«n. v.a. t» incorporate. 

iaTcrftsfrndnifc. n. intellifence. 

[swand, *■ Einwendung. 

iowSrts, ad. inward, inwards. 

inwafflern, v. a, to water, Jleep,foak 
^—aweben, ▼. •- to inweave. 

iawechfeln, v. a. to change. 
^^•weicbcn, v. a. to /oak, mactratc. 

iaweihen, t. a. /• con/tcrate. 

nweihting, f- conftcratlon. 

Cawendea, v. a. to objta, reply. 

tawendung, f. objcOion, reply. 

Cawerfen, t. a. to cafi, throw in 

ia«<ckela> ▼• •• '• "^'Z «/. **- 

^hwTi'egen, v. a. to rock. 
Bawilligen, ▼• ■• to confent to, to 

[*'a'wUli'gang« f- confent, affent. 
Bwirken, ▼. •• ftf interweave; fig 
H influ*nc€ upon. 
nwirkang, f. interweaving ;^g. in- 

m* -10, r. inkabUant, 


Eiawurf, m. oijeOiotu 
Einwurzeln, «. a. t» root; flg> to 

EinziTunen. v. a. to fnclofe, inrlofe. 
Einseicbnen , v. a. to pen down^ 

write down. 
Einsein, a flngle, individual. 
•Einziehcn, ♦. a. to draw in \ to 

lake in; to difcontinue; to arr^; 

to conftfcate; i. n. to enter. 
Einziehung, t. drawing in, Oe. j 

conff cation. ' 

Einzig,a. only, fiogle,alone,bui one 
Einzug, m. entry, entrance. 
Einzwirngcn, Vv*- to force into. 
•Zimviingan, ^.%M^t9 ei\f tree; to 


rund, a. «M/, 
Ei», n. ite. "' 

Eisbock, m. parting. 
EiTen, V. a. to hew a/ lee. 
Eifen, n. iron. 
Ei rrnbergwerk, a. ironmlne. 
Eifanblecb, n. iron - plate ; wtiftei 

fin . plate. 
Eifendrahi, ni. iron 'Wire. 
Eifenerz, n. iron - ore. 
Eirenrarbe, f. iron grey colour. 
Eirenfeilich(,,n. iron flings. 
EirenfrelTcr, m. fig. bravo, bully. 
Eifenhamoier, m. malt, hkrtmer, 
Eifenhandel , m. traie w§k iron 

EifenhiindUr, m. ironmonger. 
EiTenhart, a. as kard as iron. 
EifenhUtie, f. forge. 
Eirenrchlacke, f. dtofs of iron. 
Eifenwaare, f. iron-ujares. 
Eifenwerk, n. ironwork. 
Eifern, a. iron. 
Eisgang, m. footing of Ice. 
r.isgrau, u.hoa'y. 
EUgrube, f. icehouf; UepU. 
Eifig. a. iry. 

EitkaU. a. as cold as ice. 
Ei»rchuUe, f. piere if ice. 
Eisfchuh, at. fate. 
Eisvogel, m. kaltyon. 
Eiszacken, m. icicle. 
Eitcf, a. vain,' conceited. 
Eitelkeh, f. vanity, coneeitednefs. 
El.ter, n . matter ; corruption • ' 
Ei'ierbeule, F. bile, impq/lume. 
Eiicrig, a. purulent, mattery. 
Eitern, v. n. to matter, fuppuratt, 

Eiicrilock, m. kernel of fuppuration- 
Eitening, t.frfiering, mattering, f up. 

Eiweit, n. glaire, wkife ^ an egg. 
Ekel, m . loathing, dijlofie \ difgufi, 

averfion. *## 

Ekel.Ekelhaft. a. loathfome, d^uft. 

ful ; fqueamifi, loathing. 
Ekelhaftigkeit, f. loathfimenefs. 
Ekeln, v. n. to loatlfyto naufeate. 
Ekelname, m. nicknime.' 

IEkllptik, r. ecliptick. 
Ekloge, f. eclogue. 
Elbogtn, m. elbow. 

Klegic, f. eUgy. 
Element, n. elewunt. 
Elcmentarircb , a. elementary, tle» 

Elend, Elendihier, n. elk. 
Elcnd, n. mi/t'y, djtrr/s i ejiOe. 
Elend. a. miferab/e, dijh^^ut. 
Elephant, m ehpkanf. trunk, probofUs. 
EJephantensahn, m. tooth of am ele. 

Elfenbein, n. tlepkant. Ivory. 
Elixier, n. elitir. 

Elle. f ell; (eiae EogUicha } Mr^. 
Eller, f. alder. 
Elfler, f. pie, mag. pie. 
Email, f- enamel. 
Emaillircn, v. a. to enamel. 
Eminenz, f. eminence, eminency. 
Emmerling, m. loriot, witwal. 
Eoipfang, m. receipt; reception. 
"EiBprangen, V. a. to receive, take; 

to welcome; (fchwangar werden) 

to conceive. 
Empfingcr, n. receiver. 
Empfslngnifs, f. conception. 
-Einprehlen, v.a. to commenit rem 

Empfchlung, f. commcndathn, re- 

Eropfindbar, a. perceptible, fenfble. 
'Empfinden, *. a. tofetLpercHvei 

to heJ-'nfihle. 
Empfinulich. a. perceptible, ftn^ble ; 

taking.- ill, amifs. 
Kwpfindlichkeit, i.f<nfibleneft,per. 

ceptiV ty- 
EmpfindUm, a. fentimental. 
Empfindramkeit, f. fentimentality. 
Empfindung, f fteling, perception. 
Einpor, ad. up, upwards, on higk. 
Empdren, v.a. to rebel, rife againjt, 

make uifurrtftion. 
EmpBrer, m mutineer, rebel. 
Empfiru'ng, f. infurreffion, rebelU. 

Emfig, a. aSive, bufy, \nduflrlous. 
Emfigkeii, f. ajiduity, induflry, 
Ende, n. end. 
Enden, Endigen, v. a. Sen. to end, 

fi'Jk, terminate, conclude. 
Endivie, f. endive. . 
Endlich, a. finite ; ad. atiaft, in fine. 
Endlos, a. infinite, endlep. 
Endrchafi, f. end, iffue, fine. 
Endfylbe, f. termination. ■ 
Endung, Endigung, f. ^rnSng, finlfk* 

ing; termination. 
Endurtheil, n. final, decifivefentence. 
End z week, m. defign, aim, purpefe, 

infenrton. , 

EnghrUAig, a. afikmatical. 
Engbrunigkeit, f. ajlhma. 
Enge,a. narrow, dofe, tim,kt,Mraigkt» 
Enge. f. JiraUnefs, tlofenefs^ tight. 

En gel, m. aitgtl, 
EngUndirch, Englifch, a. en^ifi. 
EngliCch, a. angelical, angelic. 
Enkal, m. grmnd-foai grandmeklU. 

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^ BNT 

Eakelifii f. gr*nd' daughter, 
Entadeln, v. to dtfrivt «f nohUltyi 
Eniarten,*. a. to dtgtntrmtt. 
Entiiirtern, v. t. to'm^min from. 
Kniiiur»erung, f. akjltiniia from. 
Kotbebrcn, v. n. to nttd, w <a mamti 

Bntbchrlich, a. fuferJlmouM, ummt. 

Entbehrlichkeit, f. fuptrfiuomfmtfs . 
•Xntbieten, «.«. to hid, eommmnd} 

to pre/tut. 
•Eatbinden, v.«. to mntimd, untie i 

to dfltvfr of. 
Entbindung. f. delivtrtng. 
Entbindangskoaft, f. miiia'ftry 
EntbLiitern.v. a. to dtprive ^Uavts 
fich Entbldden, v. r. to b* motojkmmtd. 
EnibloTicQ, V a. to draw ; to bmr€, 

dtnude'f to uncover i fig. to dt^ 

frive of. 

Entbldftung, f. drawing, denudation, 
Embrannt, a incen/ed, injlamed. 
fich •Eotbrechen, *. r. to /o'iear. 
•Enibrenaen, v. n. to infiame, kind- 

te, burn. 
£ntbundcn,a. delivered. {teO 

Eiitflecken, v. a. to difcover j to de- 
Entdccker, m. dtfcoverer, dtteffer. 
Entdeckiing, f. dijcovery^ dtteOing. 
Ente.f. dutk. 

Eai^en, v a to dijkonomr. 
Jlntc^rung, f. dijkonouring. 
£nierb«n, v. a. /• d'Jinkerit. 
Enterbnng, f. difinheriting. 
Enurhakcn, m. grapnel, grapple, 
Lntern, v. a. to draw wUh grapnels i 

to enter. 
•Zmfahrcn, v.n. to Jlipi toe/eapr. 
•Entfallen, «. n. toJlipokt,/aU out. 
CchEotfllrbca, t. r. to Hujk, ekange 

'Entferncn, V. a. tofendavayi fich . 

to withdraw } to device. 
Enifernung. f- d\^nce, remotene/s. 
«£atfliegeo, v. n. to fly away. 
•Enifliebea, v. n. to fly, efcapt. 
Enifreraden, «.a. to Jlrtngt. 
Entfiihren, v. a. to ravifli. 
EntfUhrer, m. ravijker. 
EntfUhrang, f. rape, rav'Jiing. 
Entgegcn, prp. again/ ; . gehen, to 

go to meeti - fcyn, to ke againfl, 

•Enigehen, *. n. to e/tape. [tis 

Enigeld, n. ohoc, without fee, gra~ 
•Entgehen, v, n to pay for,f^jfer. 
«£nthalteii. «. a. to contain, com. 
preheud; fich-, to aljlain^forbear. 
Enthalcram. a ak/itmiout. 
Enthaltramkeit, f. abftemioufnefs. 
Enihaltung.f. abftinence,forbearauce. 
Enibaupten, v a. to behead, decollate. 
Entbauptung, f. decollation. 
«£niher>«n, v.a- to e»emt,f reef torn. 
Entheiligen, v. a. to profane. 
Enthetligung, f. prrfanation. 
EnthUllen, v a. to unveil, difcover. 
EnthuAaft. m. entkuflafl. 
lothufiaftifcb, a. tntkufiafUft* 


EnihuCatmaa, m. emtituflafm. 
Intiangfeni, *. a. to deflour. 
^ntkleiden, v. a. to undreft, dtvtfl. 
Entkommen, «. n. to efiapt,get of 
Entkriften, v. a. to debUUate, ener. 

vate. [tion. 

Enikr^rtung, f. debilita*iont enerva- 
»Entladen, v. a. to djburdtm , dif- 

EntUrvcn, «. a- to difmajk, utemafi. 
•EntlaOcn, v. a /« dijmi/i, difchatgc. 
EndalTiing, f. dimijlon. 
Entlaftcn, v. a. todjburden, difckmrge. 
•Entlaufen, *. n. to run away,fcam. 

per away. 
Entledigea, v. a. to deliver, releafe, 

Endedigung, f. dtliveranre. 
Entlegao, a. remote, dtflant,far of. 
Entlegenheit, f . dflance, remotentfs, 
Enileonen, v. a. to borrow. 
Eotleiben, «. a. to killi fich felbft., 

to make 'away witk kim/e(f. 
Entmatinen, «. a to caflrate, unman, 
Enimaaniing, f. c^/hation. 
*£nuiebinen, v. a. to take away } to 

Entnerven, v. a. to enervate. 
Entneming, f. enervation. [out. 

•Entraihen, v. n. to fpare, be witk. 
Enirifthreln.v.a. to unriddle. 
Entretiscn, v. a. to fnatck away, 

rrfcue, deliver from. 
Entrichien, ». a to ,ay. fatisfy. 
•Entri nncn , «. n f efcapt, run away. 
EntrUden, v. a. to enrage i fich., to 

grow angry. 
Entlagen, v. n. to renounce. 
Entfagung, f. renunciation. 
Entfaix, m. relieve, deliverance. 
EntCrhidigen, v. a. to indemnify. 
EntrchMdigung, f. indemnifying. 
~>Entrcheiden, t. a. to difcemi to 

decide, determine. [m 

Eniichcidend, p. 8c a. deciding, decifl. 
Ent(cheidung, f. arbitration, deter 

mination, deeiflom. 
Entrchieden, p. <c a decided. 
Entrcblaren, v. n. iofallafUep\ fig. 

to die. 

Enifchlagen, v. a. to deliver kirn 
f<{f, to avoid 
fich •EndchlieCteo, v. r. to refol. 

ve ufon. 
Enirchlielsuog,f. £atfchla{*,ai.r{/0. 

Entrcbuldigen, v. a. to excufe. 
Entrcbuldigung, f. excufe. 
Entfeclt a. expired. 
Entfetxen, «. a to remove from, to 

•Eotrpringen, r.n. to fprimg mmay, 

'MPtj to^ootupi H-ta/primg, 

come from. 
•Entftcben, ». n. to arise, /pring, 

begins to kappen, arrive; n. ari. 

flig. fie. 
EntfleUea, v. a. to disfgure. 
Entaellt, a. ditflgund ; altered, 
Entflellung, f. alteration. 
Enithroncu, v. a. to dethrone. 
Enulbriget, p.' .fieyn, to be faved, 

Entvolkcrn, v. a. to dsf^opU , un. 

•Entwuibfea, ». o. to grow too great. 
EntwaRaen, t. a to difarm. 
Entwaffnoag, f. difarmtng. 
£iuw«der, c. ettker 
En.wctcben, v. a. to fly away, to 

Entwj.-ichang, f. flying away. 
Ent^hen, v.a to prcfane. 
Enrv^ibung, f. profaKattom. 
^EiHrveaden,v. a. to flea/, rot. , 

Entwcrfen, ». a ra drflgn, projeff ; 

to d'aw; tofketck. * 

Eniwirchea, ». n. <» flcal away, ef. 

cape. •' , 

Eniwdhnen, v.a. to wean. 
Eniwdhnung, f. weaning. 
Eniwiirr. m. profea, draught, tUfian. 
Eiiiwurzein,*. a. to reot Out. 
EniciebcD. v. a to witkdrmut ; /^ 
fo'bear, abandon ; to abridge'. 
Enisiehung, f. withdrawing, (3c. 
Entziffera, V a. to decypktr 
Enizikkea, *. a. to tranfport, enra- 

Enttiickuag, f. erflafy, eutkufUfm, 

EatzUadea, v. a. to inflame ; fich „ 

to kindle. ^ 

EntzUaduag, f inflaming, Ut. 
Eatxwei, ad. tn two pieces, broke, 
Enizweiea, v. a. to dif under ] fich., 

to fall out witk one anotker. 
Epbeu, m. ivy. 
Kpinramin, n. epigram. 
Epifode, r. epi/od. 
' " %f. epijile. 

fufpend; to relieve, deliver; fich., 
to be ^Jtonijied, af righted. 
Eatietzea, B. afloniJkment\ korrour 
Ertifeizlich, a. korriSU, aflonifking. 
Enifetsuag, f. removing-, relieve. 
Eaifiegela, r. a. to unfeal. 
lEntfinnea, «. to remember. 

fich *Eatrpinaea, v. r. to arife, 
«Eat(prechea, v. n. anfwer. 
•SntlpriclMn, v. D. to dtfctnd. 


Epoche, f. 'epoch, epocka. 

Equipage, f. equipage. 

Er, pi*, he. 

Erachtea, v. a. to think ; to believe. 

Erarbeitea, v. a. to gain by working, 

fich Erbarmen, v. r. to pity, camntU 

Erbarmen, a pitying, conuniferattng. 
Erbiirmlicb, a. pityful, miferable,\ 

Erbariauag, (. pity, commiferatiom . 
Erbaiiea, ». a. to butld, raife; fig. ' 

to edify, irflrua. 
Erbaulich, a. edfying, inflruOtva. 
Etbunang, (. building fJnflruSHigt 
ErbbegrSbails, a. hereditary fepul. 


Erbe, ai . heir, inheritor': 
Erbe, a. inheritance. 
l£rb«bcn, v. n, iojkakt, fuaketjkivtr. 

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•Fottldncbca, v. «. to >Uw /tfrCl, 

■ n^^ieirben. v.a & fich . v r. 

~ .^cWepp«n, ▼. a. /• ^«« c/*"^ 
i*Tanrcbreit«a, » n. *« Jt't f»'tk, 

Hji »n. 
t 'nrtfcQilen^ t. a. /« ftni mway, 

l(R(ctzco, V. •. to eontinut, car. 

7 •«. 
F«fretsnog, f rtntinuMUon- 
m^elen. v. n to tonttiut to pt*y. 
*Fa«ior»en, ▼. ». to /">* /»rv*r4 

Jf 01 

•romreiben, y. a. to rfr*»* «iMy 
"FxTwacbfen, v. n. to rMtinur to 

hnvihxtn, r. n. to eontimmt. 
hrxmiXtvn, ▼. a. to roll forth. 
lonwaiideln, v. n to wtk forth. 
fontrollen, v. n. to wt/rnW to ^« 
^ Kmw trzeln. v. n. to root forth 
^onxUhen, v n. to i/r«» ^, ^ 

^/ : *▼ a to rari;^ ^, <(Mjf. 
»flil, n./»ii/. 

Sucbt. f . freigiU, lomd, eurgo. 
hchtbrief, n. *i// of Udtng. 
Itichcwag^n, m. emrrisgt for goods, 

Btck, m.froeh. 
bctar, f.ftitirtdietttrt. 
^ge, f. fuejlion, fufy, iemmni. 
^en, V. a to «/}, ^mcW, iiifalrf} 

nach jamand . to Uf uirf ^frr ; 

nichu darnacha, to c«'r aof. 
hgepunkt, m. Whttriogoto^y 
Imgewaire, ad. i^ wa/ •/ Mtrro 

gJtioH. [tton. 

ra^excichen, n _/^a ^^ Intrrr^a- 
rrencifcaner, nx. frtnctfcmn friur j 

•in,f. - nun. 
Innfe. f fnmgt. ) 

^tmttiMnd.m.frtnch rover of it hook. 
fnnibranntwein, m. hrumdy. 
Iraothrod, n. french hrtai. 
JhotobA, o.frtnfhfruitt. 
inotorea, pi. [K^ntMxtit) frnth - 

^nzolirch, a. fremeh. 
bancwetn, m frenek vaint. 
'nrt, n. toting \ gluttony, 
Vdbig. t Gefriirsig. 
Inixe, f fiUy tHingp triJU. 
fnttcogcfichi, n ridiemloui htmd; 
tnj. f. w»man, wfe, pi miwest mi- 
Mf, lady. 
mucabnidcr, oi. hrothtr in itw. 

fnu«aclas, n icinglaft. 
*neoklofter, n. nmnntry, 
fnoeorcbncider, ni. nwatotf/mcArr. 
'noenGchuftcr t ■>• aMM««'/ ^Im . 

Mir*-. « 

fnaensimmar, u.ftm*Uftm\ imdy, 

Fnfolein.n. /k^. mi/i. 
f'eth, a. impudent, jUmtttft, hold. \ 
frvtUieit, f. imfuituce t JhtmtUft. 



rr<|att«, t.frimmt. 

F«i. a. /r/*j f^mmk. » 

iKrcibrmcr, m. f'etkoottr. 

Frribrief,.m. thmrter. 

Frevdenker, oi feethimktr. 

Freieigcn, a. mUodimi. 

Freien, «. B^. to r«ar«, ««*« Imt to; 

to iR«'i7. 
Freier, m »oo^, fuitor. 
Frei'ran f. kuroutjt. 
Frei'Keben, v. a. tofttfrtt^ infrm*. 

Freigebig, a. free, tihernt, generous. 
Freigebigkeh, r. bounty, gtnerojlly, 
Freigaboren, a freehom. 
Fraigeia, m f'eethiuktr. 
Freigeiiterci, f. frtethtnking. 
Freigeifterilch, a. fretthmkiug. 
FreigaUffeiM. m. freed . mmn. 
Freigttt. n . free goods } frtektidi ai- 

fn'thuhn, m. free/em- port. 
Frei»balien, «. a. to dtfray, p^yfo* 

Freibeit, f. freedom, Ukorty, frtvU 

Freibeiubrief, m. tkmritr, privUtgt- 
Freibarr. m karon, karontt. 
Frei •laflen, v. a to reietfi, fet *t 

Freiladung, f. freHng, mmnumijion. 
Frei le hen, n. free . hold, free . toac- 

Frcilich, ad. indeed, fur ely. 
Frei macbcni «. a. to mmhtfrte, re. 

Freimachiing, f. freeing, euemftiau, 
Freimann, m freeman. 
Freimaiifcr, va. free*mufon. 
Freimaurerei . f . free . mmfonry. 
FreimUihig, a. frunh, frtt, luge. 

Freiniiitbigkeit, f. frmnkn^s, free. 

•Fraffe., y. «. r, ^. (a,BMa«. | 
(Chan) to tt gretdify j sii. tabaa, 

te feed. 
Frcflcr, n. ««Drr, glutton. 
Freflerel, f gluttony ; knnuuttinM. 
Frefifiebar. n g eedy.gutt.fnir. 
Frertgiarif, a. g et4y. 
Frcftuog, ni mmnger. 
Freticben, n. ferret. 
Freoda, f Joy, joyf^tnefs, gimintft. 
Freudanfeft. n f<Jhv,ty '^■'^ 
Freudanfeuer, n. ion. fire 
Fraiidengercbrai, n. mtttmmatUn, im. 

Ulmtion. *^ 

_ rcudenlot. a. Jnleft. 
Freiideniag. m . frjhuai day. 
Pre<idenihraD«, f lemr of iot, 
Freudan«oll, %. ioyf^l. ^ "^ 

fichFraaan. y r toktgUd, rtfokt. 
Frauod. n fnendt -In, f.Jke /fiends 
Frcundlicb, a friendly, mmitmkU, 

kindly. ' '• • 

Freundlichkeii.r./rwadVtor/}. [aKfo. 
Freund&ha't. f./ Und/kip.mmii ^ 
FraMndlchafUich, a friendly. ' 

Frei •fprecben, v. a. to rtemr,mkfott>* 
Fr^faat, m repuklit, free .jfmte. 
FrciUiiie, f frte .Jlool ; afyl. 
Frei •fteben. v a to ^ permitted. 
Frei flellen, v a. to leave a thing to 

OHt^i pltofmre- 
Fieitelliing.f. leavirg to one'sehoire 
Frciflunde, f. free hour, leifuro. 
Fieiiatf, m f-^tday 
Vrt'inffh, m frte ' bomrding» 
Freiwerber, m. wooer, courier. 
Freiwillig, a free, voluntary. 
Frcivrillige, m. wlunteer. 
Frciwilligkeii, f. voluntarinefs. 
Freixeitcl, m co'htt \ uuirrmnt. 
Fremd, a Jlrange, foreign, outlan. 

'flu fremde Kinder, othtn feo- 

. rV children 
Fremdanig, a. ktierogeninl, hettro- 

Fremde, Fremdling, m. yortigntr, 

Fremde, f. foreign country, 
Frefco, n. T.f^efco. 
Ff afsliagiarda, f. gmdinefs, gluttony. 

Fratral, m ofence.frtvoloujne/stp*. 

thUnry. .> v ^r 

Frevler, m frtvolous, wicked aM«. 
Frevclbafi, a frivolous, mmiicious. 
Freireln, *. n. to kt of a friPolou*^ 

Frevelthat, f.fivolouj aS. 
FricaOec, n.f'tcaj^. 
Friede, m. peace. 
Friedensbrucb, m. hrtaek . ruMurt 

^ peace. 
Friedewbrtcbia, a. breaking peaet. 
Friedenicongreto , m. eongrejr for 

making peace. 
Friedensfcft, n. celebration <ff a ptate. 
Friedenfhandlun|, f. treaty ^ peace. 
FriedensmUnxa, f. medal in memory 

of a peace. 
Friedentrichier. an. JuJHe* of heiet, 
Friedenfrcbluft, m. treaty of peace, 

Friedensftifier , n. paHfier, pemtt- 

maker, mediator. 
Frieden«ft6ret , m. ptrtttrbaior , di. 

FriedentvorTchlag, m.^fropofitionfot 

a peace 
Friedfenig, Friedlicb, Friadiam, a. 

(t^eahle, ptaeeful, fadfe. fuiet. 
Fnedreriigkelt. f. peacraHene/s. 
Friedliebend, a. loving peace. 
•Friaren, v. n. to'jreitt, ckiU. 
Fries, m. frte*e,friso. 

Friefel, «. purpUt 
Frifch, a /rjk t H„. 
Frircbling. ni. koar.pigr 

Frifenr, m. hairdeffmg( barber J. 
Frifiren, r. a. to <'•'« eurl, cri/^ 
Frift, f. rt/pite, interTolifet term. 
Frirten, v. a. to^at ^, delays to 

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froh. «. gM, rtjtktd. 
. PMhllch, a. gUd,j09tml^r0lUk, mtr. 

leit. f. gajftty, gisJme/i, 


Frohloeken, v. to. f« Mii/f, (Hnai^ 
Prohlockcn, n. t9Hltsti0'',jiHMion 
Frohn. m. ttf 'Jt*f, hfJdt 
Frohndieaft, m. Frobne, f. h»%i' 

fir mice % firmgt, fi'vUt dut t0 tht 

Uri ^ tkt ««ti«iir. 
FrObntn, v. n. U d* /trvieet 

Frohntr, m ftugtr^ itit ^ ftr^i. 

ttt »iik»td f»y. 
Frohnfuhre, f. emrrUgt hy fatkwuH. 
Frohnlcichnam, m. tkrljfs My botfy. 
FrohnlcichnuBifaft. n. curput ^tkn- 

Frobn«of t, m. furwytr ^ ktud-jmen. 
Fromm, *, iHm0e*mi, kind, pUu$. 
FraoiiBen, v. n. t» koot. 
Frfloimlgkth) f. pUly, g»0dmt/t. 
Frdmmling, m. ktgrt, kypoerUt. 
Fronit, r. /' tmt. 
Frontifnac, m./rctiHmiuek. 
Frofch, nkfiog. 

Froichlaicli. *• /^ ^/p*^» '^frtgS' 
Froft, m /rJt, 
FroOtMul*. f. tkUhUln. 
FrMeln, v.ti. it Jkivtr • tiUk. 
Froflii, a. frq/ly, ' / 
FrMUiag. m. tkUly ktdy. 
Frofiwctter,^ wemtker. 
Frucht. m./rktf. [tile. 

ft^htharktitj, /rmam»fitjf,/trtllUy, 
Fruchtbaum, m./ruit • trtt. 
FrocbtbringMid, a. /rugifer9Ut,fr». 

B\f trout. 
Fnwlitea, V. a. U fnimu « go»d 

Frucbtkaofpa, f. gtm, 
FrtKhUot. a. /rtMk/s. 
Fnichilofiakalt, f . friOtUftntft. 
Kriilii • ft ad. tmrfy\ fmern., yt. 

Jltrdmy m»rnlKg. 
FrUht, r. tmriy in Ik* m0miMg. 
Fitfharbfea, pi. k^/lingt. 
FrtUigebet, a. mornims .frmytr. 
FHIbgeb->n, t. »k»- *t»n. 
Frilhiahr, a. FrUhiiag, m./frbig. 
FcUhlingfrMM, itt. mriuuraim. 
Friihineite, I. mstim/, 
FiOhobft. a. rtkJrtMt. 
Frilhpredigt, fy ukrnlng.ftrmtm. 
Frilbregen, m'.'imorninS . rmttin 
Frflhfliick. «. krfkf.Jt. 
FtOhftUckea. v. a. t* kremkfti/t. 
FHlhllunde, r m*ming.Hwu. 
Ftiihteitig, a fma^tmrt, formtrd, 

Fuck*. m./oMi Rkhfin. f. Jke ./•«. 

kitek ./«jti (eia Pfcid) kmyk»'/e; 

(rchlauer Meafeh) r««al«^; (jua. 

ger Student) frtjk-mmik. 
Fuchtbalg, n. /om - raft- 
Fachtbte, m. Fuehabfihlct f. /««. 

k«Je, ktnntt. 


FuchCcht,a. rtd,>tddijk. 
FucbcpeU, Bi./ttr of foati. 
FurhpreUen, n. /««. *«i/tiig, tojing. 
Fuchitotb, a . fen . tMturtd. 
Fuchtichwaax, m. /»m . ttUt krmjk, 

Fuchifcbwilneca, v. a. to /*wn. 
Fucb»rchwi(astr, m. ftwmtr, cbao- 

FichtficbwXaserci, C> /amUmg. 
Fuchtel, f./i00rd. ^ 

Fucbieln, v. a. to Mr ike om* wM Ike 

JUtJid* rf a iv>»rd. 
F.tdcr. n. fodder,/ udder I tun rf vdite. 
Pug, B. eonteniemee, 'ea/oH. 
Fuge, f JoiHt, tlofureJemm\ T.fugmt. 
FllKea, «.a. to joint unite, put to 

fftker J ficb., to ketppen ; to agree, 
e eonvenient. 
Filglieb, a. couveniemt, emfy. 
Fiigiiag. f . joiuing } dijpofitiom ; Jum. 

FUblbar, a. ftnfikU, Under. 
FUblen.v • to/tit', to ke fenjihl* ^ 
FUhlhoro. n. feeler. 
FUhlloi. a. infenfikle, ftnfeUft. 
FUUlofigkeit, r. infen/kauy, fenfe. 

F'ibr*. f. carriage, earting ; loading. 
FUbren, v. a. r# rarry^ to lead, guide. 
FUbrtr, m. eomduaor, guide, dtreSor. 
Fubrknecbt, m. tarrier's wtam. 
Fuhrloba, n. freight, tarriogt. 
Fubrmaaa, at. carrier, carter, i 

FUbrung, f. conduff, guiding, dirt' 

Fubrweg. m. tart • iaay, kigk • toay. 
Fubrwark, a. carriage, waggon. 
Fnbrwefen, a. carrying. 
FOile, f. akrnndance, plenty, fulne/t 
FUllcn. V. a. tojllli ficb., tojl^jf. 



Ilea, n. foa/, colt. 
FUlUn, ▼. a. to food, krtug forlk a 

Wllarda. f,ful!er*s earth. 
Ftlllhoro, a- cotmucopimt. 
FUllwort, a. eMpietlve, kotck, 
Fnad, m finding , found. 
t. Gru 

Foabsjagd, f. /m > tkafe. 

Fundamcat, t. Gruad. 

Foadgrube, f. Jk^t, wtiMi. 

FUnf, a- five. 

FUnfe, f. /or} rinfue, fuimi. 

FUnfeck, a. pentagon. 

FUafeckig, a. pentagonal, 

FUnfcr, m. five, ttnfue. 

FUaferlei, a Jvo d>fereni. 

FUafTacb, FOaffiCliig, u.fiv^oU, f i 

FUnfjiOiriKt m-lve years old, 

'iB'aial, ad./«r timet. 
inftigig, a. ^fiwt days. 

FUafte. a f^tk, 

FUafiebalb, a. four and m kalfi 
FKpftel, n fftk pari, 
jFunrzehD, ^.fifteen, 
JFiuirEahaWt m.ftftetntk. 


Fuafxiga*, a fiftittk. 

Fuakelrt. v. a. to gtimmtr, glitier. 

Fuaketneu, a- fpuk and /pan % * 

Funkaa, m. f park, /far kle, dgri. 

FUr, prp./«r. 

FUr ufld nir, ad for titer and ever. 

Ftlrbart, ad forward, fwtker, 

Filrbiite, f interrejlon; puMt frMyer* 

Furche, f. furrenm. 

FarcbcB. *. a. tofurram^ to mrimkle. 

Futcht. r./,»r, flight ame. 

Ftirchibar, (i formidakle, drea^uU 

Furchtbarkeit, (. fornddakiene/t. 

FOrchttn, v. a. to fear, kt ^raid, 

d tad. 
FUrrbterlJch, a. terrikU, korrHU. 1 
Fiirrbtlot, a./rarA/jr. 
Furcbiram , a. ftarful , tiatarout,\ 

Forcbthmkeit, f femrfmbu/t, «ia«J 

ronfnef't, timidity. - 
Furie, f. fwy. 
Furier, m. karkinger. 
FUrlicb, ad. . •ncbmea, tokteanttnt. 
Furaier, m- tnlay. 
Furnierea, v. a to inlay. 
FUr(f»r4che, f. pteadtngi interetjiou 
Fdrfprecber, m. pleader, inter teffor 
FUrft, m. ptnct : -ia, f prinrejt. 
FUrftenbank, f. feat ^ tkt princes. 
FBrflenbut, m pr intent coromtt. 
FUrfttaftand, m pHntthne/t. 
FUrftentbtini, n. primcipaOty, dooA 

nion of a prince 
FUrRltcb. a. princelike, frimctiy. 
Fun, f ford\, ad. cirt^Bf, truly. 
FUrwoh,n. I^ommtadatiaa y 

Furz, m.fart. 

Fiifel, m . kingo. , 

FUfalier, m.fufiUtr. ^ 

F»r>. m.foot, fl.ftttt *ntaft,^^^ 

Fufiangel, f . ealtropm i 

Fuftbad. a. katkfor tkt f ttt, 

Fu&ballen, m. plant. 

Paahtok.r. foot. Jioot. 

Fuftbodaa, m. bottom, floor. 

Faftboi e, m . foot . poj 

Fulseifea, a fettert- 

Fu&eb, «■ n. iofetfoot} aaf«twas.| 

to nly am. 
Furifall, Bk. fr^atiom. 
Fiifsglager, ita. footman, waiktr. 
Fo&Kcftell. a. pedeflal, kajit. 
Fiirtkaeeht, m, footman. 
Fuftpfad, an. foot - patk. 
Fu&rcbcmel, ite. foot^Jool. 
FursroUe. f. /oU. 
Fulsftapfeai n. hark, foot. fhp. 
Faftfteig, ai. fo^ak . pMk. 
Fufairitt, m- kitki track, 
ruffolkto. foot. fotdMrt, H^ntry. 
Fufiz«he» r. toe. 
Futier , a. lining } furring ; ( fUr 

Tbiert ) foddtri kor/t . meat, /«. 

rage. ' 
Futtaral, a. ea/t, eovtring, , 

|Fuiterheaid, n. tmdtr • vai/ltaat. 

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Jttcrkaften, n. mmnger. 
Mccrkinwand, f. kntn for dining, 
hiern, * «. /« linei to fur \ eii 
Thicr., to fttd, fodder. 
nterfack, m feddtr. i«g. 
Mterfchwinge, Futterwannt, t. «■« 



hkf F- gift, donative, frtftnt. 
AA, i.forki Cjfbelchen, n far, 
itt, tendril 
ibclformig, «. forhy. forked. 
bbeltinke, i. prong of a fork- 
'ickern, v. n to eaeiie, gaggtt- 
itfen, V. n. to gaft mt. 
^lincn, V a. to yawn, gape. 
whrbottich, oi- atevat, oeerv^. 
eihre, U ferment -^yejl. 
■*Ci(taren. v n. to ferment. 
■CiibrungstDi(t«I, ti. mean$ offtrmen- 
' tatiOH. 

CtUn, in. 5«/Ai>if. 
Galant, a. gai^ant. 
GaUntcrie. f gailantnefs^ gallantry 
CilanteriehMndler, m mMmer. 
Galeere, f galley, ga/iot. 
GaJeerenfclave, m. galley -Jlane. 
Caleone, f. gateon, galtajfe. 
Calcote, r ga/iat. 
Calgen, m. galloxos. gihhet. 
Calgeodicb, Calgenflrick, Ci(l|envo. 

gel , m g^llov) - elappor. 
CalgenfriA. f reprieve. 
Gaiimatias* m. gaiUmatia. 
Gal la, f. gat^, gallantry. 
Callapfel, m. gall. nut. 
Galle. r. gall. Me, ekoler. 
Callenbitter, a at htter as gmil, 
Gtlleoblare. f. gall, i'adder, 
Gallenfipbei', m galling fevtr. 
Galienfuchi, t. jaundice. \ 
Gallenfllcbtig, a, itliary^ melmmtkolif. 
Callerie, f. gattiry, Mhy. 
Callene. f. geUy, 
Callig. a. kilia'y \ ekalerit. 
, Calneiiiii roiiiiia, taiamlnt> 
Calone, f galloon. 
Calopp, m gallop- 
Gtiopptren, v.n. to gallop. 
Gang, m. going, watiing, gaii, ^ep i 
courfe. [ed 

Gangbar, •• going, eurrent,frefutft. 
Gifngelb^Dd, n. Iea4>fg-Jringt. ' 
Cangein, v. n. |» lead hjfringt. 
Gant. f ^oofe, pi. geeje ; jung« 


Cans, CinzHch, a. entirOf mkaU, mil, 
•uite, total i ad. euHrety, totally, 
oy all meant. 

Gar, ad. drefed\ enough boiIed\ dome\ 
very welli gar so (chr, su viel, toe 
mut*; gar oft, wy often ; gar 
Telten, mighty rarely ; gar ao ii«u. 
gierig, vver.ruriow i fogar dab, 
in Jo much that s aiich fo gar, e*eH\ 
gar nicht, not at all} gar nichu, 
notkixg at all. 

Garantie, f. warranty. 

Garaniireo, «.°n. to warrant. 

Caraui, n. utmo/i ruin. 

Garb«, f garie.Jktaf, fl. Jieawt. 

Garde, f. guard. 

Gardine, f. roarHn. 

Garkorh, m. aa^^fr of a viHuating 
*#«/<>. took. 

Garkdcbe. f. eook^t fkop, ordinary 

Carmondfchrifi, t. T. antifua. 

Gam, n yarn \ net. 

Carngabel, t. rod to hold tht met. 

Carnifon, f garrifon. 

Garniiur, f garniture i fri. 

Garniveber, m . yarn . votaver, 

Garnwjade, f. reel, hafp. 

G^rftig, a. ^rty, nofly ^ ugly, d». 


Qanen, ni. garden. 
Gartenbaa, m gardening. 
Ganenbeet, n. bed. 
Gartengelifnder, n. efpaliT. 
Garicn^riichi, f . garden .fruit. 
Gartengerifth, o. garden . tooii. 
GartengrwXclu , n. garden -ware, 

Gartenhaua, n.fummerkoufo. 
Gartenknecbt, m gardener' sfervant 


Giinrcblurac, f. daify. 
CKnrefeit. n. goo/e.grt ^ 
Giinregekrafe, CMnfeklein, n. goofe- 

Ginfekiel, n. fuUi. 
Glnreticht m. gander. 
GMorelpiel, n. goofe. 
Gjinreftall* n. goofe- JtaU. 

»BB 4;; 

CaftrMht, a. right ^ kef^Uallty. 
Gaftftube, r. C^tianer, n. ram 

for gue/fs,Jlranmetj, 
Oaftwinh, CaOgeber. OaAlialter, m. 

M^, m..Jltr of an inn | m^/ter ^ 

am ordtnmry. 
Ganwirtllia, f. k^efj, mi/htft ffam 

G«Uicb, a. ttmmodiom$,fuUakl*,fort. 

Gaite, ai. Gtuin, f. f^fe, eanfort, 

Gaitea, v. a. to eoupU, matekt fieli., 

/* unke. ^ 

C«tt«T, a graU, lattice } graUmgt. 
Gaitern, v. a to gather. 
Gatienhor, n. GatMrtfaiin, f. grmtt' 

Ganenkrcffe, f . garden . treffet. 
Genenkunft, f. art rf gariening* 
Gartenlaube, f. homer. 
Gifnner, m. gardener. 
Girtnerei, f. gardening, art ^ gar. 

GXrchen, v. n. to fltivteryfoam, froth 
G«rcbt, n. /f/f. 

Gaffe, r fheet \ (kleine) /aiK» aUey. 
Gaffenhurf , f. common Jkrumpet. 
Gaflrnkehrsr , m. fireet Jfvteeptr, 


lOenkotb, m. dini in the Jheets 
GaflTenlied. n. kallad. [lope. 

Gaflenlaufen, n. running the gant. 
Gaffenrinne,' f. fewer. 
Cad, m. gu^i tuflomer. 
Gaftbeit, n. hedfor a ftrmnger. 

\ Gafte 'bitten, v. a. to inuite to 

dinner or fupper j au Gafte 'ge- 

hen, V. n. to he treated. 
Gafterei.r GaftiBabl,n./>^,iiMf Mr. 
GaftFrei, a kofpitahle. 
GaRfraibeit, f. hofpUaUty, 
Gaftfraund, m. gnejl. ^ 

G^Ohaua, n. hotel, inn ; ordimitry. 
Gaftherr, m. hanfueter^ 
Gaftbof, m. kotel.' 
Caftiren, v. a. to. kanquet. 
Gaftpredigt, f. fermam freacked ky a 


Gaiiervrcrk, a. Wellit \ laitUcmort. 
Gattung, r. himd, fort. 
Gail, m. & q. . ^w^trj j dJPr^S^ 
Gauch, m. gaa-k. h n y^rJVf rrf /•• . 
Ga«dieb, m. c i,c-kt'r/:f[fTrj/^itv> 
Gaukclei, f. f --..*.'■ I ipi* f^ Giqikal' 

wcrk, n.>i-; ■ x, fi^gghms, 
Gaukelicbt, a / ^X>*''S* 
Ga ikcln, *. n. fn^Jlf^t 
Gaukelpoffen, pi- J^f^gfrt. 
Caul,.ni. korfr, M&s%j*dr* 
Gaiimen, m. gnm, pMte. p 

C'aaner. m. eunning flcher,Jiarper. 
Gaze, f, gauxf. 
Gaselle, f. gantl. 
Gazette, f. govt, gatette. 
Ge!(de(, n. vei'nt, arteries', tendomh 
Gebi(ck, n. katth.- 
GehMlk, n. timker <f a koufe. 
CcbKren, v. a. to hear a ckiU, to 

gender, kreed. 
Gebsfrerin, f. woman im fakat^r, tra- 
Gcbitrrauiier, f. womk, mother. 
GebiihrAubl, m. chair of delivery ^ 
Gcbifode, i^.ku$Uing, edifice. 
Gebein. ». tke konet of the kody. 
Gebeli, n. continual haying. 
Geben, v. a. & n to 541K, to pay'% 

waa giebit ? what Is the matter f 

ca wlrd Cch geben, tt uM foUow 

in courfe. 
Ocher, m. ^g|lr^ danour. 
Geberdt, f. ge/hre ; mien } coumte- 

nanec, behaviour. 
lichGeberdcn, V. r. to gejiure, ke- 

hove, demean one's fe'f, to carry. 
Gebcrdenkuoft, t art of imHating 

gejheres and miems i mimickry. 
Gebet, n. praying, praytr. 
Gebetbucb, n. prayer . kooh^ 
Gebiei, a. diflriS, territory i fro- 


Gebiaten, v. a. to hid, commamdt 
Gebictcr, oi. comman^f. " v 
Gebiescrin, f. commandrefs, mi^refs. 
Gf biftcri&li, a. doaUm^aring, impe- 

Gebirge,a. mommtaims, ridge ffmotim* 

Gabirger, ai. mtoumtaineor , high 


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C«bils • hi 0fm k^rfii^kf.iutk. 

CebMck*. n (Umfmg ; Itmimg 
C«bltt«>t, a. JU*,.JkH. /•»* a. ' 

Ccboi. n t0mmmm4mnt\ hidiing. 
C«bli«c. a Jktrt, Urdtr. 
C«braucb, A. tmfUjn»g. mfe, mU., 

fo1iniMb«n. t, ■ tr *//, twtfitm. 

<#«lt1liPdr, B. >'rw"f 
C#hr*ufr , a ' ^4 1 1, jf. ^ mW»^. 
*GeLrrclHn, h. n. tb u .mf, /arA. 

Gf-bf-- 1 Ai Af-p Q . M M IV ^ - .ug, kmwtmiag. 

. V a I. ir tut, Jit 

C«H»llt!mn1, GthklhrltclJ. •. dut,Jii. 
0«hiL>iKl^ r, Utfi ijttik. 

dturubriif, n. tt' t'iy^tt if * tmn. 

C*t..r., : ... . "^ 

G«bur»janr, n. j/tar ^ hirtk. 
Gcburuon, m nmtiv* r^untry. tkrMi,pawgt 
G«b.iruAatli, f m*ti9t . tovn 
G«biiruauhl, a. ek»ir rf itkmtry. 
G«(>uniftund«, r. hiT^.kour. 
Gcbtinuag, B hirik.ity. 
Ccbarrh, n. unde^w^od, kujut. 
C«ck, m. Ktek,/»ol,/ot. 
Cc4Xch(Bi&. n. rtmimkrmnte, mtm»*y- 
Gcdjkhini&ananze. t. OenkmUnzr 
Cadanke. m tkovgkt 
Gcdankeolot. a Iktm^Mtfs. 
Gcdankenlofinkcit.f. tkougktitftmfs. 
Ccdankenftrich. m. b*nUi. 
G«diiriB, n. tntrmilt, guttf bowls . 
Cadeck, n rMwr. 

•G«daihen, ». a to profftr, fuectti. 
Gcdeihen, n. tkrmttg, P'ofyering 
Gcdaihiicb, a. tkrtmmg, profftrouSt 

•Cedenkaa , t. a. to tklmk } Jo mmkr 

moutiom ^ i to rtmtmhtr i to i» 

Cadieht, a. form. 
Gcdia^an, ^. fmrt, mmturmi, mefiot 
Gedopp«lt, ■. boppelt. 
Gcdrifnga, n. /Any, trotod, frt/t. 
Gedninge. CedrXngt, a. nmrrom. 
Gedrici, a. tf-m-y. 

O^ <ld, I. pMt>€H€t. 

fich G«dalden, v r. to kmve p^itnct. 
Gcduldig, a omtnnt, inimlgtHt 
Caaltland, n.fandj, dry, km' rtn Und 
Gefahr, f. dlsN^^, pf^, kotard. 
•er«hrd«n v. a. to dtrngtr^ koza'd, 

Gcnhrlicb, a. d€tigeroms, poriloms. 
Sefitbrlichkait, f. dmugnomfntfs. 


Cagenfcfaretber. m. romp&olttr. 

GcKcnfeite. f. rtverft 
GcKenfrioK, a. mutHoi, reHproemt. 
Gei^citfland, m. oofefitiom ; okjtS. 
CcKeaiheil, n. tomtr«ry -. m. eo*n. 

terpart 1 im-. en tkt eoutra'y. ■ 
0«gen*errchrcibung, f. foumttr^komd.U 
Gegenwall. m tonnttrfimrp. 
Ccgcnwart. f pttftnc. 
Gegenwifrtig, a. pre/emti mm*. 
Grgenwehr, f dr/oicr, rtjijlmnet. 
C«genwind, m to-t-O'y wimd. 
Gegenwirkung. f. rtmSion. 
Gegner, m. mdver/ary, anttgonififi 

Gchilga, n. keJgt, Inttofitrt. 
Gcliali, n. Jtandmrd'y volomr ; fulmry, 
Cehadig, a odious \ kottful. \ 

Gehiitrigkeit, f. odtoufut/s } kmtifuU 

Cchiiura, n. tofe, cage. 
" heim, a. Jttrtt, 


GcOIbm, m. eompanlom. imcoott, rn>nM\ dutift 
Getahen. « n. to pi' m ft -j «* gvOfll' 

mir, / ttkf «} licb gef alien laf 

fea, to kt eomtrnt un'k. 
Cc«allca, m. liktmg i favour, pUa. 


Cc<aUig,a ptomjiag, mgretmU* ', com- 

pUt/amti pmykU. 
Cefidfinkeii. f. tompUifMce, ojl 

Cc)angcn.a >i«^ri/«iir^j . •nebmen, 

to imortfoH J lig. to tmptivmtt. 
CeUngene, in. prif,mer, tmptiot. 
Ce*angcn>Mifner. m Jaitf, turn-kry. 
Gcfangenfchart, f. tmpttoity, impn. 

G«niagttcb,a imprifoni ••eiaxieban, 

10 impTtfon. 
CefangniU, a. joU, p-ifon, durance 
Gciift. n. kill; kondUi otfel. 

G«r«r(l. a. rfoJy, pTtportO. 

Cefecbt. a. figkting, aOton, kattU. 
Gefieoer, n pluot*gt,ftatk*rs. 
Ccfiedert. a ftrntko-td. 
G«6ld«, a. fields, fkmmpaigm. 
Geflecht. n. tr,fes, treft .work. 
GcBiOea.a. d>i>gent, ready, cjftious; 

••fevn, to e'ldtmvour. 
GcfliOcabeit, f. endeavour, applUa- 

CefliOeatlicb, a wi(fm£. 
CeQugel, a wmged an-.otals, pouffry 
Cefolae. n. Iratn, attendante- 
Cefriiriig, a. raoenoks, g'eedy. 
Gefn(f«igkeii( f. ravenoMfsn^s,glut- 

Gclreiindet. a. related. 
•Cefrieren, V n. to freeze, eomgtal. 
'iefreiie^m. exempt. 
^cfUgig. a. pliable 
Geruhl, a feettngi fenJbUity, ftmti. 

GefUbllot. n.fenfeUfs. 
Cefahllorif>keu, (. fenfeUftnefs, in. 

frnJibU,ty \tng. „ . 

GcrUblvulf. %. ftnfible, tender, afta.\<^Avt,xa flavor, foam. 
Gen^ei.a. inv^ed mi 

ty of prinres ■ 
Gegen . prp towards ; againfl ; for } 

in compa'ifon vntk'y %Aabout,ntar. 
GcgenaniUhi (. counterpace. 
Gegenaniwortt f« reply. 
GcHcnberebli «• countermand 
Cegenbericbi, m- coi^nttr ■ i^forma. 

I. on. 
Gegenbcweic, m counter - proqf. 
Ccgcad, f. country, neighbour hood ; 

Ccgendieaft. n. reciprocal fer^ee. 
G«ii«niur»ler. m. anttpode 
GcKcngerchenk, a. counter . prefent 
CegeBKift,n. antidote, counter.poifon. 
Gcgcniicbe. f. reciprocal love. 
GegenpapA, m. antipope. 
Gcgciipanei, f. tounter. party. 
Ccgenrachauag* f counter , reckon. 

Gagcnrade, f. eontradifhon, reply, 
Gagcafau, m. mittitke/lo ; roffy* 

private, privy. 

C«heimnir*, n. feeret, myflery, 
Geheinnifsvoll, a mjjlerious. 
Ccheimrchreiber, m. ftcrelary, 
Geheift, a- command, order. 
Gehen. v. a. to g«; wie gehu? 

kotu do you dot 
Cebeiil, a. kovAing, 
Gchira, n. b'oin. 
GehAlz, a wood'y tkicket. 
Gebdr, a kearingi ear ; auMence, 
Gehorchen, v. a. to obry, 
G«hdreo, V. a. to belong, appertmin, 
Geborig, a. btionging, appartatning, 
Ge^orloi, a. deaf. 
Gchdrn, a. korns. 
Gchornt. a korned, eornuted. 
Geborfam, a. obedient, duteous. 
Gehorlam, m. obedience, obfefuiou/L 

G«hrcn, on. goar, gore 
GchUlfc, ai. aider, helper, mate, 
Gcier, m vulture. ^ 

Gcicrfalk, m ger .fateom. 

litk tkt digoi. Gei^crUtsc^ea, a. bik. 

Gcifcra, « a. to drivel, flavor. 

Geige. f. violin, fiddle. 

Geigaa. «. a. to play on tht viol, ta 

Gcigeabarz. a. colophony. 
Gcigcnmacber, m. ,viol - maker. 
Geiger, m vtolijl, fiddler. 
Geil, a fertUe-y l^ftftd, lafciviout, 

vaanton ■ 
CeiUa, pl. baUocks, teJuUs. 
Ceilheit. f. fertdity ; lufl, laftitMy. 
Geifi, f . goat, mountain . goat. 
Oeiriblatt, a. koney .fucQe , mood, 

Geiftel, m h^/Uge. 
G«ir«el,r mkip. fcoyrge. 
Gcifsela.v.a to n^'p, ffurge. 
GeifKlung. f. flagellation, mkipping. 
Geilkbirt. m. Jhepkerd of goats. 
Gaifl, m. fpirtt, gk^, mind, genius. 
GciAerlcbrc, f. pneumatotosy. 
GtiOif* %.fHfUutut, inUUtaual. 

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ecieiicli. a. fpirttuMl, tttU/li^kui. 
GciAliche^ m. rltrt, prujl. 
Cciftlichkeit, f rttr^y. 
CciftWx, ■ fpititttfi. 
CeifUcich. > fpirittd 
Ccift«oll,m full of fpirit. 

Mu, ID a«a'i<-r, ccivfteufntfs. 

Cdnen. v n to bt avaricioks.. 

fiduluh. m. rAi<r/, niggtrd 

Cnuik , I avartHous , eopttous, 

CA\i^ n yelping. 

CckUpjter. n. rattling \ cUcking. 

Caiufche, n p-attUmg, babhling. 

Gdactv, n. caeking. 

CeUifche. n fyutaking, JkrUking 

Ctiriijtel. n /criUfing. 

Cekrofe, n. <a./*J rh^drom. 

CcUchter, n. laug*>ttr 

CtU , n. r.'xA } >«»;v(^ 

Cflander, n. b»l fttr -^ tfpalxer. 

Cclangen, « n to gtt, arriot, eo. 

nf at 
C«laDguag, f. getting, fit. 
GfUfc, m. room. 

MtfTtn. «. paJ!M, imttt, tran^yi'. 
CcUOenheit, f. tranfuiUity, rtfif^na. 

Celaufig, «. Jlntnt. 

I Ccliiiie. a- ^'ifging of Stilt. 
Celb, a. ytltow. 
Cclbbraun, a. JUtmot. 
Celbttirfser, m. ^racier. (ioai 

Celbiich, ». ytltoun^flt, fomnthat yiU 
Cclbrchnabel, m. t kitty face, emlicw 


Celbfucbt, f. janndtre- 
GelhfUchtig, •■'jaundiced. 
Geld, n money, coin. ' 

Ccldarm, a moneyltft. 
Celdausgabe, f paying, eMpentt. 
Ot\dbefiicTd€,f.greedin*/ifor nuney 
Cfldhe>itel, m. bag for money, Pw/'f 
GcJdbnfse. f. >«-. 
Gcldflciiz, m. eovetok/jnefi, greedu 

"'}' f' money. 
C«Ugeitzig, Geldgierig, a. greedy 
for money. 

GcUkaften, m. ftrong bo*. 
GcldinJikler, m money . fcrivener. 
GcMoiange), m rvant of money. 
Ccldnotb. f. needinefs of money. 
GcMfaclM. f- money . afair. 
Geldrack . m . money . bag 
Gcldfchnld. f. money. debt. 
Gcldftrafe, f. fine, amercement. 
CtldiiCdi, m. connter. 
vcMwechrel, m. exchange rf money. 
Cddwechsler, m. enckange . man. 
^^t^n. getly 
Cdeiieii, a fi1uated\ fig. conntnUnt, 

ft, P'ope^, important 
Cclecenheii, f . opportunity, oecafion 
Gelegcntlich. ad oetaJionaUy. 
Cclebtig.a. docile, traaablt. 
CclehriEkeii. f dottiity. 
GelehrUmkcit, f. iiterature,fet€mee, 

GcUbn, a. Mrned* 


Calchrw, m. fcko/ar, mm ^feitmet. 
Geleit, n. meeompanying, atfendaneei 

Geleiten, v. o. to ta»du9, mceant. 

Geleiitant. n. eandufling o0ee. 
G«leitsbrier, n faferonduff, paftfort. 
Geleitfchiff. n ronvoy. 
Gcleiueinnebmcr. m rteeivtr^tke 

Gcleiugeld , o condnSing . fafe. 

guard, duty. \eior. 

Geleiumann, m- fafegua'di cohiu. 
Gelciureiier, n horfenun ^tke fa 

vt guard 
G«leitssettel, m. coeliet. 
Gclrnk. Ge|enkfani,a./ar///lr,^(««^ 

Gelenk, n. joint. Jointure. 
GelcnkiKkeit. ( fuppUneft. 
Gcliebtc, n lovers .(. rniftrett. 
Gelindc, a. toft, mild, fweet, gentle 
Gelindiftkeii, f. foftnefs, miUneli ' 
•Gelingen, w. n. tofueceed^ pro/per, 

J'ceed i nicht -, tv fait, 
Celifpel. n I'fping. 
Cellen, i n. to found, ecko. 
Celnben.v.a to promifey to vow. 
Gelte, f. tray. pail. 
''Gehcn, V n tobe eurrtnt,be»artk; 

to be valid 
CelUhde, n. voui. 
GelUften, y.n. to defire, lijl. 
Gemacb, a. meek ^^ow, by dtgrtet. 
Gemacb, n. appartm>nt i das beim. 

licbe •, privy. 
Gemitchlicb, a. Jloto, eafy, tommo- 

Gemilchlicbkeit, f. commodity, eafi. 

GefflMcbt, n. vork, makirg, eomfo- 

Gemabl, m. eonfort, fpomft , .in, f. 
■ lady. 

Gemahnen, v. a to feem 
Gemifldc, a. piSure. 
Gcmih, a. conform, fuitabU, agree- 
able [cy. 
Gemiirtbeit, f. conformity, tongrmn. 
Gemiirsigt, a temperate, moderate. 
GeoiMuer, n. murtd wall. 
Geoieiii, a common, public, ordinary 
Gcmeinde.GciBcine, r. commonalty, 

< emmuutty i partjk 
Gemeinde^ut, n. lommon. 
Gcmeinfaetit f. community [ly 

Gemeiniglich, ad. common,, common. 
Gemeinniltxig, a. common, fervim 

the ufe of all. 
Cemeinacbs, m. bull ofthep^ri/k. 
Gemeinfcbafc, ra. communic^tiot> ; 

community \ fartnerjkip. 
Cemeinrcba'ilich, a. in 
Gemeinuifi, f. cotimon. 
Gcmengfel, n medley. 
Gemctzel, q. mafficre, carnage. 
Grmircbi 1 mingling, mLnture, 
Cemfe, f. framois. 
Gemunncl, n numuring. 
Gcmilfc, n. }nlfe. 

GEO 4, 

^dtk, a. mindi ain guMs., good 

GenUthsm. f. ckaraUer , temper^ 

f'ame ^ mind. 
Gemtkbtbcwcguag, f. qjfeSHoH, pa/. 

GenUihtgabcn, pi. partt, taients. 
Gemttdukraft, f! power rf mind. 
GemOthtkrankbeit. f. difeafe ef tkg 

mind, melanckoly. 
GcaiUthiruhe, r. tranfuiUify ef mind. 
GemttibaverfaffuBg, f. conjhtution of 

Gcnicrcbig, a. lickor,Jk^ »Ut., 
Genaii , a. actarate, enaffi' near. 
Ganauigkeit, f. exaOneft; faving.. 

Gcaahmigen, Gcnehn •balten, v. a. 

to approve qf. 
Genebipigiing, Cenabmbaltung, f. 

Geneigt, a. inclined, difpofed, fa. 

Geneigtbeit, t. favour, kindnefs. 
General, m. genetal} .in, f. geut- 

ral't lady. 
Generalaccife, r, excife . gentrai. 
Cencraladjutant, m. aid de campt 
Gencralbafs, m. thorough., bafe. 
GeneraireldnarfchaH, m. fuld-mar~ 

Jka>, ' iiptain - general. 
Geiicralfeldzeugnieifter , m. great' 

mafltr if the ordinance. 
General i ti<i, f. generality. 
Generailieutenant, m. lieutenant' 

Oeneralquariicrmeifter, m. fuarter-m 

majter . general. 
Generainaaten, yi.Jtatet gemerait 
Generalftab, in. generality. 
Gcneren, t- n. to recover. 
Genefung, f. recovering, recavtrjf, 
Genick, n. nape. 
Genie, n. genius, talent, fpirit. 
Geniertbar, a. eatable, enjeying, 
"Geniebcn, v. a. «« enjoy i to taie^ 

Gnnifi,n.fioeepings, krujk. wood. 
Genoft, m. confort, companion. 
GenoCFenTchafi , t. fellawJUp, earn- 

Genug, ad. fn^ient, enough, 
GenUge, f fi-Jlcieneyi tut., welt 

enougl;/uficientlyi '*ih\xn,tofill, 

to content. 
Geniieen, v. n. to ba contented,/!,. 

GenUglicb, a. fuJUiently. 
' eniigfam. a. enougk, jujficlent. 
GenUgram, a. content, Jtber, frugal. 
Genilgfamkeit, f. rontentedneji. 
Gen'igibiMing, f fati^a^an ; . lal- 

ften, tofatisfy. 
Gennfa, m. enjoyment} ufufruM. 
Gcogtaph, m- geographer. 
Geograpbie, f. geography. 
Geograpbifcb, a geograpkitat, 
I Geometer, to. geometer. 
ICaemcwie, f. geometry. 


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i* • E R 

Gaeaetriteli, «. gtMmtrUal. 
Cepiick, n. tmggMge, tuggagt. 
GepUpper, n. Uttiing, k*Shth 
CeplMrre, n. hawting. 
Ccplmidcr, a. enttntist tMing, Ht- 

tting. ' 

CcpoUer, b. tumitimg nti/t. 
Ceprilg«, m.^awip, cointgt 
Gcprjfnge. n. p»mf,Jat€. traim. 

GcraOel, b. ratding. 

Ceriftb, n. to»/t | mntahUi, gwis. 

•Gcrathcn, ». n. ffaUinWy Urun 

in i t» fucnii; t» turn U. 
Ctntbewehl, n. rtndom. 
Gcri(tMcl»rt.f. i0»if, mtttritit.fur. 

•««u« , •. itrgt; ver geraaoier 

Zeit, « ^rttjt uhiU agt. 
Ccritamig. ■. 6r«, wlir. A-ri< 
Gcrlumigkeit , f. t*rg^*/T» ff. 

Cerihifcb. n. »ij/e/^ rt,jtiingifwmjk. 
G«rbcn,«.a. to <««, f«rfy, rfr*// 
Cerber, m. fnutr. 
Gcrbcrei, f. /«iiarr|>, fm - *»ir/r. 
Ccrberlobe, f. ten •/ ««*, ,^r«. 

iplf* Intkir ii tmntd. 
Cer«cbt a. jujly rigktteus. 
C»recbiigke1t, t. jujtut , j^^^n^Js, 

right. " 

Cerechtnim*, f. f^%*f, priviitge. 
CertUben, v< a r« ||», /^mw, rf. 


. U rifnif» r»t, grU, 

0«richi, a. jmJgmtnt- triiunai. 

flact oftxtcution\ (SpeifeJ dijk, 

Geriebtbarkeit, t. JurltAffiom. 
Gerichtlicb, «. juiUi^,juditUry. 
Cerichttbucb, a, rntrd, rott. 
G«richtidtenar, m. mpfritor. 
Gericbuaebtthren, pJ :fttt. 
Ceriehubahcr, m. juJUtiary. 
Gtricbtibau*, n. ktujt »/ juMeafurt. 
^ricbttbof, ra. t»urt cf jt^itt 
Geriebu(cbreiber» n^. *Hu 

t«urt of juJlUt. 
OOTtcbuftaba, t. kmil ^ jujtitt. 

auary in « 

Garicbuiag, ai. eaurt.iajf. 
C^erichuverwalkcr . a». j'tf/lieiqry, 

Garichtrrogt, m. Jndgr, Jujtitt. 
Gerichttvog'ci, f jurUdiOiom. 
GcricbUBwanc , f. jmrifdiOitn. 
•eringc, a. fittlf, fmall, lota, iailf. 

firenti .fcUivcn, fajtigkt, at, 

git a 

Geririger, «. fc/i, 

Gerin(ifUgig. %. mtms, iUilf, Imjigni- 

firant, trifiittg, 
CerlngfUgigkeU , f. metnnt/f , in. 

M'^'fi anry [ing 

CeringfcbMtJsang , ¥.• difngarditig, 

mtgltSing, dijgraeimg. 


•criagH^, a. I^Jl. 

•Gcrionen, v. n. t» eurdtt, U tUi. 

Gerlppe. n. fttlHan. 

Gern, ad. xaUUngty, readily, gladly. 

Ceroluicb, n. reeds ^ a plate /uU ^ 

Gcrlla, r. ietrlty. 
Gefftanbrod, n. barley . bread. 
Cerftangraopen, p|. pttled barley 
Gerftflnariltze, f. brui/ed barlry. 
Ccrftenkorn, a. bar ley. earn. 
Gcrftenirank, m. GeiAeawafler, n. 

barley, xamttr. 
GerAenzucker, m. barley gfugar. 
Gene. f. fvntck. 
Gerucb, m. fmell, /rent, faww, 
Oex<\ch\o*, a.fcentU/i, witMeut/mell. 
Gerucbinerre, id, *troe ef /melling. 
GerUcbi, n. report, rumour, fame, 

Garuban, v. n. tohepUafed, taagrie, 
Gcrubig, i. Rubig. 
Gartmpel, n trumpery, frippery. 
GertlfteVn. /■-/•«»«. 
Gentma, a. feeds. 
Gerammt, : wAo/e, united. 
Gefandie, m. embaJfadar,en9oyi .ia, 

f. embmffaArefs. 
Gcrandtfcbart, f. embafy, embaffiige. 
Geiandircbafurekretlr, ■>. embajy. 

/re etary. 
^^ntl.n>. paging, fong. 

Gefanghucb.n boob ofpftlmsjbngs. 
Gefangvogel, m. finging birl 
Gefangweira, f. melody, tune. 
GeOUs, n. back .fUt^ krfeck,fumda. 

Gefaufe, n. earoujing, harddrinking. 
Ceraofe, n. rufiing, kumming. 
Gcriufel, n. murmuring, 
OafobKrt, q. bu/tnefs, affair^ aeeu. 

Gefcbtftig.a. bufy, employed, aBive 
Geldhitrtigkeit, f. applUation, a'ttif 

Gf rrhi(futfs(ger, m. agent. 
tGe£ebcben, v. n. *a **, became, ar. 

rive, kappen, come to paft, to be 

Gefcbenk. a. prefent,gift. 
Gercheul, a. prudent, witty. Judicious. 

^ri^vifiuiil, m- tribunal, court rf Qetchichit, f. k^oryi Jory, tale, 

Cerchichttkun4a, f. ki/lory, kijori- 

rat fitnte. 
Gefcbicbumaler, n. painter ef ki- 

Jiory. pieces. 
Gercbichcrcbreiber , m. kijloriqn, 

Gclchicki n finefs, aptnefs | knack, 

dexterity i dtflmy,fate. 
GefcbickAcbkeit, f, knack, addreft, 

Cefcbickt, a. Jit, apt : able, ffaii- 

fud, defterous. 
Gefchlrr, a. veffeti eartken war*; 

tools I geer^ trappings ) kamefs ; 


efcbittcbt, a. genus ; iind,fpet 

race, family, k'*f*t blood, j 

'Citi J 

ration ; dat mXnnlicbe, weiblicbe 

Gerctlecbt. the mmU, femmle /e»\ 

das fcbdne Gafcblecbt, the /mir . 

GercblecburegiRar, a. genealogy. 
Gelcblechtttrieb, m. atpetiU a/pra. 

Gefcblacbuwon. a. T. artuU. 
Gefchlinge, a. ttarjirts. , 

Cefcbmack, m tafie, favour, /mack. 
Ce«:hiBacklo«, «. mfmooury, tafie. 

l*fs, infipid. ■> -^ J 

Getebmacklofigkeit , f. ttnfmvomri. 

neft, injipidnefs. 
Gerchmacknerve. m. guJlaUve merv. 
Gercbmackvoll, o.fnUof te^fte, 
Geicbineida, a jtmels, ormtmetit. 
Gefcbmeidebandlerr m. jeweUer. 
GercbraeidekMftcben, a jemel . emfe, 
Gefcbaieidig, a. pliant, fuppU. 
Gercbmeidigkeit. f. ptiantnefs, /up. 
pt<nefsi ' <*" Geiftai, deuterity 0/ 

Gerchmeift, a. infers | ffots. 
Gercbmiere, a. dawbing% fcrmmling: 
Cerchnaiter, a. gaggling. 
Gefcb^r, a. creature. 
Gefcbor*. a footing engine i Jiory. 
Gcfcbrei, a. cry, clamour. bamUna i 

JkriekiJkout. " 

CelbhUtz, a. artiUery, eamnanr. 
Gerchtttckunft, f. artillery, 
Gefcb wader, n. fjuadron. 
GefcbwKtz, a. talking, ckmttering. 
Ge(cbwi(tzig. a. talkative, prmtinr. 
GcrcbwKtzigkeh, f talkativenefr. 
Ccrrhwetge, fid. muck.iefi. 
Cefchwiad, a. Jioift, fa/l,fpeedj, 

prompt, fuick. 
qcfchviindigkait, f.fwiftnefs, guick. 

nefs, kajle. 
Gefcbvrifter, pi- & a. brotkers «a^ 

Gefi:bM-ifterkiad,B. eonfin.gertmmm, 

eaufn- I 

Cercbworne, id- Jury r ma»m 
Gcrchwuift. f. bump, tumor, futeUing. 
GefcbwUr, q fore, ulcer, imp^ume. 
Gerell, wfL. fellow j Journey . mmn. 
Gerellea. x. t. to accompany, mfo. 

date, join. 
Gefellig, a. foeUbU. 
Gefelligkeii, f. fociablenefs. 
Garellfchaft, f. campfny,focMy, eon. 

Gareflfcbafter , at. companion , feU 

low ; ,ia, t'Jke^ompauion. 
Qefellrcbaftlieb , a. comfantonMble, 

Gcrenrcbaftliohkeit , f. compmnien. 

Jkip, fociabkneft. 
Gefenkc;, a. prooine, layer ^ 
Gefeta, n. law\ rule. 
GeTctzbticfa, n. book of iWw; code, 
Geretsgebead,a. legi^ativt. 
Gcfetzgebcr, m. lawgiver, ttgiflator} ' 

.n, f. di^atriM. [ture. 

Geretxgcbuag, f. legi^tion, legifia. 
Gcretzlicb, Gcfcizmiisif , a. lav^ul, 

legal, UgitimaU. 

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Cefetxliclikeit, GeretsnJirugktit, t. 

Infuhitfti ttmatUy. 
edetslos. a. lavUtf,, iUegal. 
tocfttzt, a fuppoftd'ff<imit,fclU. 
tdctzwidrig, ■ mtgrnl, unUv^ml- 

l^ubildung , f. phji/i«gn0my, 

BlfclyifMb«, r. tomplixiM. 
tflkhukrci»»m. Affrix**. 
iJKthnlinir, f- mini. Unit 
^Btf^upimkt, to. /0<ii« e^ vkV' 
CcbksKug, m. A»<, iiMmmtnU /*•• 

dis, n. frnice. 

«ifia4e, n. dtmtjiuk/tfmmnts, m*. 

(i£nd«loba, b- wagtt, 

fiiCnnt, a nUuitd. 

|iinnung, f. ilUNi/, inUntton } y<>>H 

(fiitet, a. msHHh-td\ eivilixtd- 

rTonnen, ■• refoivtd, lnt<ntimtd. 

Hmoti, rt,fet,Jlr*in. 

rfpannfchaft, f. Jlirt , ecunty tf 


efparre, n. r«/ftr, timtervt^rh ^* 

*•«/*. . 

«rpenft, n. gh^./ptttrt./firU. 
«rpiele, m. cvmMliira, play-ftUt^' 
Icfpionft, n. w«* ; jf^wta^. 
«rp4kt( n.' motkerr , imnttr , (irri« 
Jioni mtking .fiotk. 
;«fpri(ch, n. dijcaterft^ tonftrnct, 

cfprKcbig, a. UlkmtiM, afaUt 
efprilchigkeit, f . tfkkUUy. » 
Icfprircfaweifc, ad. fy luay 0/ dU. 

logmrf difcou-fi. 
kfladc, n. htrdtr, Jiore. 
kflalt. f . Jkapt^framttfprmtjigwt. 

kfialtet, », Jkaptd, formtd, Jigured 
&ciiiiadnift, n. conftffim^ avcwlng 
(cflank, mjlink, rmmk, rancid fmtU. 
OeSattcn, v. a. to ptrmtt, mUow. 
C«flauung, r. ptrmijtoti, altovantt. 
CcftlMie, n.jftrMAi, *i(/Ar/. 
*C«flebea, v. a. /• eoufffs^ own, 

*Uma ; v. a. f* rari, eurdlt, c»m. 

«efltll, n./ootTUjis, pa^tt. 
^em, ad. y^trday. 
tcftiefelt. a. hoottd. 
IcOim. n.Jlmrs. 
Prtirni, a. Jiared. 
frtdber, h. gT<mt Jkamtr if fn 
frtrilach, rt. >»r«* j ^00ia. 
fcftrig, a. der . Tag, yffitrday. 
tcfuch, n demand, pttitHm, fuppti. 

•cfumme, Gcfumre, h. 

Ccf.iiMl,a./«a«il. Am/TA)'. 
fitAmdbraaiicn, m. m/At, Mmt^il 

Ctfandheiw f- Am/M, lutlikftttnt/t, 


CeiXfel, 11. faatn/ctt. 

Getdfe, n. c/oig. R«l/(, iif/Ui, 

Cciriink. n. drink. 

fich Geurauen, v. r. f« 4Br«, to ke 

kotd, eonJJent. 
Geiretde. n. corut t^ti"' 
Gctreidcbau, m. culturt vf tOrh, 

agriculture. {Jio^. 

Cetreidcboden, te. grMnary, torn- 
GetreidehAndel, m. corn - trade. 
Gctreidfehlodler, m. corn'Merthant 
Gt treidehaut, n. torn - magazine 
Gctreidemarkt, m torn - market. 
Geireidemtlhla, f. com - null. 
Getreidczeband, m. eorn-tentk. 
Cetrcu, n.fattliful, true, trif/fy. 
Cetricbe. n. T. dr^t ; fpring. 
CetroH, a. confident, courameeut. 
fich Getrdften, t. r. to confide in, to 

Getttmnel, n. tumutt. 
Gevauer , m. god./atker; -in, f. 

god' motker. 
Gevaiterrchaft, f. god ./atkerjkip, 

CewimBMl, a. cramHng, fioarming. 
Gcwinda, n. minding i kingts. 
Gewina, Gawioaft, a. gain, fr^t, 

Gewionen, ». a, & «. to get, reatki 

fo gain, win. 
Cewinner, m. gainer, minntr. 
Gcwinnfucht, f. eagtrnefi ^ gain, 

tutrativentfs. , 

Gewinnnkhtig, a. lutratioe, eager ef 

Cewirrc, a. confnfion, intriency. 
Gewiri, a. certain, fare, true. 
Gcvrifi, Cewiblich, ad. tert^nfy, 

Ccwilfen, n. eot{/i1enc«. 
GcwifTenbaft, a.' con/citntious,/crtu 

P'lous. (ne/s. 

G^wifTenhaftigkait, f. confeienUonf. 
Gcwiffaolot, a. uneon/tlonaUe, mit*- 

out eonfcifnct. (n</V. 

ewiirenlofigkeit, r '" 

Gewifrema'fogft, f. 

.god ' motker/iUp. 
&cvictt, a. Jfuartd. 
Gevianc, n.fgnare, tttrmgom, 
Gewilchs, n. groutk, piant, ktrk 

Gewachfien •fafo, «. Vk. to ho kkle 

for Jametking, to he a mmtck fo 
Gewlciuhaa*,- o. oranmtry, minU 

GewMchireich. h. oegetakle kingdom. 
Gewabr •wetdca, v. a. tofu, per. 

GevrVhr, f. vMrranty, fnrefy. 
Gewibrea.v.a. tomarrant, togrant. 
GewjChrleiftung, (. mart anting, gua- 

Gewifbrmann,kB. warranter, noneker. 
Gewahrram. f. cufiody. 
Gcwifhrfcbart, f. warrant, fnrtty. 
Gewahrung, f. granting^ 
Cewalt, f. poaer, force. 
Gewahig, a. poutrful, valiani. 
GeWahram.GewaluluUig, a. Moltnt, 

GeiltrahlSinkeit, GewaltthkUgkeit, f. 

violence, foreei opprefion. 
G««rand, n. elotk, garment, kaku^ 

Gcwandbaui, n. doik . kmU. 
Gewandt, a. aHlve, nimktt. 
Gewitfcb. n. talking, ekatterinf. 
GewMffer, u. water j. 
Gcwebe, a. iM«vtNf, teMtnre. 
Gewehr, n. weapon, arm, amu, 
Gewehrfabrik , f. manofaSury 

GewehrhXadlcr, m. armourer. 
Geweih. a. korn ; kruntkes, antleti. 
GeWerbe, a. kif/ine/t} trade, f^io- 

G««fcrk, n. eorfaraiion, gnitd. ' 
Gewerkan, pi viewers. 
Gewicht, n. weigkt. 
Gewicbtftange, t. /Mr. 
Gewicbtfiaiiit m. fiane ^/U for m 


Gcwiirenforigkeit. f. mnton/tiqnakie, 
GewifTenM'hgft, f. anguijk «' 

•nguijk ^ con- 

GdwiOeaibir*, m. remorfe, fuaJm» 

of cm\fcience. 
GcwilTanarrag*, t fu^on ff ton. 

CewiOamfraibait, f. iikerty rf eon. 

GcwiiromraU), n. eoknfelUr ef ton. 

fcUncP, ca/uyt, 
Gewifleamilia, f. fttetne/t rf ton* 

GewiflanWacbct f. matter ^ torn. 


iMenet, forte 


done to caa^ 
GewilslMit, f. eertain^^, furet^. 
Gewiucr, n. temfej, Amnder mai 

Gewtuerahleit^, a. eandnSlor. 
Gcwiuerwolka, f. tkunder .eiond. 
Gawogea, a. ^jfe&ionate, kind. 
Gewogeakeit, 7. e^featon, kiadmefi, 

Gevrohnea, ▼. a. to wont, ke ^fedto. 
Gew&nea, w. a. to accu/tomt lick., 

/* iM«r« - ufe one*jfeif\ «»n Wad 

., to wetm. 
Gewohnbeit, t. eujfom, ufe, nfage. 
Gewahalich, k. cofigmary, ufuti, or. 


Gevrftlbe, a. vanlt, arck, emoe ) Jkop-^ 
Gewdibt, a. *anited, arehtd. 
Gcwdlk, n. eiouds. 
GewObl, a. rooting; tkrong. 
GewUrm, a. nermin. 
f'«wUra, tk./pieei nromatiet. 
Gewiirzhart, a tike fpice, ato, 
GewQrzhMndler, Gawilrzkrilawer, 

grocer, /pietr. 
GaWUrtladaot aa 


GcvHkznilgeleia, n. ctove. 
Gezteoiea, v. i. f^eeome, ke deceit- 
Geziemend, ngJ^^t, k^ttming- 
Geziere, a. q^^Ka. 
Gazificka, a. ^Pffir* 
Gacwitlckcr, n. chirping. 

■a. Jkop qf t^oterft 

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Cidtt, r. mHkrUU, ft. 
Ctcbtifck, a. mrtkriticmlt g»^' 
CichtKii*, f. p€»nj 
Ciebcl. n. gmUt, gmHt-tni. 
Ciebeirehe.?. /raif. f^tmtifyUtt. 
Cier CicHe. f. tmgtmtft. 
Oierig, a. tm^ir, grte^. 
Cicbbecken, n. fa/In. tmtr. 
«Cier*en, v. a. (# /•kt-; to ftmmd, 

GitucT, m. fonnJtr. 
Gier*erei, i. tounitry. 
Oicrt<9riBt I. c€jting.WfM. 
Giertkann«, f. wmtenmg. pH- 
Giertkonft, f. art »f /oundiMg. 
C\e^(tn,m. founding offM 
Gieftftein, m. irmin, giitttr,ftm 
Cier»w«rk, n irafi-wark, fjt'mork. 
Gift, a. *•■#. poifon. 
Giftig, «. p»lj—0HS, vntmnut 
Giftmehlt n. tr/tttu. 
Gifimirdier, n. poifomtr. 
Giftinireberei, f. pii/tmlng. 
Gifitrunk, m. poi/ivtd draught. 
Glide, f. guild, eorforstioH. 
Gimpel, m. r«{f(iirA} Uoekktmd. 
Cipfel, m./ummU, top; ktigk. 
Gipt, m. fi^f' 
Gipcdockt, r. tUling, cmmo/j. 
Cipfen, V. a. fa pUJttr. 
Gipfar, m . plajtvrtr 
Girobank, f. giro . hmik. * 
Oirren, v. b. to erot, ^po. 
Gitter. n. trttlit, grmte. 
CitterfeaftAr, a. imUiet, mImJem of 

CiiierfarMig, a. grmted, Itttieti. 
Gitirni, v. a. to lattit*. 
CiitefMratk, »>. lattict . work. 
Glacis, n. T. gUcis. 
Glanx, m. glance, luRrt, hrigtkutfi 
ClansMlrfte, f. polijkirg bmjk. 
GlVnxen, y n. to g:i/ltr,^lne. 
Glansleinvrand, f gfazrd tinntn. 
Glanziaffct, m. giond ^tk, 
GIu, n. gU/t . 
Glasarbeit. f. gUfe- work. 
Glatartig. a. tntrtous. 
Glataugc, n. gt»Js - eyt. 
CliibUrer, m. gUf> ■ hlowtr, 
GlaibUrfte, f . kottU^mJk, 
Gla^eckal. m epvtr, or lldrfgl*fs 
Glarer, m glatier. 
Olirern, GlaTicltt. a gUffy, Mtrtout. 
Glasfenaer, n. gltfi - window. 
Olatgefcbirr, n. giafi- w*tt. 
GUtgfUii, * rfa Hl*f' - «'■«'» '•'•*"■ 
(;iathandel. m. ^ofi- tradt. 
Gla»hilndl«r; GUtkritwer, b. gUf' • 
GiatMitte, f. •/«/> - konf*. {wn. 
Clatkirfcbe, f- mgriot. 
GJ»»koraile, f. glofy k*oi. 
GUtmaler. jb. gfo/t . pmlnttr, ««- 



ObafeUaifcB. n. gf*/f. gHmUmg. 
Glasfirhleifcr. m. gUf- ■ g'indtr 
Gla»rchiaelxer. m. gta/t • melter. 
Glaf.jr. f mlaf,, tmmijk. 
ClaTuren . GUriren, v. a to gltt 
Glati, a. fmootk, tvtn, Jlttk, fo. 

fjktd, pimin 
GUtte, f . fmaotknefs , tvtnntft. 
GUucii, B. gUMfdfr^ 
GiMtieiren, n fmootkmg . irom. 
GUttcn. V. « to fmootk fit*k, poUJk- 
Glitter, B. rattndf, potijktr. 
Glaiihobcl, bi fmootking . ptan*. 
GItfttftein. m Jlttk .Jto*<t 
Olatce, f. hml4 pat*, katdneft. 
Glaabe. m. fattk, htlirf, credit . 
Claubea. t- a. to keUcoe ; to trtjt \ 

to immg'nt. 
GiaabeniarUktl, m. mrtitk if tk. 

Claubeasbckenntailk. n. eonftjt^n 

Glaubcfulelire, f . dtariut j^ faitk. 
Glaubcmracbe, r. matter offaitk 
Glaubliart, a ttdkiti autkenttek. 
Glilu%. a. faitkfuL 
GUubTte m. faithful 
GUubigcr, m. creditor } .ia, f. ere- 

Glaublich.a. crediHe, tike, prokaUt 
Olaubtichkeit, f. tredibtlity. 
CiaubwUrdig, a. crediblt, autktntick. 
Gla<ibwUrdigkeii, f ertMUity, au- 

Gleicb, a. t9in, tikt^ ievei ; equal \ 

tke/ame; ad. ffually, dittH/y i 
. prtftntty \ jujt. 
>le<cbanig, a. k9inogtu*ou$. 
Gieichanigkeit, r homogenoufntft 
GIeicbl>edeuiend, a. fynouymout. 
^Gleicb«n, v. a. to makt even, to 

fmootk, equaiift } v. a. to refemkle. 

to be like. 
CleichralU, ad. tikewife, alfo, too, 

the fame way 
Cleichfarbig, a. of the fame colour. 
Gleichf5rinig. a. tot^form, equifo-m 
Cleichr6rn>igkclt, f. conformity, 

af^^et ngnefs eq>.kHty 
Cleichgeltend, a. efuina(ent: 
Glciehgermnt. a ^ tkt fame mind. 
Gleicbgewicht, n efuUibrium, tfui- 

poi/'e, equal balante 
CleichgUltig. a if different. 
Gleichgflltigkeit, f. indijerenre. 
Giekhbeit, f. 'rtfemblance, Cfua/ity, 

eveiintfi, conformity 
Gleicblaufead, a. paralUt- 
Glcichlaut, n. eonjonauce, affonano 
GI«ichUiitend, a. con/onanti of tkt 

fame ttnomr. 
Gleicbmaf*, a. proportion. 
GleirhoiltrtiiE. a equal i'fymmttrlcml. T, aequator. 
Gleirhaifi, n, Jimile i figure i alle. 

irleichnifiweife, ad. by-way of fimi. 

let, atlegoricalfy. 
GlcichlaBfC. t U mere, •tt/tUkt 


CleichTeitig, a. equttmtermt, 
Glcicbftelluag, f. co'/ommttom', fid 

gleicb ftellen, to to- farm on* 

GleicbftiDBig, a. km^mpmU, unifi 

'•out •'1 

Gleicb •tbua v a. /« efum/, mmtei 
Gleichong, r efnaham. I 

Gleicbvfichtig, • cfuipo'fe i 

GU.chu.e. c j\J fo. even ms.Ju^ «i 
G.eichwinkelicht, a. rfuiMngularJ\ 
Gleicbwohl. c, yei 

nevertkelrft, kowtvtr, /#» alt M 
Gleicbseiiig. a. foutemparmry. 
Glei». . Geleife '^ 

leiften, ». n to fktne, gtitter. 
^tiftatr,n,.f-gner.i,yp9ertte. I 
G eifwerei. f l»yPocri/y. ft^grting. 
Cleiftnenfcb, a fexgntd. hyptttriUcA 
•Gleitea.v n to gt.i, , JlUt \ 'ojlik 
Getfcher, m tre.kiU. ' 

Glied. a limb, mtmbt- j '■tug. /,nki 

rank. _f lei <>>* nMnaliche ., tmmn'. 

Ciiederhao. m. orgamfattom, 
Gliederkrankbeit, f. a'tkritu,pMl/y 
Gliederlahm. a pal/ied, parmtyUt^ 
iGliederreiften. n fa/y. 
Gliederweire, ad by rmnkt j . mai 

fcbirea, to ^le 
Gliedmafs. a limb. 
Glimmen. ^ n to gfeam, giimmer, 
Glimpf. a. indulgence, mUdmrfs. 
Cllmpflich. a mo^rate, gentU, M 

du^tft. ~ 

Gliirchea, t Gleiteo. 
Gioeke, f *<// j dock. 
Clockeln, « a r« ring iittt* keUs. 
Glockeiiblumc, f. btljtower. 
Giockea'drnig. » in tke form afi 

Glockeagierter ra. ieli ./omnier. 
Glockeaiiut, a. branae 
GlockeniA, m rUfmtr. 
Clockeiikljippel, m clapper. 
Glockenlafuiar, Glockeasieher, ^ 

belt . ringer, ^ 

Glockenfchlag. m Jr oke ^ the tlockJ 
Glockenfpiel, a ckime ~ 

Gloche^Huhl, m. ketf'y 
Glockentb-.rm, m.Jletple, turret. 
Glockenireter , b. trtader of the 

Glockncr, b. beil - ringer, ftrnton. 
Glorie, f. glory 

Glorreich, a glorious, iUtffirioms. 
Glomviirdig, a. glortau*, worthy ^ 

g'o y. 
GlolTe, f. glofi. 
Gloizca, yi n to flare. 
GlUck, a fo'tuuct goodlurk i - wUn^ 

fchan, to felicitate, eongratuUtef 

wtjk joy. IXpori 

ClUrkea, «. a. tofpeed,futtetd,pr9* 
Gluckea i tk. to duck. 
Gliickbeaae, f cluektmg. 
Gllkklicb. a lucky, kappy, f^fe, far. 

GlOcktbade, f. lottery. Jkop. 
GlQckfcUf , a. blqfed, b^f^fid, hmpf^t 

d by Google 

Kirfc. f. milltt, kir/t. 
Hirfekora, n. milUt.grmin, 
Efrt, m. heriMMy fiufktrdt fvt^n, 
lllirtcngedicht, n. pm0»rmtt oucotie. 
Bincnbau*, n. Jktpktri's cot, hut. 
Vneohund, m. mafiijf ^ Jufkerf. 

Snenleben, n. paRormt lift. 
JBncnIied, n. pmfiotat fmg, 
Jfiiwnftab, ta.Jktpherfj Mook» 
Ansatafcbe, (.Jhtphtrts h»g' 
- • f.JkephtTde/s. 

▼ . a. T. to koift. 
, {. ki/l»ry,Jloryi UU, 
firiorifch, «. k^orie^. 
fiaUattcr, f. heat, pimple. 
Vae, f. heat ; kotne/s, mrdow, 
Kixen, ▼. n. t» keat. 
paig, a. hott ardent, ferwent i du 

.Fiebcr, kuming fever. 

bbclbank, f. joiner^t kenck. 
lofeeleifcn, n, pUne - irom, 
bbeln, ▼. «. to ptane. 
bbelTpmbn, OB. pUnt-Jkmming, rkip. 
bK:b,«. JUgk; hober, A/^Arrj bocliii, 

Krbacbteo, Hochfcbittccn, v. ■. to 
ejltemm ^ 

ocbacbtong , HochfcbiClzang , f. 
ejleem* , . /. 

bcbamt, n. great ma/t, high-ma/j. 
iochbeinig. a- kigk • tegged. 
bchbootimann, m. vpper boatjmain, 
bchdeatfcb, ». higk-ger»an, kigk- 

Bcbedcl t •• »'^*' • ^oUe ; 
Hocbedelo,Hochedclg«boren, Sir. 
Bcbebrtirtirdig, a. rigkt >■ reverend. 
ochnirftlich, «. iUiffiriout. 
Dcbgeborcn, a. rigkt - kotiouraUe. 
ocbgeehrt, a. rigkt . konoured. 
Dcbgelobt, A.^kUJid, magnified. 
ocbMricbt, n. gattoms- 

iek5eb. ad. kigkly, migktify. 

idunetfter, m. grand, '^'^er. 

KbrndgCDdtk. kigk -puijaat. 

itmath, m kaugktine/t, pride. 

jbmOibig, a. kaugkty, lofty. 

cbnotbpcinlich, a. high penal* 

tbftens. ad. ai the mqji. 

Cbtrabcnd, a. fuftUn, komhaji. 

iiTcrraib, m. Mgk-trea/on. 

:bwcire, a. mq^ prudent, very 


roblgeboreiH a. rigkt konamr. 

dkwtirdig, a. right reverend. 
Ataiuf- nuptials, wedding, bridal. 
-' ieithitteT,m.iMVitertoabridal. 

jvitgedicbt, n. epitkalamium. 
Ebccitgefchcnk, A. nuptial pre. 

ebzeitlicb, a. nuptial. 
cfaxiBchrcnd, A. mq^ e^eemed. 
cktn, V. a. *• Uke upon the kttk j 
.n. to perch ; to keep homt» 
cker, ■■• imnehm 
ckericht, a. r«agft. 
ckctig, «. timek • ktfhtt. 


Hode, r. jtone, t^Ule, tods. 
Hodenbrucb, m. rupture ef tint ftro. 

Hodenfack, m. /crotum, fur/e. 
Hof, m. yard, court} am die Soo> 

ne &c., halo. 
HofagcBt, a. court' agent. 
Hofamt, n. court - employment. 
Hofarzt, CD. court • phyjician. 
Hofcapelle, f . court . chapel. 
Holdame, f. court 'lady. 
Hoffart, f. pride, arrogance. 
HolTsirtig, a. proud, arrogant, 
HoHcD, T. n. to kope, CMpcS. 
HoiTentlich, ad. I kopt, as I hope 
Hoffnung, f. hope. 
Ho>'fnung«lot, a. kopelefs. 
Hoffniinjjsvoll, a. ktpejul. 
Hofgericht, n. emperor's court,hcnch. 
Hofhahung, f. kou/ekold ^ a prince, 

Hofbund, on. yard. dog. 
Hofiren, v. a. to court, to Jlatttr. 
HofV^mmer, f. txckcfuer. 
HofkanzaUei, f. cottrt - ckancery. 
Hofkanzler, m. court - ckanceUor. 
HatkUchc, f. ecurt - kitchen. 
Hofleben, a. court -lift. 
Hofleute, pi. courtiers. 
HoHich, a. courteous, civil, genteel. 
Iloflicbkeii, f. courteoujnas, court- 


Hdiling, Ho(JBMnn, n. courtier. 
Hofmanter, f. court- manner. 
MofmKnnifch, a. courtman • like. 
HofmiUiig. a. courtlike. 
Hofoeiftcr, m. governor t tutor j Jte. 

Hofmeifterin, f. govemefst gtver. 

nantei kotje-keeper. 
Hormeiftern, v. a. to cenfure, majter. 
Hofntrr, in. prince's je^. 
Hofpoflamt, n. court • p^ • office. 
Ho^rediger, as. court . chaplain^ 
Hot ,4^, m. coun/ellor. 
He ; ^rana, m. court . drtjfer, cour. 

t fV. 
Heffccretifr, m. fecrttary at court. 
HoflUat, m. court -Jlate, court. 
Hoftrauer, f. court . mourning. 
Hohe, r. kigk, highne/s, height. 
Hobeit, f. kigk)fe/s,/uHimity. 
Hubeittrecht, n. regah. 
Hobclied, n. canticle, Jong of So. 

flohepriefter, m. high.pri^, pontif. 
Hoheprieflerlicb, a. high- prie/hy. 
Hobl. a. hoUon. 
Hnhtbobrer, m. auger, vtimble. 
Hofale, f. cavern, came j hole- 
Hdhlen, «.a. to excavate, kollout 
Hoblkehle, f. chaffer, channel. 
Hohlung, f. caving, hole, cave, 
Hoblweg, n. hollofo way, 
Hobiziegel, m. gutter • tile. 
Hobn, m. /com. Jeer, Jneer. 
Hobnecken, r. a. to jeer, kanter. 
Hiibnen, ¥. a. to /corn, Jeer. 
HohngelVchtar, n. laughter in/com. 
Hghimcb, %, /corning, /neeriPg, 

HobnlKcbela, v. a. to facer. 
Hobnlacb«i», v. a. to laugh in /com^ 
Hoke, Hoker, m. kiggter, kuckjler, 
Hoken, Hdkern, ¥. n. to higgle. 
Hokin, f. kucljler. woman. 
Hold, a ajfcaionate,kindi amiable, 

HolJfelig. a. grac^ul, gracious. 
Holdreligkeit, f. gracifuia/Tt. 
HoUn, va. tofeUk, 
HoUicr, f. kol/er. 
Ho!l»l i. holla! 
Hollinderei, f. dutck dairy. 
Holiandifcb, a. dutck. 
HoUe, f. helli ckimnev . comer. 
Hiillcnbrand, ra. keif' rake. 
Hcillenbund, m, cerberms. 
HoMenftein, n. lapis in/emallt* 
Hollifch, a. kell{/i, in/emal. 
Holperig, a. rougk, rugged. 
Holander, m. elder. • 
Holunke, m. ra/cal. 
Hulz, n. wood} buA, grove. 
Holzapfel, m. crab, wood-apple. 
Holzaufclbaum, m. wild applctret. 
Holzbirn, f. wUd pimr. 
Holtbock, m. jack, /awing 'tref^. 
Holtboden, m. wood.lrft, 
Holzern, a. wooden. 
Holcgeld, n. wood- mon^. 
Holz backer, m. wood, cleaver, 
Holzbackerlobn, n. cleaverage. 
Holzbandel, m. wood, trading, tiat' 

ber . trait. 
Holzbiindler, m. timber, trader. 
Kolzhof, n. wood -yard. 
Holzbuker, ra. wood, monger* 
Holzicbt.a. wood.lik'e. 
Holzig, a. woody. 
Holzkammer, f. wood'Ch a mbfr, 
Holzkohle, f. charcoal. 
Hoi z mangel, m. aHinl ff wood* 
HoUmarkt, m. wood- market. 
Holzfcblag, m. wood-cutting. 
Holzrcblttger, m, wood' cutter. 
Holzrchneider, m". cutter i» woei, 
Holzfcbniu, m. cut. 
Holzrehoppcn, HoUflall, m. maad^ 

Holzfchir«ibeT, n. wood .clerk. 
HoUrcbiib, m. wooden Jkoe. 
Holzuube, f. wood, culver. 
Holzttank, m. decoSure ef wooi, 
Holzung, f. wood,/or^. 
Holzvemalier, m. wood.faSor, 
Holzvraare, f. wooden ware. 
Holzwurm, m. timber/ow. 
Holzzetiel, m, wood -ticket* 
Honig, n. & m. koney. 
Honigapfel, m. koney -af pie. 
Honigbau, ta. kon^-ttUtitre. 
Honigbirn, f. koney-pear. [ter. 
Honigkucben, m.tJuney- cahe,Jrit- 
Honigfcbeibc, f. honey -comh. 
HonigTeim, oi. h*ney. 
Honigfurt, a. /weet as hmV' 
Hopfen, m. hop, hops, 
Hopfen. ». a. to hop. 
Hopfenkeim, m. Jfrig-/oti |f hof' 
Hopfeoftanga, f. hop 'poU. 

i» nuL 

HMmt, ■. mmiOie. 

Horr.ben. v. n. /• hearken. iyten< 

Horcber, m. hemrktner, lijlentr. 

Horde, f. kori. 

Hdren. v.a. f« ke*r, 

Horenfagen, n. kearfmy, 

Horer, m. hearer. 

Horizont, m. horlton. 

Horisontal, a. horizantal. 

Horn, n. horn } do klein«s.« e»r. 

Hornarbeiter, m. homer. 

Horndrecbtler. m. turner In kom. 

Hdmern, a. horneyt, of horn. 

UimertTicger, m. comut* 

Horneule, (. horn' ovU, horn- eoot. 

Hornfifch, m hornhnck, hornheak. 

Horrthaut, f. horny tunitlt. 

Hornicht, a. horn . Me. 

Hornif*, (. hornet. 

Hornung, m. February. 

Hornvteh, n. korn - leojtst homed 

Hdrfaal, m. auditory. 
Hon, m. roeki fig. a^ant 

Hofa, f. ho/eipaUi Hofen, pi. tree. 

Hofenband, o. garter. 
Hofenlata, m. flap of .the hreeetes. 
'HorenfchHtz, m. cod . piece. 
Hofentarcfae, f . pocket to the hrtechtt 
Hofpital, n. hofpitat. 
Moftie, r. hojl. 
Hon I i. hoi gee hoi 
Hiibel. m. hiUock. 
HUbfch, a. pretty, fair^ jint. 
Hucke. r. hack. 

Hudelei» r. hnddiingi hungUng. 
IMeler, m. huddler ; bungler. 
Mudeln, v. a. to huddle ; to bungle 
Huf, m. Am/. 
Hnfe, r. hide. 
Ilufeifen, n. horfe.fiot. 
Huflatiicb, m. eolfs Joot. 
Htifoagcl, m. horJc'JkoenalL 
Hilfner. in. peffeffcr of a Ude. 
Kiifrchlag, m.Jkoeifig ^ horfes. 
Hiiftbein, n. Ai#-*»ii«. ^ 
liiifte, f. hip, kaneh. 
HUftenlAm, a. hipjUot, kipped. 
HUftweb, n. Mpt, hip -gout. 
Jiilgel, m. A://; ein boher., houi. 


llUgelif , "a. kiUy, hiUocky. 
Mubn, a. ken ; ein janges ., puUet. 
KUbnerauge, n. com. 
WtUmergeier, m. hen - driver, hen - 

karritr, kite. 
Habn«rb3(ndler,in. poultry . monger. 
HObnerbaiu, n. ken- kou/e. 
Hnhnerfaof, n. poultry - yard. 
lllihiierhund , m . fpaniit, fetting. dog. 
Htibneiiatte, f. ken t roo^. 
Hiibnertnarkt, m. poultry . market. 
Hibnerfictge, C. ken - roof. 
1!ui I i. ku*M4 I in ei«iem ., in a 

^uld, f. graee^ kindneft, faoot 

'-*t0ntnDen, pi. graces. 
•en, T. a. ta *» kemtgt. 

Huldiguag, f. komage. 

Holdigiingceid, m. oath ^atUglanee. 

H Idreicb, a. grartfut. 

Hiilfe, f. kelp, aid, fuccour, aJS/lame 

HUlfleiftung. f kelpi'.g. 

Hiiitlich. a. . Hand leiften, to lend 

a helping hand. 
HUlHot. • helpteft. 
HOlfreieb.a helpful. 
H«1f»f!eld»r, pi fub/idUt.. 
HUlfsiniitel, n. remedy, expedient. 
HUlftq lelle, f. rt/ouret, CMprdient. 
H!ilfsv6lker, pi. auxiliaries. 
Hiilltwort.'n. T. auHiliary verb. 
Hiille. f. veil, cover. [volve. 

HUllen, T- a. to cover, wrap up, in. 
Hiilfe, f hull, huft, cod,Jkrll. 
Hill fen, Y a. r<» hull, hujlt, JkcU. 
Hiiirenfruchc, f. pulfe, legume. 
HUlfig, a. h>.fty, Jktlly'. 
H-mmel. f humble-bee. 
H'lmmer, m. loh/ler. 
Humpe. r bumptr, brimmer, bowl. 
Hand, m dog. 

H^ndelocb. n doghote { dungeon. 
Hundeftall, m. dogkennel. 
Hiinderi. a. hundred. 
H 'ndert, n hundred, cent. 
Hundenerlci, a. rf hundred diferent 

Hundertfacb, a. hundrtt(fotd 
Hiindertjiihrig, a tf hundred years 
Hundertmal, ad. hundred times. 
H ndetrfte, a. kundridth. 
HUndin. f. bitch. 

HUndifch. a dogeijh, canine, turrtjk 
Hundt oit, m ftoundrel. 
HAndtfoiierei, f uaugkhnrfs, 
Hundsfoitifch, a. naughty, levod. 
Hundihtinger , m. canine appetite. 

hungry evil. 
Hundsftern, m. dog-Jtar. 
Handtrag, m. dogiay, canicular day 
Huniger, oi. hunger, appetite Jlomach 
Hungerig, a, hungry. 
Hiingern, v. n. & i. to hunger. 

HSter, m. heeder, umrden, keefer. 
H' t'orm, f. hatter's form. 
Hiitftucer, o. lining ij « hoi. 
H ikrenape, f. kr>m e^f a hot. 
H ttnacher, m. kat'er, 
HUifche, f . foot -Jlool. 
Huifcben. ^ n to crawl along. 
Huifchleirc. f . favour at the hot. 
Haillaffircr, m. hai-drtffrr, trimmer, 
Hiiite, ». hut, cot, cottage. 
HUitenraucb, m. arfenic, mr/enieat 

Hutung, f pajlue. 
Hutzel, f. d-ifd apole. pear. 
Hutzucker, m. loaf.fugar. 
Hv'cintb, m. kyacintk, jacinth. *- 
Hyacinthe, f. kyarmtk, crow- tats.. 
H\draiilik, f. hydraulics- 
Hydroftatik. f. kydrtfflatus. 
Hyaine, f. hymn. 
Hvperbel, f hyperbole. 
Hyperbolifcb, a hyperbolical. 
Hypocbonder, Hypocbondrift« m. hym 

Hypochondrie, f. kyfothomdria. 
Hvpochundrircb, a. kypockomdriacal^ 
H poibek , f. depojtte , mortgage^ 

Hvpnthere, f. kypothefis, fuppofittom 
Hvlterik', f, hy/tetici. 
Hyfterifch, a. kyfierU, hjifierUmi. 


Hiinaertnotb, (famine 

Hiip^n, V. n to hop, jump, frijl. 

Hiiide, r. kurdle.fold, pen. 

Hure, f whore, harlot. profiUute, 

Jlrumpet, erack, drab, wench. 
Hiiren, v. fi. to whore, wench. 
Hurenbalg, m* t'ull. 
H'lrenfaiu, m btotkel, bawdy.koufe 
Hurenhensft, m wkore- majler. 
Hurenwinn, m. bawd, pvmp. 
Hurer, m. wjtncker, lecker. 
Hureret, f. wkorcdom, wkorlng. 
Hurifcb, a. whorjh. 
Hurkind, n. bajtard. 

Hiiitig, a. nimble, ouick, f^edy. 
Hunigkelt, f nimblenefs, fuicknefs, 

Hufar, B. huffar. 

HtiRen, m. coug^^ v. n. to eough. . . 

Hot, m. hat\ (. heed, guard; pajture. \ Inpfen, v a /o imp, grajf, graft 
HUten, V. a. to keed, gua*di to keepflln, prp in, into, at 

datVteh., to feed, tend; fich., InbegrifT, m. tenor, content. 

to take tare ^,i fichvorttwaa^ tollnbrunft, f. ardency, fervour, 

bewart ^. , , ' ^■^^^^^J^l^hx^in&ig, a. mrdent, fervent* 

Ich, pr. /I . felbfl, / myfelf. 

Idee. f. Uea. 

Idiatirm. m. idiotifm. 

Idylle, f. idyl. 

Igel, to. kedge . kog, mreJdm. 

Ih ! i my, why I 

Ibm, pr to km ; thn. him. 

V nen, pr. to Ikem 

Ihr pr ye, you j to ker\ her^ th 

Ibrer pr of her, of themt 
Ihriga ( der, die, dat ) , pr. he 

tktrj J yours 
Ihro.^pr. your. 
Ihrzen, v^ a- to call one ye. 
luminii^n, vt a. to colour, Mu 
lUik, to. 8c n. ferret, pole . emt. 
IinmatricuUren, v a* to matrieml* 

Immer. ad always, ever. 
ImiDerfort ad alway. 
fmraergrlin, n. evergreen. 
•nerbin t i well and good I 
mer roebr. ad mort and mare. 
Immcrwiibrcnd, a. eve Ujling. 
Immer sii * 1 go on! further I 

Ifl, c mean while 
Iinperativ, m T. imperative. 

Haftrbana. n. h*ir . Uft, ktir .JUItt. 
rHsarbeutdt n. img. 
ficb Haaccn, t. r. to Jktd tke kair, to 

Haarflechte, C irmiJ, krmU&ng. 
Uaarig, a. k*iry, kmirtd 
8)Mrklein, a. to a hair. 
Barlocke, f. lock , knot, curt ^ 

Hiamadel. f. bodkin, furling - fin. 
Kurfieb. n hair -Jifve. 
Haartucb, n katr-ttotk. 
Hauaopf, fla cne, wtft ef hair. 
Hibe, f. ^operty, farttmtt goods. 
I *Uakcn, V. n f« Acvc 
I Vibtt, or Hafcr, m oats. 
I Biberbrei m. pap of grit, groats. 
\ SihergrOtxe, f. grit, gloats. 
I Bi erftrohi n. oat firota- 
f ilibhaft. *d. . •vrerdeo, to gtt thtfof- 
I ffficn of, to gtt. 
•. Eibicbt, m kawk 
bbichtsnafe, f kawktd nofe. 
£jt,religkeic, (. forttme, ijftSs, 
Eibrucht, f. avarice. 
lahfUchtig, a. avarUiomi. 
Uckbeil, D. ehooper, ekopping.knife 
^deblock , Hackk)ot« , m. chop- 
mfi»S' block. 
bckbret, n. ckofping. koari\ eym- 
b*l, dulcimer. 

bcke, r. katchtt, mattock ; kttl. 
bcken, v. a> to katk, dig i to fie- 
avt ; to chap, tapick j gan» klein 
- , t<> mince, hackle. 
lifckecling, m. chopped ^raw. 
bckmefTer, IB. chopping- knifi. 
lackfcb, m hoar \ 6g. fow. 
Uder, m. rag, wiping^louti (Zaakj 
^uarrtt, kranl. 

laJerer, m fuarreUer, braotler. < 
Udern. t. n to ouarrel, fquahhU 
laiecntchiig, a. fcolding, krauiling. 
Harcn, m . fat, (kajfirn i (flir Schi fie) 
Ika^tn, karkour 
hfenmoifter, in. kavener. 
lafncr, m. potter. 
Uft,f. pri/on, durance, impri/on, 

ment, arrf/i. 
tUften, tr. n. to cleave, cUngt^hold, 
' fiir jemanden ,, to kail ; uit etwat 
- , to a.fwer for. 
lagebucbe, f. horn-keam. 
iagebuuc, f. hep. 
agebuttenftraucb , m. hep. tret, 

^edom, m- kawtkom. 
l^ei* m. kaUi fig. kail.fiot. 
Itgcin, v. n. to hail. 
bgelwciter, n, tempejt with hail. 
h^cr, •■ lank, lean, meager. 
bgcreiicr, m. game -keeper. 
bgerkcit, f. lankne/s. 
hige&ols, m. old kacktlor, 
Bhec, m. jay. 

J, m. eock, 

hhnenbaiken, m. roofi, eock . Iqft. 
ttahnengefecbt, n. toekfgkt. 
Hahnrei, m. cuckold, tornutt, 
Hiin, in. grove, tkicktt. 


HMtdien,!!. little kook ; cretchei. 

Hikeiig. a. >nict. critical, captious. 

HfkrlD, Haken, v. a. to kook. 

Haken. m kook, crotck, kafp. 

Halb. a. half. 

Halbbunig. a kalf-htood. 

HalbThabcn, a. kafft-reluvot 

Haltgekhwifter. n. kalf.klood. 

Halhgott, m. demi -god. 

Halbhemd, n. na\ft.Jkirt. 

Halt-jMhrig, a. rf fix months. 

Halbiofel, r. ptnin/ula. 

Halbiren, v. a. to halve- 

Halbkugel. f. kemifyktrt. [*«««■ 

^albftiefel. m kalf . boat, pkty . 

Hstlfie, f. katf, pi. kaives. 

Halftcr, f . halter 

Halftccgeld, n. halter age, 

Halftern, T.a. to kalter. 

HaJI m clapg, clangour, found, 

Halle, r. kait; church . porch. 

Hallen, v u to clang, found, 

Hallor, m. fait- maker. 

Halm,m. kalm,§h-aw,JluibU. 

Hah, m. neck. 

Haltband, n. collar', hooch. 

Hahbind«, f. flock, cravat. 
H«Ubrechend,a. dangerous. 
Halseifen« n- pillory. 
Haltgcricht, o. penal judicature. 
HaUkette. f. netk-ckain; krootk. 
Halskragen, m. cape of a cloak. 
HaUkraufe. f rujt 
HaUrchnUr, f. neek - lace. 
H»)MuiT\g,u. Jlukkorn, okfiinatt. 
Halsftarrigkeit, f> ohfiinacy. 
UaUtucb, n. (mKnnl.) neckcloath, 
cravat i (weibl.) gorget, netker. 
Halt. m. A#U, kolding, koUfaff. 
lia.\t.\tzx,u- flroag, koldahle. 

Halten, *. a. & n. to held, keep; 
ficb-, to kold up J an fich-, to mo. 
derate on0k feVi au g"' ■» to for. 
hear, ejtcufe-, ficb zu cinem ., to 

Join witk one j ct mil cinem ., 
to be -fide With, tojltck . adhere to. 
Ualtung, f. holding iT.clair.obfcure. 
Hamen, m. draw. nei,fjk • hcok. 
HJimifcb, a. malicious, knavijk. 
Hammel, m. uetker. 
HammelbTaten, m. roaji mutton. 
Hammelfleircb, q. mutton. 
Hammelkeule, f. leg of mutton. 
ilammer, m kammer 
Hammern, v a. to hammer. 
Hammcrrcblag, m. kammer .Jlr ok t i 

Hsmmerwerk, n forge. 
HaraRer, m. fitld. mou/e. 
Hand,f> hand', die flaebe -, palm. 
Handarbeit, f. handiwork, handicraft. 
Handbecken, n. kafin, bafan. 
Handbiich, n. manual. 
Hilndeklatrchen, n. hand. clapping. 
Handel, m. matter, affair, aHiun. 

cafe; trade, trajlc; fuarrel., 
Handcln, T.a.&n. to barter, deal 
in, trade , IraJJic , negociatt i to 
treat, handle; to ad, to do. 



Haodelfchafi, (. traffic trade. 

HaodcIvJiener. m. clerk. [ckant. 

HandcUlMrr, Handelsmann, m. mtr. 

Handeltnadi. f. mtrcaittiU town. 

Handuri, n. kafon. 

Handfeit. n.flrong. 

Handgcld, n eam\ft-m»ney, kawdfet. 

H'tiid^eienk, n. mnjf. 

Han<<geracin, ad at kandiaffsi . 
• wcrden, to come to fray. 

Handgemrnge, t.ftay 

Handgreiflich, a. palpable, plain, 
HandgrifT, m. kandte; fig. knack, 
Uandbabe. r. kandle, ear. 

Handbaben, v. a. to kandle } to 
matKfain, admin\/ltr. 
Handhabung, f. maintenance, 
Handkauf, ro. kandfel. 
Handkorb, m. bafUtt, kand.bafht, 
Handkraufe, f. ciff^, rujle. 
Handlangen, r.a. to kelp. 
Handlanger, m. kodman, heifer. 
Handler, m dealer, trader, monger. 
Handleuchter, m. flat candle. /ick, 
Hand!ung, f aHion ; trade ^ 
Handpferd, o. led - horfe. 
Handreicbung, f. kelp, ajfifianct. 
Handfchelle, f. hand. fetter ;fkatklt. 
HandfchlaR, m. Aa«rf.>?r«»4*. 
Handfcbrsft, f. hand- writing; bond, 
Handfcbah, m glove. 
Handfchuhmacher, m. glovtr. 
Handibieren, v. n. to handle j 1» 

trade ; to make a noife- 
Handihierung. f. trade, pnfcjjie*. • 
Handtuch, n. Handiueble, I. <•«•<'• 
HandvoU, f. handful. 
Handwerk, n. kanduraft,craff^com' 

pa»y, body. 
H^ndwerker, Handwcrkimann, m. 

■afUman, kandicraftsman. 
Handwerkiburfch, m. joHtne^an, 
Handwarksxeug , n. tools , ivlr*' 

Hanf. m. hemp. 
Hanfen, a. kempen. 
HMn&ing, m. flax .frnth, linmt. 
Hang, m. declivity; inclination, bit*. 
Uiingeinatte. f. hammock. 
•Hangcn, HKngent v. n. to hang. 
Hinacn.n.n.. to kang. 
Hanfa, Hanfe, f. hans, hanfo 
Hanfeatircbi a. hanfeatic. 
Hanfeeftadt, f. hanfe. town. 
Hinfela, v. a. to handfet. 
Hanswurft, m. Jack -/•^"f- 
Hapern, t.o. to fatter, flick, 
Hiran, a. made ^ hairs. 
Harfe, f . harp. 
Harfenift, m. harper. 
Haring, m herring. 
HirinptsbUfe, f. herring. bufs. 
Hiiringtiakc. f. htrrtng-pic^U. 
Harke. f. rake. 
Harken, *. n. to rake. 
Harlekin, m. karlequin. 
Harm. m. grUf, fadnefs, farrow. 
ficb Hirmcni 

Marmlos, a. 

T. r. to gritvt yrtr- 
'uiet, calm. 

lo», a. p^i caim. 
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S« HAir 

HarmoBU, f. harmony. ■ 

fiarmoniren, v n. to mgrtt. 

Hmrmonirch. a. karmoniaut. 

Harn, m urine, pifs. 

HarnbUfe, f. iUdJer. 

Harneo, r. n. to urint, pip. - 

Harogaitg, m ii>«/«r, urinai duff 

Harn^la*, n. urinai 

Harnirch. m. hamtfti g«l>«niifcltt, 

Harnr6hre, f. urethra. 
Harntretbend, a diuretUal. 
Harpune, f harpoon, harping, iron 
HarpMiiirer. m ha'poneer. 
Harren. t. n. to Jtfty, tarty^ wait. 
H4rfcb, a. harjk, rouih. 
Hart , a hard. 
HSne, f. ha-dne/i. 
HKrten, v. a. to harden ; to temper. 
Har.herzig, a. hard-hearted. 
Hartkdpfig, a kfadjlrong. 
HartUibig, a ro/liv*. 
Manleibigkett, f. eoJHvene/s. 
HartHch. a. hard>Jk 
H<irinti(ulig, a. hard mouthed. 
Hartniickig, a Jii^neched,Jluibtrn. 
HannSckigkeii, f. Jfuibornne/t, ob. 

JlintKy . , 

Rifrt'ing, f. temper, iemptring,. 
H.r«. n. refin/rofin. 
Marzig. a. rtfinouj. 
Hafchen, v. a. to catch, apprehend 
Hiircber. m. catch ■ foil, bumbaiLjf 
Hafe, m. hare'^ em junger^, U- 

HardhuhQ. n. h^el. hen, heath^och 
Hareliren. ^ n. to droll, j^, 
Harelmaus, f dormoufe. 
Hareloafs. f. haftl nut. 
Hardruthc, f hafrl • xohip, 
Hafelftaude, f. hafet. tret. 
HaTenhmid, n barter. 
Hafonklee, m. hare. foot. 
(tafenpanier, n. fig. /light. 
Hafcnicharce, f. hart . lia. 
Hafpel, m.8cf. reel. 
vHafpeln, tr a & n. /# rtti. 
flaU, m hate, hatred, grudge. 
Ha (Ten, y n to hate. 
HSfslich, a ugly i dirty ; vicious. 
Har«lichkeit, f uglintfs, dtrtineft. 
Haftig.a ha^\ choleric. 
Hjftfcheln, V a. to dandlf, ehtrijk. 
Harze, f. baiting f coif, hood. 
Haobennucherin, f. mUlintr. 
Hauhitxe, f howitzer 
HaMch, m. h'tath, whijf. puf. blaft 
Ha.ichrn, v. n. tf breathe, to blow 
Ha.idegan. m bach/word. 
Haiie, f. hoe, mattoc. 
•Hanen.v a to hew, cut} toJlUhe. 
Haucr. fn, fiewer ; wi/d boar. 
Han'e, Haufen, m. heap, hoard, pile; 

H^nfen, V a. to heap, awiafs, pile. by heapt, in crowds 
Hs(.ift^. a abundant, <opiout\ /re 

Raupt, A. keti. 

Hanptabficht. f. chief dtfign, otti. 
Hauptanker, xn. fieet .anchor, 
Maop.lMich, n. princioal . chiif book 
Haupterbe, in. ,h<r/ . principal heir 
Haiipigefimfe, n. capital 
Haupthaar, n. hai' »/ the head. 
Ha<iptkirche, f. cathedral, metropo- 
litan cku'ch. 
HauptkUlTen, n pillow. 
Hauptmann, m. ckvftain, captain. 
Haupt|<erron, f. hrad, .Aiyf, leadrr. 
Haupip'inkt m main point 
Ha i(»iq artier, n. head quartets 
Hauptrache, f main f,oint, fubjlanr \ 
Haiiptrjichlich, a. chief, principal. 

HaapircblUOel, m. mafter . key. 
Ha 'ptftadt, f ckirf city, capital. 
Htipiftrafae, f. principal ^' tet. 
Hauptftlick, n. head, principal article 
Hauptrurome, f principal fum. 
Hapitugend. f cardinal tHrtue. 
Hauptnrfache, f. principal cau/e- 
Hauptwacbe, f. n^in guard , main 

Haiiptweh, n. kead.ach. 
Ha .ptwort, a. T. noun, fubfiantive. 
Haxptzahl, f cardinal number. 

Hauptzweck, m. main end, or 

Haus, n, hou/e ; nacb , xu Haufe, 

Hausarme, m. Jkamtfaced poor 
Hatitbackenbrod. n. tioufeHold-hread. 
Haufen, v. n. to heep ahouft\ to ma- 

te a noife 
Haiifen, m . fturgeon . 
HaurenbUfe, f. ifinglafs. 
Hautflur, f floor. 
Ha'isfrau. f. houfewife. 
Hausgenors, m. lodger i pi. dome- 

•Hauthalten.v a. to manage, hufiand 
Hauthalter. m houfe-keeper . 
HaushaiUerin, f. hou/t.kuper, hou/e- 

Haiuhiiltig, a. hou/e- keeping, econo- 

Ha'uhaltung, f . hou/e,keeping. 
Haiuherr, m. heufeholder, landlord. 
Haunren, *. n. to go pedling. 
Haufirer, m. pedlar. 
Haiujiingfer, f. maiden - houftkeeper. 
Ha uklcidung. f d'^abiUe. 
Hanskncht, m valet, porter. 
Hsuikotl, Hautmannskoft, f. hou/e- 

hotd -/art- 
Hatiskreuz. n./amily nui/antt. 
Haiislauch, n. hnn/e leek. 
Hauslehrer, m. inflrnfior, preceptor. 
Haiisleinwand, f home . fpun linen 
• Hiiuler, m. cottager, cottier. 
Haiulciite, pi. d»meJHcs\ lodgers, 
Hitiislich , a. domefiic } hu/bandly, 

Hatuniagd, f. hou/emaid. 
Hausmaan, m. /eroant ; lodger. 
Ha smiethe, f, hou/e • rent 
Hantmuiel, n. houjehold medicine. 
Hausmutter, f. mother 0/ the/amHy. 
Haiuplagc, f. menial torment. 



Hantnth, ra. hou/ekoli furuaure. 

Iiaufehold ftuff 
HaMs'rchltfiTel, m kou/e hey. 
Ha itianhc, f tame pidgeon. 
Ha-wteiifel, m Jhrtw, /cold. 
Hausihier, n. /lomejlic beajl. 
Hatttthiirc. f. firftt . door. 
Haattraiier, f /amity mourning. 
Haiuvatcr. m. /af*«r »/ the fatmity. 
Ha isverwalter, m. fleward. 
Ha.uvoRt. m judge, ra/tleward. 
Ha «wcren, n. r.onomy, huj^mdry. 
Hauwirth. m. kujband, hou/ehotdcr, 

mijltr of the hou/e. 
Hautwirtbin f houfe . keeptTf k»ufe. 

Hauswinhfchafi , f. hou/e. keeping, 

ho-fr^/t y 
Hauszint, in. hou/e- rent. 
Hoiszticht, f houfehold- order. 

f. hide, /tin i cuticle. 
Haiubois, f hautboy. 
(ich Hjtnen. y. r to caft the Jiin. 
HSotie. a cuticular . /kittned. 
Hanzkhne, pi /<i>igi, tu/is. 
Hiierei, f. T avfagt- 
He I i Aa / he da ! Ao there ! keigh t 
Hebamme. f. midw/r. 
Hebebaum, m. coltftaff. 
Hebeeifen. n. iron crow, or hook. 
Hehel, m. lever. 

Heben, v. a to ti/t, heave, r-aiji. 
Hchcr.ta ■ yiphon, crane. 
Hebopfer, n. heave - ofcring. 
Hebn(ifcb, a. hebrew. 
Hechel. f hatchet, fla*.comb, heckla. 
HccBeJfraa, ♦ hatchtUer. 
Hechel macher, in hatchel- mmker, 
Hechein, *. a. to harhfe. hatchel^ 
Hecht, m. pikei cin kleiner -, pick- 

Hecke, f. hedge, bujh ; hatch. 
Hecken. v. n. /« hatch, breed. 
Heckgrofchen, m . hatching . gr-oaf. 
Heer, n. hofl, army ^ quantity. 
HeerfUhrcr, m. chie/ nf an a.rmy, 

HeergerJith, Q. train 0/ an army. 
Heerpwike, t. kettledrum. 
Hcerfcbaar^ f ■ draught, legion, traop^ 
Heerftrafse, f , high - way , road, lees, d'egs\ barm, y^. 
Herenkuchen, m. leavened cake, 
Hefig, a. barmy, ye/ting. 
Heft, n haft, handle -.ftitch . took. 
Hcftel. m. hook, clafpi pin. 
Heften, v. a. to'jflitch, /ew, pin ; die 

Augen worauf . , to flt the eyts 

upon (3c. 
Heltig, a. vehement, Jiorp j eager. 
Hertigkelt, f vehemence, eagerne/i. 
Heftlade. f. T. /owing -pre/s. . 
Heftnadel, f. Jfttchtng - needle. 

Hegen. v. a. to enclo/e \ to k^ve, 

nounjk ; to /ave. 
Hehler, m concealer j fencing cully. 
Heide, f. heath. 

Heide, m pagan, gentile, keatHen. 
Heidckom, n. buck.wktat. 
Heidekrauti o. heath. 

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Heidclbcerc, f. hUitrrjf. 
Hcitleieirhe, f. tit . Imrk. 
Ueidentbanii b /m^cvi/m, kmAtm- 

Beidoifch, •. ktmtknijk^ h—tkfu, 

Brid^ck, m. krydue. 

Kit, a. heaUd., katl, found, 

Beil, n. proftttty, XBt{fmrii hail. 

Briland, m. fanour. 

BeilSar, m. cwaMe. 

Il<ilea, V. a. & n. to ktml, tin. 

HeiliR, a holy, facrtdt foUmM. 

B««lit(e, m lain I. 

Hci}t,(eD, V. a to hallow, J*n(tify 

Ai\i^k.*\\t f- kohniji. f*n3iiudt 

ifnJigrprechang, • canontxat'on. 

Beiti^ihuai, n. fana ary -y Heilig- 
■ Luoicr, holy rtiq-4tt. 

HeiliK»nK< (. /(fftifiration. 

Hciilos, a. urirktd, ^gttious. 

H«ill.»figk«it, f. wickednrO. 
Heiinaittcl. n remtiy, mettieiw. 
Heilpfla'tcr, n kealing fUiJtrr. 
Htfilfam. a. wkoUfom*. fmlut^ty. 
Hc-^jramkeii, f wkottfomtmtjs. 
Hcilung, f. kttUng, curt, 
Heiiri ad. homt. 
Heiioaib. ' ketne, native country. 
Heinnc, f. Hciinchen, n. eruktt. 
Heim'ahrt, Heimkunfl, f return. 
Heim *fallen, ? n. to tfcktmt 
Heimlich, a' ctancular, cltndtjltni. 

eio/t, private, ftCTtt 
Heinnlicnkeit, I. cloftnt/s , fttrtt. 

pt tvacy 
He>mr«i(«>f- kamtXMird voyagt, 
Heimfuchen, v. a. to vijit. 
Heintlucbung, f »i/it, v^itatiom. 
HeimtUcke, f matite, truk. 
Heimtitckircb, a. maiitiout. 
HefmwifrUi ad. komtward. 
Heimweh, n. komng. 
Heiraib, f. marriage. 
Ucirathen, v. • to marry. 
Hctrathsgat, n. domry. portion. 

Ilcircb«n« T. a to ajh, p^uUtt. 
H«i(er. a hoar ft 

HeiCcrkeit, t. koarftntft. 

Heilt, a. hot, ardent. 

•Heirccn, v. a- to ttUty to hid, com- 
mand ; *v. n. to fay. fignify. 

Heifsbunger, m. greedinen. 

Hcifshiiogerig , •- greedy , dt*dly 

Heiter. a. Jerene, clear, fair. 

Heiterkeit, f. ferenity, falrneft. 

Heitzen. v-a. to keat, ciUefy. 

Held, m. kero; ckampion 

Heldencedicht, n. epopee i romance 

Heldenmiticig. •• heroic, hero - like 

Heldennuth, m. htroifm , heroUal 

Heldenmiitbig, a heroic, heroical. 

Hcldentbat, f. exploU, heroical feat 
Heldin. f heroine. 
•Helfen, v. a. to help , aii'y bel< 
Colt! god hlefi yoni wa* bilftt? 
vahmi boots Uf ^ hilft ftir, 


Heifer, m. kel*rr^ aider. 
Helfershelfer, m. aiettor, aetompiie*. 
He!l,a cl<ar, hght, bright 
Helle. Helligkeit. f. eltmmef, 

h.igkt ./. 
Heilebarde. f kaibfrd. 
Hellei, m. kaf . penny, far tking. 
H'sliu, i». kelm \ ktlfx- 
HtroA, n. fiirt, man', fhtft. 
Heronien, v. a. ein Rad ., to^ig\ 

fig to flop, kinder. 
Hemmkeite, f. trigger. 
Hcngft. m. ftonekorft, /lallion,fleed 
Henkel, m ka>,dU -y hooh. 
Henkeln v. a. to hook. ' 

Henken, v. a. to hang. 
-{rnker m ka»fiman ; fig. devU. 
H«-'ine,>/. ken. 

Hr, ad. hither, kif'etwa'd ato-g. 
Hrrab, ad down from | hera^wa°ru, 

dou>rnard\ fich herab •laflen , .<• 

Hcra< liiTing, f. condefcendtnct. 
Her<n ad. on. ftrar. 

r, ad. upi hrraufwitru, upward. 
Hcraut, ad. out ; hera iwi(ru, out. 

Herbe, a. ha'fk, acerb, /our, eager. 
Herbe, HerbiKkcii. f. kafineft. 
Herbei,ad. on, in, up. 
Herberge, f harbour, inn. 
Herberuea. t. a. & n. to har'bour. 
•Herbringan, v. a. to bring hither, 

tn, up. 
Herbfl, m. autumn. 
HerhAHch. a. autumnal. 
Herbfl monat, m^ Stptemher. 
HerhOacit, f . harvejl . time. 
Herd, m. hearth. 
Herde. f. herd drove, floeh. 
Herein, ad. in ; come in. 
Herfur. i. Hervor. 
•Hergeben, v. n . to iffu*, to give 

HcTKegen, •. Hingegen 
"Hcrgebeo, V. n. to fafty come to 


Herhahen, t. a. /• hold forth. 
Hcrholen, v a to fetch. 
Hering, s- Hiiring. 
"Herkommen, y. n. /• eoau here, 

hither, on ) to eomt from, defend 
Herkoromen, n. rttfiom; emtratlion. 
Herkunft, f. defient, bifii. 
Hrrleiien, T.a. to derive 

Herleren,v a to read b^ore, recite 
Herm^Hn, n. ermine, ermelin. 
Hernach, ad aftervards, hereafter 
•Hernehmen, v a /a tdke from. 
•Herncnnen, v. a. to call over names. 
HerniedAr, ad. down. 
Heroifch, a. heroic, heroical. 
Herold m. herald, harbinger. 
HeroWiftab, m. her aid* s flat. 
Herplappern, tr. a. to rerite blabbing. 
Hen, m mafer, lord'y mCio. I Sit ! 
Herrecbnen, v. a to rechom up, fpt. 

cify, enumerate. 
HeTTe!cben,v.a. to reach, hand. 

4tt8tc.t it iJ S'^/f»*e»in/t Vc,\HnTtire, t. travtlling hithtr. 

houfe. ^ 

Herrciibor, m. lard's feat. 
rierrcniot, a. out of fervUc, mithati 

a mafler. 
Hcrrifcb. a. mafterlyy imperious. 
H.rlrb, a glo'iouty magnifctnt. 

emcHlent, Mattly 
Hcrrhcbkeit. f. g/erj-, magni/tcemct, 

'» ittm ei ordjkip. 
lerrfcbaft , f . aominion , majleryy 

government i m^er and mf/hefs. 
Herr<cba'ilich. a. belonging to tie 

'ord f/ a wtanor. 
Hrrrfcben, ». o. to ruU, rtigm, §0. 

Hcrrfcher, m. ruler, governor, 

fchfiichi, f, imperioufnefi, 
Hrrrfcbflichiig, a. imperious. 
HcrrUbren, T. n. to come from, ta 

drau tti origin. 
Hcr'aKcn. v. a to recite- 
HerrchatTen, v. a. to ftrd. put here. 
Heirchier»en. v. a. to Jhoot hUher ^ 
r.eld -, to advance mo^ey. 
HcrtUinmcn, v. n. to defend. 
HcrOellen, v. n. to put hither t fa 

Herftellung, f. recovering. 
HerUbcr, ad over. 
Hirwen. »i. about; . 'gehen, toga 
about 'y . •laiifen, to rove, ramble. 
HcrumUiifer, m. rambler. 
Herunter, ad. dotan. 
Heriinterwilrts, ad. downxaard. 
Hervor. ad. forth, out; fich.'tluui. 

to A'fiinp,ujh one's ftlf. 
Herwiiru, ad kifheruiard- 
Hcrweg, m way hither, this wav. 
Herz, n heart; fig. mind. [her, 

Hcrziihlen. v. a. to enumerate, nam, 
Hcrzbrecbend, a heart . breaking. 
Herseleid, n heart- breah, grief. 
Herzen, *. a. to frefs to the htaari, 

hug, embrace. 
Hertentangft, f. heart . ach, forraw. 
HcTzlell, D pericardium. 
Herzgcfpann, n cardiaca. 
Heizgrube, f. pit of the heart. 
Herzhafi, a. Jtout. hear ted, hardp, 

ageous. daring, bold, nianfy. 
Henbattigkeit, r Jfout.keartednefs, 
hardinefs, courageoufnefs.botdstefs. 
rtcrtlopig, a. heart -felt. 
Herxkammer , f. ventricle ^ the 

Herzktopien, ■ falpttation. 
Hrr/.kohl, n. eaobage - head. 
Herzlicb, a. hea'ty, cordial, JSuctr*' 
Herzog, m. duke. 
Herzogin, f. ditrheft. 
Hcrzoglich, a ducal. 
Herzogthum, n. dmhedom, 
HeTzfrbUchrig, m. foundered. 
Herzrchlachtigkeii. t. foundering in 

the chtjt- 
HerznSrkend,a. cordial, cardiac. 
HeraflMrkung, f. cardiac, cordial. 
Herzu, ad. hither, near. 
Harzwehf d. cardial^, heart -fore • 

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n*m, m m'imf, f'f'i 

HftTMCfl, *■ %. 14 r'-Mtt ^i. 

11«^ifcli. B. 4» w/i ; ^itwriiirrhj 

Hirfcb, t, fci,^, ,g^t 
Htnc. C, h^-ivf/L 

H'^ElirtB. 1- It. ft i^wff^j^, 
»»rrlT,.|;l)r^ r ti/^/.Tfcti*, 

ll^rnnkjn, ai. 4«T«.y^. 

l1*{«Hdairi En, f- ^rt .fit, 

^lf4r|pr|q, r «. ft it- jT* ft*f. 

■1 r (ur* 

HltilLth.l ^j^JIrJ^ 

Ki>p#( f. **ih« 

II* i»B# I Aiw>r^ 

tU"i K, m *r*jjri, tti^ ^^.y i^i 
Hi ■ilHIP*!^ * n |# *rr«^*rf fa i.t^ 

Hr-ilifjtnH H, »^A<W. 
N* if. m^ «flHrr I ^u *jj.v 

Hwi»f4^W«ECt', fed *» iM^d, j« f^«jf, 

ii*..^^-tff'»m, r. «r,/. ,4(^. fta^^ 

HA.'iptp-a^* m -ran ^nkf 

^fi ip'|lLr>r»«, r prmt^tmf/ ni. 
Hj yn ui|tf qd . f J#J"Jr*ft^ *1 rf ■#, 

If J HiVr,Tt, It T- ITlH»iiy*|j^*(¥Hli-h 
Hv^tUT'St, ID. >(44*f/ilr#J |ji*r 

Hjiintn,^. n Id 4ff> aitttji.-^ t* mt^ 

H»'iffr»'i i- ifc#«/fiB/f. 

Hi«[»1uhEr . m ktt/r- tttffr , 

H«i44lhiilipj|t. m. ktu/r^ttfpiwMi n^'f- 
mt j; 

>1j|MriT*B» r q. (» ^4 ff^iuig. 

Hi i\kiil'inE. r ^ /Liitik 

>[ *• i^i: ad, Mauf iimB ukalftf f, 

irJtnrb, D H 

i-.iithi'iH'ct, iQ kfiif^ kty, 

III 'iiii-iEfT 10 f*tiir 1/ 141 

M<>itv«i|L. m ftigt, "■ 
Hj turf Fen, «, #, i~,t«^^^ 

^j^ ,)/J^,r i<l**/r, ' 

HaiiTwirtbbn t Am'kft i- ii^ftr, kHM 

Hii.«wi f I h Ti-tifi. , f K Adl|^ ^ ^Al^^ 

^ 7 ^-^ /r t 

Haiilhnil, f tavl^ny. 1; 

Hii r^na, pi /*'s*. iM/th J 

>Htl>M, VI tt iift, kntwi f^ 

Mtr^kef , tfl . jt^i'ifi CVit 

Hchmifcb. a- *^*rrtE- 

H«rlit|rvicbcr. »* Uffk*i^ -«l»l 
Hotheln, T. 1 r^ ^fts.t'V. UfrAir^ 

H«Xet f. #f^< **^t <"'«' 

HrrfafitfT, iti. cAh/^**-!:^ 
He, ' ' " - 


kimfk^nr^^ iinlhtA. 


U'^lcn, w M. & n. tsF ^ral, frt- 

H<'i|i|ti^ rT> Aj ^j^. 

{4'EiJiij^rpr'cl»i>in]t^ ' 'dNiiWfitf^'«?v 
I ItAi Fi i^ihu (u I. ft r /i 4d at^ ^ tici lip . 

JS«i1 1 1(4] bit , Tl /k^Jlt/fiiiiaH. 

Hr1]|dM'litr, •* k*<iii*>S{ fiitl^-F- 

\^il\stif^t (. ki^agi rtrr- 

J|eL41i 111. it'fUR' 

Ijt^im'ihn, Kciifikunf^ \ tftfft. 

Kfrim 'l*illct\, • H la rfrfifal 

cltft, p-icwtf^fii- ' 

" tfliij r ( 


p h«ry 

tUftHr/l t JtfTwf 


He-it* rl^r, itmAI, kriMki 
Ht1lc. Hcl]i«l,cit « f. tlnrwf/j 

Hrlltr, (p ^.mt/^^t*1f. far tilts 

HtOpni^n, ^.. k. finftkd-, tt't^i^l 
Jcmmkcilcpf, t^-JUtn-. 

:Jr"in*n4 t'+j^ /o i» jf. 

H'-.rie,.f, ^rrr. 

hlr, id. ^jrrAft , j^jr"* ' ir-P " ii f^^H' ^.. 

H^rql}, j|J Jijiiirt jfrT:-ti r I'n'flf'U'liri*, 

Hurin id, iiHp, T-dH-, 

_ ■**■*- 
Hf'tr, p. hA-fi. itrrtit faurf rajfer, 
<^\tf tier(iij;Ttf'T, i fta fi.^rf^. 
ri ei^ 4il iftr I"! ftp- 

lli.rb^r.'.rn V d Ai H. 1^1: ftiiT-ldV^. 

Mirr^iP'ilfli p. 4J(luni-irt 

n|4itytgfl-ii, 1, Eting-Bjtcn 
■HjLfurhisn, V. n. fi» ^k/j» rflnr* f. 
pay I' 

■[iiThi^.4r[i|i ^ * ti\ ffhk, 

■Herkunitntei, *'■ ». ?" rorwr Act/, 
AjjAJ'r "n J /J fiiHi/rera, Jf/rf ii4 

If IvrenH T m to -i'fl J Jf/iFr/^ rrtUf 
-, id li/frriliard'j, kf^tm/trr 
1. fd rcU aiiff- HsMi 

KerrChfaur, |D» f^r^j fimt. 
\Atttt.»\tn, ■, fft,/ p/Jtrriie, 

rJrtTifrh. ■, txa^tti^, hmf,f-i,Uf, 

U-fwtf.\n\\ y f. rfrtniflpu-, ^ "iJfr'Tt, 
Hcrr^V^i'ikrh. ft. *#/inr(jj»^ /.'' rtr 
■rriheti, ». a ;j f-i^, prif,^ ^^ 

tlirrilllrfniK, H. *■ rpJW /r?iip, f, 

tL'r-4t£(V. IT. 4 ta TTT\tt 

■In-, ^Te u^TH ^ft Nd'-f r- 
Kiri'^rrjFTjtn, v.n, iu dt/r^d. 
J-[tTHf|lefi, I'.q, fn faf hifiirr -, (^ 

H?lil«th*n^L F, rrmrrzitg. 
Hriulitrp A^l iB^r. 

mijH(t-r, m. TjnKrr. 
irtmnlrr, irf. ^eujn. 

] K T I ti!H.'chend , a ^„; p/ _ ii-^ f-^ 

Mtfilitij|ilEa, «. fst^muvwt. 

HtP^ilTrh, w. ina.-t^, i^rdiai, _^*etrt^ 

McniPEjio, f d^puffi, 

Jrlcrftoj th'J fli , n. rfii*rMfert. 
H, ! I frhUrhri j^ a /nfundrfti. 
UerrrfhhiiihLPiilcit, i /jii r Jf r^qj is 

*— "^ itifi^f. nnr. 


«4 HIM 

Hetsc, f. UUlng. 

Hetzen, v. a. to hait, hound, <»iir/t, 

chafe, kunff to k^/oo. 
Hetshand, m. kouuJ, bull. dam, 
Heu. n W 

Heiiifrate, f . k*y - karvf/l. 
Heuboden, in hay . loft- 
Heubund, n. koitle of kay, mow. 
Heiichclei, f. kypocrtfy, JinuUtion 
Hcuchein, *. n to fvgn, ^tmiU- 
Heochler, xa.ftigntr, kyfocritt. 
Hcuchherilch, a. /dgnimg, hyfotri. 

Heuer, ad. thityeur. 
Heuerig, a. iff this ytmr, 
Heugabel, f. hay. fork, pittk.fork. n. to howl ^ to try, whine. 
Heumarktrin. kay-mmrktt. 
Heunnonat, m. July. 
HeuCehober, m. govt, kay-Jlaek, 

Heufcbrecke, f . locuM^ grufsJiopptr- 
Heute, ad. to day, this day. 

Heuiig. ft. of this day } modtm, 
Hexe, r. witck, kag, forttrtfs. 
Hexen, v. n. to pvmSici Jorcery. 

RexcnmeiSer, m. fercertr, vriMsrd. 

Kexerci, f. for ctry, witcktry. 

Hieb, m. ftrokt, 

Hienioni,.n. kunttr'j horn. 

Hier, ad. kere. , 

Hieran, ad. ktrt'.oni on, or ^f it. 

Hierauf, ad. ktrtmupont kert'at, at 

tkis, upon tkiJ. « 
Hieraiu, ad. ktre • out, out of this, 

kence, from ktnee, ktrt-by, by this. 
HlerbeJ, ad., by this. 
Hierduich, ad. htrt-by, ky this, by 

tktfe mtans, (3c. 
Hierein, ad. ktrt . into, into tkis, it. 
Hler her, ad. hithtr^ktrt, thU way. 
Hierherwilrts, ad. kitkerward. 
Hicr bin , ad. mktr, iht w^y for. 

Hierio, ad. ktrt . in, tn. tkis, in it. 
Hiermit, ad. kert-wUk, with this, it 
Hiemach, ad . ktrc • afttr, after this, 

after U. 
Hieriiber, ad.\ ktrt. about. 
Hienim,ad. kere.about, about tku, it. 
Hierunter, ad. ktrt. under, under 

this, it. " 

Hienron, ad. ktrt . of, rf tkis, U. 
Hieraa, ad. ktrt • to, to ihit, tt. 
Hiclig, a. our, of tkis place. 
Himbeerc, fT kinJberry, rafpbtrry. 
■ Himbecrllaudct f> rafpbtrry 1 bujk. 
Himmcl, m. ktavtn,Jt)\ fig. cano. 

fy, tffitr.' 
Himntelan, ad. upwards to ktavtn 
Hiromelbett, n btd witk m tdfer. 
Himmelblaa, a. axurt, Jfy.<olourtd. 
Hiinni«ifahrt, f. afctnfion. 
Hiaamelreich, n. kingdom ^keaven. 
niaiimKctireiend, a. crying to kta. 

Himihelskttgel . f. ttl^ieal gtobt, 

HiatmehrchlUfFelchen, n. frh».ro/e. 
UinnRckOrich, m. climatt. 


Hinmlirch, a. ctlffiial, heavenly, 

Hin, md.fortk, to'f thttktr^ bin und 
vrieder , ktrt and thtrt ^ how and 
tken i bio und ber , kttktr and 
thither : bin •feyn, to bt gent 

Hi nab, ad. dawni binabwXru, down, 

Hinan, ad. upon, mp to- 

Hinauf, ad. uf, ufto^ binaufwiru, 

lin^ut, ad. outi binaiuwXrtt, aut. 

Hinbringen, t. a. (• bring • carry 

to i die Zcit ., to fa/r away the 

Hinderlich, a. hindering, impeding. 
Hind«m, v. a. to kinder, impede. 
Hiiidcrnib, n. kindtranet, tmptdt. 

Hindin, f. kind. 
HindlKufte, f. fuccory, tickory. 
Hinduich, ad. tkrovgk, tkrougktut. 
Hinein, ad* in, into. 
•Hinfallcn, v. n. to faU down, to 

Htnrillig, a. decaying, frail, 
Hinfalligkeit, f.fraUty. 
Hinfon, Hinflibro, ad. kent^ortk. 
HinfUbren, v. a. /• conduS - Itad 

carry - bring to. 
Hingang, m. goi/ig to. 
~Hingcben,v. a. to give to i to giv 

Hingagen, c on ike contrary. 
"Hingeben, tr, n. to go , go to i to 

pa/s; . •lafTcn, to Itt it pa/s. 
i«Hinbaltcn, V. a. tiholdfortki fig- 

to amufe with fair hopes, 
Hinken, r. n.'to halt, limp, hobble. 
HinUngen, v. a. to reach to J ▼• n. 

to btfiijfitient. 
Hinliinglicb, %.. fufjicient. 
Hinlifnglicbkeit, f. fufjicitncy. 
Hinlegen, v. a- to lay .put down. 
*Hinnehmen, V. a. to take, receive. 
Hi ' men, ad. von ., ktnte,from ktnct. 
HinrafiTea, v. a. to takt mway i to 


inreiehen, t. a. to rtsck i v. n. to 

Hinrcife, f. travel. Journey to. 
Hinrei Tten, v . a. /« draw • puU away, 

to ; Bg.. to ravifi, ckarm. 
Hinrichten, v. a. to execute \ t0 kill. 
Hinricbtung, f. execution. 
•Hinfcben, v. n. to took to. 
Hinfetzen, V a. tofet, putte,downi 

flcb., to Jit down. 
HinRcht, f. in ., in rt/ptff. 

Hinrmken, v. n. to fink down. 
HinHellen. v. a. to put to. 
•Hinfterbenf v. a. to dit away. 
Hinftrccken, v. a. tojtrttck fortk. 
Hinftreicben, v. a. to Jtrokt to ; die 

Zeit ftreicbt bin, time paffes au 
Hintan. ad. btkind% . fctaen, to 

glt«, Jligt. 
Hinunfetzung, f. fiigkt. 
HiAten, ad. belumdi binten nacb, 



Hinter, prp. behind', hinter her* af- 
terwards, in the future. 
Hinter, ad. •. Hinumci. 
Hincerbacken, id buttock. 
Hintcibein, n. kindleg. 
'Hiuierbringen, v. a. ta mcfutint, 

give notice. 
Hintcrb^g, m. kam, teg. 
Hintere (del, die, daa), •. kind, 

Hintere, m. arfe, bark .Jide. 
Hintergebaude, n. back, houft. 
•Hintergchen, v. n. to baffle, decdvt* 
Hintergrund, ta. back .ground, 
Hinterhah, m. ambujki rear. 

Hinierhalten, T. a. to Me, huf ft» 

Hiiiterhaupt, n. occiput. 
Hinterlaga, f. dtpofite. 
HinterlafTenfchaft.s. Verlaflenfclu^t. 
Htnterlegen, t. a. to depojlt. 
Hinterlift, f. artifice, cunning. 
Hintcrliftig, a. cunning, f^laciout. 
Hinierrdck*, ad. backwwds. 
HinterAe, a. kindmf/l, kinderm^. 
Hinterfliibc, f. back • room. 
Hintertbeil , n. kindpart^ « eines 

Scbifis, fiern. 
HintcrtbUr, f. back . door. 
HinteiirefFen, n. rtar.guarj. 
•Hinterueiben, v. a. to prtvtntjtof, 
Hintervienel, n. Ug, kam. 
Hinterwifru, ad. backward. 
•Hintbun, t. n. to place . put ta, 
Hintiitt, m. decea/c, death. 
Hintiber, ad. ovtr. 
Hinum, ad. about, that way •bout, 
Hinumer, ad. </pu»i. , 
HiniintcrwifKU, ad. downwards, 
HinwXtts, ad. tkttktrward. 
Hinweg, m. going - way to. 
Hinweg, ad. away. 
•Hinweifcn, v. a. tofiiow to, to hint 

•HinwoUen, v. a. ta defign - in- 


HDiciehen. T. a. to draw <«; 'y. 

n ro rtmovt, repair to. 
Uinzieltu, ▼. n. (• aim at, kave in 

Hinzu, ad. to, towards { -fUgen, . 

fetten, to addio,join\ . •bOten, 

to admit', . ■tbun, to add. 
Hippe. f. fitklt i kedging • bill, 
Hippel, f. wafer. 
Hirn, (. Cebirn. 

Htrnbobrer, m. trtpan. [ra. 

Hirneerpinft, o. fancy, whim, ckimtm 
Hirnfchale, f. brain . pan, f cult, 
Hirnwuib, ♦". pkrtnfy, madntft. 
HirCcb, m.Jag, hart, detr. 
Hirfcbbock, m. buck of a kart, 
Hirlcbftoger, in. hanger. 
Hirfcbgeweib , n. attire, ottirts, 

herns of a Jtisg. 
Hirrcbborn, n- harVs kam. 
Hirrcbkifer, m. horned beetle. 
Hirfcbkalb, n. calf <f a hart, 
Hirfthkuh, f. kind. 
Hirfcbleder, n. buck.ltathtr. 

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GUkkreligkeii, f. kafpinift, hUJtd. 

n*fs,fthtity, prtfpt'itjr. 
ClUck stall, m. good hapi ehanct. 
Cliicks)(Ut. n. hUJtifg' 
ClUckskiod, n. ikiid of fortunt. 
Cliickiritter, n. knight -trrant, ad. 

Gliick>rpicl, n. haxard. 
ClikktumftMnde , pi. tirtimjanets, 

Clttck\run(ch. m. GlUckwUnfchung, 

f. f*iiC.*ation, rang' atuUHtn 
CUtben, ». n. U glow, to h* gtmslug, 

rtd . hot. 
Clutb, f. giaating . imrning of Ji », 

/iiK caals, ardour 
Caade, f. gratt, favour^ Aimdnffi, 

Cnadenhild, n. mha-ulout imagt. 
Ci adenbrief. m. ekart*r, tetters fa- 

Cnadenbrod, n precarious bread. 
CDadengchah, m. Gnadengeld, n. 

CDadenjaVr, n ^nnatt 
Cnadeolehn, n. reverjsan, /urnivor. 

Cnadcnreich, a kingdom rf grace. 
Giiadcnft«thl, m merty . feat- 
Gnadenwahl, f. predtJtinaUan. 
Gnadenzeit, f. time of grace, pemi. 

Cnidig, ■■ kenevolent } gracious. 
Gnnii. IB g*eme 
Cnomonik, f. gnennmics. 
Gold. n. gold. 
GoVdadler, m. royal eagle. 
Goldaniaicr, f. gold . hammer. 
Goldamrel, f witwal. 
Coldapfel, m. apple qf lave , mat 

GeldM-beitcr, Goldichmid, m. gold. 

Coldbergwerk, n. Coldgruba.f. gold- 
GoldblMiicben, n. leaf of gold, gald. 

Golden, a. gold; golden. 
Golderz, n. gold- ore. 
Coldfarbe. f gold, colour. 
CoM^arbig, a. golden, aald ^coloured. 
Coldfinger, n». gold -finger , ting. 

Coldgelb, a. as yellon as gold. 
fk>ldgelb.n. or pimenf, yellow ar/entc. 
Cttkdkitfer, m. fpanijkfly. 
GoWklumpen, m. ingot qf fiali. 
\ Coldmacher, m. alckymtfl, adept. 
Coldpapier. n. i^lt . paper. 
Goldmtfnze, f. gold -piece, gold; 
I goldiH medal. 
, Coldfeheider, m. gold ./ner. 
GoldfchlMger, m. gold, beater. 
kColdOatib. aa. gold • dtf/l. 
fcldrticker, m. embroiderer in g»ld. 

ildiioff, m. gelden ftuf, brocade. 
^Idftufe, f. gold in ore. 
ioldwage, f. gold, weights. 
londel, <• gondola, VeneUan k00t, 
fcndalfUhrer, m. gondolier. 
^ IX. 


CAnnen, t. a. to be pleafei mUk, 

favour, wijk utelt. 
Goiiocr, m. favourer, prate fla^ I 'in, 

i. btnffaartf,. 
Cofe, f. gofe - beer. 
GoOe, f. drain, gutUTt fewer , 
Gothircb, a. gotkie 
Coti, m God. 
Coiterlehre, f. mytkology. 
G^terfpeire. f. ambtojtm. 
Coiterff-riich, n oracle. 
GMtcrirank, m. neSar. 
Gotte^ackcr , m. burying • place, 

Goiteadicnft. m. fervice, dlvtne fer. 

met, worjkip 
Gotteidlenttlich, a. belonging to tke 

ft' vtre. 
Coit«t'urcbt, r. piety, fear of god. 
GottesfUrchUc, a piousrfearing god 
Gouugelehmnkeit, f. divinity, tkeo- 

Go(iesKelehrter,in. divine, tkeolog>an 
Gottcxhaut, n god:'s houfe, ckurck. 
Gotietkaften, m poor's bou. 
GotietliinereT, m blafpkemer. 

CuttciliiAerung, f. hiajfphemy. 
Goctc»li(ucner, m. athtyi. 

ising, r. atheifm. 
at. reumrd- blejing ^ 


Gnttet'irth«il. n. ordeal. 
Gotietveriichter, m. reviler ff god 

and fatrtd things. 
Go'tesvargcflen, a- ungodly. 
Goiiheii, f deity, godhead, Avinity | 
' 1, (. goddefs. 

ich, a divine, godly. 
Iirhkeit. f. divinity. 
Goitlot, a godlefs, ungodly, 
Goulorigkeii, r. godlefsne/t, ungod. 

Goiirelig, a. religious, pious, devout. 
Cottfcligkeii, f godlin'/s. 
Gotze, m. idol, deity 'y divinity. 
Cdtzenbild, n. idol. 
Gdtzendicner, m. idolater } .in, f. 


GoicendienA, n. idolatry, varjkip 

cf tdots. 
Cotzcntempel, ro. temple (^ an idol. 
Grab, n gave^ tomb. 
Grahbeln. v. a. to grabble. 
Grahtifcn, a. graver, brafs. cutter. 
Grabcn, m. ditch, trench, brook, 

1 nannel. 

Grabcn, v. a. engr^ave, cut i to 
dig, break tke ground. 
Grablied, n. funeral Jong, dirge. 
Grabtnaai, n. tomb, jepmUkre, ntenu. 

Grabrcheit. n. fpade. 
Grabfchrift, f. epttapk, Infcription. 
Grabftitite, f. burying - place. 
Grabftcin, m grave •jfone. , 
Grabftichel, m. graver, brafs-tntter. 
Crad, m. dfgrce. fitp. 
Gradiren, tr. a. T. to graduate. 
Gradirhaui, n. T. building far gra. 

«KA o 

Cradifung, f. T. graimHatt. . 
Gradwrile, aJ by degrees. 
Graf, m. earl, count 
Grafenftand, m. dignity . Jfait^ € 

Grifhn, f. couHteft\ tarts lady. 
Grilflirh, a. beUnging to an earL 
Gratrchafi, f. eartdom, county. 
Gram, ad. -feyn, to kate. 
Gram, m. gri^, forrow, fadne/s. 
bcb Grafoien, t. r. f# grievct ta t* 

Griiinlich, a. grievous, ferry. 
Grammaiik. 1. g ammar.> 
Grammaiifcb. a gramutaticeJ. 
Grammaiikcr. m. grammmrieat. 
Gran, m. Grin, n. grain. 
GranaMpfel, m pomtg'anate, 
Ciaoaic, f. graratci (K\nt\)grenmi». 
Graoatitcin, m granate. 
Granii, bi. grantte. 
GraiiulircB, v. a to granulate. 
Grifnze. f. border, frontier, limU. 
Granzen, v. n. to border, limit, ef» 

fine upon. 
GrinzenlM, a. confintUfs, baundlefs. 
Griinzreftnng, Crio aftadt,f. /ranlter. 

tomn. • 
Griinznachbar, m. conjlner. 
GrdnzOfule, f. bound- Jlane, meer. 

Gritnzfcheidung, f. conffnefs, ttbbnl^ 

tahifetting of a but. 
Grinzftcin, m. bound. Jtone, mtar» 


• top, s. FXrbcrrothc. 

tas, n. grafs. 
Grasbank, f. green turf, • 
Gra Ten, V n. to graze', to tut graft, 
GrUrerei. f. rf graft i grafs*- 

Gratfink, n. ckafintk. 
Gratfleck, m. grafs .plat. 
GrasgfUn, a as green as gr^ft. 
GtaOg, a. graffy. 
Giaimagd. f. grafs . maid. 
GraimSber. m. m^wer cf graft, 
Grasnticke, f. hedge .f parr om, 
Grasf ferd, n. graft • hopper. 
Grasplatz , m. grafs. plat, graft* 

Grasficbel, f JekU. 
Grafttng.f. grating, cutting grafs. - 
Graft, a. dreary, horrible. 
Graifiren, v. n. to rage, to be common. 
GrM&lich, a grifly, terrible, fright- 

Graswacht, m. Graiweide, f. p^ure- 

GrMte, f. Jfijk . bone. 
Criftig, u-futl offijh - \ones, 
CrVtrcbeB, v. n. toftraddle. 
Grau, a. gray, S'*yt $ri**ltd» 
Cranbart, m. g> ay ^ beard. 
Grit el, m. abomination, det^atien. 
Grauen, ▼. n. to grout gray, gr^, 

henry : ( vom Tage ) to dawn. 
Grau«B, v.i. to dread, fear. 
CrRuen, GxmStn^j^orjoar, abhor* 

race. ^^^ ^ 




Craukopf, in. a gray.ktaiti ftrfm. 

Craulicb, a grayijk. 

CriiuHch, a. korrihte, irtt^ut. 

Gnupe, f. pttUd grain. 

Ctaupcin, ▼. i. t» grmii, drtkEie, 

Gnus, m. ruSUfi, korreur. 

Graai, m. korriiU^ drtaifvl, fiui- 

Cnuram, a. ermet, iMritroms, 

Graufamkeit, f, trueltjf, 

Graufcbimmel, m. grey- kvr/t- 

Craufen, v. n. & i. (« Jkuddtr } to 

Crauwerk, n. wintvtr^ 

Crazic, f. gratt, charm. 

Greif, m grifin, griffon 

•Greifen, v a /« gripe, feiUt cmUk; 
to ehoo/e ( to tthe up 

Creinen, to grin^ to twi/. 

Greit, a. grixnlji, hoary. 

Greis, m. an old man. 

Crell, %. JhriU, fiarp. 

Grenadier, m.- gretta^er. 

Griebt, m core of an appU Ut* 

Griechifcb, a. greek. 

Cries, at. gravely grit ; groat t. 

Griesmehl, n, mea4- groats. 

Griff, m. graj^, touchy kna€k, triek; 

handle. ^ 

Grinbret, a. toutk - hoard. 
Griffel, m. fefcue, pin of m iahU' 

Grille, f . cricket \ fig. xohim, caprice, Rg. fanty.monger, 

tttkimfical man. 
Crilienftngerei, f. Rg./anci/ulnefs. 
CrilieDhaft, a./anri/u/, wkimfical. 
Grimaffe, f. grimace. 
Grimm, m.fury, rage, wrath. 
Grimmdarm, m. colon, great gut. 
Crimmen, v. i. to gripe i n. g^ifti 
Grimmig, a. furiout, grim, enraged. 
Grind, m. f call, f curt. 
Grindig, ^. fcaUtd, Jeurfy. 
Grindkopf, m./curf.patf. 
Grab, a. rough, rude, coarfe, unci- 


Grortlcanzler, m. great - chanteUar.' 

Crofiknecbt, m. kead -fervant. 

Gruftmaul, n. ^g, bully, lia,r. 

GTo(*meiiler, m. grand- mi^hr. 

Groftmutb, f. magnanimity, genera^ Grippe, f. group. 

:V(ifin\\ch, ft. gretniji, gnenfy, 
Griinfpan, m. verdigreafe. 
Grilnrpecht, m. green -peak. 
Grunxen, v. n. to grunt, grttwtU. 

/itv, grtatnefs iff mind. 
rroUn ■■*' ■ 

vit, unpolijkedi Urge, great ; grofs 
Crobheit. f. cotrfen{fs, rougkntff, 

Crobian, m. rude feUoto, clotnn. 
Croblich, a. fomewkat coarfe i ad. 

Crobrcfamid, m. black -fmitk. 
Oroll, m. grudge f rancour , ilUvaill, 
Grofchen, m. grofi. 
Crofs, a. great, large, tall; . 'tliun, 

to brag, talk big. 
Grofi, n* (i2 Oucsend), greft, 
GroOachtbar, a very tjleemed. 
'Gror-Mdmiral, m grand- admiral. 
Grofkiltetn, p^ gt and -parents, 
Grofckugig, a goggle . eyed. 
Crd&e, r. largmefs, grtatntft, lalL 

nefs, growtk i fuantity 
Grouenkel, m. great grand -fan i 

•in, f great grand . lighter. 
Gro&nirft, Grorthersog, m. grand. 

duke ; .io, F. grand- dutcktft. 
Cro^herr, ra. grand- fire. 

Croumiithig, a. magnanimota, gene- 
rous, [dam. 
GroAmutter, f. grtndmotkert gran- 
Gror»prahler, m. braggtr, braggart 
Grorihirecber, m. boater, bully 
Grofifprccberei, S.fwaggrr^g, boa/l- 
ing. ^ 
GrorifprecherTrch, a. vain . glorious. 
Grofirulian , A. grand -Jeignior, 

Crofi'irenkel, m. great great g^and- 
Jon\ in, f. great great grand- 
daughter. * 
Grorsvatcr , m. greatfatker, grand- 
GrorsvatcrftulUf n. arm-chair. 
Grofivetier, m. g'f'^fd- vijur. 
Crotelk, a. grotejt, grotefjut.^ 
Grotte, f. grotto. 
GrUbcben, n. dimple. 
Grubc, f . ditch, kole, pit \ mine. 
CrUbcIei, t. penetrating } freak. 
Griibeln, v. n. to penetrate. 
Grtibenarbeit, f. utorking in a mine. 
Griibler, m. f ear cker, fancy-monger. 
Gruft, f. graocp vault. [math. 
Grummet , n. after - grafs, after- 
Gttbt, a. green j n greennefs, 
Grund, m. ground, bottom ^ fig. m- 

dlmenti reafon, caufe. 
Gmndbegriff, m. priwiple. 
Grundbdie, u.Jlark - naught. 
GrUnden, v. a. to found. 
GrundfaUch, a. tkorougkly fal/e, 
Grundrcfte. I. fundament, b^fe. 
Gnindgclehrt, a. moH learned. 
Grandgefeiz, n. fundamental law. 
Cnindlage, i. fundament 
Gnindlegimg, f. foundation. 
Crundlehrc, f. fundamental doSrine. 
CrUndlich, a. fundamental, folU. 
GrUndlichkeit, f. foliintfs, folidity. 
Grilndling, %n. groundling. 
CrtindJinie, f. taJSs, Jir/ lint. 
Griindloa, a. groundlefs, bwttomtefs. 
Gr<mdrcgel , t. fundamental rule 

Crundrirs, m. ground- pht, plan. 
Grundfatc, m. ground, principle; 

Grundrpracbe, f. original language. 
Gnindflein, m. ground -Jlone. 
Orundftoff, m. element. 
Orondft.-ich, m. ground -Jhakt. 
CnioUftUck, n. real ^ate. 
Grundruppe, f. grounds, dregs. 
Grundtext, m. original text. 
Griindung, {.foundation- 
Grundariache, f. original caufe- 
Grundwahrbeit, (.fu*idamentat trutk. 
Grand zahl, f. cardinal number. 
Crundsint, m. ground - rent. 
Crtinen, t. n. to grow green. 

Gtuupireti, v. a. to group. 
Gr>ils, te. falute, fatutation. 
Grilften, t. a. to greet, falute, 
GrUrte.'f grit, gloats. 
Grttttbilndlcr, m. groats- mangir* 
Criitzwurft, f. groats - pudding, 
Gucken. v. n. to look, 
Guvkkaficn , m. portative emmerM > 

Cuince, f guinem. 
C.ilden, etUden, m.Jtorin. 
Giildg, a. valia, fnjjlrient, legal. 
CUltigkeii, f. validity, legality. 
Cummi, n. gum 

G imraicht, a gummy, gummaus. 
Cummiren, v. a to gum. 
GummivraiTcr, n. gummed msUr. 
G^nfi, f . favur, ^ft&iam' 
XMinftig, a favourable. 
GilnlUios, m- favourite, -darting. 
, T. gargtt, throat; gorge. 

to gargle, gargmrtke. 
Gurgelwaffcr, n. gargarijm. 

Gurgcln, ' 

Gurgelwaffcr, n- Mr^_ „ 
Gurke, f. eoUKumber, encumber, 
GurkenmalcT, m. dauber. 
G<irc, m. girth \ girdle. 
Gunel, m. girdle ^fajk, belt. 
Giirtcn, V. a. to gird, girth. 
carder, m. girdler, belt- mmker, 
Guft, m. <qfitng, founii'sg, gujt. 
Guftregen, m. ptal,Jkou>er tf rmiH. 
X^<ir»ftein, m. gutUr, drain, Mnk. 
Gut, a. good; fine, pure; ftd. v»eU\ 
- fUr etwa» (agen, to marrantt 
anfwerftrt to be bail for; -•hei» 
ften, to approve. 
Gut, n. good; btefing; pojrejfiont 

iikcbtei . _ „ 
Gutartig, a. good" natnrei. 
Guibefindcn, n approbation, 
Cike, f. goodiinefsi goodnefs. 
Gatheit,f. goodnefs. 
Caiherzic, *. good-ktmrlet, §,oci. 

Cutlierztg|elt, f . good • htarteebie/r, 

good- nature. 
Oiitigi a. good, kind, favourable. 
GUtigkeit, r. goodnefs, kindnefs. 
GUtlich, a. amuable, friendly; Rth . 
•tha». to take one's eafe eud cam^ 
veniency, to pamper. 
GutmiHmg, a. good, generaus. 
Gutthat, r. ben^t, charity. 
Gutthiliig, a. ben^cUnt. eknriUUe. 
Gitibi(tigk«It. r. ckaritublenefs. 
Gutwillig, a. gratuitous, vattrntmsyt 

ready, willing. 
GutwilK|fceit, f. mUUngntftt re^H- 

'aj&hcrzogthum, n. grani-duktdem.\GtHag'elb, ft. gretnij^ .ytUam, 



[ur. n. k^. 

by Google 

Ha) {. kat 
Hfttf^ji. Aalr. 


Znearau, «. inemmmte, tnemmuUi. 
Ia«leai,c. mhn, wkiUt vh(ft. 
Indefi , Indeffen, c. in tkt mrm. 
mt^mn Mb/r, to the wumn timt ; ktm- 

Xnaig, m. iHd>ga» 

lodiflpflanse, f. iniigo, mnU. 

In eiaander, ad. int» out anttker. 

Infanterie, f. infantry,fo9t-filAtry. 

lofeUIiiful, r. mUre. 

Iag*oieur, m. enginttr. 

In^lcichen.c. «^, Uitvri/t. 

Ing^wcT, m. ginger. 

Ini—ber, m ptfftjtr. 

Inbalt, IB. fnttnttt ttmntr, 

Inlage, f. inttoftd. 

Inlihtdcr, m. n*H9t ^f a. fWKtry. 

InlJEndirch, a. native, Ambt • A#r», 
kom* - made j in/and, ^ 

Inlaegcnd, a. intUftd. 

lane, ad mitttn ., in the mid^ ff\ 
. «habea, to pefft/s ; . •faahcn, to 
Jiopt dt/eomtiMtiei fich . •bahen, to 
k**p homti -•werden, to perceive. 

Inncntad. (ven, nach) UUAiM. 
loBcre, a. inner, interiour. 
Inaierhalb, prp. within. 
lanerlich, a. intamrd, inner, inter. 

mmJ, intrinJUcl, interiour. 
Zancrft, a. tnm^. 
Inaig, a. intimmte. 
Isanung, f- guild, focitty, company, 
Insberondere, ad. tfpettnUy. 
Inrchrift, f. injcriftian. 
InTect, n. injtR. 
Jnfet, f. ifi*, iflond. 
Insgchciottad. privately, covertly. 
Tnsgencin, ad. g/mtraily, commonly 
Insgr«^*i"i"^ *^' ttlt«gttMer, 
Infieffel, n. /tol. 
In foTrrn, c. if, heeanfe. 
Inrooderbeit, c. e/pecially» 
Inftifndig, a. in/ant. 

Inftans. f. inJlnnce, injfanty. 

InAcbend, a. next, apprfoching. 

Inftinct, n. infiinB. 

Inftniment, n. infirnment. 

lotcrclTr, n. ftf. inter {/l. 

ImcreiliMn, v. o. to inter^, 

lovalide, m. invalid. [*»'>■ 

iDtrenurium, n. Inventur, f> Ihmii- 

larcntiren, *. a. to inventory. 

lawendig, a. vithin. 

laswifcbcn, ad. & c. i» <Ac mean, 
mean while. 

Irilcn, a. earthen. 

Irdifcb, a. earthy, periJhnHe. 

Irgcnd, ad. /omexuhere ; ever } per. 
hapJi abomty irgcnd yio,/omtwkert; 
iigend •iner, any body, who/oevtr, 
nmat/o*ver \ irgend wober, vAere. 
foewer ; irgcnd wobist wktther/oe. 

Irlitadiich, a. irijk. 
Irra, a. ^/truyi fig. perpUned. 
tree, t. in der . •gcbta, to ie erring. 
Iireo, ». n. to err, he out ^ the way, 

*. a. todijturh, l^K*/f ; Crb., to 

he mytaheu. 


Trrganff, Irrganen, m. lahyrintk, 

Irrgeift. m. trroneons fpi^U. 

Irr^Iitubig, a. heterodojt. 

Img, a. errontoui,/al/e, /educing. 

Irrlehrc, f. /alfe doOrint, herejy. 

Irrlebrer, m. heretic. 

Irrlicbt, n. IrrwiTch, m. ignis faUnii 

Irrftcrn, m. planet.- 

ImhuiD, m. Irrung, f. crrfr. mi. 

Irrweg, m. erroneout way. 
Ifopp, m. hyffof. • 

lulicnifcb, a. italioM, itoMe. 

J (Cou/onmnt.) 

Ja, ad. yet, ay, yea. 
Jachzoro, t. Jitbsoni. 
Jacbt, f. JacbtfchiiF, n. yacht* 
Jacke, t jacket, jerkin. 
Jacobiner, an. JacoHne. 
Jagd, f. cka/e, knnting, hnnt. 
Jigdhar, a knntabU, cha/eahU.' 
Jagdflime, r. hunting . piece. 
Jagdgerecbdgkeit, f. right cf. hant. 

Jagdband, m. hound, hunting. iog. 

Jzgdluk, {./port. 
.I«g«*P"g«t n>. hunting . page. 
Jagdpferd, n. kunttng . hor/^ 
Jagdiarcbt. L huating . tag. 
Jtgdubr, (.%$ntti.g . watrk. 
Jagdwcren, n hunting, vcHcry, 
Jagdzeug, n. hunting .e^Mxpage. 
Jtgen, v.a. & n. ftf hunt, cka/e, towr. 

ft; to run. 
Jiigrr, m. hunter, chafer. 
JigerburTch, m. huntj-nan* 
Ja'grrei, f. huntsman/kip. 
Jigcrhaiu, m. huntjman't lodging, 
lirgerborn, n. hunting, horn. 
Jibe, a. /(etp, precipitant. 
jahe, f. precipUt, precipitaHon. 
Jaberr, n. comfilytr. 
Jifbling, n./utHtn. 
Jabr, n. year, txatlve montht. 
Jahrbucfa, n. arnal^ chronicle. 
Jahrgang, m. annual cour/e t year. 
Jahrgedifchtniri, n. anniver/ary. 
Jahrgeld, n. pen/ion, yearly allow. 

Jabrhimdcii, n. century, age, 
JShrig, a. a year old. 
Jiihrlicb, a. annual, ytarly* 
Jlhrling, m. yearling. 
Jabrirarki, m./air. 
Jabniag, m. anniver/ary. day, 
JaKrszeit, f . /ca/en. 
Jabruufend , n. a thou/and years 

Jahrwecbfcl, m. new year. 
Jabrzabl, f. year, date, epoek, 
JMhxom, m. choler, /ury . 
Jkbzornig, a. choleric, /uriout, 
}n\oa&e,l. jtalou/y, lattice. 
Jammed, m. lamentation, mifcry, 
Jammergelcbrei, n. lamtntalle cry. 
neb, a. mi/trahlf, lamentahk. 

JUD 4, 

Jaanervoll, a. ■«« lamentahle. 
Janitfebar, n. Jani/ary, Janiaarv, 
J;inner, Januar, m. January, 
Jaimin, va. ja/mtne, Jejamin. 
5»%f\(t,m.ja/per. • 

JMten, Y. a. to jmeed.* 
Jitibaue. f. weedhooh. 
Jaucfasen, v. n. r« Jhout, kuMMa. 
Jawort, n. con/ent, pronU/e. 
Je, pan. ner, alwayt i jt tuwcilcn, . 

date beffer, the fooner the hetter i 
j« acbr und mcbr, the more and 

JMer,Jedwedcr, Jaglicber, pr. amy, 

every, each; o\n ^ every one. every one, every hodn, 

mny m«, any body. ^ 

Jedercaii, ad. ever, at amy Hma 
Jedetota], ad. at every time, 
Jedocb. c. yet, nevertheUft. 
JenaU, ad. ever, at aHy time. 
Jemand, pr. /omebody. ^ 

Jener, e, «a. pr. that. 
Jenfrit. Janfciu, ad. bfymtd, 
Jenfcitig, a. oppofite. 
Jefuit, m.Jt/uit. 
Jef«, Jefut. \ 
Jctzig, a. prtfeni, umi. 
Jettt, ad.. NMo, at pre/ent, mm. 
Joch, n.yohe, bom, arch, 
Jochocbt. m.yohe - on. 
Jobanniibeere, f. currant, gardeHo 

Jobanni(bMraniicb,iB. curranttgar^ 

den . currant . tree. 
Jobannhbrod , n. earob , John'* 

Jobannitfeft, n. Johanniitag, m. St* 

fchn't day, mid./ummer . day. 
Johannirwurm, n. globard, glow* 

Jottrnal. n. Journal, magaxine. 
Journalia, m. Jonmalijt, magaatnC' 

Jub«l, m. jubilation, rejoicingt, 
Jubclbraai, f. bride jubilant. 
Jubelbritutigaao, m. bride, groom Ju- 


Jubalfell, Jubilamn, n. JubUee. 
Jubelae&brei, o. cry ^Jubilee. 
Jubclbnchzeit, f jubilee . nuptidts. 
Jubeljabr, n. J ubile. Jubilee. 
Jubiliren, v. n. to Jubilate. ' 
Jacbart» n. acre. 
Jucbtcn, m. Juf. 
Jucbsen, v. n. to huata. 
Jucken, ». n. to itch. 
Juda. m. Jew. 
Judcogafle, f . Jew't Jrtet, 
Judcogenola, m- pro/elytt 9JMnf 

Judcnkirfcbe, f. wiater - cherry, at. 

htker^i. [men. 

Judenleioi, m. Judenpcdi, a. M«- 
Judenfcbaft, f . Jewry. 
Judenfcbulc, f. /y'lugegUf. 

litiJd by Google 

^ KAtt 

JMdin, f, jnM/>. 

JUdirch, K. judaicai, jtvAJk. 

Jugend, f. youtk. 

JugendFebler, m. JuvtnitHj^p kemi af 

Jugendfeaer, n. jtnemUtme/t. 
Jugendlicb, a. jmvtnUt. 

Julivu, m. fitly. % 

Jung, ■. y*ung. 

Junge, m. k»y, Ui\ tpprenik*' 

Jungc, n.rtung. 

JungenmSuig, a. hayijh. 

JiiogenAreiche , pi. ^t^yifm^^h^Jk^ 

JUnger, m. di/cifU, •iktrtnt. 
Jungfer, Jungfrau, F. t^irgin, mfii, 

maidtn ; M^Ts. 
JUngferlich. JungfrMulicb, a. virgi. 

Hal, m*itUn. 
JungfcrabMutcbcn, n- kymtn. 
Jungfernhonig^ n. virgin • kanty. 
Jungfernkind, n. imfari. 
Jiingferndl, n. virgin • oil. 
Jungfemftand, m. virginity, m 

J-ingfernvtacbi, « virgin, umm. 
Jungferfcbaft, jungfrauJcbaft. f. vir- 

ginity, maiiUnktud. 
Junggerell, m. kmcktlfr, JtngU mmn 
JiiDggercHenrchart, f. hnchtloffkip. 
jangling, m. youth, M, young man 
JUngft, ad. Uttiy, newly. 
JOngfta, a. yonngfjl } lajt. 
juniut, m. June. 
Junker, m young noHeman. 
Jupe, f. jupe, Jarktt,j'ump. 
Jurift, m. juris, conjuit, laugrtr. 
Jwitdkhi^. juridietl, juridie. 
Juft, ad.. jV. «*» ««•». *'«' Jl/f- 

Juftixratb, m. counftUor rf jf^- 
Jttwel. m.j'tvfti. 
Jaweiict, m. jtmtUir. 


Kabale, 8cc. t. C. 
Kabel, f. Kabehau, n. T. tahtl. 
Kablian, m. eabilimu, ckevin. 
Kabare, f. dittl* - room, kut. 
Kachel, f. tarthtn hunt. 
Kacbelofen, m. Jtovt compofii of 

tarthtn pmmti. 
Kacken, v. a. to tack. 
KXfer, m. may^ bug, kettlt, tkaftr. 
Kaffee, m. tojie. 

Kaffeeb<tbtte, f. rofee, tojfit' kerry. 
KafTlecbret, n. tojftt . tailt. 
Kaffecbaus, n. toftt.kouft. 
Kafieekanae, f. coftt • pot. 
Ka(reeI6fel, m. U*-/po«n. 
KaiTeemiible, f. eoftt-miU. 
Kaffeercbenk, m. tojfit - man. 
Kaffeetaffe, f. ti^tt.dtjk. 
Kitfich, m. cage- 
Kafiller. m. jttatr. 


KablkopF, m. baid-ktad, 6aU. 

KablkSpfig, a. baid.pattd: 

Kabm, 0r Kabn, n. mould. 

Kahmig, or Kabnig, a. mouldy. 

Kabn, m.^koat, luktrry. 

Kai, 09. tayt fuay, warf. 

Kaifer, m. tmptror. 

Kiirerin, f. twtprtfi. 

Kaifcrlicb, a. imperial. 

Kairerrcbnitt.B. T. ctfarian/taioa. 

Kaifenbiun, n. empirt. 

Kajika, T. cabin, captain*s room. 

Kalb, n. ta^, pi. ealvts. 

Kalben, v. a. to eaiv*. 

Kiilbergekrdre, n. ralvtr .tkaldron. 

KMlbern, v. n. to bt vtanton. 

Kjllberilori, m. Itg . knuckle of vtal. 

Ktlbfen. n. eaifs/Hn. 

Kalbfleifdi, n. veal. 

Kalbleder, n. ealvet ■ Itatktr. 

Kalbtbraten, m. roafi.vtal. 

Kaldaunen, pi. garbage, trlptt. 

Kalcndcr, m. calendar, almanaf. 

Kalelcba. f. talajk. [ing. 

Kalfatcrn, t. a. T. to calk i a. talk- 

Kifk, ttt. timt; ekalk. 

Kalkarug, a. tkalky. 

ICalkbrennrn, n. burning to time. 

Kalkbrenner, m. lime, burner. 

Kalken, v. a. tojtttp in lime -viater, 
to mix with limt. 

Kalkcrde, f. tkalky tartk. 

KalkMkte, f. KalkoFcn, m. limtkUn 

Kalkicbt. a. lime • Itk^ iartarout. 

Kaloiiii, m. atoms. 

Kalkftein, m, tlmejlont. 

Kalt, a. cold, algid, frigid ; dtr . 
Brand, gangrtne} .lUlcbe, cold 
meat i mir ift kalt, / am coldi 
/das.Fiebar, ague. 

KaltblUrig. KaltGnntg, a. eoU,frl. 
gid, indifftrtnt. 

KaliblUtigkeit. f. told blood. 

KiUte. r. algidity^ cold, eoldne/e. 

KMken. v. a. to tkiU. 

KaUrcfamid, m. broMitr. 

Kaltfinn, m. Kaltfinnigkaitf f. cold. 
nt/s, tndijfertncy. 

Kamafcbe. f./patttrdajk. 

Kamcfcl, n. tamtl. 

Kameelbaar, n. tamtl's kair. 

Kameeltreiber, m. tamtl- driver. 

Kami lie, f. tamomile, camomil. 

Kamin, n. ckimney/jire-fid^. 

Kaminfeger, m. tkimnty »f»ttper. 

Karoifol, n« v)a\fitoat. 

Kamni, m. comb ; (an Tbieran) er^. 

KMmmen, v. a. to comb. 

Kammer, f. ckamber. 

Kamteerbecken, n. ckamber . pet. 

Kammerdieoer, in. oa/r< dt ckam- 
ber ; gentleman. 

KMmmerei, f. extkeguer-coHegCt est' 
ekefuer, finances. 

Kkmnterar, m. ckamberlain. 

Kammerfrau, (.gentlewoman, woman. 

Kaninerrri(ulein,.n. lady ^ Ike bed. 
■ tkambtr. 
Kaiumergericbt. n. tkambtr, 

Kabl,a. bald^ bare, callow; fig./««r.|Kamm«rben, a. tkamberlain, 

arjangfer, f. KamBarnll 

chan, n. tkamber.maid. 
Kammerjuokcr, m. gentleman of tk 

privy . ckamber. 
Kaamerratb, m. eounfelUr at th 

emckefuer, ckamber - counfelUr. 
Kaninienraaer, f. Jecond wtoumini 

of a tourt. 
Kammertucb, n. tambrie. 
Kammfatier, n. comb . cafe. 
KammiBacfacr, m. tomb . maker. 
Kammrad, n. cog - vokeel. 
Kampeln, v. n. to difpute. 
Karapf, m. fgkt, combat, wrt/Uing 
KXmpfen , v. a. to tombat, Jght 

ufrejlle, Jlruggle. 
Klmpfer, m. combatant, wreftler. 
Kampfplata , m. wrejlUng - plaa 

Kanincben« n. rabbit, cony. 
Kanincbengebsfge, n. cony.borougk m. fpider. '^ * 

Kanne,f. tan, tankard; bottle. 
Kannangieiser, aa. pemteret. 
Kannenkraut, n. hor/e - tail, Jkar* 
Kanone, f. tannon- \ira/i 

KanonenbOrfle, f . tannon . bmji. 
Kanonenkngel, f. tannon-baU, bnltti 
Kanoniren, tr. a. to cannonade. 
Kanonircr, m. tannonier, gunntr. 
Kanie, f. corner, end; point, ro$t^ 

Kantig, a. angular, tomered, 
Kanzel, (..fulpit. 
Kanaeliei, r. ekantery. 

Kanzellelbacbftab, m. tourt 
Kanzelleifcbrift, f. tourS - kand. 
Kanaelleiftyl, m. flyU of tke ekea 

Kaniellift, m. elerk tftke ekanterj 
Kanaler, m. tkanteUor. ^ 

Kapaun, Kapphabn, m. tapom. 
Kaper, U taper. 
Kapp«,r. tap; eapontk, hood. 
Kappen, t. a. to tut; to tapan 
Kappzaum, aa. eavegon. 
Kapfel, f. tovtr, cajt. 
Karat, n. carat. 
Karavanc, f. taravan. 
Karbatfcbe, f. Jtourgt, whip. 
Karbatrcben, V. a. to feourMt. wkil 
Kardeifcbe, f. card. ' 

Kardetfcben, v.a. to tard. 
Karg, a. penurious, niggardfyi/eantt 

ttnatiout. ' 

Kargen, r, n, to be penurious, 0c- 
Kargbeit, f. penurifufne/s, niggeri 

KXrglicb, a. poot', /paring. 
Kamiars, n. T. eomite. 
Karpfen, m. earp. 
Karre, f. barrow, wkeet . betrrom. 
Karrea, v. a. to tarry with a * 

row ; to tart. 
Karren. m. barrow f earr, cart. 
Karrengaul, m. cart . kor/e. 
KXrrner, m. carter, cart - Mm. 
Karft, m. mattock. 
Kanktfcbe, r. eartouek. 
Karie, f. tard; eid Spiel Kartea, p*ik 

^ cards. 

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' KEO 

Kaiten, ▼. m. U turn, U brtXB •plot, 
KirwobUtt, o.JlngU eard, ita/. 
Kartanmacher, m. carimtitr. 
Xsrtenpapier, n. fafiektard. 
Kartenfpiel, n. fiajimg at tards. 
Kanhaune, f. cannon . royal. 
Kanoffcl, f. pttatot. 
Kife, n*. ckitfe. 

KKfeblndler, m. tkttft- monger , 
Karekammer, f. dmiry. 
Kifekorb, m. dutft • rag: 
Karekochen, m. ckttft.takti. 
Ki(£>lab, n. chuft^ rennet. 
KiiCiaia^e, f. chte/e . mUe. 
Kirfeaiatter, f. dairy . wonoft' 
KiCeot V. n. 8ca. to curd, eurdie. 
Ka'fenapf, n. ckee/e , iowi, chee/e-vat- 
Kiificlit, a. ckeefi- like, cafeout. 
Kifig, a. cheefy. 

KaJtenie, f. ckefnut, ehri - nut' 
Raflaatenbaunij m. ek^ - nut -tree. 
Kaftanicnbraun, a. ckffinut-eiJoured- 
Kift«nienbraan, n. cktjtnut. colour. 
Kafteicn, v. a. /* chajlife, mortify, 
Kaften. m. ark, chtfi, cofir, trunk. 
Katechtfiren, v. %.. to cateckift' 
Katc<^iia)iu, a. catechifm' 
Kater* lA. mate • cat, ram . cat' 
KatKieider, m. pulpit' 
Kacbolik, m. KatboIirch,a. catholic. 
iCattun, m. cotton. 
licb I^at^bajgcn, v. r. to caterwaul, 

KSizchcn, pi. (an GewS{chr«ii) cmi. 

*«•/• . . 

Katxct f. <at\ money- bag. 
Kat^eogefcbrei^ n. caterj^auling. 
^auderwatlfcb, a. giHeriJk. 
Kauen, t. a. <« chew, ckamf, cAaa. 
Kauci^, «r. n. to cower, /juat. 


Keg«l, m. ninepin i keel; T. cone, 
Kegelbahn, f. lonling .place. 
Kcgelfonnig, a. conical, 
Kegaln, v. n. to flay at ninepins. 
Kegelfchub, m. playing mt nuupirn 
Kebldeckel, m. hock. 
Kcble, r. throat, gorge. 
Kehl«n, V. a. T. U ekantfer, /lute. 
Keblhobe), m. ckan^ftrtng'plant. 
Keblleifte, F. channel. 
Kehrbefcn, n>. broom. 
Kebrbttrae. f. bru^. 
Kchren, v. a. to turn ; to hrujk, 



Kauf, m* bargain, emption, buying. Kellerwurmi rsk, fern. 

Kaufbricf, m. bill of emption'' 
Kao/en, v. a. to buy, purchafe. 
\ Ki^f«r, m. ckeaper, pur chafer, buyer. 
KauAbrer, m. merckantman. 
KauS^brteifcbiff, n. merckantmmn. 
Kaafhandel, m. trade, commerce. 
Kaulhaat, n. company*! kail. 
Kau^en,m. merekanVs Aop. 
Kaufleate, pi. merckantt, buyers. 
Kiuflieb. n^.^merchantably. 
1 Kaufmann, m. merchant. 
KaaMManirch, a. merchantJy, mtr. 


Kaufmannfchaft, f. ike whole body 

of merchants of a place i^ merca. 


Kaufatannsdiener, i. Handelsdiener. 

Kaofmannsgut^n. nurckandife , wa. 

re I, goods. 
K.aua:hiUiii^, m. earnf/i . money., 
Kaolbarfch, m.Jlone.peqrch, 
Kaum, ad. fcarce, hardly, fcarcely. 
Kiaia, m. KMutxIein, n. fcreech . 


KebMhe, f. concubinage. 
Kcbtmann, n. concubinal tnam. 
Kebsweib, n. concubine. 
Keck. a. bold, daring, Mout. 
Keckhe«t,r. bdldnejs, fioutnefs. 

Kehriebti n. /weepings. , 

Kehnyifch. A. xith'Ji. 
Keichen, v. q. /* pait, ti' He pvrfy. 
Keichen, n. purAnefs. 
Kaichcndra. ajthmatic. 
Keichhilften, m. chin, cough. 
•Keifen, v. n. to fco/d, cavil. 
Keil, m- coigne, wtdg*. 
Keilen, v. a. & n. to wedge. 
Keiler, m. boar. 
Keiironnig, a. wedge 'Wife. 
Keim, m. fkoot, fprtg, bud, burgeon. 
Kcimen, t. n. tojkoot, burgeon, bud. 
Kein, a- & pr. no, none, 
Keiocrlei. a. iff no fort, not any, 
Keincrrciu, ad. on neither fide. 
Keinetwegca, ad. by no means. 
Keinroalj ad. not ance, never, 
K«lch, iq. chalice, cup. 
Kelle, r. trowel. 
Keller, m. cellar, cave. 
KeUerei, f. ceHarage. 
Krllerknccht, m. taffier. 
Kcllerlocb, n. cellar . or eiute • hole. 
KellermeiOcr, Kellner, m. eelUriJl, 

Kelter. t. prefs. 
Keltcrlohn, n. prefs - money. 
Keliern, v. a. to prefs, tread. 
Keltertteter. «. prefsman. 
Kcnnbar, Kcnntlidi, a. hnoxaaUe, 


Kcni\eo> v. n. to hnov. 
Kenner, m. hnower, eonnoifftmr. 
K.«nntBir>. f. hnowUdge, fhUl. ■ 
Kennxeichen, n. fign, tohen, badge, 

marh, charaSer. 
Kerbe, f . notch, dent. Jagg. 
Kerbel, m. chervil. 
Kerben, v. a. to notch, dent. Jagg. 
KefbhoIz,n. tally, fcore. 
Kcrker, m. Jail, gaol, Mfon. 
Kerkermeifter, to,, gaoler. Jailer. 
Kerl, m. fellow. 
Kern, m. herneli fig. choice, flower. 
Kernbeirier, in. cherry. finch. 
Kernen, v. %. to kern, curdle. 
Kerngebifure, n. core. 
Kernfg , a. /«// ^ htrnels i ig.folid, 

found, pithy. 
KernQbft, n. kernel. fruits. 
Kerntftwht m, pithy faying, fen. 

Kerxe, f. candle, taper. 
Kerscnmacher, n. chandler. 

Keflel, m. kettle, canldron, ch^emi 

ein klciner. tftillet, boUfr. 
Keffelflicker, m. tinher. 
KclTelbakcn, m. pot. hanger. 
Keflel macher, m. braMitr. 
Keite, f. chain, . 
Ketten, v. «. to chain. 
iKettenglicd, n. linh. 
Kettenhund, m. band.dogt 
Kcttenkugcl, f. chainjkot. 
Kttzec, m. heretic. 
Ketzerei, f. herefy. 
Ketzergericbtt n. UiiuUltiou. 
KetzerircV. a. heretical. 
Keucbcn, (. Keichen. 
Keule, f. club ; p0le\ leg. 
Keufch, a. chajfe, pure, continent. 
Keufchheh, f. ck«Jlity, ch^tfs. 
Kibitz, m. latwing, peewit. 
Kichererbre, f. ekicH .pt^e. 
Kiefer, f. pine. 
Kiefar, m. Jaw, Jaw-bone^ . oincs 

Thieres, ckap, chaw. 
Kiel, m. fuUl ; T. keel. 
Kielen, v. o. to fledge ; v. a T. to 

furnijk wUh a heel, - with quills. 
Kielbohlen.v. a. T. ein Schlff ., to 

carbtn } einen Varbrecher - , to 
Kieme, Kiefc, f gill. 
Kien, m. pint, pi-it - vooi. 
Kienbaum, m. pine- tree. 
Kien61, n. pine. oil. 
Kienrufs, n. foot, pine -foot. 
Kiel, m. gravely T. pyritet, fusrz. 
Kjefel, Kiefemein, m. flint, fiint- 

flone, pebble .Jone. 
Kiefig, a. grav tiled, gravelly. 
Kieze, t.Jmttl* cat. 
Kimnie, (Wr. chime, cimb. 
Kind, n. child, pi. ckildren; tn^nt. 
Kindbctt, n. child', bed. 
Kindbetterin, f . woman in cMd.bed. 
Kinderblattern, pl.t. Blattem. 
Kinderel. f- chiU^nefs. 
Kindcrlehre, f. catechifation. 
Kinderlos, a ckUdlefs. 
Kindermord, Kindcrmarder, m. <«• 

KlndenniAter, •. Hebamnic. 
Kinderpoflcn, pi. childlfi irichs. 
Kinderrpjel, n. chlUi^ pUy \ fif . 

gewgaw, bawbit. . 
Kinderaacht, t. educatlom. 
Kindeskind. n. grand . child. 
Kindetndthen, pi. in ., in labour. 
Kindbeit, f. childhood, inf/gnry. 
Kindifch, a. chUdiAt infantiU. 

Kindt ich, a. fillat. 

h,f. fonjhip. 
Kindtaufe. f. chrijlening, baptifm. 


Kindtaufrchmaiu, m. gojli^ng. 

Kinn, a. thin. 

Kinnbacken, m. Kinnlade, {.Jaw. 

bone, (heeh'bone, mandible } chaw. 
Kinnnkctte, f. curb. 
Kippen, v. n. to loofe balance i f.a. 

to overturn ; T. to •clip. 
Kippttr, m. clipper. 
Kirchdorf, n^llagc with aehurrh. 


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^ nuL 

HSrbir, •. muJiiU. 

Horchcn. r. a. it htmrken. lyien* 

Horcber, m. ktmrktiur, U^tntr, 

Hord«, r. luri, 

Hdren, v. a. to ktmr, 

Hdrenfagen, n. kt»ffiiy» 

Horer, m. ktarrr. 

Horixont, m. htrizan, 

Horizunul, a. koritental. 

Horn, n. horn ; ein kleincs -, €pr. 

Hofnarbeiter, m. korner. 

Horndrecbtler. in. in hem. 

Mdmern, a. hemty, of horn. 

Hinmertrkger, m. ccrnutt 

Horneula. f. horn- owi, horn- eoot. 

Hornftrcb, m horniaek, Aornttai. 

Homhaut, f . kornj^ iunUU. 

Hornicht, a. horn . tlkt. 

Hornirt, f. korntt. 

Hornung, m. Fibrudry. 

Hornvieh, n. kom • Itm/t, homed 

Horfaal, m. auditory. 
Hort, n. rock ; fig. afifimnt 

Uofe. f. koftipaUi Hofen, pi. krte. 

Hofcnband, o. garter* 
Hofenlatc. m. fiap of .the kreeektJ. 
'HufenrchHic, m- cod - piece. 
Hofenurcbe, f. pocket to tkt kreeeAes 
Hofpital, n. hofpiUU. 
Moftia, f. k^. 
Hott I i. hoi gee ho I 
HUbel, m. hiUock. 
HUbfch, a. pretty, fair, fnt. 
Hucke.f. hack. 

Hudelei, f. kuddlingi bungting. 
Wudeler, m. huddter; hungUr. 
Mndeln, t. a. to KuddU ; to kmngie 
Huf, m. hoof. 
Hiife, r. hide. 
llufeibn, n. horfe.Jkot. 
Huflatticb, a>. eolVs Joot. 
Htifnagel, m. horfc -JkoenaXl. 
KUfner, m. p^efor ^ a Ude. 

HuIdigUDg, r. homage, 
H>ildi^ng»eid, m. oath ffaiUglance, 

to lend 

Httfrcblag, m.Jkoeing ^ korfet. 
Wuffchmld, m . farrii^- 
HUftbeiD, n. hip^'^tTH. ,^ 
Hiifte, f. kip, hanch. 
Httftenl^hni, a. hifjkot, kipped. 
MUftweh, n. hips, hip. gent. 
Jliigel, m. htll\ ein bohcr., hotU. 
VUcelig, a. hiUy, hitlotky. 
Muho, n. hen ; ein janget-, futUt. 
niihaerange, II. corn. 
lliibnerffeier, m. hen .driver, ken. 

kmrrlhr, kite. 
Hahnerbandler, m- pomttrv . monger. 
HHbnerhaus, n. ken-kou/e. 
HMhnerbof, m. ponitry-yard. 
Jlulinerbund, m.J^niit, 
ntihnerlaite, f. kenyro^. 
HiihneriDarkt. m. poultry . market. 
II Ibnerfieige, C. ken • rooji. 
Il.iil i. Aii«M) in eWten •, in « 

Nuld, f. grace, k indue/*, favour. 
MtildgAuinnra, ^1. graeet, 
Uildi^en, V. a. t* *• homagt. 

H Wreicb, a. grartfnl. 
Hiilfe, r. kelp, aid, fucrour, aj 
HUifleiflung. ( kelpi^.g. 
HUlUicb, a. . Hand leiaen, 

a helping hand. 
HUlBos, a kelpU/t. 
HtUfreich, a. helpful. 
Hillfsfjelder, pi fuhftdUt., 
HUlfsmittel, n. remedy, expedient. 
HUlfiq lelle, f. re/ouret, expedient. 
Hiilfsvdlker. pi. aumitiarUs. 
HiiUiwort.'n. T. auxiliary verk. 
Hiille. f. veil, cover. [valve. 

HUllen, V. a. to cover, wrap up. In. 
HUlfe, f hull, huh, cod, Arli. 
Hiilfen, * a. to hull, huji, JkeU. 
HUirenfrucht. t. pulfe, legumt. 
HUlfig, a. h^Jky, Jkelly: 
H tmmet, f humhle - hee. 
H'inimer. m. lolf/ler. 
Humpe, f bumper, brimmer, bowl. 
Hund, m /log. 

H' ndelocb. n dogkole \ dungeon. 
Hundeftail, m. dogkennel. 
Hiindert, a. hundred. 
H inderi, n hundred, cent. 
Hunderierlei, a. ^f hundred difcrrni 

Htindertfach, a. hundredfold 
Hiinderijilbri^, a if hundred years 
Hundenmal. ad. hundred timet. 
H nderfte, a. hundndth. . 
HUndin. f. bitch. 

HtlndiTch. a doggijk, canine, tnrrtfk 
Hunds'ott, m fioundrel, 
Hnndif6ttcrei, f. naughttnefs. 
Hundsfottifch, a. naughty, lewd. 
Hundthungcr , m. canine appetite. 

hungry evil. 
Hundsftern, ui. dog.fiar. 
Handsrag, m. dogkay, canicular day 
Hurtg«r. m. h-<igcr. appetitejlomach 
Hungerig, a, huxgry. 
Htingern, v. a. tc \. to hunger. 
Hiingcrsnotb, f. famine 
Hiipfen. *. n /• hop. Jump, fn/t. 
Hiiide, r. hurdle, fold, pen. 
Hure, f whore, harlot. pr^Uutt. 

flrumpet, crack, drab, wench. 
Hiiren, v. ;i. to wkore, wench. 
Rurenbalg, m. full. 
H>irenltaii(. m brothel, bamdy.koufe 
Hurenbensft, m whore- mafier. 
Hurenwinn, m. bawd, pimp. 
Hurer, m. wencker, leeker. 
Hurerei, f. wkoredom, whoring. 
Hurifch, a. wkorA. 
Hurkind, n. ba/ard. 
Htirtig, a. nimble, tuiek, fpeedy. 
Hartigk«lt, f nimlleneft, pueknefs. 

Hufar, m. huffar. 

INB ' 

HKter, n. heeder, warden, keeper. 
H- i«^orai, f. katter'j form. 
Hutfiitter, n. lining nf « hat. 
H tkrempe, f. kr>m of a hat. 
H (inacher, m. hat'er. 
HU<rche, f. foot.flovl. 
Huifcben. ir n /« crawl along. 
Hutfchleire, f . favour at the hat. 
HMiilaffircr, m. hat-d'effer, trimmer, 
HUcte, I. hut, cot, cottage. 
HUitenraucb, m. arfenie, mrfenicai 

Hutung, f p^ue. 
Hmzel, f. drud apple, pear. 
Hunucker, m. loaf.fugar. 
Hvicinih, m. hyacinth, Jarintk. • 
Hyacintbe, f. kyarfth, cree».~ to**.. 
Hvdraulik, f. hydraulics. 
H>dToftaiik, f. hydr^atte*. 
Hyoine, f. hymn. 
Hvperbe), f hyperbole. 
Hypcrbolifch, a hyperbolieai. 
Hypochonder, Hypocbondriftj to. hy» 

Hypocbondrie, f. hypochondria. 
Hvpochondrifcb, a hypochamdriacal, 
H.pothck, f. depojite , nutrtgage, 

Hvpothefe, f. kypothefit, fuppoktum, 
Hvltcnk', f. hyfitricu 
Hyftcrifcb, a. kyjieric, hjJlericaL 


Ich, pr. /| . felbft, / my/elf. 

Idee, f. idea. 

Idioiifm. m. idiotifm. 
Idylle, f. idyl. 


Igel. m. hedge . hog, Mrekin. 

Ih ! i ay, why I 

Ibm. pr to km ; ibn, Idm. 

V ncn, pr. to them 

Ihr pr ye, you i to keri her, l/keir^ 

it., your. ^ 

Ibrer pr of her, of them! 
Ibrige ( der, die, dat ) , pr. 

therj ; your J 
Ibro.^pr. your- 

Ihrzen, v^ a- ** call one ye. J 

Illuminiren, r'.a. to colour, Mnu 

Ihih, la. & n. ferret, pole . cat.. 
Immatriculiren, v a* to matrtcul^ 

Immer, ad always, ever. 
Tmoierfori ad always, 
Immergriin, n. evergreen. 
Immerhin I i well and good t 
Immer roebr, ad mart and tnaren 
ImmerwKbrcnd. a. eve lajling. 
Immer zn t i go on! further I 
iuclft, c mean white. 

HuRea, m. cough ; v. n. to cough. Iroperativ, m T. imperative. 
Hoi, m. hmti f. heed, guard i pa/ure.Uta^a, v a to imp, graf, grmjtk 
HOteo. tr. a. to heed, gua*d\ to ke*Pi\ln, prp in, into, at 
datVieb., to feed, trnd\ ficb ., Inbenri fF, m. tenor, content. 
totaketmreef.i fich vor etwas-t #«{lnhrunA, f. ardency, fervour, 
beware qf.^^ DigitizeJ?.?'^'*^*"^' »* ardent, fervent. 

6cb HaaUD, v.r. U Jitdtke hair, to 
\ m*u> 

Ibarflcchte. £. hrmUt i'mU^ig- 
I Haartg, a.. Jtmir/, kmirtd 
I ^arklein, a. to a hair. 
I Uurlocke, f. Ufk , kn«t . twrl ^ 
kat-^, , 

Haamadel. f. bodkin, furling •. fin- 
Hurfieb. n kai^ 'fitve. 
Uaartuch. n kmir.cMh. 
Haarzopf, m rirr, vitft ef hair. 
Kabe. f. froptrty, fartunt, goods. 
*Habcn, v. n ftf kavt 
Baber, or Haftr, m oatt. 
I Baberbrei m. pap of grit, g^oatt- 
Habergxiitze, f. grit, groats. 
Vt erftroh, n. omt ■.firaxa- 
Babhaft. «d. .•werdeo, to get tktfof- 
ffffion oft to git. 
Etbicbt, m kowk 
I Habichtsnafe, f . kowktd no/e. ' 
Habfeligkeit, f. fortune, ijftSs. 
^ttfucbc, r. *v<trtce. 
JiabfUcbtig, a. avarlciomt. 
£ackbeil, o. ckotptr, ehopping.knift 
Backblock , Hackklotx , m. tkop. 

ping - block . 
backbret, n. ckofping.hoarii eym- 

kai, dulcimer. 
Racke, f. hatcktt, mattock ; kttt. 
Hacken, v. a., to kath, dig i to etc 
avt I to chop, to pick j gan» klein 
- , to minct, kackU. 
liCckexling, m. chopped Jlrmv. 
!iackn>e(Ter, m. chopping - knift. 
iackfcb, m homr\ fig. /•». 
lader, m. rag, uiping^Uuti (Zank) 

fuarrtt, krawt. 
Aadcrer, m fuarrtUer, trawler. < 
Hadern, w. n to quarrel, fquahhU . 
UadecfUchtig, a. fcolding, krautliftg. 
fHaf an, m. pot, ckajfirn i {tUsSchiSe) 

kamon, harkour 
^_lialeninoiftcr, m. kavmer. 
lUfncr, m. potter. 
Haft, f. prifon, durance, impri/on. 

ment, arr^fi, 
Haften, tr. n. to cleave, cling,^hold. 
Tdr jemanden ,, to hatl ; (Ur etwat 
' , to Offver for. 
Rigebucbc, f. korn-ktam. 
Hagebutte, f. hep. 
Hagcbuuen(lrauch , m. hep. tree, 

^gedom, m. hamikom. 
Hagcl, m. A«i/; fig. kail.Jktt. 
Hagcln, tr. n. to hail. 
, Hagelwctter, n, tempejl with hail. 
Hager, a- lank, lean, meager. 
Kligcreiier, m- game • keeper. 
Hagarkeit, f. lankne/s. 
Hageftolx, m. old bachelor, 
TUbec, m. jay. 
Hihn, m. cock, 

Hahnenbalken, m. roqfi, 
Hahnengefecht, n. eoekfigkt. 
Hahnrei, m. cuckold, t^rnutt. 
Ha in, m. grove, thicket , 


HMtdieii,!!. little hook } erottktt. 
Hifkelig, a. .nice, critical, captious. 
Hfkrln, Haken, r. a. to kook. 

Hak«n, m kook, crotch, kafp. 

Halb. a. haJf. 

HalbbUnig. a kolf-Hood. 

Halbrrbabcn, a. kaffe ' reluvo, 

HalbgeichwiAer, n. kilf.hlood. 

Halbgott, m. dtmi -god. 

Hatbhenad. n. naift.Jhirt. 

Halbjithrig. a. qf fix months. 

Halbiofel, f. pentnfuU. 

Halbiren, v. a. to halve- 

Halbkugel, f. htmifphere. [»#•#• 

^albfticfel, m kalf.boolf Jokey. 

»i\(it. f. kalf, pi. kalves. 

Halftcr, f . halter 

Halftccgeld, n. halter age, 

Halftern, T.a. to kalter. 

Hall m clafg, clangour, found, 

Halle, r. k4ti ckurck. porch. 
Hallen, y n to clang, found. 
Hallor, m. fait. maker. 
Halro.m. haim,§h-aw,JiubiU. 
HaU. m. neck. * 

Ualtband, o. collar} brooch. 
HaUbindc, f. flock, cravat. 
HaUbrechend, a. dangerous. 
Halseifen, n. pillory. 
Haltgcrlchi, o. penal judicature. 
HaUkeue. f. neck- chain i brooch. 
Haltkragen, m. cafe of a ctoah. 
HaUkraufe, f ru/ 
Halafchnur, f . neek - laee. 
HaUftarrig, a.^M^^orv, oiJltnaU. 
Hahftarrigkeit, f> ob/Hnacy. 
Ualttucb, n. (mKnnl.) neckctoatk, 
cravat i (weiW.) gorget, netker. 
Halt. in. kM, holding, holdfaff. 
Haltbar, a ,/?r#a;, holdable- 

Halten, V. a. 8c n. to hold , keep; 
ficb-. to holdup ; an fich., to mo. 
derate on0k feffi au gut ., to for. 
bear, ejtcufe; fich zu cinem ., to 

join with one j ct mil einem ., 
to be .fide with, tofltck , adhere to. 
HaUung, f. holding ; T. el^ir.obfcure. 
Hamen, m. draw. net,fjk • hcok. 
Hiiinifcb, t. miUicious, knavifk. 
Hammel, m. uttktr. 
Hammelbratcn, m. roafl Mutton. 
Hammelfleifch, q. mutton, 
Hammelkcule, f. leg of mutton. 
Hammer, m kammer. 
Hammera, v a. to hammer. 
Hammcrfcblag, ro. hammer .^r ok e i 

Hammerwerk, n forge. 
HamRer, m. field- mou/e. 
Hand. f. hand ; die flarbe ., palm. 
Handarbeit. f. handiwork ,handieraft- 
Handbecken, n. ba^m, bafon, 
Handbiich, n. manual. 
Hifndeklatrchen, n. hand . clapping. 
Handel, m. matter, a^air, aHion. 
cafti trade, trajUcj fuarrcl., , 
Handcln, v. a. & n. to barter, deal 
in, trade, trajic , negociatc i to 
treat, handle^ to ad, to do, 

HAR 41 

HaodelfchaVt, f. trojjSc, trade. 

Handel«dicner, m. clerk. [ckant. 

Handclihcrr, HandeUmann, ra. ntr. 

Haodeltftadi, f. merca^tiU town. 

Handiafs, n. bafon. 

Handfeit, u.firomg. 

Handgeld, n eam\fi-m*Hey, hanifel. 

H'«iid|^elenk, n. w\Jl. 

HaiK*geiQein, ad at kandicnjfs\ • 
■werden, to come to fray. 

Handgemrnge, (.fay 

Haad(ireiflich, a. palpable, plain, 

Hand^rlfT, m. kan^le; fig. knack, 

^jiidhabe. f. kand/e, ear. 

Handhaben, v. a. to kandte J to 
maintain, admini/ter. 
Handhabung, f. maintenance, 
Handkauf, ro. kandfel. 
Handkorb, m. bafitt, hand.bafht. 
Handkraufe, f. euj'', ruffle. 
Handlangen, *. n. to help- 
Handlanger, m. hodman, h*tf«^' 
Handler, m dealer, trader, monatr. 
Handleiicbter, m. flat can die. /ick, 
Handlung. f aHion ; trade , 
Handpferd, o. ted • horfe. 
Handreicbung, f. help, afffianc*. 
Handfchelle, T. hand.fetttr ^JkackU. 
Htnd(ch\»<i, m. hatid.Jrohe. 
Handfchrjft, f. hand . writing i bond, 
Hand(cb>ih. o glove. 
Handfchuhmacber, ro. glovor. 
Handihieren, v. n. to kandU j 1» 

trade \ to make a norfc 
Handibierung, f trad*, prtfcj/ion. - 
Handtucb, n. Handnuehle, f. towel. 
Handvoll, f. handful. 
Handwerk, n. kanduraft,eraff^com- 

pany, body. 
K*ndwerker, Handwerktmann, m. 

■afltman, handicraftsman. 
Handwerk»burfcb, m. joufneyman, 
Handwarktxeug , n. toots , infirU' 

Hanf. m. hemp. 
Hanfen, «. hempen. 
Htfnfiing, m.flax.JMth, linntt. 
Hang, m. declivity ] inclination, Uat, 
Uilngematte, f. hammock. ' 

Hangen, HKngei*, ». n. to hang. 
riiingen, V. a. to kang. 
Hanfa, Hanfe, f. kans, hanfi, 
Hanfeatircb, a. hanftatic 
Hanfeefladt, f. hanfe. town. 
HMnfela, v. a. to handfet. 
Hanawurft, m. Jaik .pudding. 
Hapern, y.n. to falter, ^k, 
Haran, a. iiMdr «/ kairs. 
Karfe, f . harp. 
Karfenift, ro. karper. 
Haring, m herring. 
HiTrin^bafe, f. herring. huft. 
Haring»lake, f. htrrtng - fickU. 
Harke, f. rake. 
Harken, *. n. to rake. 
Harlckin. m. karte^uln. 
Harm. m. griff , fadnefs, f»rrm», 
fich H«rmen, v. r. to grUv* yur- 

Marmloa, a. pM, catm. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

S« HAir 

HarmonU, f. hmrm»my. • 
HarmonircB, v n. to tgrtt- 
Harmonirch, m. kmrm^nitut. 
Harn, m urine, ^i/s. 
Harnblafe, f. ^Uidtr. 
Haraeo, ir. n.' /• urini, pifs. 
Harngang, m wtttr^ wUai duB 
Harnglas, n. urin*l 
Harnifch, m. U'ne/j; gaharnifcht. 

Harar6hre, f. nrttkrm. 
Harntreibend, a diur/tUtt. 
Harsune, f harfoon, harping, iron 
Harp-inirer, m ka'ponttr. 
Harren. v. n. t0 Jlifly, tarry, vtit. 
H4rfch, a. harjk, raugk. 
Han, a kard. ^ 

HSne, f. ha'dntft. 
HMrten, v. «. t, kardtn ; U Umhtr. 
Har.hcriig, a kard.hf^ud. 
Hartkdpfig, a hfadftrong, 
Hartlcibig, a rafiivt. 
Uardeibigkeit. f. c*ftivtntfs. 
Hirtlich. a. kardtfi, 
Htnntifulig, a. hmrd- moutktd. 
HannKckig, a Jf,Jn«eked,Jli,U»rn. 
Harinackigkeit, f. Jtuhbomne/s, oh. 

Jlinacy . , 

Rlrfing, r. temper, tempering. 
HaTx, a. refitt, ntfin- 
Hariig, a. rtfinous. 
Hafchen. v. a. to cattk, app^ektnd 
Hiffcher, m. eatck ■ poll, bumkail.jf 
Mafe, m. hare j em junger . , /#. 

HarelhuhQ, n. k^fel. ken, heatk^eck ■ 
Hafcliren. V n. to droll, j^. 
Hareimaiu, f dermoufe. 
Harelnufs. f. hafel nut. 
Hafelruiha, f kafel . iakip, 
Hafelftaiide, f. hafel. trtt. 
H«renhtu>d, m karier. 
Harcnklec, m. hare. foot. 
(tarenpanier, d. fig. jfligki. 
Hafenicharte, f. hart . lit. 
Hafpel. mScf. reel. 
vHafpela.T a & n. /• reel. 
(fab, m hate, hatred, grudge. 
Ha (Ten, v a /« hate. 
Hafilieh, a ugly j dirty } vieiont. 
Harslichkeit. f ugHne/s, dtrtine/f. 
Haftig.a k^i rho/erit. 
Hitfcheln, * a. f* d^dlt, thtrijk. 
Harze, f. baiting eoif.l,ood. 
Haiibenmacheria, f. milliner. 
Haubitxe, f kotoltxer 
Havich, m. b'tatk, tokijf. puf. blaji. 
Ha.ichrn, v. n. td' brtatke, to blow 
H«>ideg«n, ni back/word. 
Haue, f. hoe, mattoc. 
•Haiien, » a to hew, cut i tejlt^ikt. 
Haticr. m, liewr j wild boar. 
Haii'e, Hanfen, m. heap, hoard, pile-. 

Hi'^'en, y a to heat, amafs, pile. 
Haiirenweire. ad by heaps, in crowds 
HMoA^, a abundant, topiousi /re- 

Raupt, A. ketd. 


Haopubficht, f. ehief dejign, Olm. 
Haiipunker. ta.Jkeet - anchor. 
4a.<p<l.uch, n. princi^l. chit/ book 
Haiipierbe, in. .h*/. principal heir 
Haupigefimfe, n. capital 
Haupibaar, n. hair ,./ the head. 
H« iptkirchc, f. cathedral, metropo. 

Ittan rh>"-ck. 
HauptkUfTen, n pillow. 
Haupcmann, m. chi>/tain, captain. 
Haupiperron. f. k'od. iht'/, lead*'- 
Haupiponkt m main point 
H» >i,ui artier, n. head quarter s 
Haupifache, f main ^oint, fubfianc. 
Haiipcfilchlich, a. chi^, principal. 

H«<iptrcblU(reI, m. juajer . key. 
Ha ipiOadt, f cku/ city, capital. 
H4ip<ftrar»e, f. principal /•ett. 
H»uptftUck,n. head, principal article 
Hauptfurome. r principal fum. 
Hapitugend. r cardinal virtue. 
Rauptiirrache, f. principal cau/e. 
Hauptwache, f. a^n guard , mal>* 

Hauptweb, n. luad.ach. 
Ha piwon, d. T. noun, /ubjlantive. 
Hn<\pizth\, ( cardinal number. 
HauptEweck, m. main end, or aim 
Hais. n. hou/e i nacb , *u Haufe, 

Hausarme, m. Jkamt/aced poor 
Hantbackenbrod, n hoiifeHold.hread. 
Haufcn, v. n. to heep a hou/ti to ma- 

*e a noife 
Haufen, m . fiurgeon . 
Haiifenblare, f. ifmgla/s. 
HautSur, f- fioor. 
Haufrau. f. houfewi/e. 
Hausgenors, m. lodgtr^ pi. dome- 

fl.ct,/an: ly. 
•HauahaUen.v a. tomanage,huJband 
Haushalter. m houfe-keeper . 
HauthifUerin, f. hou/e-kuper, hou/c 

Haiubsilcig, a. koufe-keeping, tcono- 

Ha>ishaltung, i. koufckeeping. 
Hauaberr, m. heufeholder, landlord. 
Hatiriren, y. n. to go pedling. 
Haufirer, m. pedlar. 
Haiujiin|;rer, f. maiden - houfeketper. 
Ha >s\leidung, f d/iabille. 
Hauskncht, m paiet, porter. 
Hstikkort, Hau*mana«koft, f. kou/^. 

hold ./are. 
Haiiskreuz, n./amily nui/ance. 
Hauslanch, n. hai'/e leeh. 
Haunlehrer, m. inflr uftor , preceptor 
Haiisleinwand, f home .f pun linen 
Hiuslcr, m. cottager, cottier. 
Hanalctitc, pi. domejtiet i lodgert. 
Hlutlirh.a. dome/lie t kuAandly, 

Haturaacd, f. kou/emaid. 
Haiutnann, to. /ervant \ ledger. 
Ha snaiethe, f. kou/e . rent 
Hantmhiel, n- houftk^d medicine 
Hausmuticr, f. mother qf tke/amil/- 
Haiuplage, f. menial torment. 


r keigit 


Hanintli. in. kouftkoli /mmattre^ 

kouiehold fi-ff 
Ha.siTcb.'iJffeJ, m kou/e key. 
Ha ittaiihe. f tame pidgeon. 
Ha'utenrel, m Jkrtw, /cold. 
H»u«ihier, n. dome/tic beajl. 
Ha>'tthUrc. f. Jlr,,f . door. 
Haaliratier. f /amity mourning. 
Ha>iivatrr. m. /af^fr t,/ the /amity. 
Ha itverwalter, ta. fteward. 
H«".»ORt. m judge, rafileward. 
Ha twcren, n. *ionomy, knjbandrv. 
Hawwirth. m. kufiand, houfekald^, 

mifterofihe hou/e. 
Hautwirthin f houfe. keeper, hou/e. 

Hauswinhrchart , f. hon/ckuping^ 

*>o\f'<\/e y 
Haittint. m. kou/e- rent. 
H^otzucht, f houfehold. order. 
Waxx. f. hide, /km ; cuticle. 
Haiiibois, f hauthoy. 
ficb Hi'uen. ". r to cajf the JHn. 
HiC.ttiB. a cuticular, /iir,ned. 
Ha»a^ne, pi /^ngs. tujis. 
H«\erei. f. T art^age 
He I i 4a / he da ! ho there 
Hebamme. f. midw/'. 
Hchebaum. m. coltfia//. 
Hebeeifen. n. iron cram, or hook. 
H^hel. m. lever. 

»Heben, v. a to li/t, heave, rai/e. 
Hcber, m.^^/^«ii, crane- 
Hebopfer, n. heave . oftrlng. 
Hebriiircb, a. hehrew. 
Hecbel. f hatchet, fla*.comb, keckU. 
HecRelfraa, I katckelUr. 
Hechelmacher, m halrhtl. maker, 
Hecbetn. *. a. to hack'*, hatckel. 
Hecbt, m. pikei ein kleiner ., aicki 

rell. I 

Hecke, f. hedge, buj, ; batch. 
Hecken. v. n. to tiatch, breed, 
Heckgrofcben, m. hat<-hing . g^^^ 
Heer, n ho^, army i quantity. 
HeerfUhrer , m. chte/ (/ an arail 

general ^ 

HeergetXth, Q. train of an mrmy. 
Heerpaiike, t. kettledrum. 
Hccflcbaar, f. draught, legion, troop, 
HeerArafse, f. high . way , raad. 
Hefco. pi lees, d-egij barm, y^. 
Herenkucb«n, m. leavened cake. 
Hefig. a. barmy, y/ting. 
Heft, n ha/t, handle ijlit^h ~ took. 
Hcftel. m. hook, cla/pi pin. 
Hefien, v. a. tofiktch,/ew, pin ; di< 

Augan wonuf ■, , to fin the eyu 

upon tie. 
Heftig, a. vehement, ^rp ; emger. 
Heftigkeit, f vehemence, caterne/s. 
Heftladc. f. Trowing .pre/s. 
Hefinadel, f. /btcktng . needle . 
Hegen, v. a. ta enclo/e \ to Aavt 

uourijk i to /ave. 
Hebler. m concealer y fencing cullt 
Haide, f. heath. ^ 

H«ide. m pagan, gentile, heathen, 
Heidckorn, d. buch.whtmt, 
Haideknoti o. keath. 


keatktnijk, kettkfm, 


^leidelbcere, t. hilhtrry. 
jllei Jel«rchc, f. tU . iark. 

He'tdentbuini n ptgatifm^ htmiiin- 


Hfid"ck, m. krydmc. 

Heil, a. htattii-^ hatl, found, 

TAeil. n. froffit ity, mffarf, ksU. 

Heiland, m. fariour. 

Beiib*r, %. cu-'aUe. 

H tlcn« tr. a. & n. /« hemt, tmre. 

HctltK* • holy, fatrti, JtUmM. 

Heilige. m Ja.nt. 

HciIi(>eo, v.a to hallow, J*n€ktfy 

nnliK>ie*t> f- kol'iiji. fmnauutit 

Ueili>irprechung, > ranontxat'on. 

UeiUKihuni, n. fjnS »'yi Heilig- 

ibiimer, A*/> rr/y«*j. 
HFili^tinK. f. /anai/ration. 
Reillot, a. wUkrd, Jlagitioiu. 
HciilofiKktfit, f. wiciednr/i. 
Hcilmittelf n remtdy, mttie'ine, 
Heilpfla'^er, i» healing flaiftrr. 
Heilfam. a. wkoltfomt. falutmty. 
He iiramkeii, f mholtfomentj'j. 
Me i lung. f. k**/lng, curt. 
Heim ad. homr. 
Heimaih, f home, nativt rounUy. 
Heintc, f. Heimchen, n. eruktt. 
Heint'ahrt, Heimkuoft, f rttwn. 
Heim •fallen, «. n. to efehtat 
Heimlich, a ctancitlar, tlmndtjlin 

cio/e, p'ivat*,JitTtt 
Hetmlicbk«it, f. Hofentfs , Jttrtt, 

Heinircire. f. kamttMtri voymgt, 
Heimrucbeo, v. a. to vifit. 
14ein4(ucbun|, f w/t, v^tatiom. 
Hein>tUcke. r m^tUt, tritk. 
Heimtiickifcb, a. mmtUintt, 
HeimwMru, ad. ktmivMrd. 
Heintveh, n. komng. 
Heiraib, f. marriage. 
Heirathcn, v. ■ to marry. 
Heiratbsguc, n. dowy. portion. 
Heifcben, v. a to ajk, f^uUtt. 
Heifer, a koarfe 
Heiferkcit, f. koa,r/ent/s. 
Hei&, a. hot, ardent. 
• Heiften, v. a. to rail', to bid, com- 

tmandi -v. n. to fay. Jignify. 
Heifshtingcr, m. grtedinef. 
Hcifsbiiogerig , %■ greedy , dtmdly 

Heiter. a. ftrcnt, dear, fair. 
Heiterkeii, f. ferenity, fairneft. 
Heitzen. v-a. to heat, ealefy. 
Held, m. hero; champion 
Heldencedicht, n. tfopet l romanee 
Heidenmitftig. a. keroU, hero . like 
Heldenmuth, m. keroifm , keroieal 

Hcldenmiitbig, a ker^, keroital. 
Hcldeittbat, f . ejtploU, ktroicatftat 
Heidi n. f keroine. 
•Hclfen, V. a. to help , mH\ hel< 
Goii ! god kief t you I wai bilfu? 
v»kmt koots itf n hilft fiir, wi. 
4cr ttc.tUis sMd/orta£9tfyt »c. 


. . kel^rr, aider, 
HeKershelfer, m. ak(ttor,mttomfJict. 
Hell, a clear, light, krigkt 
Helle. Helligkeit, f. eiemrnefj, 

krigkt ./. 

Hellebarde. ( haih'rd. 

Hellci, m. hmtf . penny, farthing. 

H«lni, m. helm | htl^e- 

He nod. n. Jkirt, mat', Jktft. 

Hemiuen, v. a. ein Rad •, to^tg\ 

lig to flop, kinder. \ 

Hcmmkctte, f. trigger. 
H«ngft. in. ftonek».ft, JtaUion,fteei 
Henkel, m kaxdU i kook. 
Henkein ». a. /• kook. * 

Henken, ».«. to kaxg. 
lenker m hat gman j fig. de*U. 
^»•'ne.^/. ken. 

H r, ad. hither, kif-erwa'd ato-g. 
Hrrab, ad down from \ he^a^wiiru, 

dowv>ard\ Ach hcrab •laffen , o 

f it" dffend 

era'-lalTing, f. condtfccndtnct, 
Heran ad. on. ^ear. 

auf, ad. H^; hcraufwitru, upward. 
Hcraus, ad. out ; hera .twXru, out. 

Herbe, a. ka^fk, acerh. Jour, eager. 
Herbe, Herbigkeit. f. kafkneft. 
Hcrbei,«d. on, in, uf. 
Herberge, f kmrbour, inn, 
Herber^en. *. a- Sen. to harlour. 
■Herbringan, »;a. to kring kitker, 

,n, up. 
Herbft. m. «a/«aiM- 
HerbAlich a. autumnal. 
Herbi^monai, m. Stptemktr. 
Herbascit. f karv^/l . time. 
Herd, m. keartk. 
Herde, f. kerd drove, flock. 
Herein, ad. in i come in. 
HetfUr, t. Herwor. 
•HergcbcD, v.n . ip ijftu, to give 

Hcrrenhaua, n. lard's h^mfk, mtmaitr. 

Herrciibof, m. lord's /emt. 
Merrcnios. a. out of fervUe, 

a mafler. 

. Hingegen. 

*. n. to fafs, cowte to 



•Herbalteo. v- a. to kold forth. 
Herholeo, v a to feick. 
Hering, s- Hiring. 
•Herkommen, v. n. to come kere, 

hitker, on i to eomt from, defeend 
Herkontmen, n. fitJtom\ eMtrt&iou- 
Herkunft, f. defrent, birtk. 
Herleiien, v. a. /• derive 

Herlefen,* a to read kef ore, recite 
Herm^lin, n. ermine, ermetin. 
Hernach, ad afterwards, kereafter 

Hernehmen, v a /» tdke from. 

Herncnnen, V- a. to call over n*mts. 
Hemied«r, ad. down. 
Heroifch. a. heroic, keroieal. 
Herold n. kerald, harHnger, 
Herold.ftab, m. kerald's flaf. 
Herplappern, *. a. to reriteblakking. 
Herr, m mafer, lord\ mt\n. I Sit ! 
Herrecbnen, *. a to reckon up, fpe- 

cify, enumerate. 
HerreicbentV.a. (• reack, kmni, 
Htrreirc, f. travelling kltktr. 

mfcb. a. maJlerly, Imperious. 

• rlrh. a gloriout, magnijictmt, 

excellent, Mattly 
rlerrlicbkeit, f. glory , magntJUemu, 

>■* il/m rj ordtjkip. 
Icrrfcbaft . f. daminion , m^Jlery^ 

government i m^/ter and mf/hefs. 
HrrrrcbaMich, a. ketomging to tie 

'ord of • aMRar. 
lirrfcben, ». o. to rultt rtigm, §». 

H-rrrfcher, m. ruler ^ governor. 
Hrrrfchruchi, t. imptrioufnefs. 
Hrrrfcbflichdg, a. imperious. 
Hirrilhren, V. n. to tome from, t0 

drau it I origin. 
crfagen, tr. a to retite. 
Herfchalfen, v. a. to frrd, put kere. 
Hetfchierten. v. a. to Jkoot kUktr ^ 

r.eld -, to advance morey. 
HcriUromcn, v. n. to defend. 
HcrHellen, v. n. /• put kttker j U 

Herdellting, f. recovering. 
Hcriiber, ad «t>rr. 
Hi^runi. ad. «(«ir^; . •gehen, to go 

about i . •laiifan, to rgvt, rmmkU. 
HcrumUufer, m. ramkler. 
Heronter, ad. ^itfuia. 
Herunterwjtru. ad. downward. 
Hervor. ad. fortk, out ; fich ••tluui, 

to Afiingujh one's felf, 
Herwjlru, ad hifkirward 
Herweg, m way hither, this way, 
Herz.n heart; fig. mind, \htr, 

Herziihlen, v. a. to enumerate, aaiu 
Hcrcbrecbend, a heart . breaking. 
Heraeleid, n heart- break, grief. 
Hcrzcn, v. a. to prefs to tk€ ktmrt» 

kug, embrace. 
Hertentangft, f. kearl . ath, ftrrmB. 
Hcrziell, n pericardium. 
Hercgefpann, n cardiaea. 
Heizgrube, f. pit of tke kearl, 
Herzbaft, t. ftout-ktatted, k*rdp, 

.owageous, daring, bold, manly. 
HerxhaUigkeii, r Jfout .keartednefs, 

kardinefs, courageoufnefi.koldMefs, 

— iopig, a. keart-felt. 

{. ventricle ^ tie 



erzklopien, ■ palpitation. 

rrrkobl, m. caobage . head. 
Herzlicb, a. hearty, cor^Oml, finttrt. 
Herzog, m. duke. 
Herzogin, f. dutrkeft, 
Hcrzoglich, a ducal. 
Herzogthunn, n. dukedom, 
HFrzfrbUchrig, %. founder ei. 
HerzfchUchtigkeit, f . foundering te 

the chtjt 
HeTzftSrkend, a eordieU, cardimt, 
HeraftiCrkung, f. Cardiac, cordial. 
Hersu, ad. hither, near. 
Htrzwch, n. car^al^, heart 'fore • 


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HetM. ff. UUimi. 

Hetxen, «. a. f« ictf, A«n^, (MitAi 

rW<. *ii«f ; r« A«/Im. 
Hotl^UIMl. B. A««»^, tiU.d^. 
Heu, n A««. 

Heiijirme, f . kty . kmr^i/l. 
Heubodea, m ^mJ^ . /afr. 
Heubuod, n. ictt.'e if kmy^ nma. 
Heiichclei, f . kyptrxfy, JinuUtiw 
Hcuchcln, V. n U ffgn , tLfftwAk- 
Henchler, m.f€igH*rt kyptriti. 
Hcuchlcriich, a. ftigmmg, kfptri. 

Heuer. ad. tkit jtttr. 
Hauerig, a. ^ tkii 9tmr. 
Heugab«l. f. k»y.f,rk, pittk./»rA. 
HcuUn, «. n . f« *«W ; f« cry, wkime. 
Heumarktrn. kmj.mmrka. 
Heuroonai, m- juty. 
Heutcbobar, m. gtvt » kmy-Jtek, 

Hettfcluccke, f . Itetfjhy grmftJfpprr- 
Heme, ad. f0 ^^, tkiM day. 
Heatig. a. of tkij dmy ; m»dtru, 
Hexa.r. vriick, ktg, /arttrtfi. 
Hexen, ». n. <• frmAUe Jtrct^y, 
Hexeoaieiilcr, m. ftrctrert V(««r^ 
Mexerei, f. Jtrctry^ witcktry. 
Hich, m. Jh0kt. 
Hieflioni.-n. kunUr's k0ru. 
Hier, ad. kere. 

Hieran, ad. kert. 0m \ tm, mr ^ it. 
Hierauf, ad. kert.uftmt ktrt-at, at 

tkit, «/•■ tkii. * 
Hienut, ad. ktrt-»iit, tut of this, 

ktnte, from kenct, ktrt-hy, iy tkij. 
Hlrrbei. ad., ky tkis. 
HierdjKh. ad., ky tkis, ky 

tkeft mtani, &c. 
Hierein, ad. ktrr . into, Ixf* tkis, it. 
Hier her, ad. kitktr^^Aert, tku vy. 
HierherwJtm, ad. kitkemari. 
Hier hio , ad. lOtker, tku ta*y for. 

Hieria. ad. ktrt • im, Im tkis, in if. 
Htcrmit. ad. ktre-wUk, witk tkis, it 
Hiemacb, ad. htrt.mfitr, m/ttrthu. 

mfttr it. 
Hieruber, ad. ktrt. mil kere. about. kere.akomt, about ths, it. 
Hieronter, ad. icrr.aairr, usiJer 

this, it. * 

Hirrvon, ad. kere .of,^ tkis, U. 
Hiersa, ad. kere . to, to tkii, tt. 
Hiefig, a. our, rf tkts fUce. 
Hioibccre, r* ktnAerr^, ra/pberry. 
Himbeerftaade, f. rafflerry I b*tfi. 
Hioimel, m. kfemMn,Jiy\ fig. raaa. 

py, tf/ter.' 
Himnnan, ad. ufmmrds to keaven. 
Hinmclbett, ■ be4 witk m t^tr. 
HinmelbUa, a. axure, Jky.<olourei. 
Himmclfahrt, f. afctnjion. 
HiKmelreich, n. kingdom rf ktaveu. 
Hiatneirdifciead, a. cryimg to kta. 

Himtaekkagcl , f. etUjicmi gioke. 

HinnnehrchKiOelchcn, n. frisa-roft. 
Uioiackerick, m, cUataie. 

Himnlifrb. a. eeUJiiai, Anf^^. fui^iet, prp. biirinJ; lalnur bcr, 
Hin,md.fe-tk,to', fhttkfi hio und tvrd't^tJf, ih thr /alm*t. 

wiedcr, ktre and tk*Tr i *.-* a^fJ " ' 

tken I hio und ber , it^kr-r «q« 

^Jkfr ; bin 'Teyn, im kf g^'tf 
Hinab, ad. dmrnrnt binabv4fu, dstmt- 

Hiaaa, ad. a^Mi, mp to- 
Hinauf, ad. uf, up to i U 41 '^iTivjf^u, 

Hia^ut. ad. ««#; hinauiwilrrj, out- 


•Hinbringcn, v. a. (• t^kfg^ rwy 

to i die Zcit ., to pa/t aa.ay tit 

Hinilrrlich, a. kimdrringt iinpt^tsrg- 
Hind«m, v. a. to kindtr, Imfr-Jf 
Hiiidernils, n. kiadertv, kt^fi-it^ 

Hiadin, f. kind. 
Hindliiurte, r. /«rr»f7, (1fie>-> 
Hindufeh, ad. tkrougk, tkftkghitt- 
Hioein, ad. im, into. 
•Hiofallcn, v. a. to ftil ii\t*t tr 

Hinnillig, a. decaying, frmii. 
Hinralligkcit, f.fraUty^ 
Hiafort, Hiarabro^ad. kimtff •-{*■■ . 
HinfUhrcn, t. a. to co»dM,l > itei - 

carry - kring to. 
Hingang, m. goi/tg to. 
•Hingcbcn, t. a. to give te + f i' jfrtr 

Hingegen, c 0% the r«affvr>> 
*Hinceben, «. n. to go t jf i» ■ '* 

pa/s; . •laOcn, to tet it pmf;, 
•Hiah«lien, T. a. tikoUfo'^tki H 

to amu/e witk f^r ktftu 
Hinken.T. n to kalt,, f..^h'f 
HinUngen, «. a. to rtmtk t* J m. d . 

to btf.fiticnt. 
Htnlinglich, u. ftdfuient. 
Hinl^nglichkeit, C fuJf<ienx-\ . 
Hinlcgen, *. a. to Uy . put i i<;^ ■ 
*Hinneha>cn, V. a. to talw., T;i,rjr-r, 
Hi laea, ad. ^on.fkence^frjm .rnrt. 
Hinraffea, t. a. to takt kb^i : ie 

Hinreichea, v. a. la r«awii ; t. n, r. 

HinrciTe, f. travel. jomrmtr ti. 
•Hinreifseb,v.a. *• d'OM - f^ii <i>±a% , 

to ' fig. (• ratijk, ckmrx. 
HtarichitfB, v. a. to exetnUi t* kiU 
Hinricbtnng, f. execution. 
•HiafchcB, v. a. /• took H- 
Hinretzea, V a. tofet, put tr,Jjavi 

ficb.. to Jit dowt. 
HiaGcht. f. ia ., in refy^ff. 
•Hiafinkea, t. n. to Jink i9c^. 
HinMellea. T.a. to put tt- 
•Hinflcrbco, v. o. to die «i;4im 
Hinftrcckea. r. a. tojtrttrkj'.-ti- 
Hinfireichen, v.a. to Jhrke t. , Jtc 

Zcit tlrcicbt hia, timi paj^,-, aimj.j, kekimd} . fciic a, t* u 

Hiataafetzuog, f. fiigkf. 
Hiaica, ad. kekimd ^ blmd nichp 


I■^i^ltd^■t^,cn, ttt bhSl*tk. 

HincfnlveiqiT D. kiitdfrg. 

*liU,\jti^ttagtti, 1. a. to mtfumim 

M^t't ii.etLfr. 

H mi cwc ( lier | die, dii j > a. kim 

* 111 nIeVgC he P , » . n fT k^t, dtCttwA 
HlniEignirnl^ IB- ^c i^ -ground, | 
>Ei n'tf r ha El . tti- a»tdujk\ rtar. I 

*Hltl.■;t>U^s«l^ V. a. tol^t httfjil 

M^l|ETila^lpt^ n. M<:J^«f* I 

Eai.nicrl4^«, f, ^ptfjttfi 

T3. Lm-rlafTf rtthifc,*. VcTlalen(cli^fu 
t' Ln I ff Et^KtHj H I. ts> dtfojit. 1 

M i D*cr I i li ^ f . *r/jjf : t , tanning. 
>liiii^TLi>Lig, q. rtftti'Tiftfailacious, 
il j nitrrurk I, «d- il*f*nii#'-^. 
k'.\mefRwttk, iiindmaM, kindermif/l. 
^i:4-ii«Flli''Ue, r. tick - f-aaw. I 

HiiiirnhrfJt n- ^iir^rf; , einac ] 
Stbiffi, JtfT-a. 

JDlcTtlkllr I"- k^<:^ - d^tr. I 

Ifini^iTclfcn, n^ rtmr -guard, 1 

J^iJU^Tir^ibcPi V. *,- t a prevent )Jlof»] 
■ Uni(r>tcTreJi n+ hf;, kam. | 

'^ I <iicf -HF-lnij Lil imfku/arJ. 

klijiiinaat t, b. tti ff£e*.flit ta. 1 

ilinlibisf, id. otne, 

>iiiiiira^ aii dijkf, t^*t w*y aiomi. \ 

MinLibcef, aiE. dtniti- 

ubiCTwitrUf id. dsumiumrds. 

■..■■kjiv, ad. Jti^-A^-barA 

iiit«, ad' a»^j'. 
*H.ayrrif^at »,J. taJioU to, to kisti 


w. p. t* dtfgn 


',d *- 

KtD^kelWi V- o. fir >riB **t Aat>r in 

Hintu^ id. f#4 fpu«T|itr( -fUgen. . 
IriBea^ H addt*, jcin ; - *Mi!cn, 
tt Admtii ". "ibMih, ia add. 

Hinyf^ f. jif'*/*^ krdgimS » kiU. 

'i^fH^C^, t. u.ejet. 

lirisiiotTtTi m, frF>a*. fr«. 

UrnEffcii^ml, nt/aB*7, w*tar. riimr. 
Hirrtrcbjlfl, f,*,/cmU, 
hsI-ttvrLflll, I. fitfriTif tfodme/i. 
iWitht la. ^Jjf i A a f-i, ^tr. 
n>wfchU.iLk ,m i^tk ^M kart, 

Jic-Tj 'if j/jjE' 

H,flk.'llh*rir», n ij'^'. ti-rm. 
hriftMtil'-VT, Bi4 ii^w*J bfttle. 

M-Tfchlitltv^ Ti. +vj/ »/ 13 hart. 

UiifEhJcltf, m. tkck' leather. 

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ClUckreligkeit, t. hafpimtft, hUftd- 

ntfs,ftlitxtyt prpfptrity. 
ClUckilall, m. good hafi fktnet. 
Click^uc, n. iUJSfg. 
Cliickskind, n. iMiid of/ortunt. 
Clilcksritter, m. knight -trmt, •rf- 

Uiicksrpiel, n. htzari. 
Clikksumftlnde , pi. circumftanrts, 

Cliick-wunlch, m. ClikkwUnfchung, 

f. ftiiCt'atiott, cMg'ttktaUon 
CHJben, ▼. n. t» gtovt, tp h« gtming, 

red. hot. 
Chith, f. glowing ~ burning tf fi ', 

(wr coals, ardour 
Cmde, f. grate, favour, kimdme/i, 

bfntvoUnci. mi-a-ulous image. 
Ciadenbrief. m. charter, letters fa- 

Cnidenbrod. n frecariotis bread. 
Coadengebalt, m. Gnadeogeld, n. 

Cnadcnjabr, n ^nnats 
Cnadeaiebn, n. revtrjion, furvivor. 

Cnadcnreich, n kingdom of grate. 
Ciiad«nfti>hl, m merty . ftat- 
Cnadenwahl, f. predtflinatiom. 
Cnadenzeit, f. time of grace, ftnl. 

Cnifdig, ■■ henemoUnt \ gracious. 
Caot), na gnome 
Cnomonik, f. gnomopics. 
" Id. n. gold. 

.>ldad\cr, m. royal eagle. 

old* mater, f. gold- hammer. 

>ldaaircl, r witwal. 
Idapfcl. m. apple ^ lone , mad 
ddarbeiter, Goldlchmid, m. gold. 


" ildbergwerk, n. Goldgrube.f. gold. 
I wine. 
Coldbl^tichen, n. Uafof gold, gold- 

Colden, a. goldi golden. 
Goldera, n. gold. ore. 
IColdfarbe. f gold, colour. 
Md'arbig, a. golden, goldjcoloured. 
to\df^n^tT, m. gold._finger, fing. 

Mdgelb, a. as yellow as gold. 

pcldgelb, n. or pimtnt, yellow ar/ente. 

getdkitfer, ro. fpa*\Jkfiy. 

<toUk)umpen, m. ingot <(f gold. 

Coldmacher, n>. aUhymiJl, ode ft. 

Coldpapier, n. gilt- paper. 

CddmUnze, f. gold- piece, gold; 
S»iirH medal. 

Co1d(th«ider, m. gold .Jiner. 

toldfchlifger, m. gold- teater. 

Coldftatib. m. gold.dif/i. 

•ioldUicker, m. embroiderer in gold. 

^''oldlloff, in. golden Jnf, brocade. 

l^ldftufe, f. gold in ore. 

(^Idwage, f. gold- weights. 

(ioadel. (. gondola, Venetian k—t. 

Bondalftthrar, m. mondttitT' 


CAnnen, v. a. to te plcmfei mUk, to 

favour, wijk welt. 
Conner, m. favourer, prate fto^} -in, 

i. henffalhifs. 
Cofe, f. gofe - heer. 
CoOe. r. drain, gutttttfemtr, 
Gothifcfa.a. gotkie 
Cod, m God. 
Coiterlehre, f. mytiolemj^. 
Cotierfjpeire. f. amh^ofia. 
C6itcrri>n>ch, m. oracle. 
Gditcrirank, m. neBar. 
Cotte^acker . m. burying . ptuee, 

Goueadienft. n. fertice, divine for. 

vice, worjhip 
GoiteidleniUich, a. belonging to the 

fe' oite. 
Goitet'tircht, f. piety, f ear if god. 
CoticsfUrcbdg, « piousrfearing mod 
Gocteagelehrlamkett, f. divinity,tluo- 

CoiietKelchner,m. divine, theologiam 
Cotiethaus, n god's houfe, churtk, 
Gotietkaften, m. poor't bom. 
Cottettiifterer, m blafphemer, 
CoueiKfteruBg, f. hUjfpktmy. 
Cottcvliuxncr, m. ath*t/t. 
Goucsi:^ King, f. atheifm. 
Gottett . di. reward' biejing ^ 

Couennheil, n. ordeal. 
Cotietveriichtcr, m. reviter »f god 

and /acred things. 
Go'teavcrgcflen, a- ungodly. 
Coahcit, f deity, godhead, divinity 
'I. (.goddifs. 

ch, a dtttine, godly. 
irhkelt. f. tiivmity. 
(roiilo*. a godle/s, urgod/y, 
Goiilofigkeit, r. godlefsnefs, ungod. 

Gottrelig, a. religious, pious, devout. 
Ooit(eligkeit, f godlin'fs. 
Cotze, m. idol, deity ; divinity, 
Cdtzenb!ld, n. idol. 
Cikzcndicner, m. idolater ) .in, f. 

GoizendienA, a. tdolatry, worjkip 

cf tdols. 
Cfitzcotempcl, m. temple ^ mn idol. 
Grab, n gave\ tomb. 
Grahheln, v. a. to grabble. 
Crahcifen, a. graver, brafs. cutter. 
Crabcn, m. ditch, trench, brook, 
i nannel. 
Craben, v. a. engrave, cut i to 

dig, break the ground. 
Grablied, ' ' ' 



\. funeral font, dirge. 
n. tomb, jepuUhre, monu- 

Grabrchch, n. fpade. 
CrabichVirt, f. cptta^, infeription. 
Crahftidie, r. burying . place. 
Grabftcin, m grave .ftone. • 
Grabftichel, m. graver, brafs.cutter. 
Crad, m. dtgrce. Jlep. 
Gradiren, *. a. T. to gradiiafe. 
Gradirbaus, n. T. bulling for gra. 


■ana, f. T. ^ 
'rife, aj by 

bound. Jlomtf mutr- 


Cradwri/e, ad by degtees. 

Graf. nt. earl, count 

Grafenftaod, m dignity . JUte^ M 

Crilhn. f. eountefn earts lady. 
Griflirh, a. beUnging to an earl, 
Cratrchaft, f. earldom, county. 
Gram, ad. . feyn, to hate. 
Gram, m. grUf, forrow, fadnefs, 
fich GriTpien. v. t. to griev<t to ti 

Griimlich, a grievous, forry. 
Crammaiik. I. g ammar.. 
Grammaiirch, a grammatical. 
Grammatikcr. m. granummrimm. 
Gran, m. Grin, n. grain. 
Granaupfel, m pomegranate* 
Gtaoate, f . grarate-y (Kugelj^rrMA. 
Graoatitcin. m granate. 
Granit, n. granite. 
Graiiuhrcn, v. a to granulate. 
Criinze. f. border, frontier, Itsnit, 
Crincen, v. o. to border, limit, r#s. 

fne upon. 
CrknzenlM, a. cm\flneUfs, baundtefs. 
Granzrefhing, CrXnzftadt.f. /rMtwr. 

town. ■ 
Griinznachbar, m. confiner, 
CrinzHiule, f. bound. flone, «wr. 

GrKnzrcheidung, f. confne/s, mbbu^ 

tals i fetting tf a but. 
Griinzflein, « " " " 

^••op, s. FKrberrutbe. 
■ ras. n. grafr. 
Grasbank, f. green turf. . 
Crafen, V n. to grasu^ toeutgrafs, 
Crjirerci, f. rf gtafi\ graft* 

Gratfink, n. ckafinch. 
Gratfleck, m. grafs .plot. 
CraagcUn. a as green as gr^$, 
Gradg, a. gtajy. 
Cratmagd, f. grafs . maid. 
GraimMher. m. m^wtr of grafs, 
Grasndcke, I. hed^e .fparrom, 
Grasfferd, n. grajj - hopper. 
Gratplaiz , m. grafs. plot, grmfs* 

Grasfichcl, f fickle. 
Grafung.f. grazing, euttisig grafs. 
Graft, a. dreary, horrible. 
Crainren, v. n. to rage, to be cemmon. 
CrJI&lich, a grifly, terrible, fright- 

Graswzchs, m. Graaweide, f. pe^urt- 

Grijte, r. fijk ' bone. 
CriitJg, u.full offijk . ^ones, 
GrSitrcben, v. n. tojiraddle. 
Grau, a. gray, g'cy, ffiZMted. 
Granbart, no. g> ay .beard. 
Gti -el, m. abomination, detefiation. 
Grauen, ». n. to grow gray, grey, 

hoiry : ( vom Tage } to dawn. 
Grau««, v . i . to dread, fear. 
Crsiwrn, Ctaufen, t%. korroar, abher* 

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i.- CRO 

Craolcopft n. m grsjfJuaiti ftrfiu. 

Graulicb, a grayijh. 

Criiulich. a. korrikU, dr«»4fut. 

Graupe, f. ^tUd grain. 

Graupcin, t. i. to grail, drttslt. 

Graus, m. ruhbljk, korr^ur. 

Craas, a. kerriiUf drta^h^ A*^ 

Crauram, a. ertul, barhvtns* 

Graafamkeit, f, trutUy. 

Graurcbimmel, m. grey- korft. 

Grauren, t. n. flc i. U Jkuddir } to 

Grauwerk, n. tnntver.. 

Crazie, f. gract, eharm. 

Greir, m grifitif griffon^ 

*Greifen, V a to gripe, /rixt, ttteh; 
to choo/e I to take up 

Creinen, v.n. to griH\ to rattp^ 

Greis, a. grixxly, koary. 

Greis, m. a* old man. 

Grell, %. JkrUl, fiarp. 

Grenadier, m.- grenadier. 

Griebt, m core of an mppU Od 

Griecbifcb, a. greek. 

Cries, m. gravely mrit $ groat t. 

Grietmcbl, n. meal- groats. 

GrifF, m. grafp. touchy knack, triek; 

Gri^ret, n. touch, hoard. 
Griffcl, m. fefcue, fin of m tahU' 

Grille, f . cricket j fig. wkim, caprice, Bg. faney.monger, 

tohimjical man. 
CriUenftngerei, f. fig. fannfulneft. 
Crillenharc, a./anfi/it/, whimjical. 
Grimafle, f grimace. 
Grimm, m.fury, rage, voratk. 
Grimmdarm, m. colon, great gut. 
Crimmen, v. i. to gripe i ti. gripes 
Grimmig, a. furious, grim, enraged. 
Grind, m. /call, fcurf. 
-" ' "u/curfy. 

Groltkanzler, ra. g-reai - ckaneeOdr.' 

Groftknecfat, m. kead .fervant. 

Grortisaul, n. fkg, buUy, tit^r, 

Cro&ttciller, m. grand- ma/kr. 

Grorsmutb, f. magnanimity , generoJ Onippc, f. group. 

.tiCrflnllch, a. greentjk, gytenly, 
Griinfpan, m. verdtg^eafc 
Griin^pecfat, m. green -peak. 
Granzen, v. n. to grunt, grunik. 

f mind. 

fi*y* greatnefs nf 

CroUmUtbig, a. magnanxmota, gene- 
rous, ^dam. 

Grofsmuttcr, f. grandmother t gran. 

Grofsprablcr, m. kragger, braggart 

Grofifprecher, m. boater, buily 

Grofifprccberei, i.fwaggeristg,boaJl. 

GroftrprecherlTch, a. vain - glorious. 

Grofsfultaa , ii. grand -Jeignior, 

Gro(surenkel, m. great great g^and- 
Jon\ in, f. great great grand.^ 
daugkter. * 

Grorsvatcr, m. ^atf other, grand- 

Grorsvatcrftuljl, m. arm-chair. 

Grofsveticr, m. grond- vijitr. 

Grotelk, a. grotrfi, grotef^ue,^ 

Grotte, f. grotto. 

GrUbcben, n. dimple. 

Crube, f . ditch, hole, pit $ mine. 

GrUbelei, f . penetrating } freak. 

Griibein, v. n. to penetrate. 

Grnbenarbeit, f. incrking in a mine. 

Griibler, m. fearcher, fancy .monger. 

Gruft, f. grave, vault. [math. 

Grummet, n. after. graft, after- 

Gifin, a. greeny n greennefs, 

Grund, m. ground, bottom i fig. ru- 
diment i reafoUf caufe. 

Grandbegriff, m. prinHple. 

Grundbdfe, a. ftarh - naught. 

Griinden, ». a. to found. 

GruAdfalfch, a. thoroughly falfe. 
" " ' ' ' t, b^e. 

Grundfefte, i. fundamen, , .^ 
Gnindgelehrt, a. mo/l learned. 
Gruodgefetz, n. fundamental lava. 
Gnindlage, {.fundament. 
Grundlegiing, (.foundation. 

Orindlg, •.fcalled,^ ,^ 
Grindkopf, m. fcurf . pate. 
Grob, a. rough, rude, coarfe, rnnei. 
vil, unpoUAedi large, great ; grofs. 
Crobbeit, f. cokrfenifs, roughnefs, 

Crobian, m. rude fellotu, elomn. 
Croblich, a. fomewhat coarfe} ad. 

Crobichmid, m. black. fmith. 
Or oil, ro. grudge t rancour ^ ill-uill. 
Grofchen, m. grofi. 
Grort. a. great, large, tall} . «thun, 

to brag, talh big. 
Croft, n, (la 'OaiztnA), grofs. 
GrbOachtbar, a very efieemed. 
'Groriadmiral, m grand, admiral. 
GrorsMltern, p)^ g> and. parents. 
Groftitugig, a goggle - eyed. 
CrSite, r. largmefs, greatnefs, tall. 

nefs, growth ; fuantity 
CroUenkel, m. great grand -f on 

-in, f great grand - daugkter. 
Groftnirft, GroUherzog, m. grand 

duke; -io, f. gfand - dutchejCs, 
Cro/sherr, m. grand. ^re. JGrUnen, t. n. to grow gteen. 

CreAherzugthum,«ni.ifHAnl«».]Oriiogelb| «, gretnifi-ytUem, 

Crundlehrc, f. fundamental doflrine. 
GrUndlich, a. fundamental, folid. 
Griindlichkeit, f . folidntfs, folidxty. 
Grllndling, ui. groundling. 
Gnindlinie, f. bafts, firft lint. 
Crundlot, a. groundtefs, bottomlefs. 
Grtmdrcgel , f . funAxmental rule . 

Grundrirs,m. ground- pht, plan. 

Grundfatz, m. ground, principle} 

Grundrpracbe, f . original language. 

Grundflein, m. ground -Jlone. 

Orundftoflr, m. element. 

Orundd.-ich, m. ground. fbroke. 

"rriindftlick, n. real {/late. 
rrundfuppe, f. grounds, dregt. 

Gruodtexr, m. original text. 

GrUndung, (.foundation- 

Grundur&che, I. original taufe- 

Grundwabrbeit, (.fundamental truth. 
. Gmndzahl, f. cardinal number. 
JGrundzint, m. ground -rent. 

GruDpireb, v. a. to group. 
GruU. <b. falute, fatutatien. 
Griifsen, ». a, to greet, faiuU. 
GriUSe.'f grit, g'oats. 
GtihzWindlvr, m. groats - momgtrt 
GrUtzwurft, f . groats - pudding. 
Gucken, v. n. to look. 
Guckkafleo, m. portative camert- 

Guinee, f guinem. 
Gulden, (BUlden, m. florin. 
Giiliig, a. valid, fuffirient, legal. 
Gukigkeit, f. vaUdtty, legality. 
Gi>mmi, n. gum 

Gimmicht, a gummy, gummoUt. 
Cummiren, v. a to gum. 
Gummiwaflcr* n. gummed maitr, 
Gtinft, (.favour, aff*£lio». 
X^nRig, a favourable. 
GUnftlinK, m- favourite, 'darting. 
. fge'i »■ gorgfl, throat; gorge. 
Gurgein, v. a. to gargle, gargartkt, 
Gurselwaffcr. n. gargarifm. 
Gurke, f. coUKumber, cucitmbtr, 
Gurkenmaler, m. dauber. 
Gtirt, m. girth | girdle. 
Giirtel, m. gird/eifajk, hett. 
Glirtcn, V. a. to gird, girth. 
GUnler, m.girdler, belt - mMker. 
Guf», m. <aJting,founiiftg, gufit, 
Giiftregen, m. pealtftover 4jf r«tt» 
X^aftftein. m. gutter, drain. Jink. 
Gut, a. good} fine, pure } ad. ti/elli 
. fUr etwas fagen, to vmrrant^ 
anfwer for, to be bail for ; -•hei- 
fseu, to approve. 
Gut, n. good; blejfng} poffojgon, 


Ciitkchten, n. judgmeiit, oMHiom% 
Gutartig, a. good-natured. 
Gutbefindcn, n approbation. 
GUte, f. goodiinefsi goodnefs. 
Gutheit, f. goodnefs. 
Gnthcrziff, *. good - hetrtetl, £cod . 

Gutherzig||eii, f. good - heartedHeft, 

good . ndture. 
GUtig, %. good, kind, favourahU. 
GUtigkeit.T. goodnefs, kindntft. 
GdtlTch, a. amicable, friendly} ficli . 
*thu», to take one's eafe and coK- 
veniency, to pamper. 
Gutmilthig, a. good, generous. 
Gutthat, f. ben^t, charity. 
Cutthiftig, a. benefieUnt, ehmritaUe, 
Gutbirtigkdt, f. charttablenefs. 
Gutwillig, a. gratuitous, vonmtmtyt 

ready, mUling- 
GutwiUigkcit, (. mUllnSneftt r<«iif. 


ia«rHi. ktir. , 

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Hal I. hat 


Incanwi. •. inemrnmte, tuamMiti. 
ladeoi, c. mhtn, wkHtf uiM(/l. 
ladeft , Indcflen, c. ta tke wraif, 
«tf«ii mJUit, im tke mean time } k»m- 

Indig/m. inJigo, 

InJigblau, a. tmdig0 • Ume. 

Indispflinxe, f. ind5g», omit. 

Iq •foander, ad. into one mrnttker. 

Inf«nterie» f. infMtry.Jott'fUAery. 

Iafel,Ii>rul, f. mUrt. 

Ingenieur, m. engineer. 

Ingleicben, c. »tfo, Uieni/e. 

Ingwcr, en. ginger. 

Inhaber. m fefftfer. 

lobaJt, an. etntenti^ tentur. 

loiage, f. intUfei. 

Inliindcr.fB. nmfive rf • ftmiry. 

loUlndirch, •■ native, huu.tem, 
home - made ; inland. ^ 

bliegend, a. incUfed. 

lane, ad mitten ., in ike miijt rf\ 
. •baben, t9 fifftfi% • •batten, to 
Jl0p% itfeemHnn*\ iicb . •baltea, to 
keep kome\ - •werden, to perteive. 

Ianen»ad. (vea, nachj wtthm. 

loaere, a. inner, interi^ur. 

lancrbalb, prp. mitkin. 

lancrlicb , a. invoard, inner, inter- 
n*/, intrinJUal, imteritmr. 

lanerft. •• inmq0, 

Inaig, a. inttwtate. 

Innwng, f ■ gmiid, focitty, eompany, 

Insberondere, ad. ef penally . 

Infcbrift, f. infcriftim. 

Infect, n. injia. 

Inr«l, f. ijle, ijland. 

lasKcheioi, ad. privately, eavirtly. 

Insf eoiein, ad. gnuraily, e o mmo al y 

IntgtfAmac, ad. altogitker, 

Infieccl, n. /to/. 

In foferD, c i/, keeamfe. 

loroaderbclt, c. efpeeiatty, 

UftMndif, a. injtant. 

Inftans. (. in/lanee, itijanty. 

XoAcbcnd, a. neat, appr^king. 

Inftinct, m. inJiinB. 

laftrument. n- iijhmment. 

loicrefle, n. 4 f. inter^. 

IniCTCflircn, v. o. to ^ter^, 

Invalide, m. invalid. \.tory. 

InTcntariun, n. Inventur, f. <ae«>i- 

luTcntiren, v. a. to inventory, 

Inwendig, a. within. 

lazwilcbcn, ad. & c. in tke MW«a, 
mean wkite. 

Irden, a. emrtken. 

Irdifcb, a. eartky, perijkak/e. 

Inend, ad. /omeulkere ; ever} per. 
kafJi akomf, irgcnd Mio,/omtwkere; 
irvend ciaer, any kody, ukefoever, 
mkmt/oaver ; irgend trohcr, vtkere- 
Jotmr \ irgead wobia, mkttkerfoe. 

blWifi:h, a. Mjk. 
Itn, a. ajtruyi fig. perked. 
Irre, f . in d«r . •gchea, to be erring. 
Irreo, ». o. to err, ke out of tke may; 

t.a. toiijtnrk, t»nHe; firh., to 

ke mf/fakert. 


Irrgang, Irrgarten, m. iafyrin^, 

Irrgeift, m. errotitout /pt*it. 

Irrpliubig, a. keterodon. 

Img, a. erroneous, falfe, fedueimg. 

\n\thn, (. /al/e doanne, kerejy. 

Irrlebrer, m. keretie. 

lrrlicbt,n. Irrwirch, oa. ignis fatuue 

Irrflern, m. planet.- 

Imkuoi, m. Iming, f. error, mi. 

Irrweg, m. erroneous may. 
iropp, m. kyfop. 9 

lulienirch, a. itallan, itaht. 

J (C onfonmni.) 

Ja, ad. yet, ^,yea. 
Jachaorn, s. JMhcora. 
Jacbt, I. Jachttchiff, n. yaekt, 
Jacke, i. jacket, jerkin. 
Jacobiner, n». Jacokine. 
Jagd, f. eka/e, knntimg, kmnt, 
J»gdbar, a kantakle, cka/eaUe.' 
JnRdainie, f. kmnHng . ^e. 
Jagdgerecbtigkeit, f. right rf. hunt. 

Jagdbund, tn. kound, knntimg -dog. 
Jagdlnft, r.y>«rf. 
lagdpagc, m. hunting . page* 
Jagdpferd, a. knnttng . korj^ 
Jkgdiafche, L kuntmg . tar. 
Jigdubr, (.%i$ntifs-f>ntrk. 
Jigdwcren, n hunting, venery. 
Jagdzeug, n. hunting. ejhipage. 
Jagen, v. a. 8t n. to hunt, tkaje, conr. 

ft; to run. 
Jiigrr, Di. kmnter, eka/er. 
J;(gerburfcfa. m. hunt fan* 
Jigrrei, f. kuntsmanjkip. 
Jigtrrhau*, m. huntsman's lojging, 
lifKcrborn, n. hunting, horn. 
Jibe, a. /letp, preeipUotts. 
Jihe, f. precifUe, preeipitoHon. 
Jaberr, n. eomplycr. 
JMbling, n.futUfn. 
Jabr, n. year, tvulve montks. 
Jahrbficb, n. arnal/t tkronltle. 
Jahrgang, m. annual eour/eiyemr. 
Jahrgedjfchinirt, n. annlverjary. 
Jahrgeld, n. penfion, yearly alloto- 

Jahrhitnden, n. century, age. 
Jifhrig, a. a year old. 
JMhrlicb, a. annual, jftarly* 
Jjtbrling. m. yearling. 
Jabrirarkt, m./air. 
Jabniag, b. anniverfary ' day. 
JjKnceit, f. feafon. 
Jahruufend , n. a tkonfand years 

Jahrwecbfel, m. «<ta year. 
JahraaU, f. year, date, ofaeh. 
JXfazom, m. ekoUr,/mry. 
JXbzornig, a. ekoleric, furious, 
J»i<mGt,t. jealou/y, lattice. 
Janmrf, m. lamentation, mifery. 
Jammergelchrei, n. lammtakle cry. 
ncrficb, a. nd/iraHe, lamentakk' 

Jammern, t. n. r« m»um, lameui. 
u^,l, try, pity, ~ — — ■•. 

Jamneriroll, a. »^ tamentakU. 
Janitfcbar, m. janifary, Janiaarr. 
Jinner. January a. -V^i^,^* 
Jasmin, m. ia/mtne, jefamin. 
Jaipift, m. ja/per. 
JUten, ♦. a. to jmeed.* 
Jifikaue, f. meedkook. 
Jaucbaen, v. a. u Jkout, kuaa; 
Jawon, a. eom/ent, promt/e. 
Je, pan. ever atu^ys , j, aawailen, 

de«o beffer, tke fooner tke ketter\ 

je mebr uad makt, tke more and 

J^der.Jedweder. Jcglicbcr, pr. «••. 

every, eack', cin ^ every one. every one, every kodp, 

any Mr, any kody. ^ 

Jedericit, ad. ever, at auy Hmt^ 
Jedeiaial, ad. at every tHue, 
Jedofh. e. yet. nevertkeleft. 
Jcmalt, ad. ever, at uky dm, 
Jemaad, pr. fomekody. ^ 

Jener, e, e». pr. tkat. 
Jenfrit. JenfWiu, ad. keymi, 
Jenfciiig, a. appofite. 

Jefuit, m.Jefuitl 


Jetxig, a. prtfent, nam,- 
Jet«,ad..»#w, at prejent, aman, 
Joch, n. yoke, kom, arck, 
Jochocht, m. yoke - •*. 
Jobannisbecre, f. currant, garden* 

Jobanni(bc«rftrauch,in. currtnttgarm 

dtn . currant . tree. 
Jobannitbrod , n. emrok , Joku'e 

JobannUreft. a. Johanninag, m. St» 

Jckn's day, mid./ummer . day, 
Johannuwurm, m. globoid, glarn* 

Journal, n. Journat, mmgaxine. 
Journalift, m.joumalijl, magt^nt. 

Jubel, m. jubilation, rtjoicingt, 
Jubclbraut, r. bride jukilamt. 
JubelbrSutigan, m. Artd^.i 


' -groom J u- 

JubelfcA, Jubilaam, n. jubilee. 
Jube)Be(cbrei, n. cry ^jubilee. 
Jubelhochseic, f jubilee . nt^tidh. 
Jubeljahr, n. jubile. Jubilee. ' 

Jubilircn, v. n. to jubilate. ' 
Jucbart, n. acre. 
Jucbten, n. juf. 
Jucbccn, V, a. to kuxta. 
Juckcn, T. n. to itck. 
Jude, m. jem. 
Judengafle. {.Jew's Jlrttt, 
Judengenolt, m. pro/eljite ojn^ng 

Judcnkirfcbe, f. uiuter . ckerry_, at. 

kehtrffi. [men, 

Judenleim, m. Judenpecli, a. btta. 
Judenfcbart, f. j'etury. 
Judeorcbule, f. /ynageguf. 
JudcBtbuBi, n. judaijm. 


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Jidin, f, joMt/j. 

juairch, a. judaUtl, Jtwtjlk, 

Jugend, f. youth. 

Jugendfehler, m. JuvtHilUy, kett ^ 

Jugendfeuer, n. jmmtniUutft, 
Jugendlich, a. JuvtnUt. 
Juiiut, m. Jitiy- \ 
Jung, a. young. 

Junge, m. ^oy, Imi'i tpfrtntUt. 
Junge, n. young. 
JungcnntKuig, a. hoyijh. 
Jungenftreichc , pi. hoyi/m^^ ^V^A' 

JUngcr, m. iijci^, adhtrnt. 
Jungfcr, Jungfrau, f. virgin, m§id, 

mtiden ; Mtfs. 
JUngrerlich, JungrrKulich, a. virgU 

nal, maiJen. 
Jungfernhifutchen, n. kymtn. 
Juogfcrnhonigr o. *>''^i'< - honey. 
Jungfemkind, n. t*/lard. 
Jiiagferndl, n. virgin - oil. 
Jungfcrnftand , m. virgtnity, t 

Jiingfenrwacbi, ii virgin, vmk. 
Jungferfchart, jungfraafcbaft, f. •*»•- 

ginity, maidenktud. 
Junggerell, m. iacktlor, JlngU nm« 
JuDgeerellenrcbart, f. bachtUr/kip. 
jangling, m. youth, lad, young tn** 
JUngfl, ad. Uttly, ntxtily. 
Juagftc, a. youngtfi j /^. 
Junius, m. Jnnt. 
junker, m young nohltmtn. 
Jupe, f. jupt, Joiktt.jump. 
Jurift, m. juris - tonjutt, Uvytr. 
Juriftirch^ . juridienl, juridie. 
Juft, ad., jdjf . €veH umu, tut Jf/l. 

Juflizratfa, m. counfiUor rf JiliUt. 
Juwel. m.JfVMi. 
Jawdicl, m.JtmeiUr* 

Kahlkopf. m. iaid. head, Mt. 
Kahlkdpfig. a. Md . frnttd: 
Kalun, or Kabn, m. mould. 
Kahmig, or Kahnig, a. mouldy, 
fCahn, nij^«a<, vthtrry. 

fCaifer, m. tmftror. 
Kaiferin, f. emprtfi. 
KaiTerlicb, a. imftrUU. 
Kairerfchoht, m. T. cefaritnftOiom. 
Kairen^uoi, n. empire. 
KajUte, F. e»Hn, captain*! room. 
Kalb, n. eat/, pi. ealoes. 
Kalben, v. a. to calve. 
Kiilbergekrdrc, o. calves - chaldron, 
KMlbern, ▼. n. to he wanton. 
Kiilberftort, m. leg . hnuckU ^f veal. 
Kalbfell, n. catfsJUn. 
Kalbfleircb, o. ofo/. 
Kalbleder, n. calves ■ leather. 
Kalbtbraten, m. roafi-veal. 
Kaldaunan, pi. garbage, tripes. 
Kalender, m. calendar, almanac. 
Kale&he, f. calajh. {ing. 

Kalfatem, t. a. T. to calh : n. eeUk- 
Kafk, m. Ume ; ehalh. 
Kalkartig. a. chalky. 
Kalkbrennrn, n. turning to Uau. 
Kalkbrenner, m. lime-iumer. 
Kaiken, v. a. to Jteep in lime - vtatert 

to mix with lime. 
Kalkerdc, f. chalky earth. 
KalkMkte, f. Kalkofen, m. limekiln 
Kalkicht. a. lim* . lih^ iariarous, 
KalfMus, m. acorns. 
Kalkftein, m. llmrjlont. 
Kalt, a. cold, algid, /rigid i der . 

Brand . gangrene ; . Kikbe, cold 

nteati B>i' ><^ ^"K / «"> (o/^ 

das.Ficbcr, ague. 
kaltblUrig. KaltGnnlg. a. eold,/ri. 

Kaahnarjungfer , f. Kam 

chco. n. ehamher .maid. 
Kammerjunker, m. gentleman if tk 

privy . ckamher. 
Kammerratb. m. counfelUr at tk 

eaeheiuer, chamber . eounfellor. 
Kammenraaer, f. feeamd maamini 

of a court. 
Kammertucb, n. camhric. 
Kammfauer, n. comb-eaji. 
Kammniacbcr, m . camh . maker. 
Kammrad, n. cog . wheel, 
Kampeln, r. o. to di/pute. 
Kampf, m. /igkt, combat, wreJUing 
KKinpfen , ». a. to combat, Jgkt, 

Klmpfer, m. combatant, mreJUer. 
Kampfplatz , m. wreflUng . place 

fighting . camp. 
Kanincben, n. rabbit, cony. 
Kanincbengebage, n. eony.borough 
Kanktr, m. /pider. 
Kanne,f. can, t4mhard; bottle. 
Kannengielser, m. pewteret. 
Kannenkraut, n. hor/e . tall, Jhavt, 
Kanone, f. cannon. (r'*/'t 

Kanonenbiirfte, f . cannon . brujt. 
Kanonenkugcl.f. cannon-ball, bullet 
Kaooniren, ». a. to cannonade. 
Kanonircr, m. cannonitr, gunner. 
Kante, f. corner, end^ point, rujie^ 
Kantig, a. angular, cornered. 



Kabale, &c. •. C. 
Kabel, f. Kabehau, n. T. cabel. 
Kabliau, m. cabillau, chevln. 
Kabufe, f. little . room, hut. 
Kacbel, f. earthen tane. 
Kacbeloren, m. Jlove comfojid of 

earthen panes. 
Kacken, t. m. to each. 
KKfer, n. may^ bug, beetle, chafer. 
KafFce. m. cojie. 

KafTecbqbite, f. rofee, cofee- berry. 
Kaffeebrat, n. cofee- table. 
Kaffcebaus, n. cofee -houfe, 
KafTeekanne, f. coffee . p«*. 
Kaifeeiefcl, m. Ua.Jpoom. 
Ka freenOhle , f . cofee . mlU. 
KaCreerchenk, in. cofee • man. 
Kaifeeiafle, f. cqftc.difi. 
KJCficb, ih. cage. 
VJkfiMtt, m. Jieaer. 
Kahl.a. baldfbare, caUow', ftg./««r. 

gid, indiferent. 

lUliblUtigkeic, f. cold bUod. 

Kitlte, f. algUlty, toU, coldnefs. 

KMUen, ». a. to chiU. 

Kahfcbmid, ra. braaler. 

Kaltfinn, m. KaltOnnigkttt, f. cold- 
ntfs, Indiferenfy. 

Kamafbbe, i. /patter dmjk. 

Kameel, n. camel. 

Kameelhaar, n. camel's hair. 

Kameelueiber, m. camel- driver. 

Kamille, f. camomile, camomil. 

Kamin, Q. chimney, /re 'fide. 
Kaminfeger, m. chimney ./weeper, 

Kamifol, n, wayicoat- 
Kanm, n. comb ; (an Tbieran) crf/l. 
Kjfmmen, v. a. to conA. 
Kammer, f. chamber. 
KamOierbecken, n. chamber . pot. 
Kammcrdiener, m. vmlet dt cham- 

ber ; gentleman. 
KImmerei, f. e*cheiu*r.eoUege, e*. 

chefutr, finances. 
KXmfnerer, m. chamberlain. 
Kammerfrau, f. gentlewoman, woman- 
lCaniinerfri[ulein,.n. lady ^ the bed. 
. chamber. 

Kanimergericbt, n. chamber. 
Kammcrbeir, m. chambtrlaiMt 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Kanzel. f.tulpit. 
Kanc«Uei,f. chantery. 
Kanzellefeucbftab, m. Court . „„ 
Kanzelleircbrift, f. court . hand. 
Kanzalleiftyl, m. fiyle o/ the than 

Kanzellifi, m. clerh tfthe etantert 
Kanzler, m. chancellor. 
Kapaun, Kapphahn. m. empam. 
Kaper, ft caper. 
ICappc,r. capi eapomch, hoad. 
Kappen. f. a. to cut; to capan. 
Kappzaum, n. cavefon. 
Kaplel, f. cover, ca/e. 
Kant, n. carat. 
Karavane, f. rai^van. 
Karbadche, f. fcourge, whip. 
Karbatfcben, ». a. to /courge, vMt 
Kardeircke, f. card. 
Kardetfcben, t. a. to card. 
Karg, a. penurious, niggardly; /cant, 

tCargen, r, n. to be penuriaus, (3c. 
Kargbeit, f. penuri^u/ne/s, n^ari 


Kilrglicb. a. poc^,^aHng. 
Kamiers, n. T. cornice. 
Karpfcn, m. earp. 
Karre, f . barrow, wheel . bmrrvw. 
Karren, ▼. m. to carry with « bar 

, to cart. 
Karren, m. barrow { carr, cart, 
Karrengaal, m. cart. hor/e. 
KXrmer, m. carter, eart.mmn. 
KarA, m. mattoch. 
KartKtficbe, f. rartoueh. 
Karte, f. card; aid Spiel Kartea, /«ri 
^ cards. 

Kaiten, ▼. a. to turn, to trtw»pM. 
Karttnblatt, n. Jingle tard, UaJ, 
Kartenmachcr, m. cardmtktr. 
Xu-ienpapier^ n. pmjttb»»rd. 
Karteofpiel, n. playing mi etrdt. 
Kanhmuoe, f. eamnon . rovad. 
K»noff«l, f. p0t»tot. 
Kife, n*. ckte/e. 
Kiirehibidler, m. ckttjt . mongtr. 
Kafckaiaaier, f. d»iry. 
Kirekorb, «i. <httft . tagt. 
ICifekiicfaen, n. ckttft.cmkft. 
KMlaUb, n. ckuft. renntt. 
KjittmaAct f. ektt/e ■ mite. 
Ki(remDtter» f> dairy . w«nia«. 
KaTcn, v.n.&i. <« cMr^, emrJU' 
KaTenapfy n- chet/tytouil, ehetft-vat- 
"■" * a. tkteje-lihe, tafetus. 




Kifig, ». fAtfr/^"' 

KaJUnie, f . ckefnut, tkek . nut. 

Kaftanienbaum, m. ehefi - nut -tree. 

Kaftanienbraun, a. tkrjfnut-rplourei. 

Kadanienbraun, n. tkejlnut. colour- 

Kafteien, v. a. to ehajiift, mortify. 

Kafl^n. m. ark, tkiji, cojjir, trunk. 

KatechiTircn, v. a. to eateeki/i. 

Katc<^isaius, a. catechi/m. 

Kater, lA. male . tat, ram . eat. 

Kathrder, m. pulpit. 

Katbolik, m. Kaiholifch.a. eatkolie. 

Kauun, m. eotton. 

ficb I^ai;U>4gen, v. r. to caterwaul, 

KSizcbcn, pi. (an Gewi(cbr«B) emi- 

Katse, t . eat ; money • hag. 
Kat^angefchrei^ n. caterwauling. 
KauderwMKch, a. gibitrijk. 
Kaucn, v. a. <« ckew, ckamp, ckavb. 
Kauc^n, «r. n. to eowtr, Jfuat, 
Kaof, m. bargain, emption, buying. 
Kaafbrief^m. M/ of emption. 
Kao/en, v. a. to buy, purckafe. 
Kih^f^r, m. ckeaper, purchafer, buyer. 
KanCRihrer, m. merckantman. 
KauSabneirchifT, n. merekantman. 
Kaufbandel, m. trade, commerce. 
Kaufbaut, n. company's kail. 
Kauf^en.m. merckant's Aop. 
Kaufleate, pi. nurckantt, buyers. 
Kjluflieh, u^.ynurckantably. 
Kaiifmann, m. merckant. 
Kaafniiianircb, a. merckantly, wur. 


Kaufmannfchaft, f. tke wkole body 

of nurckantt of a place i^ merca. 


Kaufaiannsdiener, s. Handclsdicncr. 

Kaofmannsgut^n. nurckandife , wa. 

ret. goods. 
KauKchUlioigt "»• earn^ . money., 
Kaolbarfch, m. Jone . pearck,^ 
Kaum, ad. fcarce, kardly, fcarcdy. 
Kauu, m. Kiiutzleia, n. fcreeck - 

Kebtche, f. concubinant. 
Kcbsmann, m. eon'cubinat inam. 
Kcbtweib, n. concubine. 
Keck, a. bold, darini 
Kcekheit, f. boldnef 

efs, fioutnejt. 

Kcgtl, oi. ninepin i keeli T. toae* 
Kegelbabn. f. bouJing .place. 
Kegelfi5rniig, a. conical, 
Kcgeln, V. n. to play at nimepimt. 
Kegelfchub, m. flaying at niiepins, 
Kebldeckel, m. koek. 
Kehle, f. tkroat, gorge. 
KehUn, ». a. T. to ckamfer, fiuie. 
Keblbobe}, m. ckamferingMane. 
KebUeifte, f. (Aaiiii«/. 
Kchrbefen, m. broom. 
Kehrbikae. f. brufi. 
Kchren, v. a. to turn ; t^ ^rM/ft, 

Kebricht, n. /weepings. , 

Kebmifch. m. wk'Jb. 
Keichen, *. nt. to pait, ti' he purfy. 
Keichen, n. purfinefs. 
Kaicbend^a. afikmatit. 
Keichhoften, m. ckin-cougk. 
■Keifcn, v.n. to f cold, cavil. 
Keil, m- eeigne, \Migt. 
Keilen, v. a. & n. to wedge. 
Keller, m. boar. 
Keilfdrmig, a. wedge'' wife. 
Keim, m. jkoot, fprig, bud, burgeon 
Kcimen, v. n. to Jkoot, burgfon, bud. 
Ketn, a. &pr. no, none. 
Keinerlei, a. qf no fort, uot any. 
Keinerreiu, ad. on neitker fide. 
Keinetwegei, ad. by no means- 
Keinmal, ad. not ance, never. 
Kclch, n|. ekalice, tup. 
Kelle, r. trowel. 
Keller, m. cellar, cave. 
Kellerei , f . cellarage. 
Kcllerknecht, m. tapfier. 
Keilcrlocb, n. ceUar . or eave • k»le. 
Kellermeifter. KcUner, m- ctUariJl, 

Xellerwurm, ra.fow. 
^Kelter, f. pre/s. 
Kcherlohn, n. pre/s • money. 
Keltent, v. a. to pre/s, tread. 
Keltertteter, m. pre/sman, 
Kcnnbar, Kcnntlich, a. knowahle, 


KcnixjCQ, V. n. to know. 
Kenner, oi. knower, cannotfeur. 
Kenmaifi, f. knowledge, Jiul, ■ 
Kennseicheo, n. fign, token, badge, 

mark, ckarader. 
Kerbe, f . notch, dent^ Jagg- 
Kerbel, m. chervil. 
Kerben, v. a. to notch, dent. Jagg. 
Kerbholz, n. tally, /core. 
Kerker, m. Jail, gaol, Mfon. 
Kerkermeifter, nv. gaoler. Jailer. 

Kern, m. kernety fig. ckoiee,jlower. 
Kernbeifser, m. cherry -.finch, 
Kemen, ». a- to kern, curdle. 
Kemgehi(are, n. core, ' 
Kernlg . a. full rf kernels \ fig. f olid, 

found, pitky. 
Kernobft, n. Krrrul. fruits. 
Kernt^rucbf m. /«<*> /"y^^St /<«• 

Kerze, f. candle, taper. 
Kcrzenmacheff m. ckandter. 

Keflel, B. kettk, cauldron, eh^fera^ 

tin kleiner.,yiJi^fr, haUtr. 
Keffelflicker, m. tinker. 
Keflelbaken, m. pot.kangtr. 
Kcflelmacber, m. braaier. 
Kette, f. chain. . 
Ketten, v. «. to chain. 
^Keuenglied, n. link. 
Kettcnbund, m. hand-dog^ tyt'dog. 
Kcuenkiigel, f. ckainjkot, 
Kttser, m. ktretie. 
Keizerei, f. kere/y. 
Ketzergertcbt, n. isituifitloa. 
KetzerifcV. a. kereHcal. 
Keucben, >. Keicben. 
Keulc. r. club ; pf/lie ; leg. 
Keufcb, a. ekajfe, pure, continent. 
Keulcbheit, f. ch^Jlity, ch^tfs. 
Kibitz, m. lapwing, pte-wii. 
Kichercrbfe, I. ekicH -ptt^fe. 
Kiefer, f. pine. 
Kiefer, m. Jaw, Jaw. hone l -aint* 

Tbieres, ckap, chaw. 
Kiel, m. fuiil ; T. kieel. 
Kielen. r. n. to fledge ; ». a T. to 

furnijk wUk a keel, -wltk fuiils. 
Kielbohlen. V. a. T. ein Scblff-, to 

carbeni einen Verbrecher- , to 

Kieme, Kicfe. f gill. 

pine, ft It . {j(0o4. 
Kienbaum, m. pine-tree. 
Kieqol, a. pine ■ oil. 
Kienrufs, n. foot, pirn -foot. 
Kies, m. gravrl ; T. pyrUer, fuan. 
Kjefel, Kiefemcin, m. flint, fiint- 

Aone, pebble .Jlone. 
Kiefig, a. gravelled, gravelly. 
Kieze, f.Jmaie eat. 
Kimme, f^T. chime, cimh. 
Kind, n. child, pi. ckUdreni bffant. 
Kindbett, n. ckild: bed. 
Kindbeiterin, f . woman in cMd.hed. 
Kindcrblattcrn, pl.'i. Blattem. 
Klnderel. f. cklldijhne/s. 
Kindcrlehre, f. cateckifation. 
Kinderloa, a ckUdleft. 
Kindermord, Kindermflrder, ta. <«- 

Kiodermolter, s. Bebamroc. 
Kinderpoflen, pi. ckildlfk tricks. 
Kinderfpiel. n. ckildijh play ; ig- 

gewgaw, bawbte. . 
Kinderaucht, f. educaiiaa. 
Kindetkind, a> grand . ekitd. ^ 
Kinde»n6then, pi. in ., in labour. 
Kindbeit, f. ckiUkood, infancy. 
Kindirch,a. ckU^Jk, infantiU, 
Kindlich. a. //ia/- 
Kindfchaft, i. fonjkip. 
Kiadtaijfe, f. ekrijlening, hapHfm. 
Kindiaufrcbmaiis, m. gojt/kng. 
Kinn, n. ckin. , 
Kinnbacken. m. Rinolade, I. Jam- 

bone, cheek-bone, mandible } chaw. 
Kinnnkette, t. curb. 
Kippen, v. n. to loo/e balance ^ v.a. 

to overturn ; T. to 'tUp. 
Kipper, m. clipper, 
Kirchdorf, n^llage With aeknrtk. 


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KirclM, f. tkurek. 

Kirckcnklteae, Kifcbenpflcgcr. Kir- 

cbenvorAehcT, m. ckureA.«>»rdta. 
Kirchenbann, m. tMctmmmmUation. 
Klrchenbuch. n. ehureh-iook. 
KircbenbuiM, f. konturtkU aHutnd. 
Kirchendiener, m. ckurek . mmn. 
K-irehendientt, m. ekurek.pfite. 
fCirchcDgcb«t. o. c»mm«H f^aytr, 
Kircbtngtbnudi , m. ctrtmoHMt, 

KirchcDgefcblcbte, f. etel^lit ki. 

Klrchenlebrw, Kirch«iv«t«r , m. 

Kircbcnlied, a. //«/«. 
»rcb«nmufik, f. ckurtk. mmJU. 
Kif«h«»ordnang, f. M^nia. rUmml. 
Kirebenrath ». <»njyt„y, ^«*^ 

Klrcheniiluber, m. tk^rek .rohktr. 
K.iri:hcrtreeb(, h. tmmm.Um. 
K^ii^Sf&bm kek, n. (hmrck.mtKrt. 

iKirelivh>.t:rr4^ulung, f, cuncil 

Itjj^^tmivjr, ra. fku^,ki^f^^momtm. 
Klrrblkir, ni. fiarwi, ,J;/ 

Kitten, ». «. f^ «««,*. 
Kit«e m. hthlinm, pHckimm. 
KItEel,,.. ttfi/ijS/fig. ,2,. 
KitEcIn, V. a. r« Wfifc. 
Kl.dd«, f. memorial, 4ay.kcek. 

KlMffen, ». «. ;, ^^^, 

S*J'"l'; '^^' /•**'»- 

i^lafterbols, a- cerd'Wcoi. 
RUrtern. V. a. f« f,rrf. 
Kl«gbar, •. afUmakit j imptatUng. 
Wage, f. etmpUint'y mSUn, impttk. 

ment. ' 

Klagcgedieht, n. tUgy. 
Klagelied, KJaggcfcbrri, n. Umtn. 

KUgen, ». a. U eompltin ; to im. 

Ptack |. ». a. to utter cne'j ecmi. 

f/ainti. , 


KUgefcbrift, f. aaiom. I 

KUglLch. a. Umentakte, mouPmfuL 

Pitiful •' 

Klamm, a. nmrrou), tltfe. 
Klammer, f. tramp ^irom, elincker. 
KlaiBinern, r. a. & n. |« ctituk, cUfp. 
Klang, m. found. 
Klapp, i. ttmek, timp. 
Klappe, f. ftmp ; /«i/ta^ . ktari. 
Klappcn, v.n. to <Up. 
Klapper, f. rattle i clapper. 
KlappermUblc. f. eUtping.miU. 
Klapperq, t n. to eUp^er, rattle. 
KUpperrofc, f. knap . kottle- 
Klappericbiaoge. f rattle .fnake 
iCIar. a. clear iJiuei pmre. 
KUren.v.a. to clear, clarify. 
Kiarheit, (. cUarnefi, olainnefs. 
KlatTche.f.^^cte/i tla^k, habhUr. 
Klatrchen, T. a. to flap i to divklgt; 

V. n. to ckat, ckatter. 
KUffcherei, f. ckii.ckat. 
KUifcbbaft, a. ekatting, talkative, 
Klwb«n, V. a. to pifk. 
Klaue. f. WWoi, cluttk. 
Klaufi, r. cell, ktrmitory, 
KUuiiter, m. kermit. 
Kleben, v. n. to cleave, Jiiek, eling; 

». a. to glue. 
Klebcrig, a. cleaving, tUngy. 
Kleck, m. kUt, kiur. 
KUcken, v. a. to hlot, Uur. 
Klee, m. clover, ctovergrafs, trtfeil 
Klecblatt, n trffoU, Uaf t^ clover. 
Klei, m. day. 
Kleiben, v n. & a. /• glue, paftt'^ 

to make a mudaall. 
Kleiber, n. maker of a muduall. 
KJeid, H clotk, garment, dreft,gark, 

vestment, kakit, attire, veflure, 

raiment', ein Tollflituiiges . , fuU 

of clotkes. 
Klciden. «. a. fo dr*f*, tlotke. 
Kleiderbefen, m. xnktjk. 
KleiderbUrAe, f. krujkfor cUtktt. 
Klciderkammcr, m. wardrobe- 
KlddcrCcbrank, m. ferine for cUikts. 
KJciduog, r. clotking, cl0tke$. 
KJeidungsftyeJk, n. piece of clotket, 
Kicie, f,r«i^Kleien, pi. kram. 
Kleierde, f. clay. tat tk. 
Kiciig, a. clayry; branny. 
Klein, a. little , f mall , minute ; klei. 

ner, left, lefftr-, der kleinftfc. Uajl. 
KleingiXubie. a. of Uttle faitk. 
Kleinbeit. r. littleueft , fmatlneft . 
Kleinigkeit. f. trifle, frnaU . Uttle 

Kleinlaut. a. dtjeHed, dejeS. . 
Kleinlich, u./matli mean. 
KIrinmuth, in. pnflltanimtty. 
Kleinmiithig, a. pujlllanimous. 
Kleinod, a. Jewel, treafure. 
Kleinrcbmid, m. lotktt . fntitk. 
Klffifter. tn. Jet/le. 
KleiAern, v. a. to paftt. 
Kiemme, f. /tar*, dilemma, JraUt. 
Klcmman, v. a. to pinck, cramp. 
Klempner, m. tin • man. 
Klepper, m. eonrfer, nag, tit. 



Klette,f. bur, clot. bur. 
Klettcnkraut, n. kurdock. 
Kiettern. ▼. n. to cUmb, fcrmmUe, 

Ktima, n. clim»te, ctimature. 
•Klimmen, v. n. to climb. 
KJinpern, v.n. to ckink, tingle. 
Klioge, f. Uade. 

Klingelbeutel, m. purfe witk a bell. 
KJingeln, v. n. to gingle, Hngle, 


Klingen, V. n. to clink, timk, found. 
Klinke, r. Utck. 

Klinfe, f. el^t, (kink, crack, gap. 
Klippe.r. clijr, crag, rock. 
Klippfircb, m. kaberdine. 
KJippig, a rocky, craggy, 
Klippkram, m. kaberdaAery wares. 
KlippkrXmer, m. kaberdajktr, 
Klirren, v. n. to clink, tinkle, cUnl^. 
Klitfchen. t. n. to elafk, clap. 
Kloben, m. log i cheek (of a ba. 

lance); trap, gin^JlopU ; block. 
Kloprel, *rKI&ppel,m. club, cudgel; 

(Upper ; lace • bone, bobbin. 
Kldpfcln, «r KIdppeln. v. a. to wtava 

bone . lace. 
KltiprelkUflen, n. tujkion for kone. 

lace . weaving. 
Klopfeo, V. a. /• keat ; ta knock, 
Klopfer, m. kammer (of a door J. 
Klopffacbter. m. ko*er, fighter, 
KlopfhoU, n. Klopfkcnle, f. keetie, 
Klols, m. clod; dumpliuM. 
Klofsig, a. cloddy. 
Klofler, u cloifitr, convent, moH€. 

Klofterbruder, m. lay. brotker, 
Klofterrrau, Kio&trj^Mfar, U nrnm, 
KJofterleben, n. monajfic Ufe. 
Klaaerlicb, a. cUifterat, monaJhc, 
Klotz, m. block i flub, flock. 
Waft, f. gap, deft ; cavern j gulf, 
Klug, a. prudent, witty, wife. 
Klflgcleij f. groveling, critkalme/s, 
Kittgelo, V. n. to grovel, critic. 
KJugbctt, f. prudence, wU, fen/t. 
Klttglich. ad. prudently, wifely. 
Klump. Khtmpen, m- clump, iump. 
richKlUmpern, t. r. to clod, ctat. 
KlUroperig, a. cloddy. ] 

Klunker. m. clod of dirt. « 

Klunfc, t. Klinfe. , 

Klyftier, n. dy/ler. 
KlyAierfpritxe, f . dyJUr - pipe. 

Knabc, m. boy,Jlripling, lad. 


Knabenfcbanderei, f. buggery, pe. 

det^y. • 

Knack, Knacks, n. knocking, er-ack. 
K^acken, v. a. Sen. to knack, crack. 
Knackwurft. f kardfmoked faufage. 
Knall, m. dap, crack } pop, report. 
Knallbikbre, t. popgun, potgun. 
Knallen. t. n. to clap, crack, give 

a report. 
Knapp, a. elo/e; fcaree ; fmmrt . 
Knappc, m. journey • man. 
Knupein, ▼. n. to crunck. 



Koam.ff. rmtiU. 
KaarrcB, ▼. n. tt tritkt ftrttk. 
Kaaftcm* v. n. to gmmjk, eraekk. 
Knlacl.Bi. cka,hanitaHm,kett»m. 
Koaupclo, ▼. n. ta fici, gmtmi U 

Knmulcr, m. niggard, emrtmudfttm. 
Knauferei, f. niggardlimt/s. 
Knaufcrig, a. niggardly. 
Kaanfern, v. n to niggard, 
Kocbcl, m. gag. 

Kacb«lb«n, m. vo)^/itrs, mi(/laeh»t. 
Knebeln, ▼. a. to gag. 
Knacht, m./trvant, htnd'yJUve. . 
Knechcifcb, %, JerviU, Jlavijk. 
Kncchtrdnft, f. ftrvitudtt bondage. 
Kneif, m. nipping ~ tool, cutting' 

kn/e. J. 

•Kneifen, or Kneipea, ▼. a. to fiack, 

Koeipcn, n. gripe- 
' Kneiprcbenke, or Kncipc, f. hedgt. 

Kocipxangc, r. pineert , nippers. 
RBctcn, w- a. <• kmtad. 
Ktt«dchcii, n. kneading, beetle. 
Kncttrog, m. kntadtng . trokgk. 
Kaick, m. jfaiD, eraek, brui/e. 
Kaicken, v. a. to fiavt, brtd/e. 
Kaicker, aa. niggard. 
Knickerei, f. mlggardlinefi. 
Knickcrig, n. fir did. 
Knickern.Y. n to haggle \ to bt/or- 

adly parjimonious, 
Knickt, m.fiaw'f tourtfy, 
Knic, n. knee. 
Knieband, n. garter. 
Kni«n, v. n. to kneel. 
Kniflkehle, f. kougk. 
Kni«fcheibe« f. vMrlbone. 
Kniff, m. pincki fig. trick, 
Knippchen, a. /Uip, /nap. 
Knirps. m. maniking. 
Knirren, t. n.' to c.tak, Jtrrak. 
Kntrfchcn, v. a. 4 n. to gnajk, grate 
KniOcrgold, n. tin/ei. 
KAiAers, Knittern, v. n. to crofkU. 
KanbUacb. m. garUck. 
Knfickel, m. knuckle j ankte, 
Knocben, m- bone. 
Koocbcnlchre, f. geology. 
Kndcbcro, a. tnade of bone. 
Kaocbig, a. bony. 
Koolicn, m. clod, lump, log, knot. 
ICnellig, a. knotty, cloddy. • 
KiK>pr/iD- button I top; knob, pom. 

mel, knop. 
Kn^eln.T.a. to knot, tvj/t. 
KaopfgiefMr, m. button .founder. 
Kn^flocb, n. button . kole. 
Kaopftnacber, m. button, maker. 
Koorpel, m. gri/lle, cartilage 
Kaofpelig, a. cartitageinous, griftly. 
Kaorren, m. ankle \ knot, guar. 
Knorrig, a. knaggy, knotty. 
Knafpc. f. bud, knot, burgeoa, but. 

Koorpen, v. n. to burgeoHt bud, 
Knolpicbt, a. hiobby. , 
Kndtelo, ▼.#.%» knot. 

Kaottn, m. knot, knob, mode ; fig. 

Knotig, a. knotty', Hodous. 
KnUpfen, «. a. to kuit, tye. [gtl. 
Kniippel.Kiilfcta], m.jhckjfaf, cud- 
Knumn, v. n. /• guar I, gnar,/n»rl 
Kouta, f. knout. 
KBUttcWcn, m. doggerel, 
Kobah,m. c^alt. 
Koben, b. kogiy. 
Kober. m. b^H, durfer. 
Kohold, m. gobtin, kobgobHn. 
Kocbf n. eook. 

Kocben, t. n. to boUf t. a. to cook 
Kdcbar, m. fuiver. 
Kdcbin, r. cook, cook - maid. 
Kocbknnft, f. cookery, cooking, 
Koch\dS9l,m. pot. ladle. 
KocbropT, m. kitcken . pot. 
Kbder, m. bait. 
Kfidcrn, r. a. to baU. 
Koreott m. /mail beer. 
KofFar, m. coftr, trunk. 
Kobl, m. cabbage, eolewort. 
Knblci f. coali Kohlen breanan, to 

Kohleabeckea/n. KoMcnpfaaae, f 

/re . pan, ckafing.dtjk.- 
ICoblenbMner , Kdbler^M. coat. 

man, f outer. 
Kohlcnfeucr, n. coal-Ji't ; Jirt.pam. 
Koblenkorb, m . bajkft /or coals. 
Koblgarten, n. kitekin -garden. 
Koblttieirc, f. coai.moufi. 
Kohlrabi, m. rape. cole. 
KoblHibe, f. cole-rape. 
Kohlfchvrarz, a. at black as a coal. 
Kolba, r. Kslban, m dub ; butt.end. 
Kolbig, a. knobby, knotty. 
Ko\ik,t. coin. 

KoUar, o. tote, collar ; jerkii. 
Kollar, m.Jlaggeri, rage, 
Kollem, V. a. & n. io roll % fvoa 

Pferdaa) to kave tke Jtaggeri. 
Kolon, n, colon. 
Kolofs, m. colo/t, cotofus. 
KoloOalifcb, a. cUoffcam. 
Komet. IB. comtt. 
Komifch, a. coaue, comUal. 
Komma, a- comma, Jlop, 
«Koaiaicn, v. a. to come} am etwas 

., to loft; suScbadcB., to mifearry 
KomSdiaBt, la. comedian, atlor. 
KoBiSdie, f. comedy, play. 
K6nig, ni. king i T. regutus. 
Kdnigia, f. ^uten. 
K6oiglich.a. riyal, kingly i diakfi. 

nidicbeWUrde, kingjkip, royalty. 
Kfinigreicb, a. kingdom. 
•Kdftnen«v. a. to be able , to can ; 

to knom \ icb kaaa nicht umbia, 

/ cannot /orbtar \ icb kaaa nicbu 

dafUr, / cannot kelp it. 
Kopf. m. head, pate, foil. 
Kopfarbeit. t. Jludy^neeulation. 
Kopfbiade, f. keai. band. 
Kdpfea, ▼. a. to bead ; to bekead. I 
Kopfgeld, a. Kopffteuer, f. capitt.^ 

Hon, poll, money, toll. teut, 
Kopfgriad, m.Jtall. 

KRA 6, 

KoprkOflea, a MUom. 
Kop^Dtz, m. tead.dre/t. 
KopfTaUt. n. keadtd Uttice. 
KopffcbmarXfai Kopfweb, a. Atad^ 

KopTftOck, a. kead.pUce. 
KoprvraOeHbcbt, f. kydrocepkalus. 
' f- wound on tke kead. 

Koppc. f. cop, top. 
"oppel, f. couple i ciaa 

pack of komnds. 
Koppela, V. a. to eoupk, 
Koraile, f. coral. 
Koralleafifcbar, ai. coral .JtJUr. 
Korb, m. bmftet,JUfiet, kamper, 

I, /ckttU , Ha. rtfu/ai. 
Korboiachar, m. ba/ket - maker. 
Korintha, f. currant, corintk, 
Kork, oi cork. 
Korkciebar, m. cork-/crem. 
Kotn, a. corn, grain } (von MHa. 

sea) value t (aa Scbie(sgcwcbf eal 

aim .Jigkt. 
KornXhrCt f. com . car. 
KorabluBtc, f. com .Jloioer. 
Korabodea, ai. earn 'Jtoor , loft, 

KorabraaBtweia, m. com . branny. 
Kornelkirfcbe, f. cornel. 
Kdrnea, t. a. flea, to com, granu. 

lata to btgin to /ted I fig. to mi. 

Korarcid, a. corn -field, 
Kfkaicbt, a. granulary. 
Ktirnig, a. granulous, corny. ' 
Korawurm, Bi« calender, mite, mevil. 
KArpcr, m. body, corps. 
Kdrperlicb, a. bodily, corporal. 
Kofea, V. a. to talk, prattle. 
Koft. r. board, diet. 
Koftbar, a. coKly •, precious, [nefs. 
Koftbarkait, f c^Une/s, enpen/vt. 
Koftaa, pi. c^, cupences, ckarges. 
Koftea, T. a. to cqjl ; v. a. f« teJir* 
Koacafrci, ad. c^.tree. ■ ' 
Koftfrel, a. defray' d. 
KoftgXager, n. boarder. 
Koftgeld, a. board-wages. 
Koftbaus, n* boarding . kouAi. 
Kdftlicb, a. cojily, expenfiuei pre, 

Hous. ' 

Koftfpialig, a. eupenfive, ckargcablt. 
Kotb, ro. dirt, turd, mire, e*creme9t' 
Kotb, a. Kotba, f. cot, cottage. 
KothbUrlU. r. rubbing . brujk. 
iKoihig, a. dirty, miry. 
KotbkXrer, Bi. dung. fly. 
Koizeai V. a. to keck^fmU^ 
Knhht, t. Jkrimp. 
Krabbela, v. q. ta crawl; v. a. fo 

Kracb, m. creuk^ 
Kracbea, w. a. t^crack, 
iKracbiaaadel, f. eri/p almoud. 
KrMchzca, t. a. to rfMi j tograam. 
Kracke. f. jade, /orry tU. 
Kraft, r. firtngtk, force, vigamrl pa* 
\ wer,/ucidty. 

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krartbrttbe, f . caudU, 

Kratfiig, a. ^rong', eorroborftiv* i 

entrgtiUmii tjftaci^s. 
K.rafilos, a. uitmk,fcrctUfsi 
Krartlofifkcu, r. loeakntft, 
Kraftmehl . n . March. 
Kngen, m. eoUar, tape ; gorgit. 

Kncftein, m. T. terM. 
Knrtie, - 

Kriflien, t. n. to tm>. 

Krahn, m- crant. 

Krahnreebt, n. ermnsgt. 

KraMa, f. c^w. 

KrilHen, t. a, r« eitu. 

Kram, m. trmJe by filling in rettil; 

wmrtt, eommodititti Jiuf, lumbri-. 
Krambiide, f. VummMitn, m. Aob, 

Jlatt. ^ " 

Kramen, t. u. U fell in retail; to 

^r, move. 
Kribner , m- Jkop - keeper ^ trader. 
KriMnerei, f. Jkop . keeping, trading. 
Kramerinnung, f. trader'^ torfora. 

Kraramcuvogel, m.Jield./are. 
Knmpa, f. tramp, tramp. iron. 
Krampf, m, eramp, fpa/at. 
Krampfadtr, f. varU. 
KrampfSfeh, n. jramplfjlk. 
Kramfig, h. /pa/medteal. 
Kranicb, m. eraue. 
Krank, a. Jitk, ill, inJirm^ H/ea/td, 

Krknkeln, v. n. to be JUkly. 
Kiilnken, v. a. *• grieve, mortO^. 
Kfaotowbctt. Kfankenligcr. D.J£ci< 

Itonkenbaot, n. injirmeiry, hojpital. 
luankanftubc, f. fiek • room. 
Knnkenylner, m. 40, f. tender. 

nurft of jKk ptrfont. 
Kraokheit, f. difeaft, firkntfspiUt. 

utft'y dijlemperi die enMifclfe., 

KrtDklich, %.Jieklyt weakly, vaUtu. 

KrJtnklichkeit, f . Jteklintfj. 
Kritnkung, f. gri^f, morHf cation. 
Knns, m. garland, wreath. 
Krapf, m. ^r KrXppelchen, n. fritter. 
Kntxb«ere, f. bramble - berry. 
Krat»bUrftt, f. ftraper, ftraitktr, 
Knize,S-ferap*ri card. 
KrXtse. f. ifeh, mange ; fliHgti elip- 

pings f of gold iic. J. 
Knitsen. ». a. to ftratch, grat«. 
Krttxfuu, m. ftrape. 
Kriitsig, a. itchy, /cabbed. 
Kraiieq, r. a. /• cUw, rub, 
Kraus, a. tflfp, curled, fritJed. 
Kraufc, f, ri^, trav^t. 
Kriufeln, n.m. totrifp, eurt,friale. 
KrauremUnze, f. eurlcd mint, balm- 


Kraiitkopf, m. t^p . head. 
Kraut. II herbi ctUeworti gum.pvwder. 
Krifuierbad, n. bath cffimplts. 
Kriiuterbudi, ir. kerb^. 
Xriuterkenner, ra. herbanjl, 
Krlutarmarin, m. gatherer offimpUs. 


Krifuterttank, m. dieotfian nj krrbr* 

KriCuterumrchlag, m. p^MiUk*. 

Krifuterwein, m. mtdicoiiii teMir. 

Kraatfalai, m. eabbage -/«JfW^ 

Krcatur, r. treaturei f*"^ 

Krebc, m. trab ; tanker, gumgremt- 

Krcbtbuuer, f. erab^s Suiter. 

KrcbFen, ». a. /• catch crabt. 

Krebsgang, m. retrogrrJitHt. 

Krebficht, a. eankerbit, gMbgfntmt. 

Krcbtrchcare, f. clan sf a n-at. 

Kreidc, f. ehilk. 

Krcidig, a. chalky. 

Kreis, m. tirtle. 

Kfcifchen, V, n. toereah j trftTemi; 

to Aeut. 
Kreifel, m. top, gig. 
Kreireln, T. n. to turn si a. t.if, 
Krcireltopr, m.f/gig. 
Kraiifdnnig, a. tireutar. 
KrciaUuf, m. circulatiti. 
Krcitrchreiben, n. eircufn' Ufitr. 
Kreiftcn, V. H' /« havt r':^.-fiy 
Knmpf,{. cock of a rtj.'. 
Kreinpcl, f. card. 
Krempeln, v. «. to card- 
Kreppflor, m. crape. 
Krcfle, t^crtfs ; (ein Fi f.zh i « i>i^i?,'.i rj 
Kreaz, n. croft \ • einri htcnfL-hKr, 

reins, back | • einet Pi c rdcij crMp^ 

KrcusbraV, a. n^ hon*^- 
Kreuzen.w. n. to triUf<', «> w, ^ n. 

to trofs. 
Kreuzcr, m. Xreuxer. 
Kreuzgang, m. ekurch - pi^ck. 
Krcuz^afle, f . trofs -Jtrtit. 
Kreuzigen, ▼. a. to trttztfy. 

Krcuzi^ung, f. crutifixt 
Krcozlpinpe, f.fpinner- 
Krcuzweg, ii|^ t^ofs- o jv. 
KrcuzY^eife, «a. crofsh', <tir«fi^ 
Kr«|izzqg,0l. cruft^dt,e'r ti/tdi*, eru t/r- 
*Krieeben, v. n. to trt*pt twaui. 
Kriechente, f . fen - ducA , tf*Sf^ 
Krieg, m. tear ; fig. o-iifjh. 
Kriegen, v. n. to nar i fig. r& fim. 

Kricgcn, v. a. to ratth ; i* ^t. 
Kriegert >»• warrior. 
Kriegfrifc^, a- tuarlikty nrnTti^, 
Kriegsbaukunft, f. fori^t^iitutt fJi- 

Kriegsdienft, m. miltlfr^ /crvief, 

Kriegifloue, r. Miiy, /f#jr. [n^ 
Kriegsgefangene, m. nfithit,. fi'^i/j. 
KriegsglUck, a. good lutk in ft^r. 
Kriegfgott, m. go4 cf f^'itr^ H\iTi. 
Kricgtneer, n. army, kujl. 
Kriegtkunft, f. military K^t. 
Kriegtlift, f. Jhatagtm- 
Kriegsmacbt, (, fortes. 
Kriegimann, m. warrirr, {.-iiitr. 
Krieguatb, ta.*court matiia^i ciit»- 

feUor qf tMr. 
Kxi^gtracht, n. martial la^. 
Kricgtriiftimg, I. preparnHfin tf itj* 
KriegsfebifT, n. aiaa «^ u^f. 
Krirgsft«uer, f. comtrihtlrMjot EKf* 

ICr EflitM efcn^ II, hidr/crf. 
KtLCpiiJui;i^{, r, miiHawy JifeipUmt. 
Kfiniprn^ y. t, fti crnmpit. 

K4-1 pp<::FibeirMiT t m. rrtb . ektmiimg 

Krritit, f, KtUEker, di. rritU. 

KHiifcb, 4. rrllifof., 

Kj-liicln^ V. ■, ijr /fT^pif; t. ■. to 

Rn>kodilE, an trmiilt. 

'^ c, r, f*t4>\ai'^ frvim; earvnet. 

ICrinn|(IS1, ID, ittmt/>,tr 
JvtEiulcikcbier, m. fiitan^^ 
KtunprSuiEt ^. prints hrredtlary. 
KfHlEi pn n K erpn , f . prijfi^iktrt^f^. 
Kx4itrung, Tr e^fifiali^t 
K-rupf^ mi frdte, trPpi firofiUa. 
KTiipr^iFii, f, ptiiian- 
Krdtphg, a , fcr^f»iaaf . 

KrUihi?, t. rrntfk. 

y^Tvg^ tn. piifhrr, m^gt mug-kaufe. 

Ket\^lt^ f> rrsm, t*iitiib. 

KrbunrJig, n. rf<im^jr. 

KrUaiEljt, y. n.. ii, t'H^bit, CTUmb, 

Kn'mm, n- ff^rvktd, ^mmp. 

KruFiii^hritii^, 1^ i"idp - legiged. 

SrUmnnn, ¥.1. ^^ fraji, bead, eur- 

i ridi ., /d i^u 


Krutsmnnh^H a- <ki-fitni!(l. 
KliSpJi«i, m. crif^ie- 
K.rl3p|i.EliV, ttt eriffitJ. 
Krullcj f. tfnfi. 

Kr) [Utlviipa. trt/^Uint, ery/tat., 
Ki^nallirtian^T.j, to ctjjlaltixt, 

K>Jl»c]. S3, ecop, tut, 

KuhLkhnEt, t.t^be.tUit. 

KmLiI k-wurxB] H f, ruin -rofit, euiie- 

T^aeht, t. kiie^er}. 
Kofhbtt, pir t^ke. 

Itnrli«UlJeli; t[ ^ m ^ /o^r V . r004 . 
K%l)rag4tint^ jB. %\Mk*garden. 
KilchrEjg«rcliW» n^ kjttken. utenflts. 

KUcbc QjH El|C , m. fmUien. 
KUrhdnlaielD, D. rfqjiV /ilM». 
K.tUbeTiretvraiil, 53- panlty, l^rdfr, 
K^hcnritch, m. ditstr,dreferb«»rd, 
KTirfhctT7 4ri<t, IB- Jid^/ 9f fyr*^ 
KilAjhlcIni, ti. rAiflM. 

K'IUt, I- HwicTiEr. 
IsLij^l. r. l>all, tuitftffioti towli 
t^afft, fphrrf, 

KuifflhUchrf , f. f.j?<(# arfiir5i</«. 
Kugp I ritf HI tg. 3?HH«J n lad , •. globous, 

sfjbui^T , /filitrifai - 
Ka^tiry, *. n. r^i taU ms m iatBll 

i.- boa4. 
Kogiil i it1i*T| tn' iiidM w drawer. 
Kut^f. fjw* fH- tilt. 




Kahfidcn, m. cow-juakei, ;«« •IKnprtrwaffer, n. cv/ftrmi. 

KUhbiit, m. ctmktrit neatherd, 
Ktthl •. co*i,freA. 
KUbU, f . t^eluftf frtJhMtfs. 
KSblen, v. a. to tool* 
Kliblfars, n. tooltr. 
Kiihltnnk, m. c«o/ . tankard. 
KUtan, a. keld, hardy, daring. 
KtAnbeit, f. koldnt/s, kardintp. 
KUbnlicb, ad. holdly, kardtfy. 
Kabfiall, m. eoui . kaK/e. 
RUmmel, m. €umim, 
Kumaiert m. KUB)nenii(s, f. for. 

ram, gri^f, cart, anjtltty. ■ 
Kiiauaerlicb, a. cumbtrfomti hard. 
Kummcrlot, a. frtefrorm f arrow Uc. 
KBiDinero, t. Jl- to concern, regard^ 

fich-t to gneve, to be anxious. 
KominervoiT, a. forroxt^ul. 
Knud, ad. public , notorious. 
Kao<ibar, a. known. 
Kundc, Kundmann, m. cu/lomer. 
Kundig, •• aequainUd; JkiiUd. 
Kundlcuie, )>1. cuftomtrs. 
Kondrcbaft. f. Jhll, knowledge; at- 

jmaintanee ; information } frefutn- 

cj of etjlomtrs ; t^imony. 
Rundfcbaficn, ▼. a. to ftout,ffy. 
Kundfcbaftcr, m. fcout, fpy. 
Kiinftig , a. future ; kUnftig, iiu 

kUnitige, z^. for tke future. 
Kuak«l. f. dijlaf. 
Runft, £. art ; T. water, work. 
Kiinftdrcchster, m turntr in ivory. 
Kiinfteln, v.*. to elaherute, to refine. 
Kiinftclei« f. elaboration, refinement 
KunRfeu«r, n. bon .fire, firt- work. 
Kunftgtotcer , m. proftffor ia gar- 

KunftgrifT, m. artifice, eraft. 
KunAbiCndJer, m. fr in t -filler. 
Kunftkaminer, f. cabinet of artificial 

Kdnfller, m. arti/an, artificer, arti/l. 
RunAIich, a. artificial. 
Kunftlos, •. artlejs. 
KunftmSfsig, Kundreich, a. artful. 
Runilmeifler, m. mafier if a water. 

KunAricbter, m. critic. 
RnnAftUck, n. piece of artifice ; fe. 

Ranftvrort, n. tteknical word. 
KUpei f. coop. 
Kajpivt n* "pPt^t krafs. 
KopTcrbergMrerk, n. copper . mine. 
Koprerdracker » in. copper -plate. 

Kapfergeld , n.^krafs - money. 
Kt^erhamnier, m. copper . miU. 
Kupfericbt, a fi§. full of redpimflti 
Kt^cm, a. CO f per, hraffy. 
KopTcrplauc, f. topper, plate. 
KD^fcrprefTe, f. feUing.prtfs. 
KapfcTKhmid. m. copptrfmktk. 
Ki^crflechco » n. engravery , «f 

Kopferftccbcr, m. engraver, graver^ 
Kapferftich, !»• enttfiamp. 

IKuppe, s. Koppe. 
Kuppel, f . couple i T. tupota. 
Knppelci, f. coupling, pimptng. 
Kuppdn, V. a. to couple } to pimp, 

Knppelpelx, m. pair ^f ^ves. 
Kuppler, ID. .in, f. pimp, bawd. 
KQrars, m. cMrafs. 
KOraflier, m. cvirajfier. 
KurbiCi, m. gourd, bumpkin. 
Kiirrcbner, ta. furrier, Jkinner. 
Karz, %.fiiort\ *A. in fiiort, kritfiy. 
KUrze. f. Jkortntfs, brevity. 
KUrzen, v. a. to Aorten. 
Kurzgewehr, n. kalberd. 
KUrzlich, ad. Jkortty, briefly. 
KuTzflchtig, a. Jkort -fighted. 
Kurzweile, f. fa/Hme. 
Kurzweilen, v. n. to /port, toy. 
Karzwcilig, a. fatttious, pUufagf. 
Kufi, m. kift, kijing. 
KUflen, V. a. to ktfs, bufs, 
KUffcn, n. cujklon. 
KBOenzieche, f. tick. 
Kttftc. r. coajt, fiare. 
KUftenrahrer, m. toa/hr. 
Kttfter, m. fexton, JaeriJtoH. 
Katrcbe, f. coatk. 
Kutrchenbock, m. coaek . boa. 
KutfchenbiBaiel, m. t^ern, roif. 
Kutrcher, m. eoack . man. • 
Katfcbiren, v. Q. to coatk. 
Kutfcbpferd, n. eoack . kar/e. 
KUit, t. Kitt. 
Kutte, i. cowl, eapouek, 
Kuttelflecke,pl. gutt, ckitttrllngu 
Rax, m. portiom of a mine. 

Lab, n. rennet, runnet, 

Labcn, v. a. to coagulate milk 

wUk runntti to fuieken, rtfr'Jk. 
Laberdan, m. kaberdine. 
Label, ad. • •vrerden, to be looed. 
Ubftl, n. cordial, refrtfimtnt. 
Labung, f. fuiekening, refreJUag. 
Labyrinth, n. labyrinth, maae. 
La«)>«, t.Jlougk, tlajk, lake. 
Lache, f. laugh, laughter. 
LScheln, v. o. to /mile. 
Lachcn, ▼. n. to laugh. 
Lacben, n. laughter. 
Ucherlkta, a. laughable, ridiculous. 
Lacbt, m. fatmon. - 

Lacbifang, m. catcking of fiUmons, 
LacbtforeUe, f. fklmon . trout. 
Lack, m. gum • lae ; fealing > wax. 
Lackei, m. lackey, footman, mam. 
Lackfirnira, m. lacker. 
Lackircn, t. a. to lacker, varnijk, 
Lackirer, na. vami/ktr. 
Lade, f. cktjl, trunk, ijx. 
Laden, m. gutter ; Jtail, Jkop. 
•Laden, v. a. to lade, freigkt, load -y 

to charge ; to rite ; to invite. 
Ladenhtitpr, m. J^p • man ; jiug. 

Ladelock, m. Itading^iek, rammer. 
Udung, r. loading; ckarge,loadi 

invitation, citation. 
Uffe, m. pert fop, fop . d»d^. 
Utifela, T. a. &n. U make Uat iau 

LafTette, f. carriage. 
Lage, (.fituaHon; lay, cauch, bed. 
Lager, n. couch, ^td; eampijHU 
ling, /land for tajks j Jore-koufe^ 
Lagerbaum, i*. gauntry. 
Lagerbier, n. beer far keeping., n.ftiUing-caJk. 
Lagern, t. a. to lay down; fich., 

to camp. 
Lagerftiiue, f. place ^f r{/i, repofu 
Lahn, a. lame, koppiing. 
La'hmeo, v. a. tet lame, maim. 
Lahn, m. tin/el. 
Laib', m. to^f. 
Laich, a. /pawn, 
Laichen, v. n. to Jpama» • 
Laie, m. Uy, layman. 
Lake, f. brine, pickle. 
Laken, m. clotk ; fikeet ; pall. 
Lakrttze, f. Ikoriee, liekorijk. 
Lakritzcnfaft, m. juice of licorice,. 
Lallcn, V. a. 8c n. fa jlammer. 
Lamberttnur*, (.filbert. 

Lamentiren, v. n. to lament. 

Lamm, n. lamb. 

LSmmchen, n. yeanlings iamkktn. 

Lammen, v. n. to ewe, yean. 
Lammfleifch, n. lamb*s meat, 

Lammtbraten , m. ro^fbed lamyg 

Larope, f. lamp. 

Lamnrete, f. lamprey. 

Land, n. land; country; dasfefte-, 
*ike continent. 

Landaccifr, f. land-tax. 

Undadel, m. nobllUy rejUingimtht 

Laadbau, n. agriculture. 

Landen, V. n. tol^d, come tojhore. 

Landenga, f. fritk, ijlkmur. 

LsCndcrei, f. land, poffijfion, ground. 

Landiesherr, Landerrater, m. frinee, 
fovereign. [iR<<rr- 

Landetboheit, f . fovereignty, fupre^ 

Lande*muuer, f. princt/s, female fo. 

Landesregieraog, f. government ef 
a country. [.t'y- 

Landcsfprache, f. language of a cnun. 

Landesverweifung, f. tnilt, banijk. 

LandflUcbt!g, *. fugitive, dt/erter 

Landfriede, m. public peace, /iirtty. 

Landgerichi, n. country . court. 

Landgraf, m. LaAdgriffia, f. land, 

Landgrarrcbaft, f. i/tndgravicte. 

Landgiit, n. efiate, ground, manor. 

Landhaui, n. country ./eat. 

Landiunker, m. country -/fuire. 

• Ikai ' 

Landkarte, f. map. 
Landkramer, ro. pedlar. 
Landkundig, a. nttoricat 

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fc4 t AF 

LMdkaUcbe» f. JUgt i tOMk. 

lAndliiirer, m. rmmJler, vagrtmt. • 

Ltndlthen, a. country. H/e. 

Landleute, pi. tountry . ptofUf m. 

LIndlicb, a. rurmt. 

Landmacht, f. Und-forrts. 

Landmann, m. etuntrymmn, rifjile. 

Landoncfler, ni*. furvtyor. 

Landmilix, f. mUitim o/ m prottmtt. 

Landmiinse, f. county • c«in. 

Landpfarrcf ,qi. vica^,teitntTy.p»rfon 

LandpUge, f. puHlr iijirt/t. 

Landrichter, m Jhtrijf tf atoumtry. 

Landlaft. m. fi««koi4*r. 

iLandrchaft, f. provlnct, e»iattry, 
champaign, lanifcmpt, 

Landfec, m, take. 

Landfitz, m. cauntry .fttt. 

Landskind, a. native ^ m caitmtry. 

Landtmann, ta. country, mait, 

Landiminnin, f. country. vtoman. 

Landiaanniiehaft, f. countrywmmjkip 

Laodtfirich, m. climate, traS. 

Landfladt. f. inland, touiu. 

Landftand, n. ont ^ th* Jtatts tf a 
eouMtryt province. 

tandftralke, f. r.0ad, kigk . im> 

Laadftreicher, m. yagr»mt» 

Landtag, m. diet. 

Landiraacr, f. puHie mourul^m 

Landilblicb, a. u/uai in a country. 

Landuog, f. tmmding, defcent. 

Landvogt, m. heUliJF 

Landvoftei, f. imiiiv>ick. 

Landvolk, n. country, p«apiet coun- 
try, mlitim. 

LandwVm, ad. tandwrd. 

I«ndwchre. f. country . wail. 

Landwein, m. country . wine. • 

Landwind, m. land. turn. 

Landwiob. m. landlord, kujkand.' 

Landwirthichart, f h"Jkandry. 

Lang, a. long i tall, htgh } laage 
ad. « long wkiU-y die lange Weile, 
UAoufsrufi , IBr-, ly '^J' ff f*' 

LVngt.f. length I lalne/j. 

Langen, v. a. to reach, give : v.n- 

to rfjgUe', reach- 
LingUcb, a. longiJi. ' [auce. 

Laagmuib, f. longanimity, forktar. 
LaogmUtbig, *. forbearing. 
LXiig(, prp. along. 
Langran, a Jlow, heavy, dull. 
Langramkeii. f. Jowne/j, keaHme/j, 

Langrcbliifcr, ta. Jtuf.a^ked. 
LXngft, ad. long ago, long jSnttt m 

long, or great while ago. 
Llngtttnt, ad. at tong^. 
Langweilig, a. ttdiout, longwinded. 
Langwicrig. a; mtari/ome. lingering. 
Langwkrigkeii, f. mearifomne/t. 
Lanxa, f. lante, fp*ur. 
Laoxentrifser, m. lancer. 
Lansettc, f. lanctt. 
Lappalic, L«pperei» f. irljle, 
Iapp«n, «. kotck, pmtck ; rif. *td' 

trr i rukking . clout. 


Lappig, a. ragged. 
Li(ppi?cb,a. triMng,JiUy, cklUiJk 
Lifrcbe, f. LKrcbcnbaum, n. larck. 
LiirchenMiwaaiiB, m. agaric. 
LiCrm, m. kujlct noi/e, alarm. 
LjCrmcn, %. n. to kvjlle, noife. 
Lanre, f. vifor, vizard, majS. 
Lafche, f. jUp. 

U(s, a. laxy, lotik, weary, tired. 
•LaOcn, v. o&a. to /r/} to leave i 
to for/ake } to feem to be, to Jiff 
rein Waffisr - , to make water } 
zur Ader ., to let blood. 
LttHig. a. Uxy,JtugtlJk, nklefs. 
UtICgkeit, f. loMini/i.JluggiJknefs 
L«r*kopr, m. cup, cuppmgglafs. 
tiirslich, a. veniable^pardonable. 
Laft, f. load, charge) burden. 
Laftcn, ▼. m. to be keavy. 
I^«r, n. vice. 

ifherer, m. calumniator, J[amderer. 
Lafterhaft, a vicious. 
Lafterhartigkeit, f. ^Houjnefi. 
Uftcrlich, a. c^tumtliom.injurious. 
LSflcrn, v a. /« calumniate, JUnder i 

Gott ., to blafpkeme. 
Lilftcrrede, f. contumeliout fpeeck. 
Uflerrcbrirt, f. df/amaiorykbel,pa/. 

LJfArrung, f. calumniation, catum. 

ny,Jland*r, injury. 
lUnig, a. burdenjome, onerous. 
LMigkeit, f. burdenfonune/s. 
Laflpferd, n. fumpter. 
Laftfchiff, n.Alp of burden. 
Lafttbier, n. haft of burden. 
LaBtrXpcr, m. carrier, porter. 
Lafiirblau, a. aiure. 
Larnrftein, m auure -ftone. 
Laiein. n. Latainirch, a. latin. 
Lateiner, m. lattnyt. 
Laierne, f. lantern. 
Laicrnenmacbcr, m. lantern . maker 
Latie, f. latk. 
Latteni^ v. a. to latk. 
Laitcnwerk, n. latk. work, 
Lauicb, n- letiice. 
Laivfcrge. f. ele8ary, eleHuary. 
lata, m . ftomacher, breaft. cUtk . 
\Aa, a. lukewarm. > 

Laub, D. leaves qf trees. 
I.«ube, f. arbour, bower. 
LaaberhUtie, f. tabernacle. • 
Laubcrhattcnfeft, n./r^^ Ac ta. 

Lanbfrofcb, n. green frog, 
Laubbcls, n. leaved wood. 
Laubig, a. leaved, letfy. 
Laubwcrk, n. frftoan, fdlimget cilery 
Laucb, m. leek. 
Lauer, m. eiderkim ; Urt wine. 
Lauer, f. lurking - place, ambtf/k. 
Lautrer, m. lurker. 
Lauera, t. n. to H/ten, lurck, lurk. 
Buf, ta. caurfel < "'"" 

Bikbb, barrel. 
Laufbabn, f. career^ 
•Laofen, v. n. to run ; Spltsnitbtn 
-, foru ' 
make an 


Uufer.n. runner \ T. grindlejli$ 

Lauffeuer, 0. train - powder. 

Laufgraben, m. trenck. ^_ 

Uufig, a. ruttijk, fait, fraud, leA 
Tous, falacious. 

Lauffpiel, n. paUmatl, mait. 

Uufz«it« r. rut. time, buckim 

Laoga, r. Ue, buck. 

Laugen, v. a. to buck. 

Laugenartig, a. at'oline. 

Langenfart, n. burking. tiA. 

Laugcnfalz, a. alcaltne fait. 

Laugcntucb, n. bmking. elotk, ■ 

Litugncn, ». a. /• deny, dtfown. 

Lauigkett, f. lukewarmne/t. 

Laulicji, t. Lau. _ 

Laiine, f. kumour, tAtper, wlOm ; g< 
le -, merry cue; Uble-, HUiumor 
Launig, a. kumorous. 
Launifch, a. capriHous, freakijk. 
Laut, f. loufe, pi. liee. 
Laufcben, v. a. to Uftcn, lurk. 
Lufxhkumm, m. dendrif.comk. ' 
Lauren, v. a. to loufe', v. a. to U 

ry ; to be covetous. 
Laufer, m. curmudgeon, kunks. 
Uuferucbt, f . kerodian diftajk. 
Laiifig, a. loujy; covetous, jKngy, 
Laut, m. found i ad. acoording. 
Laat, a. loud, aloud. 
Lautbar, a. notorious. 
La lie, r. lute. a. to found. 
Lifuten, «. a. to ring, toll. 
Lautenift, m. lutanift. 
Lautenmacber, m. lute .maker- 
I^uter, a. ' 

LSrutenuig, f. purificitionl r^nil 
Lavendel, m. lavender, 
Laveite, a. LaiFcue. 

to taveer. 
Laxiren, v. a. &a. to purge, 
Laxinaittel, a. laxative. 
Lazareth. a. taxar.houfe, loMmreH 
Lcben, n. Hfe, pi. lives. 
Lcben, r. n. to live. 
Lcbendig, a. /i«<8g, alive, fuki 

, to fuicken, vivify. 
Lebensart. f. manners, way ^ />/ 

n, Di. lutan^jt. 
nacber, m. luile .maker. 
chllger, m lutanf/l. E 

a. clear, pure. t 

eit, f. purity, purentfs. 1; 
, T.a. to purify, refine. 

run the gantlope i Sturm., to 
c an ^JkuUi Cefahr'.(« riui rf/i. 

Lebentbercbreibuag, f. life. 
• • 1»gcifter,pl. vital Jpiriis. 

itsrorie, t.ftature,fulllengi 
Labenskrart, f vital power, faculi 



tlang, a 
ilaar. I 

ring lift 
krfiilf > 


Lebentmitul, n. pi. viSutIs, pro 

Lebansordnang, f. diet. 
Lebeaaragel, f. moral rule, mojti 
Labeatftrafc. f . pain rf deatk. 
Lebcntwandel, n. conduff ^ ^f 
LehcntwafTer, a. afua vitae, 
Leber, f. liver. 

Lcbcrfarbca, a. liver . coloured. 
Leb^rflecken^ m. freckle. 

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LiUrmnIt, f. h^ggms, kmggrft. 
Lebkaft, • fuick, HmI^, vivatioui- 
Lekhaftigkeit, f Ilptiimt/s, vtvatUy. 
Lcbkocbca, n. ghtgtr . h-tmd. 
Leblot, a. Itftlffi, intnimmtt. 
I«blo6gkeit. f. A/r/r/inr/i. 
LebxcitCD, pi. 'b«i mcinen .. tm wty 

Le^xcn , ▼. n. U h ek$ked with 

tkir/; flg. to UngHiJk . famt fpr 
Leek, a U*Mv. 
leck.B. /mV 
Leckca, t. n. toitrnkf rmmi v. a. <• 

Leckcr, a. dainty i /ftuami A. 
Lcckcrbiflcn, m. Leckcret, f. J*im. 

tj, Hd'Ht, jumktt. 
Uckerbaft, a licierijk, Ikkvons. 
Lcckcrhafiigkeit, f. Ittktrijknefs. 
Leckermault a. licktrijk tngufy 

icckwein, n. iropfbigs. 
Lttiion, f. ttfon- 
Leder. n. Umtk«r. 
Uderbaad, ■». Itatktr . eoptr. 
Icdcrbereiter, m. UmtktT'irtJir. 
Lcderhandel, m. Itmthtr .trail. 
Uderhindler, ta, trader in ttmiktr. 
I^ern, a. Uathtr, Uatktrn. 
Ledi|(, a. trnfty, void^JingU. 
Lcdigkeit, f. teiikattnifs. 
Lcdiglicb, ad only^ fuitt. 
Leer, a. empty ^ void, addie. 
Leeren, «. a. to empty, etear, •oii. 
Ufre, f. tip. 
lUgat, n. legacy. 

Legen, v. a. fo lay, put, plate ; fich., 
to eea/ej ficb worauf ., to apply. 
Ugeode, 1 legend. 
Uebenne, f. tayimg-ken. 
*gio«. f. legion. 

Kiten, V a T toallay. 
eo, n. fee, /eoi\ . f. feafmtni. 

[idinibar. \.feodat. 
Ufaenbricf, m. kilt ef ferment . 
LehengcM, n. farm^rent. 
Lcbengot, n. fee, f rod. 
Lchenherr, id feoffrr- \mr. 

Lchcnmann, ra.f toffee, feoi^ry, far. 

«b«nrccht. n.feodal tarn 

kchemeid. m. oatk di allegiance. 

li^ntrilger, m. feofie.feodary. 
IrtkiB, m. loam, marl, elay. 
%Aimtmiha,f. loam.pii, elay. pit. 

lAmig. a. elayey, loamy. 

(Amwand, f. elay . loam. mail. 
iAnbank, f. leaning . kenck. 

Am, f fmpport, frop, arm, kaek. 

.•hacn, T. n. & fich ., v. r. to tfan. 

Aaan, ▼. a. to lend, borrow. 

4luUa€kei. m. ktred aatet. 

■Aaaferd, o. kackney . korfi* 

fCboikubl, a. arm . cktOr. 
■t, n. miniiry. 

. n, f . medod. VHy. 

>«hrb«|icTde. t. Judimftn^j, doti. 

«hrb«gierif, t-Jtudions, docile. 

UhrbrTcf, m. prentice' t indenturo. 

Ufarboch, n. akridgmtut, (ompen- 


LeiW.inde, f , 
Leibcheo, n kodiee, Jtay: 
Leibcompagaic , f. tke cUrf*s amm 

Lcibeigen, a. kond. 
Lcihcigene , n. komd: aM«, komd. 

Leibeigenichart, f. kondagt, 
Leibesbefcbaffcnheii, f. eoifJlituHon 
Leib«*«rb«, m. igme, ojffpring, def- 

Leib^ifrucht, f. fetus, emkryo. 
Utihajf<ntit,f.Jiofe ^ tke kody. 
Lcibencn, n- favourite dijk. 
Lcibesflrafe, f. corporal pmniAment. 
Lcibculbaag, t. koitly emerHfe, 
Leibfarbe, f. favouritf colour ; tar. 

L«ibg<ade, Ltibwach* , I. ko^j, 

life . guard, gtndat met. 
Leibgedingt, n. jointure. 
LeibgOnel, m. kelt, uaf/i . keH. 
Leibbaft, Leibhaftig, a. kodily, tor. 

porat, real, ejfintiai. 
Leibjiger, m. ktmttr to kit amje- 

fty Ue. 
Leibkutfchcr , n. toatkmam to kit 

maufy Be. 
Leibiich, a. corporeal, temporal \ 

main laiblicher Veticr, my eon 

Jin . Merman ; eio leiblicbcr Bru. 

der, full krotker. 
LtibrcgiMcot, a. regimtni ^ tke 

Lcibrente, f. liferent, annnUv. 
Laibrchmerac;!, pi. kelly. atk. 
I.eibQ>nicb, m. device. 
Leib(lubl» m. dofe .Jhot. 
Leicbdom, m. com: 
Laicbe. f dead kodp ffmaeral. 
LalcbcabegXagaiii, a. fnnerat, kiim 

l«ieb<abcgIcituBf ) f. ftmtral train- 
Leicbeabittcr, m. imvitrrto afnne* 

ral, undertaker. 
Lcicb«n|aftlSe, n. cu/trum dotoris 

Lalchwortdlgt, f. Imterat fermon. 
Leichenftcio. m. fZneral Jtone. 
Lcichentufb, a. patl. 
Leicbnam, n dead kody, earpfe. 

{bnld) joon. 
Leicbifcriig, a. limkt, frivolous* 
Laicbtfenigktu, f. ligktneft,frivo. 

Lehrburrcb, I^hijunge. on. 4tPfrn. 

tice, prentice. 
Lehre, (, doSrinei uamingt moral, 

inJlru/Hon iprontiet, apprentice 
Lebrea, r. n. & a. to teack, injlruft 
Lehrer, m. teaeker, m^/ter, t^fru- 

Lebrgebkude, n. fy/tem. 
LahrK«ld, n. apprentice' ifalary, pay. 
Lehrbcrr, ai. m^Jier, 
Lchrjabre, pi. apprentieefiip, ap. 

*-fntiethood. ' 

Lebrlins. m. prentice, difrlptt. 
LebrmeiAer, n. m^tr,t«atktr. 
Lcbrmeift«r>n,r. m{/ttefi. 
Lcbrpuakt, m. dogma. 
Labrr-icb, a. itJhufUve* 
Lchrfaal, m. auditory. 
Lehrr*'z, m. tkeorem, ruU, pretept- 
Lchripnicb, m.fenttnct, apopktktgm, 

apkorifm, ma*im ^ 

Lehrfluhi,' nt . ptdpU. 

Leib, m My; Aafe f^a garment). m^^...^.:^..m.^, .. ^^wm. 
L<-ibarxt, m. pky/lcian in ordlnaty. Lci<*^nfchaftHrh, a. pa^ 

L«icbi^lliobig,-a. credulous. 
LeichiglXubigkeit, f eredultty. 
Leicbtigkeit, f. ligktnefs, fataUy, 

Leichilich, ad. ea/ily, Ugktly. 
Leichtfina, oi ligktnefs. 
Lt'cht&nwg, n. itght . minded. 
Leid, ad. ca iA, tbut mir., / am 


Laid, n. mromglgritf; ai*»niiu, 
• Leidea, t. a * n. tefufer, endurei 

to tolerate : Scbadaa ., to damage. 
Leiden, n. /ugering. 
Leidcnrcbalt, f. pajton. 

h, a. paJUmit. 
Lcidentlicb, a. toierakle. 
Leidcr I i. alas I 
Leidig. a. troukiefome ; fatali aka. 

minakte i pitifui. 
Leidlicb, a. toterakle, moderate. 
Leidtracend, a. mourning. 
Leidwcfen, a. lamentation. 
Leicf, r. lyre j Itero . vtal. 
Xeiermaaa, m. player upon Hu Uero^ 

iLeiern, v. a. to leero. 
Leibbank, f. Umkar. 
•Leibea, v. a. to lend. 
Leikhaot, a. lomkar . kouft. 
Leiai, m. lime, glue; a. aacb L«b«. 
Lelmea, v. a. to liau, glue. 
Leimfaibe, f. lime . water .toiamr. 
Lrimicht, a. gluijk, gluy. 
Lciairuibe, f. lime. twig. 
'Leimtiegd, m. lime .pot. 
Leimwauert to. glue . tnater» 
Lain, m. line, lint. 
Leiae, f. Hue, cord, '¥ope, 
Lcinea, a. bmtn, fia»en, 
Leiakraut, m. fiax .meed. 
Lein61, a. tinefted.oU. 
Leinramca^ m. linefeed. 
Laiawaad, f . linen, linen • r/afA. 
Leiawandtai a. linen. 
Leinwandbandcl, m. linen, trade. 
LeiawandkrXaier, m. luten. draper, 
Lcinweber, m. weaver^nen.weav*r. 
Leife, a. l«m,f^t, ligkt. 
LeirctretCT, m Jneaking fettaut. 
Leiile, f. clafpi ledge, lift, koHer. 
Lciftea, an. Ciifl. 

l«iAaa, T.a. to do, render, give. 
Lciftenfcbacider, m. laM . maker. 
Lcitbaad, a. leaMng. firings. 
Lciten, v. a. to gkidt, lead, conduS. 
Leitar, m. leaJkr, guide; .f. ladder. 
Lctterbaum, ai. ladder .keam. 
Leiterfproflc, f. ladder. Jtep. 
Leitfaden, m. leading, line. 
L«ltbamn>el, m. keU-wetker. 
Lcith'jnd, m. drawing hound. 
9 ■ 

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Leitrienien, m. /m^i 
Lehftcrn, »• mortk.^«imr .JUr. 
Leitiing, C. ieaA^g, dtrtHUn. 
L«nde, f /otn/ ; hip, kanrh. 
I^ndenbntco, m hin, gift.' 
LendenUhm, a hifjkot- 
Leodenweh, n kip- gout, fiUtU. 
Lenken. v. a to btni, mtttagt, tu 
Lenkfam. a. managtaUt, ffUH*. 
Leoz, m /firing. 
Lcnemonat, m. Mtrek, 
Leopard* m Itopari. 
Lercbe. f. Urk. 
L«rchenninKer. m. Urker. 

iger. m UrMer. . liieowneoer, m. icvt .jit 

Eichen, n. thi catching rf Lebeni«erchichte, f. (•vtttU. 

U' In' with a net. 
Lcrncn, v a. 8c n. /o U*m 
Lefe.f. vintage i {\m Karten^ltje) 

Lefeboeh, n. mmujing 
•Lcfen, ». a. t9 rtad', togaikiTi to 

Lerentwenh. a. worth r*a£ug. 
Lefepult, n. reading: .dtji. 
Lefer m. reader ^ vintager. 
Leferlich, Letbar.a. Ugikle. 
Leuen, m. potter* s clay, loam. 
Letter, f. UtU-^ ckaraBer. 
Le«*t, a l^, late, tUtimaU, final, 

Letxtens, Letzihin. ad. lajl, lately. 
LeucVc. f> ligkt, lamp i lantern. 
Leuchten, v a. to ttgkti ▼. O. tt 

lighten j to Jkine. 
Leuchter, m. canUe -Jtick. 
Leuchtertirch, n Jlani. 
Leuchtthurn, m. iigkt^ou/e, pharos 
Leumaad, at. renown^ repart% Jamiy 
L«Mte, pi people, Jolkt, ai«M, ymorli- 
Le<ucrctaeu, a lonely, foUtary. 
Leutrelig, a. kumane, afable, eafy 
Leutfeligkcit.r. kumanity,nf^itUj^ 
LcTkoje, f . fiock . giUyfiower. 
Lexicon, n. lexicon, dictionary. 
Licemiat, m. licentiate. 
Licbt, a ligkt, clear, krighi, tueii. 
Licht, n. ligkt i candle. 
Lichtblan, a. blnnktt, krigkt.Hnt. 
Lichtbraun, a. fright - irown. 
Lichten, », a. T. to ueigk (tkt an- 

Lichterloh, ad- with fiamet. 
Lichtgelb, a hrigkt - ytllem. 
Licbiknecht, m. faveall. 
LicbcnelTe. f. candle, ma/s. 
Lichtput«e, Licbtfcbeere, f. candle. 

tnufer, pair rf fnuffcrt. 
Lichtp.iufcWrlcben. n . fnufert-pan 
Lichtroth, a. bright red. 
Licbtfcbeu, a- Running ligkt. 
Licbtrchirm , m . fcreen . 
Lichtrchnuppc, f. candle- fnt^. 
Licbirchrank, m. clMndrj). 
Lichtflock, m. candle- fiiek. 
Licbcarabi, m. ray, beam. 
Licbtziehen, n. cafiing ^f candles 
Licbtzieher, m. ckandltr , candle. 

maker. ,^ , 

Lieb.a. dear, beUoed; ei iAnir., 

/ ant glad; - •habtn, to law. 


LiebMugeln, v. n. to ogle. 

Liebchan, n. fweetkart. 

Liebc, f . lw« ; ckarUy ; gaUantry. 

Licbcln, y. n. to cajole 

Licbcn, ^ n. to love, cktrijk. 

LicbencvrUrdig, a. amiable, lovely. 

Lle^ntwUrdigkeit, f amiablenift. 

Licber. ad. deartr ; rather, better. 

Liebetblick, m. amorous look i ogl- 

Liebeibrief, n. UmeUtter, amorous 

LSebeidlenft, m. pUce of fritndjUp. 

Liebesfieber, n. love .fit 

Liebesgou. m. Cupid, Love. 
Liebetodttin, f Fenus, 
Liebetbandel, m. amour, intrigue. 
Liebeurank, m. philtre, charm. 
Liebcswerk, n. work of tkarity. 
Liebhaber, m. lover. 
Liebhaberei, f. fondne/s. 
Liebkofen, v. a. to eare/s, ckerijk. 
^icbkofung, Y. carejing, wheedle. 
Lieblicb. a lovely, amiable, fvteet 
Lieblicbkeit, f . lovelinefs,fmeetnefs 
Liebling, m. favourite, minion, jfair. 

Licblot, a. lovelefsf untkaritahU. 
Lieblorigkeit, f. levelefsntfi 
Liebreich, a. ambiblt, loving, kind- 
Liebreitz, m. ckarm. 
Liebreitzend. a. ckarming. 
Liebfle, m & f. Uve, /pou/i. 
Lied, n. fang ; pfalm, hymn. 
LieJerbucb, n.y«if/{ booh. 
Liederdichcer, m. lyrical • poet. 
Liederlich.a. Uwd; di/ordered, vile. 
Liederlichkeit, f. Itvtdnefs, 
Liefern, v.a. to deliver, give. 
Lieferung, f. delivering, delivery. 
Liefeoingtrchein, m. receipt 
•Liegea, v. n. to lie ; daran ., »r$t. 

legen *feyn, to import. < 
Lieotenant, m. lieutenant. 
Lilie, f. U/yi 
Limonade, f. lemonade. 
Linone, Linonie, f. lemoit' 
Linde, ( Geliode 
Liode, f. linden, lime, linden . tree. 
Libdenholz, n. linden - wood. 
Lindcrn, v. a to mitigate, alleviate, 

allay, tenify, eafe. 
Linderang, f. mitigating, Ue» 
Lindwurm, m dragon. 
Lineal, n. rate, ruler. 

Linie, f. line. 


^rft rate. 

' ^ the 

LfnirenfT.a. to rule. 
Link, a. Uft, fin\firout. 
Links, ad. to the left 
Linfe, f. lentUi T. tens. 
Lippe, f. Up. 

LiopenbucbAab, m. labial tetter. 
Lifpcln, V. n. to lifp. 
Lilpeln, n. lifp, Hfping. 
Lift, f. craft, cunning, fUnefs. 
Lifte, f. l\fi, roU. . 
'Liaig, a. er^fy, canning, fahtkjly. 

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Lhanei, f. biany. 

Litze, r. lace, cord, firing, file. 

Liueobroder, m. /warn packer, 

Livrec, f. livery. 
L*h, n land, praife, comwundalion ; 

Cott Lob I god be prai/ed! 
Loben. v. a. fo laud, commend, praije. 
Lobeserhebung, f. fai/e, extolling. 
Lobxelang, m. Loblied, n hymm. 
L6blich. a. laudable, commendabU. 
•Lobpreifen, v.a. /* extol, cry up. 
Lobrcde, t elogy, panegyric. 
Lobredner, m. panegyrifi. 
*Lobfingen, v. n. to fing in praift. 
Lobfpruch, m . elogium. 
Locb, n. hole I dungeon. 
Ldcherig, a full of hoUs. 
Locke, f. lock, buckU. 
Locken. « a. to allure, Ibtf; to call; 

to decoy J etwat von einem her- 

aua ., to pump one out ; die Haa. 

re ., to curl the hair U locks. 
Locker, a. fpungy, light ; loofe. 
Lockig. a. curled in lochs. 
Lockp'eife, f. cat-call, hrd.cuU. 
Lockfpeifc, f. bait, decoy, lure» 
Lockvogel, m. cat -call. 
Loderarcbe, f. cinders, hot mkrt. 
Lodcrn, v. a. to Jtame, blaze, fiart. 
Ldffel, m. fp, 

UifTelblecb, n /poon.Jkeff. 
Ldffel^an*. f. fpoon - bill, JkovcUer. 


LdfTelkraut, n. fpoon. wort, 

L5ffeln. v.a. to e^ with 

Lege, f. boM, 

Loglk, f, logU. 

Lobe, r fiamei tan, tanning, bark. 

Loben, v.a. to prepare the bark by 

Lohgerber, m. tanner. 

Lohfirabe, f . tan. fit. 

Lohkucben, m. ball ^ tanning-barh 

LobABble, r. tan . bark . milt. 

Lohn, m mages y feci hire, /^ 

Lobnarbeiter, m. mercenary. 

Lobnen. v.a. /• reward, pay. 

Lobnkuticbe, f hackney . coach. 

Lohnlackei, f . hireling. 

Lobnung, f. pay, payment. 

LdbAnagstag, m. pay-day. 

Looi, n. loti ticket. 

Loofen, v. a. f» r^ lots. 

Larbeer, Lorbaerbaam, m. bay, la*. 

Lorbecre, f. bay -berry. 

Lot, a. loofe; fich - wbeltea, #«jrf 
loo/e i . »bindcn, . knli^fen, t* 
loo/en, untie i - »brecben, . •rei- 
r«en, to break loofe j - •brennen, 
to Jkoot €f/\ . •pben, *• relea/^ 
.«geben, to loHen; td go of; to 
attar k; .kaufen, /• redeem; • 
•kommen, to getboo/e; -•laffea, 
to let loo/e i ficb . fagen . to rt. 
nounce, give over; . •fprechea, 
to fuit, clear ) to abfotve , 

Ldlchbraod, m. futncked fire-brani. 

L5fclieti, ▼. b. U tatnch; T. to ligU 

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LoftUorn, n trntinguiflUr. 
LoTchpapier, n. Hotttrg pmper. 
Lofr, I. lo0fi,fouhvMsgt/k,v>»*ton 
Lofegeld, n. tan/om 
LoTen, v a. |o toofcn, unti* i ttjire, 

diftharKfy to gtt money 
LoifprecbuM, f abfotutitm. 
lulling, f./gnal i ^atfy money got. 

ttn for mtrchmndi/e 

LSAing, f loofening ; firing. 
Loth, n ha(f t 

fan ouncii piummet] 

Lotfaen, T. a to /older, foier. 
iMhig, a. 4^ kmif 0n ounce i ifiut 

I^hkolb^, m./oidering.eM. 
Lothfe, m lo»dsman, pUot. 
Lothung, Lothe, f . /oldering. 
Locterbube, m. vagrantt rmfcal' 
Lotterie, f. lottery. 
Lotterieloos, n. ticket. 
I LSwe. m lion ; -in, f. Ronefs. 

Lochs, m. lynx 
I Ulcke, f. gap, thafm. 

Lackcnbiiher, m. fig bottk. 
Likkig, a. having gaps. 
Luder,,n. canion\ lure, d*eey\ riot. 
Luderleben, n. riotow lift. 
LUderlicb-, s. Liederlich. . 

Ludera, V n. to lead a riotous lift i 

V. a- to lure^ bait, decoy. 
Luft, f. air. 

Lufiball, ja. oi*'- balloon- 
Lilften, v. a. to air^ to lift up. 
Lufterrcheioung, f. phenomenon. 
Luftgcift, m. aerial fpir it, Jylpk. 
Lufthimmel, m atmojphere. 
X.uiug, a- airy I aertai. 
Luftlocb, n. air ■ hole, vent, 
Liiftpumpe, f T air • pump. 
Lafu^re, f ■ wind . pipe. 
Luftrchlofs, n. cq/lle in the air. 
Luftrpringer, m. caper er ' 
Luftrprung, f. caper, gambol. 
Luftzeicben, n meteor. ^ 

Lttfttiehcr, m. T. ventilator. 
Lug, nu . lie. 
LUge, f lUi/b. 
•LOgcn, «.n to lie, tell « lU. 
Liigei«haft, a lying, fai/e. 
Liigner, m. .in, f- liar- 
Luke. r. T. hatch; trap -door. 
LOmmel. m. lubber, looby. ^ 
Lump, in. ragamujini curmudgeon 
Lumpen, m. rag^ tatter, clout. 
Lumpenge<in<le(, n ragamufins. 
Lanpenhi^nd, m ragamuffin. 
Luinpenfainmler, m. ragman. 
Lumperei, f . trifle ^ fiddle .fadHt. 
Lumpicht, a. miferable ; covetous. 
Lompig, 4. ragged, tattered. 
Lunge, f. lungs ; (ron Thieieo} 

LuDgengercbwdr, n. vomica. 
LuAgenfucht,'r. /ArAi/^r. \fi<h 

I'Ungenflkhtig, a. pkthifieat, lung. 
LQnle, f. linchpin, axlepin. 
Lante, f. lunt, match. 
Loft, f. pleafure ; mind; defire, lujl^ 


Luftbarkeit, f. pleafure, f^ort, amu. 

LUften, LUfiern, v. i. to l\/l. 
LiUiern. a longing for, lufting. 
Liiftetnheit, f . lufl, InfifuUefu 
Luftfeuer, n bonfire- 
Liiftganen, n> garden ^ fliafure. 
Lufthaus, xi. fummer . houfe. 
Luflig, a merry, jolly, Jocund, fro. 

lkh,gay,iov . , 
Lufligkeit f. mirth, jollity. 
Luftigmacber, m. wurry . anirevf. 
Luftreire, ( trip. 
Luftrchiff. n. boat of pleafure. 
Luftfcbloft, n. caflle of pUafure. 
LuAfeuche, f pon, venereal difeafe 
Luftrpiel, D- comedy. 
Luftwald, n. grove. 
Lutberirch, a. Lutheraner, b. U. 

Lutherthuai, n. lutheranifm. 


MajU, n. mark i mole, f^ot. 

Maalflein, m. loundary. 

Maafs. s. Mafi 

Macben, t. a. to ma'he, to do; ficb 

an einen ., to add^tf ; ficb davon 

- , to famper \ fich ilber etwat .. 

to undertake, begin ^ fich auf den 

Weg., /• fet out. 
Macherlohn, n. /a)r/«r making. 
Macbt, f . pov>er j authority 
Miichtig, a. mCghty, ponerfui. 
Machtrpruch, m. deeifive fentewee. 
Ma(;hwerk» n. making, eompofition 
Maculatuc, m. maculature. 
MiCdchen, n. maid, girl. 
Made, f. maggot, mite. 
Madig, a. magotty,full pf mites. 
Magazin, n. magazine, ware. houfe. 
Ma^d, f. fervant, maid-fervant. 
Magen, m. ventricle, Jlomach i maw 
MagendrUciken, n. Magenkmnpf, m.. 

Magenpflaflcr, n. jlomachical pUJier 
Magenfiirkend. n.fhmathir. 
Magenwaljer, n jfomaehical water 
Magenwurft, f. haggas. 
Mager, a meager, lean, lank. 
Magcrkeit, f. leannefs, meagemefi. 
Magifter, m. mafier of arts. 
Magiftrat, m. magf/trate. 
Magnet, in. magnet, load-flone. 
Magneti&b, a. magnet^. 
Magnetnadel, f. needle rf the marU 

ner's compafs 
Magnificenz, f. t^agnifico. 
MaRfamen, m poppy, feed. 
Mihen, v. ■. to mow, cut graft. 
Mather, m. mower 
MabI, n. meal, repafi. 
Mahlen, v. a. to grind. 
Mahlgaft, m. miller's eufiomer. 
Mahlgeld. n. milter's fee. 
MablmUhle, f. mil. 
Mahlfcbatz, m. dowry. 

MAN. 67 

Mahlflron, m. wkirl^,- whirlpool. 

Mahlzcit, f. mea,l, r^to/f, 

Ma.hnbar. a. demand^. 

MJIhne, f. mane 

Mahnen, y. a. to duni U eatlfar, 

Mabner, a. dun. ' 

MXhrchen, n. tareifik. 

Mai, m. May. 

Maibi^um, m Male, f. birch, 

Maiblume, f. may. flower, majhHiy* 

Maika'fer. m. mtay. bug. 

Maillerpiel, n. pallmall. 

Mai», m. maiat. 

MajeAMi, f maj^. 

Majeftktifcb, a. maj^al, W^fejk. 

M4Jor, m major. 

Majoran, m. marjorum. 

Mn^orenn, a ef full age, 

M<iorenniti(t, f. maioirity. 

Malcel, m. flain, fpot, blot i fault. 

Makeln, v.n. to broke, be a broker. 

Maklcr, ra. broker. 

Mifklerlobn, m. brokerage, 

Makrelq, f. mackerel, 

Makrone, f macaroon' 

Mai, n. timet etn>, once. 

Malen. V. a. to paint, limn { U P*r^ 

Maler, m. painter, limner. 
Malerei, f. painting. " 

MaleriTch, a. piSureffue. 
Malerftock, m. maul .Jlick. 
MiUei;, m.8tn. three eumochs. 
Maltererritter, m. hnigltt of the order 

of Malta. 
Malvaficr, m. maimfey. 
Mtit, n. malt. - 
Malzbodea. m. maltfloor. 
Mai z Jarre, 'f. maltkiin. 
Malzen, v. n. to malt. 
Mamma, f. hmm, mamma. 
Mammeluck, m mammelucki mt' 

gade, ap^ate. 
Mammon, ta. mammon, pelf. ■ 
Man, pr. the, there, it. 
Mancbec, e, e«, pr. many « imm; 

many, ^aw- 
Mancberle^. a. many,dtver/e,feveral. 
Mancbmal, ad. fometimet. 
Mandat, n mandate. . 

MandeL, Mange, Mangel, f. eaUn. 

der, rolling - prefs 
Mandel, f fifteen', almond. 
Mandelbrei, m. Nlandjclmuli, n« ml. 

mond . pap. 
Mandelbolz, MangelboU,, o. calen- 

dtr ■ roll- 
Mandelkucben, m. almond, cake. 
Mandelmilcb, r. almond . milk , em^uU 

fion. * 

Mandeln, Mangein, Mangen, v. a. 

to calender. 
Mandeldl, n. almond • oil. , 
Mandeliorie, f ■ almond . tart. 
Mangel, m. want, lacb'^ fault, defet. 
Mangelbaft, a. difeHible, drfeOive. 
Mangelhaftigkeli,, f. dtfembUity, 
MBnse\,n, v.n. to want, lack, 
MangkorB, n. m^in. 
Mangold, m. beet. 


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Leitriemen, m. tiafi. 
Lettftcrn, n. north. poUr .ftar. 
Leiinng, C. iesdi^g, dnefHtn. 
Lende, f loins ; kip, hanck. 
Lendenbniea, m hin, gigot.' 
LendenlabfD, a kipjkot. 
Lendenwcb, a hip* gtut, fdatk. 
Lenken , v . ■ to btni, m*pas*t *«rn 
Lenkram, a. mantgtaUe, piUiU' 
Lens, m fpring. 
Lentmonat, m. M*rek, 
Leopard, m Uopard. 
Lerche. f. Urk. 

LerchenninieT. m Urktr. , 
LerchenftreTcben, n. At ettcHng of 

la- hi' tnttk a net. 
L*mcn, V «. &!>. to ttmm 
Lefe. f. vintage } (im Kartenfpitje) 

Lerebach, n. mmujing book 
•Lefeii, V. a. torttdi tog€tktr\ to 

Lerentwenb, a- worfk remMmg. 
Lerepalt, n. rtodtng.iijk. 
Lcfer m. rrarf/r • vinfger. 
Lererlich, Letbar, a. UgikU. 
Letten, n. potter's clay, totm. 
Letter, f. UtU^, ckmr»atr. 
Lc'zt, a l^t l*tt, mttimtie, /nai, 

Letxtent, Letzihin, ad. Isfi. Utefy. 
Leuc^e, f. tigkt, lamp f imnUrn. 
Leucbtcn, v a. to li§kt\. v. O. to 

ligkten ; to Jkint. 
Leuchter, m. candle 'Jtick. 
Leuchtertirch, n Jtani. 
Leuchtthunn, m. ligkt.koufe,fharoi 
LeuiBand, m. rtnown^^ reportt fame, 
Lente, pi people, folks, men, morU. 
Le*iteKJieu, a lonely, folUary. 

Leutfelig, a. kumant, aJpabU, eafy- 
Leutreligkett.r. kum»nUy,afaHlitjf. 
LcTkoje, f.Jlock - gillyfiemer. 

Lexicon, n. lexicon, diHionary. 
Liceotiat, m. Uctmtimte. 
Licht, a ligkt, tlemr, krigkt, lueii. 
Licht, n. tigkt i cmndle. 
Licbtblau. a. tlunktt, krigktMmt. 
Ltchtbraun, a. ^rigki - krown. 
Lichten, v. a. T. to weigk (tkean- 

Licbterloh, ad- witk flames. 
Lichtgelb, a krigkt.ytllom. 
Lichiknecbt, m. faveall. 
Licbt.ncne, f. candle, mafs. 
Licbtputte, Licbtfcheere, f. ctniU. 

fnuftr, pair qf/nufcrs. 
Licbtpiiizrchlflcben, a.fnufirs.pan 
Ltchtroth, a. irigkt - red. 
Lichtrcheu, a- Jhunning ligkt. 
Licbtfchirra, m.fcreen. 
Lichirchnuppe, f. candle. fnt^. 
Lichifcbrank, m. ckandry. 
Lichtflock, m. candle. jfiek. 
LicbcArahl, nt- ray, htam. 
Licbtziehen, n. cajling qf candles 
Licbtzieber, m. chandltr, candle. 

Lieb, a. dear, keloved; ei ift nir 

/ mm glad I - •babtn, t9 /rar. 


Liebtugelo, v. n. to ogle. 
Liebchen, n. fweetkart. 
Liebe, f . love ; ckarify ; gallantry. 
Licbcln, v. a. to cajole 
Liebeo, y a. to love, tktrijk. 
LicbcDSwUrdig. a. amiable, lovely. 
Lte^ntwiirdigkeii, f mmiaklenefs. 
Lieber. ad. dearer ^ rather , tetter . 
Liebesblick, m. amorous look : ogl- 

Liebetbrief, m. lemtUtter, amorous 

LSebeidienft, n. pUce of frUnd/Up. 
Liebesficbcr, m. love .flt 
LehensKerchichte, f. lovetalt. 
Liebetgott, ID. Cupid, Love. 
LiebeioOtcin, f Venus, 
Liebesnandel, m. amour. Intrigue. 
Liebesirank, m. pkiltre, charm. 
Liebeswerk, a work of tkarity. 
Liebhabcr, m. lover. 
Liebbaberei, f. fondnefs. 
Liebkorea, «. a. to cart/s, ckerijk. 
iLicbkofung, t. cartjivg, nkeeMe. 
Lieblich. a. lovely, anuatU, fweet 
Lieblichkeh, f . toveline/s,/wettne/s 
Liebltng, m. favourite, minion, dar. 

Lieblot, a. tovtlefs, unckaritablt. 
Liebloftgkeit, f. lovetefsnefs . 
Liebrclch, a. amtakle, loviHg, kind 
Liebreitz, m. ckarm. 
Liebreh^end. a. ckarming. 
Liebfte, m & f. love, /pou/i. 
Lied, a. fong ; P/alm, hymn. 
LieJerbucb, n. Jong took. 
Liedcrdicbter, m. lyrical, poek. 
Liederlich,a. leud; di/ordered, vile. 
Liederlichkeit, f. letudne/s. 
Licfern, v.a. to deliver, give. 
Lieferung, f. delivering, delivery. 
Licfeoingsfcbein, m. receipt 
•Liegea, v. n. to lie ; daran -, tfrge- 

legea *reyn, to import. < 
Lieotenant, m. lieutenant. 
Lilie, f. lUyi 
Ltmonade, f. lemonade. 
Liaione, Limonie, f. lemon. 
Linde, ■ Gelinde 
Ltode. r. linden, limCf linden . tree. 
LiadenhoU, a. linden. wood- 
Lindern, v. a to mitigate, alleviate, 

allay, tenify, ea/t. 
Liadcrang, t. mitigaHng, tic. 
Lindwuna, m dragon. 
Lineal, n . rule, ruUr. 
Linie, f. line. 

inienfchiff n. mam of war of the 
/rfl rate. 
Liniren,v.a. to rule. 
Link, a. Lft, flnf^rout. 
Links, ad. to the left 
Lin(e, r. lentUi T. tens. 
Lippe, r. tip. 

LippeobucbAab, m. lakial letter. 
Lifpein, v. n. to tiff. 
Lirpeln, n. lifp, Hjping. 
Lift, f. craft, cunning, JUneft. 
Lifte, f. /(/?. roU. . 
Liaig, a. craffy, tunning, fukUtt fly. 


Litanei, f. litany. 

Litze, r. lace, cord, firing, fiU. 

Liueobmder, m. fwom patker, 

Livree, f. livery. 
L«h, n laud, praift, eommendahon ; 

Cott Lob I god be praifedl 

Loben. v. a. «o laud, commend, praife. 

Lobescrhebung, f. f^aift, extolling. 

Lob^elang, m. Loblied, a kymn. 

L6b]ich. a. laudable, commeHdaUt. 

•Lobpreifcn, v» a. to extol, cry up. 

Lobredc, ♦ elogy, panegyric. 

Lobredner, m. pmnegyriji, 

*Lobfingen, ». n. to fiug in praije. 

Lobrpracb, m. clogium. 

Locb, a. koltt dungeon. 

Ldcherig, a full <f kplts. 

Locke, f. lock, buckle. 

Lockea, v a. to allure, haitl to call-y 
to decoy y etwas von einem ber- 
aus ., to pump one out ; die Haa. 
re ., to curt tke kalr in locks. 

Locker, a. fpungy, ligkt | tooft. 

Lockig. a. curled In locks. 
Lockp'eife,' f. cat-rall, bird-taU. 
Lockrpcire, f. bait, decoy, lure, 

Lockogel, m. cat- call. 
Loderafche, f. cinders, kot embers. 
Lodern, v. a. to flame, blaze, flan. 
Lfiffel, m. fpoon. 

Uiffelblech, a fpoon .fke\f. J 

Ldffelgan., f. fpoon - m, Jkoveller. 
LdfTelkraut, a. y^Mi. w«rr. [ 

L5fieln. v a. to eat wltk a f^. j 
Loge, r. bo)t. I 

Logik, f. logU. I 

Lobe, f flame i tan, tanning, bari.t 
Lohen, ». a. to prepare tke bark bp\ 
tmbuing. r 

Lohgerber, n. tanner. 
Lohgriibe,f. tan. fit. v 

Lobkuchen, m. ball ^ tanning.bark.^ 
LobaUble, f. tan . bark . mill. I 

Lohn, nt wages; fee; kire, fe^l 

Lobnarbeiter, m. mercenary. 

Lobnea. v.a. to reward, pay. ' 

Lohnkatfchc, { kaeknty . comck. 

Lohnlackei.f. hireling. 

Lobnung, f. pay, payment. 

Lobflnagstag, ro. pay-day. 

Loot, a. lot; tUktt. 

Looren, v.a. to ca/l lots. 

Lerbeer, Lorbeerbaom, m> iajf,la» 

Lorbecre, f. bay. berry. 

Los, a. loofe i fich - larbeUea, to 
looje i . »biadea, . kattpfca. I 
loofen, untie i - »brechen, . •r* 
fsca, to break toofe \ • 'breaaei 
to Jkoot ofi . •nbea, to releaj 
.•geben, to loofeni to go of\ 
attofk } .kaufea, to redeem j. 
•kommea, togetboofe\ .«laflci 
to let loofe ; ficb . fegea , to A 
nounce, give over; . «rprecbel 
to fuit, clear ) to abfolve , 

LOicbbrand, m. fuentked flrcbr^ni 

Ldfchea, t. b. U ttuntk', T. to ligkl 

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Lafthborn, n. emtinguijker. 
Ldrcbpapier, n. iiottng paper. 
LoTr, a. lo»ft,foul\ u)*ggijk, wanton 
Lofegeld( n. lan/om 
Lofen, V a. totoofen, untit ^ ttjirt, 

iifcharg^'y to gtt money. 
LotlprecbuM, f abfolution- 
Lofang. (Jgnali ro/*; money got- 

ten for mtrckmniije 
LfiAiBg, f too/eningi_ 
Loth, n. half an ounce \ 'plummet 

LfiAing, f too/ening i Jiring. 
Loth, n. half m 

Lothen, t. a to fMer^ foitr. 
I.dithig, a. ^ kmlf an ounces tf iw 

Lotiikolb^^ m. foUering . eM. 
Lothfe. m loadsman, pilot. 
Lothung, Lothe, f . foldering. 
Lotterbube, m. vagra^tt rafeal. 
Loiterie, f. lottery. 
Lotterieloos, n. tuket. 
Ldwe. m lion ; -in, F. Honeft, 
Lttchs, m. lynx 
Lilcke. r. gap, chafm. 
LBckenbU^er. m. fig. boUk. 
Liickig, a. having gaps. 
Luder^n. carnon'f lure, decoy\ riot. 
Ludcrleben, n. riotow lift. 
LOderlicb, i. Liederikh. 
Lud.ern, V n. to lead a riotous lift i 

V. a- to lure, bait, deeoy. 
Luft, f. air. 

Lufiball, ja. air. balloon* 
Liiften, *.a. to airy to lift up, 
Lafierrcheioung, f. phenomenon. 
Luftgeift, m. atrial fpirit, fylpk. 
LuftbioiTnel, Di atmofphere. 
%.x\tt\%, n~ ai'yj aertai. 
Luftlocb, n. air hole, vent. 
Luftpumpe, f T air . pump, 
hufu&hrt, f. wind . pipe. 
Luftfcblorti, n. e^/lle in the air. 
Luftfpringer, m. caper er ' 
Luft(prung, f. caper, gambol. 
Luftzeicben, n meteor. ^ 

Loftzieber, m. T. ventilator. 
Lug, m. lit. 
LUge, f lUifb. 
«LUgen, v.n to lU , tell a tit. 
LUgenbaft, u. lying, falfe. 
LUgner, m. .in, \. liar- 
Luke r. T. hatch ; trap . dorr. 
Liintmel, m. lubber, looby. ^ 
Lump, m. ragamuffin ; curmudgeon 
Lumpen, m. ragt tatter, clout. 
LampengefindeU « ragamufins. 
LumpenbMnd, m ragamuffin. 
Lumpenfammler, m. ragman. 
Luro perei , f trijie, JUdle -f addle. 
Lumpicht, a- miferabte J covetous. 
Lumpig, s^. ragged, tattered. 
Lunge, f. lungs 5 (von Thieceo) 

LuogengefcbvrCir,, n. vomica. 
LuAgenfucht,' r. /A<A(/?c. IJitk. 

LungenfUcbtig, a. pktktjical, liing- 
LUnfe, f. linchpin, anlepin. 
Lunte, f. lunt, match- 
Lad, f. pleafure\ ntind} defire, lufii 


Luftbarkeit, f. pleafure, f^ori, amum 

LUften, LUfiern, r. i. to lijt. 
Liiiiern. a longing for , Ivjiing. 
Liiftetnbeit, f. lufi, luffulnefs^ 
Luflfeuer, n bonfre. 
Luftgarten, in« garden rf fUafure 
Lufthaus, xt. fummer . houjt. 
Luftig, a merry, ioUy, jocund, fro. 

lie h, gay, jovial, bnjt. 
Luftigkeit. f. mirth, jotUty. 
Luftigmacber. m. merry . andrerp. 
Luftreife, f f^ip. 
Luafcbiff, n. boat of pleafure. 
LuftfcbloO, n. cajle of pleafure. 
Luafeuche, f pon, venereal difeafe 
Luftfpiel, n. romtdy. 
Luftvrald. m. grovt. 
Lutberifcb, a. Luthcraner, n. In. 

Lutbenbum, n. lutheranifm. 


M«|J, a. ««rJt : mole,f^ot. 

Maalfteio, m. loundary. 

Maafs. t. Mafs 

Machen. t. a to make, today ficb 
an einen ., to add^ef ; ficb da«on 
- , to fiamper : fich Uber etwai -, 
to undertake, begin \ ficb auf den 
Weg., to fet out. 

Macherlobn, n. pay for making. 

Macht, f . power ; authority 

Mslchtig, «. mighty, powerful. 

Macbtrprucb, m. decifive fenteuet. 

Macibwcrk, n. making, compofition- 

Maculatiic, m. maculaturt. 

MMdcben, n. maid, girl. 

Made, f. maggot, mite. 

Madig, a. magotty.full f/ mites. 

Magacin, n. magazine, ware.houfe. 

Migd, f. fervant, maid.fervant. 

Magen, m. ventricle, Jlomach ; aMio 

Magendrii^ken, n. Magenkrampr, m. 

Magenpflafler, n. Jtomaehieal plajier 

MagenQiirkend, n.Jlomathir. 

Magenwa^er, n Jtomachical water 

Magenwurfl, f. haggas. 

Mager, a meager, lean, lank. 

Magerkeit, f. Itanneft, meagemefs. 

Magiflcr, m. maJUr of arts. 

Magiflrac, m. magjtrate. 

Magnet, m. magnet, load.jtone^ 

MagnetiCrb. a. magnetic. 

Magnetnadel, f. needle qf the marl, 
ner's compafs 

Magnificenz, f. fHagnifco. 

MaKfamen, m poppy Jeed. 

Miiben, v. a. to mow, cut gTAfi. 

Miiher, m. moiwer 

Mafal, n meal, rtpaft. 

Mahlen, v. a. to grind. 

Mablgaft, m. miller's cujlomtr. 

Mahlgeld, a. miHer's fet. 

MablmUhle, f. mil. 

Mablfcbatz, m. dowry. 

Mablftroni, m. wkirlpit,- whirlpool. 

Mablseit, f. meal, rtpaji. 

Mahnbar. a. demandable. 

MiChne, (. mane 

Mabnen, t. *. to dauy ia emllfar* 

Mahner, m. dun. ' 

Milhrcben, n. tarty fh, 

Mai, m. May. 

Maibaum, m Male, f. birck. 

Maiblume, f. may. flower, mmy^fy, 

Maikiifer, m. may. bug. 

MaiUerpiel. n. pallmall. 

Maia, m. maiat. 

MajeftMi, f maj^fy. 

MajeftXtifcb, a. maj^ai, maJf/Hc. 

M*^OT, m major. 

Ma^oran, m. marjoram. 

Ma^orenn, a of full agt. 

M«iorenniti(t, f. majority. 

Makel. m. Jtain, Jpot, blotyfauli. 

Mjkeln, v.n. to broke, be a broktr, 

Makler, m. broker. 

Ma'klerlobn, m. brokeragt. 

Makrel«, F. mackerel^ 

Makrone, f macaroon. 

Mai, n. timet ein., once. 

Malen. v. a. to paint, limit ; (• fr^ 

Maler, m. painter, Hmntr. 
Malerei, f. painting. '' . 

Malerircb, a. piSurefyue. 
Malerftock, m. maul -Jiick. 
Mtltei;, m.&n. tkree cumoekt. 
Malteferriaer, m. knigfU of the order 

of Malta. 
Malvafier, m. malmfey. 
Mait, n. malt. < 
Malzbodea, m. maltjloor. 
Malsdarre, 'f. maltkiln. 
Malzen, v. n. to malt* 
Mamma, f. aiaai, mamma. 
Mammeluck,. n. mammtlucki rt*e» 

gad*, update. 
Matninon, m- mammon, pelf. • 
Man, pr. the, there, U. 
Mancbci^e, es, pr. many « mani 

many, ^fue. 
Mancberle^. a. many,div«rfe,fevtrat. 
Mancbmal, ad. fomeiimts. 
Mandat, n mandate' . 

MandeL, Mange. Mangel, f. caltn* 

det, rolling. pre/s 
Mandel, f fifteen \ almond. 
Mandelbcei, m. M«D4«lmuik, n« ml. 

mond . pap. 
Mandelbolz, Mangelbolz,. n. calen- 
der - roll- 
Mandelkucben, m, almond- cake. 
Mandelmilch, f. almond- milk, emuU 

fion. • 

Mandcln, Mangela, Mangen, t. a. 

to calender. 
Mandelol, n. almond - oU. , 
Mandehorie, f ■ almond . tart. 
Mangel, m. want, tacky fault, defeM, 
Mangelbaft, a. difeaibte, dtftSive. 
MangelhafiigkeU, f. defefHbility. 
Mange^n, *■ n. to want, lack. 
Mangkorn, n. m^Jlin. 
Mangold, m^beet. . 
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Manier, f. manner, grace. 
Manierlich, a. mannerfy, eivU- 
Manicrlichkcis f. mMnntrlinefs . 
\4ann, m man, ^\ mtn; kujiani. 
Manna, n. m*nna. 
Manabar, a. marriagetUt. 
MannbarkeJt, f. marrimstaiUmtp. 
MSnnchen, n. iitt/e m^ni maU,etck 
MannbaU, a man^. 
Mannb«it, f. manhood, virility. 
Mannigfahig. a manifold. 
Mannigfaltigkcicf. varUiy. 
Mifnnin, i.^.man, vpman. 
Mannlehen, n. malt fee. 
MKnnlich.a. mult, manly 'y ma/euUnt. 
Minnlicbkeit, f. manlinrjt, vlriHty 
Mannsbild.o. Mannsperlon. f . man 
MannCchaft, f. meH,.forcts, troop. 
Manntleute, pi. mtn. 
Mannfcheu, a. afraidtff mtn, man. 

Mannfucht, f. longing afttr men. 
MannrUchtig, a. longing afttr nun. 
Mannszucht, f. di/eipUnt. 
Mannweib, n. kermapkrodiie, 
Manfchen, t. n. to paddle. 
Manrchatte, f. rujit. 
Mantel m. mantle, cloak. 
Mantelfack, m. cloak -bag. Port. 

Manufaaur, f. maniffaaurt, 
Manufcript, n. manufcript 
Marder, m. marttn, martenr. 
Marienfeft. n. St. Marys day. 
Marienglat, n. ijinglafi. 
Myrina, f. marine, navy. 
Marintren, v. a. to marinate. 
Mark, n marrow, pith ; - f. feark. 
Marke, f. mark, toktn. 
Marken, v. a. to mark. 
Markatender, m. futltr^ 
Markgraf. m. margrave. » 

MarkgrSfin, f. marchiontfs. 
Mark^ffchaft. f. margravlate. 
Markig n./ull of marrow. 
Markrrheider, m. fnrveyer. 
Marktkoocfaen, ID. marron^one. 
Markftein. m. mere, mtri-Jlone, 
Mirkstona, f . marrow - tart. 
Markt, in. market y fair, 
MafktOwken, m. borougk. 
Marktleute, pi. mar ktt- folk. 
MarktmeiAer, m furveyor'y control. 

ler ,f a marktt. 
Marktplktz, m. market -place. 
Marktpreit, m. market -priet, rait. 
Marktfcfaiff, n, paffagt . hoat. 
MarkiTcbreier , m. mounithank, 

juack, fuak/altier. 
Marktfcbreierei, f. fuaektry. 
Markttag, m. marktt- day 
Marmclade, f. marmaladt, m^rmaltt 
Marmor. in. marklt. 
Marmorbrucb, m. marilt.pi* 
MarmorircD, V. a. to mar lit. 
Marmora, a. marblt, 
Marode, a. tirtd, feU'gutd. ^ 
Marone, f. larg* cktfiut. 
Marfcb, m. march, marching. 
Marfchall, m. ,marfial. 


Marrchallamt, n marjkaljkip. 
Mirfchiertig, a. rtady lo march. 
Marrchiren, v. n. to march 
Marrchland, n. marjk-land. 
MartCBgel, B. T. top. fail- 
Marftall, m. a princt' sftablt of hot. 

fts, public JtabU of horfei. 
Marter, f. torment, torture i fig. 

pain, anguijk. 
Marterbank, f. rack. 
Manern, ». a. to torment, rack. 
Marterwocbe, f. koly-wetk. 
MartinsMg, m MarHumaft. 
MXrtyrer, n. martyr. 
Milrtyrerihtim, n. martyrdom. 
Mariyrertod. m. martyr - death. 
Ma'rz, m March. 
Marzipan, m. marckpant. 
Mafcbe. f. majk,mtjh,jlttcki (an 

Huie ) cockade. 
Mafchine, f. machine, engine- 
Marchinenmiiriig, a. like a mackme.' 
Marchinenmeifter, aa. n^/ler of the 

Mafer, in . & f . fteck , fickle. . 
Marerig, a. fptckUd. 
Marern, f. ^. mtajles. 
Masholder, m. mhitten • tree. 
Matlieben, F. daijy. 
Maflce, r. majk, vifor, vizard. 
Ma(kenball, m mafyuerade. 
Maflclren, v. a. to maJk. 
Maskopei, (. focitty cf merckawts. 
Maf., B. mtafur,: "^ 
Mafte, r. moderation^ Uber die ., im- 

modtratrly, va/ly ; gewifler Ma. 

fsen , in fotn* decree ; Uber alle 

Marten, excttdingly, eacijfively. 
Mafsen, c. btcau/t. 
Marigabe, f. nach ., according to. 
Mar>gebung, f. rf/triaion j ohne ., 

without difparagtmtnt, unpruudi. 

ctd to. 
Miiftig, a. moderate, frugal, tempe. 

rate, fober. 
Msr»ig«n. v.a. to moderate, temper 
Miirugkeii, f. ttmptranct, frugality. 
Mifiigung, f, moderation. 
Mafsregel, f. mtafure. 
MafsAab, xa. fcafe. 
Maffe^ f mafs ; mallet ; flock. 
MafTiv, a. majive, majfy. 
Mail, Maftbatim. m. mafl\ dergro. 

f«« ., maxnmafl. 
Maft, Maftung, f. mafi. 
Mafldarm, m. arfe.gut. 
MJiften, V. a to feed, fat, fatten, 
Madix, m & n. maflich. 
Maflkorb, nt. bower, f cuttle. 
Maftlot, a mtJtUft. 
MaftAenge, f. maintop, 
Maavich, n. tattle that It to he fat. 

Maftwand, t.Jhrowd. 
Matador, mT matador e. 
Materialien, pi. materials. 
Materialift, in. druggifi, dtvgfler, 
Materialwiiare, f. drugt. 
Materia, f mattex^fiff^. 
Mathcmatik, f. mathemaiicki. 


Mathematiker, in. maihematictoM. 
Maihematifch, a. mathematical. 
Mairatze, r. mattreft 
Matrikel. f. l,Jl^ toU, matrieula. 
Mairize, f. T. matrUe, matria. 

irone, f. matron 
Matrofe, m. Jailor. 
Matfcb, m. iapot ; -macban, to ta- 

Matt, u. faint, feeble \ weak. 
Matty, f. mat, meadow 
Mattigkeii, f. fmintneft, weakmtfi. ' 
Mauen, v. n. to mew. 
Mauer, f. wall. 

Mauerbrecber, m . battering . ram. 
Mauerkelle, f. trowel < 
Mauermeitler, m. m^/hr .ma/on. 
Mauem, v.a. to lay bricks, make a 

Mauerfchwalbe, f. martinet, martlet. 
Mauerftein, m. brick. 
Mauerwerk, n. bruh . work. 
Mauke, f. maUn'hr-t. 
Maul. n. mouth, chops. 
MauIafFe. m. gaper . 
Maulheerbaum, m. mulberry . tree. 
Maiilbeerc, f mulberry 
Matulcben, n. little mouth i 6g. kift. 
M«ulen, V. n. to powt, make a tip. 
Maiilerel, m mule. 
Maulerchreiber, m. mule- driver. 
Maulkorb, m. muzuU. 
Ma<iircbelle, f. boji on the tar, flap. 
Mault/ommel, f. jrio'/ ■ harp, trump. 
Maulwerk, n gift of the gab. 
Maulwurf, q. molt, motewarf. 
MaulwurfhUgel, m. molehill. 
Maurer. m. maf on. 
Maus. t. moufe. pi. mic*; T. muftU. 
Maiirchel, m.jtw, /moutch. 
Maiife, f. mewing, moulting. 
Mifurefalle. f. mouft . trap. 
Maufeeifjt, n arjenic, ratfiana, 
Maufekaixe, f. moufer. 
Maufen, v. n. to moufe\ v.a. fa 

p^er, filch \ fich., V. r. /0 nuw, 

moult. ' 

Maufetodt, %. Jlone - dead. 
Maufig, a. boijlerous. 
Mautb, f. toll, excife, <if/lom. 
Maxima, f. maxim. 
Mechanik, f. mechanics. 
Mecbaniker, m. mechanician, 
Mccbani&b, a. mechanical. 
Mvcbaniimus, m. methanifm. 
JVIedaille, f. medal 
Medici n, f. phyfic { phyjics. 
Mediciner, m phyfician. 
Medicinifch, a. medieinal. 
Mecr, n. fea, main. 
Mceraal, m. conger. 
Meerbufen, n. bay, gulf. 
Meerbutte, f. turbot 
Meerdrache, m. fuaviver. 
Meerenge, f .freight, firait. 
Maeresftiliei f. calm, calmnefs. 
WftaxtvMOgv, f. billow, wave. 
Mcergras, n. fea . weed, fedge. 

ieergriln, a. fea - green. 
Mcerkatze, f. baboon , 

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MeerUnfra. pi. fen . Itntih. 
Meerretiig, in.° ko^^fe - radiA, 
Mecrfcbauni, m./rt>tA ^ tk* 
Mecrfcbnecke, f. t»ckU. 
Meerichweiu, a. Jtmkog » ptrfmftt 

Meerftrudel. m. whirl, po^i. 
McercwHbel, f. AnO/, f^m-Utk. 
Mchl, n. mmli da* feinfte-, ilMMr. 
Meblbeotel, m. better. 
Mchtbrei, m mtal • pm.p. 
MebUdndltr, m mtml.mtm. 
Mehlicht. Mehlig, a. mraty. 
Mrhlkaften, m. mat-tui. 
Meblkleiaer, n. pojtt. 
Mehlklob, m. pajlt, dumpUng, 
Mcbirpeire, f. m*al. mft 
Meblthau, m. mUdtm, bUJt. 
Mrblwurn, m mtml .worm. 
Mehr, a. mort. 

Mekren, v. a /« encrcmft, augment. 
Mehrenthcih, ad for tie mejt pmrt. 
Mehrh(;ii, f. iMJority. plmitUtjf. 
Mfbrmalig, a. reiterated- 
MehrmaU, ad fevtral times, 
Mcbrunf, f. *ugment»tUn . 
•Mciden, v. a. to mvotd, JkifM, for- 

itar. , 

Me ier , m farmer. 
Meieran, i. Majoran. 
Meierci, f. Meierhof, m. farm. 
Meile, r. miUi ein« fraazUrche ., 

Ueilcnntule, Meilenacin, Meilan. 

seiger, m. miir/lone. 
Meiler, m. char .coal > kiln. 
Mein. Mcina, pr. my, wtint. 
Meincid, m. perjury. 
Meiaeidig, a. pe'jnrlout. 
Mcinen. v. n. to mean, tkink, 
Meioctbalben, MetnetwcgeOf ua 

Meinetwillen, ad. for my fake. 
Meinige, der, di«, da*, pr mine. 
Ueiauqg, f. opinion, meaning. 
Ileife. f. titmou/e, muJUn. 
Ucifcnkaften, m. titnuufe - trap. 
Mei&el m. ckifet 
Meifiela. v. a. to chifel. 
Meift, a & ad. mojl. 
Heiabietende. m AViM kidder. 
Uaiftan*, ad mn^, mtjily. 
Meiftsntheil*, ad./«r the m^ part. 
Meifttr. m. mafltr. 
Meiftarbaft.a majerly ; nA. artfuL 

fy. cunningly. 
Veiftera, v. a. tomoMeri toecnfurt. 
Uciaerrecht, n. meyler . rigkt,frei. 

torn -of a company* 
Mtiftatflikk. n- majier . piact. 
Mdaacholie, f. mttantkoly. 
MtlaiKMilch. a. melamckoiie. 
Welde, f. oraek, orage. 
Melden. v. a. to mention ; #• ieli, 

w^ite; fich., to appear . 
McMuQg, f. mention, mattloning. 
Melilo**, f. melUat. 
Meliffe, f. kalm. 
Melk. a. milky, 
Melktn, «. a. to mUk, 
Mtlkcr, n. mUker. 


Melkercl, f. tom-komfi. 
Melkfaf*. n. mUkpaU, 
Melodie, r. melpdy. 
Melone, f. mtlon. 
Memme, f. coward. 
Menge, f. muUttude, great wmBy, 
Mengen, ▼. a. to aungU, uUm. 
Mcngfcl, Q uungte ■ mangle. 
M«nnig, m. siiaiaai, uermiiiam, 
Menfcb, m. man, pi. mem. 
Menfch, n wenek. 
Manfchenaher, n. man'j age. 
Menrcbenfeind, m. mankater, mi/uh 

Menfchenrraffer, a. mm* . eater, 
Menrchenfreund, n. pki/antkropijt. 
Menrchenfieundlick, a. pkUantkro. 

Meafcbcnbai*, m. mifantkropy. 
Mrnrcbeoliabe, f. pkUantk'O^. 
Menrcb^nvcriland. n. common finfe. 
McnlVbhcit, M«nrcblichkett. f . km. 

man ty 
Menfchlich, a. knman, humane. 
MeiiVhwerdung. f. incarnatioa, 
Mcnfar, f. menfuratiom, 
Mergel, m. marl. 
Mcrgdig, a. marly. 
MergelDi v a. to mart. 
Mcrkbar, Mexklich. u. fenJiUe, per. 

Ctftikle, pcrceiuable. 
Merken, v. a. to mark } to perceive, 

okferve ; to kttp by keart \ auf «U 

vra*., to' attend. 
Merknaal. n- mark, fign, token. 
MerkwUrdig, a. remarkaklt 
MarkwUrdigkeit, f. remarkaklenefii 

Mertbuchf n. malt- hook, unjfal. 
Meffe. f. maff ; fair. 
•Meflen, v. a. to mtafurt. 
Meffier, m. meafu^tr. 
MclTer, n. knife, pi knives. 
Mefferbefteck, n krife-cafe. 
Me(r«r<cbeide. f. cafe of a kntfe. 
Menerfchoiid, m. cutler . 
Meftgercbenk, n. fair. 
Mersgewand, d. ckafuUe. 
MeiTia*, m. mtjiah 
MelFing, a. latten, hrafs. 
MeinnKcn, a. latien, kraaen, 
MaffinghJtodler, MelCnglchlSger, n 

Merskctte. f. meteckain. 
Me(«ktinft, f. geometry, 
MeftkUnftler. m geometer. 
Mefsner. ta. femton. 
Mefsyriefttr. m mafs • /H(/f . 
Mefirutbe, f. nutfwand, metcyard, 
^e(*wocb«, F wiarket.week. 
Metall. n metal \ hrafs 
Meiallen. a metallital, 
Metallitrg. m. metalturgift, 
Metallurgic, f. autiUiurgyi 
Metaphor, f. metapkor. 
Metapbyfik, f ■ ketapkyjSci. 
M«tb, in. mead. 
Meihod*. r. metkod, 
Mene, f. matins. [peck. 

M«txe,r.r«jmMii pr^Umtti (cinMafi; 

Mctzelei, f. ntafaere,Jtaugkter. 
Metzein, v. a. to ma/acre, hmttker. 
MeicKcr, *. neircber. 
Meurhelmord.jB ajfa/btaiion. 
MeitcbeliDfir4er, m. of agin. 
MeoAclmdrdcrifch, a. murdtramt \ ' 

. 'uBibringaa, /• affajinate. 
Meuterei, f. mutiny, comptot, 
Mawe, (.mew. 
Miauea, «. a to aw«« 
Mich, pr. m ; . frlbft, myfetf, 
Micbaeliatag. m. mchmelmafs. 
Miedar, a. fteg^s, 
Miene. (. atien, air, tooh ; ^ces. 
Miethe, f. Alna^j Air«; koufe-remt, 
Micibcn, V. a /• kire, 
Micchgeld. a. kandftl; kite. 
Mietbkut£:lM, f. kaekney. cosek. 
MicUriiiitrchtr. aa. kaekney- eaack* 

Mieibleutc, pi. lodgers. 
Micihling, m- kireling, 
Mirihn<ann, n. lodmer. 
Micthpferd, n. kackuey . korfe, 
Miethsiaa, m. koufe-ront. 
Mithc. f. mite. 

Milcb.f milki (inFirckcn)ariA. 
Milcba ch, aa. nulkpan. 
Milchbart, m. milk fop. 
Milcbfrau, f. milkwoman, 
Milcbhaar, n. down of tke cheek, 
Milcbicht, a. milky, 
Milcbigi a. miiien. *' 
MilcbB.agd, f. milkmaid. 
MilchnapT, m. milk - pot, eup, 
Mikhner, m. milter. 
Mikhfafi, o». ckyle. 
Milchftrafte, f. galany, milky, way, 
MilcJxfuppe, f. milkpotage. 
Milchzaho, m. miiktootk. 
Mild. a. mild.fweet, kind; tikerai'. 
. rharitahle. 

Mi Ida, f. mildntfi, lihermlity, ekarity, 
Mildem, v. a. to mittgate, temper, 
Milderung. f mitigation. 
MildthXtig, a. liberal, ekarttoMe, 
Miliz, f. milice, mititia. 
Mniion, f, atUtion. 
Milz, r. milt,fpUen. 
Miltkraokheit.MUzrucht, t.f^toem. 
Miizfikbtii!, a fpieei^fut,fpteen.JSck. 
Miader, a. lefs, 

Mindenibrig, a. under age, minor. 
MinderjMhrigkeitt (. minority. 
Mindnn, v. a. to diminifi, tefen. 
Mindemag, f. dtminijking. . 
Mindeft. a *^. low^. 
Mine, f. mine ; a. aocb BCita*. 
Mineral, a. mineral, f^. 
Mineralreich, n- mit.ttat creation. 
Miocralog, n. mineralogijt, 
MineralogU, f. mineralogy. 
MinUtur, (• miMtature. 
Miniren, ▼. a. to mine, 
MiNtgfcr, m. miner. 
Minifter, m. miwfler. 
Miniflerium, n. mintftry. 
Minuie, f. minute. 
Mir, pr. to me. 
i)|MircM>ar. t^jMle.^ 
litized b ■^^'^'^ 


Mifchen, v. a. to mix, minglt. 
Mirchmafcb, n. baUtrdmJk^ mingif. 

Milchiing, i. mixtion. 
Milpcl, f. Milpelbaum, n. tt/dUr. 
Mihbehagea, n. JiJlHt. 
'•Mi&bieien, y u. t» underiid. 
Mi&bUUgen, v m. to difafifrevt. 
Mirsbilligung, f. di/approbatiem. 
Mif»br«nch, a. abufe, mifujfmg* 
MifsbrmMchen, v. a. to abuft, mfuft 
MiAcredit, m. di/crtdit. 
Mirsdeutcn, v. a. to mijinttrtret, 

Miftdeutung , f. mifinttrpretttion. 


Miuen, v. n &.*. to be without ^ mi/t. 
Mifletbat, f. mifited, crime. 
Miflethitter, m- mi/doer, trimftnmt. 

•Mirtfallen, V. n. todinikt^dtfpieafe. 
Mirttallen. n. JUfyleafure, 
Mifsfsdlig, a di/agrteable. 

•Mi&gebifren, t n. to abort, mi/ 

Mirsgebot,!!. too Utile ^ef» 
■ Mifsgcburt, f. monjier 
Mifigefchick, n. m>JkaPf di/ajer. 
MiUgeOMit, (. diJTormitjf, tad Jkap* 
Mir»ge«rilchs, n. unfual prodnaion. 
Mifseonnenf V. a. toenvy. 
•Mibgreifen, ». a. to mijlakt. 
Mirsgriff, m. mi/take. 
Miliigunfl, f. envy, ill-triU. 
Mi&gUnftig, a. envious. 
MHtbandeui, v. n. to do wrong, 
m/< Ui, 

tig, a. enviou 

leui, V. n. to do wrong, iref- 
fafs ; V. a. <« wrong, uft Ul, mf- 

Miubandlung, f. trefyafii mifu/e- 
Miftheirath , f. mar tying icntath 

ont's ftlf. 
Mifshellig, a. Affhnmnt, difcordant. 
Mifshelligkeit, f. difUrmony, dif. 

Mifiiahr, n. Jterii yemr. 
•Miitkennen, «. Verkennen. 
Mifiklang, Mifslaot, vi- diffonance.' 
Mi(»licb, a. difficult, uncertain, du- 


MirsUchkeit, S. uncertainty. 
•Mifilingen, V. n. to' fail, mi/carry, 

fuctee* til. 
'•MiArathen, t. n. to mi/carry J «• a 

to dxfuade. 
Mifttrauen, v.n. to di^njl, mijiriffi. 


Mifitrauen, n. ^Jhrvfi^ nOfixufi, dif. 

£drnct. •" 

Mir*tnuirch, a. difirujtful, miflrt^fl. 

ful, diffident 
Mifstritt, m falfe flep. 
MifivergnUgen, n. 'diffatisfaOion,^, 

content. [ted, 

Mifsvergnilgi, a. (UJatiified, difionten. 
Mirtverfland, m miflake, error. 
'Mifsverftehen, v a. to mylake. 
Miiswach*. m . Jlerit crof, 
Mift, ID. dung, muck, foil. 

tbee«f n. I 
tel, r. mij 



Mtft«a, *. a. to mute j v a. f« dung. 
Miflfink, m. nafiy perfon,flut. 
Miftgabel, r. dungfork 
Millgaucbe, f. atari ■ dung . water. 
Miftgrubc, f. dungkole 
Miftbaufen, m. dungklU. 
Miflkarer, m. muckworm, 
MiiUache, r bog, fink. 
Mifttrage, f- dungbarrow. 
Miftwagen, aa dungcart. 
Mil. prp. with, of. 
Mi arbeiter, m. fellow - labourer. 
Mitbefiizer, m copartner. 
Mithewerbcr m. copttitioner. 
Mitbruder, m. brother \ fellow. 
Miibiir^er, m. fellow - citizen. 
Mitcbrift, in . fellow - chrjtian. 
Mit einander, ad. together. 
Miierbe, m. coheir, joint- htir. 
'MitefTen, ▼. n. to eat with. 
Miifahren, v. n. to ride wUh. 
•Miigcbeo, V. a. to give along with ^ 

to give a portion. 
•Mitgehen, v. n to go along with 

MitgebUlfe, m.. affijtant, aecomplite 
Mitgenort, m. copartner, afociate. 
Mitgift, f. dowry. 
Mtigliedi n. member, fellow. 
•Mithalien, v. n. to fide with. 
Mithin, c. confejuent/y. 
Mithridat, m. mithridate. 
Mitkommen, v. n. to come along 


Mitlaflen, v. a. to permit to go with 
MitUufen, v. n, to run with, 
Mitlaui, Miifhuier, m confonant. 
Mitlciden, n. compajfton, pity 
Mitleidig. a. compajtonate, pitiful. 
Mitmachen, t. a. to do the like, imi. 

•MitQcbmen, v. a. to take along 

with ; fig< to weahen, 
Miwecj^nen, v. a. to help in cajltng 

Mitreiren, v. n. to travel witk. . 
*Mitreiten, y. n to ride with. 
Mnfcbiildig, a. acceJTary. [p/it 

Mitfchuldige, m. accejfary, atcom. 
Mitrcbiiler, m fckool .fellow. 
MiiCpielen, v. a. to play with; fig. 

to treat ill, abufe. 
Mittag, m. noon, meridian } /oafA. 
Miitiigig, a. meridional, Jouthtrn, 

foutherh, ati/hal. 
Miuagieffen, n. dinner, 
Mitiagslinie, f. meridian. 
Mittagtrube, f. nooning, nap. 
Mittagt(lunde,f. noon- hour, 
MittagtvriCru, ad. fouthward. 
Mitte, r naddle, midfi. 
Mitiel, n. middle, miifti mrait, audMi; 

Mittelbar, a. mediate. 
Miticlfingec, m. middle. finger. 
Mittel1s(ndircb, a. mediterranean 
MittelmiirsiK; a. middling, mod&ate. 
Mittelmairsigkeh, f. mediocrity. 
Mtttelnafl, m. main • mafi, 
Mittelponkt, m. center. 


MitteUmann, on. Miueltperfctii, f* 

medator ■ arbiter 
Mittelft, ad. by means of. 
MiuelOand, ni. middle fiate. 
Miiteiae, a. nOdft, middUm<t/l. 
Mittelftrafie, f. middle, way, mmx. 
Miitelworc, o. T. participle. 
Mitten, ad. amidfi, in the midfi. 
Mitternacbt, f . midnight ; north. 
Mii>eri.ichtig, a. northern, fepin- 

trional, midnight- 
Mitiheilen, v. a. to communicate. 
Mitiheilung, f. communication. 
Mittler, m. mediator, 
Mittlere, a. middle. 
Miiiterwcile, ad. mean • while, 
•Mitirageir, V. a. to a^fi in bearing. 
Mitiworbe, f. wednefSay. 
Miiverrchvromer, m. confpirator, 
Mitwerber,.in. competitor, rival. 
Mitwirken, v. a. to cooperate. 
Mitwirkung, F. coopermtiou. 
Mixiur, f. mixture 
Mobilien, pi. moveables if umHure. 
M6bl'mn,r.u. to furnijk. * 
Mode, r. mode,fitJkion, cut. i 

Model], n. mould, model, form. 
Modeln, v. a. to mould, model i to 

fajhion, form. 
Mnder, m mouldy mud. 
Moderig, a. mouldy^ muddy. 
Modern, v. n to moulder. 
Modern, a. modern. 
ModiTch, a. fafik.onaile. 
•Mogen, V. n. to may, 
MOglich, a poffible. 
Mdglicbkeit, f. pofilbiHty. 
Mobn, m. poppy. 
Mohr, m. ai«ar, negro, blackamoor; 

.in, (-Ae . blaekmoor. 
M5bre, f. carrot. 
Mobrifcb, a moorifk, 
Molcb, m. falamandtr, 
Molken, pi. whey. 
Molkendieb, m. butter -fiy. 
Molkig, a. whtyty, wheyifk, 
Monarcb, m. monarch, 
Monarcbie, f monarcny. 
Monarcbifch, a monarchical. 
Monat, m. month, moon. 
Monatlicb, a. monthly^ 
Monauflub, m. monthly courftt, 
Mdncb, m. monk, friar. 
Mdncherei. f. Mdnch&Ieben,M5ncbt. 

wefen, n. monkery, montuhi/m. 
Mdocbsklofter, n. monk^t cloifier, 

monafiery. ^ 
MSnchtkappc. f. hood. 
Mdcbfkutte, f. cowl, capouch. 
Moncbsordeu, n religious order. 
Mfindufcbrifi, f. ntonks . lettirs. 
Mond, m. moon. 
Mondenjahr, n . lunary year. 
Mondenmonat, a. lunary month. 
Mondfinftemirt, f. eclipfe cfihe MMa< 
Mondrcbein, m. moon .fiinct light. 
MondAicbt, f. lunacy, 
Mondnfchtig, a. lunatic. 
Mendswandelung, t. lunation. 
Monkalb, n.^moon . caff. 



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MonAnnz, f. rtmo>i/lranee. 

MoDUg, to. mnd*y. 

Montiren, v. a. to ctvtkt in regimen- 

Momiir, f. rtgimtntmlr, 

itoor, n. meor | . m. 

Moorig, a. moory. 

Moonttbe, s. Mdhr«. 

Moot, A. mtjs. 

MooGg, a. mofsjr. 

Mops, m. ivtch m^J", pug . i»f . 

Morel, r. moral, mormUty. 

Moralifch, a. mortt. 

MonliGreA, v. n. to moralixe. 

Moreft, m. morafs, iMrJ&,/en. 

Moraftig, a. »tayfiy,j€nny. 

Morchel.f. moril. 

Mord, m. mur^r, homicide. 

Mordbrenner, m. inctndimry. 

Mordfn, V. n to murdtr. 

Morder, m. murdtrtr, homicide. 

Mordergrube, f. eul. throat-place. 

Morderin, f. murdtrefs, 

Morderircb, a. murderous. 

Mnrdkeller, m. ca/emate. 

Uordtnat, f. murder. 

Moielle, Morille, F morel. 

Morgen, m. mornings mortoWf tajl, 
orient ; acre of ground. 

Morgeo, ad. to morrow. 
Morgenbrod, n break/a^. 
Morgend,, a. morning. 
Morgendkmmerung, f. day. ireak, 

M6rgengabe, f . dowry. 
Uorgengebet, n. morning prayer. 
Horgeniand, n. levant, eajtern coun. 

try, orient. levantine, oriental. 
MorgenlMndifch, a. oriental. 
MorgenJied, n. morning /ong. 
Morgenr&the, f. aurora, morning 

Morgens, ad. In tke morning. 
Morgenftern, m. morning.Jiar. 
Morgenftunde, f. morning . kour. 
MorgenwHru, ad. eajtxoard. 
Morgenwind, m. eafi.wind; morn- 
ing wind. 
Uorgcnseit> f. morning time, 
Mortch, a. mu^y, friable. 
Morfelle, f. loxenge. 
Mdrfer, m. mortar 
MSHerkeule, f. p^le. 
MSnel, m. mortar. 
HSrtelkellc, f. trowel. 
MoTailche Arbeit, s. Mufiv. 
■Mofchee, f. mofyue. 
Mo(elius, m. mujl. 
Hoft, m. muJl. 
IfDue, f. moth, tiny. 
Mucke,.f. Ul humour, /remk. 
KCkke, f. gnat, midge. 
Mttckea, v. n to mutter. • 
Uackenflor, m. /potted gautt. 
klifekcngarn, n. hor/e- cloth to keep 

ojf the midgfis. 
Mtlde, a. tutary, tired, 
MUdigkeit, f. wtarintft, laJfUudi, 
Muff, m. mt^. 


MUffea, V. n. to fmell mtf/ly. 

MUffig, a. mujy, damoijk. 

MUfae, f. pains, trouble, tail. 

MUhle, r. mill 

Miihlknappe, MUhlburTcb, m. mil- 
ler'j man. 

MUblrad, n. miU. wheel. 

MUhlftein, m. mUl.Jone, grind- 

Mdh]-wehTf n. mill . dam, 

MUhlwerk, n. milt -work, miU. 

Mubjiye, f. aunt ; nurfe. 

Muhram, a. painful, troublefom*. 

MUhrdig, a. painful, grievous. 

MUhreligkeit, f. painfulntfs. 

MUhwaltung, f. pain's tahing, la- 

Malde, f. tray, trough. 

MHUer, m. mUler ; .in, t. miller* 
wje. _ 

Multipiiciren, v. a. to muitipfy. 

Mumie, f. mummy. 

Mamme, f. mum. 

Mummcrei, f. mummery, 

Mund, n. mouth, 

Mundart, f. £alefi. 

MUndel, n. pupil, wart. 
MundAlale, f . Aap : ' 
MUndig, a. i^fult age 


M\\nAigVM,t. full age, majority. 
Mandkocb, m. n^/ler - cooh. 
MUndlich, a. by word ^ moutk. 
Mundlocb, n. mouth. 
Mundfcbenk, aa. cup. bearer. 
MundtUkk, n. mouth, bit. ' 
MUndung, f. mouth, bore, muzxle. 
Mundvofl, m moutlful, morfel. 
Mundvorratb, 91. prooijion, viRuals. 
Mundwetk, n. nimble tongue. 
Mttnfter, m. mincer. 
Munter, *. awahe, watchful j brift, 

Muaterkeit, i. watchfubu/s, tiveli- 

le/t, fprightlintfs. 
MUnze, f. coin, money} medal} mint; 

(ein Kraut) mint. 
MUnzcabinet, m. cabinet of medals. 
MUnzen, v. a. to mint, coin} to hit 

MQnzer, m. minter, coiner, montyer- 
MUnxmetffer, m. mintmajler. 
MUnzrecbt, n. right i(f coinage. 
MUnz forte, f. fpeeies if money. 
MUnzftadt, f. mint- town. 
MUnzwardein, na. mint-wtrden. 
MUnftweren, n. coinage. 
Manzwiflenfchaft, f. hnowte4ge of 

medals and coins. 
MUrbe, a. brittle, mauUy, mellow, 

tender, /of t. 
Murmcln,Murren, v. a. & n. tomur. 

mur i to grumble, mumble, mutter. 
Murmehbier, a. marmot. 
MOnrircfa, u.froward,furly. 
Mut, n. pap, moife. 
Murchel. (. mufcU. 
Mufcbelfcbale, f. mufcle -Jkell, 
Murcbelv;erk, n. JktU-work. 
Miife, f./m«/i. 
Mufclnann, b. mufulmtn. 

Muficiren, r. a. to make muAc, 

Mufik.r mujie, 

Mafikalifcb, a. mufical. 

Mitfikant, m. mujician. - 

Mufivarbeit, f mofait. 

Mufkate, f. nutmeg. 

Mufkateller, Ma(katweia, ai. mufca~ 

del, mu/cadtne. 
Mufkatellerbirn, f. mif/cadel, mmfem* 

diue, mujl.pear. 
Mu{kaiellertraube,f . mufcadine grape, 
Muflcatenbaum, m. nutmeg-tree. 
Muncatenblumc, f. metCe. 
>I.iikatennur*, f. nutmeg. 
'Mufkel, m. mufcle. 
Mu(kete, f. muflet. 
Mufketier, m mujieteer, 
Mufs, n. nec^ty. 
MMfte. f. leijure, eafe. 
Miiflelin, m. mi(/lin. 
•MUfTen, v. n. to muft, to be needful, 
MUl'tig, a. idle} . •geben, to idle. 
Mursiggang, m. idlencfs. 
MUrsiggMngcr, m. idler, loiterer. 
Mutter, n. pattern, /ample. 
Mufterbach, n. Mufttrkarte, f. paU 

Mancrhart, a. enemplary. 
Muftern, v. a. to mu^er, review. 
Muflerplatz, m. mujtering- place, 
Mufterichreiber, in. mtjtrrmi^/ier. 
Muftcruog, I. mu/ter, review. 
Muth, na eonrage, mettle, heart. ■ 
Muibig, a courageous, mettlefome, 
Mathlos, a. fpirUle/s, d^jtBed, law. 
MuthloTigkeit, f . dejededne/s. 
Mathmaisen, v. a. to gu^s, fre/u- 

me, eonjeSure. 
MutbmaUlich, a. conJeSural. 
Muthmaftung, f. eonjeSure, gue/s. 
Muthwille, m. petulancy, wanton- 

ne/s, pertnefs, mettle. 

Muibwillig, u. petuUut , mantom, 

pert, loo/e. 
Mtubwilligkeit, f. fetutancy, wan^ 

tonne/s, pertne/s, %00/enefs 
Mutter, f . mother { matrice. 
MutierbeCcbwerde; f. 

itterbrudeTi m. uncle. 
Mutterkircbe, f. mother-chiirek. 
Mutterleib, m womb. 
Mttiterlicb, a. motherly. 
Matter lot, a. mothertejs, 
Muttermaal, n. mole. 
Muttermord, MattennOrdeTf m. aM> 

Mutterpfennig, m./pare man^, 
Mutterpferd, n. marf. 
Muiteffchar, n. ewe. 
Mutterfchaft, f. metherkopi. 
Mutterrcheide, F. vagina, waatb^pe. 
Mntterrchwein, n. /tw. 
Mutterfchwefter, t. aunt. 
MutterfiShncben, n. fondling. 
Muuerrprache, f . mother • tongue. 
Muttenbeil, n. matemals. 
Mutterwitz, m. common ff^fi* 
MUtze, f. cap, bonnet. 
Myriade, f . r-.^rHM. 


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VK^bftdUnt, « « to A^ mCj, ciaca 

— " ' . ». »- to If^^ V^ "V^^T-Afer. »- fc. to hmm, to JU-! -^f^^ mm^fwr. 

«. to i^ V^. . ««. •» 

*B T^c^ mrm 49« to- " * ' 

•2fackfe^«&».«.« to ^ Vij'-, 

Digitized by 

1-ffimiii, v.a t» gle*m tktjtut. 

li iJl«. «. V- a. to Jtrim at, /*r. 

Fackcs,*. B t» Jtmtxh •iter. 

f «5«*. 

Xaci«<«, « i. to ^M* Bffto* 
XadhteCe*, m. f»ff€r. 

" ' 'Kiaw, f. CfBtSMT. 

!'«,■■ m^kt.dre/s, 

■I. JymdemmtMge, freju- 

fMU, frt. 

^^ckKhtM. T. a to ««^. uaiMe. 
Cackcifdl, r. aicltfwM/r. 
>iackrilck,a. itfiri,fr»it. 
X«cfackIcM,B mt^.drtfs. 
XacMagar. m. a^cAT/ '•^^JM- 
XacUaape, f. nigit.Ump. 
yaamtiA, a. a^l^. a«ffarML 
MadhdMdM. a. i^.caadf^. 
!k&^ «. W to A«l #. i» tolTpCackoMU. «. «*r L»rfs fuffer. 

Nadavab, aa mrremr, rtmr. 
ackoadaca, v. n. to/ar/ar; i« 

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■NKhtragen, ▼. ■. ta tttr . tarry 
rfttr ; t9 fufply ; fig. ^0 hnr « 
grudge f to upbraid. 

«Naclicreten,v. n. to follow. 

Nachtt, ad. in the night. 

Nacbtrchatien, m. might -Jkaie. 

Nachtichwitnner, m. night • reveller. 

N*chtfitzen, n. lutubration. 

Nachiauhl, m. clofe .Jlool. 

NKhtdCch, m. toilet. 

Nxbtcopf, m. thambtr.pot. 

NKhtvogel, m. bird of night. 

Nubtwache, f. night - xjtatth. 

Nacbtwichter, m. totan^ritr, wmtth.. 

Nichwanderer, ■»• noRambulo, 

Nachiseag, n. night- drefs. 

*Naclivracbfen» v. n. to gr^vt mfter. 

Nachwehsn, pi. of ter ■.pains. 

Kachweh, f . poftertty, after . ag**. 

Kachwinier, n. afterwinter. 

Naehxahlen , v. a. to pay the re- 

Kacbxjdilen, ▼. ft. to number again. 

«Nacbziehen, *. a. to draw ofttr j 
V. n. to follow^ travel after, 

Nacbzag, m. rear. 

Nacken, in. neeh, nape, trag. 

Nackend, Nackt, a. nahed, bare. 

Nacktbeit. f. nakedne/s. 

Na4el,f. needle -y pin. 

Nadelbttchfe, f. necdle.<afe\ pin^afe. 

Nadelgeld, n. pin - money. 

NadelkUlTeo, n. pin - cujhion. 

Nadeldhr, n. eye <f a needle. 

Nadler, m. needier, pinner, pinmakir. 

Nagcl, m. nnil'f cin hi)lzera«r.> 

Nagelbofarer, m. pUrcer. 

Nifgelein, n. chve. 

Nagelfeft. a nailed, immovtabh. 

NagclgefcbwUr, n. agnail. 

Magein, V. a. to nail. 

Nigelneu, a . brand ■ new, fire > nn>. 

Nageircbmid, m. nail-Jmith. 

Nagcn, y.«.&n. to gnaw. 

Nabe, a. & ad. nigh, near. 

Nihe, f. nearntfi. proximity. 

Kabeo, v. o. & ficb ., v. r. <• «/. 

NitheD, T. a. to few. 
Nilbeni, «. a. to approaeh, drau near. 



, Nifberung, f. atfroaeh. 
NathkOflen, n. Jewing. cuJUott, 
""' ' ', (. needle. 

, Nilhiwlt, n. fewlnr^deji. 

^ihrta, T. D. to feed ; v. a. to «•«• 

rijk, nnrfei ficb., to Uvtupon. 
< MabiWt, a. noar^flitng, nutritive, 
I •limentali lucrative, gainful. 
' Nabrhaftigkeit, f. nutrition { lueT0. 

Nabrlos, a. hard. 

Nabrlofigkcit, f. karinrfj. 

Mabrang, f. nturt \Aun*t nuMment, 
aliment ; fujlenanee. 

NabruDgtmhtel, a. food, *i3uai, 

Kabrungtrafc, m. efyte. 

^'ahrungtrorge, f. eareforftAenoMtt. 

iiahfchule, f.fewing.fchoot. 

NUhfelde.f. fewing-JUh. 

Naht, f.feam, future. \ 

Na'bicrei, f. needle .work. 

Nabterin, f. feaw^flreft, fan/lreft. 

Nye, tn. nmnu. 

NAenloa, a. namtleft; uufpeakmble. 

Namenrcgifter, n. lyt of names, no- 

Namenttag, m. nameday, smiitorr. 

Namentlich, ad. namely. 

Namhaft, a. tonfiderablt, rtnoWned, 

. macbea, to name. 
Njdnlicb, a. the fame; ad. namely, 

to wit, vix. 
Napf, m. bowel, cup, porringer , 
Narbe, f. fear, ftam, citatria. 
Narben , v. n. tocieatrict. 
Nzthig, n. full of fears, holts. 
Narde, f. nard, fpihenard. 
Narr, m. Nifrrin, (.fool. 
Narren, ▼. a. Sc'n. to fool, banter. 
Narrenhaut, n. madhoufe, bedlam. 
Narrenkappc, f. fool^s cap. 
Narrenkolbe, f. bufeon's club, mace. 
Narrenpoffe, f. fool's J f/l, foolery, 

Narrenibcidung , f. foolery » buf. 

foonery. . 
Narrbeii, (.fooliJknefs,foUy. 
NiCrrifch, n.fooliJh,foppiJk ; mmi. 
Narzifle, f. narciffus. 
Nafcben, ¥. n, to eat fweet - meats, 

or dainties; vooctwas-; to junket. 
Nidcber, m. .in, f. JitnketHng per. 

fon J fweet . tooth. 
Nircherei, f. junket, dainty ; jrnn- 

Nafcbbaft, Nitfchig, a. Junketting ; 

Narchbafugkeh, f. Junketting difpo. 


farchmarkt, tn. market for fruits.. 
Nafcbwcrk, n. tid . bits, delicacy, 

fruits, fweet. meat. 
Nafe, r. nofe. 

Nafenband, n. nofe. band, eavefin. 
Kafenbein, n. bridge if the nofe. ' 
Nafenbluten,' n. bleeding ^the nofe. 
NafenaercbwUr, n. oxaena. 
NarenTocb, n. n^jtril. 
Naf«nflUber, m. fUUp. 

a. ^ert, fancy, malapert; 

Nafeweitt _. ,., 
m . fa ucy fellow . 
Nafeweisbeit, t.faucinefs, pertnefs. 
Naiborn, n. rhinoceros. 
Nafa, a. wet, humid, moi/l. 
N'iifle, r. wet, humidity. 
NXflcn, T. a. to wet, hmmeBaiel t. 

n. to yield wet. 
Nscrtlicb, t.fomewkat tt, mt^. 
Nation, f. nation. 
National, a. national. 
Natter, f . adder, viper, afp, afpit. 
Nator, f. nature. 
Naturalien, pi. natural produHi. 
Naturaliencabinet, n. cabinet, 
Natunlifiren, v. a. to naturalixe.. 
Natarbegebenbeitt f« event in n^ 

tare I phenomenon, 

Naturell, n. temper, humor. 
Naturforfcber, m. raturali/t. 
Naturgefchichte, f. natural hlMory. 
Naturkeaner, m. phyjiologijl* 
Naturkonde, Naturlebte, f. phyfies, 

phyfiology, nature. 
NatUrlicb, a. natural, native. 
NatUrlicbkeit, f. naturalneft, naUve- 

Naturrccbt, a. laws of nature. 
Naturreich, n. nature, natural king. 

Naturtrieb, m, in/tinH. 
Nebel.m. mifl,fog. 
Ncbelig, %■ foggy, mifly. 
Nebeln, ^^c mifly, foggy. 


Neben, prp. hard by, near, by;a£de, 

with, brides. 
Nebenabhchi, r. by^deAgn, by. 
Nebrnallee, f. by.waS. 
Nebenarbeit, f. by. work. 
Ncbcnbnhler, m. rival t -io, t.Jke- 

Nebencbrift, m. fellow . ckri/hmn. 
Nebcngewlcbs, n. ester efcenee. 
Nebenbandlung, f. by.aSian, epi. 

Nebenhana, n. by^houfe. 
Nebenlinie, f. collateral lineage. 
Nebcnmagd, f. by. maid, 
Nebenmann, n. who Jlandt nestt, 

one's fellow. 
Nebenmenfch, in. fellow . ensure, 

Nebenrache, f . by . matter, oectdint- 
Nebenflande, { . fpare . hour, 
Nebenibiir, f . by . door. 
NebenumAand, m. acceffary, eirenm. 

Nebenurfacbe, f. by .reafon, 
Ncbenweg. m. by - way, by. road. 
Nebenvrerk, n. by. work. 
Nebenwort, n. T. adverb, 
Nebenzimmer, a. NcbenAubCf f. 

bjf . room, _fide . chmmbre, 
Nebft, prp. together with, wM, 
Nccken, v. a. to banter. 
Neckerei, f. bantering. 
Neckifcb, n.^droU, constat, 
Neffe, m. nephew. 
Neger, f. .in, f. negro. 
•Nebmen, v. a. to take, 
Nehmer, m. taker. 
Ncid, m. envy, grudge. 
Neiden, v. a. to envy, grudge, repine, 
Nelder, m. grudger, repiner, envier. 
Neidlfch, n. envious, grud^g. 
Neidpag«l, >. Nietnagel. 
Neigt., f. /ediment', r{/f. 
Neigen, *. a. Ic n. to bow, bend} wo 

incline i ein Fafs ■» to tilt. 
Neigung, f. inclination, propenfion. 
Nein, ad. no. 

Nelke, f. giU(jlower ; pink. 
Nelkenflor, m. flowering, or flower' 

age of giUiflot 

NetkenAock, m. gilUflowtr . pUnt, 
Nennbar, a. denominable. 
Nennen, v. a. to name, naminttt, 
denominate, ^eak. 




MmoaTf at. T. ien0tmhtaUr. 
Nannong, f. etUimg, mmmUg* 
Nannwon, n.T- n»iin. 
Narr, m. 0r Nerve, f. itrrw. 
Neirenfivkcr, n. ntrv»us fncr. 
Ncnrenkranidwtt, f. mtknt/t, Hf- 

tmfi tf the utrvts. 
.Ncnreofaft, n. ntrwtus fluid. 

Nenrig, a. ntrwotu, 
Neflel, f. ntttU. 
Neflaltuch, n. nr^ia. 
NaO, n. mffl. 
NeOei, n. nefl.egg. 
Neael. f. /«c«, ptiHhflrtmg, 
Naflellocb, n oiUt-helt. 
NaftkOchlcin, n. n^.eUcktn\yuMg. 

^ chUd. 
Sadler, m. foini • Isee- mattr. 
Kcaiing, m. ntjlkngi nUs ktvtk. 
Katt, •■ ntmt,/air. 
Ncitigkait, f. nftntfu 
Netx, n. arfj T. c*wl. 
Natzen, v. a. to wet, w*t«r, 
Katcffirmigt a. relituUr, nttmlft. 
Nau, a. ntr»\ Neue, n. anvr. 
Neubackan, a. ntto •foft brtad. 
Naubakabita, m. tro/ttytt, t»nv*ri. 
Nauerlicb. a. taji. 
Neuerang, f. inndvtiian, nfrntUn. 
NaOgeboren, a. nttMhorm. 
Neugierde, f. raH^()r. 
Neugifl^gi a. tmriout. 
Naubait, r. ntvntfs, novttfyt nntty, 
Neiiigkeii, f. ncwi. 
Neujahr, n. ntw~ye*r. 
Neujabngafchenk, n. mt*'j>eart- 

Neujahntag. n. new-jumrt - d*y. 
Neulicb, a. UttfUfli ad. ntvfy, la- 

Valuing, m. ntvUe. 

Naomodifcb, u./mJkUnaSbt 

Netunond, m. mtw-m*»n.^ 

NeuOy a. nine. 

Naunauge, f. Umfrty. 

Manna, f. mint. 

Neuner, m. mafenary. 

Neunarltol, a. nine d{ferf»t. 

Neunfach, a. nin^old. 

NcunjXhrig, a. nine yemrs oUU 

Neunmal, «d. nine times, 

Neunta, a. ninth. 

^enntebalb, a. eight mni « k*i/. 

Neantel, n. ninth part. 

Ncunxehn, a. nineteen. 

Naunzebnta, n. ttinetetnth. 

Kaunzig, u.' ninety. 

Ifeuiiziger, m. ninetieth* / 

Neunziglla. a. ninetieth. 

Mantral. a. neutrnt. 
/KeutralidU, f. neutrntity. 
f Nicbt, adT R«< i zu ■ nacben, t» 
/fall, d^royi noch ., nat yet. 

Kichte, f. miece. 

Nichtig.a. n«//, Mli) twfn. [nity. 

Kichtlgkait, F. nuUily, nihllUy i e«. 

Vichti, pr. nathingl a. naught i - 
dado wcniger, nntrthittjs, mat- 
mith/ttndlng . 

Nichtrayn, «. nan. entity, mnUity, 
Nicbuaihzig, a. ffnv u/e, nmmgkty, 
NicbuwUrdig.a. nmugkiy; trijtimg. 
I. niiihtiMefn 

Ntcbuvrtirdigkeit , 


Nler ■ 

ickel, m.Jhtmfet. 
Nicken, v. o. ta mad, 
Nia, Nieasab, ad. never. 
Niedar, a. /ov, lamer i neihtr { ta. 

ferlamr ; ad. lavt ; damn. 
Niaderbeugao, v. a. ta hand,' ham 

ficb NiedarbUckan, v.r. ta lam, hand. 
Niederdeutrcb, a. lam german. 
NiadeidrOcken, ▼. a. ta frefs damn. 
•Niederfalleo, v. n. ta fall darnn^ 

medergan|, m. decline ; fun/et. 
NiedergercbUgen, «. dtJtSti. 
Niedergefchlagcnbeh, (. dejtOion. 
•NiederhaucQ, *. a. ta hew - cut damn. 
Ntedarfaocken, ▼. n. to flaof. 
NIederknicn, ▼. n. ta hntet damn. 
•Niaderkomnien, ▼. n. ta he hromght 

ta bed, la lU in. 
Niaderkunft, f. delivery, lying ta. 
NiederUgc, f. averthraw, defeat, dtf- 

tontfitutt ; mnre • houft. 
•NiedarUtfen, v. a. to let damn } fich 

. , to Jit damn i ta tiahli/k ane'j 

NicderUITung, f. tJtaHiJhm*nt. 
Niederlegen, v. a. to put-lay demn\ 

ta dipefite %^ta abdicate , rtfign \ 

licb ., to gt ta bed. 
Niederlegung, f. ahdUdtion, rejign. 

ingj depojtting. 

/«//; to hiU.flay.^ 
Nladf • 

;en, V. n. ta lU pr^mte. 
ta lei dt 

ta batcher, 


•Niederrai&en, t. a. ta abate, 


Nicdermbeln. ▼. a. ta cut mith afmbre. 
•Niadarrcbiefseo, v. n. tapree^HaU, 

hurry da^m } •▼. a. ta Jhaot dornn. 
Niedenchlag, m. T. preeipUate. 
»Kiaderrcblagen, ▼. ta. to fall damn', 

*f. n. to caft . beat down ; T. to 

Precipiti^e ; fig. to mbate } ta de. 

jefl, dUkearten. 
•Niederichreiben, v. a. ta pen damn 
NiederfcizcD, v. a. ta put damn} Cch 

- , to Jit down. 
'Niederfinken, T.n. to Jink down. 
'Niederfto&en«.v« n. ta pujh-thrujl 

down; tojlmb. 
NiedarftUrzen, v. n. & i. toprecipi- 

NiadertriCcbdg, a. bafe, lam, ahjeR, 
f metn ■ 
Niedenrtcbtigkcit, f. baftneft, lam- 

ne/t, abjeSien, meannefi. 
Nicdertreieii, v.a. ta tread damn, 
NiederwiCru, ad. downwards. 
'Niederwerfcn, v. a. ta throw - cafi 

Vliedlieb, i. «««f, nice, elegant, de- 



Niadliebkelt, f. ruatnefs, Ammte^ 

delicatenefs, CMquiJiteie/s. 
NIadrig, a. l9m\ lamly. 
Niedrigkeit, f. lamne/s, lamUneft. 
Niamals, t. Nie. 

Niemand, pr. nabaty, na ant, nau. 
Niere.f. hidnty, retnt, taim, 
Nierenbratea, m. lain, 
Nie«enfeu, a./uet. 
Nierenkrankbeit, f. ne^rUis. 
Niefeln, t. a. & n. ta JnuJU. 
Nieren, ▼. n. ta/neene } - n. fiuMt, 
NierepolTer, n.Jlernatative pamitr. 
NieCcwurz, f. hetlebare. 
Niebbraucb. ai. ufufruH, 
Niet.n. rivet. 
Nieta, f. Uanh. 
Nieien, v. a. ta rivet, clinA. 
.n»g,e\,m. rivet i agnail. 
Nittmer, Nimmerinebr, ad. May. 
Nippen, T. n. ta Jip. 
Nirgebd, Nirgen^, kd. 
Nifcbe, f. nUhe. 
NiOe, f. nU. 
Niftcn, ▼. n. ta «$/!. 
Nix, m. nich. 
Nocb, c. JliU, yet I wadar.oaalH 

neither - nar. « 

Nocbmalig, a. repeiOed, Herdtti. 
Nocbiiiali,ad.,raer again. 
Nonna, f. aita. 
Nannenklofter, n. maaury. 
Nord, Norden, m. narth,/epteittrkt* 
NArdlicb, Nordifeb. a. nartheH^ 

narthern, feptentrional. 
Nordliebt, n. Nordfcbein, m. ««r* 

ra barealis, 
Nordoft (n.} nartheajf. 
NordDol, n. arSle paU, 
Nordfee, f. narth-Jemm 
Nonfweft, (m.) narthm^, 
NorJwInd, m. northwtnd. 
tJ6kel,n. pint'i ein balbea.fJiS. 
Nourius, m. natary. 
Note, f. naU. 

Noth, f. need, e»lgeney, uaeeJUy. 
Ndtbanker, m. Jheet - anchor. 
Noibdringend, a. prejlng, ur^i^ 
NotbdutTt, f . necijfaries ; leia* • 

Terrichceo, to da ane's needs. 
NotbdOrfugi a. neceJStaus, nitift 

poor, indigent. 
Notbfall, m. cafe ^ neteJUy, «f«<> 
Notbfaelfer, m. Mper ta need. 
Nfithig, a. neceffaryi .•babcn, t» 

need, want, have accafian far. 
Ndtbiffen, v. a. ta necejitate, fares, 

.niraini ta invite. 
Nikhtgubg.f. nec^UHon,cot{/lr^sA 
Nothleidead, p. needing, miferatk^ 
Nothleidende, m. needer, needy, 
Notb%e. r. fU/t. 
Notbpfennig, m. fp^re - mam^ 
Notbicbufs, m.Jhet far help, 
Noibflalh, n. trave, travfl. 
Notbtaufe, f. private baptifm. 
Ndtbwebr, f. d^ence for ^fe, 
Notbweadig, a. necejfary, needftl' 
Notbwendigkait, f. necejlty, 
Ifetfaweik, 1^ marh ^f nectjily* 




VeiliBaclit.r. rmvijkm 
NoihsOchtigen, t. a. 


Nn, B. wumtnt, tmi»Ui»g* 
NUcburn, t.Jijune, tmfty,f^/hti\ 

KGchternhett, r. tmfin.ntft\Jt^tmtfs, 
Made], f. >«/(«, /attemint . bmtt i 

Nudcln, pi. vtrmUtUi. 
Nud«lholx, n. roll for vtrmUtUl. 
Naddmacber, m. vtruUtUi - wi*ker, 
Nwlela, T. a. t» tr*m. 
Null, ad. . and nichtig, mult. 
Null, r. null, nttUo, xero. 
Nammer, f. cipher, numiA'* 
Noaacfireii, ▼. a. t» numbtr. 
Nun, ad.&c. iiMB, at fr^enli wtUl 
Nunciui, m. nuncia. 
Nunmehr, ad. nvn, hy Mt timi. 
Nur, ad. but, tnlvx e. but. 
Nub. f. nut. 
Kufsbaum, 0. nuttree. 
limfibniun, a. nutirowm. 
Kufsbacker, Nu&hXber. m. nutluith. 
Nartkern, m. kerntl of m nut. 
Nufsknacker, m. nuttvtktr. 
X<ir>rcfaale, r. nutJheU. 
KaiEbar, a. ufrful, fTofitmbU. 
Nutzbarkeit, f. uftfulneft. 
Ntttaa, a. nicbu ^ 'fayn, t» bi ^ no 

Nutten, 0rN(Hzcii, V. n. >« bt uft- 

fut, to conduce i v. a. to u/e, put 

to u/e. 
Nutsea, n. t{fe, pro^, advantmgt 

benefit, emolument. 
Ntttslich, a. u/efml, *roJit*bk. 
Natzlicbkeit, f. utMty. 
'Notzlot, a. u/ele/s. 
Nutdofigkeit, f. u/ele/snt/t. 
NotznieUar, a. uju^uHuary.. 
Natznielsuj>g« f. uJu/tuS. 
'Hwa.ang, (. t{fing, u/e\ u/n^rnS^ 
Myapha, f. nyn^. 


OJI. •.' 

Ob, c. vAetkett if. 

Ohacbt, f. heei, care. 

Obdach, n. Jitlter, Mghg. 

Ob«li<k, v. obelijk. 

Obaa, ad. mbeve, nlo/b, on 

I ab , erff from mi 
an. III tiie firjl place } 

» iigki 
) oben 
ob«n auf, 
upon, above i'oh'oa aui, al^t; out 
V Ui oben drain, above Mo it] 
into the iargain l ob«n bin, fig. 
Jighty. "^ 

Obar, a. upper, high, htgher. 
Oberadmiraly m. high . adaUral. 
Oberiltefte, m. «hi^. m^er, alitr- 

Oberantmann, m. upper . baiAJf. 
Obcnuffeber, m. chC^.oner/eer^/u- 
perintendent, chi^'/nrveyor. 

Ob«raiiflicbt » f. chuf •./umfnce, 

Oberbefehlihaber, m. commmMier im 

Oberbeia, •. Obtrbain. 
Obysboden, m- A^Af/T loft, gmrrei. 
Obercapallan, n. high, chaplain. 
Oberdeutfcfa, a. htgk . german. 
OfoareiBoabmcr, m. hi^' gatherer 

of tojtej. [perjicies. 

Oberfljfche, t. furface, outjide, fu. 
Oberflitchlich, a. fuperfieial. 
Oberforfter, m. high. former. 
Oberforflmaiftet, m. hh;k - warden 

cfafoT*^. ^ 

Obergcrieht, n. high .Judicature. 
OberKCWcbr, n. pike, mvjhet. above. at the higher part. 
Oberband, f. upper . hand ; • fig. /». 

periority, maJltrJUp. 
Oberhaupt, n. head, chirf, majler. 
Oberliaiu, a. the upper patt tf a 

houn-y T. the hok/e of the lords. 
Oberherc, m./upreme lord, /over eign. 
Oberherrllch, a. belonging to the Jo 

Oberbcir(chart, f. /ooereigniy, /u 

Oberhofgerichi, n. /upreme court ^ 

Oberbofnrediger, m. chi^ . chaplain 

in ordinary to a primce. 
Oberkleid, n. upper. garment 

ObcrkUehenmeifter , m. nuMer of 

the hou/ehald. 
Oberland, n. high . eouniry. 
Oberlkndar» m. high • comntryman. 
OberlXndifchf a. 0Ut ^ a high. 

Oberleder, a. upper . leather. 
Obarleib, m. upper body. 
Obcrlippc, r. upper tip. s 

Obermeiftar, m. uMer ., chirfmajler. 
Oberofficicr, m. kigh-oJCeer. 
Oberpfarrer, m. chitf mi»yier. 
Oberpoftmeiftcr, m. chief pa/hmjler. 
OberprielWr, m. high priffi. 
Oberricbwr, m. lord chief jif/iice. 
Oberrtnde, f. upper crujl. 
Oberrock, m. great comt,/uttHl- 
Obcrfcbale, f. rh/. 
Oberfchwalle, f. tixUl. 
Obarfl, Oberftc, a. upperm^. 
Oberfte, m. colonel. [tonel. 

Obcrfllieutenam, 91. UeutAiant • co. 
Oberftube, f. iPPer room. 
Oberftwachtmeifter, m. major. 
Obertbeil, ni. upper part. 
Obanronaund, m. chief tutor, 
Obarzabn, m. upper tooth. 
Obgcdacbt, a. alove . mentioned^ 
Obgleich , Obfcbon , Obwohl , c. 

though, tho\ albeit. "" 

Obbat, f. prote&ion. 
Obig, a. ^ovc -/aid, mentioned. 
Oblate, f. mafer. 
Oblaienbitcker, m. wafer* baker. 
•Oblitgea, v. n. to ply a tklngi ap. 

ply one's felf /« } v. i. to bt obUgii. 



OblltgtnbeU, f. duty, tmenrnhn^. 
Obligation, f. bond. 
Obrigkait, f. magiJh-ate, 
Obrigkeitlich, a. magiJlraUy. 
Obrift, Obrifte, &c. t.Ober ftObwi. 
Obfiegen, ▼. n. to get the viSary, 
Obft, u. fnOtf fruit t, fruitage. 
Obftbaum, m. fruit, tree. 
ObOgarten, m. fruit . gardtUt am 

ObAUtndler, m. fruiterer. 
Obftkammer. t.fruUeryi 
Obftmarkt, m. fruU. market. 
Obwahcn, v. n. to eM\Jt, be on foot, 

be imminent, impend, fhretteut me- 
Obwaltung, f. eayiente, imminent^ 

Ocean, m. ocean, 
Ocber, m. ochre. 
Ochi, m. OM, pi. oMcn \ butU 
OchrenfleiCch, n. betf. 
Ochr«nbtn, m. neatherd, 
OchCenkalb, a. bull- coif, 
Ocbfenkopf, m. hull. head. 
OcbrenmKTtigfCtchrig, a. biJteJietS. 

ed, blocktjk. 
Ochfaaftall, m. OM.houJe, OM.Jlatt. 
Ocfafenwanne, f. dew . lap. 
Ocbrenziemer. m. bulfs /ia</<r. 
Ocbrentunge, f. neats • r«ag'iir) 

( aine Pflanzc } ontongue, buglo/u 
Octav, n. Ociavbandj m. oSavo. 
Octave, f. oSave. 
Oct<)ber, m. Oftober,, 
Oculiran, y« k. to inoculate. 
Ode, f. ode. 

Oede, a. defirt, w^Jle, dtfoladt. 
Odea, t. Atham, 
Oder, c. or. 

Odermeanig, m.&C agrimonf, 
Ofea, n. oven ifarnaee f ^we. 
Orenbank. f.Jtove. bench. 
Oreaiabcl. f. oven .fork. 
Ofenkfttcke, f. oven. rake. 
Ofenlach, n. mouth of an ovem 
OTeathUr, (. tid of an oven Ue. 
Orenwifch,. m.Jeovelt mmnihiu, 
OWta, a. open. 

Offenbar, a. manif^, evident, open* 
Offenbaren, t. a. U maniff^, mtht 

public i U di/cover } to reveal. 
Ottonbarung, f. revelation. 
Offenherzig, a. open, open , haartedt 

candid, ingenuous, frank. 
Offenherzickeit, f. openhemrtedn*/*, 

Oeflentlicb, a. public. 
OaiFentUcbkeit., f. pubtiene/s. 
Officiant, Officier, m. ^er* 
Officin, r. worh.Jhof. 
OfficineIl,a. effitinal. 
Ocifnen, v. a. to open. 
OefTnung, f. opening, a#i tmt M. 
Oft. OcFiera, ad. oft, ffien^ 
Other, a. &ad. ^tner, oftsn. 
ortmalig, n.frcfuent, itefatd. 
OftmaU, ad. oftentimes. 
Ohcim, Ohm, m. aMC^. 
lOhiBft, f. owme. 


OhM, pn.&aJ. vtithcut. 
OhngeflOir, t. UngeflOir. 
(Mininacht, f. wkntftt imptttmeyi 

/€imHng Jit, /W00H.. ^^ 
ObnniCchtit, a. tM«l , imfttenti 

fvt9»mim§, faiMUmg. 
Oebr, n. rr« ; tar, ksm^le. 
Obx, n. Mr ; fig. kandtt. 
Ohrband, s. Onband. 
Ohranbeicbtc, f. murUuUr canffjln. 
OhrenbUrar, m. mtit.h^te, ttU. 

Ofarengehenk, n. t*r . hmngingt. 
Ohrenklingen . n. tinkling in the 

Ohrenfchmalz, n. e*r.v>aM. 
Cn>ren«euse, m. tar .mitittp. 
Obreule, f. horn . twl, horn . coot. 
Ohrfeige, f. box en tkt tmr. 
Obrfinger, ni. littU fingtr. 
Obrkitlfca, n. pMovt, co4. 
Ohrlifppchen, n. ««r . tmp, 
Ohrlftffel, m. tmr.fitktr. 
Obrring, m. ear. ring, tmr • lot. 
Ohrwurm, Ochrling. m. tarwig. 
Oakonom, m. ottonomijl, mmnagcr. 
Oekonomie, f. teonomy. 
OakonofDifcb, a. oteanomU, ttan: 

Oel, n. eU 

Oelbaan, m. alivt. tret. 
Oclbeera, Olive, f. oHvt. 
Oelen, ▼. a. to oil. 
Oelfarbe, f. oil . totonr. 
Oelflafcke, f. oU. iotilt. 
Oalgancn, m. oUmt •yari. 
Ocltfitxc, m. luhhtr. 
OalbMndlet, m. oil- ma*. 
Oeliebt, Oelig, a. «i/)p. 
Olivenfarban, a. olivt • eatourtd. 
Otikrog, m. crmti. 
Oallampc, r. 0tl . Immp. 
Oelmiible, r. »U . mUl. 
OaKchUacT, n. oU-miiUr. 
Oalung.r. oiiing, Mntmtnt i dieletz. 

te >, tMtrtmt nnSion. 
Olyap. m. Wy»*i./. 
OaUweig. m. oiint . twig. 
Onichftein, m. anjr*. 
Opcr, f. aptra. 
Operaient, a. orpimtnt. 
Opcmfaaos, n. optrn.k»uft. 
C^fer, o. oiimtion, /mtriJUt ; 9imm. 
Opferakar, m. •J'itring . altar, 
<^crgeb«t, B. ^trtory. 
Opfetgcld, n. oftring-ftnny. 
Opfcraefchirr, Opfergeniru, a. fa- 

erificiai vtjtls. 
Opfern, v. a. te immeUttt •§tr,Ja. 

Opferpii after, m. fatrifittr. 
O^enbicr, n. viffim, udim htajt. 
Opferuof, (.fatri/tingt im me l a t i o n. 
Opian, n. I^rai. 
Opuk. f. epti€i. 
Optiker, m. eftician. 
Optifch. a. epHt, eftUa!, 
Orakel. n. erattt. 
Orange, f. orange. « 
Oraagegclb, a. orange . tawny. 

OrangeBbaoiD, m . erangt • Irtt. I 
Orangerie, f. eramgery. \' 

Orchefter, n. orcktjler, 
Orden, m. erdtr. 
Ordensbmder, m. friar. 
Ordenigeiftliche, n. cttrgyman. 
Ordentxeichen, n. haigtef an order. 
Ordentlich, a. orderly , reguiari or. 

Ordiniren, t. a. to imvtjt, ordain. 
Ordinirung, f . ordination. 
Ordnen, t. *. te rtgulatt^ Aft'Jt) 

Ordnung, f. ordtr, rtgulation, difyo. 

OrdnungtzabI, f. T.ordinai numter. 
Ordre, f. order. 
Organ, n. organ. 
Organifch, a, organic, organical. 
Organiil, m. eTgan\/t. 
Orgel, r. organ, organs. Mlows if a fair of 

Orgelbaucr, m. organ- maker. 
Orgein, v. n. to play «« the organ. 
Orgelpfcife, f. organpife. 
Orgeltreter, m. ktUows -treader. 
Orgelzug, m. row nf organptpet. 
Orient, ra. orient, tajt, levant. 
Orieniali(ch, a. oriental, eajternt 
Original, n. origin, original. 
Orkan, m. A«rric«nf, hurricanot 
Orlogfehiff, n. aMM ^ war. 
Ort, m. plactipafage. 
Ortband, n. chape. ' 

Oriberchreibung, f. topography. 
Orthodox, t. RechiglVubig. 
Orthographie, •. ftecbifchreibung. 
OertHch, a. local. 

Ortttbaler, m./aarfA part of a dollar , 
Oft. Often, m. ra>r, orittU. 
Ofterei, n. eajler-egg. 
Oftcrfeienagi m. eajter . day. 
Oftcrfeft, n. Oftera, e^0*r. 
Ofterfladen, ra. eajkr . cake, flawa, 
OAerlamm, n. paffover. 
Oftermefta, f. ea^er .fair. 
Oflerwoche,f. eajhr. week. 
Oeftlich, a. ta/lem, oriental. 
Oftwind, IB «4/(. wind. 
Oner, f . adder, viper ; otter. 
Oval, (. Eirund. 
OxhoTt, n. hog/kead. 

Paar, n. pair, couple. 
Paaren. v. a. to comfit, fair, match. 
Paaning.r. copnlatioM. 
Paarweife, ad. iy fairs, comfits. 
Pabft. tn. pope, penttf, 
Pibfttfch, t. Fapiftifch. 
Pioftiich. a. papal, p*pljk* 
PabftibuBi, m. foftdom', fofery. 
Pacbt, m.farmi rent. 
Pachtcontract, m. lea/i. 
Pacbicn, v. a. to farm* 
[Pachter, ta. farmer. 


Pacbtgeld, n. farm •mi, 
Pachtweife, ad. to farm. 
Pack, B. ft n. faek, kaU. 
Pack, n. (GcGndel) rakUt, 
Packen, T.a. to faek i toftUti ficb 

- , to faek . make ««m^. 
Packer, m. packer. 
Packet, PIckchen. a. faekil. 
Packetbooi, n. faektt. 
Packbaut, n. faeking . komfc, wart- 

Packleinwand, f. faekdoafk, karrast 
Packnadel, f. pack . metdlt. 
Packpapier, n. caf-faper. 
Packpferd, n. fackkor/e. 
Packrauel, m. fackfaddlt. 
Pacbftock, m. facking -flick. 
Packvragen, m. koggagt. waggtn. 
Page, n./egr. 
Paille, a. Jfraw « colomred. 
PalUrcb, m. eimetar, fakrt, 
Pallaft, B. falace. 
Pallifade, f. faUfade, falifada. 
Palmbauoi, m. Palme, f. ^eiai. 
Palme, f. eyekud of a vine ; ca^lte. 
Palmfcct, ra. falmta -faek. 
Patmronmag, m. falm-fmnday, 
Palmaweig, m. falm.Mg. 
Panacee, f. fanaeta. 
Pandora, t. kandort. 
Panier, n. kanner. 
Panuloit, n. pantalon ; fantaloon. 
Pantber, m. Pantbcrtbier, n. fantktr. 
Pantoffel. m.fliffer. 
Pantoffeibolz, n. cork. 
Pantomime, t. fantomime. 
Panser, m. toat of mail, jack. 
Panaerhandfcbub, ra. gantlet. 
Panaerhemd, n.Jkirt of mail. 
Panaerkette, f. carknet. 
Panzern, v. a. te arm witk a coal ^ 

Piionic, f. feony. 
Papa, m. fafa. 
Papagei, m. farrat, ferrofntt, f- 

Papier, n. Pafer. 
Papiaran, a. p«^. 
Papiarbandel. m. fatter . felling. 
PapierhMndlcr, n. Jiationcr, faftt' 

Papierlumpen, pi. linen rags. 
Papiermacber, m. pafermakcr. 
PapierroUhle, f. fapermill. 
Papierfcbere, f. paper -Jkears* 
Papierftande,f. papyrus. 
Pipift, m. paplfl. 
Papiftirch, a. papyiieal, popifi. 
Pappe, f. pap '.papkoard; p^Jle, 
Pappel, f. poplar \ mallows. 
Pap^n, T.a. to p^JU\ feed with pop. 
Pappendeckcl. m. fafitkoard. 
Pappenftiel. m. fig. trifie. 
Parade, f. ParadejJaia, m. farait. 
Paradict, n^ paradife. 
^Paradicaapfel, m. joknafpte. 
Paradiefifcb, a. faradi^acaf. 
Paradiren, t. n. to make farade. 
Parallel, a. Parallellinie, f . farslk'- 

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Pifebent, •. Barcheat. 
Parder, m. pardt ttopari. 
Pardon, m. pardon. 
ParUmcnt, n. partimmtmi. 
Parnerankiire, n. pArmt/km* 
Parole, f. mtttk . yiorit 
Panerre, n. pU. 
Panei, f. p»ri, party. 
Paneigiager, m. pmrtlfan^ 
Parteiifcb, Paneilich, a. parUat, 
Parteilichkeit, f. partiality, 
Paneilot, a. impartial » 
Panic, f. parcel I company ^ match. 
Panirane, f. partifan, 
Piriiie, f. trUk. 

Paniunmacher, m. cktatf Jlifter, 
PartituT, f. T. partUurt. 
Pafch, m. iripUt, pair . rcyal. 
Pafchan, v. n. to diet* 
Pitquill, n> lampoon. 
Pafi, m. pafs or paffage } /•// or 
poff*p*rff - der Pfarda, amUe, 

Pafla, n. pa/ovtr. 

FaOagier, m. paffengir- 

Paflen, V. a. & n. to Jtt, fuit j to 
L pafs at cards i mat einen . , tt 
f mait for. 

Pa (Ten, n. waiting for, 

Paftgang, m. ambling pace. 

PafagMnger, m. ambler, ambling nag. 
' Pa&glas, n. mum-gU/t. 
I Patliren, v. n. to pafs'. to come to 
' paft ; wofOr ., to go for, 

Paitell, m. pajU. 
I Paftellmalerei. f. pajlil . painting. 
I Paaete, f fa^y, pit. 
I PafteienbilcKer, m. paflry - cook, 
' Paftetenwerk, n. pafhy . work. 
\ Paftinak«, f jfarfnip. 

Paaor, m, pafior, 

Paient, n. patent. 

Pater, m.fatker. 
. Paiaroofter, n. paternofter. 

Paths, m. f. godfatker, godmotkeri 
, godckUd, godfon, goddaugkter. 
, Pathetifch, a. pathetic, patkttUal. 
I Patient, m. patient. 

Patriarch, m. patriarch. 

PatriarchaUfch, a. patriarchal. 

Patricier, b. patrician. 

Patriot, m. patriot. 

Patriotifch, a. patriotic, 

Patriotiunut, m. tatriotifm, 
Patrolle, f. patrol. 
Pacrolliren, v. n. /• patrol. 
Patron, m. patron, proteSor \ .in,f. 

Patronat, n. patronage, advowfon. 
Patrone,f. pattern, model y eartrage, 

Patronuicbe, f. gardeeartrage, gar. 

Patfche, PatfcbhanJ, f. hand. 
Patfcben, v. a. to clap. 
Patzig, a. im/olent , rude, 
Fauke, f. kettledrum. 
Paukeo, v. n. to beat At kettle- 

Paakenklopfcl, m. kettk^umjluk. 


Pauker, m. kettle .drummer. 
PaotbKckig, a. ckub . ckttktd. 
Paufch, t. Baulch. 
Paufe, r. pauft,flop. 
Paufiren, v. n. to paufe, m»kt eijltp. 
Pavian, m. bakoon. 
Pavilion, m. pavilion. 
Pecb, n. pitch. , 

Pecbdrabt, m. pitched ikread. 
Pechen, ▼. a. to pitch. 
Pecbfackcl, f. link, torck. 
Pechhaube, Pecbmiitze, f . pitch.eap. 
Pechig, Pechfcbwarz, a. pitchy.' 
Pecbkranz, m. pitch ■ wreath. 
Pedal, n, pedals. 
Pedant, n. pedant. 
Pcdanterei, f. pedantry, * 
Pedantiicb, a. pedantic, pedaniical, 
PedeU, m- beadle. 
Pein, f. pain, ach, ache, torment. 
Peinigen, v, a. to torment, rach, 
Peiniger, n. tormentor. 
Peiniaung, (. tormenting. 
Peinlich, a. painful-, penal, criminal. 
PeitCcbe, f. whip, Jcourge. 
Peitrcben, v. a. to whip, fcourge. 
Pelican, m. pelican. 
Peiz, m. pelt i fur, furred coat. 
Pelzfutter, n. lining of fur. 
PelzmOtze, f. fur . cap. 
Pelzwaare, (.furs, fur -JHns. 
Pelzwerk, n.fur, 
Pennal, n- pencaft. 
Pergament, n. parchment. 
Pcrgamentmacber, b. parchment. 

Perle, f. pearl. 

Perlenfarbig, a. pearl, coloured, 
Pcrlenfilcher, n. pearl. fijhtr. 
Perlenfircherei, f. pearly. fijhing. 
Perlenmufchel, f. nacker. 
Perlenmutter, f. mother t{f pearl, 

Per!' nTrhmack , B. Ornament <if 

•chl^e ^pearls. 
P« t, f. T. pearl. [ley. 

'erlgraupe, f. pearUbear. 

], m. per pendicle. 
Perpeodikuliir, a. perpendienltr. 
Perriicke, f. periwig, wig. 
PerrUckenmacber, m. periwig.Maher. 
Perriickenftock, m. periwig .Jloth. 
Perfon, f. perfon. 
perronalien, pi. circumjances near. 

l^ touching a per/on j perftnal in- 

J uries. 
Perrdnlicb, a. perfonal. 

Perronlicbkeit, f. Oer/onality. 
^ ' • -.perfptS 

Peft, Peftilenz, f. p»fl, pefliUnct, 

Per(peciJv, n. per/peaivt .glaft. 
Perrpeciivifcb, a. ferfptSive. 


PedbeuU, f. bubo, plague, fore. 
PefUiaaa, n. p'fihoufe. 
Peftilenzialilch, a. pejilentlal. 
Petarde, f. petard. 
PeterfiH«, f. far/ley, 
Petfcbaft, Petlchier, n, feat. , 
Petfchaftring, m. feat . ring. 

Petrebieren, ▼. a. to feed. 
Petfchiernecber, m, feal . gramr, 
Pfad. B. peak, 
PfafTe, m.Jri^' monk. 
Pfafferel, ft priejlcroft, monkery, 
Pfaffifcb, a. pri^like, monkiji. 
PhM, m.pale.Jaki. 
Pfiiblen, v. a. to prop, fet propt. 
Pfablvrcrk, n. pile . work, 
Pfalzgraf, m. palfgrave. 
Pfalrgraffchafi, f. palfgraviait. 
Pfand, n. pawn, pledge. 
Pfandhaua, n. public pawn . houfe. 
Pfandinbaber, m. pawnbrohtr-^ morU 

Fffndang, f. diflraining. 
Pranne,f. pan, 

Pranncnfcbmid, m. pan .fmitk. 
Pfannkucben, m. pancahe, fritter, 
Pfarre, f. parfonage \ part^. 
Pfarrer, Pfarrberr, m. par/on, 
Pfarrfrau, f. parfon's wife. 
Pfarrbaiu, n. parfon's houfe, parfo. 

Pfairkiod, n. parijiioner, 
Pfarrkirche, f. parifi . ihurtk, 
Pfau, Pfaubabn, b. peacoek 
Pfauenrchwanz, a. tail . tr^m <f 

a peacock. 
Pfauheone, f. peahen, ^ 

Pfcbe, r. melon. 
Pfeffer, m. pepper. 
P'efiFerbauiD, m. pepper . tree. 
PfefferbUchfc, f. pepper host. 
Pfefferkorn, n. peppercorn. 
Prefrerkraui,n. pepperwort, dittarider. 
Pfeffcrkuchen, b. PfeAVnula, f. 

ginger . bread. 
PfefferinOble, f. pepper . fuern. 
Preffern, t. a. to pepper. 
?Ui(e>,(. pipe iff e; wh^/Ue. 
•Pfeifen, v. n. & a. to pipe; to w^fH*, 
Pfeifenkopf, b. head ^ a toUeeo. 

Preifer, a. //rr, Uper, whiJlUr. 
Pfeil, a. arrow, dart, kott,Jhaft. 
Pfciler, B. pillar. "^^ 

PfeiirchUtze, m.^archer. 
Pfennig, u. fenny. 
prennigfuchtcr, a. pinck •penny, 
Pfeich, a. dung. 
Phrchc, f. fold, pen. 
Pfercben, v. n. to each i r. %, ft 

dung ; to pen, fold. 
Prerchbatte, f. cot. 
Prercbrecht, n. foldagt. 
Pferd, n. horfe, nag. 
Pferdearzt, tn. farrier, horfeUeth, 
Pferdcbefchlaa, a. horfe -Jkoeing. 
Pferdedecke, f. horfe . cloth, houfing. 
Pferdafutter. n. horfe. meat. 
Pferdegefchirr, n. har^efs , gear, 

Pfetdebaar, n. horfe . hair. 
prerdehkndlcr, a. horfer , tourfer, 

IPferdeknechi, a. groom. 
Pferderennen, n. horfe . raee. 
PfcnUfchwanz, a. horfe' t tail. 

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•« MAR 

.VI«ni«r, f. mamntr, g-act. 
Manierikh, a. mamitrlj, tivU- 
Manierlichk«tH f. manntrlinffi . ' 
V4ann, a maH, pi mmii} kufttni. 
Manna, n. M«iia«. 
UnriBbiar, ■ w^rrtm/^ernkk. 

M*rint,«ln,i.' marriMgtmkUmt/M. 
Vt * .nr hr^ . it «//, «,,«} flM/f, f •T* 

MNnitJhiitiipMit.i'. Mric^. 
MJInnin, ^ ,lr.««ii, ip#flMii, 
Mjnf>l«1i«ii. iH mmle/ee. 
MfflT^turh ■ ilt.mmniyima/eiiHtie. 
** ' : f. manhntjs, viril ty 

Ni......uii«,o. ManiMperlon. f . awN 

MannCchaft, f. mtn,^»r(ts, troop. 

ManniUute, pi mmm. 

Mannfcheu, a. •frtid <if wun, mmn . 

Mannfueht, f, iomgtng a/ttr men- 
ManDfUchtig. a. Umging afur mum. 
Mannssiicbt, f. iifHpltn*. 
Mannweib, n. ktrmaphraiitt. 
Manrch«n, v. n. to f*HU, 
Manrcbaue, f. rujlt, 
Manicl n. mtmntU, clomk. 
Manieirack, n. tlo*k-imm, port. 

Manufaaur, f. mv*ija9urt, 
Manurcript, n mmnufenpt. 
Marder, m. martem, mmrtenr, 
Martenfaft. a. St. Marys dmy, 
Marianglat. a. ifingtafs. 
Marine, f. nuriMt, navy. 
Mariniren, ▼. a. to mmrinati. 
Mark, n marrov, fitk ; - f. Iturk. 
Mirke, f. mmri, tekin. 
Marken. v. a. to mark. 
Markaiendcr, m . futUr. 
Markfrraf, n. margravt. » 

Markgrkfin, f. marehiontfi. 
Markgrarrchaft. f. margravUU. 
Markig a /«// 0/ marrow. 
MarkTrheider, m. furvtyor, 
Marktkoocfaen, m. marrom^one. 
Markftein, m. mtrt, mtrf. fione, 
Mirkscorta, f marron • tmrt. 
Marki, in. market} fair, 
MafkiOwken, m. borougk. 
Marktieute, pi. marktt./olk. 
Marktmeiftcr, m f%r»tyor\ control' 

Itr 0/ a ma'ktt. 
lArktplkix, m. marJitt -fUct- 
Markiprcia, m. market 'price, rmtt. 
Markifcbiff, n, p»Jfag* - ioat. 
Marktfchreier , m. mountebank, 

fuack, fuak/altier. 
MarktCchreierei, f. quackery. 
Markttag, m. market- day 
Marmclada, f. Mcraw/kir, m^maiet 
Marmor. in. marbU. 
Marmorbrucb, m. marble. ti* 
Marmoriren, V. a. to marhfe. 
Marmom.a. marble. 
Marode, a. tired, feU'gued. ^ 
Marone, f. targr ckefnut. 
Marfcb, m. march, marching. 
Marlchall, m. ma'Jhal. 


Mairchallamt, a tnaiJkaljUp. 

Marfchlertig, a. reaJy to marck. 

Marrchiren, ». n. to march 

Marfcbland, n. wtarfi . land. 

Manbgal, a. T top. fail. 

Marftafi, m. a pnnct' s flabte of kor. 
fei, publU JIaiU ef kor/tj. 

Monet, f. torment, torture i tfg. 
pain, anmuijk. 

Manarbank, f. rack. 

Mancrn, ». a. to torment, rack. 

Marierwocbe, f. koly-wuk. 

Martinitag, m Martinmafi. 

MMrtyrer, ai. martyr, 

Mirtyrerihiioi, n. martyrdom. 

Mariyrenod, m. martyr . deatk. 

Mixt. m March. 

Marcipan, m. marekpane. 

Mafche. f. majk, meJk.JHUk} (an 
Hute ) cockade. 

Mafchine, f. machine, engine 

MarcbinanmJffiig, a. like a machine. 

Marrhinennteiftar, m. aufffrr of the 

Mafer. m ht. fteck, fieeklt. 

Mnhrig, n. fpeckted. 

Marern, f. p|. meajles. 

Maiholder, m. mkitten . tree. 

Matlicbeo, F. dai/y. 

MaJVe, r. majk, vi/or, vizard. 

Mafkenball, an ma/fuerade. 

Maflihen, v. a. to maJk. 

Maskopei, f. fociety cf merckantj. 

Maf., a. meafuref 

Marte, f. modtratiof^ Uber die -, im. 
moieratriy, va._fily; gewiflcr Ma- 
fsen , in /one degree ; Uber alle 
Maften, CKCtedingly, excej^vely. 

Maficn, c. becau/e. 

Mafsgabe, f. nach ., according to. 

Maftgebung, f. r^/lriiHon ; ohna ., 
without dlfpsragement, unprftadi. 
ced to. 

Miirtig, a. moderate, frugai, tempe- 
rate, fober. 

MSfiifjrn. v.», to moderate, temper 

Marugkeit. f. temperance, frugality. 

Miifsigung, r. moderation. 

^ "gi 

Maruegel, f. mtafure. 

. .fcaCe. 

Malfe^f mafs; malUti flock. 

Maffiv, a. majfive, ntaffy. 

Maft, Maftbaiiin. m. maft\ der gn>. 

r««., matnmaft. 
Mart. Maftimg. f. maft. 
Maftdarm, m. arfe-gut. 
MJfften, V. a to feed, fat, fatten. 
Maftix, m & n. maflich. 
Maflkorb. m. bower, fcuUU. 
Maflloi. a mufiltfi. 
MaftAenge, f. maintop, 
MaQvieh, n. tattle tkat it to he fat. 

Madwand, f. Jkrowd. 
Matador, m.' matador e. 
Maierialien, pi. materials. 
Materialift, m. druggifl, drugfttr, 
Maieriatwaarc, f. drugs. 
Materia, f matter^ fiuf. 
Matbcmatik, f. mathcmaUcks. 

Mathematiker, m. 

Macberoatirch, a. matkematical. 

Mairaize, r. mattrefs 

Matrikel. f. t,Jl^ rott, matrieula. 

Mairize, f. T. matriee, matrU. 

Mairone, f. matron 

Matrofe, m. /ailor. 

Matfcb, n. capot i .oucban, to et» 

Matt. a. faint, feeble i weak. 
Matt^, r. matt meadow 
Mattigkeit, f. fatntneft, weakntfi. 
Mauen, ▼. a. to mew. 
Mauer, f. wall. 

Mauerbrerber, m katterimg.ram. 
Maaerkelle, f. trowel . 
Mauermeifter, m m^/hr .mafon. 
Maucm, v. %, to lay bricks, make a 

Mauerfchwalbe, (. martinet, martlet. 
Mauerflein, ai. krUk. 
Mauerwerk, n. brtek . mark. 
Maake. f. malande's. 
Maul, n mouth, chops. 
Maulaffc. m. gaper. 
Maulheerbaum, m. mulberry .tree. 
Ma'ilbccre, f mulberry 
Miulchen, a. little moutk^ fig. kift. 
Maiilen, v a. to powt, make a Of. 
Maulefel, m ma/r. 
Maulefeltraiber, m. mule-driuer. 
Maulkorb, m. muztle. 
Ma.iircbellc, f. bom on tke ear, fUp. 
Mauluommel, f . Jew's - harp, trump, 
Maulwerk, it gtft of the gab. 
Maulwurf, m- mole, molewarp. 
MaulwurfhUgel, in. moMUU. 
Maurer. m. maf on. 
Maut. r. moufe. pi. hum ; T.mujcle. 
Maiifcbel, m. jew, fmoutck. 
Maure, f. mewtug, moulting. 
Miurefaile. f. mou/e . trap. 
Maofegifi, a arjenic, ratjbani. 

Maufekatzc, f. moufer. 

Mauren, v. a. to moufe; v. a. tt 

pUfer,Jikk i fich., «. r. to mew, 

Maufatodt, %. Jlone . dtmi. 
Maufig, a. boijlerous. 
Mauth. r. toll, eucife, etf/lom. 
Maxiaia, f- HMjrlai. 
Mecbanik, f. meckanies. 
Mecbaniker, n. meckaniciam, 
Mccbani(cb, a. meekanical. 
Mechaniamus, m. methanifm. 
^ledaille, f. medal 
Medici n, f. pky^e j phyfics. 
Mediciner, m pkyfician. 
Medici nifeb, a. medienal. 
M«cr, n.fea, main. 
Mceraal, ai. conger. 
Meerbufen, m. bay, gulf. 
Meerbiute, f. turhot 
Me«rdracbe, m. fuaviver. 
Meercnge. i. freight, fitatt. 
Maeretflille, f. calm, catmae/t. 
Mfarcsvroge, T. billow, wave. 
Mcergras, n. fea . weed, fedge. 
MeergrUn, a. fea . green. 
Mcerkatze, f. bahoou. 

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MecrUnfra, pi. ftn - UntOt. 
Meerretdg, m: korft . radiA, 
Meerrcbaun, m./rotk ^ tki ft*. 
Mcerrchnecke, f. tMklt. 
Meerfcbweiii, a. Jetkog , ptrftift, 

Meerarudcl, n. whirl. «m/. 
MccKwHbtl, f./fkO/, r'm-tttk. 
Mehl, n. mtmif datfeinfte., JImmt. 
Meblbcnul, m. baUer. 
Mchlbrei, m wumt • pm.p. 
MeblbitndUr, m mt*l.mtM. 
Mcklicbt. Meblig, a. wtfoty. 
Mehlktften, m. m**l.tuk. 
Meblkteidar, n. pajtt. 
Mcblklob, m. pajlt, iumfUng, 
Meblfpeife, f. mtal . mrmt- 
Mrhlibau, m. miUtm, khjl, 
Meblwurm, m mutl -vorm. 
Mehr, a. mort. 

Mfhrcn, v.a t» tncreaftt au^ittnt. 
Mthrentheiit, ad for the meft part. 
Mehrh^ii, f. mmjorUy, plmaiitjt. 
Mfbrmalig, a. rtiltraUi. 
Mchrmalt, ad f«**ral timtt. 
Mchranf, f. atigmeiitatiPH. 
•Mciden, v. a. to mvotd, Jktf9t for- 

itor. I 

Heier, m fmrmtr. 
Mciena, i. Majoran. 
Meierei, f. Meierhof, ni> fa^n- 
Meile, f. m%U } eine franzfifirche ., 

UcUenftuie,' Meilenaein, Meilen. 

teiger, m. mlitjlent. 
M«iler, m. thtr - coal . kiln- 
Mein, Meinf , pr. my, mint. 
Mtineid, m. ptrjury. 
MciQaidig, «. pt'juriouj. 
Meinen. i. n. to mtan, tkink. 
Mcioctbalben, Meinetwegen^ um 

Meinetwillen, ad. for my fakt. 
Mcinige, dcr, die, dac, pr mint. 
Meiauqg.r. opinion, mraning. 
mt\ft, f. tilmou/e, mujtin. 
Mcifcnkaften, m. titmoufi -trap. 
M«il«*l m. ckiftt ■ 
Meifielo, ». a. to chifel. 
Meift.a Scad. mofi. 
MeiRbinende. m At^M Mdtr. 
Meiftcns, ad mojl, mojlly. 
Meiftamheih, ad./ar tkt m^ fmrt- 
Me«<Ur. m. majltr. 
MeifUrlaf I, a msjtrly } ad. mrtfnL 

fy, tunningly. 
Maiftern, v, a. to »»0tr j to ttmfitr*. 
Meifttrrecht, n. mv*' • rigkt,frtt. 

d»m -af « company^ 
Meiflwattck, n. mojlir . pUtt. 
MaUachoHe, f . mtUntkoly. 
MelancbQlifch. a. mtUntkolie. 
Melde, r. orath, orage. 
Melden. v a. to memtioH ^ to ttU, 

»'itt ; fich ., to apptar. 
MeMuog, f. mtntion, mentionimg. 
Melilow, f. mtliM. 
MeUffa, f. Mm. 
Melk, a. milky. 
Melktn, ir. a. to mUi. 
Melker, m. mUktr. 


Malktrai, f. eom.kouft. 
Melkfar*. n. mUkpaii, 
Melodic, f. mtlfdy. 
Melone, f. melon. 
Memmet f. coward. 
Menge, f. muUttudt, grtmi aMWjr. 
Mcngan, ▼. a. to mingle, mia. 
Mcngfcl, n mingle ■ manglt. 
Mennig, m. mintum, wermiJioH, 
MenCcb, m. man, pi. mem. 
Menfcb, n toenek. 
Menlchcaaher, n. mmhV age, 
Menfchcnfeind.m. mankattr, mifaiu 

Menfchenfrefler, m- mam . eattr. 
Menrchenfreund, n. pkilantkropijl. 
Menrehenfreundlicb, a. pkilantkro' 

Menfcbcobafi, m. mifantkropy, 
Mcnrcbenlicbe, f. pkilantk'O^. 
Mcnrcb^nvcrlland. m. common fmf*. 
Menfrbbcit, M«nrcbUcbkeii, f. ka- 

man ty 
Mcnrchlich, a. knman 

^ f. incarnation. 
Menrur, f. mtHfuratlom. 
Merge!, m. wtarl. 
Mergelig, a. marly. 
Mergcln, y m. to marl. 

MIS 69 

Mcuelei, f. ma/aert,Jtangkttr. 
Metzeln, v. a. to ma/acrt, kmttker. 
Meitger, t. neircber. 
Meurhclmord.jB affaMnation. 
MeitcbeliDfirder, m. afafin. 
MeaAclndrdcrifcb, a. murdiromt } ' 

. •umbringen, /• offojinatt. 
Meuierei, f. mutiny, eomplot. ' 
Mewe, r. mem. 
Miauen, «. n to wum^ 
Mich, pr. iw ; . fribft, myftlf, 
Micbaclistag, m. mukmilmaft. 
Micdar, a. fiays. 
Miene, f. mien, air, look ; facet. 
Mietbe, (. kiringi JUre; kouft-rtnt. 
Micihcn, v. a to hire, 
Mictbgeld. n. kand/fl; hi*e. 
Mtetbkudcbc, f. kaekmty . eosei. 
MietWiiitlchcr, m. hackney, eaaek' 

Mieibleute, pi. lodgert. 
Mictbling. m. kir cling. 
Mi<*ihniann, m. lodger. 
Mieibpferd, n. kackniy .horfe, 
Micthaina, m. homfcront. 
Milbc, f. mUe. 

Mtleb.f mitki {\n TiUAmv) wOlt. 
Mikba cb, aa. mtlkfan. 
Milebbart, m- milkfop. 

Merkbar, Merklicb. \. ftnJiUt, /rr. Milcbfrau, f. mxlkm 
crptiblt, perceivable. Milcbbaar, n. down ff the cktek. 

Merken, v. a. to mark ; f«^rrr<o#, JMilcbicht, a. milky, 
obftrve'y to kitp by heart % auf eu Milcbig, a. milken 
I-, to' attend. " »-- • . ^ ' ■■• 

Merkmaal. n. mark, Jign, token 
MerkwUrdig, a. rcmarkabi* 
MerkwUrdigkeit, f. remarkablenefj; 

Mertbuch, n. mafs. book, mifat. 
Meffe. f. ma/t ; fair. 

MefTen, v. a. to mta/icrt, 
Meffer, m, meafwtr. 
MelTer, n. kntft, pi knivtt. 
MetTerbeftcck, n kntft- caft. 
MefTerfcbeide, f. cafe of a kntft. 
Me^TerrchBiid, m. cutler. 
Mefigciicbenk, n. fair. 
Mertgcwand, n. ckafublt. 
Meilia*, m. mtJSah 
Mefling, ». latten, brafs. 
MelTintien, a. latten, braaen, 
Meflinghilndler, Meflingibhllger, n 

Mertketie, f. mrtuhain. 
Me&kunft, f. geometry, 
MefikUnftler, m geomettr. 
Mefsner. m. fcMton. 
Mefaprieflcr, m mmfs • pri^. 
Mertrmbe, f. metewand, meteyardt 
Me (iwocbe, f market • week . 
Meiall, n mttal ; brajt. 
Meullen. a metaUieal, nutmitk. 
Mctalliirg. na. metallmrgijl, 
Metallurgie, f. metallurgy. 

Metaphor, f. metapkor. 

Meupbyfiktf. hetaphyjScs. 

Meib, m. mead. 

Metbodc, r. method. 

Mette. C matins. [#«<4> Mir, pr. to me. 

Matze,r.r«i»m«M pr^Utit*i (tinMa&J | Mifcbbar, : mifciblt. 

Milcbinagd, f. milkmaid. 
Milcbnapf, m. milk -pot, eup, 
Milcbner, m. miller. 
Milcbrafc. m. ckylt. 
MilchftraTta, f. galajiy, milky, way, 
MilcbTuppe, f. milkpotagt. 
Milchcabo, m. milktootk. 
Mild. a. miid.fwect, kind; lihtrai ; 
. rkaritable. 

Milde. f. mildnefs. liberality, eharify. 
Mildem. v. a. to nUttgate, temper, 
Milderung, r mitigation. 
Mildtbitig, n.. liberal, ekarHaUa 
Milis, f. milice, mUitia. 
Mniion, f, miUion. 
Mils. r. milt.fpUtn. 
Milxkrankheit.Milzfucht, t. f^lotm. 
Mikzfiicbiir, a fplteffnl, fptten-Jich. 
Mi0der,a. lefs. 

Mindei^iibrig, a. under age, minor. 
Minderjkhrigkeitt f. minority. 
Mindrro. v. a. to diminijk, Ufm. 
MtnderuBg, f . dtminijking. . 
Mindcft, a- *^. lowf/l. 
Mine, f. aNiir } a. aocb Mitn*. 
Mineral, a. mineral, foJU. 
Mineralrcicb, p. aii>.fr«/ creation, 
Mincralog, la. mineralogi/t, 
Miaeralogit, f. mineralogy. 
Mintatur, f« miMtmture. 
Miniren, ▼. a. to mint, 
MiMlgfer. m. ailarr. 
Minifter, m. min>fer. 
Minifterium, a. mtmi/try. 
Minute, T. minmtt. 

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:• MIS 

Mifchen, v. a. to mi.r, mingle. 
Mircbmafch, m. h^itritjk, miuglf. 

Mi(chiiDg, i. nijction. 
Milpcl, f- Mifpelbaum, n. tffUmr. 
Mibbehagea, n. diJlHe. 
«Mi{»bieten, v a. ta under HJ. 
Mifibilligen, t a. to di/m^trove. 
Mirsbilligung, f. dt/af probation. 
Mif»bra<ich, a. »iu/r, mi/u/age 
MiTshrajchen, v. a. to mkufe, mfufe 
MiArrcdit, a. dijcredit. 
Miftdauien, v. a. to m\Jinttrprtt, 

Mifadeutung , f. mifinterpretttitn , 

MiQen, v n tt*. take without, mift. 
Miflethat, f. mi/deed^ crime. 
Mifletbilier, m. mi/d0*r, crinetnmt. 
«Mir*ral)en,v. n. todinHt,difpUufe. 
Mirttallen. n. dlMeafure. 
Mi&rKllig, a di/agreeuHe. 
•MiTsgcbifren, t n. r« uiort, mi/- 

Mir>gebot,ii. t«» litUe ^fif. 
• Miftgcburt, f. monjler 
Miftgefchick, n. m^JkaP, difujler. 
VL\Ugt^»^t,(. difbrmity, bad fiufe 
MirtgewXcbt, n. unfuat produBton. 
Mirtsdnnen, V. a. to- envy. 
•MiUgreifen, v. a. to m{/takt. 
Miftgriff, m. mtjlake. 
Miliigunft, f. envy, M. vriU. 
MibgUnftiE. «■ enviaut. 
MifsDandelo, v. n. to do utrtng, tre/- 

paft \y.%. U wrong, u/e iU, «»/• 

Mifshandlung, t. trejpafs\ udfufe. 
Mifibcinth , f. mmrrying beneath 

onr's fetf. 
MifsheUig, a. ^ffhnant, Sftordant. 
MHihelligkeit, f. dljiarmony, di/. 


Mirtjahr, o. Jttril year. 
•Miftkennen, •. Verkennen. 
MifskUng, Miftlaot, jn difonance.' 
MifUicb, a. d{fficutt, mucertain, du. 

Miftlichkeh, S. unrertaMy. 
•MirtlingeiifV. n. to'/ail, mtfemrry, 

fuecee* tU. 
•Milsnchen, v.b. to mi/carry ; ». a 

to difuade. 
Mirttrauen,v.ii. Udijhujl, miJIritM, 

Milstnuen, d. diJtrfA mijhujl, dif- 

Jidrnee. * 

Mirtintiirch, a. di/truftful, mijlrtf/l. 

/«/, diffident. 
Mibtritt, m faifejlep. 
Mifiivergniigen, n. 'diJfatitfa9ion,Mj: 

content. [ted. 

Mirsvergnilgi, a. iiffaHsfied,tifionten. 
Miriverftand, m mtjlake, error. 
Mir*veTftiCndnirs,n. mijunderjfant^. 
•Mir>verftehen, ^ n. to m^ake. 
Mibiivach*. m ^erii' crojp. 
Mill. m. dung, muck,/oU. 
Miabeeun. kotked. 
Miftel, f. mifiUtoe. 

lea, T. n. to mute ; v a. f« dung. 
Miftfink, n. najfy per/on, Jlut. 
Mtftgabel, f. dungforl 
Millgauche, f. muck ■ dung . water 
Miftgrube, f. dunghole 
Miftbtufen, m. dunghlU. 
Miftkifer, m. muckworm, 
MillUche, r hog, fink. 
Miftiragv, f- dungiarrom. 
Miftwagen, b dungtart. 
Mil. pr^. with, nf. 
Mi arbeiter, m. fellow- Uhourtr. 
Miibefitzer, m copartner. 
Mithewerber m. cooetttioner. 
Miibruder, m. krotker ^ fellom. 
MiibUr^er, m fellow - Htixen. 
Miicbrift, m. fellow • ckTjJllan, 
Mit einander, ad. togetker. 
Miterbe. m. coheir, joint- ktir. 
MitcfTen, V. n. to eat with. 
Miifahren, v. n. to ride with. 
MiiKcben, v. a. to give along with } 

/• give a portion. 
•Mhgehen, v. n to go along with 

MitgebUlfe, m.. afijlant, accomphte 
Mitgenoft, m. copartner, afociate. 
Mitgift, f. dowry. 
Mhglicd, n. member, fellow. 
•Mithalten. v. n. tojide with. 
Mi thin, c. con/cfuently. 
Mithridai, m. mithridate. 
Mitkommen, v. n. to come tlong 


MitUflien, t. a. to permit to go with 
Mitlaafen, v. n. to run with. 
Mitlaui, Mithuier, m con/onant. 
Mideiden, n. eomp^on, pity 
Mitleidig. a. compajtonate, pitiful. 
Mitmachen, v. a. to do the like, imi. 

Mitaehmen, v. a. to take along 

with i fig. t« weaken. 
Miirecj^nea, v. a. to kelp in eaJUng 

Mitrcifen, ▼. n. to travel with. , 

Mitreiten, v n to ride with. 
Mnfcluitdig, a acceffary. {/Jtce 

Mitfchuldige, m. atcejjary, aecom. 
MttrchUUr, m /chool -fellow. 
MiiCpiclen, v. a. to play with ; fig 

to treat ill, aku/e. 
Mittag, at. noon, meridian yfouth. 
MitiigSg. u. meridian^ foutktrn, 

foutktrly, a^Jhal, 
Mittagseffen, n. dinner. 
Mitiagtlinie, f. meridian. 
Mittagsruhe, f ■ nooning, nap. 
Miuagt(lunde,f. noon. hour. 
MittagtwXns, ad. fouthwari. 
Mitie« r. ndddU, midft. 
Mittel, n. middle, mi4/li memn,metHSi 

Miuelbar> a. uudtait. 
Mittelfinger, m. middle .fingef. 
MittellMndifch, a. mediterranean. 
Mittelrairr«ig. a- middling, modtrate. 
Miuelmitrstgkeh, f. mediocrity. 
Mittelmaft, m. main - ma^. 
Mittelponkt, m. ttnttr. 


MUteUmann, m. Mitteltperfbo, t. 

medator -. arbiter 
Mhtelft, ad. by meant of. 
Miitelflaad, m- middle Jatc. 
Mtiteiae, a. mid^, middlem,i/l. 
Miitelftrafte, f. middle- way, mean. 
Miitclwon, «. T. participle. 
Mitten, ad. amidj, in the miifi. 
Mitternacht. f . midnight } north. 
Mii.eri-ichtig, a. northern, fepten' 

trional. midnight. 
Mittheilen, v. a. to cemnumtemte. 
Mittheilung, f. communication. 
Mittler, m. mediator. 
Mitdere, a. nuddle. 
Mitttervreile, ad. mean - while. 
•Mitiragerr, V. a. U affijt in bearing. 
Mitiworhe, f. wedntfiay, 
Mitveifchvromer, m. confpteatar. 
Miivferber, m. competitor, rivmi. 
Mitwirken, T.a- to cooperate, 
Mitwirkung, f. cooperation. 
Mtxiur, r. muiturf 
Mobilien, pi moveables ; fumUmre. 
M6bliren,T. a. ro/vrni/ft. ' 
Mode, r. mode, fajkion, cut. 
Model], a. mould, model, form. 
Modeln, v. a- to mould, model i to 

fajhion, form. 

m mould i mud. 
Moderig, a. 11011^} muddy. 
Modern, v. n to moulder. 

Modifch. a. faJk.onabU. 
•Mogen, V. n. to may. 
MAglicb, a poSble. 
Mdglichkeii, C pojfbiHty. 
Mobn, m. poppy. 
Mohr, m. moor, negro, blaekmmaor; 

.in, (.Ae- blackmoor. 
MShre, f. carrot. 
Mohrifch, a moorijk. 
Molch, m. falamander. 
Molken, pi. wAey. 
Molkcndieb, m. butter -fly, 
Molkig, « vthiyey, wh*yi/k, 
Moaarcb, n. monarch. 
Monarcbie, f monarchy. 
Momrcbircb, « monarehicai. I 

Monat, m. month, moon. I 

Monadich, a. monthly., 
Wonuistiviit,m: monthly courfes. 
Mdnch, m. iR«nA,/r<«r. 
Mdncheret, f. Mdnch&leben,M5nchw 

wefen, n. monkery, monachi/m. 
Mdochskloflcr, n. monk's claf/ler, 

monajtery. ^ 
M5ncb«kapp«. f. hood. 
MAcbfkutte, f. cowl, eapomek. 
Mdncbwrden, n religious order. 
MdncbsJcbrirt. f. monks -lettirs. 
Mond, m. moon. 
Mondenjabr, n. lunary year. 
Mondenmonai, 10. lunary month. 
Mondfinfiernirs, (. ecUp/e of the m 
Mondfcbeia. m. moon -Jkine, ttgiA 
MoodAiebt, f. lunacy. 
Mondnichug, a. lunatU. 
Mendswandelung, t. lunation. 
Monkalb, n. moon . caff. 


Monftnnz, f. rtmon/lramct. 

MoDiag, to. mmuUy. 

Moniiren, v. ft. to eiothe in rtgimn- 

Momnr, f. ngimtuMj. 
Itoor, n. motr } . m. mmAaIt. 
Moorig, a. moory. 
Mooniibc, 1. Mdhr*. 
Moot, A. mofj. 
Moofig, a. mo/tjr. 
Mopt. m. tfif«rA m^^/^tf, pug . i$g. 
Uonl, r. iM«ra/. morality, 
Munliich, a. mor^t. 
Monlifirtft, ▼. n. to moralitt, 
Monft, m. morafs, wt*rjh,ftn. 
Moraftig, a. tmmrjky,f€nny. 
MorcbeI,f. m^nT 
Mord, m. murirr, AMairUr. 
Mordbrenner, m. inttndimry. 
Mordcn, v. n to murdtr. 
M6rd«r, m. aiarirrrr, homirlit. 
UordergrolM, f. eut.throat'pimce. 
Ufirdenn. f. murdtre/i. 
Morderifch, a. murdtromt. 
Unrdkeller, m. ca/tmatt. 
Mordthat, f. murdtr. 
Moielle. Morille, f morr/. 
Morgen, m. mornings morteui "ffii 

orUnti atrt of ground. 
Morgeo, ad. to morrow. 
Morgeobrod, n irtakfaj. 
Morgend, a morning. 
MorgcndinBerung, f. day. treak, 

Mbrgengabe, f. dowry. 
Morgengebet, n. morning prtytr. 
Uorgenland, n. ievant, eujltrn coun. 

try, orUnt. 
MorgenUnder, m . ttvantine, orUnttt. 
MorgenUndifch, a. oriental. 
MorgenJied, n. morning fong. 
MorjEcnrdihe, f. aurorty morning 

Morgens, ad. In the morning. 
Morgenftcrn, m. morning. ^ar. 
Morgenfiunde, f. morning. hour. 
MorgenwXru, ad. tif/lward. 
Morgeirwind, m. taft.windi morn- 
ing Kind. 
UorgtDseit» f. morning time. 
Mwch, a. mi^y,fri^tt. 
MorlcU«, f. toxtngt. 
Mflrfer, m. mortar 
MirreTkenle, f. p^fiU. 
Ufinel, m. mortar. 
Mfctelkellc. f. tromtl. 
Moftiiche Arbeit, a. Mufiv. 
Ko(chee, f. mofyme. 
Molcbas. m. mujt. 
Xoft. m. mmji. 
Moue, f. moth, Hny. 
Wucke^.f. ai knmour, frtdk, 
MScke, r. gnat, midge. 
M*Kkea, y. n to mutter. • 
Mttckenflor, m. /potted gauti. 
tobkengarn, n. hor/e-elotk to keep 

<if the midgut. 
Mtkle, a. weary, tired. 
MUdigkeh, f. wearinefs, lajltude, 
Muff, n, mt^f. 


MUffea. n. n. to fmetl mnfy. 
MUffig, a. mnjly, dampi/k. 
MUbe, f. paint, trouble, tM. 
MUhle, f. miU 
Milhlkoapp*, MUblburfeb, n. 

Ur*s 1 

. miU. wheel. 

m. mUt-Jtone, grimi. 

MUblrad, n 

Miiblwebr, n. mJ//.<&in. 
MUblwerk, n., miU. 
Mubnwe, (. aunt ; nurfe. 
MUhfam. a. painful, trouUefome. 
MUhrelig, a. painful, grievout. 
MUhfeligkeii, f. painfulntfs. 
MUbwahung, f. p^n's taking, U 

Malde, f. trmy, trough. 
MUller, m. mUler; .in, f. nOUer' 

Muhipliciren, v. a. to multiply. 
Mumie, f mummy. 
Mamme, f. mum. 
Mummerai, (. mummery* 
Mund, n. mouth. 
Mundart, t. £aleft, 
MUndcl, m. tupU, ward. , 
Mundftole, f . Aap ; fcurvy. 
MUndig. a. rffutl age 
MUndigkeit.r./«tf agt, majority. 
Mandkocb, aa. mq/ler . cook. 
MUndlicb, a. ky word qf mouth. 
Mundlocb, n. mouth. 
Mundfcbeak, m. tup. kearer. 
MundlUfck, B. mouth, kit. 
MUndung, f. mouth, kore, muxxle. 
Mundvou, ID mout^ul, morfel. 
Mundvorrath, 91. ptooijion, miffualt. 
Mundweik, n- nimkle tongue. 
Mttnfter, m. mimfttr. 
Munter, ft. auiake, watth/ul i krijk, 

Munterkeit, f. waithfulutfs, livtli 

nt/i, fprightlintfs. 
MUnae, t. coin, monej>i medal', mint; 

(ein Kraut) mint. 
MUnzcabinet, m. takintt of mtdals. 
Mttnzcn, v. a- to mint, eoim i to hit 

Manser, m. minter, eoin€r,mon*yer. 
MUnxmeifter, m. mintmaJUr. 
MUnarecbt, n. right ^ coinage. 
MUncforte, f. /pedes of money. 
MUnzftadt, f. mint. town. 
MOnzwardein, n. mint-wardtn. 
MUn«weren, n. coinage. 
ManzwiOenrcbaft, f. hnowle4ge ^ 

medals and coins. 
Milrbe, a. krittle, mouldy, mellow, 

tender, /oft. 
Murmeln,Marren, ▼. a. 8c n. tomur. 

mur } to grunktt, mumtU, mutter. 
Murroehbier, n. marmot. 
MQrrircb, a. froward,/urly. 
Mut, n. pap, moife. 
Mufcbel. f. mujtle. 
Mufcbelfcbale, F. ntufcU-fhtU. 
Murcbelwerk, n. fit'it . work . 
MuTe, f./mw/r. 
Mufciaiann, m, mnfulmtn. 

MY A 71 

Muficircn, ▼. a. to make muMe. 
Murik,r mujlc. 
Mafikalircb, a. mufcal. 
Miifikant, m. mujteiam. - 
Mufivarbeit, f mo/aU. 
Mu(kate. f. nutmeg. 

lulkatellcr. Mutkatwain, ai. ai^a. 

dtl, mu/cadine. 
MufkateUerbirn, f. mt^tmiel. mu/im* 

diue, mujk.pcar. ' 

Mu(kaiellertraube,r mmfcadine grape* 
Mufkatenbaum, m. nutmeg. tree. 
Miifkaienblume, f. mace. 
(katennufi, f. nutmeg. 
Mii(kel, m. mu/ele. 
Mu(kete, f. mufiet. 
Mufketier, m mu/keteer. 
Mur*, n. ntt^ty. 
Miifte, r. Itijure, ea/e. 
Muflelin, m. mt^flin. 

MUflen, V. n. to mujl, to l< needful, 
MUftig, a. idle', - *geben, to idle. 
MUrtiggang, n. idUne/s. 
MUrsiggiingcr, oi. i^r, loiterer. 
D^uttcr, n. pattern, /ample. 
Mufterbuch, n. Mufterkftite, f. /«f» 

Maflerhart, a. exemplary. 
Muflern, v. a. to mu/l*r, review. 
Miifterplais, m. mujtering. place. 
Muaerichreibcr, m. mti/termajler. 
Mufterung, (. mujltr, review. 
Muth, m cokrage, mettle, keart. 
Muihig, a courageous, mettle/ome. 
Mothloi, a. /Pirttle/s, dyeSedt torn. 
Muthlofiskeit, f . deJeHedne/t 
MutbaiaiMn ~ ^ ^ . /•. 

to gu^t, pre/ur 

me, cotneaure- 
MmhmaUlicb, a. eonjeSured. 
Muibmafsung, f. eonjeOure, gue/r. 
Mutbwille, m. petulancy, wanton- 

nt/i, pertn^s, mettle. 
Muibwilllg, a. petulant, wanton, 

pert, loojfe. 
Muthwilligkeit, f. petulancy, «•«• 

tonne/s, pertne/s, too/ene/t 
Mutter, t. mother { matrice. 
Mutierbe(chwerdv, f . mother, mttker.. 

Mutterbruderi n. uncle. 
Miitterkirche, f. mother.ckiir€k. 
Mutterleib, m womk. 
Miitterlicb, a. motkerh. 
Mutterloa, a. mother le/t. 
Muttermaal, n. mote. 
Muttermord, MuttennOrder, at. aic- 

Mutterpfennig, m.y/Mrr aM«9. 
Mutterpferd, n. mare. 
Muttcficbaf, n. ewe. 
Mutterfcbaft, f. motherhopd. 
Muiterfcheide, f . vagma, woatk^plpe. 
Mntterfchwein, n. Jow. 
Mutierrcbvrefter, f. aunt. 
MutteHobncbeo, n. fondling. 

Muuerrpracbe, f. mother . tongue. 
Muttenbeil, n. matemals. 
Mutterwitz, m. common ftn/e. 
, MUtze, f. cap, bonnet. 
Myriadcj f . r:vriaU. 

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Mjnfce, f. tnrrk. 
Iffnbc. r. myrlU. 
lf)rftiich.i. w9/he9i. 


Kabe,r. MM. 

Nabcl, m. nmvtt. 

Nabclbnuh, m. rupture tUktnmuA 

NabeKchnur, f. mmutijhimg. 

Nach. prp. */t«r,f0r, to, next f«, 
itkindi mtfrHngto, mt Or } nach 
and nach, iy fUgrutt fy itttte mnd 

NacMctfen, ▼. a. t0 mpt, artinkl. 

Nachabmcn, ▼. ^ f* imitate. 

Nachabner, n. imtUlor. 

Nachahmuof , (. tmitmti«m. 

Nacbarbaiiea, v. n. to wtrk mftrr. 

MachMrnte, f . qfterrrop ; giemntng. 

Nacharwa, v. n. (• refemtUf t*ii 


Nachbar, m. meiiktomri -ia, t.Jke. 

Kacbbarlich, •. neighbourly. 
Nachbarfchaft, f. ntigkkourkood. 

Nachbcten, v. •. |# pn^ •fttr ; to 

fpt»k after. 
Nachbildcn, v. •. to to^t counter. 

•NachbUibcn, ▼. n. to remabtt r^/i, 

to ie left. 
«Nacbbringen, v. a. to iring after 
Nacbdem , ad. afterwards , after 

tAati c. after, uken, when at, ac 

'•rSng at. 
'Nacbdftnken, v. n. to mi{fe, refUd] 

to mediate. 
Machdanken, n. reJtexioutmeditatioM 
XachdenkUcb. a. refUmng. 
Kacbdruek, m. e»trmy\empk^fs', re- 

printing i counterfttt- 
Naehdrucken, v. a. to counterfeit (a 

Nacbdrackcr, m. tpunterfdUr (rf a 

Nachdriicklieh. a. energtOeal. ^ 
Nacheiferar, b- emulator. 
Nacbeirern,T. n. to emulate. 
Nacbeifcruag. f. emulation. . 
Nacbeilcn, v. n. to kajle ^fter. 
Nach einander, ad. one after an. 

0tk*ri drei Tas«., three day t to. 

Nacbeo, m. toek . boat, fculUr. 
Nacbeflba, n. »/^</l, de/ert.fruUt 
Nacbfolge. f. foUoming\ imUatian; 

Nachfolgen. ▼. a. to foUom ', to imi. 

tatei to futtetd. 
Nacbfolgcr, n. foUower, fuettj^r \ 

Naehforrchen, t. d. to fearek^ in- 

Nachforfchcr, m. ftarcker, infutrer. 
Nachforfchung, f. infuiry. 
Nachfraga, f. infUiry. 
Nachfragen, v. n. to ^in^ulre. 

NachfBllea.v.a. toJUi up. 
•Nachgebcn, v. a. to give after; •«. 

• (• grtm remtffy to yield, earn. 

piy, €ede. 
Nacbgeben, n. complying, yieUimg. 
Nacbgcban. f. after . ktrtk. 
•Nacbgehco, ▼.a. to go after t to 

NacbgaheiMla. ad. afterwards. 
Nachgerchnaack, m. afUr-tafte, tang, 
Narbgiebig, a. yielding^ fmppU. 
Nacb2i«btgkei^ f. yietdUtg j fupple- 

NacbgfObala, v. a. to mufe, fpeeuUti 

Nacbgrtibler, na. mufir, /peculator 
•Nacfahingaa, v. a. to give one*t 

•. to tend a kel/ing 


Nacbber, ad afterwardt, tktm. 
Nachberbft, m. after . autumn. 
Nacbbolcn. ▼. a. to/etek after | <« 

repair, recover. 
Nachjagen, r. a. to ekafe, purfue. 
Nacbkiang, n. re/onance, erko. 
«Nachkliagen, v.n. to refound, ecko 
•Nacbkommen, v a. to conuafte'\ 

to follow i 6g. to execute, ferfe- m 
Nacbkoromea, pi. Pf^terityi defccK. 

Nacbkonmcnrcbaft, (. p^erity. 
Nacbkdmmling, m- ^jpring 
NacbUri. m. heritage t inkerdage i 

ahattmf I, fall 

Nachlaflcn, y.h. to leave, to fia. 

then, toof<n\ to remU, abate J 'v 

a. (• rtafe.Jlatken. 
NachUifliR, a ntgU^itt,fUek. 
Nachliiffi|keit, f negligence. 
*NacH1aufen, v. a. f« raf after. 
Nacblebea , v. a. (• line conform- 

ly tic 
Nachlefe, f . gleannlngt leafing. 
'Nacblcren, v.\. to read after ; to 

gUan, lea/e. 
Nacbmachea, v. •• to counterfeit. 
Nacliinalea, n. a. to copy. 
Nacbmalig, a. following. 
NacbaiaU ad. afterwards. 

NacbmelTco, v. a. to me^rt agfin 
Nachiaittag, m. afternoon . 
Nachrecbnen, v. a. to reckon up, 

again, to enamine an account- 
Nacbrede. f. fgooJ or UIJ report. 
Nacbrcden, ▼. a. to talk rf\ Ubcl .. 

to backbite,, blame i Gutca ., /peat 

well ef' 
Nachraua, f. repining after tke deed. 
Nachricht,f. acrount, advice, nJHce. 

ir\formation , newt. 
Nachrichter, m. enecutioner. 
Nachruhm, m. fame, glory. 
Nacbillhnica, v. a. (• fyi^h well iff 

one in kit abfence. 
Nacbfagca. v. a. to f^ak qf, to tell 

ofi to repeat. . 
Nacbfatx, m minor, concli{/!M. 
•Nachrchieftea, v. •- to pay after t 
••• " to Jioot after -f to fall 


•Nacbichlagea, v. a. to eonfutt m 

book, to Tear ck or look into it, 
Nachrcblttife], m. pick .lock. 
•Nachfirhreibaa , ». a. to copy i to 

write after. 
Nacbfcbrff., f. pMeript. 
Nacbfcboia, na. aftcpmyingtfuppty. 
•Nacbrchaa, n. a. U look after ; •n. 

a. to review I fig to inAilge, eon. 

Nacfafetcea, n. a. to put after, mdi 

to; to purfue. 
Nachficht. f. iuMgence, fendne/t. 
•Nacbfiaaan, v. a /* medifkte, re. 

fieS upon; a. mtditatina. 
Nachfommer, m. ofter-Jummer. 
Nacbrpiel, n. enter tainnuni \ after- 

Kachfpotten, v. a. to mock, mimiek 


Nacbrprecbea, ▼. a. to repeat. 
Kacbrpiiren, v. a. to trace out; to 

i ~ 

Hvtftigatt, fearek out. 
cbft,a. ncxt\ prp. nrW/^; 



dem', immediate'ly kerei^ion } 

Nifcbfte, m. neighbour. 
Nachttechan, v. a. to copf wUk a 


Nachftcben, ▼. a to be inferior. 
Nacbflebcnd, a. following. 
NacbAellen, ▼ a totayuett, ciacfli 

to lay wmtt for one. . 
Karbftellung. f laying nets ^ mmiufk, 

laying wait for. 
ICifcbflens, ad. neat. Jkortly. 
Nachfteuer, f . feconi tajt. 
NachAicb, m copy rf a gra 
Nacfaftoppeln, v. a to glean tke J 

Nacbftrebea, ▼. a. to Jhive at. for. 
Nachrucben, *. a to fearck after. 
Nachfiicbuntf, f. fearck. 
Nachi. r nght. 

Nacbiari-elt. f. nigktJabour or work. 
Nad ten, '^- i. to grow nigkt. 
NackielTen, n. f upper. 
Nacbieule, f. owl, kowlet. 
Nachifron, la. night. fr^. 
Nacbtgleiche, f. efuino*. 
Nacbtbat>ii, m night- dreft* 
Nachtbaube. f. night. coif. 
Nacbtbell, m. M/advantage, prej: 

Nachibeilig.a. difaivantageout, prt- 

•Nachibun, v. a to copy, imUate. 
Nacbtiadi, f. nigktin^. 
Nachiifch, n. defert, fruit. 
Nacbtkleid, a ai^ • dre/t. 
Nachtiager, a. nigkft lodging. 
Nachilampe, f. night, lamp. 
^^(cbtiich, a. nightly, noflurnaL 
Nacbtlicht. a. night • candle. 
Nachcmahl, a. tke Lord's f upper. 
NachtmUt^e, f. night .cap. 
Nacbtrab, m. arrear, rear. 
Nachtrachica, v. n. to fuefor; ** 

Nac^g, m. fkfpUment, odSiiM, 

nacBiing, m. /nfp*i 

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•Ntchtngen, ▼. a. to temr - tmrry 
tfUr; to/ufpiyi fig. tc btmr m 
grtufge; to nfiraid. 

*Nacbtreten,y. n. to /oUow. 

Nichti, ad. in Ike night. 

Nichirchatten, m. night. Jktdt. 

NachifchwMrmer, m. night <• rtvtUer. 

Nichtfitzen, n. lucubration, 

NKhtftuhl, m. clo/t .ftool. 

NKbttifch, m. toiltt. 

NKhttopf, m. tkmmitr -pot. 

KKhnogel, m. bird ff night. 

Nachiwache, f. night . watch. 

Nadnwlchter, m. tawnier ier, wmtth* 

Nubtwanderer, m. noSamhnlo. 
Nacbtseog, n. night, dre/t. 
•Nacbwachren, ▼. n. to gr^w */ttr. 
Kwbwebcn, pi. ^ttr .fainr. 
Nacbw«lt, f . ^Jlerity, ifttr . mgf*. 
Nacbwinter, m. afttrwinttr. 
Nacbtahlen , v. •. /• p»y the rt. 

NKbxifhlen, v. fe. to nwmher again^ 
*Nachzichen, v. a. to drmw after { 

». n. »• foUow, trmvtl mfttr, 
Nachzug, B. rtmr. 
NackcB, n. ntckt nrnft, wmg. 
Nackend. Nackt, «. nthtd^ hart. 
Nacktheit, f. ntkedne/s. 
Nadel,f. nttdlt'y pin. 
NadelbOchfe, f. nced/e-ca/e; pin^cmfe. 
Ntdelfeld, o. fin ^ monty. 
NadelkUflea, n. pin . cnjkion. 
Nidel8hr, n. *y« <^f a ntedtt. 
N«dler,m. nrtdltr, pinner, pinmsktr. 
^*gel. m. naiii cin h^lsarner., 

Kagelbobrer, m. piercer. 

Nigelein, n. cine. 

Nagelfeft, a nailed, immovemHe. 

««felgefcbwUr,ii. agnail. 

^eln, V, a. to nail. 

J«g«lneu, a. krand . new, £re - new. 

Wifelfchniid, m. naU.Jmitk. 

"•gtn, t.a.&n. to gnaw. 

>|»he,,.8cad. nigk, near. 

f*«be, f. %t»rntfs. froMimlt*. 

N«he». ».n. 8t fich-, v. r. <• mp. 

WiheD, T. ■. to few. 
jTAem, x.%. to approach, dram near. 
J5?'n«ng, {. approach. 
jaikOffen, n. Jewing . cujklom. 

Jjilbnadel, f. needle. 

«^f^i,n. /ewlnor.deji. 

Wibren, T.n. to feed '^ v. fc. U *«u. 

'tAi "w/r; ficb-, to live upon. 
"abrhaft, a. nouHJUngt nutriHte, 

«ft«Kn/a/j l$icratit>e, gainful. 
«»briiaftigkeh, (. nutrUiom J iacrs. 
J;»hrIo«, a. hari. 
«»brlofi|keii, f. karintft. 
"tbrung, f. R9vr< T^«»<, nMfriMMf, 
«»hrung»niluel, d. fooi^ tiSual* 
N»hroog»fart, m. ckple. 
N»hnmgiforge, f. care for ftJltHOMCl. 
^ihfchule. l/ewint'fckiX 


mhklde, f. fcwing.Jilk. 

Nahi, t. feam, future. I 

Niihterei, f. needlework. 

Nahwrin, f. fean^refj, few^reft. 

Nayc, ID. name. 

KdKenlos, a. namelefsi mnfpeakakle 

Namcnregifter, n. l^ of namctf no. 

Naroenstag, m. nameday, maitiMr. 

Namentlich, ad. namely. 

Namhaft, a. confiderakU, reniWned, 

. machen, to name. 
NSfmiich, a. the fame} ad. namely, 

to wit, tii». 
Napf, m. kowel, cup, porringer. 
Narbe, f. fear, feam. cicatria. 
Narben , *. n. to diatrict. 
Narbig, a.fuU of fear t, koUs. 
N*tda, f, nard, fpikenard. 
Narr, m. Nirrin, f. fool. 
Narren, ▼. a. 8c*n. to fool, kanier. 
Narrcnhaus, n. madkoufe, kedlam. 
Narrenkappe, (.fool's cap. 
Narrenkolbe, f. kufoon's cluk, mace. 
Narrenpofle, f. foot's jf/l, foolery, 

Narrenibeidong , f. foolery » kuf. 

Narrhelt, t.fooliJknefs,foUy. 
NiTrrifch, %. foolijk, foppifi ; m^. 
Narziflc, f. narciffus. 
NaTchen, v. n. to eat fweet > meats, 

or dainties \ voDjCtwaa.; to junket. 
Nidcber, m. .in, r. fnnketting per. 

fon J fweet - tooth. 
NMrcberei, f. junket, dainty i i'km. 

Narchhaft, Niirchig, a. junketting ; 

NarchbafUgkeit, f. Junketting diffo. 

Nafchmarkt, m. market far fruits. 
Narchwcrk, n. tid - kits, delicacy, 

fruits, fweet .meat. 
Nafe, f. nofe. 

Narenband, n. nofe. band, etnejon. 
Nafenbein, n. kridge of tke nofe. ' 
Narenbluten, n. bleeding ^tke nofe, 
Nafengerchwiir, n. oxaena. 
Narenloch, n. no0ril. 



NafenRUber, m. Jillip. 

" 'ewcis. a. pert, fau 

m. fancy fellow. 

'ancy, malapert i 

Nafewei»heit« (.fancinefj, fertnefs. 

Naibom, o. rhinoceros. 

Nafa, a. wet, humid, moij. 

NMlTe, r. wet, humidity. 

NMOcn, ▼. a. to wet, hnmcBatei ▼. 

n. to yield wet. 
Nitrtlich. t.fomewkat met, moi/l. 
Nation, f. nation. 
National, a. national. 
Natter, r. adder, viper, afp, afpte. 
Natur, f. naturei 
Natural ten, pi. natural produfts. 
Naturaliencabinet, n. ciikinet. 
Naturalifiren, v. a. to naturalite.- 
Naturbcgebcnheit, f, tvent in ntt 

turei pkenemtnan. 

NatureU, b. temper, humor. 
Naturforfcber, m. raturalijt. 
Naturiefchichta, f. natur^ kiMory. 
Naturkenncr, m. phyfiologi/t, 
Naturkonde, Naturlehie, 7. pkyfu 

phyjiology, nature. 
NatUriich, a. natural, native. 
NaiUrlichkeit, f. naturalnefs, naUvt. 

Naiurrcclit, m. laws of nature. 
Naturreicb, n. nature, natural king. 

Natunriab, m. injlina. 
Nebel. m. m{/l,/og, 
Nebelig, : foggy, mifiy. 
Nebcin, ▼. \.tobe mijiy, foggy. 
Ncben, prp. hard by, near, by,a£de, 

with, ki/ides. 
Nebenabficht.r. by.dtfign, iy.eni. 
Nebenallee, f. by. walk. 
Nebenarbeii, f. by-work. 
Nebenbuhler, m. rival i -in, t.Jt*. 

Nebenchrift, m. fellow . ckri/han. 
Nebcngewlcha. n. ester efcenct. 
Nebcnbandlung, f. ky . «Ara, «M. 

Ncbenhana, n. ky<.houfe. 
Nebenlinie, f. collateral lineage. 
Nebenmagd, f. by. maid. 
Ncbenmann, n. wkojlands mat, 

one's fellow. 
Nebenmearch, in. feiUn . ertaiure, 

Nebenraehe, f. by • matter, aecUtnt. 
Ncbenftunde, f. /pare- konr, 
NebentbUr, f. by . door. 
Nebcnumftand, m. acceffary, eircnm. 

Nebcnurracbe, f . by . reafon. 
Ncbenweg, m. by . way, by. road. 
Nebcnwerk, b. by.wor\. 
Nebcawort, n. T. adverb. 
Nebeneimmer, n. NcbcnAuba* f. 

by . room, Jide . ckmmkre. 
Nebft, ptp. together wUk, with. 
Necken, v. a. to kanter. 
Ncekcrei, r. kantering. 
Neckifch, n.''iroU, eomUal. 
Neffe, in. nephew. 
Neger, t. .in, f. negro, 
•Nehmen, v. a. to take, 
Nehmcr, m. taker. 
Neid, m. envy, grudge. 
Nciden, v. a. to envy, grudge, repine. 
Ncider, m. grudger, repiner, envier. 
Neidifch, a. envious, grudging. 
Neidnagal, i. Nietnagel. 
Nelgc, f. /ediment', rf/l. 
Neigen, «. a. Ic n. to kow, lend; % 

incline i ein Fafi ., to tilt. 
Neigung, f. inclination, proptnfion. 
Nein, ad. no. 

Nelke, f. gitlfjiewer ; pink. 
Nelkenflor, m. flowering, or flower. 

»gf of gilliflowers. 
Nelkenllork, m. gUtiflower . plant. 
Nennbar, a. dcnominable. 
Nennen, v. a. to name, namin^tt, 
denominate, ajf. 
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Mr, m. T. 

Nmnunf , f. etUlng, numbig* 
Ncnnwort, o.T-ncun. 
N«rv, m. »r Htnt, f. ntne. 
NerrcnfivVn', n. ntrv0tu ftvtr, 
K«nrenkimnkb«lt, f. VHaknt/s, Af- 

taft rf tkt ntrtni. 
.Nerrsniaft, m. Htrv0Ut JluU. 

Nanrig, a. ntrvotcs* 
NciTeC f. ntttU. 
Ncfftltucb, n. mi(fiiH. 
Ntft, n. nr/f. 
Neaei, m. ntjt . tgn. 
Neael, f. Imct, ^nhjlring. 
Naftallocb, n eOtt-hoU. 
NaftkUcblcin, n. n*k'Ckitktn\yttmg. 

^ thUd. 
-Mciller, n. p^int - Uet. maker. 
Ncftling, m. ntJHingi nims kuuk. 
Kctt, •■ flM^ /sir. 
Neuigkeh, f. neatneft, 
Netr, a. tu/; T. cmml. 
Ketzen, v. •. to nti, water. 
Kctcfflrmtgi a. rttUular, nttvl/t. 
N«u, a. ne»i Ncue, n. nrtor. 
Neubackca, a. new -/oft bread. 
Ncubckebna, m. profiiytet convert. 
Keuerlicb, a. /o/f. 
Neuerang, f. innovation, novation. 
NaOgeboren, a. neutiorn. 
Ncugicrde, f. eHn0fity. 
Neugiar^, a. tnrious. 
Neub«it( f. neuntftf novttfyt uovtty. 
Neuigkeit, f. news. 
Neuiahr, n. new. year. 
Neujabngefirhenk, n. iinD .years . 

Neajafarsug, m. new -years .day. 
Neu1icb,a. Ute»l^i ad. ntutlyt to- 

RaiUingi m. noviet. 

Nflomodircb, n. faJkionaOe, 

Neumond, m. nem-wtoem*^ 

Neuo, a. iijii(. 

Neuaauge, f. tamfrey. 

Neuna, f. nine. 

Neuner, m. novenary. 

NeanerHel. a. nine ^ertnt, 

Neunfacb, a. ninrfold. 

NeanjMhrig, a. nine years old, 

Ncuiunal, lA- nine times, 

Neunte, a. nintk. 

^eontcbalb, a. eigkt and m half. 

Neantel, n. nintk part. 

Keuncebn, a. nineteen. 

Naunzebnta, m. nineteenti. 

Neonsig, %.' ninety. 

Veiuiziger, m. ninetletk, / 

Neunzigfte. a. ninetittk. 

'Meotral, a. neutral. 
/Neutraliti|« f. neutrality. 
I Nicbt, adT not ; zu • macben, to 



[/, dtjirey I nocb ., not yet. 
YiVchtx, f. uieee. 

Vichi\g,%.nMa, void i vain. {ntty. 
Kicbtigkcit, f. nuUityt nihiiUy ; va- 
Vicbu, pr. notkingi a. noiiakti - 

dello wcnigCFf ntvtr^lefs, not- 

witkMnnding . 

NicbtTayn, to. non^ entity, nnllity, 
NicbunBtzig, a. ^nv n/e, naugkty, 
NicbuwUrdig.a. nmtmktyi trijling. 
NicbttwUrdigkeit , f. naugktinefsi 

f utility. V 

Nickel, m.Jtrumpet. 
Nicken, v. a. to nod. 
Nie, Niemals, ad. never. 
Nledar, a. /«w, tower i netktr % in. 

feriour I ad. /au } down. 
Kiederbaugao, v. a. to head,' how 

ficbNiedarbUckan.T.T.f* low, hend. 
Niederdcuifcb, a. lorn german. 
Niederdriicken, v. a. to prefs down. 
•Niederfallen, ▼. n. to faU down, 

Niedergang, m. dteline \ funfet. 
NiedArgercblagen, ft. dtjeatd. 
Nicdargefchlagenbeit, f. deJeSion. 
•Niederbauen, y. a. to hew - cut down. 
Nfedarbocken, v. n. to Jlooo. 
N>ederknien, v. n. to kneel down. 
>Niederkoma>en, ▼. n. to be brougkt 

to bed, to lU in. 
Niederkanft, f. delivery, lying in, 
MiederUge.r. overtkrow, defeat, Sf- 

eomfiture ; ware - kou/e. 
•NiederlaUen, v. a. to let down ; ficb 

. , to At down i to ejtablijk one's 

felf. » ^ ■/- 

Niederlaffung, f. tfiablijkment. 
Niederlegen, v. a. to put-laydown^ 

to depojite; to abdicate , refign ; 

(icb ., to go to bed. 
NiederleguDg, f. abdicdtion, refign- 

ingx dtfofiting. 

Niederlieeen, v. n. to lie pr^ate. 
Niedermacnefi, v. a. to let down, 

faUi to kiU.Jay.' 
Ntedermetsein, t. a. to butcker, 

•Niederreifjen, ▼. a. to abate, de- 

Nicderntbcln, r.^.to ent viM a/abre. 
•Niaderrcbter*en, v. n. to precipitate, 

kurrydoim | •v. a. to jkoot down. 
Niederfcblag, m. T. preeipUate. 
'Niederfcblagen. ▼. h. to fall down; 

•v. n. to eaft . beat down ; T. to 

precipitate ; fig. to abate ; to de. 

jeS, dUkearten. 
*Niederichceiben, v. a. to pen down- 
Niederretzen, v. a. to put down i Ccb 

- , to fit down. 

Nie^derTinken, T.n. f«>?iiA down 
Niederfto&ei\« V. n. to pujk - tkrujl 

down I to flab. 
NiederftOrseo, v. n.&i. to precipi- 
Niedenticbdg, a. baft, low, abjea, 
NiedertrKcbtigkeit, f. bmfene/s, low. 

nefs, abJeSion, meannefi. 
"Nicdenrcten, *.a. to tread 
NiederwXru, ad. downwards. 

Niederwerfen, v. a. to fkrow • ea/l 
. <>own. 
Kicdlich, ft. ««if, njcir, elegant, de- 


NiadliebkaU, f. neatnefs, 

detUatenefs, enqutAtenefs. 
NIedrig, a. tow\ l^y. ' 
Nicdrigkeit, f . towne/s, lowUaeft. 
Niomali, .. NIe. 

Niemand, pr. nobody, no one, none. 
Niere, .f. kUnoy, retns, him. 
Nieranbratea, m. lotn, 
Nieaenfeu, a. /net. 
Nierenkrankbeit, f, nepkrUU, 
Niereln, v, a. 8c n. to JntJU. 
Niefen, v.n. tofneewt\ .n.fn*ete, 
Niefepulver, n.flernntative pmadir. 
Niefewurzi f. kettebore. 
Niersbrauch, m. ufufniM, 
ma, -a. rivet. 
Nieta, f. blank. 
Niatcn, v. a. to rivet, clinA. 
Nietnagel, n. rivet i agnail. 
Nimmer, Nimmermebr, ad. wftv» 
Nippen, v. n. to Jlf. 
Nirftend, Nirgen^, hd. uomktrt. 
Nifcbe, f. nuke. 
NifTe, f. nit. 
Niften, ▼. n. to nejt. 
Nix. m. nick. 
Nocb, c. JliU, yeti wadar.ftMh» 

neitker- nor. « 

Nodtmalig, a. reposed, ttereOti. 
Nocbmali,ad.,«iier again, 
Nonne, f, nun. 
Nannenklofter, a. nunnery. 
Nord, Norden, m. nortk,feptaltri0' 
NSrdlicb, Noidlfeb, : northerly, 

northern, feptentrion^. 
Nordiicbt, n. Nordlcbein, n. aar* 

ra borealis. 
Nordoft (m.) northeajt. 
Nordpol, m. arSie poU. 
Nordree. f. nortk-fem, 
NordWeft, (m.) nortkw^, 
NonJwind, m. nortkwind. 
Nd£tel, n. /te^j ein balbea.fjiff. 
Nouriut, m. notary. 
Note, f. note. 

Noib, f. need, estigency, neceJUy. 
Ndtbanker, m. Jkeet - anchor. 
Notbdringend, a. prejtng, ur(Het. 
NotbdurFt, f. nectfaries ; leioc • 

verricbteo, to do one's needs. 
Notbdiirfug, a. necejltous, neiift 

poor, tnMgent. 
Notbfall, m. cafe of necejity, nud. 
NotbbeUer, m. kelper in need. 
N6tbig, ft. necefaryi .•bftbco, (* 

need, want, have occafion for. 
Ndtbiffcn, v. a. to necejittte, force, 

conjtraini to invUe. 
Notbigubg.r. nec^/fnatiain,conJlroid> 
Nothleidand, p. needing, mi/eroUl' 
Noibleideode, m. needer, needy, 
NotblU^e. f . Jkift. 
Nothpfcnnig, n. f^e • mongr, 
Notbfcburi, m.Jkotfor kelp, 
Notbflal^ n. trave, trmv/tl. 
Notbtaufe, f. private bafti/m, 
Ndtbwehr, f. dtfence for life* 
Notbweadig, a. neceffary, needfrnf 
Notbwendigkeit, f. necejity. 
Notbwork, ff neceJUy. 


Vothinclit, r. rmvtjkmtmt, j^airtin*. 
NothsSchtigea, v. •. /» rtM^iJi, ^i^i^ 

Nftircn , v. a. te note, 

Kotorifcb, a. mttariout. 

MiTcmbcr, m. Nrtxmter. 
I No, m. mcment, twUtUimg. 
i Niichtcrn, t.jtjunt, 9mftjt/iffii*tl 
I /•*"■• 

I KBchternlieit, r. tmfHne/iiJiit^t/i 
i Miidel. r. isjle, fattt*i*$ . i*lt \ 
' Nadein, pi. vermleeUi. 

Nodclhols, n. ralJ/0r vrriwu-MlIl. 

Nadclmacher, m. vtrmUiiJi ■■ m*krr, 

Kwtda, y. a. to crmm. 

Null, ad. . and nichiig, *tkU, 

Null, f. nh//, iiii/(«, x«r*. 

NaBmer,r. ri/iA(r, mumi^-. 

Numeriren, V. a. (• naMlrr. 

Nao, ad.&c. noa, mt fr^nt'f aeil.' 

Nonciiu, in. nmneio. 

Nunnefar, ad. now, fy tUf liari 

Nur, ad. hut, only, c. fw^ 

Kuf., f. nut. 

Nufsbaam, m. nuttrte. 

Iinifibraun, a. iiu/^r0tti)i. 

N'ufUiackar, NuAhJCbcr, n, ffuJJVrA 

Nafskern, m. kerntl of *■ j*k(l 

N'ufiknackcr, m. MMfrrarJfi'. 

Ntibrekale. f. Rti//kW/. 

Natsbar, a. !(/</«/, frofiimiif, 

N'utzbarkcit, f. ufffulntj!. 

^'liua.a. nlcbu -■«reyn, U it ^ ■« 

Nattcn, arNikscB, v. n. ttf i# tr/f. 
ful, to conduct i v.a. id u/e, fut 
t» u/t. 

Nnuea, a. m/e, frojit^ Mdrmutagr^ 
bent/it, molumtnt. 

NUtziich. a. u/e/ul, trofitoi^i. 

NikzHcbkait. X utility. 
"NttKloi, a. u/iie/s. 

Nutsloliffkcit, f. uftUfsntff. 

NoitnielMr. a. uJufruBh^Ty. 

Nuttniefiong, f. u/uftu^. 

Wag. f. uiMg, ufii uUr^ff. 

Nynphc, f. nymjk. 


O'l. #/ okl 

Ob. c. fokttktr, if. 

Ohicht, f. heed, cmrt. 

OMach. n. >ftf/lrr, Mttng. 

Obelilk, mVoieliJi. 

Oban, ad. aAow, o/^il^ iin 4r«A 
obaa ab , off from «Ivh - nhrc 
•n, is the frjl pUce \ vbeu 41^ 
*f^, aiovei oban au»i ^r/f - ^m 
V Hi obcn drain, aA«v jnfj if 
*•*» the itrgniM} obaa hii^ ii^. 

Ob«r, a. MMff-, high, kifitr. 
Obendmiral, m. high . odm^ral. 
Obertliefte, m. <ki^-m^^t, iiitr- 

Obenmtmana, m. upper- hii\i\f. 
Obenuffeber.m. ek^.mmfrfifr./v 

ferintendent, chief . fur vr^r^ 


Ofattitiniclit, f. thief ./urvifmntt, 

fitptritt tni if at' ■ 

OtirTVE^<?hliha;ifr; a. commmmder in 

tihe\\\t\9, i- lL?lj4rhain. 
Qii^fittn, Eh hfh(Jt toft, garret. 

abtifij^tUiir, n. "Jgh.chmpUiH. 

OJ»«regnnEb»tr, ati. high - gatherer 
'/ c***j. [ptrjiciet. 

<3)ieiiNrhr, r. f\>-fnce, outfide^fu. 
Obcril^ctiti^hp a. fjiperficial. 
Ofew/infttr^ Hi. ^i ^h.forefier. 
€^ttf^tiirat.x^^v, rn. AiffA.awrilrR 

OtiBrf(«rn!hT, n. .^.'^fh.Judiemture. 

fMycrnrvvEftr, n- yilr, mwflet- 

df-e rlia] b^id . « ^ nr - ,«/ Mr higher part. 

OUtfti^jid,,, r. L'.v . Aaa^ ; • fig. /«. 

perianl/^ :vAjt; Mp. 
OhtrJiaap^, ij. Ft,, f, f/H^, ma/rr. 
OtErhnut, n- fitr IJ^^r patt of o 

iiA<ffi T '^^^ ^■•-^Jt if the lords. 
O h cfh e TT , m : /b./ ' ,■ mt lord, f over eign. 
Clb»h>rTrli[:h,a. if r longing to the/o. 

OberferKfttiift, F. /ooereigntjr , Ju. 

Ol»trlTCif|i=rLchti n. fupreme court ^ 

ifrrtii..f|»rtdigcf, m. ehi^f . ehmpUin 
i<t mrJiKit*i/ if J prince. 
Obvrkltid, n. uffcr . gmrment 


0\^cT\'ikh€Vimt.\iker t m. nuf/ler rf 
tfa /t^iifth^d 

Oberliiiuleri m' >>'^k ~ countrjnumn. 

OberlMnilirelt. 1. •«« ^ « A^A. 

Ohcr I e£cT^ n- K/f r^ - Umthtr. 

Oterlfiib, m, f^f^r hedy. 

O^CTlJ|ibt, fr ■U.ff :-F /j^. N 

Obtrmciftflf p m, uf^rr , chirfmafier. 
OlrcrijilrciiT, ji3. ^gh-offeer. 
Oberprirrcf, hi. .irl^ Miia(/(<r. 

Uip?riiDnntE(Oirr, m. chief p^majfer. 

■TT-Hrrfr) tiler, m. .'.i^A /ri<^. 

f] h B-cr i thie*, m, ird chief ftjhee. 

Obrfrktuki f- fJ,.Virr <ri(^. 

ObpjT^iit, ra, iUFnU comitfuTt^. 
OtjirfrthaJB, r, rt,(r. 
OtbcrfcJiWElle, r. iitttt. 

(Jbcrit, ObiLrHEt ■. upperm^. 

i>HrrlU:i-'nrnRnr, tb. Ueutinmnt - CO. 

|>^■eTfvl.i^■^UlncL Icr, m. major. 
n crlhcij. (H. >^i*rr part. 
llL.cni,rEEiur:.l, en chief tuUf. 

L ^ :i^ L' 1L3 1' h I , jt . i: ' . ' r . ai<nf<«R(^. 

f ] : j{l f . .: H , Ol-f - Iv . (1 , Obwohl » c. 

lijif*. Shf': aiiffit. * 

OM.UL, f. f^iiifiiiBi\. 
Objg, I. eta FY - /aii, mentioned. 

tJhhJtrtha^rkdtp hn. IIM/fr-*«*«'. 

'Ohlicfitnj T, n ti ply a thing', ap. 
p^ oniTjft^ j4i , ▼. i. (« *( oiiiged. 



ObHaftnhelt, f. duty, tormlraw. 
Obligation, f. hond. ' 

Obrigkeit, f. magi/haie. 
Obrigkeitlich, a. magijhalfy. 
Obrift, Obrifta, &e. s.Ober & Obarft. 
Obfiegan, v. n. to get the vtSary, 
Obft, n. fruit, fruit 1, fruitage. 
Obftbaum, m. fruit- tree. 
Obftganen, a. fruit . garden, «ib 

ObAbUndler, m. fruiterer. 
Obftkammer. f. fruUeryi 
ObRaarkt, a. fruit, market. 
Obwalten. t. n. to CMf/l, he m footf 

he immiment, impend, threaten, me. 

Obwaltung, f. eMiJtence, lamtent. 

Ocean, a. ocean, 
Ocber, a. ochre. 
Ocbs, a. OM, pi. ojien % hmtU 
Ocbrenfleifpb, n. ht^. 
Ochfenbin, m. neatherd, 
OcbCtnkalb, a. hull. calf. 
OchfankopF, n. huU - head, 
Ochrenaitriig.Cicbng, a. hiJleJua^ 

ed, hlocktjt. * 

Ochraoftall, m. oM.houJi, om.JlaU. 
Ocbfenvranne, f. devi • lap. 
Ocbrenxieaer. m. hulfs pianle, 
Ocbfenaunge, f. neatt . tongue; 

( aine Pflansa } ojttongue, huglofu 
Octav, n. Octavband, a. oSauo. 
Octave, r. offave. 
Oct<)ber, a. Ofloher, 
Ocuiiren, x« t. to Peculate, 
Ode, f. ode. 

Oede, a. defiH, n^e, dtfotdk^ 
Odea, •. Atbaa. 
Oder, c. or. 

Odcraannig, n.&£. agrimonf, 
Ofan, a. atwa : furnace ; Jlowe. 
Ofenbank. t. Jove . hench. 
OfcngabeC f. oven -forh. 
Ofenkrlkke, f. oven. rake. 
Ofenlocb, n. month of an awa 
OfambOr, f. lid of an oven t3c. 
Ofenwifcb, m. Jcowel, mantklm, 
Offcn, a. open. 

Offenbar, a. manif^, emdent, opema 
Offanbaren, v. a. to manif^, mxke 

puhtic ', to difeover ; to reveal, 
Offaabarung, t. revelation. 
Offenberzig, a. open, open . hearted, 

candid, ingenuous, frank, 
OffBnhersi|keit, f. openktmrtedn^s, 

Oeffentlich, a. puhlic. 
OaifentUchkait., f. puhlienep. 
Officiant, OIBcier, a. oginr* 
Offictn, f. work.fkop, 
Officinell,a. effiiinal, 
Ocffncn, T. a. to open, 
Oeffnung. f. opening, a#rf«r«. 
Oft. Oefien, ad. 0/?, tften^ 
Oefter, a. Scad, t/tner, often. 
Oftaalig, n.frcfucnt, itefated, ' 
OFtmals, ad. ofttntimet. 
Ohcim, Ohm, a. aac^. 
Obaa, f. avame. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



MsniMr, m. T. 4tn»minwUr% 
Nannunf , f. cMlilng, nanibig* 
Ncnnwort, o.T- h»uh. 
K«r«, n>. or Herrtff. ntrw. 
NenrenfivVn', n. ntrvtiu ftvtr- 
K«r«enkimnkhclt, f. vntknt/st dif. 

toft ^ tkt nervts, 
.Ncrreniaft, m. nervout JluU. 
Utt^Kntyfktm.n./x/ltm ^tht mnti. 
Nanrig, a. nervoH/. 
NciTel, r. nettU. 
Neffaltucb, n. mif/lim. 
Ntfi, n. nrjl. 
Neaei, m. nrjl . tgg. 
Neftcl. f. Imet, point, JMng, 
Neftallocb, n oiUt.koU. 
N«akUcblcin, n. ntk-cUcktniyouHM. 

^ tkUd, 
heftier, m. point • Imet-mtktr. 
Ncftling, m. ntjtbngi nims AmbA, 
Katt, a. nemt,/mlr. 

Neuigkeit, f. nemtne/s, 
Neu, n. neti T. c*mt. 
Katzen, v. a. to wtt, w*ttr, 
Ketcfdrmig, a. rttUuUr, netmi/e. 
Neu, a. Htwi Ncue, n. iiftor. 
Neubackan, a. Htw -/oft krtad. 
Keubckcbrta, m. proJtMt, convert. 
Neuerlich. a. UJI. 
Neuerang, f. innoxMilon, nofmtioH. 
NaOgeboren, a. nntborn. 
Ncugierda, f. curiojity. 
Neugia^g, a. tmrlomi. 
Ncubeit, t. ntvme/t, novtlfyt tfffy' 
Neiiigkcit, f. newt. 
Neujahr, A. ntw^year. 
Naujabrtgelcbenk, n. iwtD -ytmrt . 

Neujahntag, n. nvu'ytvrs . day. 
Neulicb, a. /air, /a/T; ad. *t«Ay, U. 


hauling, m. noxitt- 
Kaamodirch, m.ftJklmaXh* 
Netimoad, m. ntm- ai«M« ^ 
Neua» a. nint. 
Naunauge, f. Itmprty, 
Neune, f. nint. 
Neuner« m. nomtntry. 
NeanerHet, a. nint AftroA, 
Neunfacb, a. nin^old. 
NeunjUtrig, a. nint ytart old. 
Ncunmal, iA. nine timts, 
Keunta, a. nintk. 
Neaoiehalb, a. eitfkt mnt m k»lf. 
Neantel, n. niiin part. 
Kcuncebn, a. ninttetn. 
Naunzebnta, m. nineteenth. 
Neonxig, *.' ninety. 
Veiuiziger, m. ninetieth. 
Neunzigfte. a. ninttittk. 
Mentrai, a. neutroh 
/Neutraliti|« f. neutrality. 
J Nicbt, air not ; zu - maclien, U 

fpoUt d^rcy i noch., not yet. 
Nicbte, f. uUte. 

Nichtig.a. NM^, o«M; Mfif. [nity. 
Kichtigkeit, f. nuUUy, nikiOty i va. 
Vicbu, pr. nothing i n. noiigkti • 

deilo wcnig«r, tUVtrtkeUjf, not- 

mithManding . 


Nichtrayn.n. non' entity, nntlity, 
Nicbuniitzig, a. rfno ufe, nmugkty, 
NicbuwUrdig.a. nengkty ; trifling. 
NichuwUrdigkcit , f. naugMintfsi 

futUlty. — ^^ 

Nickel, m.Jtrumpet. 
Nicken, r. n. to nod. 
Nie, Niemals, ad. never. 
Niedar, a. ion, tower i nttktr | in* 

/eriour ; ad. tow ; down . 
Niederbeugcn, v. a. to htnd,' how 

ficbNiedarbiickeii,T.T.<« low, hnd. 
Niedardeutfcb, a. low girmmn. 
Niederdritcken, v. a. to prtfs down. 
•Niederfallea, ▼. n. to faU down, 

Niedergangi n. dttUne \ funfit. 
Niedtfrgefcblagen, ft. dtjteitd. 
Niedergcrchlagenbeh, f. dejeSion. 
•Niederbauen, ^.%.tohtw~eutdown. 
Nfedariiocken, ▼. n. to Jloet. 
Niederknien, v. n. to knttt down. 
•Niadcrkommen, v. n. to ke irongkt 

to hed, io lU in. ' 

Niederkunft, f. delivery, lying in, 
Niederlage.f. overthrow, dtfe»t,S/' 

eontfiturt ; wmrt - kovft. 
•NiederlalTen, v. a. to ttt down ; ficb 

. , to Jit down i to tJtoHiJk one' 

Niederlaflung, f. eJtaiUJkment. 
Niederlegcn, v. a. to put -lay downy 

to dtpojite \ to akditatt , rtfign ; 

ficb ., to gf to M. 
NiederleguDg, f. aidicMion, rejlgn. 

ingi depojStlng. 
•Niederliegen, v. o. to Ik prorate. 
Niedermacbett, v. a. t» let down, 

f*Ui to kUl.Jay.^ 
Niedetmetscin, v. a. to butcher, 

•NiederreifMn, v. a. to mhtte, dt- 

NiederfKbeln. ^.^.toeni witha/akre. 
•Niaderfcbicfsen, v. n. to preeipiUte, 

hurry do^m \ *▼. a. to Jkoot down. 
Niederfcblag, m. T. preeipUate. 
•Kiaderfcblagen, v. h. to fall down \ 

•▼. n. to caft . ktat down ; T. to 

t>rtcipitutt i fig. to abate ', to dt. 

jtS, di^tarttn. 
•Niederlchreiben, v. a. to pen down. 
Niedcrretcen, v. a. to put down} Cch 

- , to Jit down. 

Ni«derfinkcn, y.n. to Jink down 
Niederfto&ei\« tr. n. to pujk - thrujl 

down; to^ao. 
NiederAUrzan, v. n.&i. to pretipi. 

NiederaKchtig, a. baft, low, abjeft, 
Niedertrkchtigkcit, f. bafenefs, i 

ntft, akjefHon, nuannefs. 
Niedertreien, v. a. to tread dot 
Ntcderwkru, ad. downwards. 
•Niederwerfen, v. a. to throw - ca/t 
^ if own. 
Niedlich, ft. iKd, nicti elegant, de- 



Niadliehkeit, f. neatne/t, ol^mun 

dttUattnt/t, eMfuiJitenefs. 
Niedrig. a. low\ lowly. 
Niedrickeit. f. lowne/s, UmUaeft. 
Nienalt, i. Nie. 

Niemand, pr. nobody, no ont, noat. 
Niere, f. kidnoy, retns, toim, 
Nicranbratea, m. loin. 
Nieaenfett, a./uet. 
Niereokrankheit, f. nephrtUi. 
Nierdn, ▼. a. 8e n. to fntjle. 
Niefen, ▼. n. to/nee^ ; - n. fuHxt. 
Niefepalver, n. JtemutaOoe pmadtr. 
NieCewarz, f. hellebore. 
Nieribnucb, m. u/u/rufl, / 

Niet.-n. rivet. 
Nieta, (. blanh. 
Niatcn, v. a. to rivet, elinA. 
Nietnagel, m. Hvety agnail. 
Nimmer, Nimmermebr, ad. wty* 
Nippen, v. n. tojip. 
Nirgend, Nirgendi, hd. 

ftiahi i 

Nifcbe, f. nkhe. 
NifTe. /. nit. 
Kiftan, v. n. to wtjt. 
Nix. m. nick. 
Nocb, c. JIM, ><# } 

neither- nor. « 

Nochmalig, a. rtpeeHed, tUreM. 
Necbmali,ad. micr again, 
Nonne, t. nun, 
NannenkloHcr, a. niamety. 
Nord, Nordan, m. north,feptallrim* 
N5rdlicb, Nordlfcb. a. northerly, 

northern, ftptentrionat. 
Nordlicbt, n. Nordlcbein, n. or* 

ra boreaUt. 
Nordoft ^m.) northeajl. 
Nordpol, n. arSie pole. 
NordCee, f. north .jfem, 
NordWeft, (m.) northw^, 
NonJwInd, m. northwind. 
Ndfkel. n. pint', ein balbea .,ja. 
Nouriut, m. notary. 
Note, f. note. 

Noib, r. need, tJitgeney, neeejlty. 
Ndtbanker, m. Jhett - anchor. 
Notbdringend, a. prejtng, urgent. 
Nothdutft, f. neetjarits } feio* • 

yerrichteo, (• d» one's netds. 
Notbdiirfiigt ft. ntceJStous, nttift 

poor, indigent. 
Notbfall. 111. cafe if neeeJSty, nttl 
Notbhelfer, m. helper in need. 
Ndibig, ft. neceffary; .•bftben, tt I 

need, want, havt oecajion for. ^ 
Ndtbiffen, v. ft. to ntetjltate, forc% 

coyhaini to invite. 
Nckbiguhg.f. nec^filation,con/lrein 
Nothieidend, p. needing, nuferakk 
Nothleidende, m. netder, needy, 
Nothpfennig, m. fpmre • momyf* 
Notblcburt, m.Jhotfor help» 
Nothflalh n. trave, travfl. 
Notbtaufe, f. private baptijm. 
Ndtbwehr, f. dtfence for ^e* 
Nothweadig, a. ntctjfary, net^ti> 
NotbvreQdigkeit, f. neeejlty, 
Notbwerk, n. work ff nectjlty. 


Vothzoclit, r. rmviJkKunt, viotaHoHt 
NoihsOchtigeii, ▼. a. to ravijk, «i#- 

; N^iren , v. a. to nott, 

Notorifch, a. n^ariout, 

Mivember, n. Novtmier. 

Ku, m. moment, iwiHUimg* 

Ntkbtcrn, x.jijunt, «mptyt/«t/llmg. 

NBchternheit, f. tmftintfs'yfoitmtfs 

Nude], f. fmjiet fattening . bmtt ', 
Nudeln, pi. vermieeili. 

Nuddhols, n. roll for vernicelli. 

Nodelnacher, m. vermUetli • m4ier, 

NwtclB, ▼. a. to ersm. 

Null, ad. • und nicbtig, nuU. 

Null. r. nuU, nuUo, zero. 

Nummer, f. cipher, numbA-m 

Namenren, ▼. a* '• number. 

Nun, ad.&e. nota, mt fr^ent', will 

Nanciui, m. nuncio . 

Nunmelir, ad. noa, by t)ds Hmt. 

Nar, ad. but, only. c. hut. 

Nnfi, f. nut. 

Nu&baum, m. nuttree. 
, ^itilsbraun, a- nutbrown. 
V Nufthacker, NitfshXher, m. ntdkttch 
I Nurtkern, m. kerntl af « nut. 

Nufsknacker, m. nutcracker. 

N.irsfchale, f. nutjkeli. 
I Natsbar, a. u/fui, frofitablt. 

Nutzbarkeit, f. ufffulneft. 

NiUsa, a. nicbu t •feyn, to be ^ no 

Nutten, 0rNiitzen, V. n. fa be ufe. 
ful, to conduti'j y. a. to ufe, put 
to ufe. 

Nntcea, a. itfe, profit, advantmge, 
benefit, emolument. 
. NUtiHch. a. u/eful, profitable. - 

NUtzlichkeit, f. utility. 
■ 'Nutclot, a. ufelefi. 

Nutalofigkeit, f. ufelefsneft. 
\ Nuttnieber, m. ujufiruBuary.. 
j Nutsniefsuog, f. ufufruQ. 
. Kwaung, f. m/ing, ufe; uft^frnSt 
I Nymphe, f. njfmpk. 


f^beratiffidit , C ckuf .furt^mnct, 

Oberbcfchltbaber, n. commmMitr in 

OberbeiD, s. Obtrbetn. 
Obyboden, <n. higkOl loft, garret. 
Obercapcllan, ■>. high- chaplain > 
Oberdeutfch, a. kigk .german. 
ObcreiBnehmcr, m. high - gatherer 

of iajiex. [perficiet. 

Oberflache, £. fur/ace, out fide, fu- 
Obetflj(chlicb, %, fuperficial. 
Oberforller, m. kigk.forejler. 
Oberforftmetftec, m. kigk . warden 

Obergericht, n. klgk.fudirature. 
OberKCwebr, n. pike, mvfhet. tke kigker part. 
Oberhand, f. up^er . kand ;• fig. fu. 

periority, majSerJUip. 
Oberhaupt, n. head, chief, mafli 


on. el oht 
Ob, c. xohether, if. 
Ohachi, r. heed, care. 
Obdach, n. Jhetier, lodging. 
Obaliflt, m. obelifk. 
Oban, ad. above, alefi, on high, 
obtn ab , 4^ from above } oben 
an I in thefirjt place ; oben auf, 
*Pon, above; oban au», alqft; out 
of it; oben drain, above into it; 
into the iargaiMl oban bin, fig^ 
Jlighty. ^ * 

I Ober, a. upper, h^h, kigker. 

Oberadmiral, m. kigk . admiral. 
I ObeiXltefte, m. ehi^. mafler, aider. 

. Oberimtraann, m. upper . baiHf. 
\ Okcnufreber,m. chi^ . overfeer, fu- 
I perintendent, chief .furveyor. 

Oberfaaut, n. the upper part of a 

koufl; T. tke hou/e of tke lords. 

Oberherr, m.fupreme lord,fovereign. 

Oberherrlich, a. belonging to tke Jo 

Oberherrichaft, f. fovereignty, fu. 

Oberhofgericht, n. fupreme court of 

Oberhorpxediger, n. chi^ . chaplain 

in ordinary to a prince. 
Oberkleid, n. upper . garment , or 

OberkOchenmeifter , m. ma/Ur of 

the koufehold. 
Oberland, n. high , country. 
OberlKndcr».ni. kigk . countrymmn. 
OberlMndifch , a. out ^ a kigk- 

Oberleder, n. upper • leather. 
Oberleib, m. upper body. 
Oberlipptf, f. upper lip. ~n 

Obermeiftet, m. upper n ekiefmafier. 
OberoiScier, m. kigh~ofiter. 
Obcrpfarrer, m. ehitf minj/ler. 
Oberpoftmeiftcr, m. cki^ p^mafier. 
OberprieAcr, m. kigk priifi. 
Oberricbies, m. lord cki^ Jijhce. 
Oberrinde, f. upper ertffi. 
Oberrock, m. great coat, fttri^. 
Oberfchale, f. clip. 
Oberfchwelle, f. lintel. 
Obcrft, Oberfte, a. upperm^. 
Oberfte, m. colonel. [lonel. 

Oberftlieutenant, 9. lieutinant • co. 
Oberflube, f. upfer room. 
Oberftwachtmeifter, m. major. 
Oberthetl, m. upper part. 
Obcnrormund, m. chief tutor m 

Obarzabn, m. upper tooth. 
Obgcdacht, a. above. 


ObgUich , Obrchon , Obwohl , e. 

though, tko\ albeit. " 

Obbat, f. proteffion. 
Obig, a. abovf 'faid, mentioned. 
Oblate, f. mafer. 
OblaienbXcker, m. nafer .'baker. 
■Obliegen, *. n. to ply a thing; ap. 

ply one' sf elf to;r.i. to be obliged. 

OHM ^ 

ObHcgtnhcb, f. duty, tmenmben^, 
ObUgadon, f. bond. 
Obrigkait, f. magi/hate, 
Obrigkeitlicb, a. magifirally. 
Obrift. Obrifte, &e. (.Ober & Obarft. 
ObGegen, ▼. n. to get tke vtSory, 
Obft, n. fruit, fruit t, fruitage. 
Obftbaum, m. fruit, tree. 
Obagarten, m. fruit. garden, «ib 

ObAbilndler, m. fruiterer. 
Obftkammer. f. fruiteryi 
Obftmarkt. m. fruit, market. 
Obwalwn, V. n. ## cjii/t, be on footg 

be imminent, impend, fkreateUf me-. 

Obvrahung, f. enifienee, taMiane. 

Ocean, m. ocean. 
Ocber, m. ockre. 
Ocbs, m. OM, pi. oxen | bmtU 
Ochrenfleificb, n. be^. 
Ochfenbin, m. neatkerd, 
OcbCtnkalb, n. bull-calf. 
Ocbfenkopf, in. hull . kead, 
OcbrenmJCr>ig.<Jcbfig, a. buMckeUk 

ed, btockt/. * 

Ochrenftall, m. ox.houje, on.JaU. 
Ocbfenwannc, f. dew • tap. 
Ocbrenziemer. m. bull's pianle. 
OcbTenzunge, f. neats . tongue % 

( cine Pflansa } ontongue, bugloft, 
Ocuv, n. Octavbandj n. «Ai»«. 
Octave, f. oSave. 
Oct()ber, m. Oflober. 
Oculiren, y. a. to Inoculate. 
Ode, r. ode. 

Oedc, a. defiH, wajle, defolaie.. 
Odeaa, •. Athcm. 
Oder, c. or. 

Odermennig, n.&L agrimonp, 
Of«n, m. oven •. furnace ; Jtove. 
Ofenbank, f.^ove- benck. 
OfcngabcU f. oven .fork. 
Ofenkrikke, f. oven. rake. 
Ofenlocb, n. mouth of an oven 
OfentbOr, f. lU qf an oven Ue. 
Ofenwifch, m.feovelf mantklm, 
OfiTen, a. open. 

Offcnbar, a. manif^, evident, opemm 
Ofifenbaren, v. a. to maniff/l, mtke 

pttblie ; to difcover ; to reveal, 
Offenbarung, t. revelation. 
Offenherztg, a. open, open r hearteit 

candid, ingenuous, frank. 
OffenherEi|keit( f. openhemrtednef*, 

Oeffientlich, a. public. 
OaifentUchkeit., f. pubttenep. 
Officiant, OIBcier, m. ^fieer, 
Officin, f. worh.fiop. 
Officinell.a. offitdnat, 
Ocffnen, v. a. to open, 
Oft. OeficM, 1 
Oefier, s 

Oftmalig, , , 
OFtmals, ad. oftentimej. 
Oheim, Ohm, m. untie. 
Ohiaa, f. owne. 

iizedA^y Google 

(H»«, prp. 8c aJ. vtitkout. 
OhngcHhr, i. Uagcfllhr. 
(Ninmlicbt, f. waknt/s, imMtntyi 

/minHngJit,/w0»n. . 
Oluimiditll, «. walk , imfottnt ; 

/vowing, fainting. 
Oebr, n. evt i tnr, hmnfit. 
Ohr, n. Mr ; fig. kmndtt. 
Ohrband, s. Onband. 
Obrcnbeichte, f.muricuUr emftji$n 
ObrenbUrar, m. makt-h^tt. UU. 

Ohrensehcnk, n. tmr . kmngingu 
Ohrenklingen , n. tinkling in tkt 

Obrenfcbmaiz, n. ear. was, 
ObrenscaeCt m. ear . witne/t. 
Obreule, f. korn-otel, horn . coot. 
Obrfeige, f. kon on tkt tar. 
OhrfinKcr, m. tittit fingtr. 
ObrkUficn, n. pMtnt, tod. 
ObrlXppchen, n> <«r. lap. 
ObrlAHei, n. tar-pitktr. 
Obrring, m. tar. ring, ear - lot. 
Obrwurm, OehHing, in. tartaig. 
Oakonom, m. oetonomi^, managtr. 
Oekonomie, f. otconomy. 
Oakonomirch, a. otemomitt oeeono. 

Oel, n. oU- 

Oelbaam, in. olive- tret. 
Oalbaara, Olive, f. olive. 
Oclen, V. a. to •//. 
Oelfarbe. f. oil . colour. 
OelflaTcbe, f. oil- kottle. 
Oalganen, m. olivt -yard, 
OaleJkxc, m. lubber. 
OalbXndler, m. oil. man. 
Oclieht, Oclig, a. oUy. 
Oliveafaiben, a. otioe . tolourei. 
Oclkrug, m. cruet. 
Oallampc, r. •f/.^M*. 
OalmUhle, f. oil. mill. 
OelCcblifaer, m. oil. miller. 
OaJung,f. oiling, ointment i die lets. 

te ., CM tr erne unSion. 
Olymp, m. ofymtmt. 
OeUweig, m. oliot . twig. 
Onicbftein, m. onyji. 
Oper, f . oper: 
Operaient, n. orfiment. 
Opamhaus, n. opera-koufe. 
Cffht,n. oblation , fatrifict i viiUm. 
OpTeraltar, in. offering - altar, 
Opfergcbctt n. offtrtory, 
Opfergcld, n. erftring' fenny. 
Opfersercbirr, Opfergentbe, a. fa. 

crificial vtfftls. 
Opfern, v. a. to immolate, aj^er,/a. 

Opfarpriefter, ra. facrijictr. 
Opranhier, n. viflim, viflim beajl. 
(^farung, i./actificing, immolation. 
Of\nva, n. Ij^iuat. 
Optik, f. optic i. 
Optiker, m. optician. 
Optifcfa, a. opHc, optical. 
Orakel, n. oracle. 
Orange, f. orange. ^ 
Orangegelb, a. orange . tamny. 


Orangcnbanm, m. orange • trte. 
Orangeric, {. orangery, 
Orcheftar, n. orckejler. 
Orden, m. order. 
Ordentbmder, m./riar. 
Ordentgaiftliche, n. clergyman. 
Ordenizclchen, n. badge elf an order. 
Ordentlich, a. orderly, regular i or. 

Ordiniren, ▼. a. to inveft, ordain. 
Ordinirung, f . ordination. 
Ordaen, v. a. to regulate, difpoft, 

Ordnung, f. ordtr, rtgulaiion, Mjpo. 

Ordnungisabl, f. T, ordutal mumbtr. 
Otdie, J. ordtr. 
Organ, n. organ. 
Organifch, a. organic, organical. 
Organift, m- organ{/l. 
Orgel, f. organ, organs. 
Orgelbilge, pi. btttowi of a pair 0/ 

Orgclbauer, m. organ - maker. 
Orgeln, v. n. to pTay aa tke organ. 
Orgelpreife, f. organpipe. 
OrgeUretcr, m. bellows .treader. 
Orfielzug, m. row 0/ organpipes. 
Orient, m. orient, tajl, levant. 
Orientalifch, a. oriental, taftern. 
Original, n. origin, original. 
Orkan, m. knrricane, kurricano, 
Orlogfchiff, n. aiaii ff war. 
Ort, m. place : parage. 
Onband, n. ekape. ' 

Ortbefcbreibung, f. topography. 
Oribodox, t. RecbiglMubig. 
Orthographie, a. ilacbtlcbreibang. 
Ocniich.a. Ucal. 

Orcitbaler, m./ourtk part of a dollar. 
Oft, Often, m. eajl, orient. 
Ofterci, n. eajttr. egg. 
Ofterfeieriag, m. eajler . day. 
Ofterfeft, ■. Oftern, c^er. 
Oderfladen, vn. eajitr . cake, Jlawn, 
Ofterlamm, n. paffover. 
OftermeflVi, f. e^jter ./air. 
Ofterwocbe, f. eajter . week. 
Ocftlich. a. ea/tem, oriental. 
Oftwind, m <^ . wind. 
Otter, f . adder, viper ', otter. 
Oval, ». Eirund. 
Oxboft, n. kog/head. 

Pachigeld, n. /arm m rent. 
Pacbigut, n./arm, 
Pachiwcife. ad. to /arm. 
Pack, m. & n. pack, bale. 
Pack.n. (GeCndel) ra^A/^. 
Packen, v. a. fa pack j to /eUe } fiefc 

- , to pack , make away. 
Packer, m. packer. 
Packet, Plckchen, o. packet, 
Packetboot, a. packet. 
Packbaos, n. packing . kom/e, awrr« 


fein'wand, f. teri 
Packnadcl, t. pack, needle. 

Paar, a. pair, couple. 
Paaren. v. a. to couple, pair, matck. 
Paaning. f. copulation. 
Paarweife, ad. by pairSf couplet. 
Pabft. in. pope, pontiff, 
Pibftifch, s. Fapiftifch. 
P^bftlich. a. papal, popljk, 
Pabftibum, m. popedom ; peptry. 
Pacht, m./arm'y rent. 
Pachtcontract, m. tea/e. 
Pacbtcn, V. a. to /arm* 
Pacbter, m./armer. 


Packfein-wand, f. packdoatk, barrast 

Packpapier, n~. cap • paper. 
Paekpferd, n. packkor/t. 
Packfatiel. m. pack/addle. 

PacbAock, m. packing .Jhck. 
Packvragen, m. boggage. waggtn. 
Paj^e, m. page. 
PaiUe, a. Jlraw • coloured. 
Pallafcb, m. cimttar^ /abre, 
PalUa, m, pataet. 
Pallifade. f. faU/ade, pali/kdo. 
Palmbaum, m. Palaae, f. palm. 
Palme, r. eyehud 0/ a vine} catkin. 
PalniCect, m. palma ./ack. 
Palmfonntag, m. palm.funday, 
Palmzweia, m. palm -twig. 
Panacee, f. panacea. 
Pandora, f. bandore. 
Panier, n. banner. 
Pantalou, n. pantalon ; pantaloon. 
Pantber, m. Panthcnbier, n. paniker. 
Pantoffel. m. Jlipper. 
Pantoffelbolz, n. cork. 
Pantomime, f. pantomime. 
Panzer, m. coat of m^, jack. 
PanserbaftdCcbub, m. gantlet. 
Pancerbemd, n. Jkirt 0/ mail. 
Panserkettc, f. carknet. 
Panzcrn, v. a. to arm wUk a coat 4 

mail, Jack. 
Pkonie, F. peony. 
Papa, m. papa. 
Papagei. m. parrott perrofnet, /#. 

Papier, n. paper. 
Papiarcn, a. paper, 
Papiafbandel, m. paber . feUing. 
PapierhXndler, n. Jmtioner, paper • 

Papierlampcn, pi. linen rags. 
Papicrmacber, m. papermaker- 
Papiermlible, f . papermiU. 
Papierfcbere, f. paper .Jktars, 
Papierftaade, r Papyrus. 
Plpift. m. paplk. 
Papiflifcb, a. papijlical, popijk. 
Pappe, f. pap i pajHeboard; pajte. 
Pappel, f. poplar | mallows. 
PapJ>en, t. af to pujlt \ /etd witk pef- 
Pappcndeckel, m. pe^tboatd. 
Pappenftiel. m. fig. trifie. 
Parade, f. Paradeplaia, m. parait' 
Paradies, n^ paradi/e. 
Paradicsapfel, m. joknafpU. 
Paradiefifch, a. paradi^acal. 
Paradiren, t. n. to make parade. 
Paralial, a. ParalleUinie,f. paroUtl- 

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Pafchent, (. BtrcheBt. 
Parder, m. /ori, Uop*ri, 
Pardon, m. par 4am. 
firUnent, n. p*rtimmtnt' 
PanaefankXTe, ■>. parmt/(am» 
Parole, f. vMttk . vtord, 
Panerre, n. fU. 
Pand, f. fwrt, P*fty' 
Panciitoger. n. partlftn* 
Paneiffch. rarieilich, a. / 

Pkncilichkeit, f. partiality. 

Paneilo*, %. impartial. 

Pxrut,r. parctli comfaHjn matck- 

Panifane, t. parti/an * 

Paniie, f. trUi. 

fmittammtbtt, n* ektait Jkifttr. 

PanituT, f. T. fartiturt' 

Ptfch, m. triput, pair . rojml. 

Palcbtn, ▼. n. f« See. 

Pitqoill, n. lampotn. 

Pafi, m. pa ft or paffagt ; pafs or 

f»/tporti . itt fferd«> amUe, 

Pafla, n. plover. 
PalTagicr, m. fa/enger. 
PaOen, t. a. &. n. f Jit, fuit J to 
\ pafs at earis'f aof einen., tc 
r (Ml/ for. 
PaOen, n. waiting for. 
Parsgang, m. ambling pace. 
Pa&giCnger, m. ambler ^ ambling nag. 
Pa&glit, n. muai 'gla/j, 
PaOiren, t. n. to pafs'. to eome to 

faft ; wofOr ., to go for. 
PaHell, m. paftU, 
Paftellmalerci, f. pajit . painting. 
Paftete, f *«/fy, pit. 
PafteienbilcKer, m. paflry - eook, 
Pafteunwnk, n. paftry . work. 
Paftinike, f forfnip. 
Paftor, m, pojlors 
Patent, n. patent. 
Pater, m./«M<r. 
Patemoftcr, n. patern^er. 
Patha, m. f. godfather, godmother } 

gedehiU, godfon, goddaughter . 
Pathetifch, a. pathetu, patkttkal. 
Patient, m. patient. 
Patriarch, m. patriarch. 
PatriarcbaUrcb, a. patriarch^. 
Patticier, m. patritian. 
Patriot, m. patriot. 
PatrioUfch, a. patriotic. 
Patriotitmas, m. patriotifm, 
PatroUe, f . patrol. 
Patrolliren, v. n. to patrol. 
Pitron, m. patron, protefior \ .in, f. 

Paironat, q. patronage, advovfon. 
Patrone,f. pattern, model', cartrage, 

Patronuichc, f. gardec0rtrage, gar. 

PaiTche, patTcbhand, f. hand. 
Pufehen, V. a. to clap. 
I*»tiig, a. im/olent , rude, 
P»uke, f. kettledrum. 
Pkukeo, V. D. 1o beat ike kettle 


Pauker, m. kettle .drummer- 
PaiubXckig, a. ckui . ekeeked. 
Paufch, a. Baufch. 
Paufe, f. paufe,Jtop. 
Pauiiren, v. n. to paufct n»k« ^^^P- 
Pavlan, m. b^oon. 
Pavilion, m. pavHtom. 
Pech, n. pitch. , 

Pechdraht, m. pitcked ikread. 
Pechen, v. a. to pitch. 
Pecfafackcl, f. link, torck. 
Pechhaube, PechmUtze, f . pitck.emp. 
Pechig, Pechfchwarz, a. pitcky.- 
Pechkranz, m. pitck - wreath. 
Pedal, Ti^pedals. 
Pedant, m. pedant. 
Pedantcrei, f. pedantry, * 
Pedantiich, a. pedantU, pedantic^, 
Pedeil, m. beadle. 
Pein, f. pain, ach, acke, torment. 
Peinigen, v. a. to torment, rack, 
Peiniger, m. tormentor. 
Peiniaung, f. tormenting. 
Peinhch, a. painful', penal, eriminai. 
Peitlcbe, f. whip, feourge. 
Peitfcbcn, t. a. to whip, fcourge. 
Pelican, m. pelican. 
Pelx, m. pelt'y fur, furred coat- 
Pelzfutter, n. lining ef fur. 
Pelzmikze, f. fur. cap. 
Pelzwaare, f. furs, fur .JHns. 
Pelzwerk, n.fur, 
Pennal, n. pencaft. 
Perganent, n. parchment. 
Pergameninacher, ■>. parchment. 

Perle, f. pearl. 

Perlenfarbig, a. peart, coloured, 
PerlenfUcher, n. pearl- fijker. 
Perlenfircfacrei, f. pearl-fjking. 
Perlenmufchel, f. nacker. 
PerlcnoDutter, f. mother ff pearl, 

Perlearcbmuek , 



Petrebieren, v. a. to feat. 
Pctrchierflecber, va, feat - grener* 
Pfad, n. path* 
PfafFe, m. *ri</f • monk. 
Pfafferai, f. priekcraft, monkery, 
Pfaffifcb, a. prt^like, monkijk. 
Pfahl, m.pale,Jlakf. 
PfiUilen, V. a. to prop. Jit proht. 
Pfahlwerk, n. pit* . work. 
Pfalzgraf, m. palfgrave. 
Pfalzgraffchaft, f. patfgraviaie, 
Pfand, n. pawn, pledge. 
Pr3inden,y.a. tojiixe,fecure,H^ain. 
Pfandhaiu, n. public pawn . koufe. 
Ffandtabtbcr, m. pawnbroker^ nutt- 

prsi^ung, r. dijlratning. 
Pfanne,t. pan. 

Prannenrchmid, m. pan -fmitk. 
Pfannkucben. m. pancake, fritter* 
Pfarre, f. parfonage ', partjk. 
Pfarrar, Pfarrberr, m. parfon, 
"'" ' ' ■ 'V wife. 

pearls, necklSe ^pearls 
Perlenfchrift, f. T. pearl. [ley. 

Perlgerftc, Perlgraope, f. petrUkear- 
Perlicht, a. pearly. 
Perpcndikel, m. perpendicU. 
PerpendikuliCr, a. perpenAcui4r, 
Perrticke, f. periwig, wig. 
Perriickenmacbcr, m. ptriv^.ntaker. 
Perruckenftock, m. periwig .Jiotk. 
Perfon, f. perfmi. 
perfonaUen, pi; circum^ances near. 

l^ touckinga perfon^ perfoneU in. 

PerfdoHcb, a. perfonal. 
Perrdnlicbkeit, f. berfonabty. 
Peripectiv, n. perfpeflivt - gUfs. 
Perlpectivifch, a. ferfpeHive. 
Pen, Pcailanz, f. pefi, pejitence, 

Peftbeulo, f. kubo, plague. Jore> 
Pefthaos, n. prftkoufe. 
Peflilenzialifch, a. peJliUnttat. 
Peurde, f. petard. 
PeterfiU«, f . par/ley. 

Pfarrfrau, f. parjon's 

Pfarrbatu, n. parjon's kouje, parja- 

Pfairkind, n. parljkioner, 
Pfarrkircbe, f. parijk . iknrek, 
Pfau, Pfaubabn, m. peacock 
Praaenfchwaoe, m. ImI - train ^f 

a peacock. 
Pfauhanne, f. peaken, . 

Pfebe. r. meUn. 
Pfeffer, m. pepper. 
P'efiTerbaum, m. pepper -tree. 
PrefferbUchre, f. pepperboM. 
Prefferkorn, n. peppercorn. 
Prcfferkraut,n. pepperwort.dittander. 
Pfefferkucfaen. m. Pfeffirnuia, f. 

ginger . bread. 
prcffermOhle, f. pepper . fmern. 
Pfefrern, v. a. to pepper. 
Vfcife, (.pipe iff e} wkifUe. 
•Pfeifen, v. n. 8c a. r« pipe; to vi^/ttt. 
ornament qf Pfeifenkopf, m. kead ^f a tohieea* 
' pipe. 

Pfeifer, m. ffer, Mper, wkiJUtr. 
Pfeil, m. arrow, dart, kolt,Aaft. 
Pfeiler, m. pillar. "^^ 

PfeiircbUtze, m.,0rcker. 

iPetrchaft, Petlchler, n./f«/. 
Paukenklepfcl, BB. ketth-dramjuk. IPetrcbaftrtng, m. feat, ring. 

pfennig, n. fen^y. 

prennigrucbrer, m. pinch .penny, 

Pfeich, m. dung. 

?rercha, r. fold, pen. 

Pfercben, t. n. to cock | ▼. a. |to 

dung ; to pen, fold. 
Pferchbatta, f. cot. 
Pfercbrecbt, n. foldage. 
Pferd, n. korfe, nag. 
prerdear<t, m. farrier, korfeieeek, 
Pferdebefcblaff, m. korfe .Jkoeing. 
Pferdcdecke, r. korfe -clotk, komjtng. 
Pferdefutter. n. horje-meat. 
Pferdegercbirr, n. harfejs , gear, 

Pferdehaar. n. horje . hair. 
PferdabJindlar, m. horjer , canrjer, 

Pfcrdeknecbt, n. groom. 
Pferderennen, n. horJe. race. 
Pfcrdcfcbwanz* m. horje's tail. 

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9t PFL 

rreritMnfrnm*, f- ktrji ,poni. 
rfeiddUU, m.JaUt. 
prerdezncbi, f. ^rteding tf h»rfu. ml^k\ fig. trUh 
Pfiffcrliaf, m. touAfiod. 
Pfiffig, a.Jff, crf/uA 
Pfingften,pl. mldt/mntUt. 
PfiDgftr«a, n. wkU/untidt, p€nUt»/t. 
PfingfUag, ai. wkit/undm/. 
Pfingftwochc, f. wkU/uHtUt..m«€k. 
Pfipiw, m. ptp. 
Pfiriiche, f. /f«(il. 
Pfirfichbana, n. ptmtk'trtt' 
PiirCchbiatbe. f. ptath . iUcm. 
PfirGcbkero, lA. pemtk . ktmel. 
Pflance, f. pUni. 
Pflanceircn, a. MiU. 
Pflanzen, v. a. to plant 
Pflanzenreicfa, n. tegtUU* ertatUn. 
Pflanser, b. plmmttr. 
Pflaaxganen, m./ttipltt* 
POMnzUng, m.yttmg pUwt, fit. 
Pflantichale, \. nmr/trjf, 
Pflanxfladt, f. eoiony. 
Pflanzung, f. pUntbtg, plmiUatUm. 
Pflafter.n. p^jltri («oa StviDca) 

favtwuntt ^ 

Pdaftercr, arr. faver. 
Pflaftargeld, a. paatrngl. -^ 

Pflaftero, v. a. to paw*. 
PflaReHlein, aa. paving.Jttmt. 
PflafterAdTsel, aa. ramwttr. 
PfUfleitreter, m. Uittrtr. 
Pflaum, m. a. Flaamfeder. 
paaitme. f. pltmi cine gauockac- 

te ., prune. 
PflaoaiaabaniB, n. piim - tree. 
Pflaamenkem, m. plum^ktrntl' 
Pflage, f. tart, f String, mmrjing. 
PflcgcSltern, fl. fo^tr. parents, /•• 

Pflcgckiad, a. /«^«r . tkiU, 
Pflagamaner, f . Jvjitr . mttktr. 

Pflcgen , V. a. to fditr, nmrfi j U 
take earti ♦*• •• to admlnijler ; 
to oijt \ V. a. to ho uont, to u/t. 

Pfleger. m./o/fertr ( maritn. 

Pflegelohn, m./^tr .fen. 

Pflegetocfaiar, f. fo/ttr .dangkitr. 

Pflegevater, m. fojfer .fatktr. 

Pflicbt. f. dutv. okhgaHon. 

Pflichtbar, Fflicbtig, a. kouud, okU- 

Pfllchtbrilchig, :*difioyal. 
Fflichtlos, a. undutifui. 
paichtmMfiig, a. tof\formahUUomVs 

Pflichttbeil, m. lav^ul portion. 
Pftoek, aa plug, ptt, pin. 
Pflficken, V. a. to plug, peg. 
PflUcken, v. a. to ptutk, pUk } (• 

PfTug. m.plougk,pl4m. 
PRugbar, «. araklt 
Pflugeifea, n. eoutter. 


PCSffteliea, a. port. holt, mieiet. 

Pfona, f. door, gate, kj-door. 

PrarMMT, m. porter, door - maUer. 

Pfofte, r. /f/f i jamk. 

Pfoie, f. pafo, tlaw. 

Pfriaai, m. or Pfrieoie, f. puuker, 

pmntkton, punek. 
Piriameakraut, a. kroom, 
Pfropf, m. corkiJoppU,Aopper. 
Prropfen, v. a. to Jtuf into i aiaaa 

Baum ., to graft, graf. 
prropfmefler, n. graf ting . knife. 
?(Tnf(te\%, n. gra^, graft, fciam. 
T{Tiinia,(. pretend, fenefte. 
Pfrilndacr, m. prebendary, kenefitimry. 
Pfahi, n|. po<li, marjk. 
Pfuhlichi, a. pool .like, marjky. 
Pfund, a. pound. 
prunder, at. pounder. 
Pfnndpewlcbt. a. pound. mi^. 
PrUndig. a of one pound. 
Pfiiadleder, n fole. leaikew. 
Pfondweife, aa. ky pounds. 
Pfufcbea. T. a. tokungk, kuddUl to 

Pfoldier, «i. kungUr, kuddderifpoU- 

Pfufcherci, f. kuddUng , kungU; 

fpMl . trad*. 
Pmtzc, f. puddle, Jlougk. 
Pnitzig, a. pla/'y, miry. 
PhUnomen, a. pkenomomom,^ 
Pbantafie, &c. s. ia F. 
Pbarifiier, m. pkarifee. 
Pharintifch, a. pkari/aieal. 
Philofopb.m. pkUoMktr. 
Philofophic. f . pkaefopky. 
Pbiloropbirea, v. a. to pkidofMAze. 
Pbilofophilch, a. pkitofopkUal, 
Phlegma, n flegm. 
Phlegmatirch. a. fUgma^. 
Pbyfik, f. /Ax/Cf/ 
Pbynrch. a pkyfitalB 
Pichen, v. a. to pitek. 
Pickc, r. pick .ane. 
Pickeiiaxiag, m.pickiekerriagtjatk. 

Pickef^ab«, f. ktadpute, ktimH. 
Pieken, t. a. (• peek. 
Picket, a. pifnet. ' 


igan, T. a to 


PAUger, m. plougker, ptougk. 
Pflugmacher, n. plougk • utrtgkt. 
Pflugrchar, f. piougkjkare. 
— ' ^oi^.tati. 

PAugftaraa, f. plot 

Pickliag, m. red kerring. 
fiekt,r.pikei (ia daa KartaB)y>cd^. 
Pilger, m. pilgrim, palmer. 
Pilgeifchaft, t. pilgrimage. 
Pilgernab. m. pUgrims flkff. 

piiie, r. iiU. 

Pile, I. BiU. 

Pioipcraaft, f. p^atkio.mut. 
Pimpiaalle, f. pimpintl. kurnd. 
Pinfel. m. krujht peneUi flf./M. 

Piafela, v. a. to peneU, damk. 
?ipc,{. pipe. 
Pipca, V. a. ta pip, 
Pipps, (. Pfippt. 
Pifle, f. pifs, urine, 
PilTaa, v. a. & n. to pifs, make mater. 
9l(uort,m, pifs. pot. 

Piftwinkel, n. pifing. place. 

Piaacie, t, pUlaeldo. 

Piaole. f.pifol-. (MOaza) p\ftaU. 

Piaoleahoirter, f. kot/ter, 

Pitfchievy •. Ptttfcbaft. 

Plackea, v. a. topefUr, turmoil', fich 

•, to drudge. 
Plackerci, f. turmoU, drudgery. 
Plage, f. torment, dijtrefs\ ptagat, 
Plagen, v. a. fa piagut, aea, 
Plaa, a. pl^n. 
Plaa, JB. plan. 
PUae, f. plain. 
Planet, m. planet. 
Planiren, v. a. to plain } (• glut* 
Planlrwaflier, a. gluing . mater, 
Plaake. f. pUnk, ko^d. 
PlamfclMa, v. a. to fptajk, 
Plapparei, f. kakkltmeat. 
Plapperhaft, a. klakking. 
Plappara, v. a. to klak, kakkU. 
Plappaitafchc, f. prating gojfp. 
Plinen, v. a. to Hare. 
Pliifchern, v. a. tofpUJk. 
Piatt, a. ^fiat, phin, even, Uoet. 
Plattdcoach, a. low german. 
Platte, f. plate i kald pate; poem 

crown } . eines Nagels,^f ktai ^ 

a nait. 
PUtteifea, a. or Platte, f. fmoeddag. 

iron , prrjing . iron , wkaJUrwo. 

man's goofe. ; 
Platieifte, f. plaice. 
Flatten, PUtten, ▼. a. toJUtl f 

plate i to fmootk, iron. 
Platterdingi, ad. aifolutety.* 
Plattheit, f. fiatntfs\ fig. infitii 

Plats, m. place i (Flad^a) ifem: 

rSehUg) cUp. 
Flatsen, v. a. to clap, crackle, 
PIKtzer, m. clap, track. 
Platzregen, m. Jkower. 
Plaoderet, f: ckattering, kakkUng. 
Plaoderer, n. ckatterer, kakUer. 
Plauderbaft, a. gojiping, ckattering, 

r, a. to ekatter, kahkle. 
:lap } wsf den ., tkis mt, 

PldtzUch. a. fudden, fukUaneous, 

Pludcrborea, pi. pantaloon. 

Plump, \. klunt, eoarfe, awkward. 

PlOinpen, v. a. to plump. 

Plumpheit, t. Huntnefs, aukwari. 

Plaader, m. lumker, trumpery, frip- 
pery ; fig. trifle. 

Plunderer, la. plunderer. 

Plfindem, v. a. to plunder, piUtge. 

Plitnderong. f . plundering. 


Pdbel, m. mok, populace, rakkU. 

PdbelbaTt, a. mokkijk, vulgar. 

Pockcn, V. a. & a. to knock ; to kut\ 
auf etwas., to koaft of. 

PocbmUhle, i.flamping.wiU. 

POchwerk, a. 

Peelce, f. pock ; ■. Blaitera. 

by Google 

Plots, m. 


Packrafnib«, Fock«niurb«, f. p^ck. 
i Pockennarbig, a. pUtti. 
■ Podagra, d. gout. 
\ Podagrifcb, a. gomiy* 

Pocfie, r. pMfy, fo*trv» 

Poet, B. pott ; .in, (. pottrtflm 

PoeUrcb. a. pottU, potticmi. 

Pokal, m. euf. 

TSkt\, n. putU. 

nkMtikh, n. ptekitd wMt. 

PdkelB.T.a. to fatt, plckU. 

Pokolinn, T^ n. to cmp. 

Pol, m. polt. 

Polet. B. pofyt p€iMf- reyml. 

PolMbc, f. nortktm UtUiuk. 

Polireo.T. •. to poHJktfurbiJk, hmr. 

Polireiren, a. poll/king • iron. 
Mittr.m.potijker^ gteftisfirki/ktr, 

Polirung, PoHtor, f. toliJUMg. / 
Pblircahn, m. kumijktr. 
Politik, f. poliHct. 
PoHtifcb, a. polUic, poittitmh 
PoHcei, f. poiUe. 
Polftcr, m & n. io(/l*r, fuitt. 
Polftertnacbcr, m. fuUt. tmuktr, 
Poiaern, v. a. to futlt. 
Poherabend, m. nuptMs - tve. 
Polierer, in. koijieroiij ataii. 
Poltergeift, m- kokgohlin. 
Poltetkamner, m. lumhtr^tkamhtr. 
foltern, V. n. to m*ke m noifti fig- 

to Htf/ttr } to feoid. ' 

Polyp, B. polj^pus. 
Pbmade, f. pomtdt, pomatum. 
Pomeranzc, f. orangt. 
Pomcranzenbanm, n. ormngt- trtt. 
Pomeransciirarben, a. orange- co- 

Pomcranzenganeo, m. orungtry. 
Pomenocanfaft, b. fitritt. 
Pomp, B. pompt mmgntfitnei. 
Ponpc, a. PuBpe. 
Popanz, B. bugbfr, huU. keggmr. 
fo^,m./Mot./mivH. ' 

Populir, a. popular. 
Porkircbe, f. ckureh .gatkrU, 
POrree, m. porrtt. 
Ponal, a. portal. 
fcno, n. pojlagi, 
^mAXt n. portrait, 
Portttlali, •»• patent. 
Poraellaa, n. porcetain, ekinM. 
Porzellanan, a. porttUim. 
PorzellanhMndler, b. rAiac.aMH. 
Poiamem, n. orrit, tact. 
PoGuaeatim', a. lace ~ wuAer, ' 
Poiaoac, f. trumpet. 
foraaatn, v. a.& n. to trumpet. 
PoGUt, a. llttU organ. 
Pofitnr, f . pJlure. 
^>ffe. f . ktf^boHingt drottery j /mra 

Poftn J tHjUs I 
Polfcn, m. trick, p^ank, JUm. 
roflenfaaft, a. droll. 
Poflcnrcifser, m. droll, byfoon, 
PoflienreiCierai, f. kufomury, 
{'oOeorpiil, ■. Jtroe. 

PoCtrlldit a. droll, maggijb, mtrrjf. 
Pail, f. p^i mevti/tm 4/ fliait^r. 
PoflaBt, n. p^.ofee. 
PoftbeaBte, m.p^ofcer, 
Poflb«tc» B. p^, p^hen. 
PofteBcni, n.teddUl, ia/e. 
Poften, B. po/t, jfattOM' 
Foftgcld, n. p^age. 
Pofthaua, n. pq/lkou/e. 
Fofthom, n. pcjlioy's korm, 
Foaille. f. cotUaton of fermemt. 
Poftillenraiter, m. pf/Hller. 
Poftillion, Poftknccht, b. pf/Hlli»u. 
Poftkalefche, f. p^. ckai/e. 
Poakutfcbe, r. Jlege . eoaek. 
PoABeiftcT. B. p^lmajtcr. 
Poftpapier, n. p^. paper. 
Poflpferd, n. poftkor/tf Jlagt»karft. 
Poltlcbiff, n. packet • boat. 
Poftftation, f. Jlage. 
PotUUil. m.p^ .JlakU. 
Poftarar«e, t. pojt.road. 
Pofttag, B. ptjldaf. 
Poftwagen, b. Jlage • eoaek. 
Poftwefcn, n. regulation ff<li«/«f. 
Potemat, m. poUntaie. 
Pottaicbe, f. potajk. 
Potzl i. odds I bodlkinsi 
Pracbt, f. pamp,JUte, pride, magni. 

Prachtbcit, n. bed rf Jlafk. 
Pracbigeletz, n. Sumptuary lam. 
PracbtbiBBel, b. canopy. 
PrScbtig, a. magnijicent, ' 
Jlately, fpUndid, Jumptuous. 
Practiciren, ▼. a. to praSice. 
Practicus, b. pratiitioner. 
Practik, Praxis, f. praOitt, 
Practike, f. mean trick. 
Practirofa, a. prmOUal. 
Prifdicat, n. T. predicate. 
Priig«n> v. a. to /lamp, coin ;fig. to 

Prahlen, v. n. A boajl, krag, 
Prahler, b. braggard, botjltr, 
Prablerci, f. brag, iraggar^fm. 
Prablerirch, a. bragging, bfo/Hng. 
PrMIat, m. prelate. 
Prall, a. kouncing^ Jheteked. 
Prall. ■. bounce. 
Pralltfn, v. n. to bounce i surUek., 

to rebound. 
Prangen, v. n. to prank, t 

Pranger, m. ^llory, kml/ong. 
Prkreni, n. pre/ent, gift. 
PraTident, b. prejident, ci 
PrkTidentenftalla. f. preidentjkip. 
Praffeln, v. n. to krtJOe, rrackle, 
PraScB, V. n. to gorwandi/e, glut- 

toni/e, debauek. 
Prafler, m. gormandijer, dekanckee. 
FredigcD, w.n, to preach. 
Predigcr, b. preacker^ minf/ler. 
Predigt, f. fermon ; fig. preaekment. 
PrediffUBt, n. mintjhy, 
Pregeln, ▼. n. to fry in a pan. 
PrecelpfanDe, t. frying pan. 
Preit, B, price, rate } priag', prtije. 
•Praifca, t. a. ta pratfe. 

PRO ft 

Prcialleb, PtaUwOrtig, a. pral/i, 

Prelle, t. foM - beaHng. 
PrcUan, v. a. U tefs ; to beat Cf»»*^H 

fig. to wipe, ckeat 1 v. n. to rr» 

Prallcr, b. bricole } fig. ckemt. 
Prellerei, f. CMtorHon. 
Prtftbengal, ht.fmip* rfa frefe* 
Praffa, f . preft. 

Preflan, ». a. to prefi, fqueexe. 
Preffer, a. prefer, puft- man, 
Prickeln, ▼. a. to priek. 
Prieftcr, a. priejl; -In, f. prUftfs, 
Priefterlich. a. prUfly, facerdotal. 
Priafterrock, m. gomn tf m frt^* 
Prieftarrcbaft, f. clergy. 
PriaftenbuB, n. pritfikood. 
Prieftarweihe, f. ordaining, 
Priaas, a. primate. 
Priaat, n. primat^/kip. 
Principal, a. principal, koad, cki^, 
Prinz, a. prince t ^ilin,f. prine^t. 
Prior, a. prior; .in, f. prUr^t. 
Priorat, n. priorjkip. 
Priorei, f. priory. 
Ptifa, f. pritt^ ( Taback ) /iiicA ^ 

Pritfche, &c. a. in Br. 
Privatleben, n. private l^fe. 
Privataann, a. Privaiparfoa, f. frU 

vate man. 
Privet, a. pri^, ntcefary. 
Privilegiren, v. a. to prinilegf, 
Privilegiaa, n. privilege. 
Probe, f. prtff, trial, enperimen^ 

*fV i *V I pattem,/u4k, 
Probebogen, a. pro^. 
Probejabr, n. novMate, 
Proben, ▼. a. to tnftt. 
?tohevTtdtgt, t. trial -fermM, 
ProbeRUck, n. trial; pattern. 
Probiren, ▼. n. t« try; to efay. 
Probirer, a. tf^yer, tfty " a^^* 
Probirftein, a. tomckjtone. 
Probirtiagel, a. €opple, ti/t, 
Probft, a. provf/f. 
Probftai, t.Jroi^fUp, 
Proccffioa, f. proeejion, 
Proeinator, a. prober | attameg. 
Product, n. pr*duS, produtHam, 
Profan, a. profane. 
Profoniren, v. a. fa prffkne. 
Profaflion, f. profeJSon, trtit, 
ProfaSTor, a. pr oft for. 
Profaflbr, f. pr<feJforJhip, 
Profil, n. profile. 
Profofa, a. prov^. 

Promoviren, v. a. to ^ 

Prophet, a. prophet i -in, f. pm 

Prophatlfth, a. propketUal. 
Propbczeien, ▼. a. to froph^. 
Propbezeiung, f. propke^, 
ProFa, Prpfc, f. profe. 
Profaifch, a. pro/kic. 
Profaift, a. profe -mrUer, 
Prorpea, m.profpea. 
Protaft, a. T. prote/f. 
PreteOaat, a. protf^^^ 

•» PUN 

Pntefiantircb, ■. frttiflanU 
Ploteftireo, v. n. to prottft. 
Protokoll, n. prtlocot. 
ProtokoUiren^ v. ft. it prttocotf rt' 

ProTiant, m. protOtton, viSuuij. 
Proviamhaiu, n. >i^r( . kou/t. 
ProviaDtiBeifter, m. comwdffary tjf 

tkt Jlorti. 
Prdviantfchiff, n. vtauaUimg-Jktp, 
Provini, f. provinet. 

frmvirLitH in. Ji/fi*'w/f, 

fret It fk, HI. fTi^tf,^ Uv.Jhif. 

Pro ( cj Li;^ c r«n p n. frtrftJinat mt ittt. 
PiUC«n, r, w, tpprrvr, fry, tKamUie, 

PritKdn, V. 1. to euJjifi^ ^awg- 
ndhcilA, i, Rt. 
PrulukH m-Jlitrt/k*y, 
PVunkcp, r. *. fa /r«aJf. 
Pr^Lm, Dl. ff*if 

PriLraliKh, n PTiket, ™ fjmtt«r. 
PiiUltntiit w.a.. i<f puiiiji.* 
PbL Licit m, A, fniiit^ 

P^d*!, m. fr^iitrff-. fifvU. 
f,^.W- rr ■ ■ '*^— 

Pudcin, V. n. fp romnif Hundtrt. 
Pudcr, m. potatUr, hmir.powdir. 
Puderbcutei, m. powtUr • bmg- 
Pudermante), m. combing. tlotk. 
Pudern, ▼. a. to povodtr. 


Puppc, f. My, dtli, pmpptti T. 

Puppenkram, m. puppet • deaUmg. 
Puppenlpiel, n. pupptt ./kou. 
Puppeo(pieler, m. puppet - man. 
Purxanz , f . purgative, purge. 
Purgiren, v. n. & a. to purge. ■ 
Purgirend, a. purgmtive. 
Piirpur, ID . purple, 
Purpurfarbe, f . purpU^ purple colour. 
Purpurfarben, a. purple-rei. 
Purparfjeber, n. pwrplet. 
Purpurkleid, n. purple roie, purple^ 
Purptirn, a. purple. 
Purpurfchnecke, f . purple ..^Jk. 
Pujz, m. dre/t, uttlre, ornament. 
Futsen , v. a. to dre/t, attire} to 
/nuJ'ftkeeandUJ j tocUun (fioet}y 
fich die Nafe ., to wipe one's nojt. 
Putzmacherin, f. milliner. 
Putzzimmer, a. room of JtaU* 
Pyramide, f. pyramid. 


QuinienBcifter, in. fumrter.majer. 

Quarz, m. fuartM. 

Quarzig, a. fuartxouj. 

Quaa, m. orQuafte, r. knot, tuft. 

Qaatcmber, m. ouarterday. 

ftueckc, f. Qveekeagra*. n. ouUck. 

Queckfilber, n. fuUkJUver. 
Quehle. f. t09et. 


Puderaqafte, f. powder. tu/t. 
Puderfchachtel, f . pouder - %om. 
PuffI puff I 

Puff, in. puff I tkump, cuff. 
Puffen, V. n. to cuff, tkump. 
Puffer, m. Ooeket - P'ffol. 
Pult, Puhrchlag, in« pul/e. 
Pu leader, f. artery. 
Pah, n. d(^. 

Pulrer, m. powder, gun • powder. 
PuWerhora, u. peutierhom. 
Pulverkammer, f . p^ader - room. 
PulTerinaKaziu, D. powder JUagaxine. 
PulyermUhle, f. powder . mill' 
PulvennUller, m. gun.powdtr. maker. 
Pillvern, Pulverifiren^ ▼. a. to pow. 

der, pulveri/e. 
PulTcnhnrm, a. totutr orJlortJkou 

fe /or *o»,der. 
Pumpe, f. pump. 
Pumpen, v. t. to pumpi 
PumpearchwcBgel, n. pump.h*>tile. 
Pumpernickel, m. hrown gearge. 
Punktk m. potnt'f article. 
Punkilren, v. a. to point. 
Punktirer, m. geomaneer. 
Punktirhwlifl, f. gtomancy. 
PunkiirtA^, f. ponauatiam. 
PUnktIichi a. punSuat. 
PUnkUichkeit. f. punRualn^t, 
Punktur, f. T. Jlippling, 
• Pnnfch, m. funek. / 

Xanfehntpf, m. punch •fami. 

Quabbelig, a. plump, Jietk. 
Qoabbcln , w. n. to he plump 

Quackralber, m. fuaekt fuack/aloer, 

Quackfalberei, f. quackery. 
Quackfalbern, v. n. to quack. 
Quader, Quaderftein, m./rt^&ne. 
Quadrant, m. quadrant. • . 
Quadrat, n. quadrate, /quare. 
Quadratmeile, f. fquare - mile. 

Quadratwurzel.f. T. /quare root. 
" idratzi" ' " ^ 

Quadratzahl, f. 


'quare, /quare* 

Quadriren, v. a. 8t. n. to /quare. 

Quadrupel, m. quadruple. 

Quakein, v. n. to tmkble. ^ 

Qiiakeo,v. n. to croak. 

Qusiker, m. quaktr, tremiter. 

QuMkerei, f. quakeri/m. 

Qua], f. pain, torment, p*ug, grief. 

Quiflen, v. a. /• pain, torment. 
Qitalificiren, v. a. to qualify. 
Qualm, m. vapour, ff earn, J moke, 
Qualmen, v. n. to ffeam. 
Qualm icht, a. vaporous. 
Qualfter, m Jlegm. 
Qualftern, ¥. n. to /pit flegm, 
Quanuweifc, ad. at it were. 
Quappe, f» quab. 
Qqarantaine, f. quarantalH*. 
Quark, m. curd, curds ; dirt 

IQuarkkMre, n. wkcy • ehet/e,^ 
Qoarkfack, m. eurd-bag. 
Quart, n. quart, 
Quarul, n. quarter qf a Jfeat- 
Quaitant* m. quarto 

Quellbrunnen. m. well ,/Prlng. 

'Quelle, f. «r Quell, m. weU,/ource, 
/ountain, /pring. 
Quellen, v. n. to /pring weUi *. 
a to /welt. * 

Quellwaffer, n. /Pring ~ water. 

Q'leDdel, A. belony; thyme. 

Qucntchen, n. drachm, dram. 

Quer, a. cro/s, oblique, traver/t \ 
ad. cro/s, acro/s\ qocr dorcb, 
trofs'. quer Ubcr, over againj. 

Querbalkcn, m. cro/t-beam, tran/om. 

Qiierbaum; m. ero/s . bar. 

Quere, f. cro/s, traver/e. [U. 

Qucrfl6te,Querpfeife, f. germanjtu. 

QucrgJffschen, n. ero/s -lane. 

Querga/fe, f. cro/s. Jlreet. 

Queiholz. n. cro/, piece of timber, 

Querkopf, m. queer /eltow. 

Querl, m. twirling -ffick, 

Qiierlen, v. a. & n. to twirl. 
Querlinie, f. cro/s. line. 
Querfack, m. waUet, budget. 
Querfauel, m. pillion. 
Querftrich, m. cro/s .Usui fig. £/ 

Querweg, m. cro/s . way. 
Quetfche, f. plum ; /quajking. 
Quetrchen, v. a. to/quajk, brui/e. 
Quetfcbung. f. br^e. 
Quiekcn, y. d. to/qaeak. 
Qinte, f. quint i fig. wiles, tricks. 
Qiiinteffenz, (■ quintefienee. 
Quiet, ad. quit, free, rid, even, 
Quide, f. quince. 
Quittenbaum, a. quinee.tree. 
Quittengelb, a. tawny. 
Quittenlatwerge, f. marmalade, 
Quittlren, ▼. a. to quit, refign { t* 

di/ekarge, clear. 
Quittung, t. quittance, aeqtdttatut. 
Quotient, m. quotient. 


R«t, f. T. yard, 
Raafegel, n. T. yard. /ail. 
Rabatt, m. abatement, faU. 
Rabatte, f. plat, band-, border, 
Rabattiren, v.*. to abate. 
Rabbiner, m. rabbi. 
Rabe, m. raven. 
Rabenaas, n. earta/s. 
volume iii|Rabenmutter, f. raven *■ like mctker 

^ JRabenftein, m. place of execution. 

iQoarte, f. quarter % ( ia der PechuJRabcnvater, m. unnatural father. 

Ikunft ) cart. iRabulifl, m. tkieaner. 

QuaRier, a. quatti^quarter, lo^ing.V^cht, f. retenge, vengeance. 
Quanieren,, y. t. to loige, Jiation. |RKcben,v, a. to avenge; toreteuge. 


Racbcn, n. m»Ktkt thr»»i. 
Ricber, m. tvtmgtr. 
lUcbgierdt, KacKrucht, f. rtvtnKt- 
f»lnifs. is'Jul. 

Racbgicrig, Rachfitehtig, a. rciw*. 
Kachrchwert, a fvtori of tngiante. 
Rscker, m. Jtt**r : jmktM -/a- m*T 
Racket, n. rmrktt, mx^i h»tik-d»or 
Rackcie, f. rctket, Jl^rtktt. 
Rad, n. mkttl. 
Radackre. f. mmlt.trtt. 
Radbrcchen,^. a. to brtrnk mi tht 

Ridtlilwrer, m. ring tt»dtr. 

Rademacher, m wkttitr, c*rit»rigkt 

Raden, m rockU, torn . roft. 

Riidern, v. *. U knmk on a uketl. 

Riidcnwcrk , n wkttl . work . 

Radfelge, f. /tUoe. jmumt. 

KadlMuc, f. mattock. 

KadicCKban, m. UttU rmdijk. 

Ridireot ▼• •• '• raMtt tr*ft\ T. fo 

Ridirkunft, t. art of rttking. 

Radirmeffer, n.^t. 

Raairnadel, f. nttdit. 

Radii nie, f. roU. 
! Radrchtent, f. iron ttont, kmmi. 
i Raffcn, V. ■ 'to iaf,fit)ttf. 
; RaffiiMdc, f. Ttfnti frngw. 

Raffiniren, ▼. a. 8t n. to r^/int. 

RafTzahn, m. fort tootk. 

Raecn, 1. n. berror -, to ovtr tof^ 
hcraua -» tojtondfortkf out, to jut. 

Rahm, m. ertmm. 

Rahman, ▼. n. 8c a f* ctmim. 

Rahmeo, ta. frame ■ 
I Rain, m- gr€tn\ balk. 

Ramnbock, Rammel, m. ram. 

Ramne Rammel, f. Ranablock, 
' m rammtr^ ccmmandtr. 

Rammeln, v. n. to tumUo , to hmtk'y 
to go eaterwautiug. 

Ranmetieit, f. bucking . timt. 

R*mmen, v. a. to ram. 

Rammler, m- kt • kmrti ram. 

Rand, n». eJgf, brim, brink, hardtr, 
fide, margin. 

Rifodern. «. a. to border. 

RaodclolTe, f . marginal note, gloft. 

Raadrckrift, m. marginal legend. 

Ranfi, m cri^, cantle ef bread. 

Rang, m. ranktplaee. i 

Range, (. fro/^ate. 

Rank, m- trietTart. {per 

Ranken, m. Ranke, f. tendrii, tlaf. 

RnkcB, V. ». to eUmh by tkt kelp ^ 

Riinkavoll, ■• ar^td.fuU of tricks. 

Il*oaakcl, m. & f. rannneulus. 

KCnzcl, J^nseiH ta. knaffacl^, 

Raotig, a. raneid, ramk. 

lUnzion.f. ranfom. 

Kanzioairan, v. a. to ran/om. 
, lUppe, m. black horfe. 

Rappee, m. rapff, eoarfe fnttf, 

•Uppier, m. rapier, foil. 
I Rappiren, v. a. to grate, raff. 

Aappeln, v. n. to rattle i fig. t0 be 
I crack ' trained. 


Rappure, r. fcrambte. 

Ra^unzel, m. rampions. 

Rar. a. rare ; exfuiftte. 

Rarititt, f. rartty, rate tking. 

Rafrh, a^ fuick,fu>ift, ready. 

Rafch, m. lajh, fergt. 

Raffhheit, f. ^uUknefs, fwiftnefi. 

Rafen, m fod, tu^f, tlod. 

Rafen, ». n. /# rave, rmmt, rage} to 

be mad. 
Rarenbankff feat rf tnrf. 
R»hnd,u.furiouJ, mad, raging. 
Kafcreiff. madiefj, rage. 
Raliren, v. a. to fkave. 
Rafpel. r. rafp. 

R«(j>«lhau«, n. rafping - koufe* 
Kafpels, va to rafp. 
Raffcl, t. rattle. 
RaOriln, V a. to rattte. 
Raft, f. Ttfi, repofe. 
Raften. v. n. to reft, repoft. 
Raftloa.a. r^Uft. 
Rafttag. m. day if reft. 
Rath, ta. counftl, adviee i council i 

counfillor ; . fchafTen. to fkift, to 

find out meant ; zu Ratha •halien, 

to bt fparing, to ffart. 

Ratbcn, T. a. to gutfs\ einem at- 

•wat ., to adviftt counfel. 
Rathgeber, m. admfer. 
Rathhaua, m. fenate . koufe, team • 

Rifthlich, a. frugal, fparing, tkrifty 
Rathfam, a vakoltjomt , advifabff. 

fruaat, thrifty. 
Rathaboihe, m. mejfcngerofafenate. 
Raihrchlag, m. delibtration i Rath- 

fchlige, counfeh, advices. 

Raihrcblagcn, v. n. to deliberate. 
Rachfchkira, m. decree, refointlon. 
Raihtcollegiam, n. fenmte. 
Rathsdiener, m. fummoner* 
Rathfel, n. ridMe 
RKthfclhait, a. enigmatical. 
Raibtglied, n. member ^ t fenfte, 
Rathsherr, m. fenator. 
Rathskeller, m. public wine-cellar. 
Raihsicklura, m. decree of tke fenate. 
Rathsrcbreibcr, m. clerk ef a fena- 

te, recorder. 
Rathsfchrciberei, f. rolts ofice. 
Rathtftube, f. fublie kail, eoumeU- 

Ratbstig, m. meeting day ef the fe- 

Rathaverranmlang, f. eawntU, meet 

tng ef the fenate. 
Rathawahl, f. eleSion iff fenators. 
Ration, f. Jiare, portion. 
Raiie. Ratce, f. rat. 
Raitenfalle, f. rat -trap. % 
RattcnfXnger, m. rat'Catcker. 
RattcDgift, Raneapulvar, n. rat's 

Raub. m. pre^f, rapine, fpaiL ' 
Raubea, t. a. to rob, to depriae ef. 
Rlubar, m. robber. 
RXuberei, f. robbery. 
RXuberifch, R#ufb«ft«tig, «. rt^. 


Raubfifth, aa. fSJk ^ prey, 
Ra .bhfihle, f. den of roiberi. 
Ra..bB«n. tk.JkeUer ^robbers. 
RaubrchiiF. n. privatee, pirate. ' 
Raubrucht, f. rapacity. 
Raubihier, n. be^ of prey. 
Raubvogel, m bt'd ^ prey. 
Ranch, a. rough, hairy. 
Ra»cb. ta.fmoktffum*. 
Rauchen, *. a. & a. to /moke,/umt. 
Raucher, m fintker tf tobaeeo. 
Rii.icbf rig, Rauckig, a. fmoby. 
RHnehttkammarJ. fmoking-chamber. 
RXnchcrkerze, f. p^U (^ incer^e) 
Ri(»cbcrn, *. a.' to intenfe, perfume ; 

to blete. J 'r'.f , 

RXucberpuWer, n. incenfe-porngtr. 
Ri icharwerk. nfrankincenfe. 
Ra cbfang. ro. chimney, [fer. 

Raichrangkehrer. m. chimney mfmta, 
Rauchfart. n. tenftr, ineenfary, 
Ra >ebhiindUr, m furrier. 
Raucb'roft, a, Raiihralf. 
Raucblocb, o. vent-hoU, 
Rauchtabak, m. tobacco. 
Raiichwerk, i» fur,fuT'ftin», 
RXude, r. fcab, itck, mange. 
Riudig. a. fcabbed, fcahby, mangy. 
Riudigkek, f. mangineft, ftaSbei. 

lie, r. rack. 

fen, V. a. A lug, pluck, pall. 
Raufer, Raufbold, ta. fighter, bully. 
Raub, a. rav^A , katjii nnpoH/kedi 

Rauhigkelt,f. rougknefs,koarftnefs. 
Rauhreif, m. Hair, hoar ^Jr^fl. 
Raum,m. room, f pace. 
Rsiumen, ▼. a. to leave. Hear } au« 

dem Wage ., /• remove. 
Rikimig, a. CerMumig. 
Rauncn, v. a. to roumt, nJAfper, 
Raupa, f. caterpillar. 
Raupan, v. a. to rid of caterpiUart. 
Raulch, m. drunkennefs. Inebriation. 
RawTcbcn, v.n. to (url; to rtf/He i 

to bijlle; (bnrunkan ■ttahaaj to 

RaufcbgoM, n. Hnfel. 
RXufpcrn, v. a. & fieh -, to kamh, 
Raute, f . me ; T. pane ; rAaaii. 
Rautcnffivmig, a. rkombic. 
Rebe, r. branch ef nine } aim. 
Rebel I, m. rebel, hnmeir. 
Rcballion, f. mutiny, rebellion, 
RebeUiren, «. a. to rebel, mutiny, 
Rebellifch, a. rebellious, mutinous. 
Rcbcfimeaer, a. pruning . knife. 
Rebenraft, m. jMirr if grapes. 
Rebbubn, a. partridge. 
Recenfion, f. critietjm* 
Recenfani, m. critic. 
Recept, o. prefeription, rttetpt, 
Recers, m. treaty, eampod, agree 

Rechen, n. rake. 
Rechen, v. a. to rake. 
Rechenbrct, a.Rccbaanfal.f. tonnt 

ing - board, 
Rftcheabucb, n. elpkertng . booh. 

Digitized by LjOO^IC 

•« RED 

Rcchenfehlcr, m. /*iUi ht ti^tf\Kf- 
kcchcnkunft, f. arithmetic. 
Rechenmcifter, m. mritkmetitiMMt 
Recbenptcnnig, m. couuttr, 
Rechenlchari, f. account. 
ReebenfchuU. f . cifhsring ~fii\&«(. 
Recbeniifcb, n. counter. 
Rechgrat, n. fuitck-grafs. 
Rccbnen, v.* &n. it cifher, minti, 

reckon, cakutate. 
Rcchner, m. rtcAoner, acc^'i^tt, 

ciphtreri calculator, 
Rechnung, f. account '^ HU. 
RechnuDgsfUbrer, m. hook -if-pfr. 
Recht. a. right, jnfi'y ad. ri^klj mii\ 

Recbt, n. right*, Un\ . •hnbtti, r.i 

he in right \ • *geben, to jir/d r4r 

luejlion, io JMfiUe to fomi^U^y. 
RMhten, V. n. to fuarrel-, tt ^a it 

Rccbtfenigaa, v.a. to eie^ft ttetd- 

pate, jukify. 
RcchtferUgung, t. JuJhJUatHa. 
RccbtgUubig, a. orthodo*. 
RecbtglVubigkeit, f. orthodot^. 
Rechtlicb. a. JuridicoJ, lavofuL 
Rech(iniir«ig, a. legitimate, fa*^/^i 
Rechtmif&igkaU, f. legitimar^, inu.- 

Rcchu. ni. at ' tar the right ka^d. 
Rechtfcbafren, a. hon^ ; rM*r. 
RechtrchaiFenheit, f. hon^fiy, 
Rcebirchraibung, f. orthogTUf\y. 
Reehugang, m. proceeding sH iiw, 

legal procedure. {Jr^ttr. 

RecBugeltlirramkeh . f. ja-riipwu- 
Recbtsgelebrte, m. taxoyer. 
Recbuhandel, m. aflionf lav -fuit. 
RecbukrMfttg, a. legal; valid ift iini" 
Recfa»0>ruch, m.jentence, ttrdie}, 
Rechuwidris, a. agalnjt the /dCu. 
Rechtwinkelia, a. reSangu!»r. 
Recidiv, n. relapfe% reddioat^ot ■ 
Rccitativ, n. recitative. 
Recken, v. e, tojlretch, f^itmd, 

Jtram ; den Kppf in die Bitlac -^ 
. to lift uf the head. 
Recognorcircn, v. a. t» reton-^mtrc- 
Recrut, m. recruit, 
Recmtiren, v. a. to recruit. 
Recrutining, f. recruitment. 
Rectrficiran, jt. a. to reffi/, . 
Rector, m. rfnor. 
Rtde, (. fpeech i di/cour/e ', kj.rafi- 

gut, oration, 
Redekunft, r. rhetoric. 

licfa -, to harangue, 
Redentan, f. phrafe. 
Redeibeil. m. part of fpee€%, 
Redlich, a. honrfi, candid, fiir. 
Redlichkeil, f. hon^y, can ,, 
Redher, m. orator, public J^-. • 
RednerbUhne, f. y^^a/ifrV |J--rr 
Rednerirch, a. rhetorical. 
Rednerfiiihl, m. pulpit. 
Redoute, f. redoubt ; uu/fUefsdt. 
Redfelig, a. talkative. 
Redfeligkait, f. talkativme/t. 


Kctatiffn- ffet^ktrr. 
KeffF«ndif, ta. re/frrn4aryt 
R^ff, n. Jorfer, dofir. 

H cf rjrio itcn , V , i., to f'rfai' "f t 

Mf I uT m ynwTf m r pt»le/titnl, re/armijt, 
l^cj^^\, n. ngijltt mf cq: orgmt. 

rttfiftj a. Jfi-rrfd */ J - iBfcctcitr it 
Jti.r afit fi^icitn, m^^ti _*vcrdGn, 
19 Mtw^ it be Itimd at. 
Ktb^K 1 raft. ^ 
Hcf(<ilDL, i Unrrgelnuf riJg . 

A?l{t'lTr<iLrjlpkc4lk fy rrgaia.ritj^ 
Mc^c^n , V H ■ . r« ^ir, movt i TlCll -| 

l{i if JlfiriM/i. 

Hf^t-rtltggrri, n. rainiMOi-, 

H^Kc«^^ m- f^stut, ^("jjin'ta' print*. 
At^m^nici, m. pftrHrr. 

ftsTic-iwilfert D, 'tbh - t-ittr. 

Rt^tn'K.ii'WkUy f. rlifud big ri,iti rain- 
Rrj^rlwuFinj ra. fSibrfnrth-^at'rrm 

IT' 'I. Sf*^r lOiitdxr, 

R l^jli E FM n !► ^r. ftij^nlMg ,-r„t,fj^.ijtvtrn- 
i** j ritfiti fT^vwrmrr.rrl ; rn'jffN-rj. 

Hen Iff U El jt^'crliEi (.f^tm ••/ giii-ern^ 

Fttj^ierkiihgimtlij m. c^viJeUfr ^J On 

H i q J IB cni-Wfl m tn^T , m - itHMmnjitT . 

WcH.i"*''! "' ''*^'.f^% riCBTit; ttiir, 

ftfKllll-JLuf, ta. Tf ff.Jlrrf TW^ififT. 
Kt^\^tii\iry f. rrjfjliy 
hegitlr\T^n, r-n- it rtg-j^ir^ 
kr|j;nEH| V. i. fd *tir«. 
I^rgif^ifrh, *. Td^ir^r piumaiii, 

RcHfi-Pt, nt. r#|ftr/j(. 

Rrn'thrtHrV a. ?h r-rf^ui^tr. 

R.ttv. ti raty 

Kefie, ^./nKvdfrtdr 

[Irtiltall?, n. r^f.. at(f. 

Sen. to /peak J itETirm.p^-^Ur.ile^f ^r^f tfwfi/on. 

B,ir1utipECjr, FiT.'- Ji#F> 
FLtjJiji f. RpjhFLTcn^ rt. grater, 
-«iy#.ciii f> a- ifif graft ^ iA ruh\ 
FifLtn ', r^ f fHd^ fuifa^rj { fig 

]!<i^rflrin, m. grinditsr-J^irne^ 
fr\e:Wh,a, rifit, if^wi'ifhf, btaflby- 
V.t\th, ti, rFfl/nf, ti'<^_f/jtirt, fwtpiJ-t. 
Rrlfhcnf T. a, 1 n. fjF j-rffrAt 



KEicWIikrcJiScd.Ki^ iEa«/ iram/aSton 

RriL-Ri^chrH f. A*« a/ #Ar cia^r. 
il4:ichdd>l,tn, vfiility of tk* empire. 
K t Ltliud Ler, 01 . tm t^naJ eagle. 
Btichupfel, m. .^fiirial globe. 
KorhiaFntcc, f. ir^ftrietl aru^. 
Rei^titfF^i, a, iinP^rJiate. 
R E k hil Urfl , fn . » r Efl ,v ^ Mr n^rr. 

Rciettignf^ m. tjumf^the empire. 

Fto I ehjcul[l«Ti , EC1, tm/triai ftorin. 

faiir/ ^ the em. 

fOUn/etUr ^ the 

btibaiBi FS wfCi^fA, rleA<j, «/«• 

ftraw'i raatteil.^ 

etitftrtrr't fnUneil, 
REkiubuUtr, r di^ af the empire. 
RetcbikaniffitfgcEicht, n. imperial 

tlBicMkkinQ^ieBp pi. imperial or. 


NfiuliflcgT ID. ttdr ^ the empire. 
hcifLtn^r>R, t, imperial fifl, p^ ef 

ikt tnparr^ 
^.tithit\t^t^^tIL i' .sfht of the empirt. 
Rtielnftad.1.1 1- im^t-'yal tovm. 
Ilfllrhiltirtfl, m /.,tit of the eiaptu. 

Ke I ;; Fmif^ „ FFl i >^f€' ; *l diet. 

l3iTh»]«f 1 a*, r I ^ dollar. 
K^ic]]*tru]i(4«n, pi. imperial troott. 
Kcichtvttwfrer, m. regent tf tit 


/^ ft,y. 
'^ TcA, V a. jk.n. fp ripen, wiaturti 

i. to riMt. 

Hichy ILr mUi^f,. 

rnreJt.n io:^ ^ petticoat. 
(trjhc, r ri40 { r«t|4 } turn } Utd 
iy JBrnl. 

RiTliTti, V. 1. iajtriwg, rank. 

Mtih*r, Jl«-ijl=T, in- heron, hem. 
tit ihttbt M ttt^ f . ciajing of hemt. 
ttEiherbuilcb^ m. ^vim ^ A<ni* 


Kim in«it , "T r n- f* «A»r. 

RrifniTrhinsit m- r^yafjler, pod^tr. 

R 1 1 n , ■ t U* n r ntai j pure | corrtS; 
f Eli RttDQ *r£lirclfa«n, <• copy fair. 
K.p.\t(ht\t^ r ^Irri^. 

/fiirgj, f^Tffy. 

eini^iLc'a, f, fffonne/f, purity. 
KEiiviuLing, t /4F^r*MMi dia ■•• 

Tiiiaklse-, iBtiNM{| eourjet. 
HfllalicbH t' f/if*n. 
KdialichkctL, f, dwinline/f. 

ftH», n. 


i/inovri cine kiirt(-< 

Ralicbcrdvelbaoff, f. meectmt tf « 

travti, wnmge. 
ReifebUodef, n. tUie. k0M. 
Reifefenig, ■. rtmdy t» Jtt »ut. 
Reiregc&hne . m . ftlUw . trmvtUtr. 
Rcifegeld, n. m»ney Jmr trmvetUng. 
Rcifekoftcn, pi. tMfenett ^ trsvei- 

RetfeoMiitcl, m. riJing ctmt. 
Rcifen, v. n. to travttt J»»m*yt ie 

/*t Mf /0r, to riit. 
Reifcndc, m. trmveiter, voyugtr. 
Rcttfdd. nTriet.JUU. 
Reidwls, Reifig, n. kmA. woei. 
Reirdtlei, n. htmeh itmJ; p€ncii. 
Reilsbret, a. drmwing . board. 
•Reifsexk, v. «. to ttar ; to drmm j 

•v. n. to imrjt ; to think, gaft. 
Reiisca. n. (imLeibe) gri/(j,rafir. 
Rci<kend, ■. rmfi4,fwift. 
Reiikreder, f. irmming.ftn. 
Xeii«koMe, f. u4t4oui.eoai. 
Reifszeug,!!. ea/e.. 
Reitbabn, f. managt , riding. *t€- 

•Reiien, v. a. & n. io ridt, to go 

on kar/tback ; to tine, eovtr. 
Reiter, m. rider, kor/emsm ; fpani- 

fch« ., eknamje de fri/t. 
Reiterci, f. kor/e, ratmiry. 
RcUcrfaime, f.Jlandard. 
Reiterpferd, n troo/er's kor/e, 
Rciierwache, f. kor/e . guard. 
Reitbaas, n. riding . kou/e. 
Reithengft, m . Jtone . kor/t 
Rehknecht. m. groom of OuJtakU- 
Reitkanft, f. korjeman/kif, 
Reitlingt, ad. afiraddk. 
Reitocht, m. hnH. 
Reitpferd, n. ridimg m kor/e, 
Reitrock, m. riding . coat. 
Raitfchule, f. manage, riding^/ekooi. 
Reiifticrel, m. r^ng . boot. 
Reitzeag, a. k»r/e . trapfings. 
Raitx, m. tkarm, grace. 
Ralsbar. a. apt to be irritated. 
' Reiubarkeit, f. aptne/s to be irrl- 

Reitzen, ▼. •• to irritate, provoker 

to entice ) to ekarm. 
Reitxend, a. ekarming. 
Reitcung, f. t>V^^**8* «ntieemeai. 
ReiuvoU,a./Itt ff ekarwu. 
Religion, (. religion. 
RdigioDsfreiheiti f. Uberty «f ton. 

ReligioBtTpattcr , m. vnbHiner ; 

Jrtt .thinker. 
KUigionsttbung, f, loor/klp. 
Riligifl*, a. retigiouj. 
Rdiquie, f. retU. 
Reiiquicnfchrank, m. rtUfUary. 
Renegat, m. renegade. 
Renken, i. a. to guide, bend. 
Kennbahn, f. tourfe, tarter, ram- 

*Rciinen, v. n- to" rum, 
Rcnnea. a. rnnninai rmet. 
Rcnncr, m. Rcnnptera, n. cour/tr, 
rate, kor/t. 


Rennfchlitten, m. running ./Udgt, 
Rennthier, n. rain • detr. 
Rcnomift, m. ktflor. 
Rente, r. •■mr; jXhrlicbe ■• annuity. 
Renten«i,Rtntkaininer, f. tnekefner. 
Rcntlerer, Rxntner, m. annuitant, 

Rentneifter, n. trea/urer. 
Rentfchreibert m. eierk ^ tke en. 

Repetirubr, f. repeater t repetition- 

Repofiioriam, n. repo/itory. 
Repablik, f. republU, eommon-xveaitk. 
Repubiikaner, m. rtpubliean. 
Republikanifcb. a. republican. 
Rercript, n rt/cript. 
Refidcac, f tt/idente. 
Refonanzbo4cn, m. T. re/onantt. 
Reft, m. rt/l, remains, rematnder, 

re/idue; arrears. 
Reftant, nt. ^ne in arrears i remkin. 

ing part. 
Rellchen, n. remnant. 
Retirade, f. retreat. 
Rccorte, f. T. retort. 
Retten.T.a. to/ave, refeut\ to fret, 
RettCT, m. /aver, deliverer. 
Rett^ebUbr, (. /aloage. 
Reiug, m. raWi/i. 
Reituns, t-/aving, detiveranet. 
Reue, 7. repentance. 
Reuen, v. n. & i. to refent, reg^. 
Reuig, a. repentant. 
Reukauf, m. forfeit. 
Reufc, f. tveel. 
Reute, r. plough .JaJT. 
Reuteif, V. a. to root out. 
Reuter.n. (ain Sieb) riddU* 
Reutern, v. a. to riddk. 
Reuihaue, f. hoe. 
ReuyoII,«. /«/ of repentan^. 
Revercnz, qa. reverent^, bom. 
RcTcn. m. rever/ei reciprotaLhoud. 
RcTier, n. environs \ ward, 
Rhabarber, f. rhubarb. 
RhciniTch, a. rktmi/k. 
Rheinwein, m. rheni/k 9lnt. 
Rhinoceros, n. rkinottros. 
Rbodirerbolc, u. ro/t tf Jiru/aUm, 

lady's to/e. 
Ribbe, «. Rippe. 
Ricbtbcil, n. headsman* s ast» 
Richtblci, n. plummet. 
RicbtbUbne, f. /cmjold. 
Richten, *.a. to judge ; to een/nrf\ 

to execute i to direH'^ to level; 

fich nacb etwat -, to atcommodatt 

one's /el/ to ; Gch in die H5he .. 

to rife \ etwaa in< . Wet k - | to 

perform, ^3; an Crunde ., to 

Richter, m. Judge. 
RichteraiBt, m. t^te of a Judge. 
Ricbterlicb, a. ^ a judge. Judiciary. 
Richierftuhl, m. tribunal. 
Richtig, •. rigkt, aeeuraie, tJtaS ; 

Richtigkett, f. accuracy, exadne/s. 
Richtmafs, n, fiandard ^ Itvel. 

Rieluplati, m. esMtnUon. plate, 
Richtrcfaeit, a. ruler, level. 
Ricbtrchnur, f. level. 
Richtftuhl, m. beheading. Jfool. 
Ricbtung, f. direOion, 
Richtvage, f. level. 
Rickc. f. doe. 

•Riecbert, v. a. &a. to /mtil, /tent, 
Riecbfliircbch^, a. /melltng . bottle. 
Riecbwafler, n. /meUing . wattr. 
Riegef. m. raU\ bolt. 
Riegelbolz, n. bar. 
Riegelloch, n. Jlaple. 
Riegel-wand, f. partition. 
Riegelwerk, n. ajtmbtigt. 
Ricmeo, n. tkong,Jtrap of htlktr, 
Riemenlocb, a. koU in a /tirruf' 

Riemer, m. bett^maktr, girdter, 
Riefe. m. giant i J^a,f. gtante/s. 
RierenoBifriig, a. giantlike, ginnHy, 

Rieleln, ▼. n. to purlti to driMtU. 
Rierelrcgen, m, drizuling rain. 
Riefs, D. ream. 
Rieth, n. retd. 

Rietbgras, o. reed.gra/s, bur.retd. 
Rifftl.f. /tax. comb. 
Riffeln, r. a. to kattkel - piUJUx % 

fig. eincn -, to reprove one. 
Rille, r. rabate'. /malt/urrow. 
Rind, n. neat, bullock. 
Rindcben, n. little tru/l. 
Rinda, f. rind, bark ; crtf/f. 
Rinderbraten, m. roajl beef. 
Rindern, v. n. to lof'g for tkt bM. 
Rindfleifch, n. bttf. 
Rindig, a. tr^Jty, crvjled, 
Rindsxunge, f. neats . tongue. 
Riadyieh, n. great - cattlf. 
Ring, m. ring ; verril : rirtle. 
Ringelblume, f. marigold. 
Ringelchen, n. Mtlt ring ; topper « 

Ringelgadicbt, a. Rin|«Ireiin, m. 

Rtngeln, ▼. •. to ring, ringle. 
Ringelrennen, Ringrennen, n. run- 

ning at tke ring, tumament. 
Ringehaub*, f. ringdove. 
Ringen, v. n. to wrf/He, Jruggle } 

fig- tojhivei •▼. a. to wring. 
Ringer, m. mr^ler,^ruggltr. 
Ringfinger, m. rtng .finger. 
Ringffirinig, a. tirctJar. 
RingkKftcben, ja. ring.tafi. 
Ringkragen, m gorgft, 
Ringroauer, f waU about tkt toum. 
Rings, ad. • una, around i . faerum, 

umber, rounsl about. 
Rinna, f. ckannel, kenntli gutter. 
•Rinnen, v n. to run, /low, drop. 
Rippe, f. rib. 

Rippcn, V. a to peel kemp (ft. 
Rippenftors, m. euf in the ribs. 
RippenftUck, n. roa/ttd rib, tutlet. 
Rifs, m. rent, cleft, chink; hought. 
RifTig, m.thlnky. 

Ritt, m. riding, turn M kor/thatt. 
Riuer* m. knigHt, chevalier. 


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RltMmt, n. k»igkts/te, wummr. 
Ritunmaus, a. ksmfe ^ lordt. ' 
Ritteriicb, a. hrmt, •aktnt. 
RiucraMfiii, ■. emvmlitrUk*. 
Rittcrorden, n. «rirr 0f hnigktJi 

der dcutrcbc ., temimu orJer 
Riuerpfvrd, n. *#'/« ef a Imigkt. 
Rittcrrchaft. f. kntgkih»»d. 
RiuarfcUag, n. iuh ; cr bat dan . 

aaapfangco, k€ is dttihtd, 
Riucrbtx, m. touniry . kaujt. 
Rittarfpiel, n. tUt, Uurnument. 
Riuerfpora, m. U'hfyuf^ (fUnt). 
RutHo|s, «. Reitlingt. 
Riitmaifter. m, ftfUin •f korft. 
Ri«, m. Ritae, f riftt efnny, tt^t, 

C'fk, JUm, fermttk. 
Ritsen. v. a. to fcraUk. 
Riizig, a. U*ing Tijts, er*n»td. 
Rohht, m. /,»d,g. 
RodM, a. r04uk, ray; (imSchach} 


R4chel0, Y. n. it r^ttU in the thromt. 
Rork, n tft, m^h, r4ht,p*ttU0»t. 
Rocken. n. 4Jlijfi rack, rmtk. 
Rocken, m. ryt. 
Rockenmchl, n. ryt-mnU, 
Rockenphilf^ropbU, f. fnpajtm»m. 
Rockenifsufa, m. tkmtek. 
Rodclaod, n. eUmr g'funi. 
Roden, ▼.«. it grtp up, 
Rogcn. n. rt,fpamn. 
Roaener, m. /p*w*tr. [^. 

Ron. a raw, rrudf\ fig. rwmgk, rtu 
Robbei', Robigkeii/ t. r^wmt/i, 

roHgkntJt, trud/ntft, 
Rohr, n rtti, ran* 
R6hrhriinncn, m. fcuntain. 
Rohrboich. m. ttU.fttt, rttir ktd. 
Rdbrcbcn. n. pipe. [*«"•/ 

Rohcdommal, m. hitttm, kutttr. 
RSbre. f tkanmtti fipt, conduit. 
Rdhrenmcifl«r. m. conimit^majltr- 
Rdhrkaftcn, RShnrog. m. eijttru. 
RobnMei<e. f. ttti.pipt. 
Robrftubl. a. rudt* tkair. 
RShrwaOer. o. condutt ■ vtmttr. 
Rollbeu, n- trucktt^btd 
RoHe, f. r*//. roUtr'^/croil, liji. 
Rollen, V. a & n. to uM, trundlt. 
Rolltntobak, n. tabncc* in reilt- 
RollhoU, n. fUnder. toU\ roiUng 

Rollwagao, a. eaiajk ; gt^rt. 
Roman, m. rtmsnce, talt. 
Rontanciidicbter, m. romnnctr. 
Roaanenbafi, Romantifcb, a. r#- 

Romanze. f. halUd, vtrfifitd tmtt. 
Romer, a. kri$Hmtr^ 

Rofe. f rtfti St Antkonys Jirt. 
Rofanbufcn, Rorenftocki m. ro/t • 

,!'■**, ro/'e.kuji, rofier. 
Rofenfarbe, f. r»/e eotour. 
Rofanfarban, a roft , roiourti. 
RofenfartcOf a. rofi . gardtn. 
Rurenholz, n. rtf,.wod, radium. 
Rorenhoaig, a. ra/e .konty. 
Refiinknofpe, f . rtft.kud. 

■ gmrUmi rf fjts 


Rorenrotbt a vft . rtd. 
Rofaowairer, n. r»f*—Ur. 
Rofcnsocker, a. tanftr^t ^ r»/ts 
Roretie, f. ^rtiJUiai r*ft. 
Roficbi, Rofig, ^. Tpfy, fftaU. 
Rofine, f. T»ijin. 
Rofinfarbc, (. r»frt, 
Rotmarin, ov- roftmmry, 
Roroli, a. rofafolit. 
Roft. n. korfi, rturfir. 
Rortarzenei, f . k»'Jt -pkyjit, 
Rursar^t, m.farritr, korfcltttk. 
Rofsbreme, f. gnd.fy, kor/i.Jiy. 
R'><ren, v. n to korfi. 
Ror.l.aar. n. kor/t.k^r. 
Roftbaadel, m. kmrft.tradt. 
R>f»hJiDdler, a j»t^iy* 
Rofsktfer, m. ktttU. 
Rofikamm, m. korjt . camh ; Jockty. 
Ru tmarki, m. korft ,. marktt. 
RortmUhie. f. kor/t . miU. 
Rorsrchweir. a. korft's fait. 
Roftwicke, f. kitttr vtUk. 
Rott, a. graft i gridttawi rifjl. 
RoRca, T n. /• r»/f 
RdRen, v. a. lo rook ; to toajt ; to 

fTy\ gcrdBctes Brod, toaji. 
Roftix, a. mjty\ . •werden, togrmu 

r-AjTt U rt^. 
Roftral, n. T. ptn to dram mnJUal 


:ab. a. rtdf vermilion, 
Rotbbiickig. a. tkerry . tktektd. 
RothbXnig, a. redkeardtd. 
RAibc/r. rtdnefs. 
Rikhel. Rdtbclftein. a. ruddit, 
Rmben, v. n- Sc a. to rtdJen. 
Rotbfleckig, n. red -/potted. 
Rotbfucbs, a. kayard. 
Rotbgerber, a. tanntr. 
Rotbi(icfscr, a kratier, 

ttbhaarig, a. redkaired. 
Rotbkefalchen, a. rokin .rtdkre^fi. 
Roihkop^ m. carrot- 
RtfibUiif, a. St. jintkony'j fire. 
R6<blirb,« rnk^tund, rtid'jk. 
Roibfcbimael, a. roan -korft. 
Rotbrchwanz, a> redfiart^ redtaii- 
Rotbwifirch, D. gypfies-cant, gikke- 

Rotia, f. routi band, gnng } jC/e; 

(kh Rotien, Rottiren, v.r. (• comp/ot. 
RottaeiAer, a. 'corpora^, ftrgtant 
Kott, m. fnot, fnivel i (detr' 

Roixen, v. n. to fnivel. 
Roicig, a fnetly- 
RutzlaSel, a. little krai, ckli. 
Rotznth, f.fnotty key, girt. 
RUbe, f rape ; cine veifte ., tnr- 

ni' ; gclbc, carrot i toiiii ., keet. 
Rubin, a ruky. 
RUbol. n. rape .feed. oil. 
RUbfamen, m rape, feed. 
iliihrik, f. rnkric, title, artlek» 
Rucblo*. a. profligate, dtffolmtt. 
Ruchlofif keii, f. proJUgateneft. 

t Fferda) 


Rnchtbar, a. nottriamst mmmUtfl. 
Rucbtbarkcit, f . noto- ieufnefs., a. moving. Jit, jolt. 
Riicken, v. a 8c a. t« maame ; nS. 
to dram near j hfibcr ., 

Riicken, a. kaek. 

Rikfcenlebne, t. kaek ff m ekair. 

RUckenaark, n. marrow of the ckiitt^ 

or backbone. 
RUckenrchaierz, a. pain in tht bath. 
RUckfaU, a. relapfe, reverAon. - 
RUckniUg. a. reiapjing, rtvrjaU. 
RUckgang, a. retrogrejlon- 
RiickgMagig, •. retrograde. 
Riickgnt, m. ekine » back -tone, 

RUckbalt, a. rejhaimt. 
Rikkkebr, RUckkonftJ. retaru, re. 

RUcklings, ad. kackmard. 
RUckmarfch, a. retreat of an ar- 

my, counter - marek. . 
Rikkneire, f. return. 
Rtk-kreite, f reverfe. 
Rikkficbt, r. refpea, eonJUtratitat 

ROckftaod, a. arrears. 
RUckAifndig. a. in arrears. 
Rtickftrahlen, v n. #« refUS. 
Rikk Arabian, n refieOion. 
Rilckfirahlend, a. rtJUn. 
RUckwant, ad. kackmardt* 
RUckweg, a. return 
Ruckweife, ad- ky ftt» 
Riickzug, a. retreat. 
R«de. a. dog, m^if. 
Rudei, n. numker, deaf. 
Ruder, n. rudder, kehm. 
Ruderbank, f. feat for romert» 
Ruderer, Ruderknecbt, a. roatr* 
Rudern, t. n. /• rout- 
RuderfcbifT, a- galley. 
Ruderftange, f. oar. 
Ruf, a. catli talk, f am*. 
•Rufen.T, n. & a. to cry, to eaU, 
Rafcr,'a. crier, caller. 
Riige, r. denunciation, afUqn. 
"I^en. ▼• a. to denountt i to reproH, 

reprekendi to fine 
Rube, f. r|^, refoft, quiet ; <raa- 

Ruhebaok. f- cauck,*feat of repoff. 
Rubebeit, n. couck . bed. 
R«)hcn. T. q- to reft, repofe,fitep.. 
RobelUtte, f. refiitig . place i groM. 
Rubig, a- fuiet, pearcaUr, rtft/nl. 
Ruhm. a renown, fame, glory. 
Ruhmbegierda,f. defire of rtuomn,9*. 
Rubmbegiertg, ». vain, proud- 
RUhmcn, v. a. to commend, praife, 

glorify i fich., to boafi, glory. 
RUhmlich, a. commendable, glorittf, 

RUbalicbk^it, f. laudabltnefs. 
Ruhmredig, a. vainglorious. 
Rubaredigkeit, f. vainglory, 
Ruhafticbt, f. ambttion. 
Robafilcbtig, a. amkttious. 
Rnhawtbdif, •. praife- worthy. 


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RtthnwBrdigkeit, t* fr^fi' 

Rohr. r. dUrritem } die roth* •, dy- 

matn, n. a. U Jtir ; fig t» temtk; 
, ficb^ to JliTi T.n 1 Uerriihren. 
RBhrei. n kutttred eggs. 
Uhrldffel, IB. f0t . l^datt. 
Uhrang, r. ttmtkimg, twuiUm. 
Roil. m. ruin. " 

XuiNircn, v. «. .tt rui9t fmkwtrU 
RBlpt. m. btUk. 
RQlrfSen, v o. (* htlck. 
RttlpTea. n- ktUking. 
RufflBcl, m. hitlh } rumUtt 
Rnmineln. v. n f* rumhU. 
Ramof, v. nti/t, bn^U. 
Xuntoren, v.n. to noift, huJtU' 
Rumpcln, v. «. & n. to rumbU. 
Runipf. n> tr mm k. 
Riimpfea, v. a. Jie N«fc^ to /u*tr, 

urlmklt mp tkt moft. 
Rund, a. roandt rotmndt ciremtaT' 
Runde, f. romnd, patrol. 
Rttnde, |t.uadung, f. roundrntfi- 
Rundeclf <*• 1*- romnd kajhom. 
Rilnden, v. a /• romnd. 
Rundlick« m- roundiji. 
R'inzel,f. wrimkU, rmmpUt pucker. 
R>inxeUg, «. wrinkUd. 
Rooseln, «. a <« wriHkU. 
Rnprco, V a. to piuck, pUk, pUmu, 

ippig. a. fig. ningardiy. 
ift. n /«« 

I foot. 

Rurtbiute, f. eafefoT block for Jkoes- 
Runcl, m. trmtk., fnomt, prokofcis. 
RuftbUtte, f. blmcklng ovtn. 
Ruftig, a> />«0'- 

RUftcB, V. a. 8c fich .. v. r. to prepa- 
re, drefi i to aru^, eomtp^ 
RUner. (. eim. 
RUflcrn, a. iff elm. tret. 
RlKlbaut, n mrfenaJ. 
RUAig. a. empedittomj, virorout, 
RttAigketl, f. vtgoTomfntp. 
RMkaBinier, f. armory. 
RMng, m. eve, p*rmfe*ve. 
RAang, f. »rming ; »rmi, armature. 
RtMvvgcn. nt. mfmitiou < vaaggoH. 
RiiilseuK, n. armour. 
Ruihc, t. rod i brmjkiyard- 
Rutrchca. V. n. to Aide, glide, flip. 
RBtMltti V. a. to Jkake^ vag, jog. 

Snl.m. pairlour, kaii. room. 
S»«t, f. feed! Jianding com. 
SMtfcld. tK- tabourable field. 
S*l>kath, vxfahbatk. 
Sibcl, B. fabrt^ eimetmrt euUat. 
Sibakt, V. a. to .tut aUk a fakrt, 
Saehe.r matter, tktng\ bufintft. 
SacberkUmng, f. definition. 
^»chkandig, a. taptrtt verfed, at 

t-oMtd witk. 
Sifchlich, a. eoneemiag * mtttir, 

/•ff; T. neater. 


Sacliia. :foft,fiom\ i.'foftfyl 
SachW^lter, m. tounjel, ottomejf. 
Sack, m. bag, fork ; pocket. 
Sack«n,v. a. tofack; 6th., to Hoot, 

Sicken, v. «. to drom* *m a fatk. 
Sackpeigc.f. kit. 
SarkpfeiCe, r. bag .-pipe. 
Sackpiftole, f. pocket .. pijlot. • 

Sackirigerg m fack • bearer. 
SarkMch n fark . ctotk. 
Sackuhr. r umtck . 

S.ckvoll, nt» fa kful. 
Sacrament, n fac-'awunt. 
SacraipenthMiucken, n pj^a, 
Sacrvmentlich. a. fa ramental. 
Sacriftan, lo faeriflan, ftxton 
Sacriftei, f. facrijty. f'fy, vefhy. 
iiilrularirirfn. v- a. to fecuUriat. 
Siemann, m. fevaer. 
Saen. v a. to low. 
S^ei'ich, a. ftf4 . hag. 
Sa'eteii, f. fnd- time. 
S4ffian. m. Mt'orro leatker. 
Safflor, m.fafiots, zaftr. 
Saffran, m. 'af'on. 
Saffrangelb. a fa f yon. 
Si't. m. fac, juice. 
Saftfarbc, f. fap -colour. 
SaftgrUn, n. ten. 
Saf urUn, a. fap . 0oeen. 
Sattig, m. fafpy, juiry, fmccmlent. 
Saftigkeic, f fapp%ntft, juirinefs. 
Saftlo«. %..fapltfi, fuiteUfs 
SaRo, t.faytugi taie^ tradition. 
Siite. f fatv. 

Si(|(eblatt, n. blade ^ a favf. 
Sifgebock, m jack. 
Sigefifch, m. Javififk. 
S^gkmUblc. i.faw.mM. 
Sigen, V a. /• /ate. 
aagen, n a. to fay, ttU. 
Sifger. ro. fawfr,favByer. 
Sifgefpilne. t. fatadufi. 
.S»KO. n. fmgo. 
S.hlbueh, n. land, book. 
Sablwelde. f. follow. 
Sabne, f ■ cream, 

SahnenkXfie, m. ckeefe made ^eremm. 
S^ite, f Jlring. 
Saiiendraht, m. wire . Jtring ■ 
SaueninlUumcm, q. firing, injtrm- 

Saitenrpiel, n. atafie ^ a fhimg.4n. 

Salamander, m. falamandew. 
Salarircn, v. a. to reward. 
Salat. m. falad. 
Salairchudcl. f. falad. dijk. 
Salbtder, qs. frjjSer; fiMri. 
Salbaderei, f. tht . tkat, trifle. 
Salbe, i.falve, mngment, ointaunL 
Salben, v. a. to anoint. 
Salhei. f. fage. 
aklbicbc. a. oily. 
SalbM, n. anointing oU^ 
SalbuQgg (. unfiion. 
Saldiren, v. a. to bailance. 
Saldo, m- bailance (^ an account). 
Salende, n. Salleifte, f. felvage. 

SAN %g 

Salia«. r, fait . ptttfaItem,/tUm»rk. 
Salm. m.fataion, 
Salmiak, m. ammm 
Salpeier, oi. nitrt, fmltpttre. 
Salpetergrubc, f. faltpftre . aUue. 
Salpaierhiiti*. Salpcterficdcrai, f. 

Salpcterfii<ire, f acid ef faltpetr*. 
S'lpetcrtieder. m. fattpetrt .aiam^ 
Salpcuig, a. n>troas, nttry. 
Salve, I w//fx, dtfkarge ; falutt, 
H4I8. XK.falt. 

Salcberg, a. Salswerk, n. faU.wdM«. 
Saixhrtinnen, m. lait.fpring. 
Saisen, V. a. to fait. 
Saltfafa. n. faltftlUr. 
Sa< zgrobe, f. fattp,t. 
Salcbtndel, m. fait, trade, 
SaUhKndler, m. falter, fait . aun* 
Salaicht. a. faltty, bra kijk. 
Salaig a. fait, falint. faUnom^t ^rU 

ny; ein wenig., faitifk. 
SaUigkeii, f faltmfi. 
Salskom, n torn . gyaiu ef faU% 
Salckothe, f. fait. cot. 
Salzmeflc.r. fait- boa. 
S*l(mefler, m. fait - meater. 
S«Ui. anne, t. fait ...pan. 
Sa'aaielle, f. brine.ptt,falt.Artnm. 
SaUr^f .le. r. piUar 0/ fait. 
Salzfchreibcr, m. fait -clerk, 
Si\zCtedar, m. fait, maker. * 

SaUriedcrei, f- fait . maktag, faitamn 
SaUionne, t. fait ■ barrel. 
Salsvemvalter, m. mejltr ^ ihi fatU 

Sallwafler, ii. fait, water. 
SalEwerk, n. falteira, faituork. 
Same, m. feedifperm. * 
Sanenflur*, m. gonorrkea, gUd, 
Samtn%aM%,n.fpermatie vejet, 
SamcngAVufc, n. core. 
SaoicnhMndler, m. feedjatma. 
Sananihierchen, n.fpermatiemaimA 
&imttai, f.fetdt of diferent kind, 
SSmiTrh, a.>A«iNa^. 
SXmirchgerbtr, m. fkamoy - dreger, 
Santmeln, «.«. to gatker i fich.. U 

colUa one' t f elf. 
Sammelkallen, m reftraokr, 
Saminelplatz,m. rtndetaout, aiteibl^. • 
Sammet, m. velvet. 
Sanimctband, n. velvet . ribbon, 
Sammethlume, f. amar^ntk. 
SammctbUrfte, f. velvet - rubber* 
Samnteten, 9*'(i<Btcn« *• velvet, 
Sammeiweber, m. velvet . maker,, 
Saoimier. m gatktrer. 
Sammlung, f. gatkrring, coUeSiom. 
Sammt, ad. . und fonden, all and 

every *a< ^ tktm ; prp. togetktr 

SipnmtUcb, a ufi togetker, afti •i. 

Samattg. ta.faturday. 
Saner, a. /Mm' « 

Sand, m fand\ grober-, gravel. 
Sandbank. I.Jketf, bank tn the fem. 
SandbUchre. f. fand . box. 

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teadcllMli, n.fmmdtlt/mnitrt. 
tender, m. f»n4. ett. 
aamlgrube, ?. /and. fit. 
Sandhaufen, n. Am/ ^ fnd, 
Stndig, M. ianifr. 
SaDdkdrnchen, n. grmim vf futd. 
Sandnann, m. ftnd- mmn. 
SandAein, m. jun^tnt. 
Sanduhr, f k»ur . gtmfs. 
Sandwaftc. f. fandy dtftri. 
Sandaoll, m. ftrndgavel. 
Sanft. * Mt, Uv,. mUdi/auatk. 
Sinfte, r. Jedmm, ckmir, litter. 
SioTientrifgcr, m. ekmirmmn. 
Saortnodi, i.ftfttuftt mildHtft, wmk. 

Saaftasikhig, : foft, wnU, meek. 
Satnger, m.Jingrr,/amg^tr. 
SilngeriB, i. kngtr^ Jtm^rtft. 
" ■ ■ , m. Japfkirt. 

le. t.filck*^ 
Sarder, m faritl. 

SardcUe, t. fiUktr, mmekcvjn 

SardonichftclB, m. faritmyM, 
Sarg.m. cafim. 
Sarrari, m.fabr*. 

Sarfaparille, f farfapmrdU, 

Sarfchc, f. f»r%. 

Saffafrals, ot. JaMrmt. 

SSfthaft, t. Annrffig. 

Sauo. m. fatan, 

^tanifcb. a fatanital. 

Satin, m. fatin. 

Sau, a. fatiatt, fatiaUd} fig. tatary 

Sauel, m. /addle. 

Sauelbaum, m. /addle -tree. 

SauelHogen, m. /attle -iam. 

Satteldcckc, f. eapari/aa, kaujhig. 

SattelKurt, m. girtk. 

Sattelkno^, m. fowuaet. 

Sictelkaflcn, a. paamel. 

taiillr J r iT^dH , m- ^l»-M , UmSkfr. 
i«l';)ieU| f. yofir^ 

iwiiik«iit T-p. ujai.fifit. fatuat, 


btilct, m JiddtfrZ/aJdit . atakerr 
&tii&E«, a. ftjii-tr^i. 
JSaiirasikBJE, f^/tiJi>itKty. 
tmrfia, fi /*(»** I ptrfBalichi.g /sat. 

^■■TriC^bp a- /attrif, falirirM.i 

i/kit^n i*mf^ J*-™* ; d-tfffy /edi- 
^-p^J/sMH, frti-j^r^ ( il 

>, m. Af -taff. 


a. 1 1 ^d dc.f /*/r«F lij if rrq^ ifiUaUd. 

Kau^rkelLf ^4 ritantttft/t, mrmtur/r 

Itiil^frlrngp tn. tf-O., fni lilW^. 
Uutt^ci, T. A. /ff rtt^n, f<irft,''tltaa- 

/r, clear, a^^ge. 
Saublume, f. ai/t . « . M. 
ne, f. A«g-i . team. 

Saiibobne, I 


Sauboffte.f. krijte. 

Saucr, a. /Mir, aeid, tart, seer§, fig. 

A«r^, pteeAJk. 
Saueraaapfer, m. /arret. 
Saucrbratcn, m. fUkled raa/t.heif. 
Sauerbrunnen, m. SaacrwaAer, n. 

mineral . ic«//r. 
Sauerei. f. keggijkne/s, naJHnt/i. 
ftuerklee, m. vritd. /arret. 
Saaerkraut. n. ^kUd eakkage. 
SKuerlich, a- /ourilk. 
Sjfacrn, jr. a. to fomr ; tf« ftrmtat\ 

den Teig., r« leaven. 
Saueneig, in. leaven. 
SaiieriopfirGh. a. ckurHJkt t«*^A' 
&f uerang, f . /erwuntatian. 
^Saiifen. t a. & a. t» drink j #• 

earou/t, iipfU. 
SStufer. ■. drinker, drmnkmrd, /add. 


SauFgeUg, n. /uddting . tout. 
SMugamine, f. awr/r, uwf . nnr/e. 
Saugcborn, n. /utking -kettle. 
•Saagen, t. a.'&n U /ack. 
Sihigen, V. a. to /uekle. 
Singling, m. /"uttUng, kaiy. 
Siugung, (./urkting. 
Sauhin, m hogjkerd 

rel, s. Schweinigel. 
SJM.Tch. a. keggijk ; fig. najly, th- 

Siule, f A'/'^r. rslumn. 
Siulenfufs, m. kajit. 
SiiulenfEang. m. colonnade. 
Sinlen(;criaire. n. to^ 0/ a column. 
SJtulanordniing, f. order 0/ ftUan, 
SSulenlanbe, f. piaxxa- 
Si(..lenftuhl, m. pedtjlal. 
Si'ilenwerk, n. colonnade. 

n, m. hoydtr, hem, Jtirtt edge. 
Sifiionen, t ■* r« hem, edgt, Jkirt, 

hordtr ; T. n. to tarry, Jtay, delay. 
Saumpferd. n. /ymptcr . kor/r. 
Saiiinrattel, pi. /nmfiter - faddle. 
Saiimfelie. a. tardy. /lack, Uom. 
Saumfeliakeit. f. tardinr/t^ Jaek. 

nc/s , fiovine/s . 
Sanmihier, n. hta/l 0/ inrden* 
Saamofier, f. /arrow. 
Sjiung, f./eXDing. 
Saiirach, m. barberry, 
Ssture. f./omrnrfi, acidity. 
SauriiOel, m. kogt .ckcek, /wine*s 


aiu, m. riat ; im . Icben, i» riat. 
Saxrchncider, m. /ow . gtlder. 
Siiurein, T. a. to rahijUe. 
Saufen, v. n. I0 wkijlle, njk, ki/s. 
Sanfen, n. wkijlling, (3c. ; dai .und 

Braufen der Oliren , kumming e/ 

the ears. 
Saurewrind, m. Uu/lerlng wind. 
Sa<iflall, a. kogoot, kogfiy. 
Sautrog, m. trougk. 
Savoyerkotil, m./iavoy. 
Scapalier, n. ckaplet. 
Scaneke.f. pampklet, loo/e-Jkeel, 
Schaa ...,%. Scha .... 
Schabe, f . motk, tiny ; Jkaplng^tal } 



Schabcbock, m, T. trefei. 
Scbabeifen, n. /eraser. 
Scbabemeffer, n.Jkaving. kni/e. 
'cbaben, ».•• to /kave, /ermpe-i U 

rnb-y ein Riibchrn ., to ki/s mi, 
Sdubernack, m. rognijk trick. 
Schi(big. a. /cabby, /cabbed. 
Scbabraeke, f. capari/an , /addle. 

Schabfel, n. Jkavings. 
Schach. n. cke/si - fpielan, ia plaf 

at cke/s. 
Schachbrd, a. cke/s- baard. 
Scfajkher, B. robbery murderer jn* ' 

armcr-, paar /ellam. 
Schacherei, f. ckajitring. 
Scbachern, v. a. to ckajfert bmrUr. 
Schachnau.a. ckecknute. 
Schachfpiel, n. play at cke/t. 
Schachfpieler, m- ckt/s - pisyer. 
Sehachfteia, m cke/s . aica. 
Scbacht, m. Jkaft. 
Schachiel.f. boM, bandhaa. 
Schachcelbalm, m. /kave - gra/s. 
Scbachtclaiacber, m. ba* - maker. 
Schachtela, v. a. to Jkave voitkjkaae- 

SchMchtU, V. a. T. ta kUt, batdkr. 

Schfcke, a. Scbcckr. 

Scbade. m. l^, damage, karm, de. 

triment, prnndice, di/aaantage ; 
knrtl maund,/orel 

es ift., 

U it 

a pity. [dkc. 

Scbaden, ▼. n. (« knrt, karm, preja. 
Scbadenfreude, f. mi/ckievous joy- 
Schadenfrob, a. maiictons, mijckit. 

voks i m. plotter e/ mi/cIO^. 
Scbadbaft, a. damaged, endaauged, 

/polled, vicious. 
Schadbartigkeii, (. drfcB. 
Scbiidlicb. a. noaiout , pemieians, 

damageable, kurt/ul, noifome- 
Scbiidlicbkcii, f. pemiciaa/ne/s, bm- 

/omene/s, noaiou/ntfs, kurt/ulne/s. 
Scbadlot, a. karmU/s. kurtU/s \ . 

balien, to iademni/y. 
Schadiotbaltung, f. indtmnUy , ia- 

S<&adlofigkeit, f. kurtte/sne/t, karm- 

Scbaf, n.Jkeep. 
Scbafblattern, f\./cab.. 
Schafbock, m. raai. 
Scbitfer, ai. Jkepkerd, /vain, pajler. 
SciA{ctai,(. /keep. /old 
Scbafergedicbt, n. fa/loral, baeelUk- 
SchJlfergcrprifcb, ScbKrerfpiel, a. fa- 

SehXterhand, m.Jkepkerd's ^. 

SchMferpreife, f. pipe. 

Scbaffcrbtttte, f. jkepkerd's eott^. 

Schaferin, f. flupherde/s. 

SchSJferftab, n.jkehkerd's rod, crook. 

Schstfcnafcbc, f. Jkpkerd's par/e. 

SciiarrcU, n Jktep.Jhn. * 

Scbaffen, t. a. & n. ta preewre,./aT. 
ni/k; berbei-, to praoide /or; 
ausdemWegc-, to remove i an- 
•babcn, tokavetodo, su-BMcbea, 
to trouble ; •*. a. to create. 

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Sehifllcifcli, B. uutttn, 

Scbaflncr, n. Jttvimrit frtvUtr, 

SdiaffDcrel, t./twarJ/Uft kutUrJUf. 

Schaflot, n.fcAfold. 

SchaSang, t. ErfcbafFong. 

Scbtfjarbe, f. mUf«U. 

SdaOBnle, K. fold, ftn, fp. 

ScbrfUie. m Jkttp • milk . cAt^e. 

' ' laiu. SchtTxifcke. f. tUk. 
, a. Jkt€p't - Ifthtr. 

Sdiaflinf., r. bladdtr.nut. 

ScUfliBfenbran, m. hUUtr.nmt^ 

SchOmheen, (.Jkeef.erHtl. 


Schafmutter, f. twt. 

SchafpeU. m.OutfU.fur. 

Schafpockea, pi. rMcAfli.^M. - 

Uiafrcb«ra, r. fittar^ Jktart. 

ScJaffchur, f. Jkttp .Jkt«ring. 

Icbafskopf, m. Jkttp* s kndi fig- 
Jkttp, ninny. 

Schamall. m.JlMt (ftr Jkttp). 

Schafi, n. Jk^t; Jlock', Itg of n 

fchitfien, ♦. «. tofmrnijk nltk afiotk. 
kbaftheu, n. kor/t-tait. 
Ichaftring, m. kor/i- taiLrukktr. 
Schafweide; f. Jkttpwalk. 
SchafWollc, f. Jlttn. vtoal. 
Scbaikcr, m. jtjltr, joktr. 
ichiknTci,f. jtJt,jokt. 
ScMkem, ▼. n. to j^, jokt, pUy. 
Scbikerhart, ft. pUyful, wmnton. 
Scbal, M.Jl*/*. 
Ichate, f. ptttt Jkiii, ptring i iljk 

IchaieAt V. a. (* pttl^ pare, JitUi to 

tchalk, m. wag. 
Schalkhaft, a. wmggijk. 
Sdralkbeit, f. vn^Jkntfs, 
Schalksnarr, m. kiffoon. 
Schall, m. found. 
I SchalleA. V. n. to found. 
Sekalloch. n. found- koit. 
Schalm, m. T. iant tkrougk aforf/i. 
Scl^inei, t. Jkalm,Jka»n. 
ScHimen, v. a. T. to eut m Unt. 
Scbalotte. f. fcmUion, tfekalot,Jkal«t. 
Schalien jv. a. & n. to t^fpofi. 
Schalthier, n. ttjtmttout animmt. 
Scbaltjahr, n. /t»p -yttr. 
Schalttag, m. inttrcalary day. 
Schaluppe. (. Jkaltop. 
Scbam, f. Jkamt ; prinHiet, 
Schanbein, A. Jimrekont. 
rich ScbiiareA, V. r. to hi •jUmed. 
Schamhaft, a. JUmtfnctdt modtji, 

kbamhartigkeit, f. JUmifmttdntJt, 

mod^y, kajkfulntfi. 
Schamlafxen, ol. nympkt. 
Scbamlot, %. Jhmmtttft, kartfaeti. 
Scbanlofigkeit, f. JiamtUfsntft. 
Sckamroth, a. blufliy j - •wetden* to 

Uujk. « 

Scharordtbe. f. btujk, klufUng. 
SchaaaiaiM, f. groin. 


Schamthane, pi. privUUt. 
Scbamziingeldicn, o. elttory, 
Schandbube, m. wrtttk, feouudrti, 
Sanddeckel, m. nmk, eoper, tlokt, 
Schande, f. Jkmmt, difgract, ignomi- 
ny, infamy. 
ScbMnden. v« a. to fpoil, diifigurt ; 

to akuft, rtkukt ; to violatt, dt- 

Jlowtr^ einen Knabcn*, to kuggtr. 

Schaadeeck, m. afptrjion, Hot, kit. 

Scbandbure, f. common projiitutt. 
Schiindlich. Scbandbar, a. JUmtfult 

^graetful, ignominious^ infamous, 

kajti obfktnt, bawdy, 
Schilndiicbkeii, f. dijgrac^ulntfs, 

infamoufntfs, bajtntfs. 
Schandlied, n. bavdy fong, 
ScbaiidaiauJ, n. Scbandzuofe, f . vc. 

ty bad tongut. 
Schandname, m. nickname. 
Schandpfabl, n. Schandfiula, f. pU. 

Scbandichrift, f. immpoon, pafyutl. 
Scbandthat, f. Jkamtful aHion, kU 

SchXndung, f. di^guring ; viaUtUn. 
Scbandworte, pi. obfttnittts. 
Scbanza, f. teontt,fart, bulwark i 

in die .•fcUagen, to kaxard, vtn- 

Cchanzen, v. a. to dig, uiork mt a 

ScbanzgriCbcr, m. pioneer, 
Schanzkleid, n. uajt of a mmn ^ 

(Mr; netting. faUs. 
Schanzkorb, m. gabion. 
Scbar. f. troop, band, mmlraude. 
Scbarbbret, n. trfucker. 
Scharben, v. a. to chop, kugglt. 
Scharbtneflirr, n. akopping . knife. ' 
Scharbock, m.fcurvy. 
Scharbockict n. feorbutitk. 
Scharf, a. jkarp, kttn ; ftntre, kard, 

aujftre , rigid. 
SchMzfe, f. Jkarfftfs, kttnntfs\ edgt\ 

aujttrtntjf, jtvtrtntfs, rigo*. 
Scharfeckig, a. aeutt-. angular. 
SchMifen. «. n. tojhmrpen, vJtet. 
Schaifrichicry a. hangman f tMtcu. 

ScharflcbBtse, m. arfutbuJUr. 
Scbarrrichiig, t.Jkarp./gkttd, suitl 

Scbarflkhtigkcit, f. futckjlgkteintfs, 

ScWrnnn. f. acuttntft, fubtHity. 
SchaHfinnig, a. arutt, fubtie. 
ScharUch, m. fcmrttt. 
Scharlachbecre, f. ktrmet. 
Scharlachen, a. fcarttt, 
Scbarlachntrbar, m. fcmrtet . dytt. 
ScbarUchfiebcr, n. furtU ftvtr. 
ScharUcbroth, u.Jcarlet - rtdk 
Scharlachftaude, f. tothintat. tret. 
ScharinUtcel, n, fiirmijk. " 
Scharmutziren, v. n. to fkirmifi, 
Schiirpe, f . frarf, fajh. 
Scharre, f. fcraper i ftrapings, 
Scharrcn, m.JiamUes. 

SCH % 

Scharren, ▼. a. U firape. 

Scharrchmid, m. iron . monger, 
Scharte, f. notek, gap. , 

Scbariig, m.fuU of notekts. 
Scbarwache, f. round, ptroi, night. 

Scharwirchter, n. anker ^ ike nigkt. 

Scbanwcife, ad. by troops, bands, 
Schaucn, m. fkmdvm. 
Scbaitcnbild, n. phantom, ekbntra. 
Scbaiicnbat, m. umkei, 
Schatieorifs, a. fUhoutt. 
Schaitenrpie), n. mtag^c lantern, 
Schattenuhr, f. ftimterie dial. 
Schatienzeigar, m hand of a dial. 
Scbattig, u.Jkadowy,Jkady. 
Schaitirca, v. a. U fitadt,fkeLd»w» 
Schattirung, i.JhadiwiMg. 
ScbatuUe, f. privy purje, trunk. 
Schatuilenmacber, b. trudk • makrr. 
Scbatz,in. trtafure. 
ScbXtzbar, a. valuable, ^mable. 
SchiRrbarkcit, f. ^mablenefs. 
Scbilizen, v. a. to value, ifiimatt, 

appraiff, to ^ttm; to think, 
Schktzrr, m. appralftr, valuer, 
Schaizgrkber. m. digger tfttr hii. 

itn trtafures. 
Schaizbaus, n. freafmre-koufe,Jlor9m 

Schatskammer, f. iredfury. 
Schatxkaften, m. king's cojftrs. 
Scbatzmeifter, m. trtafurtr. 
Schatsmeiftcranit, n. triafurerJUp, 
Schauaog, f. tanation, ta*. 
ScbXtaung. f. apbraijlng, tJlUnailng. 
ScBau. f . Jkom, fpeaatl%. 
Scbaubhut. m.jfraw . hat. 
Schaubrod, n. Jkent . bread. 
SchaubUbne, i.JUge, tkiotre. 
Schaoder, Scbauar, m. Jkuddering, 

Jkivtringi horror, terror. 
Scbaudern, Schaocni, v. i. to Jkud» 

dtr, Jkivtr. 
Scbauen, v. a. to look,fte, view. 
Scbauerhaft, Sehauarvolf, a. horrid, 

SShtnerig,: fkivaring; dreadful. 
Scbaueflen, n. ^Jk for JkemU fake. 
Scbaurel, f. fkavtl ; ladltl 
Schaufein, v. a. to A«**^- 
ScbaiMferttft, n. fcaJTold. 
Scbaukel.r. fwlng, wurUot, fw^g* 

ing lint. 
Schaukeln,' v. a. & a. to Jiving, 

Scbaua>» n. yrvai, frothy foam 
ScbMumenrV' »• to foam, Jlnwer, 

frotk : V. a. to fcum. 
ScbXumig/ a. foamy, frothy, 
ScbaaaikeUe, f. Sduumldffel, n. 

Schaumiinze. f. Schauftilck, n. ntdal 
Scbauplatz.m. /a/ir, tktatrt. 
Schaufpiel, n. fptdacl*', play, drama 
Scbaufpieter. m. aSor, ilaytr. 
Schaufpielerin, f. aartfs, playtr. 
Scbaufpjelhau*, n. piayhou/t. 
»chtck«, f. pU^hall, ddpjdtd horft. 


«• SCH 

SdMcklg,*. iapdt»Jlremky,fymti. 
Scbcdcl, m. fcmtl, Srain.fmm. 
Sehedelbobrvr, m. trtp^u, 
SchedclAlttc. f. cmlvary. 
Scbee ...,■. Sch« .... 
Scheffel, m. bitjttl. 
Scbeibchen, nJlUt, e»t. 
Scbeibc, f. Wfrk, whU* ; put (»/ 


Scheibeorand, a. 0rUniUr. 
SchcibcnCcbierscD, n.Jk—ttmgmttkt 

mmrk. * 

Schcib«n(cb(kBe, m. mrftubmjur. 
SdMidbar, a. ftfmrmhU. 
Scbeidc, f. Jktuth ; /fbh^rd. 
Scheidebricf. m. bUl ^ iivwtt, 
Scbeidekunft, f. ckymijtry, 
ScbeidckOnftlcr, m. ckymifi. 
ficbeidemUosc. f. fmtU crim, 
«Scb«iden, v. a. & n. U ftpmrmtt, 

fmrt { to H*9rt< i U 4tp*rt. 
Melden, a. ftfratiitg ; itpmrUttt. 
Scbeidewand, f. fmrtition . wmti. 
ScbeidewaScT, n. af na -fartis. 
Scbeideweg, m. croft • »«/. 
Sckcidung. f . ftfmraHom ; divorct. 
Scbein, m. JUne, mfif^rtaneti *<wrf; 

mtfuitUtuti etriijiettt, attfjflmtion ; 

Sch«inbar, z, /pttious, apfnrm»t\ 
/fiming i ^bhi ftmyJibU. 

SdleiBbarkei^^/<nli«<ll'/r, appfr 

•Scheinen, v. n. iojUme ; toafffr; 
es rebel net, it feemt. , 

Scbcingrund, ■>. Jetmlng rt»/»m. 

Scbeingut, n. /etmimg good. 

Scbeinbeilig, a. hjffocrittcal. 

Scbcinbeilige, m hjtfocrUt. 

Scheinheiligkelt, f. hypocri/y. 

Scbei&e, 1. turd, tntremtntt dirt. 

♦Scbeirsen, V. a. tojkitt. 

Scbeii, n. tog, pUtt of wood. 

Scheitet, f. €to»n t^ tkt ktodt tof. 

Schciteln, t. a- to (•rt tk* kmir on 
tkt tofi, crefnn of tkt ktmd. 
, Scbeiielpunkt, m. vtrttm, MtmM. 

Scbeiielrccbt, a. vtrticml. 
Scheiterhaureo, m. wood .pUti fm. 

ntT*t piU. 
fclieitern, v. n. to wrtck. 
SchMiholz. n. log of wood. 
Icbel, a. obttfiui fi«. trnviottt^Jtm 

lout i ad. awry, sjimntt. 
tchelfe. f. kuA. 
ScheUr, f. btlt, lUtlt btU. 
Sehellen, v. a. & n. to ring. 
SchellengclSui, n. bttl- ktmtft. 
ScbelleorcUittcn. mJUdgtwA Mis 
Scbellfirck, m. cod^ kmddock. 
Scbellkraut, n. etUnitnt. 
Scbelm, m. •Ulmtn, kmtot,/eottmdrtt. 
Scbclmerei, f. vUlaimy, kntwery. 
Scbelmirch, a. wiUalnomJ. 
Scbclmftreicb, m. Scbe|mftttck, a. 

Scbclfucbt, r. jtmlou/y, ttaf» 
SckcUbcbtig, A.umtotu. 
•chehbar, a. UamembU. 
•Sckehea, v. a . fcn. to eiide, fioU, 

iHMtgk I to rtprimtndt rlrri; tt 
Scbcllwon. n invtigl^g word, rt- 

pr»*rt^ul ttrm. 

Scbernei. tn.Jftoi, Joint -Jlool. 
Scbenlc, m. «/<■• kouft . kttftr. 
Srhenke. f. mlt - kom/t, bttr .kom/t. 
Schcnkel. m tkigk, Itg. 
Scbcnkelicbiene, f. tkigk' armour. 
Scbenken. V. a. to givt prt/tr.t, bt- 

ebenken, V. a. to givt prr/f-.t 

Jlowi toJiUi toJtU bttr 0( 

SchenkcnaiDt, n. king's wimtct 

Scbenkfkfs, a. riMtrn. 
Scbenkgerecbtigkeh, f. primiUdgt ^ 

ftUimg bttr. 
Scbenkkanne, t.JUgon, twtr. 
Scbenkicllcr, m. /mivtr. 
Schenkiifch, m. Jidt . board- tmUt. 
Schenkulig, f. donation. 
Scheokwinh, m. bttr . drmptr, tap. 

Scberbe, f. Scbcrbco, Scberbcl, m 

Scbere. f . tlfars : Jkiars : twUcktr ; 
(Kltffc) rotk.Mtlf. 
Srbcren. t. a. 8c n. to Jktt % to 
Jkxot : fig. to rail at, on ; to vt*. 
Scbereafchleifer, m. grindtr, wk<t. 

ttr ^ Hfars Of. 
Scbeier, en. Jktartr ; barbtr. 
Scbererei, f. vtxahon. 
Scberf, m. Scbcrflcio, n. mitt. 
Scherge, m. btadU, bumhathf, ftr. 

Scbermefleri n. rotor. 
Scherwolle, f Jlttct. 
Scberz, m. jejt, joht, r^Uryi bei- 

fiender -, jrerjtanttr. 
Schenteii. f. JUaring. 
Scberzen, T. n. tdjfJl,j'okt, rail at, 

j'ttr, banter. 
Scberser, m jtjler. 
S:berzeu|i, n. ba^btr's eaft. 
Scberzeedicht. n. burltfyut poem. 
Scberzhaft, a. fatuous, jocoft, Jo. 

ScbcrxbarUgkeit, f. /actpo>^nt/s,Jo' 

toftntft, Jo-o^ty. 
Scbcrzliebend, a. Jovial. 
Scberarede, f. oniiblt. 
Scberxwaife, ad. by way ff bamttr. 

Scbeuer, m. buekram. [ful 

Scbea, a. flitttjk.jtarting ; Jky, bojk- 
Schea, f. Jktttijintjt, Jkin*Jt\ avt\ 

Scbeucben, ▼. a to f cart, fright 
Scbeuen, V. a. tojkun, avoid -^ Gcb-, 
V. r to bt bajkftd\ f abkori to 
Scbfeuvr. Scbeane« f. bam. 
Scheucrhfs, n /touring . tub, 
Scbeuerfraa, l.ftonrtr. 
Scheuerkraut, n.Jkaot.-grafs. 
Scheaerlappen , Scbeucrwircb,' i 

/eomrtng . clout i mop. 
Sebeucrn, v a. !• /conr j to wafb, 
Scbeaerfand, m. /mail /and. 
Schculcder, n. korfi's lyt-fiaf. 


Scbeufal.a./rcrm-Mv, moi^tr, moi- 

Scheufincb, a. frigktful, karribU. 

ktdtokj, ugly. 
Sch«uf»liehkeu,f. kidtou/nt/st/rigkt. 

Scbicbc. f. UytTt couek,btdJhmtmm, 

Scblcbten, ». a. to eouek, rmmgt, /ti 

in o'd/r 
ScbicbtmeiOer, m. taHdaSar ^ tkt 

Scbicbtweife, ad. by rows. 
Scb^:ken, t. a. to/ind, difpattk, gtt 

carried-^ ficb., to aecommodatt 

yourfflf toi to prtpare; to bteomt, 

/nit, tobt_fit; fich in die Zeit ., 

to Jtrve tkt time ; fich in die Da- 

flinde ., to comply witk. 
Scbicklicb, a. becoming, proptr,Jit, 

convtnttnt, /uiUblt, 
Scbicklicbkci^f. bttomingnt/tJ'mU. 

fatt. fatality, de^y; 



Schickung, f. (Gottes} god's ftmdbig, 

d-'edion, providenet. 
•Scbieben, y.t to Jkove; Kc^el-, 

to play at nint pins,- bowl. 
Scbicber, m. Jkut, bar. 
Schiebkarren, m. wkttl. barrow. 
Srhiebkarner. ra. vaktel barrow.Ma*' 
&chi<d\ieh, u./teiabU. 
Scbiedtricbtcr, m. mrb ter, umpire. 
Schiediunbcil, n. mrbHragt. 
Schief, a. o^hfue, wry. 
ScbJefe.f. »blifutnt/s. 
Scbiefer, m. /ptmttr'f (Scbiefcrfleio] 

Scbieferblau, z./latt- bltw* 
Scbicrerbnicb, m.ffatt - pit. 
Schieferdtcb, n.^ated roof. 
Scbiefcrdccker. m Jl^ttr, ktUiir. 
Scbieferdeckcrgerdft, n. buttrrfs. 
Scbiefergriin, a. dark g^een. 
Scbieferig, a. Jlaty\ Jtaly.. 
ficb Schicfern, v. r. to/cale, petlof 
Scfc{ereq>laiie, f . pltte ofjlatt. 
Sebie*crtafel,f. board ^ jCaU, hg*- 

rt Jlatt. J 

Schiefertirch, m. tablt ofjlatt. 
Scbielen, t. a. to /juint , look ob^ 

Schielend, n. /tuint. 
Scbieler> tn. fyuint- ^td perfon. 
Scbienbein, n. JUn,Jhtn -boot. 
Schiene. f. clout, i fpb't 
Scbienen, v a. to/plint; eioRad-i 

to elout 
SfhiennaD^l, m- wkttl'nail. 
Scbier, ad. ntar, almojl. 
Schierling, m kemlock. 
Schicrtbret.n. printtr'tjkootingpck- 
•Scbieften, v a. &n. to Jkoot, dart, 

difikarge i to g Jk. 
Schie(«en. n. _fliootin^, difckmrg^. 
Scbierigewebr, n. _fire . arm. 
Scbie&baiu^ n. Schieftgrabaa, ■• 

Jkootimg . kou/t. 
SdiiclkpUu, m. JkootUig ~pUet. 

SCH . 

SchicGmuWer, n. gun ^^iMtJnrh 
Scbiefsrchane, f. Ueph'tit- 
Scbiefifcheibe, f. marM v 
ichiS,n. Jkif, vejit, ta^fem; -dei 

Weber, JktittU i . tlbci Kircbc 

Hff, mave, 
Scbiffbar, a. navigail*. 
SchifTbau, m. Jkif . ihiAli^j^. 
Scbiffbaukttna, f . art e/J^tf - *tiHJ- 

Schiffbefen, ni. ctiektt, 

ScUffbett, n. cabin, Avmrrart. 

Scbiffbrucb, ta^Jkifwrtii^ 

Scbiirbriichig, a. Jkifwrttktd- 

ScbifbrUcke, f ■ ponton . 

Schi&ben, n./im// wgti, i'v-rg^ 

Scbiffen, v. a. & o- to nM^t^^.J^if 

Scbiffei, m. Jkifma/^r. 

kbiffermiitze, f. Jailor' t t«^. 

ScfaiffFabrer, m. jailor t JnASHf kv- 

ScbiffTahn, f. navigaiia*, 

ScbifFflott«, C flttt, nmtfy. 

Scbifffracht, (.freight. 

ScbifiTrachibrief, m. Ifill ?/ (aims 
ScbiffgerJIthe, n. ail affmrltnanfrt yj 

Schi fTgerippef n. hull ef n. Jki^. 
SchiRjpTund, m. ^nk if « A^^. 
Schifljunge, m. cabin kty- 
ScbifTknecbt, m. failer, t*r. 
ScbiiFkoch, m. crew^s hfIt 
ScbifTkorb, m. /cuttle. 
Schiffknig, m.jar. 
ScbifFkUche, f. cook-retm, 
SchiflFlaterne. f.^if'j itnttrv^ 
Scbifflcine, (. tow. 
SchifHoute, ^\./uilori, rvarintn. 
Schiffmahle. f.fUp.KiH. 
Schifrpfiuid, n. j»i* - f-^uij-i 
Schiffreieh. »./ull of bz/tls. 
ScbiOTand, m. baitafi. 
ScbifFicapitiin, m. capiniB^ 
Scbifffeil, n. cabU. 
ScbifTtgebiiude, n. bod^ ^ m JUp- 
Scbiffitherr, m. owner «f t Jirp. 
SchiCUiintertbeil, m.jetrtr,'i-Bt<p. 
Scbtftlediing, f. cargo, ea*i^ifmt. 
ScWfiilaft. f. frejAltt <if a jup, 
ScWffiijiieihe, f. fretghi.'Kg- 
ScbiBtpatron, m. mojirT of la Jkip. 
ScbifiTwanm. m. hold ej ^ Jkii- 
Scbiff«rcbDabel, m. >A>>'j isai-KrAd. 
Schifltvolk, n. CTew,jiip*i t^mfavy. 
SchifrsvordertheU, m. tre^y Jwrt 

ScbiiTtzwieback. m. hlflut^ 
Schiflrtheer, m. fitch and fjf . 
Scbifftreppe, (. hatch. 
ScbifFWand, f.Jkrowds. 
Scbiffzimmermann, m.^ff^oYtglit, 

carpenter. Sc b L^cbi bimV , F. i^tfAcrj 

Schiffzoll, m. freightagrf tsjla^r. Schtnirlncn, », t. t^ jUuskttr, 4b/. 

iJL'faililmtJt^, f. pmlniiMf^ piftnrt. 

SrhildnrfKh*. \^ff?tnntJt/tniTj* 
Jc hi I f , m- i D. Jt-^* ■ 

Sch\mntK, i. r-^^mat. 
^hilAchi.a. rtr^f. 

SrW'V-Htik'l y n. ftt4- 

Scb li tn *r. si , m- /tttH/J^ himrinf/i,Jk- 

B-.^irJ' ^<tr/fy 
^rlnrflipieLi^, a. mitfif^y, kiAry. 
Sehitnoirln, v. a. ta n^mJii. 
'lltflinvcf ^ SI. ghmffr t ffhmbrfr, 
^i: hi at ft) rrn , v. d. fp giijien, gfiiiff, 

jf/j-n nr-rr- 
Jchiinpr^ U. Ji/^rarft i^f^iU, a^nfi, 

iff t>nt . 

iiin|]fEii, *a. t9 Jtifgrarft tiHjr, 

rfrttii, In/Mit. 
ictifmpIlLcb, p. J'/^ilf*fkI, aik/irt, 

VHi mjji-rrprt , n aAn^rr u^'frf. 
^V\ttAiu^*t y m. S^hindgntfa*, J. 

SuhLjiJE'liljrbta.'^l ^^,Ttn^. 

S^ hi ndcl ii, V , « rfl I * ' mn i/* j^inghfi 

t' fphny 
»ScJjfn^«TT, t' •■ to f*ti,Jhvi r.¥^n- 

nati\ ip /tiff^i t\\ fr»i^r. 


Sqh] niftfli iFTEii^ m.JifteT*! art. 
Si.hifld-rftfiiijViitf ir trari. 
actittJiThEti. H, ^,.*. 

Srliinkeik ill. Mcrtr M* 

SchipflPt 1. /seep. _fli'Pci, 

Sr Li t jffitil 1 U , a I,- /i prri, 

Schiffxng, m. Maoa/ e^fetititcK 
Scbild, m. ./U«M. *i(<4/fr 

«ria/, fmtckton ; >^+ 
Scbilderei, f.^aiafiiif , ftHMi-t^ 
Schiiderhautt n. centry^ bam, 
Scbildern. v. a. to faiat j v, 

be on duty. 


i ff*"5 


.^ h I rni i3 achr "• ^^rUrr, frn 
iiifhi T iHf n ^ ». A- ("1 f-rftltff. 
IfTilqrn, i.n- Ci* fHirp. 

■ fJ-UH/. 

ScblkCKt,, t. ^^tilw, a/?ivn, rftj^ojfr. 

^blichiopfcr, lH- mi£^ym, ftrrijirt. 

SCH t J 

ScitJaf, m . ^tifi jum Kiupt^j lempU. 
SchlufhrJnjtinf, ScJaln ! tntchend, a. 

•fiehl4rEPH Th n. t.a_ftttfiy 
Schlirrrr^ m- fitrftr. 
Sr h Idl^rm , V I r^ Jf*£1.^, fd biJttePt. 

S<:>i]jflS*liJ, n pay/ifT ^ n^tfj M. 


Jh,-Mall^J*, l.Jlrrittfj, 
^hk»on|tk»ll< r ^rrfir/iw/i. 

SchlsTrJukciTj 1. jirtfi'itjit irow/L. 

Si; h I *^r< ic It , m . ni'^A^ . ^#i»it+ 
S«:h1lFriiirbl, r. tftl-.aygy. 

imhliffULhiJu, a. itti>*rfit. 

ij'L;tfelJ, m.. bti^/iU$^y 

r.-^., fpiy 

M. Jlrr^7. B^/lKJV 

.SchljrininkCii , 
/^.lt »J ^ffP 
^ch\^Ue\\^ f JttTping . Hmtu 

Auk i haoft.J-'tt r^£r4 i fTBO MUlU 

Srhliii, Sf ii I B B (lufi r m, ^fafUmy, 
bf-hU^fii-fr, r artery. 
S<:b3a|{aJrEbTiii:h, tn- drrrvrl/*. 
SLbli|flF4iraiii, R1, afopttSu: kai/am. 

Sfhlifl-'iiam^ fflir ^«>-, rurrt ^ pihe. 
!^bll|i1irt]tt.«, r d'-f ui - iri%r, 
JjchlUfcFquLj i. itt^tKl. 
%r.h\4^%\^ m> (jTdflrr, i>ttttt. 
i^LhUecn, T-a R«. til htaltjirtkel 

c\nt HKicke ^, /<? /tij Ihtptntontl 
MtmiC'd ., fd jtanp, tirlM \ saBo. 

Jcn -p fD Iflfrr^ Jstin : wDrtgcn ., 
iffi ilt mspxiH^ ifi-. ', t] n Llger ., 
to pftrii It '^•"^p', 'icb -, trim^gel, 
r&jf j fB ftflfti in fach ,» ftf r/. 

/fjT/j, fitti zLiElpei^ .H IrjUrtvifA 

rnr'j ^jr--f>.. 

ScJilpfcr^m. ^T^fr^i i/wfitijt, 

Sc!iligf;p1rt,ii. Aflr^rm fntwinunt, 

STftla^b'hr, fi t/ac*. 

^t-l^lacwi [i^cr, n. afitf{e/fif fMttr. 
3i;>ili|tWEt-ki b, ^/dti . tv»rb. 

^cblj irvntEPi , ir. [i. ^j iM^Ji, /tpartie- 

£chlainnvig. i ^Jrnjfp f^4i.^, rwiry.. 

Sch I a Binurt iji tE , f. fda^werr. 

Schlamjisinpcn, V. It, t<r tawfj 
Sthlumpc, T./nf. 


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. t. f€rptmiy fnmkt. 
fich ScbUDgcln. «> r. «• wimd. 
Scblinieelad , trhteufcafaraig. 
ScUli>gIicht, •. firpntimtt mmd. 

ScUai»f«ab«)g. m.Jttmgk. 

Scblaagcogra*, n. ^mtkt ■ ham' i 
SchUs^enbolz , n. fnmkt m—A , 
ScUaagcnkraiu, n. ^trU fnmkt. 

SchlmngcaUnie, f . /erftmtimt Umt. 
ScbliDgcnAcifi, m. jtrptntimejimie- 

ScbUagCBWurx, f. ftrftntary, 
ScMaak, \.Jltnitr,Jlimt tUm, 
Schteokbcii. f.JUndtrn^fi. 
SehUpp, %■ Schlaff. 
ScUapp*, r. rmml \ t»M M Ikt emr\ 

&!(. dtmagt. 
Sclilapp«ii, V. o. to Up, hamg imam. 
Schlapphcit, t. Scblaffbcit. 
Schlanffe, m. Mhtr. 
Sehlaraffenland . n. iMtr JUtt, 

Schlarfea, v. a. t» JlU. 
Schlarrrchuh. m. Jltpftr, Jift/kae. 
Schlau, a. Jlj, erm/tj, cwtnimg. 
SchUich, m. bormcki*, jmtk. 
Schlaudern, v. n. U 9tkkU i U ht 

Mgl ffent. 
Sehl»<ih«h, f.Jtinf/t, eummimgnt/x. 
ScbUukopf, m. eu»nimg/eU—, jUr. 

fchledu, a. JSm^, fmn, pltim ; i*. 

/e. Urn, Hiraa, M. 
Scblechterdingt, ad. ^ji mti mttmt, 

•kfctmttiy, mtttrfy. 
Sehlccbtheit, f. wuamue/s, Ummt/s. 

ScUechthiB, Scblccbtwflg, ad. mtre. 

fy, pUtm'j^. 
ScUecken, v. a. & n. ta tick. Up { 

U tatt fmuuhimgly. 
tcblecker, m. iUkir»us /tiUm. 
8chlcckerci, f. dmintUs, 
Scbleckerbaft.a. litktrams. licktrijh. 
SebUhc, f.Jlo€. 
Schlehendora, m. bUckikorji, Jlat . 

•Schleichn, v. tk. ta Jn*ak,Aink. 
SebUicher» m. Jnttktr, fn—kimg 

Schleichbandel n. /muggling, 
SebleichUtadier, m. fmuggUr, 
Sebleicbwcg, c Scblcifweg. 
Scblcicr, m. vtU. 
Schleiem, v. a. ta wtU. 
Scbiciemich, n. Um. 
Scblaifbabn. f. ^idi. 
8cbleirb«nk, (. grinding -Jtaol.. 
Scblaifa, f. /«•/, knat, favanr 

" ' drmy, dray - tart. 

I, ». a. ta train, trail, dran; 

dtmalijk, raui v.n. tajtidei •« 

•.to wktt, grind i ta poliJk,fur. 

SebUifer, m grindtr, w^ttttr, fa- 

AA^I (Tans) rauad. ' 

shlcifWanae, t. can. 
SchleirmOble, f . grinding . ndl 
trbleirrad, n. paKfiiiMg vtkttl. 


ScUctfbad, a. /matt j^^d, ] 

ScbleirTcbale. f. kajlm^ 
Scblciffichab, n. p«M^. 
Scblcifieia , m. gf.tding Jt^at, 

Schleifwcf, m. /mmat-ry^i map- 
Scbleihc. r. Umtk. 
Scbleia, m.JimeiJi^^m, 
Scbleimca , «. 0. fff ^.Amft Jliau, 

Scbleiaig. a. Jimj>,jirtwj. 
Scblei&c. r. /pii»t, ffix^tir. 
•ScbleilMD, V. a. ta fi.t, f^iii. 
ScbleoBmcB, v. n. ta ts-^jMrt^, giat^ 

tamifi. garmandift. 
ScblemncT, m. kanfuttr'-, g,laN^^ 
Scblcmaicrci, f. A«*f fjflft M^^'' 

Scblradcr, ScUcodiiaq, u. irf^a^a 

Schleoidcni> ▼• a. ta /4'mivr^ J^t^tr 
Scblcakata, v. a. ft n, te ^hj-V» 

Schleppe, f. train. 
SchleppcDi v.a. 8cB. H' Hvii, J*ag- 
Schlcppkleid, a. train i w^ - setu* , 
Schleppoctc, n. drag, dr*vi-utt. 
Schleuder, f.Jltmm. 
Schleudcrer, at . Jtingt r . 
Scbletidern, «. a. to Ji-'gi r^ a. f 

Schleuderflcia, m. Jlv ^ .Jf^if. 
Scblcunig, a. fmiek, j, t -J.*, hjj,j. 
Scbleufe, f. Jluite, fie -^ - ^^it- 
Scblicb, n. ky-atajf ^ S.^hNfhc, iBg. 

artijietj, cuamimg tmi.i, 
Scblicht. a. fUin, auet- 
Schlichtbar, a. aeeoam-jd^kh^ 
^blichie, f. glnt. 
Scblicbtea , T. a. ta ^^ia, {firfi\ 

/maaf^ ; 6g. *• COmf .i/cn urtHmfHa- 

Scblichthobel, m. /mt^^-.tki^^ flumi. 
Scblick, m.Jltm*. 
•Scbliefen, v. a. (• /it- 
•Schlierscn, v.a. «tn i^jiiitr *^ 

tkaini to eta/a, ^nij\ ; fij (a^tih^ 
. de, argue. 
Sc)ilie(ler, m. cattrtr { Juler, tu-fn^ 

Schlie&erin, f. ratertfr. 
Schlicriccid, a. f'«i/cr^ /rr. 
Schlicrtkeuc. f . larrir:^ - cA^jn. 
SchUerslicb, ad. l^l/,^. 
Schlielsuag, f. canttit/tiy»>. 
Schlimm, a. iU, bad, ,tiil. 


.Schlittiner, a. »•*/< 

SchlinuDae (dcr, dia, ^b.i', , 


var^. ' 
Schlinga, f. knat, Im/; Knpft^fp^-iit. 

Scblingcl. m.Jlnjggard.. 
Scbli ngelci, f ■ Jf^gift n tfi , 
Schlingelbart, a .Akg^i^, 
•ScbiiagcB, V. a. ft n. ft f^ntU^y 

dtvawr ; V a ta knu \ ta a:d«d, 
Schlitiea, m.JUdgt. 
Scbliueabahn, f. Jtt^f - ■/■Hid. 
Scblitteafabrt, t, fitdgt r- rmcr. 
Scbltitanpferd, n. ^tdgr ^ kmtji 


S^hSnj, m JLvt,Jl*fi, rift, H^. 
^ehlMien, ». «. ** jf •#, jtajg^ rtft. 
£cl>ltfh«rt fift ^ a^ at whilr ai kail% 

iiSUfK, n irrk i AUlmtrk- r' J^ r 

SHiKcw, m ir,k -Mti*. 

5<:b].ifL^in«P, Ri. gmrd^w tt/m taJHt, 
^ Uijf (btupiniaDa ^ n- ii^'ltatn- 
Schi^fihin:^,; riirrWt rf a t^/Ut. 
e-cblotiih&Tf q, r*J?tt^gatt, 
Schiuii'ogi, m. r^tdlf^Bk. iftj>*r. 

AtihtuKiriy, a. t^^iitingi ttsUgmtt 

^^i-tliiC^I, r A JrrM 4^j ^rmfim tmc 
^hti4Cll*CU, «. Dl f« kitkufiikiftttigki 


&;.h1uc)l , B. gkif, 

S..b1iH(k«B, %. n,. Elm., t* t*iprA^' 

^ItJ-uLk-Et, fn. drvtHf-tri «ia ansn 

- , p^C-r jt4.m^M »rclck. 

ie:hiiitlattirw,-m _fikmktt , itrnp. 
HcbliarUpicrn, ». fl, le JlRmbfr, 

irhliimpe, f jFutfJlmtttrm^ 

5<K.|.j^^ ™. Scildprc, * mar romr path' 
^izhJQ^irca* V. a. ftj^i^- 
Schliipfloih, a. iWf ^J^J^ fcil#. 
Srhiapfrij^t ■ Jiiffi*j, inkrir. 
^hli\lUig%.9lu V. la' 

icZ-, ^'twi^k el , m. imr^ki w^ - imU. 
Sc-hJt'ti VBf »- a . ^if jT^t A^ ■ 
5cbliiL, m, tatmiU^rKf f^/j/ifiumt 

^hlDlfcLban^ m. kfj^ ^it. 
SilitillfieSticiA^ a, tt^lm*- - ifwa. 

. lukrirH^JIipptri. 

^bliiaieLlach, a. k'^j -kJr- 

StbltiEcMtifi "■- '? - '^*^- 
&:hl«iij»^, > rtftlatJ^ Jftt^rtifiifd. 

liqltluirirrtni, m- t^r^a fff 'ffng)- 

Sf^m4c^(«n , 1. a. r» A^^i ** 

ia'.ifuxjk, piht. 

Sch mtcli ttn J , a taMgtdJkiHf. 
Vihmit^iUa^t JltW^r, tank r 

^ctirn'cklurt. a. fma^Tj^ gtifiaUe, 

f4lHtfi^*/tr "tt'jt. 

irtmickkiiir ir C^rCE hm pck Idtn 

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a^wlbcm, V. «. u tnjmni U mt- 

ufi, rniUt ediummiat*. 
flchnifher, a. tulumiOmttr. 
Scbmihlidi, •. ignawOMituit injm. 

SckaVhrchrift. f. Umpton, ptftidl. 
Schmibf.chi, i.J*nderom/smtfi. 

Schmihung, f JlmnJtr, cttmmny. 
Sehmihwort, ■ injurious word. 
Schmal, u./mmiii JUm i narrtn. 


Kleot ▼• <>• '• ekiii, r*pro»t, 

SoJuBklena, v. •• U Uftn, turUtt, 

^minifi, dtrogmttt iitrafi. 
ScliinMlerung, f. Ufftnlmg,Haa»iJkimg. 
Schm.he, l./mmlt. 
Schmalz, n- mlttd hutttr\ grta/t, 

/tarn, , « 

Schioslzbinic, f. hutUr . ptm.r. 
Schmalzcn, t.b. to butttr, grtofe. 
Schmalzig, a. grnjy. 
Srhmant, m. crtam, 
Schma^gd, m. fwurmid. 
Schmarotzen, v. n. to JpuuM, 
Scbmarotser, m. pmrmfite, Jpungtr. 
Scbmarotserci. f. fpumging, 
$chfnarre, f. flajt, fcur. 
Schmarrig, a. Jearry. 
Schmafcfae, f. df,fftd Itmi.JUm. 
Schmatz, m. fmmck. 
Scbroatzen, v. a. to /matk. 
Schmauch, m. fmokt. 
Schmaucbeo, V. n. to/wuko. 
Schmaucber, m. fmoktr. 
SchnMos, m./ra/f, kanfUMt. 
SchmMiMCbcn, n./mmIl*Hter1mtmmtnt. 
Schmaarcn, v. n. to J*^% kanfu*t 
Schmaufer, m. fearer, iuufuettr. 
Scbmaufarci, t. guttiing *mi gUMX- 

Schnccken, v. a. ft a, to Ujit, fm- 

vour. ^ 
Schmccr, n. gromft, /mttr, 
Schmcerbaucb, m. httiy, 
Scbmeerig, «. grtmfy. 
Sebmeicbelei, f. flmtttrf, mimUHom, 

cmrtjflng, caioUry. 
Scbmeicbelhalt, a. JUOttring, adu- 

Utory, frtjlmg. 
Sduneicbeln. v. n. to Jlmtttr, tmr^fs, 

eafoi*. * 

Scbmeicbler, n. fiattertr, mdulotor. 
Scbnteicbdworte, pi. /air wordi. 
ScbfB^idig, t. Ccfcbmcidig. 
«ScbmciUen, t. a. to fmlte,Jlrlkt. 

ktat ; •«. n. to /*u doom ; ti 

Uow, koAit. I „ 

Schmeilkfliege, f. grtmt fy. 
Scbnelz, m. Jkmlt ; tummti. 
Schnelsarbeit, f. emmmoi. 
ScbneUbar. a.. /nJlUt. 
Sehmclzbarkeit, f. fufiUllty. 
Scbnelzbuttcr, f. mtlttd kuittr, 
•Scbmclzen. v. a. Sen. to mdt, Sf. 

folve, Uiu^y. 
Scbmelzcr, in> mttttr. 
Scbmelzglas, n. enmmti. 
SehmelsBlinc, f. mtiting . homfi. 


Scbaatzkonft, f. tktmifir^. 
Scbnaclzmaler, m. en*m*utr- 
Schmclzipalerei, f. tmmmeUing, 
ScbmeUofen, m. multing. fur nmeo. 
ScbmelcrSbrcben, n. pipt. 
Scbmelzticgel, m. trueikU. 
Scbmcizung. f. mtiting. 
Scbnelzwerk, n. tnmmtikd mork. 
ScbBMVgel, n. tmtrU, tmtry. 
Scb merle, f. toack, groundling. 
Scbmera, n. aekt, fain, dolour, 

/mart, ^iSHon. 
Schmeraen, v. n. to ftti pmiUt to 

/mart, mckt. 
Schmerzbaft. •• foimftd, /mmrftng, 

dolorous, /mart. 
Schinerzbauigkait, ff. /martnt/s, 

Scbmerzlicfa, a. grinous, pain/ul, 

f mar ting. 
ScbmarEftillcnd, ». anodynt. 
Schmetterling, in. kutttrfiy, papUio. 
Schnettcrn, t. n. to ftsi j to war. 

kit, ouavtr. 
Schmid, m./mUk. 
Scbmiedc,^ f . /orgt, fmUky. 
Schniedebtlr, *»• p»ir i>f ktUows. 
Schmiedebamoiev', m, fitig*. 
Scbmiedeknccbt, n. fiaitk'sjounrry. 

Srbin<edcn, ▼. a. to forge, 
" bmiegen, v. a. to wind, Jkrtnk \ 

ficb., fig. to tringt, kumoU ont' 


Scbm legend, u. fukmijlot. 
Scbmienlien, pi. /crawHmgti krU 

Scbmierbnch, n. day-kook. 
Scbmiere, f . /at**, ointment. 
Schmiefcn, v. a. f« /meari to/hrtad^ 

to /aUx i to /erawl, /crikktti to 

Scbmicicr, mi /crikUer, /ermwUr ; 

Scbmicrerci, {./erikkting,/hrawlingi 

Schmierig, a grtafy,/wuany. 
Scbminkarsenei, \. tofmttit. 
Schminkbobnc. f. pka/H, fmek 

Sebniake, f- paint. 
Schminkcn, v. a. to paint. ■ 
Scbminkfleckeben, Scbmiakpfllfter. 

cben, n. pattk. 
ScbminkwaOcr, a. taa/l. 
Schmifs, m.Jhokt, kang, Uam. 
Scfamits, Bi. lajk. 
flcbmitze, f: wkip-lajk. 
Scbmollai, ▼. a. to fromn , mop, 

mow, pout. 
Schfbollwinke), m. fouHng. plae*. 
Scbmoren, v.a. ftn. to Jltw. 
Schmortopf, m. Jlewpan, 
Scbmuck, m. adornment, ornament] 

jewels ; attire. 
SchoiUckea, v. a. to adorn, attire. 
SchmuckkMflcben, a. jewel- ea/e. 
Scbmunzcfai, v. n. to /utile, Jim. 

Schmat», m. /uliy,/M, Urnijk, dlrt^ 



SchnHUsMi, V. «. U/mUy,faa, ter. 

nijk, dirt, foul, 
ScbmutzHeck, m. /pot. 
Schmuuig, u./oul, dirty, najh. 
Schnabeh m. kUt, beak, nib. 
ScbnabcHrco, v. a. ft a. to eait U 

eat tidbit I 
ficb ScbnXbcin, ▼. r. /* kilt. 
Schnake, f . gnat, midge } jffk, jukt, 
■ drollery. 

Scbnaki^cb, a. droit, merry, odd. 
ScbnaUc. f. knckte. 
Scbnallen, v. a. to kucklt. 
Scbnalleadorn,ni. tongue of a kwtkU. 
Schnalzea, v. a. to knatk nMk tk$ 

Scbnappen, ▼. a. to /nap. 
SchtOlpfar, m, JUam } /ort ^ grfft 

Scbnappreder, t./^ng. 
Scbnappbahn, m. Ugk.way.mam, 

robber, /oot - pad. 
Schnapps, m. cogue, dram. 
Schnappfiek, m./nap/aek, knap/atk. 
ScbnappAin, v. a. to eoguo. 
Scbnaichen, ▼. n. tofnore^ n./nar*. 
Schnafcher, m. /norer, 
Scbnarre, f. rattle, kefitral. 
Schaarren, «. n.* to fuarl } to /fttk 

m tke throat. 
Scbaatterente, f. oudMing, 
Schaanerer, m. prattler. 
Schnatferhaft, a. prating. 
Scbaattern, v. n. to gaggUl toekat- 

ter, prattle } . a. praitk. 
Schaauban, v. a. to fnort \ krtatke. 
Scbnauren, v. a. to breatkt, /nt{f. 
Sabfiautze, C /nout, mnzulo ; Hp. 
ScbnilmzeB , v. a. to /ntte, /Mi|/y 

blow tke nofi, 
Sebaatuzig, a. in/olent. 
Schaccke, f. /na>l,Jlug, dewlaeo.^ 
Scbncckenbcrg, m./naU -kill. 
Scbaackcebaui, a. /naU .JkeU,/naiL 

Scbneckenlioia. f. conekaid, /plral ' 

Schneckcamafebal, f. eonek.Jkitt. 
Schnackcapoft, t./nait-k^. 
Schaeckenireppc, t . eotkU .JImirs. 
Scbnae, to. /now. 
Scbne«baha, f. fnomty katk, road. 
Sebneeball, m./nowkM. 
Scbaeeblumc, f. white winter. jUwtr, 
Scboceflocke, f. /lake. 
Schneegant, f. vMd goo/e. 
Schaecgeflbbcr, n. Jkower ^ /nom. 
Scbneeig, u. /nowy, 
ScbneewalTec, a /now - water.. 
Scbtieeweift, a. /now ' white. 
Scbncewetier, n. /nowy weather. 
Scbaeewolke, f. /nowy eloud. 
Scbneid*. f edge. 
Schneidabank, f. ckopping.form, 
Schneideifen, a. /erew . taf. 
ScbacidehoU. a. rafter. 
Schneldein, t. a. to lop, prune, tids 
Schneideiohn, m. choppage, fawing^ 
Scbneidcaefler, a. cutting . knffe. 
ScbneidemiibU, f . /audng . mitt. 


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f» ^ 8CH 

•Sdineidea, v. a. & n. f« rvf ; U 
/mifi <io Thier&e. ., t»cmjlr»tt\ 
U ftU ; Capriolen ., H €*ptr. 

Schneider, a. i»Uor. 

SehMiderci, f. making elothei. 

SchaeidergcleU, m. taiUr's jour* 
nty. wimn, 

Scfaneidern, t. «. to mtkt doihit. 

Sehneidertirch, n. tailor ' t JlaU. 

Schneidczihn, m. incifor. 

Scbneien, t. i. to /mow. 

Scbneil, «. fukk, lut/ly,fvlftt rafU, 

SchBcllent T.n. to /^ing, 'laneh i 

▼. ■. tt JltHg. 
Schneller, tn.JtUifi trUker.ttigoer 
SchnellMlgen, m. giiktt. 
ScbneUrgkeit.r. fui€iat/i,/wl/tnt/t, 

k^filntft, rmpidity. 
Schoellkrari, r. tU/beitf. 
Schnellkugel, f. SchnellkXalcben, 

n. marble. 
Sehnellwage, f.Jittfymri. 
SdinclUUnglg, a. volukU. 
ScbnellxUnjiekeit, f. voluHiUjt. 
Scbnepre, f./nip*. 
^ebnepfendnck, m. tjiernunt of a 

Scbaeppe, {. foak. « 
Scbnepper, s. Schnitpper. 
Sehoerkel, i. Scbn^kel. 
SchnickfchDack, m. twittU^ iwatilt. 
^Scbniebcn, t. n. to fnujf, hrtath*. 
ScbnipTeln, Sebnippcfn, v. a. to tut 

i* /nips. 
Scbnij^pcben, n. /«a/, tUpping of 


. inippcl 

tht fingtrs. ^ 
Scbnippcn. v. n. to /«#• . 

Scbnippifcb, u. fnappiJkt/mMrt. 
Schai^kel, •. Sclmdrkel. 
Scbniit, m. rirf, inHfioM; fig. prqfit. 
Scbnhter, m. rtaptri -in, t. J^. 

Scbnittlaocb, ». ritx/. Ittk. 
Schaitz, m. Schnittcbeo, n. Jtit*, 

tkop, eoUoPtJitmk. 
Scbnhcbank, (.form to cut upon. 
Schnitzbret, n. tkopping . koard. 
Schniizeln, Scboitzeo, v. a. to cut,' 

Scbnhzer, m. cutter, eart>er i fig. 

Humder, fault, trreur, mijlake. 
Schaitzern, v. n. to tommit a fault- 
SebnitzmeOer, Schnitzer, m. r«r«. 

Scboiuwerk, n. tarvki work. 
Scbnfida, •. reviling, eomtumtliout, 

vile, kafe, defpieakU. 
Schnpdigkeit, 1. vilentft, ba/entfs. 
Scbnoppem, v. a. to fmtll. 
Scbii5rkel,m. tonckoidi garnijkei. 
Scbndrkeln, v. a. to gamiJK 
Scbnufireln,SchnU(reln,v. n. to/nuf. 

Schnopren, ▼. a. & n. to fnvJF, to 

take a pinch of /mt{f. 
Scbnupfen, m. rotd, catarrk, rkeum 
Scbnupfer, ta. fnujf .taker i .in, f. 

fkt -fntoF' taker. 
Schnapfobak, m. fnuf. 


Scbnaprtabaksdofe, t,/nufkt 
Scbupluich, a. kandkereki^t muck. 

Scbnuppc, f. fHi(^. 
"-•— - f. daughter in taw, 

. f. laee,Jlrlng, line, cord. 
band, m. point, lace, 
SchnUrbruft, i. flays 
ScbnUrcbcn, n. jmall cordt Ibu. 
Schniken, «. a. to lace, 
Scbniirgerade, u.ftraigkt, Uuet. 
Scbniirhaken, n. kook. 
ScbnUricib, no. kodice. 
SchnUrloch, n. ei/et - hole. 
Scbniirnadal, f. ScbnOrlUrt. m. tag 
Schnurrbait, m. wkijiers, muflarhes. 
Schnurrc, <. rattle ^ hg. drollery. 
Schnunen, V. n. to humi to rattle 

v.a.-/0 ktggar. 

Schnurrig, a ■ droll, merry, _faettiout. 
Scbnurrp'eir« , Scbnurrpfeiferei, f. 

trifle, lumber, 
Schniiraiefcl. m. tuJHn. 
Scbniiraracks, ad. direftly. 
Scbobar, m. mow, cock, keaP, rUk. 
Scbob«rn, v. «. to cock up kay-y to 

Scbock, n. tkreefcore'^ {chockvrcife, 

ky threef cores. 
Sebofel, a. miferaHe, paltry, trmjky. 
Scbofel, m. Irajk. 
Scbokoiate, f. chocolate. 
Scbokolaieakamna, f. chocolate. pot. 
Scbokolateniafel, f. f%uarc ^ cho. 

ScholMT. m.feholar. 
ScboUrcb, m. proSor, infpcRor of 

a frhoot. 

ScholaAilcb. a. ftkoUdiUal. 
Scbolle, f. clodifoU,fiU.fiJk, 
Scbon, ad. already ^ -lange, hUg 

ago, longjtnce. 
ScMn^.fne,/air,itautifui, keau. 

ttfiml handfome. 
Scba»<f. /air, keauty, to^. 
Scbdnen, v. a. T. to rtfene. 
Scbonen, v, a. to fparCtfavct for. 

Schdnheii, f. heauty, keauttfutnefs, 

fairne/s, fnentfs. 
SchdnpflMftercbea, n. keauiy.fpot, 

SchQnuQg, (.forbearance. 
Scbooij, m. lap. 
Scboofshund, n. tap -dog. 
Scbooftkind, n. darling, kofom.chHd 
ScboobfUndc, f . favourite .Jin. 
Schopf, m. tuft, top. 
Scbopfbranneo, m. draw.^'Well. v~ 

Schopfeimer, m. bufktt, well-bufkct^, Scbreckenifyftem, n terrorifm. 


Scb6ppc, m. mgegart jt^itc,Jk*rif. 
Scbopppen, m. ehapim ; coaekJiouft, 

ScbSppenamt, n. JurUfalty. 
.Schups, m. mutton \ ^%. fimpUton. 
Schfiprenbraten^in. roejt mutton. 
Scbi^renflcifeh, n. mutton. 
Schdpfenkeule, f. teg of mutton. 
Scborf.m. /cmt/. 
Schorfig, n.fcurfy. 
ScborBein, m. ehtmnep. 
Schordeinreger, m . ckiimney. /weeper. 
Scbofs, m. Jkoot ; fcot, tarn. 
ScboOen, t. n. to fkoat fortk l i a. 

to pay /cot. ^ 
SeWMfer, m. recAvor of fcot. 
Scb6irerei; f. fcot- receiver's ^e. 
Sobdrding, m. Aoot, fprig. 
Scbo&rebe, f. Jkoot of vine. 
Scbote, f. knJk,tod, JkeU. 
Schotencrbfen, ft. green - peafe, 
Scbrifge. a. okliiue. 
SchrSge, f. Mifuity. 
Scbragen, m. three fathoms ^ wooi 

in a heap \ jack ; trefHe, 
Schra'gnart, n. bevel. 
Schrammo, f.fcratckiflaft. 
Scbrammen, v. a. to fcratck. 
Scbrammig, u.fuU ^ f cratches. 
Scbrank, m. cupboard, ferine, tk^, 

Scbranken, pi. liJIs i for; bounds, 

Scbrtnken, ▼. a. to Omit ; die Beinc 

Uber cinandcr-, to cro/s the legs. 
Scbrankenlos, a. boundU/s, 
Scbrankenlofigkeit, f. bouuiUfsuefs. 
Scbrapen, v. a. to fcrapt. 
Scbraubc, (. ferew. 
Scbraoben, «. a. to f crew i fig, to 

wipe ; to banter. 
Schraubeobobrer, m. ferew . tap. 
Scbraabcngang, n. worm ^a/ertW' 
Scbraubenlinie, f. groove. 
Schraabenmucter, f. host ^ a ferm. 
ScbraubenfcbiaOel , m. hey for « 

Suinubanxwinge, f. vice. pin. 
Scbrauberei, f. fig. bantering. 
Scbraiibftock, m. vice. 
Scbreckbild, n. fcarC' crow, bug, 

Scbrcckcn, v. a. to frigkt, . alarm, 

ftare, frighten, terrify. 
cbrecken, n. frighting, fearing, 

Scbrecken, Schreck, m. effrigfit, 
- ^'inhUffr, terror. 
j^nteckentnaalnner,' pi. terrori^s. 

Scbupfen, v. a. to draw water :^ 
Atbem ., to breathe, refpir(^ fri- 
fcbc LMft., to take the air-}^ Vcr. 
dacbt-, to conceive a fujpicion ^ 
Nutzen -, to gather fruit out tf. 

Sch6prer. in. creator. 

Schdprcrilcb, a. creating, artful. 

Scb^fgclte, SchApfkellc, f. ladle. 

Schopf^ ng. f. c-eaiion. 

Scbdpfwcik, n. water . enffint. 


^cbreckhaft. a. tUnid, fearful. 
Scbrecklicb , a. horribU^ terrible, 

drea4fut ; fig. immenfe. 
Scbrcckliebkeii, f. horribility, drtai- 

fulne/s, terriblenefs. [der. 

ScbrackpuUer, il. anti/pa/modic peui. 
Scbreck(cbu(s , m. /gnat, uoHit, 

Scfateckwort, n. bug- word. 
Scbrei, «n. cry, /cream, fcretch. 

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Sdneibbucb, n. writing -i»»i» 

•Sebreiben, v. a. ta writt. 

Schreiben, n. wriHngi ietttr. 

Scbnibepult, n. Jfjt. 

Scbniber, m. writtri tierk,/etrt. 
tmrjfi ef^Jl. 

Scbreiberei, f. wriHmg. 

Scbrcibetifch, Schreibtirdi, m. writ- 

Schreibezeug, m.JUmdiJk, imk.Jlamd. 

Scbrcibfedtr. {. ptn. 

Schrcibfebler, m. tariting.trrtr. 

Schnibkunft, f . art of writing. 

Scbrtibmeiftcr, at. writing. ma/ier. 

Schreibpapier, n. utriting . paptr. 

Scbreiblchuie, f. writing ./ckoct. 

Schreibfiube, f. <^f, tounting.rtam. 

Schreibufel, f. t»bU . iook. 

•Scbreieo, ». a. & n. t» cryi to 

Schreier, m. eritr, irmwltr. 

Schrein, m. ferine, Jkrint* 
Schreiner, m. jointr. 
Scfafcinervrerk, a. jolniry. 
*Schreuen, v. n. to Jride, Jltp. 
Scbiick,n». flaw, ckap^ tUft, think. 
Scbrift, f . writing ; work, writ : die 

beilige ., biktt, feriftnn. ' 
Scbriftgelchne, m. ikto/ogut} ferike. 
Schriftgiefter, m. foundtr. 
Schrirtffieiserei, f. founitrjf. 
Scbrirtkaft^n, m. UUtr . <^t. 
Scbriftlich, a. wrUttnt ftriftoryt in 

i<:brLfiAEll«tF bn Xi'ritfr^ tiilAor. 

tirgfi; a, rii^grayjfnp, 

fctirnpfcn, ▼■ ■■ t* f^ftj^' 

kbEhJpr«fii n- /rat-ifiealioM, 

fabrotpiiiLopr, m- fff', titjfpiwg^gSafi 

ft^rm, n [iff MBQE*nJ ^^t »*is^ki', 
f nitt &eh [(fw n ) fm^ff^Jlitf, k^iL 
Art^ f-Um Geirdi3t;] gr-i^'iis. 

Ar*d^ ta £it^ !v ^^if . let davs* 

tnto a ctUar, 
Scbrdtcr, m. f tar ah, ktetU ; jHoottr. 
Schrotleiter,r. fuUty, fuiHngJaddtr. 
Scbrotmehl, n. oat. meat. 
Schrotin n&el, m. ri/et. 
Scbrotntge, f. great faw. 
Scbrompren, v. n. tojkriotl, to ke- 

ttm crumpled. 
Scbrempfig, a. wrinkled, trumfltd. 
Scbrnndc, f. cleft, ckink, erovict. 
Scbub, ml Jkove, /ufi, tkritft. 
^bubfcnfler, n. fafi.. 
Schubkanen, t. SchieAarrca. 
Schabkaften,in Schublade, f. rfrouwr. 
Scbubriegel, m. holt. \ 

^bubiack, m. pocket. 
!»cbiichtern, a. coy, fliy. 
SebikhterabeU, f. coynefs^ Jkint/s. 


Scfaub, m. Jkot. 
Scbtthabratz, m. keel. 
Schubband, n. fliot- firings flu 
SchuhbUrfte. f. fliot . krnfli. 
Schuhdraht, m. picked tkread. 
Scbobflickcr, m. cokbler, wttndtr of 

Schubknecbt, m. flotmaktrU ftUam, 

Scbubleiften, to. Ufl. 
Schubmacbcr, m.Jhoawmker* 
Schiihmyrs, B. flxe, 
Schubmarkt, m. floe •> markttt 
Scbabputzer« m. flothoy, 
Scbuhncmen, m. latcket. 
Scbuhfiibnalle, f. flkot . kuckU, 
SchuhrcbwMrze; £. blacking, flom^ 

ker's ink. 
Schuhroble. i.fole. 
Schuld, r. guUtifauUi debt. .^ 
Scbnldbucb, n. attount. f*ok. 
Scbuldforderaog, f cl^m. 
^ha\ihtit%,m. baUijf,judg€, 
Schaldhcrr, m. creditor. 
Schuldig, a. guilty, culpable i due, 

' obliged, indebted. 
Scbuldigkeit, f. duty, obiigaHon. 
SchuIdlof,a. innocent, karnUefs, guilt. 

Schuldmann, Schuldner, m debtor. 
Scbuldtburm, in. pHf on for debtors. 
Schuldverfchreibung, f. bond, note. 
Schule, f. fckool\ bohe-, academy, 

h trivtrflty. 
^vchUJcr, m.fckolar, di/ciple. 
^■iLlikrbaft, u. fekolar . like. 
&-zMltr&und, m. fcho/arflip. 
Schu [fr€and,m. fciool.ff tend, fellow. 
' ' [iriicbs, m. pedant. 

JItlcbrerei, t. pedantry. 

illUcbfircb, a. ptdantuk. 

il^cld, n. fckoolmonry. 
Sch ml^lehrter, m. humanifl, gram- 
■ ^r^ian. 
S^^ II I halter, Scbulmeifter, Scbulleh. 

TiTi m. fckooimafier. 
Sehiilknabe, m- Jchoolboy. 
SuhnNnann, m Jckoolman. 
Scb'jldneifleiin, f fchoolmifhefs. 
Scbulpferd, n. managed horfe, 
Schiilflube, i. ftkool .room. 
Schiilier, f. floulder. 
Schultcrbein. n. floulderbone. 
Schulierblatt, n. flonlderbtadt. 
SchuUcrblcch, n. floulder . piece. 
Schuliergebenk, n. floulder . belt. 
Scbuhern, v. a. to floulder. 
Scbulternaht. f. flouldcr-fiece, flout. 

der .flrap. 
SchulUbung. f. tktme. 
SchuWerwaher, m. provifor. 
SchulwiOenrcbart, f . kuman learning. 
Scbulwitz, m. fckool. wit, learned 

Schulse, • Schuldbcir*. 
Schand,in. turd, excrement. 
Schundkoaig, m. Jakes .farmer. 
Schupp, a. flove, pnfl, 
SchOppe, {.fco&p. 

Schuppe, i.fcale. 

Scbuppea, v. a. f fcalt, 

Scbuppicht, u.fcaled. 

Scbuppig, u. fcaly. 

Schur, f.flemringi m. fig,' fmiaHmt, 

SchUreifcn,n. SchUrKakca, m.poktr, 
SchUren/T.a. to flir. 
Schurf, m. fcratck, cut. 
ScbUrfen. v.a. to fcrattk, cull *• 

open, find out. 
Schurigein, v. a. to vea, pUgu*, k*. 

Scburkc, m. wretckp rafcal, fcoum- 
Scbarkerei, f. knavery. TdrcL 

Schurkifcb, a knavifl. 
Scbiirz, m. SchUrze, f. apron. 
ScbQrzen, T. a. to gird up, to tuck up. 
Scburzfell, n. leatkcr apron. 
Schuft, m. floating i float ', flatf 

Scbuftbret, tk. floodgate. 
ScbUfTcl, f . dtfl, bowl, platttr. 
Schiiffelring, m. fland to Jet a tfl 

Schuriwunde, t. flot • wound. 
Schufter, m. floemaker. 
Scbiifterarbeit, f . floemaking. 
Schufterkneif, m. flotmaker's pa^ 

ring, knife, 
Schufterladent m. floemaker* s flop. 
Schudern, v. a. to make floes. 
Schafterp«cb, a. flotmaker's pitch. 
Schufterzwccke, f . kob . nails. 
SchUte, f. large beat, barge. 
Scbuu, n. rubbifl, 
ScbUtte. f. keap ; wad fofiraw), 
SchUttcIn, T. a. to Jkabe,.jog. 
Schiitten, v. a. to tafl, put, pour. 
Scbiiitero, v. n. to flake, iremUe, 

tuake. ■ 
ScEuttkarn, m. tumbrel. 
Scfauiz,in. guard, flelter, protefHou. 
Scbiitzbrett n. wicket in a floodgate* 
ScbUtze, m. flooter { arcker. 
ScbUizen, v. a. to defend, prateB, 

Schutzengel, m. guardian . angel, 
iicbtitzenhaut, n. kouft of floaters. 
Schiitzcnmeifler, m. majfer of acoiom 

(any of flooter s. 
litzenpUiz, m. flooting • plate* 
Schaizgatter, n. portcullis. 
Schutzgeift, m. tutelar genius. 
Scbutzgeld, n. grant. 
Schutzgott, m. tutelar god. 
Scbutzg5tcin, (. tutelar goddefs, 
Scbutzberr, m. prottSor. 
Schutzonauer, f. rampart. 
Schutzrede, Sohutzfcbrift, f. apology. 
Scbutzwand, f . Jktlttr. 
Scbutzwebr, f. fence. . 
Schwach, a. weak, feeble, faint. 
ScbwiCche, f. weakntfs , fceblene/s, 

Schwiichen, V. a. to weaken, imbed- 

U, inflrm, debUitate, feeble, faint; 

(iohwifngem) to dejflour. 
ScbwBchhcJi, f. weaknefs, infirmity, 

debility, imbectlity. 


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SchwtelikMlg^ a. fiUf. 
Scbwilehiidi. a. imjirmJtthU, mtakfy. 

8cb«ficbun|, t. imjirmbtg , 4tMU. 

Sqbwadrooe, t./fuadrtm. 
Schwagcr, n. irothtr in Um. 
SehwMgerin. f . Jijltr in Urn. 
(cbwilgerfclMri, f. affinity. 
Scbwalbe, I. ji^a^ "^ 
8clm«lbcnrcbwaaz, m. fmnllr mt aU 
•chwall, n. ertmd, thmg. 
»ekmnmm, m. /fang* i m^Jkr»0m t 

(in Munde &c. ) tkrpjk. 
«dn»r>iB.niichi, a. /fMgicus. 
Schwammig. %. ffongy. 
Scbwammigkeit, f. ji»ngine/s. 
Sehwan, n. /«m i ein wilder., 

SclmaMnbcM, ■. /»«« . immt-htd. 
ScfawaneDbali, m. /nMn*j nttk. 
Scbwang. m./»l»«; fig. vogut. 
Scbwifngcl, m. cUp^. 
8cbwangcr, a. pregnant , h-teJing, 

iteming, Hg wUk ckUd. 
ScbwiCngcn , v. a. U impregnate, 

get wUA ekiU. 
Schwangerfcbafl, f. pregnane^. 
ScfawKngeriing, f. Imfregnatian, get- 
ting wUk (UU. 
Scfawangicil, n. /wing . rape. 
Scbwaak. m. merry tale, idt, j»ke. 
Sebwinkbdrfla, f. iattU.linX. 
Scbwanken, T.n. to waddle i fig. to 

Schwanken, n. JtuauaUon- 
Scbwilnken. v. a. to rin/e f^afetj. 
Schwankend. %. Jtuffnant. 
SibwMnkkeirel, m. ej/lem. 
Scbwans, m. taili fig. train. 
Scbwinzeln, v. m. to mag the tail. 
Schwitnzelpfcntiig, m. marketting 
Schwifnzen, v. a. to make a taili 

V. n.-fig. to Itifier, truant. 
Schvranzpcntfcke, f. uig tcith a tatt. 
Schwanzriemcn, n. cruffer. 
Scbwanzrcbraube, r. ireeekof agnn. 
Schwanzftern. m. tomet. 
SchwanzRUok, n. taiUpieeet pUce 

of buttock. betf. 
Schwiiren, m. fore, nicer, Impq/lu- 

mt, utkeal. 
•Schwiiren, V. n. to Imp^/hmate, ft- 

fier, fuppuraie. 
Schwarro, pa. /warm. 
Scbwifrmen, V. n. to /warm i to riot, 

revet i to /aney. 
Scbwifrmer, m. rocket i rioter, re- 

teller ; /anatie. 
Schwlmerei, f. revery,/aneifulMe//, 

Schwifrroerircb, a. fanciful, fanatic, 

Schwi(rinzeit, f. fmarm . time, 
Scb«van«, t. /wari\/kin. 
Schwartig, a. having a /tfard. 
Scbwarz, a. black i .BroJ, bro^n 

bread; . WSfcbe. foul linen } . 

KaoA, mrt ^ hatching ; metro- 

Sebwarzlogig, a. black . eied. 
Schwarzbraua, a. /wart, /unburut. 
Scbwarsdorn, m. black . thorn. 
Sebwarze, mn. biack .a . moor, black. 

moor, moor, negro. 
Scbwirze, f. blaehne/t,/ioarthine/t. 
Scbwirzen, y. a. to /mart, blacken. 
achwarzntrbar, n. ^ in black. 
Schwarzgelb, a. taw^. 
ScbwtrcKiau. a dark- gray. 
Scbwarzkttnftlcr, m. necromancer. 
Scb*irirzlich, a. blarkijk, /wart. 
Schwaizeo, n. n. to talk , t^tle, 

0rattU, prate, chat, babble, Jabber. 
ScbvrXtzer, m. -in.f. talker, tattler, 

frattter, prater, babbler. 
Schwatzbafi, a. talhtng, talkative, 

tattUig, /rattling, praHng. 
Schwatcbaftigkcii, f. talhativeme/t. 

Schwebes, ». n. to wave, float,k 
Sdnrafel, m. brimjlone, fulohur. 
Sebwefciradcfi , n. SchwefelbAiz. 

cbcn, D. match. 
Scbwefclgelb, a. */ « brimflont - < 

Scbwerelgrnbc, f. briwtMono.ptt. 
ScbwefelbUue, f. brimjlome . kou/e. 
Scbwefelicbt, a. /ulfhnry. 
Schwafeiig, a. /ulphurous. 
Sch^vefeln, v. a. to/moah with brim. 

Schwcir, m. taUi trail, train. 
Schwcifen, v. a. to cham/er; r.n 

berum ., to ramble about. 
Schweigen, «. n. to be jUemtf to 

keep Jtlenee. 
Scbweigea.-Q. Jllence. 
ScbweimtY, m. disuine/r, gidAne/j. 
Schweimetig. a. gidJy, dixty 
Schwein, n. hog, /onne ; fig./iKv. 
Schweinerei, f. n^ine/i,/ltiMe/s. 
Schweinfleifcb, n. pork, hogs-fif/t. 
Schweinhirt, n. /minekeid. 
Schwcinigel, m. hedge. hogl fig. 

*•*/?•/» ftUow. 
Schweinifch, a hogfijh, fwinijk. 
Schwelnmutteri f. farrow, fow. 
Schweinrchmeer, m. hog's lard. 
Schweinrcbneider, m. Jfow-gelder. 
Scbwcinsjagd , f. hunting of wild 

bean. [/tit 

Scbweimleder, n. hog'/ leather, hog. 
Schwcintfpier<, m. boar ./pear. 
Scbweinftall, in. hogret, hotfy. 
Schweift, m./weat; T. blood. 
Schweiftbad, n. hot.hou/e,Jlove. 
Scbweiften , ▼. a. T. to Join two 

edhot irouj} v. n. T. to bleed. 
Scbwcibfiebcr, n. /wealing Jichme/t 
Scbwe! ftfucbs, m . /orrel. hor/e. 
Scbweiftig. m./wcatyi T. bloody. 
Schweiftlocb, t(. pore. 
Scbwetfitrcibend, a. /udor\fU. 
Schweifstraprfn, m. drop^ of fmeat. 
Schwcirnucb, n. handker'chUf. 
Sebweibworft. f. black. puMng. 
Sebweitzerban, m. whiflter. 
Scbwehzerboft, t. pantaloon, 
Schwelgen, v. ■. to banjmet, gUM. 

Mle, riot. 

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Sdtvelgcr, m. guxxUr, debauchee, 
Schvrelgerei , f. gmxallng. debauchaj. 
Scbwelgerilcb. a. muxxlina. 
Scbwell., t. JUl, thre/utl 
•Scbwelleo, n. a. U/wtUi x.%. U 

fwell, bloat. 
Scbweamc, f. matarimg. 
Schwemniea, v. a. to mattr} tt 

Scbwengel, •. SdMrilBgcl. 
Vbwcnken, *. a. to /wing \ to bran. 

d>^, dourijki %. aucb StbwlBkea. 

:hwenkoag, f. whirling ; round. 
Scbwar, a. difficult, hard, grievous, 

\derout, weighty, heaty. 

— f. «K^f, gra^, heaoi. 


ScbwerfMllig, a. ammitdy, ungainly, 

Jlouehing, duU. 
Schwerftingkcit.. f. uumieUfnefj, 

Schwerficb, ad. hnrdfy, ftarce. 
Schwermuib, F. /a^ne/s, miA 

ly, pen/ven^t. 
Scbwermttthif . a. aw4biw«Wfe. /ad, 

Scbwcrpankt, a. point ef gtwmty. 
Scbwett, n./word. 
SchwcTtel, m. Scbwertlilic, f. Jitg. 
Schwcttfcgcr, mt./urbiAer, 
Scbwenfi(cb, BB /wordAA. 
Schwefter, t.^fi/Ur 
Scbwefterlicb, u.J^erfy. 
Schwefterfcb«r^ t. /Jl^hooi. 
Schwefterfobn, m. nephew. 
ScbwcUenocfatcr, f. nieee. 
Scbwibbogen, m. arch, ^uH. 
Scbwiegartltern, pi. parents in Urn. 
Schwiegerkioder, pi. children in Igu. 
Schviegermuuer, f. mother in Itu, 
Schwicgerfobn, m. /on in lam. 
Scbwiegenocbcer , f. daughter i» 

Scbwiageirater, m. father in lam. 
Scbwiafe, f. brawn of the fiin. 
Scbwialig, a. braiwny, callous. 
Scbwicrig, a. hard, difficult. 
Scbwicrigkeit, (. hwdne/t, diffinHh 
Scbwimniblafc. f. /wiai: ^ 

•Sohwimmen, v. n. to/wim. 
Schwimmeri m./wimmer. 
Scbwimmgilrtel, m, Jin, eorh frt 

ScSiwinde, f. tetter, morphew. 
Schwindcl, m. dUzine/s, gtdSne/s, 

Scbwindelei , f . eatrmvagants pre- 


ibwindelgeift , n. giddiMcfs if 

thought; fig. giddy pntct g^' 

brained fellow. 
Schwindelig, a. giddy, dixMy. 
Schwindalk^rner, pi. coriander ftd- 
Scbwindclkraut, n. leopard . bant- 
Scfiwindein, v.n. to/wim, tobetf 

^Scbwindcn, v. n. todl/appeaT\ i> 

Jhrink i to con/ume, decrea/e. 
S^windgntbe, (.Jink 

Schwindfttcbt, (. con/ut 




Schwiadltkbtig, a. en/mmfUM, pkihU 

S^loge I f. fan, wn { fmtngU • 
A^fi/^'F* wingi, 

^Schwingen, «. a. Scfieb ■, v. r. to 
/viiMg\ in dite Luft, empor., to 
S*v\ V. a. /« wiwNov, /«« ; <« 
Kaf mithafmimgtt.Jlmf. 

Sdiwingreil, n^aek rope. 

Schwingung, f. /winging, fee/kming. 

Schwirren, v. n. to ekirf, fk*tUr. 

Scfa«ittba4, s. Schweiftbad. 

Mmiiteo, V. o. &a. to fntat. 

Scbwiifkaften, m. drjr.j^mih, 

Scbwiiipulver, n. fuiorifit pntJgr. 

•Schw6ren, V. a. & n. to /wtar. 


Seebcrducibmg.f. h^agrmpky. 

Seefabrer, m. navigator, 

Seefabrt, f./ea/aring. 

Seearch, m /tafijk 

!Kra«, a./eagrt^ 
Seebafen, m. jiaport. 


Sehwal, \.fultty, fwltry. 
SekwiUe, (.fuUrine/t 
Sehwalft, m. /vetUing\ fig. hmMf. 
SchwOlftig. *./w»lni fig iomia/fu. 
SdiwUlftigkeit, f. ionOaJlU Jfylt. 
Sdiwung, m./tringi Bg.Jtrain. 
Icbwungfeder, f._fiag./,atkeri egret. 
Schwur, m. /wearing i oath. 
Mive, m.fiave, tkralt. 
Sdarcrei, f.Jav*ry,/ervUuie, tikrai. 

fclavifch, n.javijkt/erpae, 

korbut, m./turvy. 

Seorbattleh, a. /rmrty, /earitMe, 

Seorpioo, m./eorpion. 

Serial, m. & n. Jerupet, 

Scb«abaa«i, m-/anin. 


Sacbteck, n. hexagon, kexagony. 

lecbseckig, a. hexagonal. 

Iccbrcilei, a. fi» dlferent, ^ £* 


teebtfach, %. /ixfM. 
Sechyihrlg. a. Ji» years aid. 
(ccbtna), ad. Jixtimej. 
UdaCpStuaig, a. uUA fig kar/tt ht. 

Secbttlgig, *.cfAM day/, 

Secbftel, n./x/A. the txth part, 
Secha«ni, ad.£MtUy. 
SecbAtbalb. a. /or and a kmlf. 
Sccbtwfichnerin. f. momam lying in, 
Secbacbn. a. Jixteen. 

fccbaebme, n. ieehseBotel, n./jr. 
, tienA. 

Seehund, a. fiadog. 
Seekalb. n. feaealf. 
Scck«rt«, f. /ea . htah. 
Scekrank, a. /ta-kck. 
Seekrankhcii, f. fea .fitkme/s, 
Srekrebt, m. loiter. 
Seekrieg, m. /ea'Vmr, 
Seekub, f. feacam. 
S.^ekUfte, t./eacoajt. 
Seeie. t. /out. 
Scelenrreiind, m. intimate. 
Scdenbin, m pir/on. 
Seclenlebra, f. pJyckaUgy. 
Seelenverklufer , a. ma 

Seeleowaoderang, f. metemp/yckojit 
Seeleute, pi. yMiara, mariners. 
Seetmeffe, f. /, refuUm. 
Sceirorge, f. emraty, 
Secirorger, m. t urate, 
Seeluft, t. fea. air. 
Scetnn^t, t./ea./orees, navy. 
Sceataan, m. /ea^an, mariner. 

JKhtigjWwf^, a. JlMfy years aU. 

»««btigfte, a. 

„ JlMtutk. 

Seck.1, m. pur/e, paucki //c. 
Mckeimeiaer. m. trea/urer, 
**<»tt, a. eajement, frivy, 
Jwitdhr, m. /eeretary. 
5««tariai, n. /eereUri/kik, 
«««. •. Atk. 
«^e, f . /ta. 
»«drer, a. fiaaty. 
«mimei, (. /eBari/m, 
Seeuadant, m. /eeond, JHeUer, 
Seeuade, f. /teond minute. 
f«euad»ren, v.n. U /etomd. 
»««. (./tai .m. iakt. 


, B trait ai/em. 


ScSneile, f. Uamue. 
Scemurchel, I. ftaJkeU. 
SeeoAcier, ta.Jea - efittr. 
Seepfcrd, n./ea-kor/e. 

D. tad llfafitk. 
ber, a. iter ef filk./li^f. 

Seeraubar, m. pirate, tor/air. 
SeerMtibcrci, f. piraty.. 
Seereir«, f. voyage. 
SeefaU. n. /ta/alt, hayfaH {/gkt 
Secfebladu, f. Seeucffen, n. /ea- 
Secfoldat,- m./atdur at/ta. 
Secftadt, f. fea -tamu , /ea-port 

SecAiicb, a. parage. 
Seeaurm, m. /iorm al/ea. 
Seethier, n maritime animal. 
Sccufer, n. Seaftrand, m./ea./kvn. 
SceuBgcbcaer, n. /ea - wkar/ter, 
Seevriitu, ad. /eawards, 
eigkt ammees of Seawaflcr, n. /eawater. 
Seewrereo, n. marine. 
Secwind, m./ta.mimd. 
S«ewoir. m.Jkark. 
Segel, D. /atli daa gvola*., aciM. 

Jail, eour/e. 
Segelfertig, a- ready to /et fail. 
Segein, v.n. & at ta /<M. 

Segaln, n./^iinM. 
Scgelilange, f. jailyard. 
Segehueh, n. fail, cloth, canvas 
Scgen, a. bUJlng, henedUHau. 
Segler, tu./ailer. 
Segncn, v. i. to ht^t \ to erafs. 
•Sehen, v. n. & a. to fee ; to look ; 
to heketd, peceive ; auf etvrat ., to 
took at /omttkingi to regard, eaU' 
> /idtr, rtjlefi upon ; - •Taflcn, tt 
■ empo/e tcAgkt ; etwat gcra ., to 

, f. aptU nerve. 
SaltcwwOrdig, a. worthy ta k«/een, 
Seher, m. feer, prophet. 
Aabkunft, f. optUs. 
SchkUnfller, m. optieian. 
Sehne, Sebnadar, f. finem, tendon^ 

fich Sebncn, v. r. ta long, /aim. 
Scbnig. A.Jlnexty, nervaus. 
SehnMcb, *. faining, longing. 
Sebnfucbt, f. fainnfft, longing. 
Scbpunkt, a. ptofpeR, v\ev>. 
Sebr. ad. very, mutk, mightily, 
SebftrabI, m. vl/mal ray. 
Seiche, f. pi/s, urine. 
Seichen, v. n. ta pi/s, 
Seicbt, a. Jkalltw. 
Seicbtopf, a. pi/s -fat. 
Scichwindel, f. pi/s -elatkes. 
Seichwinkel, a. pijlng. tamer, 
Seide. f.>M. 
Seidai, a. pint. 
Seiden, a ^tkin. 
Seidanarbeti, f . flk . vark. 
Scideaarbcitcr, Scidenwabar, m.flkm 

Seide nbau, t. culture . krteUng ^f 

Seidendriicker, a. //A .fluf. printer, 
Saidenei, a. < " ' 
Seidenfilrber, i 
Seidenbandel, a. merrery. 
SeideabMndler, a. mereer ,JHkmereer» 
Seidenharpel, L reel, /ptndU. 
Saidenraupe , f • taterpiUar ef '*« 

flk . worm. 
Seidenrptnaer, a. £lk ./pinnn. 
Seidenfiicker, a. Jilk • ewtkraUerer. 
Seiden(li4;kerei, f. emkroideryinflk. 
Seidaawaare, t. Jilk . mare. 
Saidenwaue, f. madding'Jtaek efflk. 
Seiden wora, m. JUk-marm. 
Saidenaeug, a- Jilk 'Jti^f' 
icifa^ S.Jiap. 
Seifen, v. a. to Joap, 
SeifenbUre. f. foap . *M»Mr. 
SeirenkuKel, f. /oap . tall. 
Scifanricder, a. /cap . kaHer. 
Seirenfi«derarcbe, r. /oaf . a/kt. 
Seifcfafiederei, f • /o«^ - kouje. 
Seifenwaffer, n. /oap . mater, /mi* 
Seiiig, a /M*r- 
Seiger, a. tloeki komr.gtafs. 
Saigerer, a. T. r^ner. 
Seig^n, v.a. T. to tefne, 
Seigerong, f. T. r^ning. 
Saiba, t. Sciher, mt,Jhataer, tiMaa-. 

_ ./Iter. 
Saiben, t. a. tajhain, fiter. 
Seibkorb, a. training. baJM, 
Seihtuch, n. /training. cMk. 
Sail, a. rope, eord, Usee* 
Sailer, a. ropemaker, raper. 

ofe tofi 
r /• Jet. 

Sailerbahn,r. rater's piMi, 
Seiltlnxer, a. -in, f. ropedaaetr, 
Scilwerk, n. tordage, ropes. 
Scia, a. kon^fcomh. 
Seimcn, t. a. to Jlrain kemey. 
St\mhonig,m. Jltained haney. [f«>n*t 
Sain, pr. Ai/j feiuatwagan, •« *<< af 

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; iciu«(w«g«ii( a* 

y Google 

SMOcr. pr. tfklt,^U. 

Icinlgc. SciM, {Act, die, dat) , pr. 
Air; datSeinige. «nt*t fuk/fante, 
tropirtyx die Scinigen, kis family. 

Sett, ad. £mtt : fcitlMr, Jintt tM. 


Seiieablick, m A4e- l—k. 

Seiienbret. n. Jid€ - hotri. 

>eiienDrei. n. jta€ • momrm. 
SchengebJI'id*, n. Md* ■ pktt, mimg. 
Seitenaewebr, n. Jwri. 
SeiienUhmerz, m. Ad* - th** 

aeiicnicameiE, in> nm* • w 
5«icenftcelicn, n. pUuHfy. 
Sciieoaoft, n- tkrujt i% tkt JUmk. 
SeiMDtbilr, t. /de • d»0r. 
Seuenweg, m. fy-umy, 
tciwowiod, m.Jidt.wimi. 
Jeitwkru, ad. ^j^d*. 
Selbiger. pr. kt kimfiif. 
Mba. Wbcr, ad. //Jf} Wbt (fogtr) 

lelbftaebtung, t. ftif- iM**» 
telbftbeflcckoag, t.fttf.poi 
Sclbftbctrug. m. fttf-JeeeU. 
Sclbftcigen, a to nt'i f*{f. 
S«)bfteig«naaebt, f. J«ir/*«dwi«, 

Iclbtfeigromlchtig, «. dtfpatU. 
gclbftendagung. f. volunUry rtnun. 

MbftcrDiedrigong. f/*//- «>«/o^"«- 

Selbag/«lUg, •./«(f-pi*»A*>g,M- 

Sslba^efiaiigkcit. f. ftlf .ttmttlUd. 

Selbag«rpr)tch, »• mmoUgmt, /•li 

SelwSulfe, i./t^-ktth 
8«lb(Uauier. m. •cuxi. 
Sclbftliebc. i.M'lw- 

ttelbftmord, m- /«//- murder, McSd: 
MbftfDordcr, m./>iicidt,f*lf'm»r. 

gelbftpfUfung, f . r*tf- t*tmiii*U»* 

, _ i«g.f/'« 




her, ta/'lf- 


Salbftfueht. f. '^'•/•J^ 

Siba^fcgi»"i.'<^>/jy- ^j*'- 

Selba»truau«B, n.M-con^vM. 
Jelbftauff iadeobaU, f- M' "»'"•- 

SeUgkelt, f. /-/««<l«, Wi/>, ktpfi. 

"piUlp, }€*Htud4^^ 

Stfigi&bcad. a. kfaH/c,f»fie- 

Stligmacbuag.f. htoH^atttnJt^Dtg- 


Seltcn. a. r«rr } ad. ftUtm. 

ieltenhcit. f. /<Ui>mH*fs, rmnktft, 

Seltram, %.Jtr*umt, tdd. 
*ehfaink«li, f. Mrasgtnt/s, •ff^'P' 

f^mmelmehl. n. »*«•* /»"»■• 
«Scndcn, *. •• U S**d' 

Sendrehrciben. n. w^JtM, e^i^, 

Sendung, f. /ending i cenfignmat. 

SenetbaoiDt n. Senesbuuer, pi 

Scnfp m. mif/lard. 

Senfbriibe, f. mnJUrd-ftitfe. 

Sienfkoro, n. grmin rf mujturi, 

Senfkraut, n. ftnry'. 

SeoflnUhle, f. mufiard- miU. 

Senfrchttflelcben, n. mnjlard-foucer, 

Senfiimfchlag, m. Jin^/m. 

Sefigen, t. a. to fingt, Jcorck. 

Senkblei, n. plummet, plump 'lint. 

Senkel, m. tmg ^ « Uct. 

Sanken, t. a. to fink^ ttt down j ficb 
to he Jinking, 

Senker, m. loyer. 

Scnklcr. m point -mtker, 

Senkloch, n. Jink • kolt. 

SenknctE, n. drmg-n<t. 

Senkrebe, f. vine -/prig- 

Sankrcchi, a. ptrpiudUuUr. 

Scnne,'*- Sebne. 

Senfal, m. broktt' 

S««rc, f. fitkt. 

Senfenbauoi, m. poU ^ tkt fitkt. 

Scnfenrchaiid. m. Jitkt .Jkitk. 

September, m. Sepltmker. 

Sequeaer. m. ftfu^rator. 

Sequeftriren, v. a. to /eiuffltr , Jf- 

Serapb. m. /*r*pkff\. ferapkim. 

Serapbifch, a. ftrapMt, ftrmphital. 

Serenaie, {. Jtrtnadt. 

Serpentin. m. ferpentint Jtant. 

Serlchant, wa.frrgftnt. 

Scrvi«ttc, f. nrnpitn. 

Ser»h, n.Jtt of pl*tts Ue. 

Seffel, m. tk4tir,/tttU,fiool. 

Sebhari, s. Annrflig. 

Seiren, » a. /* fit, pltt, put i (««»» 
Spiele) tejl*k<i (wetien) to lay, 
vugtr I in Gef%br . . to txpo/t } 
einen ruf Rede ., to cmU one to 
an aetount i Scbrlfl -, to eompoft 
range i fith-, to JSt datum i to 
fettle i *. n. to leap. 

Seizer, m. compoftor. 

Setzling, m.Jet, JUp ; fiorUi. 

Sctzung, f. Jetting i eompofoUan. 

Scttcbe , f . contagion , e/idemU di. 

SeufMn, ▼. ■. U Jigk, groan. 

Seufccr, m^Jigk, gro^B, ejaeaiMtUn. 
>Seyn, ». n. to ke. 

-.'. ' -s feff, kmftlf» ktr/elf. 


8le, pr. Jkt, Atyt yon. 

"eb, m. fieve, range, erOUe, rii 

dU,fearce, Mter. 
Sieben, t. a. to Jift, fearer, kalt. 
Sieben, n. /even ; J. /even. 
Siebeneck, o. keptagon. 
Siebeneckig, a. keptagonal. 
Siebencr, Siebocr, m. puce ^ feoe*. 
Sieb<nerlq^ , a. rf feven d^erttt 

Siebenfacb, Siebeamdg.a.^Ma/»U- 
Siebenfingerkraat, n.feptfoii. 
SieSengeRim, n. the Jevtn Jtatt, 

Siebenjabrig, a. fevtn years old. 
Siebenmal, ad.,^tvn times. 
Siebenfchliifer, m. drone i pi. tkt 

fevtn fltepers. 
Siebente, a. Siebentel, a. finealk. 
Siebmacber, ta. jCeve^Kmaktr. 
Siebtucb, n. koiter ■ lag. 
Sicbsebn, a fetxnteen. 
Siebcebner, m. pleee if fcnnrixe* 

Siebzrhnte, a. Siebcehotel, •. ft- 

Siebzig, n. fevtnty. 
Siebziger, ta. ftptuagtnmry. 
Siebzigfte, a fevtntietk. 
Siecb, n.JUk, infirm. 
Siecbbett, n. JUk - ked. 
Siecheo, to. to Jitken, Ungtijk- 
Siechhaot, n. kofj^al, tnjlrmafy, U- 

Siedeo . v. a. Sc n. to feetk ; U 

iotli Salpeter-, to rejtnt Jaltft- 

ter • Seife ., to make foap. 
iiieder, m. feetktr, kolUr. 
Siederet, f. koUary. 

Sicb, pr. one's J 
Sicbel. f >ri/r.4Ml. 

; tk€mfttvfs. 

Siebw, n.furi,ftemrt,Mt. 
Sleherfacit, (. ftenntv, fnrety. 
Sicherllcb, %A. fur*[y,ftcurtly. 
Siehem, ♦. a. to ftturt, agkrt. 
Sicbt, i.figkt. 
Siebibar, Sichdieh, a. comfptewns, 

SichWkeii, f. tJikUntf,, nkfikiUty. 
Siebtbarlieh, ad. rAjikly. 
Sichren, t. a. to fifi, wimum. 
Sle, {. fit,feataU. 



. vtSory, tonpujt. 

Siegel. n. J**^. 

Siegelbewabier , m. keeper rf W 

Siegelerde, f. terraJig^Umtu. 
Siegellack, n. fealtnA .wtut. 
Siegelo, v. a. to feat. 
Siegen, v. n, to conquer, va«fii(/l. 
Sieger, m. conjueror, vanfmljktr; 

An, f.Jkt' conqueror. 
Siegetbngen, m. Siegespfonc, (• 

triumpkal artk. 
Siege«geprtoge, n. triumpk. 
SiegeHutone, f. triumpkal crown. 
Siegetvragen, m. triumokal ear. 
Siegetzeicben, n trophy 
Siegreicb, a. tMorious, triumpkant. 

Signatur, \.Jignai\ 

f" iniren, *. a. t 
ber, n.Jilver, 

Signiren, v. a. to fig^' 


Silberarbcu, (. Silbergefchirr, o. 

Silbmrbeher, m. filfcr/mith. 
Silb«rbcrg«'erk, n. filtxr .mHu. 
Silberblecb, n.Jilner in plates. 
Silberdiener, m. yeoman ^ tkt J<- 

Snb«rdrabt. tn./loer. wire. 
iilbererz, n. filver.ore. 
fi^erfadcn, id . filler . tkrtad. 

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Silbcrfirbcn, :JUvtr.e*i*iirti. 

SUb«rflitterchen, n. Jllvtr - ff^n^it. 

Silbcr^eld, o. Jltvtr . mcnt* 

Silbtr^Uue, f. tUhargt o/ fiivrr. 

Silberklang. m. fourd of ftr^y 

SilberUhn, m. r/infttaii/ rf^hxr^ 

Silherliiig, fa. Jktktl. 

Silbcnnttnse, f Jt/vtr -ttin. 

Silbern, a ^/Mt . 

(ilb«r|irobe . f. tritl ^ fitt>tr^ texk 

tilbcrlJind, m.fiU.ii^ effiiwwr^. 

SUberrcbnnk, m iujit. 

SilhtxtcTyit, n. ftt o/ptmtt. 

Silberftoff, m. tr»cade., f. ort ^filvtf. 

Siaipel. %> fimplt. 

SJOM, m. corniee- 

Singccbor, n. jStiginM'chfir, fUiffr 

Siagekunft, f. mrt of finding . 

•SiDgen,v a. & a. t»ji"f[i t/i^Mt. 

Singer, t SXnger. 

Singerchule, f . ^ngimg .ftkewiy 
Singerpiel, a. optrt. 
Singeflimme, f. ^nging'.^cicf. 
Sint!eftUck. n. air. 
Singed' inde, f. JinMing-Ufn- 
Singewcilc, f. wuMtjf 
•Sinken,v.n. tajinhi inObninflcHr 

• , to Jwoon, faint. 
tinn.nv ftnft; wit; mimd, ivfrtrtinr 
Sinnbtid, n tmHtm, devier, 
Slanbildlicb, a. embUmathmi, 
*Sinnen, y. n. to think t ma/t, r^n- 

trivt, mtditatt, conjidtr. 
linngedichi, n. tpigram. 
Sinnlich, a. Jtnjutl. 
tinnlichkeit. (. ftufuatiij. 
Sinnlo»,a. Jinfttt/s, mad 
Sinnlorigkeit, f. ftn/iUfsnffu mmd^ 

linnreicht •• ingenious, witt^■^ 
Sinnrprucb, m J^mM. {ist 

lintemal, z. fince, as, whtrtas,Jfr^ 
Sippfcbaft, f, kin, con/anguimt^. 
Sirene, f. Jirtn, mermaid. 
Sirop, «r Sirup, m. fir op. 
Sittc, f. ct{0om\ Siiten, pL manHtfi- 
Sittcngefetz. n. moral law. 
Siuenlehre, f. etkies, moraittj. 
Sittcnlehrer, m. morat\fi. 
Sitienlos, a. immoral 
Sittenlofigkeit, f . immoralif^. 
Siiieafpruch, m. /entente, 
Siitenncbtcr, m. moraltxer, inf/tr. 
Sittenverbeflening, f. civitijaitBH. 
Sitilich, a. eu^omary^ moral 
Sinlichkeii, f moralSf moraliij, 
titifam, a. modeM. 
Siitfamkch. t. mod^. 
iiti, ta./eati chair, ericttt. 
*8i»cn, V. n. /• Jit. 
Siizfleircb, n. ii%. /tit*Ur^^io 
SitcgcM, II bar ./n. 
Siixang, f. ftjion. 
SkeUtt. n. A«^M. • 
Skixe, t.jteuh 
Smaragd, t. Schmaragd. 
i». pr. that ; c. (/", /•, •* J »il. f^. 

thus, futh, Jijt fo J lb MU ah , 

at Joan •/} fo foia, J* Jar, Jo ^ 

•• SOW 


miitkt iw (*Ji \ Ib gatf rtva p lii 

Eltkh, ^\'Taiy^ immtA^ttiy't fc 

^ajqj - <Li Hist, 11/ (tarW ml, 
iofTiB, t Jmeh. 

.S^iann, c. tktn , !■ i%^\ tAjo, 

ikKlrJoitlir^h^ 1 /"JS^miitfai- 

i.hlenlwifr. n. folr. Iratitrr* 
^)hn, m. fin.. 

Stmhrtrchtfi, r f^njti^.jittatiia. 
iMikhEfH rj *i, fr Juth 

^u[d4icr|;glgFn, Illr JfiAitt. 
S.5LHa■;e^^|l.HT<^ t. fr#-raj-*. 
.VjllJAiiiL'ch, M.pitLerlHit, /aUiirty 

Valdai tDwertfii, tii qi/jlai'ji' r^i^frrxj 

SiJJJtiEr, III Hfrffira-p^^ J^lrrfinf. 
Biulf, r foU.paK, fit- 

Svlltr, m. H^jtrr tsaWk gOTrft* 
'iL oi On c rl'-nd cn I pi. gfiff^mtr . 

Sti'miPErfl'rklg, &] n Hi i-rrtirdOi^j a 

lunnnf Til ttrr^sir^ n, fkmmtF- farn. 
Sin nimtthni i s . b - /iJnJSrr ^a ^/"f , 

rai mf t k 1 1< d , n /a wmr r - refl/ . 
S'lttinitrU.ihlje, F a'Achr, ^aa>rr. 
JiimrtitTn, V a* Ijtfutvwtr, iiJtUtf^ 

atimmtning, r, ffmrntntS' afrita- 


Sum mBrVD^bl , jn. huittr ^Jljfj. 

Si^ra mrriivtM ? r, n fM^mrr inatkrr 
$111111 mcrickrcrirriti, m. fJUpgitfUr 
fk-aAer, [jr. ui^^ffuir. 

^(jiidfrLafktiij f. ^'9Aetwfi,Jiws^' 
U I J r IT 

iSevwiftTiuJi, m.firim^fr, 
SonnenllimbLhc^p n. flffiH. 
V^nnc n fittbl, a . /n nktam •> 
ItanrfiHtwtic, f. tciiftte. 
±ianiirtfuh.T, r, A4/. 
£4ATi«nuhrALiiifl^ f„ diatixf^, ftl«aa< 

EkrjaneDunifTjtabg, wi. /urn/ft. 

SonFicnicJ^Ef, n. gtttaon, tOfi ^ 

Suucvnti n. /nrirrf. 
Soiiulp:, a fwMtijt. 
Son n I i£, m , funJa^.^ 

Sonm.iplLch, 1 rH^^ fftiay, 
^n^\f^^\Mt]iVit^, IB, ivikfinirtiiftU^. 
Ilflikithi, Ci. >?■), iTf m.fhKiojn. 
^iijrmnk^iklEid, t] /j^Hrfaj , r/i/4f,/ 
Jj.>lin, id riff, MeriMiifr i wt niktr 
Umtt j fH /Brmrr t«ntj j . aif - 

i«r.ii.[ifrri, r. MHifif*. fifhi/m. 

Ji7phiftif-fl.H w.fifAi/if»i. 

Sorj(ff, fL f^re,Jo^tom. 

Suf^rii, * b. /ir Mr*H /* f«lr rcri I 

Sdrj^tnCrel , ». Jfrtt Jrom carts. 

farrjki, jftfoa/Mi* 

^i\Vf.imhr r tan, tArtfklMtJi 

iTKlibig, a tar'fti, /altftt9Hi. 
i'iralfli, a. tartit/i. j /■yifqf'. a^fA- 

SunUrtling, m_fii3f;Miitr fr'/v» 
Srjfiikrfl, iTrl. fp /wfl4trfjJi^ar«U, 

SgrniifTHf C- iptf, 
^mnilirind, Ri. fttat4af, 

SuJin«d, v.a. i* fun, infttait. 
^dDncrLluFgatigi itii./vil,rj^H^. 
SrinnrnHllrlL, m. glo-ncr of ttii fan. 
S^n cicnh lum?, m- giraftl, hitUtriptf 

SmrneniJitlicrr m. /air+ 

SrifintnfioHfrniti^ f,/ettr tittfft* 
iofth^fljiiiri n JfUrjtAT. 

Si^n n rnf{: hcl it , m . /u n -jiiar. 

rtlr/iWfff. w*fiu 

iuVjtfitqH a. ^ariful, jMiidioxi^ Am4- 

SMturamkffii. r. ca-rtf^iirtfi, Jtulfni- 

■ l«l1iE, n./fr^iuvf^/^, 
EH, V. a. /f fart. 

i fturt, 
^ttrerifn, a. fsirfrti^n. 

S^i^VtrilEltttE, r. /diKrr/jri|ir>, 

^p.dLlEa, r. f^asLUw. 

Spijrcrt^ t.B.&i. f,fpj, ,Jp^^ 

Spilpcr, O. w/fniirr, /ttilg,r - nw. 

^^•li, in- Spadvi t- Jlil, tt/ft,. trt- 

tnn, think, wkaf, nft. 
&paiLeilH>.*r Si n, iafpiitt^itt rift,, titaw 
SpiihFji,a. tiximk^f^ fri^ttf. 

j0pi]c«mg, r. ^t/u;i«i() ^frf/'tn; 

>SI1^ m. thlp, ffiinU JfhnUr* 

?j;riiit^u, n. ktdAtad. 
SjrtnFetkalj n.. futkint pig* 

SpRDEtUHp n. •ptfMfiriJet 

ipari fcb^ •. //.an (/I ; J5g. J*« r^ f 
. FtlEgr, ffiaiijk ft}, {.AtithAfidt -i 
- R«»h r, f ■ rsf J - T;V i n4 * /pi^i'ij 

SpattnadErH '- rrr^ffJ. 


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Smmim, v. •. tt. a. t0 /^ } 

heuii t0jh*im. 
Sptnner. a. Unttr \ fp«mner. 
Spannkrart, f. et^ieUj. 
8p«nnunf , f. *«i4««, rfi«/*«. 
SpwbUchliB, f. ai«Drr - *««• '^ 
Sparen, t, «. ^# y>«rr, yiw } «# ^» 

/rr. \ 

Sparer, in.»«rrr,yit*r. 
Spargel , m. a/p»rmgut , fp*rt»v>. 

Spargeibeet, n. hti vf af^rmgus. 
Spirlich, a. //►««, tkti/ty, frfimo- 

nUut, frugal. 
Sparren, m. ffr, rafter. 
Spairwcrki n. rafttrs. 
Sparfam, a. /paring, farfimaniaaJh 
Sparfamkcit, f. /avtngmt/s , farfi. 

Spafi, ni. j*fi, ffari, Jpke, pa/lime. 
SpafMn, ». n. U /f0rt,Jr^, jokt. 
Sp«(sbaft, a /p»rtfml, /fartivtt mn 

rjr, jf/Mgt Joking. \ 
Spartbafugkch, f. jp«rtfuhufi,ja(U. 


Sparsmacher, di. j*Ji*r, J»ier. 
Sp«&TOgel, n. wag, luiitrout ftl. 

Spktt a. It ad. taUi ■"& fpCteftt, 
. t lati/l, furtk^ 
Spatel, m.fjMtHU, fp0tml€* 
Spates, m.fpadii 
Spath, n. j>«oM. . 
8patium.n.y>4rr, dtgamet, margin. 
SpStling, m. latt fruU. 
Spktebft, n. Mt' r^/ruttt, 
Spatregen, m. rain im tkt karv^- 

timt . 
Spatt, m. fparrtn, 
Spatxitras, v. a. U viaik, fetck « 

uaik i « ogehen, to take » «m/A, 

»r tkrn °{ . •fabren , t» take tke 

m^ in a eodek ; ■ •raitco, ta take 

thi *^f 'n kflrfii\fii 
IpiLTirr'atir, f. taii-^ tkt frft air 

iw a isafk, tM ai t^tt- 

£p«ivEriTii[, la. |«*Jhj Ht air « 
Spat Ai crwcg, f paiitaTplM i, m . wt/i 

Ap«btp 0> bifffJ ^^f4fr. 

ipteh.m. /*rJ, tarpit.fat* 
S^ckbtucb^ lb, ^tfbTfA. 
!lp«ckblrnt, f- pmimJ . ft^i^. 
SprckfeH, a- wrj/af. 
fptrk]g, a. /af. 
i|icr1[ Vnicbanj tci. iarrfrd ra4f- 
S^rrkrvpp«t f- >^^"*- '''*- 
fiuci: L rchwWB , C fvtir4 

$pecaLfeci*irt:b, « /ptmiatit*- 
Sptrtitirenp '- b. ^« Jiffuditf. 
6p»4ircn^ V. tL fd /»'< ^J^Mr 


Sptditioa, r. feudbigt itf^ttdUmg, 
Speer, m./ptmr. 
ipcUh»,f. fp^ke. 
Spcicbel, m ' ' 

Speicbalcur, _^ 

Speicber. a. gramarjn mare-kam/e 
''Spcien, v. n. Sea. ta/fH,/pamli 

t» mbM; Feaer., t» hum. 
Spelerlingtbaoot, m. ferviee . tree. 
Speierliogtbeerct f> /"rkt ftrxUe 


m. fpittU, fyaml- 
It, f. Jalivaiiam. 

Sptia%u,n. T. puppet. kete. 

Speire. f. mf^uats, meat, /(tod; dijk. 

Speirebaus. n. ar^nary,tatingJtou/t. 

Speifekammer, f. larder , paHtrj, 
gard - manger. ^ 

Spcifekorb. bi. hajktt hr viBuait. 

Speiremeiflcr, m. mafitr .t—k. 

Spcifen, v a. & n. to tat ; <* treat, 
entertain { <« kaard, diet \ sa Miu 
tag* *, t» dine } so Abend ., t» 

Speirer6bre, #. gutUt, tkroat. 
Spcircfaal, m. Spetfesimmer, a.iiN- 

inm - room. 
SpciTercbrank, n. faU, panirjf, kut. 

Speifewcin, aa. takle-uine. 
Spcifewirtb, ra. majler of an ardk- 
, nary, puUican. 

Spelz) Spelt, m./pelt, hear'karley. 
SpenAe, f. dt/lrdution, kentfam»n, 

iSpenden, t. it. iodifirihute, dealiut. 
Spcndiren, v. a. to give liberally, to 

k^o\i> upon, to make a pre/ent. 
Sperber, m. fparrowhawA . 
Sperlirtg, m. fparrovt ; .weibchcn, 

It. ken ./parrow. 
Sperlingfirbrot, m. fmaUJkat. 
SperrbaiUB, m. karritr. 
Sperre, f. trigger. 
Spcrrtn, V.a. to '*«r ; to fiop\ ficb 

., to ofpofe, ^JUl ', die Beine aus 

eiDander., UjfraddU,^t aJhideT 
Spcrrhaken, m. trigger's koak. 
^crrkette, f. karrimg ckal»i trig. 

get' J ikaln. 
Spcmnaol, ft« g*per. 
Sperrweit, a. wide opem, 
Speaarei, f. ""/picery. 
Spczereibandel, m. grocery. 
SpeaereibXndler. m. fpieer, grater. 
Sphire, f . fpkere. 
Spbirifcb. a. fpkerie, f^keritmt, 
Spiauter, m- fpeiter. 
Spickch, V. a. to lard, 
Spicknadel. f. Imrding pin. 
Spickfocck, u./cf haen: 
Spiegel, m. looking. glafs, mirre^. 
Spiegelfabrik , f. looking » gt*ft* 

Spiegelfecbtca, a. aioek .figkt. 
Spicgelfenftcr, n.^ne gla/s . window. 
Spiegelfoiie, (■ tin 'foil, leaf" 

Ipla^hgadl^. B. laakimg.glaft. 

SpiegelhBtw, (, laaking.gfaft.fa. 

SpiegelkarpTea, la. carp wUk Jki. 

ning feaUs. 
Spiegclkunft, f. eaiapMes. 
Spiagelasackcr, m. laakimg . gtafi . 

Spiegela, v. a. to gtae a lu/he; fich 

. , to look into a looking . gta/ti 

fich an einaa - , Ag. to take an 

ejiample ky one. 
Spicgelrabncn, la. frame ^ mmir. 

ror, looking. mlajs. 
Spiegelfcbeiba, T.^ne glafj.tane. 
SpiegelCchimnel, m. wkite fpeckled 

SpiegieUchleifer, n. looking. glaf s . 

j&piegelcimnicr, n. mirror * room. 

Spieke, f . fpike, fpikenard, laontdtr. 


Spiel, n.fUying, pUy,game\ drum. 

Spiciart, f. uunner of playing} T. 

Spielen. v.a. 8c n. to piay% auf ef. 
nea Inftmrneotc ., to play n on 
injlrument ; in der Kane, Whift 
See. ., to ptay at eardj . at wkijt 
&e. J um Celd. aum VergnOjtcii 
Sec. ., to gamei feine Mhie.'lall 
fen, to fpring a mine. 

Spielen, n. playing, gaming. 

SpirlcTidj ad. gamejamelyy fig. nfily. 

«~ ", rt> pUyer, gainefltrk 

SpH' ,,irl.!. El. play.monA. 
Sp:=l>;s:t>rh,B>. playfellow, 
Sp..'.i.j'N. i\, gaming, houfe, 
Sp f . play . card. 
Sf m« mmjSeian. 
Spi.....^ju, m. elbow. room. 
Spidfucbt, f . pajfion for gaming. 
Spieliac, df. pUyday. 
' ' ' 'fch, n. 


Spiegelfenftcr, n.fneglaj 
Spiegelfoiie, f ■ tin .foU, leaf» 
Spiegelglai, n. mirror .gla/s } 

of mirror. glafs. 
Spiegelglatk, a. as fatooA at 4 took. 

k^agelSandcI, m.^*. 

m. plaj 

Ming, table. 
»/«*«# i fig- e^ 

^ielaeug, n. pUytking, iey. 

^erling. m. fmelt, (fiA ) 

Spiels, m. »« j (Speer)y/»Mr; lantt, 

Spieflan, v. a. to Hereei to empalf' 
SpiefMr, Spicfthirfcht m. Jaggard, 

Spieftgerte, f.yiaMrA. 
Spie&gefell, m. eomr'aie , partner, 
. aceomplite. 
Spieftglu, n. antimony. 
SficT%Tutha.(./wUek,gantleti Spieft- 
•laufen, to run die ganf. 



nut , , 
/«RC Spillingbai 

,4lspinat, ta. fptnage, 
'- ' Sfitkit},f.fpind/ei/pirefofatamtrh 
SpindclroUe, t./ptndle.roU. 
SpindeiWiml. ai. ^tkirl. 

ilCf ■ (.hindle, 

dndlei warm (qfaftreuij; 

's^ile,r. wkeatplam. 

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:^!iiett, n.Jhbut, virgimtit, 
Spinne, f. mitr , fpinntr. 
> Spinnefeind, a. dnHy kativg- 
•Spinnen, v. n. ^a, to /^n. 
Spinnengewebe, n. coiiwt. 
Spianer, m Jfinntr^ .in, f./fiK^fitr. 
Spinneret, f. /fimninf. 
Spinnhaus, n. ^in.Affu/ir; 4#u/V a/ 

corrtSion- ' 
Spinnrad , n . f pinning ^ v»ht^- 
Spinnrockep, in ^ r«cA, d^jtrnf. 
Spinnftul^e. i. fft^lttr*t r^micr. 
Spini. q. fttk J . m. hp. 
Spiotifiren. «. n. U fptctUtU, ^veiu 
Spion, m. fpy, Lr«rt 

Spioniren, « n- t» fby. 
Spinlfeder. f. fpirat.fprinM. 
Spirallinie. (./pirai. 
Spiritus, q>. fpirii. ' 
Spital, n. hofnt^l. 
Spitz, s. $pitzig. 
Spity , m a kind ^ dog. 
Spiizbart, m. pointid btarJ^ 
Spitzbube, ta. Jkarptr, r^mt,ihlff\ 

-in, f Jk* . rogue. 
Spitzbubenrprache, f. emnt, gikinri^ 
Spitxbiiberci, f. roguery , kHnt*r^ 
SpitzbUbifch, %. rcguijt, tkU^iJh- 
Spitze, f point, top} tact. 
Spitzen, V. a. to point, Jkarpn ,/fiiir. 
Spitzenbal*tuch, n. Uct . cr^n^/. 
S|Mtzenh9pd«l, m. tact .trmiirg 
Spitzentii(ndler, m. tmct . mtttn*it- 
Spitzenkram,'in. latt.Jhaf. 
Spitzenftich. m. point. Jhirk ^ftti^r. 
Spitzenvrerk, n. points, imr-ci. 
Spitxfindig. «. tunning, fuhiU^ rr^/. 

Spuzfifidigkcit, f. fuitUty. frnkilt. 

m</i» er*ftint/i. 
Spityglat, o. gla/s with t. f&n^faet- 
8puf jg. a. pointed, Jimrp, ptrgHM^nf ; 

fpitzkopf, n. f^ng wtisJUftn ^^\ 

fig. critic ■ 
Spitsmaiu, f. Jkrtnmoufe. 
Spitxmlinze, f fpearmint. 
^txname, m. nickn»m*, 
SpUzfifule, f. pyramid 
Spitz zahn, m. ^e- tooth. 
•teleibcn, t. n. 8c a. to fpHi^ ctixw- 
Splint, m.- j'ap. 
flitter, m. fpliMter, fpUnt. 
Splitierig, a. ftM t^ fplinirrt^ 
SpUttern,v n.&a tofptinifw^/^tt, 
Spltiiernackt, a. Jtark nak^^. critic, fgntt^Jiffdtr. 
Spom, m. /"pur. 
Spornen, y. a. to /pur. 
Spomleder, n. /pur . temtktr, 
Spornmacber, Sporar, m. _^uhri^^ 

/pur. maker. 
■ Spomritdcben, n. rowtl tf r Ip^^- 
Spornftrei^hs, ad. tantivy, ant/i gtt4t 

SpoRclfi, pi. p»rquifiits,ft*t. 
Spott , m. mockery , mctk , /port, 

Spdu«In,v. n. to gihe,jtir* 
Spdtiel«i, f. giie. 


Sp\iitcT, at. m*fktr, dttidtr ^ fij^tT '^ 

■ in, f. jltt - 1m»l-kwr 
5pCH[«TCi, r. moEkrryy dfriJltH- 
^ClJ^dichi, n./*tirr, fjtittiiAi pMm 

Spfnljitli, Fi wf'j^ i9\^ prirt. 

^l^iIiircbrUtH r. /ittrc, i4»p^Wi 

iiprittitK fi ff'tfiht iattgniLgr- 

prachftcbfiueh, m. u/t f/J^MitiS- 

S^jrjehjtelTh-Tte, SlinclildHlJNEt ^ m 

Sp nE hSL If] n(| c, f. pAifulitffj. 
Spf^rhLnrnljjj^ a. Itarsttd in grain- 

SpiitEhkinft.SpnE^liJTfarfJ. ?iT(|j(mpaT. 

S^racbJtii, a fpttthhfi 
SprachniE^ncr, m- ian^unf: vrjttfr 

Spfichrahr, n. /ptaimt . t' tttefirt. 

Sprethirif f. m^Ntftr nf fprjrHmr i 

"Sprccb rit t V . 1 Sl n - tif/ptgi^ fati - 
tti^ -f ta si/itfvr, rir^r ^ eiit Ut- 
Aprcii^n, Vn a, ta fpwr^J.\ntn, « 1. to fffifn mJih^j die 
Rlfn? ai I ^ el M md rr - J f# jfraJJit 1 

u<aIf-,fprihiSt; Jjufr/J-K 
apiengEiir w, i. to firimitf, lamlif-r '^ 

I* y>''ffljf . Aj'sui wf> i tf riJp tan 

iny, a f^il jiullejf 
Sprrpgl! jflhe, r. /fnttiling - futt, int^ 

I^PifCnflkclTcrlH m. ItcJy ^ \t«ttr ^ ftt- 

^irrm.-'vcdclp m /pHHitiirJf, ifv/k. 
Spurn ktl, m fftrwsr. 
^iirriiliclnr », I. It. fprriif, 

&[:>r<|:|lhlicfa, H. jTiajf^J, ^ff4^. 

SprtKNiKp a. rfej^. 

SjpriLtiWnn, K- pT'?Vtri, /i_yift^, ii>-- 

Rp-ichwurilicb, ii frttttrtiai , aJj- 

' *pr M (ten , » , n . /* _^f an t- 

5tfili:l:, n. T /frit, 

ISpriTiEErf m tta^", jtr^ptfi (i 

Spririii'^ll^T, t /friHg. 

!Ji)-rTti£f1cictp ra ftapit'.fi-peif'- 

6TA 9^ 

Sprit*eni ti, a. &n> f ■ ^rtl|l, j^'riW- 

tttOnEirlrr, id. n^fQfirr+ 

SprlHflnHkbfc,#i tar*ei ^ an rvffuv. 

April irkuchDiij mt. Jft^ttd ta)n,jnt* 


SpTwlt, ■ ^rdr'.^C|^Ff|fr^fj; prt.AftJ^y. 

5plDd«, f frw4r. 

Sprdd i g ke li , r. »P f ft^ c/j, /rlq4i Ji^xj: 

ll^ru^.f, _Attt/T. 
Spru^F SjiciiiTil i n J4 m n f mvia i^jfrfiiff 

S].|r.flF, r >^^ i^rrt^. 

S]»Tc4rtfD, V. Br ft /fr4)KltJkaot, tlldt 

SptuilEj f ffrat^ 

ifh, nr. /.mwK, /mU^rty f^fagCt 
irhhiirh, T\ ttoi 9/ Jtnltn<tt. 

S|j/ivcfirtPtliH B ftitteniMtii-. 

ipiei-pn) rtr ff after. 
Jiprilhcn, Ti. i. -tn. Iij/^r*^, rfar* 
/u*f4 ; ttt Air'iVi 


■bEIl, * «. f.Tffltr 

' iiicrli, V fi, !■« /Ia»f[ir{ ta m^ke a 

ipuktttli f, afpariiion of kmtg,titiitr, 

Sji'dp-Ei, T. a, ffl nitnd upf[n a fpfat, 
."tl-Hlfl.TK i, & p. ta iiiOj^i rtfifr^ 

3.|'l|lfTll, f. Ifim^lW. 

S[jlilkttfjiL, tb itoi^Uti:' 
:i [lUI nip t't in ' ■-' m^ nt; - h twi- 
S|.i.|t»J, nr/^fltJ - tl-ltrfl. 

SyA^ifnJtit, m- i«uj.iKir«, ieiip- 

Spnnd, m- iltnjfr 
Sfit-niihnhttti a, timi/t, 
Sj^dnflm, T, 9. tli Ju'ig', 

Jl|iiLi n ilaiachFr, m. 4a ■*-■"«■* 

S(li»r, r. Iraci, trart^ firoti'ff. 

SipUfCB, t... iiJfU^ tf tkfjttsfi 

EipUrltLiiid,, Ri. iitad^htandi 
-Si ' i. ^Hrr.' 

imiTtnilEfchkhic. f. ^Jltry */ thr 
Sj#ft..«rgalcBcntiEii,r. Suiuierehlini 

Ti. r^u,-*rri sfjiatt. 

SmuhlirFcr, pj- nEj^r^r 



• TA 


>aiMtm{aUUr, m. mtmyhr ^ JtdU. 
SMkUraih. B. ttuntU ^fjtttx m«ii. 

fltUr ,fjt^,. " * 

StMurccbt, •. p^Mumi imm. 
SiMUbelM. r. mmtm- iffJOe. 
atMufebdrt, i. JtU.pmftr, /«m. 

Suaur«crei4r, i6. fitriHr^ t/ Jttu. 
StMuumwMlsniig, f revofiititm. 
SuaitwiflcnfclMU. f. pities. 
Snb, m.ftmf, pi Jlm9ttiJlitkt rod 
Staboirm. n. ir«« . h»r 
StabwlBcicr, m JltU.^Utr. 
SMbsqwanier, n. ktmd.futrters. 
Stabwurs, f./urtkem-mtod. 
S(ach«l, m.JfinM, prUk, thorn. 


tc^lbctra, r ^< 
ScacbelArch, n Jliikltbag fetkinus 

%achaibMrbulcb, n. goofi ^ ktrry . 
StacM^cara, f go»/e-ktrry 


Stacbclig, «r Ctanhlif, a 

9cutfUd, tkttty. 
Suchcin. V. a. to gpud, prUk. 
Stach«lnu(i, f . wat*r • mut. 
Sucbclroehe, f. tktmkmek. 
Sucheircbnecka, f murtM. 
StachcKcbwtin, n. ^reupine. 
Stacket, n. psti/rndtt imtUffurt. 
Sudt, r f0«ni, ttty 
Stkdteban, a. tmmrktt- dtmn , h- 

SUtdtaberchreibuaf , f t»^ogr»pky. 
Stltdter, m. tommju^mn, rttimtn, tit. 
SudtBar, f tmanjkip 
StadtgaUhMl*, a. prnUie tdijitt. 
Siadtf ericbt, a. ttmri ^ jf/fUe in 

Siadtgnbaavm. ditek ^ # (mw. 
StadibaiiptiBanii, m. MMate •§ tk* 

town . fMitry. \ 

StUiifieli, a. htUmgimg f m t»mm ; 


SiadikallerKlB. totam.vimtfj. 
Stadtklad, a. tovrntmrnHt ctknty. 
ttadtknacbt, m. hfdit, Jtrgtmmt. 
Siadtkundig, a. notorimtt. 
Stadtlcbcn. n. tvam 'tife. 
Itadtnafi, a. <m»m'/ Jtmndmri for 

StadiBMutr, f. fMPM. tamli. 
StadtaiiUs, i. tomn .fotditry. 
Stadtmuficott m- town-mujicimn. 
StadtpbyficiM, m. t^um . ohjJici*m. 
Siadiraib, at- ftnmi* of ike town 
Stadtrecbli •• frivUtgt of tk« town. 
Stadiricbtcr, m. €kmirm»n ^m Jtna. 

tt in town. 
Stadtfi:braib«r, m, eterk, *r ftcrttn- 

ry to « tomn. ' 

^drcbulc, f tmn 'ftkeol. 
Suultroldat, r. tamn foUiir. 
Stadtthor, n. town . gate. 
Siadvogt, m tomn . mivotait, tomn 

Sudtvolk. a. town. folk. ptopU. 
Stadtwage, (. tow^ . bniantt. 
Staffcl, (. dtgr<t, Jltp, piUh. 
Staffelai. f. tmftl. 
" " I, f. eomrUr, tmfr^t. 

a. to gurnijkt fntfAJk 

ainca Hat., to t^im. 
StaSrpag, f . /urmjking, gkruijking } 

Stag. m. T.^a*. 
Siagnol, a. Umf.tin. 
Siasfagal, a t.Jtny.foU. 
Stabl. m. Jlul. 
Stahidrabt, m.Jlttl. mirt. 
Stiihiea. T.a. to ^**l. ttmpor. 
Siihlern, a fittly, of Jlul. 
Siahlgrlln, *.JIe*i. grttn. 
Siaken, m. Jlahe. 
Stall. m.JinkU.Jnll.Jy. 
Stallbaam, m fpring • tm . tor. 
Sialldecke, f enparfon. 
Sialljunge, m. Jlobit hoy. 
Siallen, v. a to Jlobl*i toJtaU ; fig 

to at'o^ 
Stall geld, n /tallogt, ftalt . monty. 
Siallkittel, m. eoachmmn*j frork. 
Sullknecbt, m. Jlakkmon, h^ler. 
SMllmaifler, b>. tfturry, 

StMllang,(.JImUingiJ^nU*ro»m, ho- 

Siamn. m.Jtotk, trunk i rnte,Ji<m-^ 

StamiaXliani, pi. •nc^ort \ fifji pa- 

Srammbauai, b>. 'frto jf tonfoxgu 

nity t ptdtgrt*. 
Sumnbocb, n. mtmorinl 

kronre hook . 
Stanmaler, m. Jtommtrtf 

Stannaln, v. a • 8c a. 

Jiut,JluU€r, msJjLt. 

tanman. v. a. i» eomt • defetni 

from, if. 
SiiniaieB, v. a. to kemr up ogotf^, 

to hotd up ; to Jem j fieb . , tfa 

Jond I to oppoji, PeM. 
Stammbari, n. ftrongtJlout. 
Stammbaftigkait, f. Jrong^t Jout- 

Stammbakar, m, fupporttr rf « /«. 

Sumaibaus, a. */•» rfwkkh mfo- 

mily it nmmtd 
StMnmig, a. Jtrong, bulky. 
Siammlaban, n. fee fimpU. 
Sianmlinie, f. unemge. 
StatamregiAar, n. pedigrtt, gfatm- 

Stammrprache, f. primitloe tongue. 
StaaiotTater, m. head ^ a family. 
Stammwort, a primitiue word. 
SUtmpel, at ^aat^ i pounder. 
Stiiinpalgald, n.jtamp-fe«. ^ 
Sttfmpaln, v a to Jump. 
Sitfmpelpapier, n.Jlnmped p»per. 
fitMaipelicbneider, vu.Jtump. cutter. 
SulBpfc, (.'Jampingi Jumper. 
Siaaapfen, V. n. 8i a. to Jlomp^ kmt, 

Stamprmiiblc, t. Jlmmflng.mlU. 
' aad, m Jundlng ; Jute, condltiom, 

rank ; da/j. order i JIaU. 
iundane, f.jUndmrit kuiuur. 


to Jtummer, 

STA ^ 

Sundbild, n. JIatutt figUTt, 
SiXndchcn, i*. ferenude. 
StXnder, m. wuter.tuk\ piUmr. 
StandetiDMrtig, a. mgrtemble to Mi'l 

Sundcftperfon, f. perfon rf lualUj. 
Standesvridrig, a againjl one's raak. 
Standitald, n. JtaUage. 
Standhafi, a. eomjlant, Jirmi JUUt, 

Sundbafiigkeii, f. eonjiany, frwu 

ne/t, Jfodxntft. 
Suindifcb, a. brlonging to tke Jatet. 
Staudon, m.Jlmtion. 
Standpferd, a. relay-korfe, frejk. 
' ho/e 

Standpunki, m. point ef oiem. 
Siandquanicr, a. tamp pUeked, /oL 

dier's quarter. 
Standreckt, a. mmrtial torn, tourt* 


Stindrede, f. parentmtion. 
Stange, f. pole, Jake, bar} ptmrtk. 
Sufngel. m.Jlatk. 
Stdngein, v a. to JUke, prop. 
SiaiiKeogebirs, a. emnon.bit. 
Scangcngittcr, a. iron - grate. 
Stangenk'igcl, t rroh- bar-Jkd* 
Siangenpferd, a. hmtfueer 
Stangensaum, ra. caaan. 
Stinker, m. Jltnker ^ fig. fuMrreU 

fomf perfon. 
SUnkerei.f funk^ Jinking i fig. 


Stilnkera, v. a. to ferret, fut0t } 

fig. to quarrel. 
Sunze, r. jIaaM. 

Stapcl. m Jtokt', piiei Jloek siJUpk, 
Stapelbar, a. Japle. 
SiapelgcKchtigkeit , f. JUpU.rig^, 

Supeln, v.a. to pile up. 
StapalftadN f.Jlaple -town. 
4urk, : Jtronm,Jlurdy, robujltfor- 

e^ult Itf/fy, Jotit, porous ; rnU 

*erfed (in an art He.). 
Stirke, f JtrengtktJurdmt/s, rob^JU 

Htfs, Joutnejt, vigorou/nefst for- 
te x (iutWXfcbe)>?«rcJk. 
SUrken, v. a. t^ torrokoruie, ftrtng- 

t*ca} Wttfche., toJUrth, clear* 

Stifrkend, a. torroborative, 
Starkflliederig , a . Jrong - limbed. 
StirknXndler, m. Jarck - man. 
Stirkmacber, xn. Jlarth- maker. 
Stiirkinehl, n. Jlarth . Aemer . 
StMrkmittel, a. eorroboralive, refio- 

Slkrkung. f. Jrengtkening, corrobo- 

StiCrkwafler, n.Jlarthing -water' 
S^un. a numb.tif, rigid. 
StaWbliad, a. Jlmrk - kttnd. 
Siarren, ▼.a. /• numb, jtifen; tt 

Stank opf, n>./»4*ar» fellow. 
Starrkfipfig , a. keadjrong , rigil 

Stanlciowana, f. butkrmm. 

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Stavrfina, m. Jiuihtmntft. 
Stavrfucbt, f. mmmStdneJj, i 
StMt. a. JiMtd, KHmovedi etmtimttai, 

SUttig, a rtjf, rf/hvei et 
SvHiikeitrl. rtjhvtmt/i. 
Stntii., (.Jimties. 
Station, f. Jlagt ; JImiUtt. 
Statiflik. r. kHvultimt 9/ paiiejf, 
Siaiiftiker, m. Jmtifi, potiHciM. 
Sutt, f. pimtti •haben, tabtptrwii*. 

M, t» t* pofibit ; . finden 'laf. 

(tn,i4 K^*"** vo" Stat ten »ge> 

hea, tafitcttedi zuSiatten 

man. to ht ufifui. 
Stiu, prp. bi Jttmd iff. 
SiAta, f pf*tt^ room. 
Suitbaft, a. U b« ucceptedi Imv^ul, 

Statthalter, m. movernar ^ Jfudthalder. 
Statihalicrfcliafi. f. gotxrnment, 
Suulich . a. Jlatrf;f, magnifictnt, 

fpltndH\ important \ **cMtnt. 
Siattlicbkeit. f. wfgHiJictiut. 
Siatne, \. Jtmtui. 
Siatur. t.JtotUTt. 
Statut, n.Jatutt. 
Statatenrccht, a.^mtnte. trnm* 
Staub, m. dtffi, powdtr. 
Siaubchen, n. atom. 
Siaubcn, r.i. to ke dufy, 
Stjfaben, v. a. to dufi\ to poudtr } 

to ciear from d.Jl. 
Stifubar, StMuberhund, m. JlmrUr^ 

StUubern, v. a. to Jlart, chaft. 
SuubfKden, nl.jfaaiiaa rf fitnttt. 
Siaubfeder, \.jiut\ doum, 
Staubig. a- dujfy. 
Staubmcbl, n. mfl'dtf/l, 
Staubrcgeni on. dristiing. 
^taub>>vedel, n. dujtor. 
Siaucben, V a. to Jttm\ tojtwmp^ 

to jog . jolt. 
Siaude, f firui. 
Staudengewiclu, n. under. Jkruk, 
Suunen, v. n* to ht ajloni^ed. 
Siacpbefen, m- Staapc, f. rod. 
Siiapen, v. a. to fiog, vtklp. 
ScaupcnicUag, m. wlupfiag , fiog* 

Stechapfel, m. tkomappU. 
Stechbahn, f. tilt. yard. 
Stedidorn, m. hue k -thorn. 
Stecbeifen, R- pnneh, prUk.ptmek. 
*Stecbcn, r. a. to Jling, priek ; to 

ciU, grave } todt >, to ^ap ( pach 
. dem Ilingc. to run in tills. 
StMber, m. prUktr \ trieker, 
Stecbpalma, f koUjr oak. 
Stechplata. ». tUt-jrard. 
•Vechring, m. fuintim. 
Steckbrief, m. warrant. 
Steckcn, m.fiiek. 
'Stecken, v. n. tojhcki fig. to kel 

V. a. to put, ftt, plant \ loc Sea. 

eken '"garatMn, to teafe, kefiop. 

ped; Hauben^ to make keait^efij. 
Stack enknccbt, m. /other's hoy. 
Stcekenpferd, n. kokfy^htrfi. 


Stackflnft, n. choaking rheum. 

Steckhoften, n. ekoaking cough. 

Sicrkmorobcl, f. pinna. 

Stacknadcl, f pUt. 

Stecknadelbttchfe, t.piu.eafe. 

Slack nadtlkaflen, n. pin.euJUon. 

Sieckriibe. f. navew, turnip. 

Stag, m. patkt wooden kridge } T. 
printf'i eoinet, pin- 

Stagkreua, a turiljtilt. 

Scegraif, m.JH'ruf; autdei 
tempore t on the fudden. , 
'Stehen, v. n. tofiandi fig. to he; wie 
flehts i how go matters, fouw^ttf 
bei ctwas . *bleiben, to Jtop, lea- 
ve of, Gevatter., to Jtand god. 
fatktr, nodmother\ die Jahrc -, to 
he hound apprentice ; das Acbt Ih- 
nen cut , tt Jtii u>eU upon you 
es (Uht noch dahin, it is as yet 
uneet tain i fUr den Schadan - . 
to _0aHd the lof$; wofUr., to wo-, 
rant, aifwtr fe^ \ einem nacfa 
dem Laban, to attempt upon one'i 
Si«hlen, ▼. a. to Jleal, ^rr, rob. 

SiehJer, m. Staler. 

S^«^^ a.//, hard. 

&ui'c,(.ft,f, fji hutire/s. 

Stei en, v. a. to /ta'rk.jfhfem. 

Steifigkeit. f. Jl'r.e/s. 

Steig. m. path, foot. path, 

Steigbdgel.m. /irra^. 

Steige, f Jlair,Jlile. 

>Steigen, v. a (0 rife^ mount, of end, 
Jlep up, climb. 

Steigcn, n. afteuMmg, Cfc. ; ri/tug in 

Steiger, IB. leader, fur veyor. 

Steigem.v.a. to rai/e, enhance. 

Stcigerung, f. raijing, enhancing. 

Steigrieaoen, m laji of the Jlirrt^, 

Sieil, *.Jlup,Jleefy. 

Steilbeit, f.jleepnejs. 

Stein, m jfone, laptsi (in Scbach) 
^atvn. (in der Oame} man. 

Steinader, f. rocky vetn. 

Steinadler, m.^ear. hawh. 

SteinaU. a- ^one • old. 

Steinartig, a Jlone - like. 

Stein be rcbwerung, f. trouble with 
the Jlone. 

&icinbock,m. wildgoat\ (im Tliier. 
krcife) caprhorn. 

Stainbracb, m Jloneb*eak,famifrage 

Steinbrecher, m. quarry . man. 

Steinbruch, in. fuarry.Jione.pif, 

Steinbacbe, f. plane, tree, mafte. 

Steinaicha, f. h*lm. oaA, Jcarlet. 

Steinern, u.Mony. of Jtone. 

^einfrucht, f. Steinobft.n./aiif^alf. 

Steingalle. f. wind -gall. 

Steingot, n. earthen ware. 

Steinbart, a. as hard at Jlone. 

Steiohitndler, n. quarry . aiaa. 

Steinhatier,SteiiuDeiz, a. Jlone ..cut. 

SteinKauren,ra.A(«^ ^lones,ruhHJk. 
8winicbt,Steinig,a.^«a^, rocky. 

8TK lai 

Stainigaa, v. a. tojlont, lapidate. 
Stcinigong, (.Jtoning, lafidmtimt^ 
Steinkauic, m. Jlone . oud. 
Sieinklce, m. metUot. 
Stalnklippa, f. r/i/: ' 

Steinkiii, m, lithocoUum. 
Stainkohle, f. pit - coal, fea . eaal. 
Steinkoblenbcrgwerk, n. pit. coat m 

Sieinmardcr, m. rock.mar^. 
Stcinmeirsal, m. ckijel, 
Steinnufi, f. thUk -JkeUed uut, ' 
Steinol. n. petroleum. 
Steinpflafter, n pauement. 
Steinrabc, aa. mountaiu - reutm. 
Steinrauie, f. aiai^ni . hair. 
Steinraich, a. /«// ^Jloncsi adH^ 

ty rich 
Steinrcich, m./amUy offoJUs. 
Sieinnaa, f. marble. faw. 
Steinrals, n. roch .Jolt, mineral » 

Steinfalatniba, f. mineraLJalt-mine. 
SieinTamen, m. Jlone - crop, gremiL 
Steinrchleifer, m. f«l'Jkfr of gems. 
Sieinf hmerzcn, pi ■ ^oar • <vi/. 
Steinfchnalle, f Jlone • buckle. 
Steinfcbneidcr, m. lithographeri A> 

Steinrchnitt, m. lithotomy. 
Sieinfetzer, m paver. 
Sieinfetscriobn, n. paviagtm 
SieinftUck. n pederero. 
Steinwand. f Jlone. wall. 
Sieinvreg. m. paued way. 
Steinwein, aa- rock .wine. 
Steinwerk. n. pebbUs for m grahf 
Sieinvrildprat. n. rock . deer. 
Steinwurf,iB. ri{/f of aJlone,Jtowe» 

Steinaange, f maJonU iron . pineerSm 
Steifs.m. buttochs,fundament,rumfm 
Stelle, r. Varr. r^m, Jleod; . aoa 

einem Bucbc, flfage; auf der., 

«» thefptt. 
Stellen, v. a. to ftt, put, placet ■of 

die Probe .., to try ; Netze ., ta 

pitch ntts\ an den Praoger-, la 

pillory^ es einem frei -, to let on* 

take one*s own choice: ficb . , ta 

appear ; fig. to mako as\f , f» 

feign, took. 
Stelifeder. f flop .fpHng. 
StellhSlzchen, n. bird- trap. 
Stellung.f. Jetting, Uc ifitumtioni 

fjlure [sty. ■ 

Stellvertrcter, m. reprejentatiue, from 
Stelaen, fl. ^Us, f catches. 
Stelxfurs, n. wooden leg. 
Steramen, Stempel, &c., t.Stk . . .« 
Stcnga, f. T top. mn/t, 
Stengel, i. StKngel. 
Steppe, f. heath, 
Steppen, v. a. to %uilt,Jlitck. 
Steppfeide, f. JHtehlng .jSlh , gtofi 

Steppaicb, m. quiUing .JHtch. 
Sterbebett, n. death. bed, 
5'terbehemd, n.Jkroud, winAngJk<4. 
Sterbcbahn, n. madge . homtet. 


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• •» ST I 

Starbcivkr, a. ytar 0/ dtmU. 
8terb#H«4, a. *i<rjriiif ./ong. 
Sterbeliae, f lijl 0/ mtrtality, 
•Stcrbcn, V. a to du, Jtttaft, tn. 

firti %n riacf Krankheii tic.., 

d» du ef /ckmr/t Ue. 
StcrbcntK^nk, t. Ukt to iU, dtmd. 

ty Ack, 
Sterblich. a. m&rtal. 
^icrblichkeit, f. morUUfy. 
Stern, m./mr; (im Auge) ^^f^. 
Sternanii, m. imditm mniji. 
StcrnbiU, a. ton^ttlmtiom, mMtri/m. 
Sterncheo, a. m/ltr<fl. ^ * 
Sterndcutar, m. n/lfrottger. 
Sicrndeuterci, f. •Jtr»t»gy. 
Sternfflraiig, «. Jtmrry 
S(«rn«ucker, m. >l«r««<rr, 
Sternbell, •.. Jtar light. 
Sicrnhimmel, m.^raaamf. 
St«rnkond«, f. mjtrtnmmy. 
Sternkundige, m. •Jtrenomtr. 
9ternputz«, SteraicbBuppe, f. Jtvr- 


Sternr«bcr, m. mjtfnnur^ mJtrMger, 
Sternwane. f- ohftrvmttry. 
Sterx, ro Sterse, f. taU. 
8tet, Sietif . t. SUtt, SiXtif . 
Steu, ad tentinuuUj), ^htmyt, tver. 
Steuwkhrend. a. emtrlmJhng. 
^teaer, i. Steaerrader. 
Steuer, f ctntrHutipii, tsM, mfff- 


. tturt of 

Steuerbar, a. contrlimtary, t*MmbU. 

Steucrbeamtc, m. tomwAffmr^^ ^Us 

fiiatierbefchl, m. m»miy.4dt9. 

Sieuerbord, n.Jltrio^rd. 

Sieoereien^mcT, ai. gtitktrtr pf 
t€Jttt, rtctjwr ((f eoHfrUmtttmt 

ttaucifrei, a. /c«t/rtt. 

fit^trmaen, m.Jletrsmtn, filat. 

Qtcuera, v. a. tnHy taxtt, eontrU 
butii t^ pilot, Jfttr t (abwchren) 
to hinder, r^r^in; fifb ., ^oltmn. 

Stcuarrodcr, m. ruddor, httm- 

SteuerlUnge, P. vhifjtaf. 

Stieh, m. priching, Jing i (im Ki. 

\Mn)ftitchi (in 4er Kane) trith. 
Btichaxt, f. fiehmKt. 
ftichblatt, m. gumrd, fraord.JuU. 
Stichel, m grmver, hurine. 
Scichelei, f. taunting ^/m^rfj^te^. 
Sticheler, ai. tamtew. 
Stiehein, v. a- to taunt. Hie, nip, 

Sticbelrede, f. %ip, fmart/ptech. 
Stichelwon* a* touting word. 
Stichfrei, a. invulntr^bU. 
Stickcn, ¥. «. to^itth, tinhr^iif 
Sticker, ai. tmhroidtrtr. 
Siickerei, (• tmbrMiry, 
StickQiib, %. Sieckflu^. 
8(icknadel( f ■ tmhroidtrlug - nftdlt. 
Stickrahmf n,ai. tmbroidrring.irawu. 
Stick Fetdc. f. Jtitchimg ,Jllh. 
Siickwars, f. bryony. 
*Stieben. V. n- to ri/t /uddenty ; to 

bo dn/ly ; V. a. to d^Jt, 

StlefUtara, ^\. Jttj.part^it 
Siitfbrader, m.jfep.' 
SiUfal, a. Uoti T./i 

•»•<•«, HI. Mvr) M./uc»f,mtti^f. 
Stiefelband, a. boot .Jhm^. 
Siialalbrct. Su^rdholc, n bMUtm- 
Siicrelcttc, f. /patter dajhf I. 
iiit(elknttht/m. Jack. 
Stiefelaiachcr, m. boot- malrr, 
fich Stiefeln, v. r. f« put tn boit*. 
StiefeKcha't, m. leg ^ m itmt 
Stiefgerchwifter, n. Jef- irf tlktri, 



Scieroiutier, f.jlep. 
Sticfmikieriich, a. Uht 

Siiefrchwagar, ai. Jef - bfMcr in 

Stieffchwefter, f. Jto ./Jtr . 


r, fjep.' 


Siiefvater, m 7?f/./«rt; 

Sticge. f . Jiair, J /,; f aoSrUr i ] ftfrr 

Siiegliiz, m. thiJH* .Jtn^i,. 

Stiel, m. handie, helve; ji^*', pedi,:ie. 

Stielen, v-a. to helve. 

Stielig, a. hamtmg a Jlaik^ ptJ.rlt. 

Slier, m. budl; einjung^r-, tuii^A. 

Siiergefccht, n> btM.Jtgitimg^ 

Siierbeisa, r. kuU . bmltitt^. 

Stift, m tmg\ pin, peg; ' riim Z«i>di- 

nen) penHl, crayon- 
Stift, a. cathedral, minjlir ^ miH*Jh- 

ryi be/pitali loMar.hinrffi itjijip. 

Stifien, V. a. ttfyfonnd, ejlailijk i r> 

cau/e, CMciie. 
Stiftcr, m. founder, auik^- 
Scifitfrau, f. canonefi, 
StilubeiT, m. canon. 
StifubUtte, f. tabernaetnf uf^<aa^^. 
Siirujiingfer, m. aim. 
Stift>kirch«, f. coUtgiatr rhUrrii^ r^. 

Stifitprobfl, m. frov^ qf t ttUfjfia^ 

(e churrh. 
Siirtiprii^adc, f. prebends 
Siiftung, (.foumdatiotn. 
Siilctt. n. Jtiletto. 
Still, a JUa, calm, i»ief. r'tf^'^*^j^l 

ftille I ftill* \pe^ce/ji!,„.f: 4 ^ ' 
Stille, f./lillne/i, fuietntft j^untf.. 
SiiUen, V. 4). to Jill, ap'-.,ff. i.U-> : 

das BIui,, to Ma^rh t"' tin 

Kind., to /uihle a .i.:j-^ ^t,^ 

Hunger-, to lay . appt^/t tic /* 

mmeh I dea purft-, t^ f^t^/rrlt - 

Jlanch the thtrjl. 
Stillend. a. JenUioe, olLtM-rM- 
Still •halten. v. a. to /If A'-^t- 
StilUager, a. fuarantint 
Still •liegea. v. a to Ut H-tL 
Still •fcbwaigen, v. a. r-r '<■ ptttt, 
Sdllfchweigcn, a. fiUntt, utilkr- 

StllWcbweigend. n./lent, tiiii, 
Stillfchweigcndi, %A.JiUnil;f 
Suim^nd, v^. Jandiftg JtiH, Jt^p^ tff 

fation. • 

till •ftehcn, V. a. toJU^JhU, 

SMllnna^ r /^^tk..f. Muffins, M- 

/t, filings 
iklmmbtr, 1- tmmtyit. 

(m dtn Orii^Bfl (kc.j ftk^J.p^. 

fiironen^ 1.1 &a. to timj z t-J v*' 

ff^fff-asoit', to a^ee, Aftnrd 

1t\immfveht, d, right t/ vatUrg, 
StiatRniniH f. ftti-^jif jkirr^ tiwHog. 

3i-mkb*um, m. ^tfn , fad frrf, 
j^iihkbnrl^, Bi- Jlt^ii^m ^ - jfgf r 
'Silirilicft, ». ni t4Jfi*J. 
Jii m If end pic L n tSa , I . ^it^klxw, raxrii^ 

a'infclijfcr, m, iupwijir. 

S\ipsni^n\, m Jfip*Mdimrj, 

SLj|i*nHiuB,^ -a.Jttpfnd. 

Jw srn , 1 Jrantt f . ^ai- 

S^irntiand, t>. htad^ hon^l, JwoaiM* 

Jii 1 rm^ tin. n . fo^fhr^^d .. bmit. 

■Si » rrli lianr , wt. fgrfifft. 

■ji i narkc iBi en . m, ff^^fatiframijlail. 

S^irnCehneJierp i^i jStHp. 

^crjlhtfn^ T, n, it EEt4P¥r j v-^ f» 

JtArtt miftt ital Mp 
5ia<brrH'fitBri q, imarwimg Jtoatr tj 

Sfkrhtrn, T. a. tM/finr, priei, imlrt 

die 7-ihaa -+ i,t fyti fkr tntk. 
Si^k, IB. ^-//k* : cam, fruOf 

&' :<kb«jian, D.. m.rfh rf k tamU* 
hi ■■< kdumiA , J . blpi ikfaJtJ, 
itttcktitt ». a. T It^ste^ pTtpi ^ 
n ti> ^Jp.J^tfki ig. tf hefiimn 
Jfmmmrr ; ts ctirJif I ia J^ir/f. 
iiikkAtL, f. a. t^ pitS iifit ie fV 

^Mckcnic, X.Jtisi ,du^^. 
^}ih: LAcdtl , SEuckgeisa , f, f — * 
f.idir, itt, rftfth- 

lockftnflcrr a. iifri -Hf^t 

Smcktifth, iB,>rt4j(jfl.^ 
5l/iEk hliil, n. ilarl . l^«/>. 
^rrXlLhuUp n.firt.niKtd maJto/Ht 

/ft^i tad rtiflt 
Siickirt Stock fln^kij., o.fsJFy. 
!»ixV.\X<c1n . a JiuH^rn. 

Miitlman-H Tp. a^rtnt fioi- 
:}l:-.H:^ri:hll1iFif, IB. ^df/'KJ' a^l* J** 

Jii rd' It ■w"chE I fr Jfif«rJ ^ Ik* f^ 

SLiamk-werfe, n* ji*'y, 

^["ftrkxibn. m. Ci^f ^ ^ f rari, ^Ivdr'. 

iiL'j}inci>i V. «. ^ i^MX. 

Slni^Er, m^ jifit. * 

SLgLfrk. t^Jf/iirml. 

Stitllt, f ttnilcliH IB, ^rf/'l/M'; 

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Stolpericbt, A.jiMmihHg. 
Stolpern v. it. tv jfl-aiJJfn, 
StoU,a. ^ttuiy k^vgkiy. 
Stolz, m. /rja',, ht^fiitlHt/i- 
Stolziren, *. n. it Munt, Ji'^tS. 
StoDfea, ¥. ». it/fii t* fMiiii 't-e 

Stopfc.* m./^fflt,Jiiff^t, 
Siopfcnn, f. d^rniff^ 
Wgirn.n- ^*^«i»ff- jsr,. 
Stopfnadel, r Jarmng ^ nttUt, 
Siopp«l, f.JffniWr. 
Swppelfeid, n . j?;,, *i/r -Jl*;i 
StOpp«lg«n$, J. /.r»»/« ^ jfui*/*:. 

Stopp«lig, m. fuii wf ^ai'iU-j. 
StoppeJn, V. p< r. J/wnl B|- if* 

Sloppl^lriSbij r* imit 'tfiTw\iji. 
Stoppeirenrc. f. isjtrvmcitt 1» m6» 

Sioppleri iBr 'ghwKtr ; H^, tstupittr, 
Stopfel, tA.Jff^fitt^Jlepptr, csri. 
St6r». in»^arf«yp4. 
Storcht ni.,^4. 
tcorcbrchiiafac] , m. J^^Jfafl. cr*. 

Starai, ▼. n. J'f farm nhsMf , f ^ /ir 

. inttrrupt. 

SiSrer, W. frsLA/rr, cf;/ii1^i,^. 

StOrrig, i. Jfi,i*,r», •*jP.B4f,. jf ^^ 

<r, pttvijk . 

ftorriglceit, F. JmHtr^nf/i, ftJrfj- 

3tdrrogeiit n*. i-^nfin-t, r4vttr' 

Itorung, f. a'rffif^^f, Hiff'rittll^tt:^ 

twridecen, m. /uri, tmf^r^ 
Stofteifen, n. j? jw/irj^ - if ,« . 
Wftel, ». fi^it, toMmJti'. 
'Stoftea, ». i. fd i(/, ^ir^^ tkr^Mjf^ 

V. D. /* iajl, TbA ; mil d^,, Hflir, 
«>«rn -, !• jmr - m i I tl cm Fu Tm. , 
to *if*; in cinindtt., U/'-f/mti 
(im Morfer-) fu i^NiJ^irffji dr^n 
»or den Kofif ., h^. tf gmlJ, fi^n- 
*«{•«} fich-, f« A«rf 4ri«-, Ay^ 
fich .n teiwii -, r> **>tefr, fr^^ 
PIt'f mJ JFtnibJen . , tw mtft - 


S"*f". ». «. f*/«i./t, fliagitt. 
t^ »™f ^*f ftr. ■ 


^gnt mpoH 0ni-| in^ Hojth 
Mnt M« *- - — — 

Ujttu omt 

*««>r, ». g*rj*,, i„rri«. 

^*ouerer, a». j*«tor, jr^H,,^, , 
kltnck*. Id. iqpf^r,^, A-Jr*^ 

StrKULtb. 4, ^Kir-^.i^,. fig, 
Sinlto*, ■, umpifttjjitj. 

S^nHuiigktJt, r. i>(ji,ric/j, 

Ssnlpndi^i Bfi. rt^r tS-.tmJitn. 
Sirahlsf^. ,.. ^. |„ i„,^_, ^^j^, 

SrtahlcnlcrajiB, f. jf^flf^j., 

Siiat,li[f^ h, i-di^j^,^. 

Sirartirn, i, itraff, 
v^ifnmpthn, m. n- ro itam^//, 

I lit: It ^ T. D. fp 0riiMd. 
SiTiudfcrhc, n. ^ai-mt. 

atlrih£u[iMii, V.J. te^rartjiir. 

ilTi^ilrci:, V. a, tj r^ETriJrf, 

f Mi;eTr4tf{4 \ frtif, jt'-fif^ltti , 
StrsficnriLi*^, m. Ai,^ ^-jj^j . t* fri* ^-j . 
SlI^ri^tnhiubEr, ni. Jlijf^rcj.j» . HfSJi^ 
SirSMbeii, V J. /i> injW#,j?dTJ ir*; 

I*ltti.i>c!i[jicb, n. hig^tva^ , BTJfl. 
Strtnghflil, *f. n. U ti>IU-r,JtMn*h, 

m^k* a Jalfi Jtzp '^ 

Srr,Lift fSlrtiifivflgclJ, nt- ijtrith. 
Miiijft, m. iiija, *:,^rA, fj^j. (Hid. 

ftreqkcn, ir. *. i^ jirtUh, tM^^i - 

Uj dma;w. 

ScMche, r. T. /fani. 
atrrklwInT*. a. tt Ji'riiftr:^ lUfSrrft. 

imrli u>fti tHwti mil ftu^licii,. 
fig. Ib /Kfiii »», n. ^^mn £u|Vti- 

- , /« teflfpAr. TM*/, i inn Fi* 

Str^itbbfcfe,, ...^.,,„,„ 
SiirithnaJil, f. i,j,fl^ ^j#. 
SlrejfJiJtti^r, m- /cjiJt .jf*rrf, 
W,r, Stteii^n, a, A'^,^>«i. 
^rEjr^n, V n. ^* *>-« ii^v»./r,a 

ti ftnLtp.jim. ^* 

pft'. Matt, iM^uJf^ ■' 

^"il renin, t ^M^ric. djr. 
SiTtitti^r, a. vigtiiltr^. mariitL 
-S,T=jf(«, *. n. /H /jf^r, <:<,»*«,► /., 

. - . f f HA^*rittr. 

&<ttfjtbiiBincrf n, pt>if^m^ 
&i,ti.l%h*n<ifl, m, /dt^it^r, 

SlFtllinkirii, r. Ji/p^tt. IjfrmfT, U. 

SryerikuLhenj m. hifUjiAi^ uJiitliai. 
fit™ ifij r, ftnirffvr/y, pmlmSt 


SiTBitnithiiJg, 1. ^i/^a^flWa^ij, 

SiTCitrtJgeo^ m rAft'ii^ff 4/iu*r. 

i! FCLi fand , tb . Jfrf]^ . fandy 
ilTTcqUroh, t: httfr -fin^i. 

rick, tn. if*rJ^ *«P*iJHp^jtt\^S. 
rirten, ¥.i, ^* i^Lf. 

Ssrictcf, m. -in, f. Jiqii|/<r^ 
Srjirterlohrt, n* Juir/iiff*. 
i[fick**rTi, n. iittf^j,^ . -a^,, 
SEriekreiEcl-i F. /^Ji^,,- ,/ r^^^j^. 

Slricknadclf f. tviJfjiPj- HfPdffK 
SLnFkrch.ilE, f. ^KltUngff^a^^ 

Sint^e. f. t. SirelFpn. 
Sfi^cgi:!, F. t^fti - rsmh. 

£<riffj(e]ft, v^ », ts rlrrrj Rg, /• i^- 

Srr]flitar^ f, Ji^ri^^, B«/. 
fttric qn in. ^yjiriptd. 

- TUU, • 

»cT, ra. rah, tbtttr 
Smth. n- J^ra^ 
Slruhbaptl, n.Jfr^^ ' ^nrf.. 


I, •./r«.. 

P, (./raw. 


StOekknecbt, a. gmm . ^ferr, g»\ 

emrrier. ^ 

StUckkugd, r. emnn.iaU, huUtt, 

StUcklader, m. M««aii. rawmir> 
Sttkkpferd, a. arttUtry . k»r/t. 
Stikkpfortc, f. /#ft. 
StiickDulvvr, B. nnntm.ftmdtr. 
StUcklcburt, m. tmnmn .JUt. 
StUckwacen, m. €rtUUr) . m*§gam 
Stikkweire, «d. i« rrl««/, hy fitct* 
StUckwn-k, n pituwttml w*rk. 
Steckwircbcr, m. mmmtkiu. 
Student, m. Judemt, /fk0tmr. 

. «. & n. tajtudy, meSUtt- 
StudirftiilM, r Jitdy. 
Siufe, f. 4igrtt,Jttp. 
Stur«n|ping, m. gradaHtm. 
Siufenjahr , n. * tUmm&rU , eriUemi 

jSturenweire, ad. fy dtgtett , grm. 

. tUtrk. 
Itrobdecke, t. Imy *f Jtrmm* 
Suobdecker, n. tktteher. 
Sirohcrn, a. ofjlfan. 
Sirotafarbcn, •..Jtrmm fUurii. 
Sirohfiadel, f. rtiiek. 
•crobbaliB, m. /ram, ktlm, 
Sirohbut, m. Jtrmm.hmi. 
•crohbUiie, f. thatch, thstektd e»t. 
Stiobjunkcr, m. etuntry./fmtre. 
Strobkopf, n 6f . £Uy man. 
ItrobkArbcben, n. /rmm .hmflit. 
Scrobkranz, m. /ram -wreath. 
Suroblagar, n. faitrt- 
Joohmann, m . hug . hear. 
Strabmatte, f. /ram . mai. 
itrohrack, la./raw.htd, mtUre/j. 
Strohftil, n. /ram. rape. 
Itrobwifcb, n. mi/f af/rmm. 
Itrom, m /ream, cmrrent. 

Stronab. ad. dom» mith the/re»m. JStuhl, m. rAoJr, /eat, /tat. 
Ctromaur, ad. agai'/ the /ream. Stiiblga|>g, m./»at 
Sutaitnt^.n. to/remm, gu/h. Siubln.acber,ai.<]A«<raMirr. [Oian. 

Siromweire, ad. at •Jfr«WB» Ur. Siuhlswang, n. teneimut , •l/fH. 
rent»iiht. Sculpe. StlUpe. f. fuiiey .fitee i co- 

Itrophe, f./rcphe. tkti up- hri^. 

Ctrotscn, v. d. to /rut* Stumm, a. iumh, mtttt. 

tuudtl, to. mhirlpacl. Sturome, n & f . Mtt(«. 

■tnidtln.v. n. (»y>«irf. StUmmel, Stammcl, Itonpf, n. 

Strunpr, m./oehing. /"^Pt remnant. 

atrampfband, n. garter. Stilnmeln, v. a. ta mutilate. 

Atrunpfbtadler, m. hefitr. Stummbcit. f. heing muU, dumhue/s 

tuumpfftricker, n. hnitler ef/oek- StUmpcr, m. hungier, huddler. 

imgs. Stiioiparei, (. hungi4Ug, huugie, hud- 

luumpfwirker, m. frame . mark . dting [dU. 

knitter. StUmptni, v. a. &b. tt hungle,*ud. 

Itrunk. m./ctk,/em,/a/k. |Stun>pr. a Uunt, duU, aktu/e, 

Straase, f./nt,/n/ly tuggt. • |f"*»Pj.n«/«. ' /•*• ••/«• 

ttrupfc, Struppe, t. fcab. ""' -" ^- 

Strupfen, v a- to /ri 


ippig, a. rugntd. 
>cben, n 



StUrzrais, n. d»uMtr. 
Siiirzkarrcn, m. twmir^ 
Stiiic. f. mare. 

SiiitenmeiAer, m./ud.mM/tr. 
Siuterci, f /md, 
StatfidUn, o./Uy.fek. 
Sciia.Bi. hah, hA*Agi (vMlWcn] 


uiabart, m. mhi/ers. 
Soittbock, m. hutting ram, 
Stikae, f/ay, prap^ piUar, fuppart. 
Stutcen, V. a. fhuttati fig ta/ari 
ati Ubcr ctwas ., ta /range at; 
». a. t» eurtaU ; ta era* i ta eUp; 
t0 lop, tap. 
Sttttxen, ». a. to pr»p,/af\ /uppart\ 
fich aof «{Den ., fig. to rety upon 
Stuiacr, m. heau, fparh, gatUnt» 
Stutaglas, n. tumkter 
Siutzig, a. ak/inatti fig. pux^d. 
Stuizkopf, B. /uhham . okftiuatt 

Stutzohr, tk. crop. eared ktrSt% 
Siutzperikke, f. hoh. 
St'-izrobr, n. myjketomn, 
Siuizrchwanz, m. /ra(. 
Styl. m./yle 
Stylift, a. mrtter, pern. 
Subject, n./ukjefi 
Sabliniren, v. a. T. io/uh6mate. 
Subfidien, f\./uk/Hitt. 
Subftantivum, n. T. noum./u^/Un- 

Subllanz. (./uk/amee. a. /uktiie. 



(ein Mafi) gaUou. 
Stobe, f. room. 
ftubcnbarrdi , m. /tUow . h4g«r, 

MtufiK-ahehiKT, m. eaiefhffor, 
fl|.iibtnkimii]rr, f. ked . thom 
fiubrn[nlldcb«n, n. thamkermmid. 
ttubfnot^nt m./eve. 
tuah-tnthWi , f chamber -door. 
«LUtiet, ui.fti'fi (MUnze) Aecr. 
fEikk^ D. piT\T F parti article, polHt} 

^Ccfcbliiz] tannon, pitee. 
ti^kkfbEfi, h. /maU piece, mar/ei } 

Am, r»«r i tneh. 
SiAclrin. v %- to cut to ptecej. 
9t(ick«D. 1.^, to cut imfUcen (an. 

nuiaa} tit piiec. 
•lUckgJcricr 4, m. /oumdir if great 

, f. ^M ./oumdtry. 
a, m. captmiM if the 

■nkkiidiipi iDi 

•likkji^Ir, m. m^futemtff the or. 

•it£kk>«tetf , r. T. krecch if m 

Stumprrcbwanz, n. cr op. tailed horfe. 
" imprvrtnkelig, a. oktu/amgular. 

iDde, f. hour. 
Stuadenglat, n. hourgUfs. 
Stundenrufer. no. matckmmu. 
Stundenzeiger, in ^»t i hand. 
StUndlicb. a. & ad. hourly, every 

Sturm, m./orm, ttmp*/i kurrieamn 

Sttiroica, V. n. to /arm} to ring the 
alarm, ketii i. a. to /arm or mf. 
fault a tommi ▼.!. to klom. 
Storner, m. heitor, kravado. 
Stunaglocke, f. alarm . hell. 
~:urmb8abc, f. mariou, /tot 
Sturmkrona, f. tuural crtmm, 
Stormllufer, at. afkilamt. 
Stttroileiter, t. ftaling . laddir, 
Stampfahl» n^ rajf. 
Starmweuer, a. /rtfi if meatkir. 
Sturmwind, m. /orm, teul^. 
Starz, m. tumkle i fallt ratej /tm^- 

Subtrabircn, v a. to /u^eS. 

Sucben, V a. to fee k, /earth, itek ' 

for I to foUrit i to tudeauour. i 

Sacber, m feeker, fearcher . \ 

Sjcbt, r. pafion « die faUeade., j 

failing/tkme/ii die gclbc ., ^'«m* i 


SUchtig.a. ••r*;/rrj/«#/ar««af. 
Sad, m./eethingi ekuUition. 
sad. m Siklen, a fouth. \ 

Sudelbagcn, as. macula 
(bdelbuch, n memorandum, 
Sadelei. f. fuUyiug. foiUng, dati- 

ing /uHety 
Sudelhart, u./ovnly, 
Sudelkoch, m. pdltry viHuaikr. 
Stidelkdchia, f /utti/ cook, 
Sudalkikhe, f./euUery, 
Sudelmagd, f. httehln .maid. _ 

Sudcla,, V. a. to foil, fully, /nrM 
foul,. dirt, dauk, dirty. 
' Ipapicr, a. ktotting . paper. 
:br«' - • '— i^M^j. 

t. coutr, lid. 
Stilrzca, V. a. & a. to. tumilo, pr«a 
pitate ) to turn aver k ta put the 
r««rr| fig. to/tmigt» 

Digitized b 

SUderbretie, t.fouthem Utitude. 
SUdlawl. a fautkeru country. 
Sydl^t a. dmuker, uaJfyfAlow. 
Mleria. t./mt. 

SUdlich, n./oulherntfoutherly^ 
""* " m./outt " 

. uthea/. 

. fouth .pole, 

aUdiee. f. fouth -fern. 
SUdytHnh ui, foutiimard* 
SQdwca, a. fouthm^. 
SOdwind, m. fouth . wind. 


SahMB, V. «. r« tJifUU, mt*n. 

SUbnopfer^ a. tmpimtory ftcrlfitt. 

Suliin, a> yit/r«N. 

Suhanio. f . fulUm; futfntfs. 

SOizc, r. irtnt. 

Sammariich, m. fummary, 

SuniM, r. fum^ mmoii't\ in Sui 

mtk^in Jko^t,.io t*t Jktrt. 
SoniDcn Sumfied, v. n. /• *««. 
lainaiircn, v. %. t» /im, fji mp tm 

Sanff, n. htftftntjltught mta-Jk. 
Sanpfig. a. *»f4y, /,ii»jr, mmjhy, 

SiJndc, r. /n, tttfpafs 
Siioiirnran. m full </ >m«> 
SiiiKlar, in. TEifUff ; der miM k, ySni* 

fMtri mmlffmdor- 
Slindflnth. f. Muge. 
SOndhaft. SUndig, a. ptftmHe,JtHftil 
SBndhariigkci«t Silndigkeit, f. /M¥«. 


Sindigen. v n. io Jin- 
SSfldlicb. a Jinful. 
fiindhchkeii, f. Jinfulne/s. 
Siniloprer, n Jin- ofrrtng, mpyaion. 
Siperfcin, a fui^'Jint 
Superintendent, m JmptrimUnitmt 
SapcriatcndcMur, f. fuptrint*%it»cy 
luppe, (.J»uf, kr»tk, f»rri4gtt f9t. 

SappenfchMlchen. n. p«'ringtr 
I Si.ppenrchiiflcl, f , porridge . iijk. 
Suppi^ht.S ppig,« Joup.likttJMity, 

Supplik f. pttition. 
Supplikank. m pttiti&ntr 
lUU, a. fwttti cin fiifs<rH«rr, htu, 

SffiWn, V. n. 8t a. to JhttrUn. 

<BfMgk*il, (. JtatelnePtJvteti. 

Mblich. % fwrttijk. 

Sribe. r. MlahU. 

^ibcnmab, n. ftMtMty^ fr^/tip, 

lyn^olUcb, a. fymbolUmt^ 
Symaieuie, \. hmmtiry. 
Sympatbie, f Jympathy 
Symphony, f, /ympk»',y. 
Syiu|[o|e, f fyn*gogut. 
8irndicii», n Yyndtt. 
Syndiilitl n^ fyniitmU^ JyntitJlAf^ 
Syntax, m. fynt** 
Syrup, tR. firup. 
Syfleo, * fjlfi**' 
Syftettaiifeh, ^ Jy^*mM»uL 

Tabak$b«atel, m. t^tef-Ug. 
TabakabUtt. n. tohmtc«*'nf. 
Tabaktbikbfe, Tabakadofe. f. M*€^ 

TabakahiMller, n. Uimecvm^^ 
Tabaktpfcifc. f. t«h»ce» * ptpt. 
Tibaksfpinnert m. to^tonijl. 
T«bakaaaiic«, r. carrot ^ Ukmecs, 


Tabakatinmcr, m JmokiHg*r0»m. 

Tahelle, f /«*/r. 

Tal ernakel. n. fiemmeie. 

Tab. lei, n. P«4Ut*s hoM- 

Tabulctkrilaicr, ■>. ptMtr, ■ 

Tacht, m a Docht. 

Tact, m timt. 

Tactmifiaig, a. rtgttUr, 

TaUel, m. Ummu/amii. 

Tadelbaft, %. fmulty, hlumtM*. 

Tadellot, a. kUmtttJ$. 

Tadeln. v. a. t» blame, Jini fault 

thy Cfifiirt, rtprtkeni. 
Tadelfucht, f. €tnf»rUuJnt/s. 
Tadeinkhtig, a. ttmfo'itus. 
TaJlw, m. rtprekender, A/cHKr, 

Jmut Jintkr , ctnjurtr, crUie. 
Tafd. m. tiitte, toard. 
Ti«lcben. n.JmmU «r lUHt UMt.' 
Tareldeckrr, m hntttr. 
Tafelgut, a- dtmtan. 
Ta^elnufik, f. uUi.mmJu. 
Tafeln, V. n. taJltattMe , i^Jimt, 

Tifcin, V. «. U maim/cat. 
TafcUcbacidar, n. mpfar Jtmtjf. 

mam. tailor. 
TafeUuch, n. iaiit-ctatk. 
Tifalwerk, A watnjtat. 
Tafrlsimmtr, a> Untng'Ttam* 
Tar«lx«ii(, n. tmtit.eMk and map. 

i us. 
TafTet, n. taffta, Uftty ; fichlacb. 

r., Jarjmtt. 
TafTaiband, n taftta . rihand. 
Taffeten. a. tafftta. 
Taffciwebcr, m u^tfa • tueavtr. 
Tag, III day; nVcbfter Tag*, ntMt 
Tagarbait. f. dayU vftrk, jammty. 

Tagebiicb, n. dayi»pki 
Tasedicb, ai. Uittrtr, 
Tagalocb, n. dormtr . 
Tagcloba, m. d^y pay , Jamruif. 

Man'/ hire. 
Tagcldbaer, m. d^' ^Mrcr, jtmt. 

Tagan, y.i to damn. 
Tvgercife, f.j^urnfy. 
Tagolichi, n. day. light, 
TaKetordnung, f. ordtv if fkt day. 
Tagctz^ii, f. daytime. 
Tagewcrk, n. doywork- 
Tlglicb, a.&ad. dayly. 
Taillt. f. m»{/l,Jt*t,Ji*p«. 
Take), a T tachle, rigging, 
Takela v. a T to rig. 
Takelmeifter, m. T. ri^er. 
Takclwerk, a. T. tthit, UtkAng. 
Takiik^ f. T taOits. 
Taktiker, m. taHiciam, 
Tatar, at. r«i«v gomn. 
Talcat, a. latent. 
Talg.m. taUom,Jnei. 
Talgen, v. a. to tatl 
Talgicbt, k.jKrty. 
Talgig, a. taUomy, gffjy, 
Talglicht, a. tandlt of taUmti 
Talaiud, m. taimnd. 
Taatriadti t. tmmnrini. 



Tamarilke, f. tamarijt. 
TaiKbonr, m. drommer. 
Tand. ai. irijle, toy, 
T^ndelei; f. trifling, toping. 
TKndeihaft, iKadll., .. topiji, Mf. 

TJIndda, ir.a. to toy, triJUi U 

dandle, lonngi. 
TXndelwoche, f. honey . moon. 
Tangel, f the leant <f a pine, flr&e. 
TangelholK. a. mood mithjuek ioamt. 
Tangent, la. tnngtnt % jack, 
Tanne. t.Jir,Jir. tree. 
Tannen,^a. ^Jtr. 
Tann«nwald, aa WMrf ofjtr*. 
Tannsapfaa, m. Jir.nut, eon* of 


Tans, a. danti. 

TantbUr, ai. dancing, har. * 

Tanzbodca, Tanafaal, a. dancing . 
■ room. 

Tanzen, v a & a. to dame*. 
TiCnter, m .in, f. dancer. 
Taatgcfelirebart, f. daneimg.afemkh. 
Tanakuaft, f. art of danein/: 
Tanimaifter, b. danetng . mifhr, 
Tanzichub. aa. fnmp. 
TaasftUckchan, n Jig. 
aun . ' 

Mng in, h'ing in a topu'of eon- 
nerJation\ aot dem 

•briagea, to 
u of tk 

he on the tarptt. 
Tapete, f tap*t taptlhy, kanging. 
Tap«t«nwirker, m tapejhy. maker. 
Tapeaerei, f. hangings, tattftry- 

gevrirkta ., «rraj. 
Taprzircn, v a. to line or hang 

mith tapffl'y. 
Tapezirer, m upholder, npkolflerer^ 
Tapfer.a. valiant, hr^ve.Jtont, eoml 

fOMeont, valor Mus, 
Tapfcrkeit f naiomr, kramo^y,float. 

nffi, (onrage. 
tappeA, s.n to gropt,fnmkk, • 
Tdppir<[>. a amhmard. 
Tara, a T. tare. 
Tarantel, f. tarantnia. 
Tariff m tarijf, 
TarMne, t tartane^ 
TartTrha, f. /«r«r, targ/it, 
TanUtfei, f. trufle 
Tarche, f forktt, fourh, /trip. 
Tarrhenbiich, n. poch*t .. took. 
Tarchenformat, a. pockit .Jint of t 

Taiehaakrebt, m. trak, traitjifk, 
Tai<henmc(rer, a. ctafp . knife. 
T«rchenpuffcr , m. pocket . pijitt, 

Tarchcn(ptel, a JfggUtjtiggtinf. 
Tafchenfpielar, n. ju^fltr. 
Tarcbcnubr, f. matek. 
Ttfchntt, m. malitt <■ maker. 
Taire; f d'Jk. 

Taftcn V. a. & a. to grope, fnmUe, 
Taiz . f. paw, elam 
Tau a. cord, ropt, tow ; taUt, 
Tauo , a. dtafi eioe Uabc Nofi 

empty nnt. 
TXobchea, t^, UUtt doM. 

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l«C TKl 

Taabc, f. itv, pig*—* 

Taabenfalk, m. ptf^im • ksmi. 
Ttubcnfarbc, f. etiumUne ft»mr, 
Taubenhaus, n. itvtktiift't etUm- 

Tanhenfchlag, aB^M-r«f. 
Tauber, m. etk - pigt0H. 
Tauhheii, r dtafnt/s. 
TaubftuBiD, a. dtaf and immh. 
Tauchcn, v. a. to duck, dive, dip ; 

to pttf, fo€k. 
Taucher, m. ^vtr, plunger. 
Taufbccken, n iaptlfmml bmpm, 
Taufbund, n. paR of ^ftifm. 
Taufe, f. UpUJm, ck"Jl€M,ng.t 
I Tauf«i,v a. to htftitt, thrijten. 
TXufer, m. haft iter. 
Taufbemd, n. haptifmal rote. 
TMuBing , m. one to te itptitd, 

Taurname.m. ekrj/limm . acair, ekri. 

ften . n»me. 
Taufpathe, i. Fatbc. 
Taaflcbeia> m. ctttijteale ef keing 

TMufAtin^m^/ont, kaptijtery. 
TaufWafler, n. iaftt/mnt nmter. 
Taalzcug, n. ek^yli-ning. drtfs. 
Taufzcuge^ m. godfttktr, godmother. 
Tairgen, v. n /• be good for. 
Taugeni.:hu, m. good for notking. 
TauKlich, a- good. Jit, mkte , tpt, 

meet, proper^. 
Tauglicfaken, f. Jltne/i, mbtiity, mpt; 

nrft, mectntfs. 
Taumel, m. j^ddinefs | reeling. 
Taumelig, «. giddy^ reeling. 
Taumeln, V. n. to ke giddy, to reel, 

Taufcb, tn. kgrter, emrkmngo, truck. 
Taufchcn, v. n. to ktrter, enrkmnge, 

truck, ckop^ Jwop. 
TMurcheo, v.a to deceive, Uiude. 
Tforchang, f. Uiu/on, frmud. 
Taufchbandd, m. barter, ejtfAoMge 
Taurend, a. & n. tkoyfand. 
Taufenderlei, a. tkoufond d!^§erent 
Ta.ifendraeh, TauCwidfMltig, a- tkou. 

foHdfold • 

TaurendgHldenknut, n. centory. 
TaufendjMfaiig . a. millenimi, mille. 

TaarendkUnftler, m. cunning man, 

conjurer. ' 
Taufendmal, ad. a tkoufand times. 
TaurendpfUndig , a. of a tkoufand 

pound weight, 
Taarendrchdn, m. amarantk. 
Taufcndfte. a. mUlefimal.tkoufandtk. 
Taawcrk, n. cordage, tackling. 
Taxbaum, Taxua, m. yew. 
Taxe, f. tax. « 

Taxiren, ▼. a. tk tan, rule* ^ 
Taxir«r,in toner, rater. 
Taxirung f. taxation. 
Teieb, m. pond 

Teicbdamm, in. dike - eaufewajf, 
Teichfifeh, m. pond.fjk. 
TeicbgrMber, m. fond • digger. 
Teig, m. ipafA. 


Teigig. a. doughy. 

Teller, m plate. 

Tellcrformi^, a. fUit and round. 

Tcllcrlccket, m. tmckerfyt parafi. 

''• ff'tg*^- 
TcllcrnUtze, f. bonnet. 
Tellcrtuch. a. napkin. 
Tempel, m. temple. 
TempeHierr, m. knigkt >. templar. 
Tempelorden, b. knigkt. templart' 

Temperament, n. temper. 
Tenakel, b. T. niforium , retina- 

Tennc, f. tkrejking . floor, bam 

TennenrcblXgcl, m. paving. beetle . 
Teaor, B. tenour. 
Tenorifl, b. tenour .finger. 
Teppich, a. carpet^ tapeflry. 
Teppichwirker, b. carpet . maker. 
Termtn, m. term. 
Tcrminweife, ad. upon terms. ' 
Terpentin, B. turpentine. 
Terpeaiindl, n. terpentine • oU. 
Terraflie, f. terrace. 
Terrine, f. kou>t. 
Tertie, f. T. tkird; (in dtrFecht. 

kuaft) terfe. 
Terscrol, n. pifiolet* 
Terzett, i». tercet. 
Teft, m. t^t- 
TeaaBent, n. tdlament, milt, Im/l 

TeflaBenierbc , b. tifiamentary . 

TcftaBcntlicb, a. t^amentary, 
TeftaBCQtBacher, aa. t^/lator ; .in, 

r. tf/iatrix. 
Teufe, t. Tiefa. 
TeuM, B. devti. 

Tcufelcheti, n. tittle dtvtl. [nefs. 
TCufelci r. devUiJknefs, diabolical. 
Teiirelircb. a devUiJk, dUbolUal. 
TcufeUbanncr, m. exortifl, conjurer. 
Teirchbefcb^wCruag, f. exorcijfm. 
Teufekdreck, n. afafoetidm, ievits 

Teutfoh, a. Deatfch. 
Text. B. text 
Tbal, n. dale, vale, valley. 
Thaler, m. dollar. 
Thalbitngig, n.Jopiug. 
That. f. deed, aSion, doe,faa, aff, 

doing, feat, exploit. 
ThJtcer, b. doer ; (Verbrecher) ina. 

I'foffor, delinfSent, crimttial. 
Tbath«ndlung, f.f»a, violent deed. 
ThMtig, a. aBive, aSual, efcHive', 

bu/y, bujled. 
Thatigkeit, f aSivity, aSuality. 
ThStiich, ad. violent. 
ThKtlicbkeit, f. violence, i 
Thatfache, f. faS, matter rffaS. 
Thau, B. devo. 
Thauen. x.i. fkergehen) ^ fAatv ; 

(et -rdllt Thau) tt dews. 
Thauig, a. dewy. 
Tli«awcttcr,n. tktmjUimmUtg'^iuaktr, 


Tliauwiad. m. tkamnini 

Theater, B theatre, flagt. 

Tbeatralifch, a. tkdtrieoL 

Thee, n . tea. 

TheebUchfe. f. tea. bom. 

Theckanne, f. tea-pot. 

Tbeckeffel, b. tea . kMle^ ^ 

Tbeciafle, f tea - dijL • 

Theer, m & n. tar. 

Theerbttcbfe, f. tar . box. 

Theeren, v. a. to taf. 

Tberrig.a. befmeared-witk tar. 

Theerwedel. b. tarring- bru/k. 

Theii, m. & n. part^ portion ^ voiu. 
me, tome } . «voraD •babcn, tojka- 
re, farHftpate j - •ncbmeo, to ta- 
ke part, to partake, participate* 

TheJlUr. a. d:vifib.e. 

Theilbarkeit, f. diviJtbiOy. 

Tbeilchen, n. particle. 

Thcilen.T.a to divide, part, JUrt» 

Tbeilhaber. a. fkarer, partaker. 

Theiihaft, Theiibafiig, a. partahiMg, 
A*rtng, parttcipanti . awcbea, 
to impart i >.»wcfden, toparUke^ 

Theilaehmend, a. participating. 

Tbeilnehmer, b. partner, 

Theilnebmung, f. par^icifaiion. 

Theilt, ad. partly. 

Tbeilucg, f, parting, partition, ^ 

Theolog, B. tkeohger, divine. 

Theologie, f. tktology, divinity. 

Theologilch, a tktologUat. 

Theorbe, f. T. tkeorbo. 

Theorem, n. T tktorem. 

Tbeoreiirch. a. tkeoretic, tkeoretUmt. 

Thcoric, f. theory. 

Theriak, m. treacle. 

Tbermoaeter, m. T- tkermatmiti . 

Theuer, a. dear ; precious. 

Tbeiirung, f dea'tn, famine. 

Thier, n., animal, bea/t^ (bei dea 
jVgem) deer. 

Thicrgarten, b. deer .field, pmrk. 

ThierKMrtner, b. parker. 

Thierifcb, a. animal; bruti/k. 

RIerkreU, a zodiac. 
lerpfianzc, f. xoopkyte. 
tboo, i«. clay, p^ttr*s cUy, patterU 

Tbonartig, a. clayifs. 
Thonerde, f. clay 
Thdnern, a. clayey, earthen* 
Thongrube, f. marl -pit. 
Thonig, a. clayey. 
Thonkugel, f. pebble. 
Thor. n gate. 

Thor, m. fool, fop, fot, jSmpleioH. 
ThorflUgel, b. leaf of a gate. 
Tborkeh, f . folly, foottjknefs. 
Tharicht, aw fooljk, foppijk, JtUy, 

Thdrin, f./w/. 

Tborriegel, a. bar of a door. 
Tborrcblielaer, Tboivritrtcr, m. ga* 

te . keeper. 
Thorrchhi/a, a. gaii -Jkutting, 
TlMc|ieliraiber| m . gate . clerk . 

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TbtHTweg, m. gmtt- wmy. 
Tbxan, 19. trmncU^ Unhier. 
ThcMiM, r. ttar. 
Thrifnen, v n. to run with ttmrt. 
ThritnengefMri, n. latkrymarv, 
Thrifncnftael, f. weeping .fifimla. 
Thril^nlos, a. tearle/$^/enfibU. 
ThrMnexquellfl, F. ffring of temrs. 
Tbfi(neiira<;k, m Uekrymal bag. 
Thron, no. throne. 
Thronbefteigung, f. ttejitn to the 

Thron«n, ». n. io^t oh a throne 
ThroDcrbc, f. prince hereditary. 
Thronhiminel, m. bald*ckin,tanopj>. 
*Thun, V. a. 8c R to do 



i to maht 
to put } fiek ein Leidcs ., to kill, 
mmhe aja*j> with one'/ ftlf\ zu 
wiflJen -fUto ftnd one word} %a • 
*ha^en, to have hufineji\ fich 
benror., to diftinni.ijh ont^s felf \ 
das thiit niches, it does not Jigni- 
/y; e» thut Noib, »* needs. 

Thun. n. doing 

Tbunfifch, m tunny. 

Thanlicb, a fea/aUe. fraaitaUe. 

Thtinlichkeit, f. fenfibUity, prmSl- 

Tblir, f. do'or. 

ThUrangeJ, f. hinge. 

ThiirflUgel, m. Umf of « door. 

TbUrhiiter, m. apparitor, porter, 
door . keeper. 

ThUrklinke, f . latch of a door. 

ThiirkJopfer, m. door . ciatptr. 

Tbunn, m. tower; Jleefle , fpire\ 

TbUrmchen, n. lUtte tower, turret. 

TbUrmen, v. a. to koard up, raife. 

TbUrmer, ThurmwSfr^er, m. warder 
of a JletpU. 

Tburmknopf, m Jlecple.knop. 

Thurmubr, f ct^ck if a fteepk. 

Thurmwifner, m warder of a tower. 

Thilrpfofte, f. door.pojl, ckeeh. 

Tl^rriegel, m ■ door . bar. 

Thiirring, m. door .ring. 

TbOrrchlofa, n. lock of a ieor. 

Tl)iirfchlU(reI, m. key if a door. 

ThHrfchwelle, (■ fiU, door ^ fill. 

ThOrfteher, m. porter. 

Thymian, m. ^ynu. 

Thyulcide, f. dodder of thyme. 

Tief, a. deep, low, profound. 

Tiefdenkeiid, a. tkoughfful , pen- 

Trefe, f. itptk, deepnefs, profound- 
nefs, profundity^ 

Tie/en, v. a. toderpen. 

Tieffinn , ra. TieCSnnfgkaft , . f. 
brotan .fiudy, penetration j melan. 
choly. * 

TieCGnnig, a. brow-fieh, penetra. 
ting, profound; metaneho/le. 

Tirgel, m. Jiillet, frying. pan. 

Tiger, m. tigir ; -in, f. tlgreft, 

Tigerhund, m. tiger -dog. 

Tigerkatze, f. tiger . eat. 

Tigern, v. a- /• fptckle. 

Tilgbar, a. ejeOnguifMii, 

TUgtn.T. a. to blot out, «MHnguifli]Toiitnh€Khytamng,r. neeromaney. 

to pay. iTodtenfarbe, f. bltaknefs. 

Tilgung, f. ejitingi^JUng i ^aylng.lTodtenfitTippo, n. /ieleton. 
Tille, s. Oille. iTodteiigiocke, {funeral belli 

Tinctur, f. tinaure. - . --. 

Time, r. ink; (ii 



in A - horn. 

Tintcnfircb, m. emttle .fjlk. 

Tintenfleck, Tintenkltcfc, n. ink 

Tifine„f. diet.irluh. 

Tilcb, m. table, board. 

TiTchbier, n. table-beer, 

Tifchblau, n. table- 

Tirchen, v. n. to Jit at ta'Uo. 

Tifchfreund, m. tabll-fHend, pa. 

TirchgMnger, m. boarder, 

Tifcbgebet, n grace. 

Tilchgeld, n, board-wages. 

TirchgeDob, m. boarder, penjiener. 

TifchgeriCth. n. things for • table. 

Tircbgerelircbart, t. tabu. 

Tifcbeeftell. n. tr^U 

Tifchler, ta. Joiner ^ 

Tifcblerarbeit, \l. Jolneryt 

Tifcblerbandwerk, n. joiner's trade. 

TirchaneiTer, a. table- knife. 

Tifchrcde, F. table- talh. 

Tifchtnink, m table drinh. 

Tifchturb, n tdble - cloth. 

Tifcbwein, m. table - wine, fmall< 
tuine. — 

TiCcbztlt, f, fUe . time. * 

TiTcbzeug, a. teible - linnen' 
Titel, m. title. 
Titelblatt, n. title-page. 
Titular, a. titular. 
Titularbuch, n. title -book. 
Tituliren, v. a. to title. 
Tobak, f. Tabak. 
ToKen, T. n. to bujllr, rage, rant. 
Toben, n. bu/lllng, raging, fury, 
Tobend, a. raging, furious. 
To>-hter, f. daughter. 
Tocfaterkind, n. daughter's thiU, 

grand- fhild. * 

Tochterkirche, {. fHal ckurch. 
Torhitrmann, m. fon .in- law. 
Tod, m. deatk, dtceafe, departure. 
Todbeit, n. death ■ bed. 
Todetaneft, F. agony, dying pain. 
TodcstalT, m. deatk, cajualfy. 
TodesgeFahr, f. peril of deatk. 
TodeskampF, m. agony. 
Todesftrafe, f. pain qf death. 
Todesurtbeil, n. Judgment of death. 
Todfeind, m. mortal enemy. 
Todkrank, a. deadly Jlk* 
Todlich, a. deadly, mortlferous,fa. 

tat, mortal 
Tfidlichkeit, F. mortality. 
Todfllnde, F. deadly or mortal fin. 
Todt, a. Todte, m. & F. dead 
Todten, T. %. to kUl, put to death; 

fig. to mortify. 
Todtenbahre, F. bler^ htrfe. 
TodienbticbwArer, m« n*cromanteTt 

Todtengralber, m. burier, grave-Sg- 

TodtengniFt, F. grave. [jger. 

Todienha't, a. cadaveroms. 

Todtenknochen, m. bone of dead. 

Todten kopF. m. Jiull rf a dead. 

ToJtenmiifik, (.funeral mufie, 

Tddtenregifter, n. bill of mortality. 

Todienfrbein, n. funeral certificate, 

Todtentopf, m. itrii. 

Todtrchlag.m. man-fiaughter, mur. 

TodtFcbUger, m. murderer, homicide. 

Tddtung, F. killing; fig. mortifica- 
tion. . 

ToFftci*, m. topkus. [ing. 

Toll, Uf mad, phrentk, frantict rag-. 

TolItpFcl, m. mad -apple, 

Tollhaus, n. bedlam. 

Tollbeii, {. madnefst phrenjy, fran. 

TollkopF, m. madcap^ hotfpur. 

Tollkiihn, a foothardyt »udaeioat, 

TollkUhnheh. F. audacity, foolhmrdi,. 
ntfs, temerity. 

Tdlpel. m. dolt, duUard, fumbler, 

clod, pate, blunderer, blotktead. 
T51pelci, F. doltijknefst blockijknefs, 

Tolpeln, V. n. lo behave one's f elf 

Tdlpifcb, a. doltifi, dull, fumbling, 

block ijk, awkward. , 
Ton, m. found, tune, tone. 
Tonart, F. tune,Jlrain. 
Tdnen, v n. <« found, tunt, 
Tonkimft, F mufic. 
TonkUnftler, m. muficlan* 
Tonleiter, F. feale, gamut. 
TonmcfruDg, F. pro/ody. 
Tonne, F. tun ; cine- Goldet, m« 

kundred tkoufand dollars (it. 
Tonfetzer, m. compofitor. 
Tonfetzuag, F. compofition, 
Tonfylbe.T. accented fylUbU* 
Tonzeicben, n. aceott* 
Topas, m. topaz, 
Topf, m. pot. 
TdpFchen, n. pipkin. 
TdpFer, m. potter, 
TopFerhandwerk, n. potter** tr*dt. 
Topfeiofen, m.jniter's oven, • 
Tupfetfcbeibe, f. potter's wkeel. 
TSpferthon, m. potter's clay. 
Topferwaare, F. potter's -wart» • 
TopFerwerkftatt, F. potter's work • 

TdpFerxeug, B. kotier's - work. 
TopBecker, m. liek-pot. 
Topfmarkt, m. pot- market. 
Topp ! i. done! agreed! well* 
Toppfegel, n. T. topfail. 
Tort, m. tH'f, clod. 
TorFbilndler, m. turf.matu 
Torniftcr," m. knapfftk. 
Tone, F. tm^ . 




'T«n«iiblck«r, b. tart.taktr, fM 

Tortenpfaone, f hiking ./•«.' 

Tortur, t. Folier. 

Toupee, n. Uuptt. 

Tnb. m. Utt. 

Trahant. b fattUHt. 

Tnbrn, v. n. to trH. 

Trtb«r pi. go,<nd malt, mmlt^u0 

Tncht, f. (mrriagf, Umd ; rour/r ; 

(der Kletder)/«/|ioN, mo^i tto~ 

Tncbten. ». n. t» cmttni , Jlriv,, 

mfpi t, tnittfttur, 
Trtchtig, a. hn with young. 
Tnciament, n. t*tmtmtnt, tnttri^n. 

Tractat, m trtmti/e ; treafy. 
Tract! re n, t • to t'lat. 
Tni;antb. m. trmgmmntk. 
Tragbar, a. fortmlit j f^uit.itmrlng. 
Trajre. Tragebahre. f, hand, kit^rtn 
TrtRe.a. im f t, J[„^tgijk, Jrom/y, i^,, 

dmU Jtotlfful. 
Aagebaiken, n. htam, Jummtr 
Traeeband. a.Jfrmp, emrrying.girtk, 
IVagcha m, m. Jka/t, <»rrj>ii,g.»tit 
Tiragebeit, n. iuttr. * 

TraReknorpe. f. gem. 
Tragekorb, m dot/er 
•Tngen. ¥ a. & n. to emrryu to 

hfr J to neS' ; to/iiffr, endure; 

to be big w,tk young j Sorf • , to 

kmve a <-ar« } auf b«idcn Acbfiila ., 

to temporize 
TrUgttf m. bearer, emrritr, farter, 
TragereiTei. Tr*g«Auhl, a*, tkmir, 

TWgheit. f. taaiie/s, JlHg^Jkntft, 

drowfint/t, idUaeJu 4>d$uftt Jlotk, 

TraRifch.^ tragkml. 
TragSdie, f. tragedy. 
TriCmcl, m. eimb. tudgei. 
Trampein, ▼. n. ta trampU. 
Tnmpelthier, a. dromedary^ 
Trank, m. drink J potion. 
Triinke. f. watering, pimtt. 
Trilnken, v. «. /« wattr ^ 4a famk. 

Trifnkfart, n. tray, trougk 
Traakopfer, o. drink - ogering. 
Trinknnnc, f. gutttri to 


TntMn, T. a. to eopmtatt, ta Ht/s • 
marriage, jotn j y, n. to trtfH, 
conjkdu haat tot^fidenet i Ccb •, « 
Traucr, f, mammiHg. 
Traucrbinda, f. mourning. band. 
Tra.rr ill, m. d,mtk, dtremft 
TKi'crflor m mourning . rfpe, 
TriucrgeHicht. o mvw ning . po*m. 
Tra erRrrtittc.n./MMrr«ydrra' •/!«»' 
Tra' ergelang, ni. mamr mug. fang, 

TraucrReft'hicbie. r mawntng. tatt- 
Trauerjahr. n. mourning ■ year . 
Tr«»efkla|ie, r Umtfitahon 
Tnu-rkleid. n. b/ack , mourning. 

Traiierkudche, f. mourning . toaek. 
Traiierinahl, n. mourning. ftaft, 
Tra>j«rinaAtel, in. nourntig . eioak 
Tn-icrmurik, f. mourning. muj!c 
Traucrn, ▼. n- to mourn, to be in 

Trankrtener, f. bnr , uint . mH/*, 

Tr*ispoit. m. tramtfart. • 
Traniponrcbiff n. tranffart, vtjftt 

far carriage. 
Trappc, m. bajtatdn 
Trappen, v. p. to trtad noi/'/uHy, 

to walk Jfauidirg. 
Trappcn, n, j/amUng with tke fett. 
Tfaifiren, ». n 1. to dram a b*U of 

et kange 
T»aube, f. tUJter, bunek ^ grapes i 

Traubrnbrere. f grapo 
Tra'i1<eora<i, m juice ofgrapat. 
T^a.'big. a. elujttred, tlejhry» 
TnubUch, %. et^er.lUt, 


maurning mftrmon, 

funeral fpeeek. 
Trauarfpier, n tragtdy. 
Tra ■crturh, n. mourning, elotk. 
Tra-.erseii, f mown-xg .ttme, 
Traofa, f. eavet. gutter. 
TrMufeln, ▼. a to dwof. drip, « 
TrtiMn, m. dream. 
Traiimbild, n. «i/(«a. 
Traunbucfa, n dr<«iN . book. 
Tra-iiDdeutcr, m. o-eirotritie, 
Trifa^n, v. a. & n. to dtram. 
TtHadm, na. dreamor, vtfiontjt, 
TiKumerei, f. A^eam^ dreaming. 
Traiin, ad. indeed, 
Tranrtg, a. j'ad, kiavy, forrow^ut, 

Traarigkait, C fadwf* % luanimtft, 

Trauringi k wedding . ring. 

Traidhein, m. etrtiJUatt ef 0»«'i 
bt>iU Umfutly mddtd. 

Traut, ad dear. 

Traiung, f. reputation, mtdSng, 

Trccken, a Ziehen 

TfrccVrcMHe. f. drag . boat. 

Trcckfail, n. drag. Umo, kaiftr. 

TrefF. in. kit. 
Trcffen, V « to kit^ to find; t\ne 
Wahl., to ckuf'\ eincn Vergleich 
« I to make an agreiment J geirof. 
•en I right I 

Treffen n. battle, fgkf, combat. 

Treffei. m. /•/, 

TrcfBirb. a. exctitent, exiatioas. 

Trefflicbkeit* f e*<tUenct, 

Treibebeei. n kot.bed. 

Trcibebaiu, ■• k.jt - konfe. 

Traib«hol>, n. cooper^s driatr. 

Trribemitiel, n. tuacuant 
Tieiben, v a. 8cn to .d-tve^ (»Qi 
GawichCsiO '• tkrive •. jemandcn 
., to pytjt, (pur, t»jttgmt*\ ein 
Ocvrerbe., to f'tf«,m, ettrcife a 
trair ; ceiriebeno Arbeit, tmboj 
fed work, 

Ttaikt, a. Mvtr. 



TMibewerk, a. fprimg if a awM.Cfc. 
Tremalani, m, t'tll, fumrnr, 
Trenabar, a. feparabte, 
Trcaaen, v. a, to fever , JeparaU, 

disjoin ; fich - , to part, feparait. 
Trri-n »g. f fevering, feparatitn, 

di, joining. ^ 

Trepan, m. t-epan, 
Treppe f.JlahJ 
Tr<(>e. f. cockle^ darnel. 

Trerter, pi MyJ»j .f grapes. 
Treftcrvrein ra. eider km. 

Treffe, f. ^#/</ * *r JUuer.tatt. 
- ■ • A">»i fgr* 

ra. eidetkin 
Treten, v n. &a to tread i hiaeitt 
», to enter, Jlep, or uiaik tn } ei> 
ncm <u nabe ., to 4if forage, ef. 
front 1 auf ieqiandet SeiM •% to 
M witk. 

Treier, n. treader. 
Ttctrad, a crane. wkeet. 
Treu, a. true, faithful ; loyai, 
Treue. f. tr>,fh, t'i.enefi , fdeUfy, 

faitkfmtnefi ; toyally^ alUgiamu. 
Trc'me, I. TnKkcB. 
Trc'iherziK.a. ronjident, truekearttd. 
T'c -heraigkeit, I. caiifdenee, true. 

Treulich. ad. traty, faitkfuUy, ko. 

Tre<iio<, a fmttkkft, pe fidiout, di~ 

Treulofigkeit, f faitkUfsneft, piff* 

d OHfH,fs,-^Jloyaity 
Triangei, ni. tt tangle* > 

Tribxnal, n. trtbunal. 
Tribut, n tribuU. 
Tricbier, m funnel, tunmel, 
Trieb, m . 4'iving, drift, 4riftiugi 

motion, ii^na, impul/tt incti9»- 

Triebel. m. T, driver. 
Trieb(e«ter, '. tprmg, matlat. 
Triebrad, n.fpring -mkeel, 
Tricbland. m. fuiekfand. 
Trie'auite, n. blear . eye. 
TricfJiiigig, a, blea' * eyed. 
rriefen. ^ n to drop, drip, trtckln 

(von 4en Augea) ta blear. 
•Triegea, * n. to Mud* i fich-i 

ta t r, be mjluken. 
Trie|Uch. a. dece.veaUe, iUu/ve, </. 

lufory, fallaetous 
Tri't, f. pajturagt , tammoni elne 

Vieb, drovt, herd- 
Triftgerechtigkcii, f. rigkt ^ g'*' 

Tri'tig. « wr*«aeii* J importaai, ur. 

gent, valid. 
Triftijikeit, f. argeney, validity. 
Trigonomeme, <". T. trigonometry. 
Trigonoflieuticb, • T. trigonomt. 

Triller. m. Jiake. trUl 
Trillern.v a- to trill, fuaverjkaki- 
Trillion, f. trtllion. 
Trinkhar, a. drinkable, potable. 
•Trinkeo, t a. & a. to drink. 
Trinker, ta. drinker. 
'Tt\nW%t\A, n. drink. money. 
Triakg«rchirr. n. drinking . ve/tl. 


TriokelM, a. 4rinking.glmfu g^fs. 
Trinklied, n. fongt cmtek 
Trinktchait, h drimkbig , emf. 
[ Trinka(ib«, f. drinkimg . r^tm- 
Trip«l, m. trifofy. 
Tripdtaci, m T. tripU'time. 
Tripp, TrippAnnmct, b. /if/litm'W-, 

Trippcln. V. Q t9 trip. 
Tripper, m gon'otrkot; clmf.' 
Triit, m.Jttp, t*«ad 
Triunph, m t-mmpk. 
Triurapbircn, v n /« triumph. 
I Triiimphircnd, %. triumphal. 
I Tiiuonphirvr. m triumpkrr 

Tri mphwagen, m triumphmt cmr- 
\ Ti'ocktn a. iv, mrid. 

Trockenhett, f, dryntfs^ aridity, 
\, TrockenpUtz. m d-yinn plan 
Trorknen.v n. 8c a tod'y, d^y up, 

t« ai , makt dry. 
Trocknend. a. drJUativt 
Troddel, » tafftl 
Trodel, Trddelkraa^ Trdd«1markt 

m. f-^pp'-y, 
TrAdelhafi, a. ta^rifxng. 
TrSdeIn,* a to J*U frippery ^ v. n. 

*# tar y 
Trudler, Trddelmann , m. Trddel. 

weib, n. fritptrtr^ h'ohfr, 
TVog, m. trough. 
Trogrcbarre. f firaptr (for « hntadr 

ing traagh . 
TroDen, v. n. to troll. 
Trommel, f. drtna. 
TrommelhMutcben, n. harrtl tf tkt 

(«' i urn 
Trommelkaften, m. tun ^ a drum. 
Trommelkldpfel, Tr«mmellcblfaei. 

m. d umjfuk. 
Trommein, v. n. to drum. 
Trommelichlag, m, heating of the 

drum. [fitr 

Tronmelfchliger.m. drummer ^ drum. 
Trompete, f. trumpet, 
Trompcten, v. a. in. to trumpet. 
Trompetenrchall, ra found ^ th* 

Trompetcr, m. trumpeter. 
TrompeterilUckcbvn, n. flourifk of 

a trumpet. 
Tropf. m. ninny, Jimpletm. 
Tropfbad, n, embrotation. 
Trdpfein, v. o to drop, trickle, 
Trofitf,, V. n & a. /* drop, 
Tropfen, m. drop. 
Trapfenweire, ad. drop hy drop, 
Tropinart, a- dropping . vaet. 
Tropfftcin, m. JlalaSttet. 
TtofbUt, f. trophy, 
Ttob, m. baggage. * 

Troftbobe, Trarsjungo, q. /oUier*j 

*»y- hlaeb - guard. 
Trofthure, f. eamp*^ahore, 
TroA, m. eonfolation, eomfort- 
XrSAbar, a. fomfartaile, tonfolahle. 
TroAbricF, m. UtUr ^f confotation, 

TrMen, t. a. U cmftrii eonfoU. ttn- 


TVMtr, n. comforter, confolaior. 
Troftgruud, n* confvlatory argu. 

Tr6Alicb, a. cmftrtaUe, e^nfolaHf, 



■ tlichkeu. 

Trofilofagkeu, f. tomfortieftneft. 

Trditlichkeu, f. comfortaHen*/t 
"*•-"• omfortl*f>,difromforte4. 

Troaios, 1 

Trortreich, a. eonfolatory, 
TrOftiing, r eonfolation. 
Troftwort, n. eonfolatfry fp^th, 
TroK, m> trot. 
Trotia, f, utine.preft. 
Trotdrea, » n. to trot. 
Troti, m. dare, infoUncei ptutivg . 
•bietcn, to h-avt, dwe, fiy tn 

the fa e ; «»m ., in ft'ite 
Troisen, v.n. to *•«»») to pout- 
TrotKig,a, infottnt, i'-avii^} pout 

Troirkopf, m, hea^lrang, JluUorn, 

f,ilrn fr//oW 
Triit r a. muddy, tliUk '^ elaudy, one* 
Tr bel, m. trouble. [eajf. 

TiUben. v a tnt'ou^, elaud. makt 

muddy, or thick. 
TrUhral. f. ajlia.on,forrom, mife'y, 

TrUhfelig. a. ^fiiatd, forr,wfut. ca. 
. am^oui, mift'abte, vejitd. 
TrUbfinn.'m TrUbfinnigkeit, f. fad- 

nefj, penfiventft. 
TfUbfinnig, a fad, pt-Jive. dejeBcd 
Tn.chfefi, m /ewer, earner. 
TrUfiFel, f. tijle. 
Trug, m dtritt 
Triigan, t Triegan. 
TrugfcUufi, m . fophifm. faUaey. 
Tr -he, t ekek, trunk. 
Triimmer, pf. fa^mtnts ; firrdt ; 

Tubhijh, ruins i (*Qn eincio Schif. 

fe) v^reck. A 

Trumpf, n. trump. ^ 

Tninipfen. « a f« trump. 
Trunk, m. draught, gu/p; drink 
Triinken, a drunk, intonUated, 

drunken, fudMed. 
Trunkenbold, m. drunkard, fuddle- 

Tninkenheit, f. drunhennefi, tifto. 

Trupp, m. troop ; iand. {ert. 

Tr ippe, r. company or fei tf play. 
Trippen, pi fortet, troops. 
Tr<>p^wei(a, ad. by troops i hy fla. 

Truthabn, m. turkey, iurk^ . cock 
Truibenne, f turkey -ken- 
Truthilbner, pi. turkey, birds. 
Tuberofe, f. Wubero/e. 
Tucb, n. ctotk, d'ap ; linen. cloth 
Tachbereiier,. m. cloth . drejer, 
Tuchcn, a. •/ elotk. 
TacfafMrber, m . elotk • dyer. 
Tocbbandcl. a». elotk . trade, 
Tuchhiindler , m. cloth . merchant, 

Tiichbaus, n. elotk -hall. 
Tttchkaappe, n. clothier*! journey. 

ITucbladen, m. draper's Jhop. 
Tuchipacber, p*. clothier, et^tk*^ 

worker, • weaver, . maker. 
TiicbpreOe, f. clo/k . prtft. 
Tiicbrahmen, m. frame fvr clatk- 

Tuchfchcre, f. cloth .fkears. 
Tuchfcherer, m. elotk .fhtarer, 
TiichtiR, a. apt, fit, able, qualified, 

proper, capable. 
Tikhtigkeit, f. attnefs , fitnefs, ahi. 

hty, qual.f cation, capacity. 
Tiick, m of-Tdcke, (. trick, ^nave. 

^y. malice. 
TUckifch, a. trickijk, knavijk, malU 


Tiifkmaufer, ■>, /#/«rirl«o fnllea 


T.iiflein, I. Tof. 

Tiigend, f. vtrtue. 

Txgendhaft, Tugrndhn, a. virtuous. 

T.iipe, f. tubp. 

TVimmel, m. dixtineft. 

Tummeln, v. a. to tumble, manage 

a korft I fich •■ to wrt/llt • to ma. 

T'immclplats, n, nding . place, 

xertflUng . place. 

ironic m noife, tumult. 

itriMtcuarirch, a. tumultuary, 1u» 

TUncbe f. roiigk^c^, doing, over, 

parget, paint. 
TlJtich»o, V > '» rough . caft , ' ta 

wUffp,, parget, do over. 
TUncher, p. vokiter, pargeter, pl^i, 
Tunke, U'fauce, [Jltrer. 

Tiinken, *, a. to dip,Jleep. 
TUpfei, m. TUprelcbcn, n. point, 

TUpfelig, u.fpotttd,full mf points. 
TUpfeIn, » a. to fpot. make ^ointi, 
TUpfen Tiipfen. T.a «c n to Up. 
Turban m tp^rhan, turband. 
Tiirkifch. a turki/h. 
THrkifs.m turkeis. 
Turnier, n- ju/l. tilt, tournamnU 

tourney, caroufal, 
Tiirni«ren, v. a. to iUt, jujl. 
Turnierer, m. titter, 
Turnicrplatz, m tilt. yard. 
Turnierfcbranken, pi Itjls. 
Turceliaube, f turtle, turtle, int. 
Tufcbe, r bjtr, indiam iuh. 
Tufchen, v. a. t» utoA. 
TUte, I. Date, 

f tutty, 
TUtfche, t. Tunke. 
Tyrann, m. tyrant, 
Tyrannel, f. tyranny. 
TyrannenmocI, m tyratnieide. 
Tyrannirch, a. tyannic, tyrannicaif 

Tyrannifirea, T. ». & n. toiyrannixc. 


t)bel, a. et>a,ill, bad-y ad. hadly, W} 
not well', et ift mir ., / am tuta. 
fy, not well. 

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«>• tBB 

Obel, a. tvll. Mi kmrf, /0r4iw»imJ; 

mn**Jintfi, fin. 
Obelkeii, f. tueajint/i, iUmtfs. 
Vbelklang. ObciUui, m. €Mfk^j> 

Vbella>inig. a. out ^ Mmmour. 
ttbelfland, n. indtearum, Imitttney. 
t)bei(hat, f. mtfdtmtanor, ertme, m*. 

0)ielibIter, in. -maUfaStr, erlmim»i. 
tH>cn, V a. to tjurei/e, frmffi/t. 
ttber, prp. ovtr i on, at, ktyondi 

during ; more thmn ; ad. ootr ; 

Uber uod tfber, all ovtr, thorough- 

hi Uber die Mtr»en, heyondrnta. 

Jure, tMceedinglj i Uber dicii| he- 

vberall, ad. «9try wk/re, sU mbtut, 

tit ovtr. 
DberaiitwortcRi v. a. to deHwer. 
OberarbeiiAQ, t *. to touth up \ ficb 

- , to wear one's /e/f out hy work* 

tiberitrmelt m Jk*m. 
Dberaut, ad. etttremefy, tjitteiiHgijf. 
Vbcrbein, n. v»en,Jpltnt. 
•tM>erbieien, ▼. a. to outbid. 
Oberbiiittern, v. a. to overlook it 

turning over j /• turn ovtr. 
«t)herbleibcn. t. tfhrig. 
Oberbleibrd, n. rejl, rem*inder,rtwiu 

nmrnt, refUue. 
Vberbreiten, v a. to cover over, 
•Uberbringen, v. a. to deliver. 
Oberbringcr, m. deliverer. 
t^berbringung, f. delivering. 
Ccb tJberburxeln, v.r. to tumble , 
Oberdeckcn, v. a. to tover over, Imy 

oUberdenke'h, v. a. to mu/e, rumi- 

note, r/fltH on, confider. 
t^bcrdniCt, m ttdloufneft, v>etrifo» 

men'fs, toathjhmtneft, ^fgi^, 
VberdriUfig, >. ted&ous , %»eartfome, 

fibereck, ad. diagonslfy. 
Vb^eilen, v, a. to overhet/hni ficb 

- , to hurry, freeifttmte. 
17bereili, a over . kafly. 
Ubereiiung. f. hurry, precipUmtion, 

ever - hajtening. 
Vbcrein, ad. .'kommen, .flimmen, 

to ag^te; .*(reffen, to atcord 
ttber elnander. ad one over another . 
Ubereinkunft, f. agreeing, agree. 

Vbereinflifnmig.a. accordant, agree- 

ing, harmonious. 
tHiereinftimmiing, f- accord, aecor. 

danct, ag-ermtnt. harmony 
•ybcrfahren, v. n. to pafs over, to 

ctof% ; in einer Filbre ., *• ferry 

over ;,v *. to pafs, trofs. 
Oberfabrt, f. paffing - ovtr, pafagi 

^»on dem One) Jerry. 
Oberfall. m.furprife, inroad, inva- 

fion, at aii 
•Obcrfalleo.v.a. tofurpH/e, attach. 
tfhertein, a. Juperfine. 
•ttberflieficn, v. n. to over 'Jlovo. 

ObeHluh, at. aiundanett ^^uenre, 

fuper/luity, eMuberanre, profu/ioi 
OberflUOig, a. abundant ,JUlu*n 

fuperfiuous, enubtraut, pr^uje. 
t^betfracht, f, over .freif^t. 
tbcrfracbien, ▼. a. to over ~ frtigkt, 
ficb •Oberfreffen, v. r. /• over. eat, 
Oberiiihren, v. a. to tran/port ; fig. 

to convince. * 

Cberftlhrend, a. eonvUiive. 
Oberftihrung, f. tran/port} fif. C#ii. 

vincement, eonmSitn, 
OberfUlien, v. a. to ovtr-JUti ficb 

- . to J'ur/eit. 
OberOiticfn, ▼. ». /* over -feed. 
t}tergabe, f. furrender, dekveramee, 

Oberflailn, in. pajlmg 09er, petjage, 

*Obergebcn, ▼. a to give up, fur. 

render, deliver, yittd mf, » • 

o go or pa/sot 
e F<<ilniit., 

ficb ., to vomit, 
Obergehcn.v. n. 

to dtjert ; in die 

grout T often i v. a. to look 

to tevife, ptrufe'y to om.t, %aave. 
ObergebuBg. f pajing over ^ mi 

Jioni omtjlon. 
Obrrgewicbt, n. over -weight, 
tlbergiefsen, v. a. to four mpo*; 

to candy. 
Obergol3en, v.a. to gild. 
OberKoldung, f. gilding. , 
tJbergrofi, a. esttreme, over . great. 
tfbergypfea, w. a. to parget, plajltr 
Vberband,ad. . •nahmen, to emcrea- 

fe too much. 
Uberhang, ep, Jutly, projeffure. 
••Oberh»ngen/>i. n. to jut. 
Obcrhknccn, r. a. to hang avert to 

OberbXalen^v. a. to amafs, aecumu. 

cafe I fig. to overcharge, encumber. 
Uherbjtuft. a. over.loadrd. 
Oberbiiufiing, f. accumulation. 
Cberbaiipt, ad. general.y, in general- 
"Oberbeben, » a. to d^Jburden, de- 

liver, fpaH,fave <tf ffc \ ficb . , 

to boajl of, brag 
Oberbebung, f. dJjburdening J boajf. 

ing, bragging. 
>t}berbelfen,T. a. to help over ; fig, 

to excu/e, clear ; fo d^eni- 
Db^Vbin, ad. over ; hg. fupei^cial. 

Uberbdren, v. a. to mift hearing ( 
\ to hear fay, repeat. 
tJberbUpfen, v. n.&a. tojiip over 

to Jump over. * 

Ubcrjagea, ^. a. to fotmdtr, over 

Uberirdifch, a. miove the earth } ee. 

rich Uberkaufen, V r. to over -buy. 
Oberkipp«n,v. n. &a. to'mhip over. 
Oberkleiben, v. «. to ooer.pls/ler. 
Uberklcid, n. coat, great coat. 
Oberkleiden, ▼. a. to cover, inv^. 
UbcrkJeiftcrn* v. a. to glut over. 

zed by 


tn>«rklaf, a. onervtife. 
ttberkocbcn, ▼, a. ta haU aver, t 

over boUing. 
•Oberkoniincn, v. a. to eame om 

to receive, get. 
'ttberladen. v. a. ta over . burden, 

over .frtightfover- . charge, over. 

loail ficb -, to fwrfeii. 
Oberladung, f. eivtr . burdening, over. 

loading} fmrfeit. 
Oberlang. a. & ad. overUng, Bbcr 

kurz Oder ., footi or taie. 
Oberlangen , v. n. to reach - hand 

•Oberliffea, ▼. a. to leave ; to yUld 

up to i to rejgn. 
ObcriaOung, f. Uaving, yielding up, 

t)l'erUfl, r. ovtrfoife, ovtrweigit ; 

fig. troubie, molefiatioa, importu- 

Oberlaftca, v. a. to ovtr.dtarge, 

Oberliftig, a. tromUefome, importu- 

ObcrUffligkeii, f. impartmtwtenefs. 
Oberlauf. m. T. ortop. 
Oberlaufea, v. n.&a. to over'Jlou>} 

to run over^ tv d*fert\ to out. 

run ; fig. to trouhte, tmportunatt. 
OberlKiirer, m. deJerUr. 
Oberla.iii, a. & ad. a/oud. 
Oberlrbea, v. a. to furvive, out Jive. 
Uberlcbende, m. furvivor, out-liver. 
ttberleaen, v. a. ovtr. lay} fig. to 

eonfider, devife, rejltft. 
Oberleg^n, n.fuperior to. 
Obetlegenbcit, f. fuperiority. 
Oberl«g{ani,tH>crlegt,a. conjldtratt. 
OberUgramkeit, f. confideratveejs. 
ObcrlegunK, f. confideratton, rtjlt. 
tfberlei, ad. >. Obrig. [xiem. 

Oberlcfcn, v. a. to read over. 
tfberlierern, v. a. to deliver, give up, 
OberlieferuBg, f. delivering, tielivt. 

ry} die inUndlicbe., t'adttu>u. 
Oberliften, v. a. to outwit- 
Vberiaacbcn, v. a. tojend^ver, remit. 
Oberaiacbt, (. prevalence, predomi- 
ObermXcbtig, a, prevalent, predomU 

Obermachuag, f. fen^ng «*rr, re- 

muting, remittance. 
Cbermanaea, ^ u. to overmatch, get 

the better of. 
Oberinaft, a. over.meafurc} 6g.fu- 

perfiulty, exceff. 
tJberin«r»ig, a. exceeding, excejive, 

Ubermeiftera, *. a. to overmajter, 

Ubcriaenfcblicb, a. fuperhumam, 
,. after " 

Ubcrmolrgen, ad. after to morrow. 

ObcrmUthig. a. JupercUiout, haugit^i 

Obernaohtan.v. n. (•^crr, .rejatl 



Cbenufchtif, a. T^iMgftr • might, 

ktft/or « niikt. 
fbeni>bme, F. atceftmHon, Uking 

p,ff,J/ion <f. 
Obernaittrlich, a. fupttHaturml. 
•Cbcroehinea, v. a. -to ttceft, take 

taftjfioH efi to UHtUrtukt , tmki 

ufcit; fich^ to overdo. 
tbcrnebmer, m. undertmktr. 
t)b«rn«hinung, f, taking upon, nn. 

tbemfrhco, *. a. to /urfartfe. 
tbrnifchiing f./nrfri/e. 
Obcnechacn, v. a. to count 09or, to 


t)t>encden, v. m. to forfnmit, 
tJberredend, a. ftr/u^pt. 
flbentdung, f. por/uajion. 
flbcneicbcn, v.n. to rtaehover 

». to itlivtr, to frtftnt with. 
vbctreichuag, t. dtlivtr/, fre/tnting 
I mitk. 

I Obenrif, a. ovtr . ri^. 
'tbcrreiten, ». n. to ride oner ; 

*..i» out.Ti4t\ cin Pferd . , 

*Db«rrenoen, v. a. to rtm iot 

#B*r : to out . rmn. 
Bbmeft, m. rrji, remmindtr , rem- 

»nt. xjidue. 
*Cbcninnen, ». n. to nwi over, over. 

Cberrock, ta. gremt cost, npper.coat 
tbmampeliH * a. to/nrpri/e, over. 

Obmumpclung, i.furpri/ml. 
CbtiGien, *.a. u /ova over. 
tberf»Uen, t. «. to /mit too mutk. 
Vberfchauen, ».a. to over .Jkadow 
tberfcbtuen, f.n. to look ooei- } * 

Cberfcb«iiung,f. looking over\fttrvey. 
Cherrchlcken, ,. tibcrfenden. 
Cbetfcbiffen, *, n. to /kip, i 

»« 'Mf i V, a. to Aip, tran/port 

to « A'P- 
CboHUg, n. k*Hdi/4cingi pomU 

*itt, fomrntation \ ( Bercchnung ) 
JV^g -p, colcuUtion. 
♦ObericbUgen, ». ». & a. to tumkU 

W'} ttpomltire, apply •/omenta- 

«•« ; to turn up } to pa/i over, 

•^h (ungeAhr berecbnen) to e^ 

V- fokutate 
Jwfchleitro, ». ,. tf vtil, 
•wfebmlereo, ▼. a. to fyread over, 

'"Wcboappen, r. n. t«/nap over', 
^H- *• *» traxei. 
"*«W»iieien, ^.n. to over./n 
•Dberfchreibeo, v. a. to/mper/crikt, 
jV^«*< } U put tke title on a let- 

•Oberfchrelen, ». a. /* out . voice ; 
^•i to cry onfs /e^ out «^ 

*<Wlcbrcuen. y. ■. to Jlep i 

»• •• to tran/gre/s. 
'*frfehreiwng , I. Jiepfing , 


Obcrfchriri, (, /uptr/cripUout HtU, 

OberrchMb, m. gallop. 
dberfchufi, m. ovtr. plus, / 
ObcrfchUtten , v. a. to/pUl, over. 

/U \ to cover ; to heap upon. 
Obetrchwanken, v.n. to be Jktd% to 

bt./ult tattgkt. 
Oberfchwilnkricfa, t. /uperabumdant, 

UbeHcbwemiociit V. a. to over.Jlow, 

Obcrfcnweminung , f. [ ovtrjhwing, 

dei.^e, inundation. 
'Ober^chwiAlneD, v. n. to/uAm over, 
Obcrregein, v. a. /• travtr/e /^Ung, 

to fail over } to out ./ail. 
•UbeiCebcD, v. a. to over. look i to 

peri/e, run over ; to review , re. 

vi/e; fig. to connive, /orkear. 
tJberrebung, f. over . looking, revi. 

•Oberfenden, v. a. to /end over, re. 

mit, convey. 
Obcrrenduaf , t. remittamee, convey. 

Oberrctten, v. u. to leap over } «, 

a. to tram/fort \ to /tt an the /i\ 

to tra^fiate fit book) } eii — 


rate j 
ovtr . reach. 

ttberrctzer, m..traMjlator, 

Uberretsuns, \.Jrai\fiation, ver/on. 

tJbcrficht, f. omjSgkt } /urvey, re- 
view. ■ . 

Cberfichtig, a. /^uint.tytd, myops, 

Uberfilbern, v. a. to /Iver. 

tiberfpannen, v. a. to over. /train j 
to /tan, 


'tfb«rfpringen, v. a. to over. 

Jhp over. 

'Uberilchea . v. «. to of^ . 

Hand. ^ 

"6berfteigeh,v. a. to /iep over \ fig. 

to furmount ; to /urpa/j. 
Vberftimmen, v. a. to over, vote \ 

ein Inllrunent -, to over . tune. 
Oberftreichen, v. a. to daub. 
ttberllreifen, v. a. to turn up. 
Obcrftreucn, v. a. to Jlrcw over ; to 

0berftr6men, v. «. to over ^run, over. 

fich Obcrftadiren, t. r. to Jlmdy too 

OberftUlpcD, v. a. to cover. 
UberflUrsen, v. a* to cover i to over- 

/ct, turn top/yturvy. y 

Obertifubea, v. a. to^un. ^ 
Dbertiubung, It ^tinning. 
Obertheuern, r. a. to over.-pri*e. 
Obenolpclo, v. a. to put a cheat 

upon, vaipe, over • reach. 
• ttbertragen, v. a. to tranfport ; to 

Urans/tr, make over ; einen . f tt 

pay /or/omcbody. 
Cbenragung, f. tran/port. 
UberirefTen, v. a. to /urpafs, excel, 

txcttd, out ' do, out. go. 
Obenreibcn, v. a. to drjM »**r ; 

UFE lit 

to over . drive ^ fig. to ejiceed, car. 

ry too/ar. 
Obenreibung, ,f . exceeding, exct/t. 
"^Oberucten, w. a. to trtad ot>tr \ 

to over.fioWj fig. to tran/gre/t. 
tJbenreier, m. t'an/grtffor. 
Obenreiung, f. tran/grtjion. 
Obertrieben, a. txnjive. 
ObenUnchen, V a. to pargtt, plajlert 

Ubervol\, a. over.fuU. 
Ifbervortbcilen, V. a. to over-rtod, 

•Obcrwachfett, v. a. to out . grow ; 

to over . grow. 
Ubcrwallen, v. a. to over ./low. 
Uberwiihigea, v. a. to over, ceme, * 

UbcrvrXltigung, f. over. coming, over» 

'tfbefweiren, v. a. to convince, con. 

vt&., a. convincible. 
Obenwciften, v. a. to whiten* 
Obeiiyeifung, f. convOtion. 
•tJberwerfen, ▼. a. to throw over ; 

aincn Mantel., to take or throw 

about a cloak ; fich mit jeman* 

den ., to/all out with. 
Oberwichiig, a. preponderating, out- 

weighing, over.po\fing. 
■Obcrwie^en, v. a- to preponderate, 

out - weigh, over . poijt. 
*Oberwinden, v. a- to confuer, over. 

come, vaHquf^,/ur mounts 
Uberwinder, nn. confueror, vaafkf. 

Uberwtndlich, a. conquerable, /uptr. 

able, vincible. 
Oberwindnng, f. eo/ifueringf over. 

coming, vanftiijking 
Oberwintera, v. n. to winter. 
OberzKhlen, v. a. to count or tell 

CbersMhligt a. /upernumi 
Oberzcitig, > Oberreif. 
Oberaeugen, y-%. to convince, euil, 

conviS, attaint. 
Dberaeugimg, f. conviSion, tviSit/n, 


Oberzicben, v. a. to ovtr. lay, ovtr. 

ca/l, cover, deck ; to ite, candy ; 

mit Krieg -, to int-ade, iuvejl, 
Oberzinnen, v. a- to tin over. 
Uberzuckero, «■ a. to ice, tandy. 
Uberziig m. ca/ei .cinet Bettr^, 

Oberzwerch, ad. acrofs, trart/verfe. 

ly, athwart, 
Ubiicb, a. u/ual, cuftomary, v/cd. 
tJbliche, a. cHjtom. 
Obrig, a. l*/t,rtjlingi -•feyn, 'blei. 
ben, to rt/l, remain, bt r/mafient, 
rejlant, It/t ; - •htben, to /anve 
more than nettfary j Im Ubrigen. 
a/ /or the reji. 
Ubrigen*, ad. at /or the rtft \ be. 

tJhang, f. extrci/t, proRi/e, u/t. 
XiitT, TB. Jh or f7-> I 



lit UM« 

Uferbcwofracr, in. ttajlfu 

Ubr. ^ iM<rA; rIorA. 

Ubrmachcr, m> c/frA > MsAer, vcIrA* 

Uhrmacherkunrt, f. tlotk • mmkimgi 
Vhr€kni, m. kmut.gUfi.ftmi, 
tlhrverk, o tltk • ymark* 
Ubrzeigcr. n. iktl, km»d. 
Ubu, oi 0W, A«rn • •«»/. 
Ulme, r. UlneBbaun, m. •/«, «/m- 

. UiBteowaM, m. tim-fUt, eim gr«m. 

Mm, prp «*•««, ^*^*\ /"' > *'' 

<«, by. Id mianti p^i una und 

an, r«Mii4 «A«iffi am To viel 

mehr, un dcfto mehr, tk* m»rt\ 

Umackeni, v. a. {• pl'igk uf> 

UmMndern. v. a. to mtttr, change 

Umiindcrnng, f. mittring, mltfrntM. 

Unarbeiicn, v.«. /« mmkt agtin, 

mtmd, riUmrkl to gruk up. 
Umarbeitung, f minding, rettufk. 
. *«« ; grikk'ng np. 
Uraarmen, v.a. to *mbrmc*t k»g 
Umaini'ing, f. emk'tet 
^Umbcbahen. *. a. to ktep on. 
Umbcugen. •Umbicgen, v. a. 1e 

kou, kend, turn, turn up. 
Uaabildcn, v. a. tc rt/orm, tram 

•Umbinden. v. a. to tekind; to i9y 

mkont i to fafitn to. 
•Umblafen , .v a. t* kUm mkout, 
turn otier by blowings 
- tlmbra, f. umber. 
•Umbrechtn, v. a. to kremk down* 
•Umbringeii, v. a. to kilt, n^urde*. 
Umdrehen, V. a. to turn, turmmbout, 

UriMnickan, v. a. to reprint. 
•Umfahrep, «■ n. to go roundabout 
im » carriage , make m circuit ; 
V. a. to run doun^ over, runt to 
•Unfallen, v. n. to fall down. 
Umfang. in circuit, compaft 
•Umfangen.t Umannen AilJingcbcn. 
UmfMrbcn, v. a. to dU again 
UmfaflRen, v. a. to fet anew } 

/pan i to embrace j to encompa/t. 
Umaatt^n, ▼. a *• kover about 
•UraflicUen, V. a. to furround. 
Unfomien, v. a. fo reform^ form 

Umfragc, f. enfuirlng rtmd about, 

Infuiry. ' 

Umfragcn, ▼. n. to enfuire tomnd 

UmfUhtvn, v. a. to lead mkoui. 
Ungang, in. protejlon^ comvtrfa- 

Hon, commerce -, . •haboo, to tvi. 

tote, forbear. 
tJmgilngHch, a. converfiwt, tomwtr. 

fable, fociable. ^ . . , 

Uroglnglichkeit, f. con^rfkbleneft. 

, •Umgeben, v. a. to enwiroa, emcom- 

pa/s,/urronnd, circle . 
•UmgakcD, «.a. 8ca. tocirciMi to 

take «• UM^'about i (von Gcfpen. 

Item) U kauKti mil tmM •* t4 


dtMl in } ait or aof erwaa 
be about, kaoe a mind ; nit Je. 
manden . , to eonter/t witk ( to 
iieat, ufe\y m, to go round about 
Uaagieikcn, v. a. to r^ound; to 
Circumfufe. f 

Umgnben. v. a. to dig mp. 

UngrMnzcn. v.a. to circle im, rtr- 
cumf-ribt, limit 

*llmgreifcn, v. a. to /pan. 

ficb Umgiicken, ▼. r. to took about. 

UmgUrirn, v. a. to gird. 

•Umbaben, v. n to kave on, about 

U.iihairen, v. a- to cell, hug, emb-ae*. 

Umbang. m. curtam, kangtmg about. 

Umbkngch, v a. to hang about; to 
bang at an otker place 
Umhaiicn. t. a to fell, cut dowi 

Umhcr. ad. around^ about, round 
about i . •laiifen, - fchweifen, - 
•siehan,' to rmmble, rot>e, -aigt, 
wander ; . wandcrn, . •ftrcicbcn. 

to err, Jlfttl. [lator,. 

Umberzieheiid, a rambling, ambu. nicbl . *kten«a, totan. 

not fo'brar. 
UmhUllen, ▼ a r« veil, wrtp up. 
Umkchr, f. retu-ning, return. 
Umkchren, vH. to furn baeki fig 

to convert i v. a to turui fig, ' 

Umklamroern, «. a. fa clinf, dafp. 
Umkletden, v a. ^ drej! anew i 

'ch., to Jk ft your Hotket, 

Umkommen, v. n. to perijk. 
Umkrifnten, v a to mreatk. 
Umkrcit, ia.peripkery,circun^er en- 
re, compa/tf 

Umladcn, v. a. to ta^ otkerwi/e. 
Umlauf, m- turning i circulation l 

(ein Schrcibcn ) circular letter. 
UmlauMk, V. a to over. run, run 

down} •t.n. to wkirt } to eircu. 

late; to run about. 
Umlegeo, v. a. to lay downi ft 

break ; to put otkerw/c \ (ich . , 

to turn about; v. a- T. to tors j 

to /urround 
Umlanken, ▼. a. to turn akout. 
Umleuebten, V. a. totireumfufewitk 


UroHegend* «. elroanjmeent, nelgk.' 

Ummaiiernt v. a. to wall akout. 
Umnkhcn, v. a. to kem, few about. 
Umncbeln, v. a. to furround witk 


Umnebnaan, ▼. *. to take mkout. 
Unpackan, v. a. it repack 
Umpflansent v. a. tk plant aivut} 

to tranfplant. 
Umpflilgcn, ▼ •. to klougk mf* 
Unprigen, ▼. a. la ieflamp. 
Umrelfen, ▼. a. to travel round «> 

bout f to go about. 
Umieirtcn, « a. to putt down^ de 

molijk, d^opi to tumble over. 
UaircitCD,v D. /•H^«Aa«f)v.a. ^0 mage. 

over^ruH with • kkrfei U tUk r»tmd\ tTniftflckMi. V. A. Ujikk r$mU »koi 

Digitized by VjOO^IC 


.•Unranndi. v. a. la tver.m. 
Umringen.».a loenvlfon,fitrrowu. 
Umrifs m Jktttk. outline, eontov 
UmrObren, v.a- to flir up. 
Umraneln. v. a *•• ekamge tke fti- 

die; fig. to ckauge one*i condtttes, 

fmtimentt, &e. 
Un>r«(B, m. truck » trucking, «. 

Untlchanxen, V. a. to Hrcumvallati, 

Umrchancung, f. circumvallation. 

rcbatten, v. a. to wtrjka'le. 
hch Umfchauan, v r /* loSk akout, 

bo b 
Urt fcbiffan, <r. n. tojkip akout ; ». 

a to put into an otker Jkip ; die 

Well., to circumnavigate. 
tJibfchlax. ■>*• f'>ange, turuingf band; 

roveri epitkem, cataptafin. 
'Umrcblagen, » n. /* over. turn; 

fig. to turn, change j to dtgenero. 

te, grow worfe J /• fowr ; •». a. 

to beat dbout; to turn #»fr; to 

w-ap up J to turn up j to poultui. 
Uir.rcbleicben, v. a. to/neak akout. 
Umfchlriern, ^ u. to veil. 

Uinfcblicrfen. v. a. to enclofi. 
Umrchlieriing.f. em/o/ure. 
•Umrrhlin^en, v. a to tw/i. 
*Uinfchmeifiien, (, Umwerfen. 
UmrchmeUen, «.a to melt agaiu; 

k. to kuekle other. 

fig to tfor 

wile \ to buckle about- 
Umfchrihiken, w. a. I* Omit round 

about, to bound. 
Umfcbre'ben, v. a. to write mgaio; 

t, 'Vu'^".?^ "*•• /•'•/*"•/'• I 

Umlchretbung , f circum/criftioii. 

(i. J 

circumlocution, parapkra/e. 
Umrrhriri, f. in/cription, po/y.^ 
Umfchliiteln, v. a. to fkake. 
UnlcbUiien, v. a. to over - turn. 
Uafrbweif, m. round-about ; 

(Reden) verbofity, eircunUocuHon. 
Umfegcln, v. a. to faU mkout 

ficb •Umfehea. v r. (9 look aboiA 
, back ; fich nach etvrat . , to leei 

out for a tktng. '' 

Umfeucn, ▼ a. to fet otkerwifel 

to tranf plant i to ckange', to cor- 

po/e again. 

Uinfinken, v. A. to fink dem. 
UmfonH, ad g^mHt, for nothing \ 

1)1 vain. 
Umrpanttcn, T.a. tofpan\ to ekanm 

ge horfct 
Umfpringen, ▼. *. to over- tur* 

by leaping i fig. to deal with 

Umftand, to. circum/lanet i obo* 

Umftafoda, without ceremonies. 
Unftaiidlich, a. nrcu^flantial i 

Umftacheo, ▼. a. to turn mp » * 



UmaditadeD, pi. iy^muitrt. 
UmAellm, v. a. to ktjit. 
UaAiMmen, v. a. to Mttaiout; to 

give mKothtr tune. 
Umfiaren, ▼. «. to turn over, rmm- 

«UiMofiea, T. •. to oMT'tkrevfy 

oMA, smniU. 
UaflSfilich. a. rtvocoblt. 
Vmttbut^nt v. a. to Jtrtmm ^o*t. 
I/mfturz, m. over - tkroto. 
UmOilrBtD, v.n. to /ail dotni v. 

a. to ovtr - throw. 
Umiaaiieb, m. emihonfit, truth. 
OiBtM&hen, v.t. totnekoHgt, truck. 
•Unihan, ▼. «. to takt ikout ; to 

fut akomt i fich nach etww • ^ to 

Utk for. 
, •t;mireib«ny v. «. to drive tkout, 
•Uatreten, v. a. to treod down. 
•(/■wachfen, v. a. to §ron mhout, 

UawXlz«n» Ti a. U turn okout, over. 
Uawecbfeln, v. n. to ekmmge pirn- 

ttsi V. a. to ekmmget mitemate. 
Omwechfelnd, a. mitemate. 
yawachfdoiigi f . tkmnfing ; aZ/rr. 

Unwcg, a. roundmkout way. 
Umwchen, v. a. to Horn over, about. 
*UmvrtDdeil« y. a. to turn , turn 

oieut ; /* invert, 
*Urawerten, v. a. to ovettkrew ; to 

tptr . turn , over ,fet ; to throw 

Unwickchi , o. a. to ioind about, 

vrtath, wrap up. 
«Umwinden, ¥. a. to wind about, 

UmwSlkcn, v. a. to tioud over. 
UmwOblen. v.a. to rout about; to 

turn over. 
CmziiMen. v. a. to tett over again. 
UauluncD, v. a. to hedge, encom. 

Paft tiiitk a hedge. 
t'mxeiebnrn, v. a. to mark otker. 

^i to mark round about. 
•r«iiehen. v n. & a. fo travel or 

vmntler about i to puii down } die 

Kleider -, to put on otker eiothts ; 

U kang (with curtains). 
Umzingeln/T. a. to eueomta/s, fur. 

round. r J J 

Umiiig, m. proc*Jion. 
L'nabifndcrlich, a. unalterable , In- 

t'oabanderliclikeii, t. unalterabl*. 

ntft, tmmutabUtty. 
t'«ul>hingig. a. independent. 
L'nabhifD|igkeit, f. independency. 
Uiwlkelflieh, a. irrevofaklt. 
UMbJ-ii.-^^ ,. eentinual, uninler. 

UnabUUBgkeit, f. eontlnuanee. 
^t^ichttu./ai/e, eounter/eit, not ge. 

l^naebtGirt, a. Inadvertent, negli- 

8*it, eartlt/s. 
<^n»ch»f»inkeit, (. inadvtritnry, nr. 

S'igtHci, careie/sne/f. 


Unadrlig, a. not noble, ignoble. 
Vtuibalich, a. unlike, Sffimiiar. 
UnUinlichkeit. f. uniikene/Sf dijt. 

UqangefociiteB, a. not^feSed, not 

Unang^nchm, a. Mfpieafant, dif. 

Unangeriihn, a. untoucked. 
Unangerehen, ad. notwttkJtanAng. 
Unangtuflct, a. untoucked. 
Unannebirlich, a. unacceptable. 
Unannchmlichkeii, f. dtftgree*ble- 

ntjs; unacctplablentfs. 
Unaarebnlich, a. uncomely, iU.for. 

mtd, ill.jkaped. 
Unanfehnlichkeit, f. uncomelinefs. 
UnanfliCndig, a. indecent, unfiemty, 

uncomely, indtcorouf. 
Unanftiindigkeit, f. indecency, teir. 

corum, uneomeline/t. 



Unanfldrtig^a. inofenfivt. 

" C inofenjive 

UnanftdTiigkcit, C inofenjiventfs, 
Unart. f. trUk, naughtintft. 
Unariig, a. naugkty. 
Unaufhdrlich. a. ineejant, ferpe- 

tuai, everla/hng, continual. 
UnatifldiHch. a. indifolvakU, iuilfo 

UoauflOaliclikdi, t indiffolubilUy. 
UnaufmerkfaiD, a. inattentive. 
Unaufincrkramkeit , f. inattentive. 

Uniutbleiblich, a. not Maying out, 

Unaatforrcbticb, t. Unerforfcblich. 
Unausfaiirbar, a. imora&kable. 
UnavtfUhrbaTkek, t. imfraSkabU. 

Unautfdbrlirh. a. incomplete. 
Unaiufiihrlicbkeit, f. incompktene/t. 
Unausgeiracht, a. JtiU in fuejlion, 

vnd-tertHlntd, • 

Uiia\Hgefetzt,a. continual'^ ad. vtfA< 

uut inlerruption. 
Unautldfchlicb, a. indelible, tnamHn. 

UuauslofchHcfakeit, f. indeliUenefi. 
L'nauxfpiechlicb, a. ineffable, inen- 

p'fjiblt, unfpeokabtt. 
Uoausfprechlichkeii. f. inffablene/t, 

Unb)<ndrg, a unmanageable, unruly, 
( ungovtrnaile , untraSabte , unta. 

l'nb!iodigfceii,r. untraSablene/s, un. 

UnbarmberxigV •« unmerciful, airr. 

Unbarmherzigkelt^. nnmertifuheft, 
UnbSrtig. a. beardtefs. 
UnbeantwonHch, a. unan/werablt. 
Unbcdacbt, Unbcds(cbtig,Unbcdacbt. 

fam, a. inconjiderate. 
Uhbedachtfamkcit, f. incontderaty, 
Unbcdeckt, a. uncovered, bare. 
Unhcdeuicad, a. in/tgn\ficant. 
Unbedingt, a. unlimited, incondUiO' 

Unbcar^t, a* thildleft. 

Unbd'angcB, •. not prevented, free, 


Uobcfltckt. a. nnfpotted, immaculate. 

Unbefriedigi.a. un/atisjied, not com. 

Unbefugniri, f. intompettn^. 

Unbefugt, a. incompetent, iUegaL 

Unbtfgrabra, a. unbitrUd. 

UnbegTciflich, a. intompreket[/lUe, 

UnbcgreiBichkeit, f, ineomprekenji. 
bUity, ineonceivabltneft. 

UnbegUtert, a. notrictt notmeaWty 

Unbebaan, a. kairleft. 

Unbchaglicb, a. not pleafant, an. 

Unbtherxt, 'a. keartlefs, cowardly. 

Unbehumich.a. inoMciouj, tmwieldr. 

UabebUltlicbkait, f. in^fieiou/nejt i 

Unbehutiam, a. unwary, ineautiouf. 

Unbebutfankeh, f. unwarine/t, in. 

Unbekanm, a. Mlii««ni, wMyiMJa. 
ted wUk. 

Unbekebrbar, a. inconvertible. 

Unbekleidet, a. unciotked. 

Vnbekttmmcrt, a. careU/t. 

Uab«lcbt,a. l^eUfti (kg.^dnU, blunt. 

Unbeleren, ». unletUred, unlearned, 

Unbelerenhait, f. ignorance. 

Uabelohni, a. unrewarded. 

Unbe'markt.a. unnoticed, unob/erved. 

Uubeniueh, a. unweaitky, poor. 

Unbanannt, a. not told, anonymom. 

Unbequen, a. incommo^nSf incon- 

UobaquemUchkeit, f. tneommodity. 

Unberedt, a. not elofuent. 

Unberci.i, a. unprepared. 

Unbcritten, a. unmanagedi'mnkor/ed. 

Unb«rureii, a. not caSed. 

Unberiihtnt, a. not renowned* ' 

UnbetObri, a. untoucked. 

UnbeTcbadat. ad. vHtkout prejudice. 

Unbcfcbidigt. a. unhurt. 

Unbafcbeiden , a. immodefit indtj. 
crtet, fancy. 

UnbefcbeidenbtU, t. immodf/ly, in. 
difcrttion, faucinefs. 

Unbefchlagcft, a- unjkoedi fig. not 
virfti, unJkUttd. ' 

Unbelcbniiten, a. uneircumdfei. 

Unbercholten, a. unbtamed, blame. 

. le/s. 

Unbcfchrilokt, a. unlimited. 

Unbcfehreiblich, a. inettprejible. 

UnbalSebriebcn, a. blank, not writ- 
ten upon. 

Unberchwert, a. unmol^ed. 

Unber«cli, a. Inanimate. 

Unbefonneo, a unadvifti, impru- 
dent, incon/tderate. 

Unbcronncnheit, 1. imprudence, ir- 
Conji deration. 

Urbeforgi, a. carelefs. 

Vnbenand, m. UnbefiXndtgkeit, T. 
^(kltntfs, inceisHancf. 


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M4 ' 9UB 

Unbelttadic, «. Imttnjlant, JuhU, 
UnbeAechlich, a. tnetrrupMU. 
V■beaechlicbkei^ f. incorrutUhU- 

UnbeftelU, a. unit/peken , •«/ or. 

UnbdUmmt, *. initttrminti, Inde- 

Unbeftockeo, a. mneorrupttd. 
Uoberudeh, a. n»t /oiled, inttnU. 

Unbeiagt, a. not old. 
UnbetrtebtUcb, a. infon/derahU. 
Unbeujtchtlichkeii, f. intonJldtrmUe. 

Unbetrauert, a. unmourfttd /or^ urn- 

Unbetreten, a. unbtattn. 
UnbeuflKlich, a. mmdeteivahU. 
Uobewaffnct, Unbewefan, a. ««. 

Unbeweglicb, a. immooeailtt injle. 

Unbevr'egllchkcit, f. immohOitj^, <«• 

Unbewcibt, a. unmarried. 

Unbeweint, a. unbtvaUed. 

Unbevreiilich, i. Unerweislich. 

UabewoiiDhar, a. untnhahitablt. 

Unbfiwohni, a. uninkaHtei. 

Unbewiiftt, a. nnhnown. 

Unbezahh, a. tMpaid. 

linbezogen, a. not taken in poffif- 

Jlon\ mnjtrnng. 
t'nbezweifeh. a. tmduUUkle. 

Unbezwinelicbt a. nncontueriMet 
infuptraSle, iniHneikle. 

Unbiegfain,a. inJlexiHe, unpliant. 
UnbiCRfamkeit, f. ImJtexiiUU/. 
Unbillig, a. ukeiuitailt, nnju/lt an- 

reafonahle. . 
UnbilUgkckt f. inifuH/, nnreafom^ 

Unbrauchbar, a. nfeleft. 
Unbrauchbarkeit, t. ufeUfsneft. 
linbufsferiig, a. impenitent. 
Unbuftfenigkcit, f. impeniUntnefi. 
Unchrift, m. infidtl, nnehrijHtn. 
Vncbtiftlich, a. untkrijlian. 
Und, c. and I and nicht, nor. 
Undank, m. ingratitude.^ {fnl. 

Vndankbar, a. ungrateful, untl 
Undankbarkeit, f. ingratitude, un- 

grate/ulHe/i, untkank/ulnefs. 
Undcaklich, a. immemorial. 
UndeaUicb. a. indi^ina, iuarUem- 

Undeatlicbkeii, f. indijlina*efs, in. 

tlndeutfcb, a. not german; fig> aa- 

UndSenHcb. a. un/erviceakle, M|/E/. 
Undienlichkeil, f. unfitnr/t. 
UndieaOrertig, a. inoJUious, S/oUig. 

Undienftfenigkcii, f. inofietou/ne/t, 

Unuing, n. nonentity, notking. 
Undoldram, a. intoteraHe. 
Undaldiamkcii, f. tntokranti. 

Undurchdringncb. a. impenetraUe. 
Undurchdfinglichkeh, f. impenetra- 

Uodurcbficbtig , a. mntraufparent, 

uniiafkanour, opafua. 
Undurchricbiigkeit, f. opacify. 
Unehen, a. uneven. 
Uoebane, f. unevenne/t. 
Uncdel, a. ignoklet iafe. 
Unefaelicb, a. illegitimate, natural. 
Unehrbar. a. di/graetful, dljkon^, 

Unahrbarkcit. f. dlfgracefulnt/s, dif. 

Uatbre, f. dljhononr, difgraee. 
Unebrllch, a. infamous, ignominioui. 
Uoehrliehkeii» f. infamy, ignominy. 
Uneigennikzig, a. Sfinttrt^ed. 
UneisennUtzigkait, f. dijinterejied. 

Uneigeatlicb, a. tmproptr. 
UDciogcbunden, a. unbound. 
Uneingedenk, a. unmindful. 
Uaeingcrcbrifnkt, >. unlmited. 
Uneinig, Uaeins. a. di/agreeing,dif. 

cording, dtfunittd. 

ncinigkeic , f. dxjkarmonjf , difu- 

nioH, difcord. 


UnarkttrUcbkeit, f. tne»ptkmUtuL 
UovrUrslicb, a. irremijSbte. 
UaeilX&licbkeh. f. trremlMUettj. 
Uncrlaubt, a. unallowed, iJticU. 
Unerleidlicb, t. Unleidlich. 
Unermerslicb, a. unmeafurable, » 

men/urable, imnun/e. 
' licbkeit, (. u 
ty, immenfity. 

Unerme£ilicbkeit, (. immenfnrJ^ 

Unentbehrltcb , a. indi/pen/able, 

UAentbehrlichkcit , f. needfulaeft, 

Unentbaltram, a, incontineni. 
Unentbalt&mkeit. f. intonfinency. 
Unentfcbiedcn, a. andecidtd, unde- 
termined. . 
Unentlcbiedcnbeit, f./ufpe^fion. 
Unentrchtnflen, a. irre/otute. 
UaentrchlafTcabeh, f. irfr/olmtlon. 
Uneracbtei, <^ Ungeachtct. 
UnerbitUicb. a. inenorabU. 
UaerbittHcbkeit, f. inexorabltneft. 
Unerfabrea, a. inexperienced, ineg' 

Unerfahreabeit, f. tneMperienee. 
UneHbrfcbliob, A. uninve/llgabte, <«• 

UnerforTcklicbkaii, f. in/crutable- 

Unerfireulich, a. not agreeable. 
Unergriiadlicb, a. unfaikomable. 
UnerKrUndlicbkeit, f. unfatkomable- 

Unerheblich, a. ineonfiderable. 
Uncfrbeblicbkeiti f. inconJderaUe. 

Unerhdrt, a. unheard, never heard of. 
Unerinnerlicb, a. not ocetrring to 

one^t mind. 
Unerkaant, a. unknoan. 
UnerkenntUcb. a. unknomaUei *"- 

I grateful, unthankful. 
Unerkenaftlcbkeit, f. ingratitude. 
UnerklJCrbar, UncrklSrIicb, a. tmeM- 

UacrokUdet, a. Mnmearied, mntirti. 
Unermildlicb, a. indefatigable. 
Unerouidlicbkeit, f. ii{f^ablen^t. 
tJneroberlicb, a. impregnable. 
Uaerfirtett, a. mndeei£d , andtttr. 

UoerTiulicb, a. in/Mable, tn/oli. 

Uaernutlichkeit, f. infaOaUene/t. 
Uocrlcbaffea, a. untreated. 
Uaerlchapflicb, a. inexhmufliHe. 
Uaarfcbrockea, a. intrepid, undaun. 

Uaerrcbrockeaheh, f. intrepidity, 

Unerfcbihierlicb, a. unmintakUi ftg. 

Unerfcbttuerlicbkeii, f. intrefUUy. 
Utierfetziicb, a. irreparable. 
Unerretalicbkeit, f. irreparablentfs. 
Unerfinnlich, a. inconeeinable. 
Uaerfteigbar, a. inacceabtf. 
Unenrifglich, a. intoUrable, in/uf. 

ferakU, Infupportablti 
UnertritgUcbkcit, f. infupporttUe. 

Unerwacbfen, a. under age. 
Unerwartet, a. uneiipe&ed. 
Unenvecktich, a. not to be amaktd. I 
UnervreuHcb, a. indemai[/lrable, «<c* 

Uaerweitliebkeh, f. indmonJIraUe. 

Uneraogen, a. not brought upt net 

UnCibig, a. unfit, incapable. 
Usfthigkeit, (. incapacity. 
Unrall, m.-mi/ekance, misfortune. 
Unfeblbar. a. infallible, inerrable. 
Uafcblbarkeit. f. infallibUity. 
Uafera, a. not far <tjf, uernr, 
tJoflaih, n. filth, dirt. 
Uafliicber, m. nafiyfeUom ; fig. lewi 

Uaftiibetei, (.filthine/s, nafiint/n 
"■ fig. levtdnefi, 
Uaflifthig, %. filthy, dirty, nafij\ 

fig. lewd, bawdy. , 

UnflSthi^keit, f. dirtinefs \ baittdry. 
Unrormlich, a. drform. \ 

Uafdrmltc^keh, f. dtforwdty. s 
UnrreuDdlicb,a. mnfrieudly, mnhind, 

Unrreundlicbkeit, f. mafriendliae/s, 

unkindnefs, inclemency. 
Uarneundrchafilicb, a inimiemi. 
Unfriede, m. difcord. . [abtr. 

Unfrledlicb, a. iifcordani, unpeat<f 
Unrriedlicbkeik, f. difcordanry. 
Unfrucbtbar, ^. barren, fltrU, ««• 
fruitfuLfrVbUe/s, imfeeund. 

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Unfiaaifkcit, f. m^//, fkrvify. 
L'nfittUch, a. mnwumntrfy. 
UofittUebkcit, f. ummMUtrlime/s. 
Unforglkm, a. emreitftt not emriHg. 
Vtm, UoMtig, a. tajha^f, terra, 

JUnf, unfi^Ut. 
Unllilgkch, r. UHjlttdintfa, buom- 

UnKo^licli, a. bmmartat. 
InAoblicbkau, f. immtrUlUy. 
InAirn, m. ^Jdfttr. 
UnUflicb, a. irrtfrtktnfibUt irrt. 

frMchtbit, irrtfrevtabU. 
Uutdflichkcit. F. irrtkrtktnJUlt. 

ufs, ktamtUfsntfs. 
UnAcciOg, a. iii^i/>»te^^t ineonttjl' 

Ml, imdmiUabU. 
Ukfludin, a. ittittrmU. 
Uaflindlich, a. imftttahU. 
Unudcl^ft, Unudelig, a. nnUwmt' 

•U(, irrt^dunfibU. 
Uouuglicb, a. kR«^, wifit, nmfuU. 

Uo»a(Uchk«it, f. tmrnptn*//, unfit. 

Unteoj ad. btUmi 

Unicr, pq». undtr, btUm, among, 

omomgjtt viAiJit bUwimt, httvattn } 

uQtcr dcr Hand, claniffiintly \ un- 

ifr dem Vorwande, tin4*r prtttnt. 
Uawnbtbailung, i.fuhikvifion. 
Umendminl, m. unJtr ~ miimiral. 
UDwrbalkea, m. artkUr*vt. 
UotfTbaiwn, %. a< to undtrfi*. 
Unterlmt, n. undtrbtd. 
*Uni«rbi.adeii, «. «. to nndtrbind, 

*Uaurt>leib«ii, v. n. to be wtptr. 

formtd, uniont'f to etmft. 
*nQ(crbi«cheD, v. a. to interrufi. 
Uniarbreckuiig, f. interruftiam. 
Uni«rt)reUen, v. a. to fprtad. under. 
*Uaterbringcn, t. a. to fla(*i to 

frteure m lodging. 
vatcfdeffcn, ad. in the mean, mean 

Uotngefcliobtn, a. /a 

Untargrabco, v. a. to undermine. 
Unicrhatb, prp. in the tower fart nf. 
UaurbaU, m. entertainment, main' 

tenanee, fufienance, fupfort. 
•Untcrbalien, v. a. to keep under ; 

tofujtain, maintain, fuffort, Jub. 

yC/f. entertain. 
Unterfaaltung, f. entertaining i en- 

tertainment { tonverfation. 
Unterbandaln, v. a. a n. ta treat, 

Untcrbitodler, a. negoeiator^ media, 

Unterhaadlang, f. treat, negotiation. 
Uaterhaqs, n. hou/e ^ commoni. 
Unterhemd, n. underfiirt. 
Untcrhdhleo, v. a. to underiainejap. 
Unterbolz, n. underwood. 
Unterhofen, pi. drawers. 
Unterjoohen, v. a. to fubdue, fub. 

Unicrjochung, f. fubjugaiioM. 
Umcrirdifch, ». /iibterraneouj, 
Unterkanzler, a. vUe • chancetior. 
Unterkehle, f. hanging throaf^ dew- 
Underkleid, n. under ..garment i pi. 

waificoat and breerhet. 
Unterkoch, m.joo^'s mate. 

Unterkommcn, v.n. to get a log. 

UaMrdrOekcntT.a. <« 0//r{/),/if/. iJnrerlegen, 

MXI' Unterleh^er, m. nnder.teaeher, 

Untcrdiikkend, a. appreffive. [Jor. 
Unterdcikker. m. if prefer , fupprej. 
Uattrdiflckaog, f. ofprtffion, /up. 

Uotcre(der,die,da*),a. /•», /mvt, 

nether^ under, inferior ; dcr Un- 

(er (in dcr Kartc}, hm 
fi«b •Unncrfangen, v. r. 

take, dare, make bold. 
Uaierfangca, n. undewtaking, bald. 

Uourfuu«c, n. lining. 
l^ntctfUuernt «• •• to kne. 
Unicrgaag, n. ruin , faU'^ 

Sonne, funjtt. 
•Uniergaben^ v. a. to fukjeH. 

'dand bayonet 

■ging, or ptoe 

Uaaerkoinin«n, a. getting a lodging, 

UmerK5nig, m. viterqy. 
•Umerkriechcn. «. n. to creep u*. 

der, io crouch. 
Umerlage, f. t^rjltei roller. 
Untcrland, a. lowland. Jeep country. 
UntcrlKndcr, m. lowlander- 
Unteilafi, m. ohne •, continuatty. 

UnterlaflTcn, v. a. to intermit, nt- 

gltff, diftonHnue, ^it- 
Unterlaflung, f. intermijton, dijcon- 

tinuance, omi_fion. 
Unterlefze, Unicillppc. f, underlip. 
\. to • • 

*Utttergchen, ' 

-.teacher, ujher. 
tkuerleib, m. btUy. 
Wnterliegen, v.n. to lie under, ti 
be onertkrown, defeated, ta/uhmU. 
Uptermauero, v. a. to undermure. 
Uoiemengca, Untennilch^n, v. a. 

to intermingle, intermix' 
UntermiAiren, v. a. to uUerminei 

'Unternebraen, v. a. to undertake, 

Unieroebiaer, m. undertaker. 
Unternehmung, f. undertahing^ en. 

Unterofficiei« a. undfrojfcer, fub. 

alter n officer. * 
Unterordnen, v. %. to fubor&naie. 
Unterordnang, f. fubordination. 

liNT 117 

Tick Untetrtdcn, «. r. U confer, cm. 

Unterrediing.r. conference, Sfcowje. 
UntcrTicbt, m injlruSisn. 
Unterrickten, ». a. to informt te- 

Unierrichtend, a. infiruflive. 
Unterriclutr, m. Jubordinate judge, 
Umcnock, m. undfr petticoat. 
Unterfagen, •▼. a. to forbid, inter- 


Unterragusg, t. /orbiddance, inier^ 

Unterfatz, n. T. Jkcond pr^pofoHomt 

Untetfchale. f. Jaucer. 
UnMrfcheidea, v a. 9tm. to df/tiu., 
' guijk, difcern, dijference. 
UoMrfcheidung, f. dijhnaiom, diJL 

Untcrrcheidungikrart, f. di/cernment. 
U«terrob«idiing(2cicb«n, n. ^te. 

^ion, mark of Ji^inaion. 
»tJnterrchiebcn( T.a. to Juppejfe,fuh~ 

Unterfchied, m. diference, difcrc 

Unterrchieden, a. different, dijlina, 
Unterrcbicdlicb, a. different, di/cru 

pant, diver ft, various. 
Uotccfchlagen. v. a. to detain, in- 
tercept i ein Bein-t to fupplant, 

Untcrfbhlagung, f. interception, fupm 

Unterfcbleif, m. fraud, d^rauda- 

Hon i /mailing. 
Uniertcbrc^bcn, t. a. to /ub/cribe, 

Unterfchrift, f. fuhfcripUon, Jignm^ 

UnierfcbwcUe, t Jill, tkrejkold. 
Unterfetscn, v. a. to put under, 
Unterfetst, a. fiort and Jlrong. 
Unterriegeln, v. a. /• feal. 
•ynterfinken, v.n. to _finh^ 
UntcTfle (dcr. die, datj, a. lowff^ 

underm^, nethetmq/t. 
Unierftecken, v. a. to incorporate. 
>Uniet(lehen, v. q. to JUnd under f^ 

ficn ., T. r. to dare, venture, at- 

Ma to place or put 

toJSnkitofaUiWme^fulMataK, a. hou/e ^ cpm- 

I'niergericbt a si. ii^erlor court ef t Uoterpfand, n. pledge, pawn, /ecu- 
juditatnre. \ rity, mortgage. 



Unterfteucrmann, n. Jeer t- mate, 

•Uflterftrcict>ea( v. a. to /core, un- 

Untcrflreuent v. a. to titter, jlrew 

UnterftUtzcn, v. a. to underprop i 
V fnpport, uphold. 

UnterfUksung , f. underpropping } 
fupport, help, aid, ajijlunce. 

UnterflrUmpfCt pi. nndtrjioekingi, 

Unterfucben, v. a. to infuire, exa- 
mine, difcufs. 

Unterfucbuog, f. ifijuiry, examina- 
tion, Ji/cuJUon} tnquijition. 

Unieriauchen, v. a. & n. to dive, duck . 

Untcnaucbung, f . /ubmerfion . 


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Untcrtbaa, »A. ttpt. /ubjta. 
UatenbMnif , a. /ii*jta, 1iumHt,/*i- 

UnterthMnigkeu, f. /akjtflitmt fiii. 

U^tertblbiigft, a. mo/ •hJUnt, mejl 

UaMrtheil, m. Icmtr t inftritr part, 
•Umenret^n, r. p. to jkttttr ; •v 

a. U *pprt/s. 
Untervormund, m. undergn^Jlan. 
Untcrwaohrcn, a- interUriti. 
Uotcrwall, m. f»uf*irayt. 
Uatcrwirru, ad. Jovmaarit. 
Untcrwegs, ad. in the voty, o% fht 

tuay, wktm trtvtUing. 
VntvrmtWm^^^. ftmetimtu nommti 

•Umerweiren, w. a. to injfrutt. 
Unterweifung, f, inMruSion. 
Umerwelt. f. k*U. 
•UnierweTfcn, v. a. to fubpa. Jut. 

due i ficb . , to /mtmU, yitU, 
Untervrerrana, f. fubjeflion. 
fich <UmerwInden, v. r. to dare. 
Unierwuclit, m. tndergroxBtk. 
U«ierwUrfig, a. fubjtft. fubmiff. 
Uoterwttifi«kelt, f, /Hbjtaiom, fub- 

Unterxabn, m. umdtrtootk. 
tJnterzciclio«a,T.a. tojtgn; to/ub- 

Unterzcichnopg, f. Jignaiurt l fub. 

•Uoter«ie|ien, ▼.«. to drau mnder; 

ficb eincr Saehe ., to undergo, 

Unthat. r. nU/dted, trim. 
UmhJitig, m.^nafiive. 
Unihiftiakeit, f. inailMiy. 
Untheilbar, a. indivifib/t. 
Llnibeilbarkeit, f. indivijibitify. 
Untbieri n. monjUr. 
Untbui^licb, a. imprtmtoble, untea. 

ynthunliebkeit, f. impraHitobttnefs, 
Untiefe, f. Jinlloxu. 
' Unc6Jtlicb. a. unabU to be kiUed. 
Untragbar, t' unoble to btar fruUi. 
Untreu, m. fal/t, /aitUe/s, un/aHA. 

/«/, ptrfidiout- 
Untreue, f. untruth, infdelUy. 
Untrieglicb, a. in/allibh. 
Untrieglichkeit, f. in/aUibUity. 
Untrinkbar, a. not dnnkaUt. 
Uncrdftbao Untroftlich, a. tneon/o. 

labtt , uneomfoTtabit. 
Umr6Alicbkeh, f. intonfolabUnefs. 
UniQcbtig, a. unopt, unfit, tmaite, 

intrnpttbit, impotent. 
UntUchtigkeit, f. ineptitude, mtf/lt. 

ne/i, incapacity. 
Untugend. f. vice, drfault, dtfeft, 
Unuigendbaft, a faulty, vleioms. 
Uniiberlogi, a. incon/ideratt. 
Unliberlegthrit, f. inconjidiratentft, 
UnUberfteiglieh, a. infurmofntabtc. 
UnUberwindlicb, ^. invincibit , un, 

conquerable, impregnable. 

UnliberwoadfQ, f. unconfueredj 
Uotiblicb, a. unm/uat, mot mfid. 
UnamgKngUch, a. indifpenjable, in. 

UnumfcbfUnkt. a. wibomuJed, nntU 

mited, fovertign. 
I'numfldftlicb, a. irrefutable. 
UnumAdTtlicbkcit , f. irrefutable. 

Unanterbrrehen , a. uninteruMtei, 

I'nverindcrlich, a. iwtmutMe, ««• 

changeable, invariable, umaiterable. 
Unvcrtnderlichkah, f. immulmbi^. 
UnYertndert, a. umcketrnged, unvaried, 

Unvcraniwonlicb, a. wummJwerMe, 


ablenefs. ^ 

Unverarb«itet, a. ummirouffit, 
Uajfcriturterlich, a. u^ienahte. 
UnVcrbaflerlich , a. mmimproveaUe, 

UnTcrbaUarliehkch, f. ineorriglbi. 

UavcrboMa, a. unforbidden. 
(Jnverbrennlicb, a. incombojhble. 
UntrerbrennlicMctiw f- ineombu/tiUe. 

Unverbrilcblicb. a. inviolable. 
UnverbrttcbUcbkeit, f- inviolableneff. 
UnverdMcbtig, a. un/ufpeaed. 
Unvcrdammlich, a. uncondenmabiti 
Unvcrdaulicb, a. indigeJtibU. 
Unverdaiiliebkeit,r. inigeMibknefsx 

Unverdaut, a. indigfjled, erude, 
UnverdrrbKch, ^. incorruptible. 
Unverderblicbkcit, f. iutarruptlble. 
• nefs. 

Unverdient, a. undeferv^d, unmerited. 
Unverdorbei^, a. mncorrupted. 
UnverdioflTen, a. ind^atlgable, af. 

UnverdrofTenheit, f. afiduUy. 
llntrereblicht, a. unmarried. 
Wnvcrcinbar, a. incompatible. 
Unvereinbarkeit, f. tncompatiUlity 
UnverHiircbt, a. unadutter^ed ; g* 

UnverfStnglich, a. unraptiout, 
UnverglngUch, a. unperijhable. 
UnvcrgMnglichkeit, f. unperijhable. 

Unverg«blich, a. trremifSble. 
Unvergertlicb, a. letfiing, ever me- 

Unverglcicblichi a. imcomparable. 
Unvergleidiliebkeit, f. incompara- 

UnvergoUcn, •. unrewarded. 
Unverbelrathct, a unmarried.' 
Unverhoft, a. upkoped, inopinate. 
tTiiverholen« a, not concealed, frH, 

trmrerjahrbar, a. imprefcripHble. 
UnverkMuflich, a. unfaleable, unven. 

dible. {*bte 

Unvarlctslich,a. inviolable, invubuer- 



UnTcrlattlicbkrit. f. luriolaUentfi, 

invulnerableneft. \ 

Unvarlattt, a. unhurt, fafe. 
Unverloren, a. mot loft, 
Unvariafcblich, a. unemtimguifkaUi. 
Unvermcidlich , a. inevUabU, m. 

UatrermeiiUicbkait, f. imevUableaefi, 

Unveroneint, «. umimagiued. 
UirrcrinerHt, a- infen/ble. 
Ua«era>dgea, a. impotenee. 
Uaverndgead, ^. imfotemt. 
Uavcrrouibet * a. iuaptnmte t imeg. 

Uaveraebmlicli, a. inauMU, uain. 

Uaveroebnlichkait, f. tnaudMeue//, 

Unvcrneiabar, a. umieniable. 
Unveraanft, f. irratiomaUty, wtrtu- 

UnveraUnftigf a. uureafnable, irrt. 

Uaverrichtet, a. unper f ormed. 
Untrenttckt, u. fixed, unmoved. 
UavaffcUfoit, a. impudent, faucy, 

UavarfcbMaitheitf f. impudence. 
Unverrcbloflea.a. unlocked, uuetefed. 
Unverfcbinifht, a. undefpifed. 
Uaverrcbuldet, a. not indebted i ua- 

dtferved, inofenfive. 
Uaverrcbea, a. inopinate. 
Unv«rfeb«Bt( ad. inopimatefy, uH' 

Uavarrahn, a. unhurt, fafe. 
UpverfiegeU, a. unfcaled. 
UB«crf5halidi» a. implacable, irre. 

Unvcrfdhnlicbkeit, f.implaeaHene/t, 

VnretfargK, a. unprovided for. 
Unverftand, m. irrationalnefs, im- 
UnverAitadig, a- Irrational, unin- 

teilifient, imprudent. 
UnvcrftXndUch. a. unintelligible 
UovnftitndUchkcit, f. unintelUgibi- 

Unverfucht, a. unexperienced, un* 

Unvenriiglicb, a. unfociable, uxprt- 

ceable, incompatible. 
UayenrKglichkeit, T. unfoeiabUnefr, 

Unverwandt, a. fixed i ad. immo- 

Unverwchrt, a- not prOkibUed. 
Unv«nveiger)icb, a. not to be ri- 

Uaverwelklicb, a. immareeJSbk. 
Uovcrwerflich, a. unexceptionable, 
llnverweslich, a. incorruptible. 
Un»erw«»lichkeii, f. incorruptibility. 
Un»efwin(llieb, a. irrecuperable, ir- 

Unverwnndbar, a. invulnerable. 
Unv«T».a^t. a. intrepid, undountti, 


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Unrruchtbarkci't, f. imrrtnntfs,Jh- 

rliUy, ii^ttundity. 
Unfug, m.mi/iemtmnor, wdJMm^mtr, 

Unnglich, a. a 

< umJU, ineomgruous. 
_ shvr, %. tauuTTtni i umuftM 
UnfMchtct. •. mtt ^*tmti% ad. 

tutariikfttmUmg I c. mttkougk. 
t/ogeahndet, «. unrt/intti. 
Ungebahnt, a. vnitattn. 
UDKberdig, a. difgu/ting, tfi/gu/t- 

Jtd, unmmnnertd. 
Dagekwdigkeii. f. Ji/gnffubu/s, 

Ungcbeten, a. umiidin, uwimvUed. 
Ungebildet, a. unformed. 
Uagcboren, a. umi^m. 
UngebriCuchlich, a. unmfm*l. 
UD|tbri(uclili^keit, r. HHufumlmtfs 
Uaj^cbraucht, a. unuftd. 
UagebUbr, f. indt€inty\ zar., ««• 

cttding/j, ind^ently. 
I'ngebUhreod, UngebUbrlich, ■■ Ifi* 

itemt, unfetmiMg, unbecoming. 
Ungebtlkrlichkeit, f. indutnty, un- 

t'ngabunden, a. mntemnd , untied, 

Iffe ; fig. free \ mmhid/ed, iiecH' 

r'rtpe^yl^t f. ImptHtnfi- 
\ •n^iFiliatdii, a, im^tant. 

I'Dlcfllrp B< Itivf'MAUf MM'niintat, 

■4. tf timmt*-, ffrtBiliHj^jf^ uiout. 
L'ttfEftliTp &. Am^t citanit, 4ft:,:ient. 
Vtifelit]\f, I. Mufsrhfr. Ut^n itu. 


l^-i. ,^ii, a. itmJiJimiftJ. 

Lfogchcaer, a. knge, immtn/et enor. 

m0ut, moi^revj. 
I'agchcaer, n. monjltr. 
t'ngchinden, a. not hindered. 
rngehobeli, a. mot pUnedi 6g. to. 

nngehdrig, a. undue. 
Ungehorlam, a. difoh 
^ Ungehorrain, m. difoie«Utnte. 
\ Ungehiiri, a. unhtard rf. 
rngeiftlicfa, a. fenfneJ. 
t'ngckocht, a- unhoiled, 
<'ngekriaki, a. unvexed. 
Vngelcgeo, a lactfaMSinft unfe*. 

finabtet ineommo^omt. 
t'ngalegenhcit.r. ineonvenUney, la* 

eommoHty, importunity. 
Cngelehrig, a. indoeiie, uniethmhle. 

Unruly. \j**P- 

t-ngelehrigkeit, f. indoeilHy, unruJi' 

t'n«elchrt, a. iUitermtt, unlettered, 



Ungelcbrtheit, f. OHUrglei^fi, Uii- 

teraiure. > 

Ungelcnk, a. Jlif, ummUd/y; w 

Ungeisrcbt, a. unoueHehedi ( voi 

Kalke) unjlaked. 
Ungemach, n. unimje, trtutJe, em- 

Umity, adverfity. 
UngcnqVchlich, a. terrawsJml, in. 

commodious, untufy. ' 
UngemKchlichkcit, t. ineonuemieney, 

iveommodity, uneafintft. ' 
Ungemacht, a. unmmie. 
UngemMfti a. undue, ineongruouj. 
Ungemein, a. untommqn, entrmor. 

dinury, rare. 
UngemelTea, a. not me^fured; fig. 

Ungenifclit, a. unmixed. 
UngcmOnzt, a. uneoin<d. 
Ungenannt, a. unnamed, anonymous. 
Ungeneigt, a. di/nftSftd, difajftSio. 

nate, nnwUling. 
Ungeneigihait, f. di/aJ^eSednt/s, dis. 

Ungenieftbar, a. unprofitable, dif. 

Ungenofleii,a. unenjoyed ; fig. va^a. 

Ungcnilgfam, a. untonttnted, unfa- 

tisfitd, infatiable. 
UngenUgramkeit, f. not. contented. 

nefs, infatiahienefs. 
Ungenutlt, a. unuftd. 
Ungeordnet, a. not difpofed, mot or- 
* dained. 

Ungepflaftert, a. umpavtd. 
OngepaUgt, a. unptoued. 
UogeprUU, a. untried, umejtamlned. 
Ungcputzt, a. untrimmed, undtefed- 
Ungerada, a. wuven, vdd. 
Ungerathcn, a. degenerate. 
Ungerechnet, ad. nottaiikjlmnding. 
Ungerecht, a. initjt, unrighteous. 
Ungerccbtigkett, f. injif/ltte. 
Ungereimt, a. net rkimtd } fig. ab- 



'"3* . - 

ftrd, incongruous, impertinent. 
Ungcreimthelt, f. abfurdity, imper. 

Unflern, uA.umvMUngty,witk dif pica- 

Ungerochca, a. umrevenged. 
UngciHflei. a. anaraif^, umprepmrtd. 
Ungefalxcn, a. unfalted. 
IT^gefiiuert, a. unleavened. 
Ungeflhimt, a. unfeanud} ad. im. 

Ungerch^Sen, a. uncreated. 
Ungerchehen, a. undone. 
Ungefcbeut, a. imprudent, fitly \ ad. 

boWy, irreverently. 
Ungclcbicklichkeit. f. ineptitude, 

unaptnefs, dwkwardmafs, indexte. 

Ungefcbkkt, a. inept, imert, umapt, 

awkward, unhandy. 
Ungefcblacht, a . rude, grofs . [civU. 
Ungerchli(ren,a. unpoHJked, rude, an. 
Ungefchlitfeaheh, f. unpolitenefs, 

rn/licity, incivUiiy. 

Unge&hmJUert, a. umdimtnl/ked. 

Urigcfchmcidig, a. unpllant. 

(Jagefcbminkt, a. *•/ painted. 

UngefchorcQ, a. unjiaved, umrmMo- 
redt &f. umvexed. 

UngafcbriebeDt a umwritlem. -^ 

Ungerdrworen, a. unfuorm. 

Ungefeben, a. unfeem. 

Ungerellig, a. unfoeiabU. 

Ungcrdligkeit. f. infociablemefs. 

Ungcfutetta. iU . mannered , ill- 
bred, incivil. V 

UngefotteD, a. umfeethed, unboiled. 

Ungcftalt, a. deform, disfigured, ill. 

Uag«aalt, Ungeftaltlieh, f. dtfor. 

' uuiinefs, drformity. 
UofeASit, a. undifturhcd. 
Unftftrart, a. unpunifiked. 
UdRrAUm, a. bo'jierous, imptluous, 

Uagefltim, n. imbetuofity,furyt 
Ungcrund,a. unwktiffome, unhtatth. 

Ungefuadbeit, fr unmholejomenefs. 
Ungeudelt, a. unblamed, uneen/ured, 
Ungethailt, a. undivided. 
Ungetrcu, a. unfaitlfful, perfidious. 
UngctrdAet, a. umcomforted. 
Upgdibt, a. unexercijed. 
Ungewift, a. uncertain, unfure. 
UngewiQienhart, a. unconfcionable, 
Ungewiflienfaafiigkeit, f. unconfcion- 

Ungewirtbeit* f. mncerteUnty. 
Ungewicter, n. temp^, fiorm. 
Ungewogen, a. unweighed i diftf. 

ft fled, unafftmonatt. ' 
Ungewogeoheit, f. difafftSiom. 
Ungewobnheit, f. unwontednefs. 
Ungewohnlich, a. unufual, unvmnt' 

ed, uncommon, grange. 
Ungewfibalicbkeit, f. mnu/uatnefs, 
• uneommonntfs. 
Uogewohnt, a. unacctjlotntd, »«. 

itfitd, unwonted- 
UngewUrzt, a* unftafoned. 
Ungcaifblt, a. untold, uncounted. 
Ungeziibmt, a. untamed, uncurbed. 
Ungezkumt, a. unbridled. 
Ungeziefer, n. vermin, infeB^ 
Ungczieracnd, a. unfcemlyt aara- 

mely, indecent. 
Ungezqgen, m.iU.brtd, ill. man. 

nered, unmanrtered. 
Ungezogenbeit, f. ili • si«a««rx, kit- 

mannerlinefs, ill. behaviour. ' 
Ungezweifelt, a. undoubted, doubt. 

Uiuezwungen, a- nR(9n>fra{a(^, a*. 

forced', fig. eafy, une^Sed. 
Ungezwungenbeit , f. unconfirainti 

fi^. rafinefs, unaJfeSedneJs. 
Unglaube, m. dtfbelitf, inereduHtft 

VnglSubig. a. dijbelieving, incredu- 
lous, unbelieving^^ infidel. 
Unglitubige, m. infidel, unbeliever* 
Unglaublich, a. incredible. 
Unglaublicbkeivr. increMiltfy. 
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Unflcich. a. mmtn, unUkti ^f- 

Ungleidnnig, a. ktttrtgtntmi, ktU- 

UngleiclMrtigkch, f. ktterogtntily. 
UDgleiobrfinaig, «. umco^form- 
UnglskhlSmigkait, f . umcon/ormity. 
Ungleichheit, f . untvnntfs, unhi*. 

ntfj, aamUUia*, a/^pforticn. 
Unghmpf, m. rigtmr. 
UnglinpBich, a. rigtrtut. 
UogMick, n. mls/trtunr, ml/ck»nct, 

mi/cki*f, tmUmity, mdvtr/tty. 
UnglBcUidt. a. umlmcky, unhappy, 

Meit0ut. ^ 

Uaglikskfelig, a. vnhappy. 
UnglOckfeligkcil, f. infitUUy. 
Ungllkksfair, m. untufky unidtnt. 
UngMcktkind, f. unkmppy ptrfen. 
Uacnadc, t. iifgrt*t di^cour, to. 

UagnUlg, a. Ji/grmel0Ut, mnfavout. 

•iU, unkinJ. 
Ungrund, m. f^ty. 
UngUltig, a. inv^id, in—tldmUd. 
UngUltigkeh, f. intiUt^iy. 
UnguDft. f. dl^mv0ur, ikfaftm»n. 
Ungttnllig. a. dify0iai0nMte, iw/c 

Ungw, ad. atwas fUr. •oehnen, to 

Ukt Ul, tua/t i nichu fUr . , a« 

VngUtig, a. unklni, unfriendly. 
UnsUtigkeit, f. unkindnt/t. 
UahaUbar, a untenaHt. 
Unh«il, n. mi/ekU/, kurt, harm. 
Unheilbar. a. incuraHe, im/an»kU. 
Unheilbarkcit, f. intmrahUity. 
Dnbailig, a. unkoly, pr»f»nt. 
Unhciligkait, f. wMint/s, /r^«. 

Unbdflich, a. imcMJ, ungentle, «». 

UnhofllchkeU, f. unstnUenefj, in. 

eivUUy, unp»iitenef/. 
Unkold, a. di/^ftOion^e, unkind. 
Unhold. m. Jorcerer i Jemre^tm. 
Unholdin, f. witek./treertfi. 
Unlverfitlt. f. unlverAty, tudtmy. 
Vtike, (. frog I fntke. 
Unkcnmlich, a. tmknowmkh, inM/. 

Unkanntlichkeh, (.jinknowk/tne/j, 

Uakcu{ch, a. unckajle, lewd. 
UnkeuCchheic, f. uncksMy, ieud. 

Unklag, a. imfrudtnt. 
Uokliigheh. f. imppttdenct. 
Unkdrp«ilich« a. incorformi, Immm. 


Unkdrpcrliebkeit, f. ineorporaUty. 
Unkoaen, pi. ekargts, enpences. 
Unkritrtig, a. inefeauai, intficacious. 
Unkitrdgkeit, f. intJUaeiou/ue/s . 
Unkraut, n. weed. [anee. 

Uokonde, f. ignoraneo, unattumtnt- 
tJokundig, a. ignoramtt unacfuaint' 


UitlKngft, a. of Ute, lately. 

UnUugbar, a. undenUklt. 
UaUugbarkait, f. umdenimUtntfi 
Unlauter, a. impure, unelemm. 
Unlauterkait, f. impurity, tauletn. 

Unlcidlicb, •. intoterakUt in/ufer. 

Unleidlichkeit. f. intolertUne/t 
Unleferlich. a. iUegiHe. 
Unlieblicb, a. un/wett, umplea/ant. 
Unldblicb, a. not Uudmblt. 
UBluft, f. di/pUa/mrt, dijg^jl, di/af- 

Unluftig, a. di/pleafant, difyujljut. 
Unmannbar, a. unmmrriagtak/e. 
Uamannbarkeii, f. unmurrUgtaUt. 

neft. fitig 

Uoraaft^eblicb, ad. wltkout fre/crik 
Unmirtig, a. intemperate, immodt- 

rat*, extetdtng. 
Unmkfiigkeit, T. intemperance, im- 
moderation, eneefS' 
Uamenfch, n. inkut»ane,karkarian. 
Unmcofcblicb, a. ixAum%nt, karka. 

UmnenfchlicbkeU , f. inhumanUy, 

karkarUy, cruelif. [akle. 

Unnerklicb, a injenjikle, unperteive. 
UaoBcrklicbkeit, (. in/enjlkltne/s. 
Unmittelbar, a. immrdlate. 
Unaadglich, a. impefikte. 
Unmoglicbkett, f. impoJlkUity, 
UnmUndig. a. under age, Minor, 
Unmlindigkeit, f. nonage, minority. 
Unmttth, in. ill • humour, gloom, 
Unnutbig, a. ill. kumoured. gloomy, 
Unnacbahmlicb, a. inimitakU. 
UnMchtbmlicbkeii, T. inimUaUe. 

Unnacbbarlicb, a. unneighbourly. 
Unnacb'theilig, a. unprejuditial, 
UnaatUrlich. ■. unnatural. 
Unnatttrlichkcit, f, unnaturalno/i, 
Unacnabar, a. unnameakle, unut- 

UaaAtbig, a. unntttfary, netdte/t. 
UaadtbiskeUif. unnec*J'arineft,neet 

UnaOtz, a. u/eleft, fruitU/s, uaia, 

UaaUtclichkcit, f. u/tlefsnefs. 
Uaovdcatlicb, a. inordinate, unor. 

derly, di/ordered, di/orderly, irre. 

gular, eon/u/td 
Uaordaung, f. di/order, irregulmri. 

ty, eon/ufion. 
Uopaneiirdi, Unpaneilicbf a. im. 

partial^ difinter^ed. 
Unpartciliebkcit, f. impartiality, 
Unpaft, ad. indi/po/edly, d^emper. 

tdly, ill. 
UnD«r*lich, a. tndifpo/tdt df/lemptrtd. 

UapMCilidikeit* t. indiJMltiaH. 
Unpcribnlicb, a. imjerfonal. 
Unperi&nlichkeit, f. imper/anality. 
Uapolirt, a. unpolljktd. 
Uarath, ai> trajk, ordure, txcrtmanii 


UiiMiblicb, a. ^i^ufed. 

Unrecht, a. womg, injijl, ttnrtgkt. 

ful; ad. wrong. 
Unrecbt, a. wrong, injury, injujhtt. 
VnrecbdBkftig, a. unlam/ut, mmritdd, 

ful, iUtgiHmate. 
UarechtraMr»igkeit, f. unlamfubu/t, 

Uarediicb, a. dlAoneJI, unfair. 
Unredlicbkeit. Cdkfkan^. 
Unregelaakrug. a. irregular. 
UarcgelnUf*igkei^ f. irregulmrUy. 
Unrcif, a. unripe, immature. 
Uoreire, f, unripeuefi, immaturity. 
Untein, a. une/ean, impute, fatU. 
Unrcinigkeit, f. unettanne/t, imau, 

Unreinlicb, a. uncleanly. 
Unreinlicbkeit, f. uncUambntft. 
Unrichtig, a. wrong, falfe\ err a. 

Uariebdgkeit, f. faljity, trrour. 
Unruhc, f. unjuietnefs, intrauftdUi, 

ty, difquiet \ eanumotiom ; ( aa ei. 

ner Uhr) kalance- 
Uaruhig, a- un^uiel, diffuiet, r^ 

Ufs, troukltfome. 
CniHhmlicb, a. ingloriout. 
Unrubftiftcr, n. tramk/e •ftaM, ma. 

Unc, or. us. {akle. 

Unfkglicb, a. unfpeakakte, umutter. 
Unfanfi, a. rough, karjk. 
Unfauber, s. Uareinlicb. 
Unrcbadhart. a- undamaged. 
i;a{cblidlicb,a. innocuous, inofemjivt, 

karmlefj, unhurtful. 
UnfcbMiUicbkeit, f. innocuom/mefj, 

imtffenfi^eikeft, umkmrtfuUufs. 
Unrcbifsbar, a. ine/iimakUf mmaalu. 

Unfcblicbarkeit, f. ini/hmakleneft. 
Uafcheinbar, a. not krighl, thread. 

UHfcbicklicht a. unfeemlng, unfea- 

fonakU, indecent, inconvenient. 
Ua(cbickH<:bkeu,f.«ayecM/iti«/V. in- 

decency, inconveuiency. 
Unfrhiabat, a. unnavigaklt. 
Unftbliu. a. tallow, 
UnfcbllMTig^ a. irre/olute, tmrefolotd. 
UnrcblUfligkeit, i. irre/otutian. 
Uarcbmackbaft, a. unfavaury, ind. 

pid, taJleUfj 
UafcbmackbaftigkeU, f, unfavouri., 

n,ft, injifidity. t^etfftnefi. 
UnTchuld. f. inmacence, guiUUfsnefs. 
Uafebuldig. a. imnocent, guittttfi. i 
Uafegaa, m iurfe. 
Uarcfig, a. unkmppr, unkU/ed. 
Unfeligkeit, f. unkappintfi. 
Unfer, pr. onri ^ "'• 
Unfrige (der, die, dat), pr. ours. 
Uaficbcr, a. ia/ecure } uncertain. 
Unricbarhcii, f. infecurUy i u^ctT■ 

Uafichtbar, a. invtJlbU. 
Uaficbtbarkeit. f. intuJlHUty. 
Unfiaa, m. madnefs, non .fenfe. 
Uafianig, a. madtfrantiek. 

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Uiiv«rsafltheit, f. intrefidity, 
Unverzeihlicbt •. umpmrdonmiU. 
UnTcrzUglich, «. & ad. witktitt de- 

Uy, immtdittttf. 
Unvollkommen, a. bmperftS. 
Uavollkommenbcrt, f. imptrftSitm. 
UnvoUttiCndIg, •. inctmpUtt. 
Un«ollfti(ndigkeit, f. imcemfititut/t 
Unrorgrciflich, a. uitktui pr*f<rti. 

UnvorCetcIich, i. undtfig*«d. 
Unvorfichtig, a. imtrovidtni, ineiu- 

UnvorGditigkeit, f. imfrovideneit <»< 

Unvortheilbaft, a. mtifroJitaHt. 
I/Dwabr, Unvrafarbart» fe. UHtru€,fiU 

Unwahrheii, f. mHirulk, /mtjlty. 
UaMhrrchcinlich , a. ImproimhU, 

Uawabrrcbcinlichkeit, f. improbmH. 

lUy, umlikelikood. 
Unwandelbar, a. trnmuimhltt umal- 

Unwegfam, a. npaJkUt, impraOie- 
Unweife, a. tmvnj*, feoli/k. (,«^(. 
Unweitt ■<!. nttfar ojf. 
Unwenh, a. i»n\aorthy. 
Uawerth, n. Hmworthiktft. 
Uaweren, n. di/erdtr, fnfufitn. 
t7iiwichtig,a. vm.nti*g tkt du* wrigiti 

^S*. '/ ¥^ eon/ffuence. 
Unwicbtyikoit, f. want of wtight, 

Unwidetteglich, a. irttfuttbU. 
Un-widetlcglicbkeit, ft irrifuttUt- 

Unwiderfeixlkh, a. itr^ibkt 
Unwiderlorccblich, a. irre/ragtUe, 

^ Unwiderfprecblichkcit, f. trrtfrm- 

gaMitjf, ineontf/lmbitne/y. 
Unwidisrftebiicb. a, itrefiJMte. 
Unwiderftehlicbkfitir. irrtfiJliMity. 
Unwiederbringlich, a irrtparabU. 
UimMderbringlicbkeit, f. irrep*. 

l/nwiederruflich, a. irrnotttUt. 
Unwiederrtifiichkeit, f. irrtmafabU' 
Unwille, m. indignation. [''"/>• 
UoVilUg, a. indignant; unwlUing, 

invoinntmry, loath- 
Utiwilllgkeit, f. unuUiingnt/t. 
Unwillkominan, a. unvotkom*. 
Uawirkfaaa, a. iMefeflive, inejkm- 


»Vfm', (. inffiear*. 
UnwiiTend, a. Ignorant, uninouiiitg. 
Unwifleobeit, t. ignoranet* 
Unwiflcndicb, hd. inconfiletjly. 
Uowhzig, a. unwitty. 
UnwtiHig, a. unworthy. 
Unwttrdtgkeit, f. unworihintftt in. 

Uoxilblbav, UazithHg. i. innnrntr. 

Unze, f. ountt. 
Unzeit, f- vrong Hmt ', *«r. » out 

of /to f on. 

Unzeitig, a. un/oB/ontblt, untimtty\ 

immature, unripe. 
Uazeitigkch, ft un/e»fonMUemt/s } 

immmturUy, unripentfs. 
Unzerbrecblicb, a. infrangible. 
Unzerndrbar, IJnaerfl!arlicb, a. indt- 

Unzerftdcbarkeit, f. ind^ruHibte. 

Unzcrtrennlich, a. imjtparable. 
Unterueniilicbkeit, l. iufeparable-^ 

nefs. , 

Unzierde,f. umeomelinefi, inelegance 
Unzietrlicb, a. inelegant, uncomely. 
Unzucht, f. impurity, lewdneft. 
UntUcbiig, a. impkre, lewd. 
VnioMtden, a. Jifcontent, difcon- 

tented, dijatisjed. 
Untafriedcnheit, f. difeonUnttdnefs, 

diffatisfaflion. . 
UnzugilpgUcb, a. inaeeeJSble. 
UhzuUnglicb, a. infuJjSeient. 
Unzuliinglicbkcit, 'f. infujleitnee, 
Unzulifflig, a. not allowable , inad. 

UnzvivcrlaOig, a. mncertain. 
Unzweifelbaft, a. undoubted, indu. 

''Ppig* ■• itnuriout ; ttwn/oit. 
Cppigk'cit, f. lunury, wattonnefi. 
Urabn, tti. great grandfather. 
Unit, a- uery ancient, pnmetkl. 
Urtiitermuuer, f . great grandmotAtr'j 

UrXhern, pi, ancejlors. 
UrVUervtter, m. great grandfather' t 

Urbar, a. nanuraile, arable. 
Urbildt b. original, archetype. 
Urenkcl, m. great grandfon, great 

Urenkelin, f. great granddaughter. 
Urgrofsminter, f. great grandmother. 
Urgroftvatcr, n. great grandfather. 
Urtaeber,' n. author, beginner. 
frill, m. urine, pift. 
Uringias, n. urinal. 
tl(intrcib«nd, a. diuretic. 
Utkund*. r. deed, document. 
Utkondlich, a. authentic, doeumen. 


Uriaub, m. leaue, furiaugk. 

Urne. t. urm. 

Unldfzlicbv ad. farHmithi m a 

t/rquelL m. fountatii ». head » aHgi- 

nal fource. 
Urfache, f. eaufey^ rtafan. 
Urfcfarirtv f. original. 
Urfprulig, m. origik, original,foi$ree. 
Urrprtinglich , a. original, frimi- 

UrAofr, ta. eltmtnt, prime matttn 
Urtheil, h. Judgment, fentence. 
Uttbeilen, v. a. & n. to judge. 
Unheihkraft, f judgment. 
Urwefen, n. firft being, element. 
Urworij n. primitive word. 
Irzcil, r. primUtue tinte. 
Ufa, n. T. ufanee. 

Vacant, «. Vacant, 

Vacanz, f. vacanty. ^ 

Vagabond*, m. pagabmd, bagrani, 
VaJei, n. farewell. 
Valeircbmaua, a. petrOng tup*,. 
Valuta, f. value. 
Vanille. f. vanilta. 
Vafall, m. va/Tal. 
Vafe, f. iw/e. 

Vater, m. father. [try. 

Valeriana, n. country, native eoun* 
VatcrUfndifcb, a. of one's country. 
Vaterlandtlicbe, f. patriotlfm. 
Vitcrlich, a. fntherly, paternal. 
Vaterlieba, f. father linefs. 
Vatarlos, u. father left. 
Viiermord, Vaierniirder, n. parri- 

Vatcnbrudcr, -m. unctk^ 
Utterafcbvtftcr, f. amnt. 
V^ierftadt. f. native town, 
Vaternand, m. fatherhood, 
Vatertheil, ria. patrimonjf, father** 

Vatcrunfer, a. the lord's prayer. 
Veilchcn, n. tHolet. 
Veitcheablati, a. of violet . colour* 
VeilchenAock, m. vioUt. plant. 
Veneriich, a. venereal j die ¥untrU 

Icbe Krunkhch, french pojc. 
Vantil, n. valve. 
Vantilator, m. T. veutUator. 
Vcniii. f. Venus. 
VenutTduehc, f. frenck post, venereal 

V«rab/olgcn, v. a . •laffM , Ujend, 

deliver, let have. 
Verabredcn, t. a. to toncerjl, agree. 
Vtrabrcdung, (, aanttrting, agree- 
Vvrabdiuaacn, v. a. to negUS. 
X'erabfiluinang, f. negligence. 
V'erabfcheucn, V. a. to abhor , «i. 

cminate, dtt^. 
Verabfcbeuung, f. abhorrence, ab' 

VerabCchemlngtwilrdig, a. deti/htble* 
Verabfchieden, T.a. to difmifs. 
Vcrabrcbieduttg, f. difmijion. 
Veracbten, ». a. to defpife, flight, 

fcom, contemn, difdain. 
Veracbtrr. oi. dejpifer, contemner. 
Verikbtlich, a. dtfpicmble, contenp* 

Vertfcbtlicbkch , f. defpUabUnefs, 

Veracbtung, f. fcorn^ contempt, ^ 

VeraUen.v.n. to grow old. 
Veraltet, a. grown old, aniifuated, 

VerJfnderHch, a. mutable t ekangt. 

able, alterable, uariaUe, JUkle. 
VerKnderlichkeitt .f. nutahlenefu 

tkangeabiemfs, athrabUnefr, vat i- 

ablenifs, fitUenefs. i [ ' r • 

VcriAdcm, v.a. to e^hange, aktr, ««. 


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i^« VkK 

VcrXndemnf, t. ekmngt, MlUratim, 

VeranUflien, v. a. to »ceajitm. 
VeraoUfTung, f. ere*Jlon, eaufi, 
Vcranftahen, v. a. to prtfare. 
Vcranftaliung, f. prtftrmtion. 
Veraniworten, v. a. to »n/v)*r for, 
aerount ^ fich., to dfftnd, or tjt- 
eu/e oHfi ft If. 
Verantwortlich, a. anfwiraUt, ac- 
countant for. 
Verantwortlicbkeit, C aceouniaHt. 

nefj, anfvttrahUntft. 
Verantwortuag, f. i^tntt% ^ndiea- 

Hon, jnfiifcaiioH. 
Vcnrbeiieo, v. a. to mork, mmrk. 
fafturti to confkmc ty uorktmg. 
Vciargen, v. m. /• iatt itf. 
Vcrarmen, t. b. to imfov*ri/k. 
VOTarreftiren, T.a. to arrejl. 
Verarkeneien, v. a. (* fptndin pky. 

fit, ufon fhyJlcUns. 
VcraoctioDiren, «. a. to tJipcfe 

puklic fklt, 
VCTKufsern, v. fc. to alUnmtt. 
VeriturMrung, f. atitnmtia». 
Verband, m. btndagi. 
Verbannen, v. a. to hmni^, enik; 

to profcriht. 
Verbannong. f. U*ifkmnii , tsUt, 

Varbaoen. ▼. a. U f^i - fc*^' *» 

•Vcrbcifien, v.a. io ckoht,forhtmr. 
•Verbargen, ▼. %. to coHCfl, a*. 

ftond, kidt. 
Verberguog, f. toncflmeKt, ^kfcon. 

Verbcflerer, m. nmendtr, torrtOor^ 

Varbeffetlich, a. ^mcndakk, eorrU 

gikiej improvtabtt. 
Varbeflcin, v a. /o amtnd, torrtfl, 
Ttform I to impront , httttr, mt. 
Varbeflernd, a. nrttfUvt. 
Verbeffcrung, f. amtnd$a*ni, torrt- 
{Hon, rtform\ improvemnt, mho- 
rat ton. 
fich Verbeitgen, v. t. to torn. 
Verbeugiingt (• ktrw. 
•Verbicten, ».a. toforhli, frtdiiM, 

•Verbinden, v. a. to hin4% to mtf. 
plaet tk* fkttts', die Aiigen -, to 
%ltm4fotd; eina Wundc -, /• dreft 
a, wound i mit ainandcr ., to com- 
tine, unite % fkh-, to aify i ficb 
cbelicb - , *• marry } ficl*' tu et- 
was -, to tngage ) fich jamanden 
. . to okligi. 
Varbindlicb. a. oUtgingl ficb je. 

nandcn ■ madMOt t9 oHigt. 
Verbindlicbkeit, t. okiigaU—, 'M. 

Verbindaiif, f. dreSng if a footrnd; 
eomkimation, conjufUidni wtttk; 

VerbiiMrn, ». a. to ImkHttr, irrU*. 

te, exafptrttt. 
Vcrbittarang, f. tnafperation . 
Vcrbliitiern, v. a. to loft tke pagt. 
•Verhleiben, v. n. to remain, aktde. 
*Verbleichcn> v. n. to grow palt', 
Todes ., to dtctafe ; (»on ~" 
to fade. 
Verblenden, v.a. to daxtU. 
VerbUndung, f. daxtling. 
VerblUhen, r. n. to dteajtt fade, 

VerblUmt, *. figurative. 
ficb Vcrbhitcn, v. r, to loofe too muck 

kiood, kleed too mutk. 
V«rb]utung, f. bleeding too muck. 
Varborgen, t. a. to tend, korrom. 
Verborgea, p. 8c a. kid, kiddta, ak- 

fcondtd, conCtahd. 
Verborgenheit. f. retirement. 
Verbot, n. forbiddance, prokfbition, 

inter dtaion. 
Verbrtmen, i. a. to fur, kotder, 

ga nijk. 
VarbrXmung, {.furring, (ie. 
Vethrauch, d. confumption. 
Vcrbatuchen, *. a. to confumt, ufe, 
fpend. nafie. 

VerbrccbMty v.a. to commit, 
Verbrecben, n. crime, detiS. 
V«rbrrchcr, in> trimtnat^ deUofuent, 
Vcrbreitcn, V. a. to fpread, emtend. 
Verbreitung, f. fprevding, ttttenfon. 
'Vcrbrenncn, v. a. & n. to kum, 

Vcrbrennlieb, a. comkufHkle. 
Verbrcnnung, f. burning, combu. 


fich VarbrUdcrn, *. r. toftt up fra- 
ternity tntk. 

VtxbtMcrtmgff. fraternity, brotktr- 

Verbuhlt. a. amorous, cofuettijk. 

Verhubltheit, f. eofuttry. 

ficb VerUindea, v. r. to aify,aff6ciaie. 

VerbQndeicr, m. ally. 

Verbiirgcn, v. a. & n. to kail. 

VcrbUrgung, f. baiting, kaH. 


V«rbiodong<won, n. eapnU, [ne. 
»V«rbitten,«.a. t9keg«mc^fl,U dtcti. 

Verderben, n. Verderb, m. torn 
tion, ruin, undoing, dtftruRiif 

Vctderblich, a. eorruftiklt, df/huS. 

ibit; pernicious. 
Verderblichkeit, f. corruptibauy. 
Verderbnib, n. VcMsrbtbei^f.rfr. 
ruption , corruptnefs. 
rdemfchen, r. «. to gemunltt. 
Verdicken, v. a. to tkUktn, condet/t. 
Verdickuug, f. eondenfation. 
Vcrdienen. ▼. a. to merit, define; 

to gain, earn. 
Verdienft. in. gaint getting, pr^U 

lucre, advantage. 
Verdienft, n. merit, dtfert. 
Vewiienftlicb, a. meritoriour, 
Verdient, a. deftrvtd, MrrcTftf j fich 

. macbeo, to defeme. 
•Vcrdingen, t. a. /• put, kind, fx, 

agrte about a, price j to kirc. 
Vcrdolinctfchen, v. k. to interpret. 
Verdolmetfchung, f. inttrpntation. 
Vcrdoppdn, T.a. to domkie. 
Verdoppelung, f. doubting. 
Verdorbenbeit, f. rorrufiian. 
Vcrdorren, v. n. fa dry -up, 
Verdriingen, v. a. to difpofftft, {up. 

VerdreheA, ». a. to dyiort, mrf; 

fig. to mifteprefent j to pervert. 
Verdrehuag, f. contorjlon j mifrt- 

Vcrdriefteti. *. i. to grieve, frit, 
vexi ~ •Uflen, to be grieved. 
VerdriefsKcb, a. irkfome, crabbed ; 

dtfagrttmbtt, loatkfome. 
Verdriertlichkeit , f. irkfoBfenrfi, 

crabbtdntfs ; toaikfomtnefs. 
Vcrdrofieo, a. loatk, unmiuing, lot}, 

Verdrofienhcit, f. loatknefs, unrnl' 

likgnefs, la*intfs,Jlovanefs. 
Vcrdrucken, v. a. to confumt <« 
printing , fpend in printing { f# 
Vcrdruft, m. iU.wUIt indignaHe; 

anger, ckagrin. 
Verdiifccn, r.a. to ejckaU, cvaporoH. 
Vcrdunkeln, v. a. to darken, ethf/*, 

obfcure\ fig. (• outdo. 
VcftiUnncn, ▼. a. to tkin, aittuMtt. 
VcrdQnnung, f. attenuation. 
Verdonften, t. n. VerdUnften, v. ■■ 

to. evaporate, exkale. 

V«rdaiBpfca» v. n. to enkmltt eva- Vardurften, v.n. to ckoke -/arve 

Verdacht, vn. fufpuion. 
VardicfaUg. a. fufpeOtd. . 

Vcrdammen, v.a. to dantH\ nW 

Tode ., /• contemn. 
Verdana mlich, a. dannakU. 
Verdammnifs , .Verdasnoiang , t. 


Vardaaken, t. a* to owe. 

Verdaucn, v. a. to ^^, toncoS, 

Verdaalich. a. dig^ikU. 

Verdaalichkeit, f. dIgs/Mleneft. 

Verdauung, f. digeflion. 

Verdaoaagtmittel, n. digtflive, 

Verdeck. a. T. deck. 

Verdeckcv, v- a. to cover ; to hide. 
Vardenkcn, «. a. to take ill, amifs. 
Vardcrben, v.a. to fpoU, corrupt, 
ruin, iindo, mar, d^ty, viajle, 
knrt, depran* ; 'v. o. te be fpoi- 
Ml to carruft, rot ; to decay. 


ntitk tkirj. 
VereUeln, v.a. /• ennoble, ntbHttmte 
Vcredluag, f. ennobling, ntiiiiito- 

tion, improvemtnt. 
VerebeiicMO, •■ Vcrheiratbev. 
Verebrcn, t. a. to honour , ventrmU, 

revere ; einem etwa* ., to prt/i»t 

one witk,'to bejloui upon fomtboiy 
Verehrcr, m. reverencer, revt'tr. 
Verefarung, /. kanoration , vener: 

tion, revertnce } prefent, 
Vcreiden, v. a. to ktnd ky mn oath. 
Verein, m. ieaUtion. 
Vereinbar, a. co»pat!bk» 

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VereinbarcD, r. a. to unite, 
Vcreinigen, v. a. tQ unite, join i to 

aftri»te, atfy; to aeterdi (»er. 

gleiehen) to agree upon. 
Vcreinigung, f. union \ ajheiatien, 

oUionee i aeeorJance^ agreement. 
Vercinzein, t. a. to retail, /ell in 

VneiDzelang, f. retaiiing. 
Verciteln, *. a. to difafpoint, fru- 

Jtratif etude. 
Vcreitdung, t. di/appoiHtment,/ru. 

^ration, elufion 
Vcrcngen, v. a to JlraAten. 
Vertwtgfn, ▼. a. to etematixet im- 

Vercwigung, f. eternalixing. 
*Vcrfahren, V. a. die Strafse ., ti 

mft the roadi den Zoll - , to 

fmuggle goods f *v. n. to handle, 

treat, deal, proteed. 
Verfahren, n. procedure. 
Verfall, m. decay, fall^ decline, de. 

caden^, ruin- 
•VcrfalUn, t. n. to deray, fall, de. 

dine, go to ruin ; auf etwas - , te 

lake afkney\ die Zeit ift-, the 

time is expired. 
Verfallzfeit, £. time ^payment. 
VcrflClfcben, v. a. to adulterate, fat- 

fify, interpolate. 
Vcrflafebcr.m. inter potator,fal/jitr. 
Verfitlfchung, f. adulteration, fal ft- 

*Verfangen, v. n: to effiHuatt \ ficb 

-, «v r. to catch wind. 
VerfiingUch, a. captious. 
Verfiioglichkcit, f. captiou/ne/s. 
fjch VcrArrben, ». r. to hlujk, change 

VerfalTen, y. a. to compofe. 
Verfatfer, m. author, compo/er, 
VerralTuog, f. compo/ition j eofftitU' 

tioii\ preparation, 
Verfaaien, v. n. to rot, putr\fy. 
•Verfechten, v. a. to defend ^ fght 

for, Jtrtve. 
Verfehlen, v. a. to mifs, balk. 
Verfcinern, %. a. to improve j to re- 
Verfcinerang, f. improvement,, re. 

Verfenigen, r. a. to make, perform^ 

to ronfofe. 
Verfcrtiecr, m. maker, author, com. 

Verfcnignng, f. perfornUngt td^po- 

Vcrfinflern, v a. to darken, oh/cure, 

VerfinftcTung, f . darkening^ eclipfing. 
•Vcrfliegen, t. a. toj^ fomy j to 

*VerflierMa , v. n. toJflow away. 

(van der Zeit) to exptre, pmjs. 

Verflueheo, v. a. to ewfe. 
VerSuchung, f. cwfinf, esmretHon. 
Yerflurs, ta. esipiratio* 
Verfolg, n. frogre/t^ottr/e, tonti-' 


Vcrfttlgen, », a. to pur/ue, ptr/eeu. 

te, pf off cute. 
Verfolgcr, m. perfieutor, profecutor. 
Verfolgung, f. purfuit, perjtcution^ 

•Verfreflen, v. a. toglut, giuttonife 
Ver<iigen, v. a. to dtfpofi, order j 

Hcb ., to refort, betake to. 
VcrfUgung, f. ordtr, difpofttion. 
VerfUbrbar, u. ftducihle. 
Verfiibrfn, v. a. to mljlead, f educe, 

dthauch ; Waaren ., to tranfport. 
VerfUhrtr, m mjleader ,feduter . 
VerfOhrcrifch. ». /educing, 
Verdibrung, f mijlead*ng, /eduSion\ 

VerfUttcrn, v. a. to feed mith pro- 

vender ; to con fume the provender. 
ficb VergaiTen , v. r. to be fwdtten 

with , enamoured of. 
VergHUen, v. a. to gait. 
Vergiinglicb, a. tranfient, tranfito. 

ry, perijkable. 
Vergsinglicbkcit, f. tran/lentne/s. 
Vergattern , v. a. to enclo/e wtt/l 

Vergatterang, f. T. tattoo, 
•Vcrgeben, y. a. to forgive, pardon y 

die KancD., to nUHtal', (vergif. 

ten] to poifomi elm Bedicnung ., 

to confer an employment. 
Vergebens, ad. in vain. 
Vergcblicb, a. frujhate , fruitle/s, 

Vrrgebting, f. pardon, remiffion. 

•Vergchen, v. n. to pa/s away \ to 
van\Jk. dl/apprar ; to decay, de- 
er ta/e j 10 per'Jk\ (am K^er) 
to fine awayi (ich - , Hg. to fail 
in on's dufi^ ; to commit i/ault\ 
fich wider jemandcn ., to ojfend, 
or injure fomebody. 

Vergeben, n. Vergthung^ f. ofptH' 
te, crime, mifiaki. 

I'Veryelien, v. a. to recempen/e, re. 
tnunerate, reward. 

V|rgrl|er,.in. remuneratOTt rewarder. 

wtgeliiinp, f. recompen/e, reward. 

VfcrgefcUfchaften. Y.a. to afociatei 
tg 'o unite, joiH. 
Tcrgeflen, *. a. to forget, omiti 
JTicb ., to fail. 

Wrgeflenbeh, t.fargeifulne/s. 

WrgeriHcb, a. oblivious, forgetful. 

^ergcrdicbkeic, f. obliviou/ne/s . 

Vergeuden, v.^. to /pend, laviJL 

Vergewiflern, t. a. to confirm ; to 

VergewiReruDg , f. eonfirmaiion j 

•Verpiefsen, v. a. to fpM, JkU. 

Vergiersung, (. /piUing, ejfufion. 

Vergifien, v. a. to pox/on, envenom. 

Vcrgiftong, f. foi/oning. 

VvrgirttneinniGbt, n. germander. 

Vergittelm, v. a. to Jiui wtth m tret- 

Verglafen, v. ». to glaze. [lis. 

Vergleicb, m. agreement, contrail, 
covenant, convention, metordi com. 

V K R .«; 

IVergUSchbar, a. tompamblt, 
-Vergleicben, t. a. to compmre; tt 

accord, compo/e; fich mit cinaa .. 

to agree, reconcile, 
Vcrgleicbung, f. compari/on i re 

Vwgn«£en, v. a. to plea/e, delighr 

Vergniigtn, n. VergfiUgung, f . /^« 
/ure, contentment, delight. 

VergnUi^m, a. contented, contentful 

VergnCtet, a. delighted, deligktfw 
pleafed, content, contented. 

Vergojdcn, v. a. to giU. 

VergolUung, t. gilding. 

Vergtitanen, v. a. to permit, sUou 

VergiMiern, ▼, a. to deify. 

,Vetgdtterunf , f. deification, «/• 
theofit. » 
Vergraben, t. «. to Merr, bury. 

fwh «Vergreifen, v. r. to fprain j 
,<febl greifen) to mf/iahet fich an 
etwai . , to purloin | ficb an je- 
mandenv. to abu/e, ofend, viola- 
te i die Waare ift.oder bat fich 
Tergritfcn , the wart U /old amt, 
had a fuiek /ale. 

Vergrditern, r. a. /« magniff/, <{. 
grandixe, ampliate, exaggerate. 

Vergrdftentng, f. mggrandi*tment 
Ampliation, esiaggeratitn. 

Vergrofterungaglat, n. micro/cope. 

VergUnftigen, s. Verg5nnen. 

VergUnnigung , f. permiffion, aUov. 

VergUtea, v. a. to make good, refui 
te, re/lore. 

VergUiung, f. rtouittl, refiUuHon. 

Verbafi, m. arr^, durance, pri/on 

Verfaaften, v. a. toarrej, imfri/oti: 
to enMoge, mortgage. 
Verba hen, v. a. to hold, retain ; 
\fo hide, conceal', fich-, to relau 
to i to behave. 

Verbalten, n. behaviour, carriage. 

VcrhXliniri, n. relation, proportion, 

Verhiiltnii<ini(Ciig. a. proportional 

Vcrhjiltniriwidrig , a. difproportw- 

Verbalttmg, f . retention, concealment ■ 

Vcrhandeln, v. a. to /ell, vendi '■ 

Verhandlung, f. felling i mrgocia- 

VerhiCngen, v. a. to hang btforr; 
to hang at a wrong place ^ etwai 
Ubcr cinen ., to tUfiine, appoint', 
mit verbilngtem ZUgel, tantivy. 

Verhitngiurs, n. fate, dtfiiny. 

Verlnrren, y. n. to remain, perftve- 
re, perfijl, holdout- 

Verbarrung, f. per/everance, per/.. 
fiance. ^ 

Verbarfcben, v. n. to begin to heal, 

Verbitrten, v. n. to harden, obdurate- 

VerWfttung, f. obduratien. 

VeihaTK, a. odious, hed^lO, 


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i„ VEK. 

VerWifcbcln, v. a. f# tocher, fonHt. 
Verbau, m. barricado <•/ treii. 
VerhaMChen, v. a. to expire. 
*Vcrh«uen, *.«. to lof i .len Weg 

. , to iarrieade , bar', fich- , to 

miji Jlriiing. 
Verbeeren, *.t. to uajle, de/oltte, 

depofutate, ravagr. 
Vetheerung, f. deva/tatio», dtfoU- 

tion. dtpoputation. 
VerhehUn, *. a. to hide, conceal, 

Verbcblung, f. hiding, dijimuiation 
Verbeitnlichen, ». a. to conceal. 
Verheimlichiing, f- concealment. 
Verbeirathen, v a. to marry. 
•Verhciften, v. a, to promi/e. 
VerbeiTsung, f. promife. 
•Vetbclfen, v. a. to help to. procure. 
Verbcnkert. a. dtvUiJh, provohimg. 
Verherrlichen, v. a. to glorify 
VerhcMlicbung, f. gtorijicatton. 
VerhMzen, v. a. to incite, f pur |p, 

'ince»fe,ftir up. 
Varbetzung, f. in/igation. 
Verblndern, ». a. to hinder, crofj. 
Verhinderuog, f. hinderance. 
Verhotfen, » a & n. to hope. 
Verhdhnen, ». a. to in/ult.feof. 
Verbtihniing, f m/ult, mochery. 
Vefbor, n. trial, emamination. 
Verhtiren, t. a. to hear, gamine; 

to. mtjkear. ^ 

VeihUUen, v. a. to veil, towr. 
VerhUUung, f. veiling, covering. 
Verhungern, v. n. to /arve with 

hunger i - Maffen, tofamijk. 
Vcrbungen.a. hunger .Jtarvtd, hun. 

Verhureh.'v. a. tofyuander in wenth. 

ing, whoring. , , . 
Verhurt, a. uihorijh, lend. 
VerbUien, *. a. to prevent, obviate 
VerhUiung, f. prevention. 
Verjagen, v a. to chafe, tura out. 
Verjagubg, f. exfutfion. 
Verjahreo* t. n. to/uperannuaU. 
— — f. prefer iption. 


fich Verlrren 


go the wrong way. 
Verirrung, f. aberration, erring. 
VerjUngen, v. a. to renew, renova. 

It; der verjlingie Mafiftab , T 

VerjUngung, f. renovation. 
Verltalken. i. a. to calcine. 
fich Verkaiten, t. ErkShen. 
Verkappen, v. a. to mumm, maft. 
Verkappuog, f. mumming, maJHng 
VerkauJ, m. faU, vendition. 
Verkattfen, v, a. to fell, vend. 
VerkSufer. m. vender, feller. 
Verkauflicb, a. vendible, faleabU. 
Verkaufung, f. fale, vendition. 
Verkehr, m intercourfe. 
Verkehren, v.u.Joturn, overturn, 

to pervert; to have intercourfe. 
Verkehrt, a. cro/j, ftrverfe, wrong, 

perverred. ^ ,^ 

V«rkehrtheit,f. troffnefr, perverfity. 

Varkchrang, f. turningi ptrvcrfion. 
Vcrkeilen, v. a. to wedge. 
Verkennbar, a. not to be hnoium 

•Vcrkannen, v. a. to mijlaht. 
Vcrkeiteln, v. a. to loch up '• fa- 

ften with chains. 
Verkctien, ^. a. to concatenate. 
Verkeitung, f. concatenation. 
Verkeizem, v. a. to ta» out mlih 

Verkittcn, v. a. to cement. 
Verklagen, «. a. to accu/t. 
VerklKgcr, m accufer. 
Vcrklagung, f. accufation. 
Vcrklammern, v. a- to cramp. 
VerklMrcn. v. a. to glorify. 
VerklMrung, f. glorification. 
Verkleiben, v. a. to platfler up, to 

Verkleiden , v. a, T. to waiufcot', 

fich., to difguife. , ^ 

Vcrkloidung, i. difguifing, difguife; 

T. wainfcotting. 
V\n*Ieinerlich, a. derogatory 

Vermwrn, v. a. 1o iiminifi. hf 

fen ; Hf . to derogate, detraS. 
Verkleinertm^, f. diminuUoni de- 

tr anion, detogatian. {tive. 

VerkleinerungsMTort, n. T. dimimu- 
Vcrlileiftern, vi. a. to glue up', fig 

to deceive. 
Verknllpfen, v. a. to hnit, bind, tU, 

VerknUpfung, f. iniiting, umUing. 
Verkochen, w.a. to boU aw^. 
Vcrk5rpera. v. a. to corporify. 
VerkoRigen, i. Bckdftigen. 
fich •Vet kriechen, t. r. to hide, ah. 

VcricrUmeln , VerkrUnaen, r. a. lo 

crumb, crumble. 
Verknunmcn, t. n. to crooh, grow. 

VerkrUppeln, t. a. U' cripple. 
VerkUmmeni, T^ a. Uarr^^,^ 

qu^er. \ ^ 

VerkUmmerung, f . fefuffiration- 
VerkUndigen, v. a. to aHn»unee,§u- 

blifk, predia. ^ 

VerkUndigung, (. aununeiaiion. 
Verkuppeln, ».a. /* couple, coful^. 
VcrkUrzen, v. a. to Jhorten. ^ 

V«rlacben, v. a. to deride, laugh ah fich Vei 
Verlachuijg, f. itrifion. it:^*: 

Verlag, m. expences. 
Vcrlabmen, v. n. to grow lame. 
Verlahmen.v. a. to lamt, hamjlring. 
Verlangen, y. a. /* defire, long for. 
Verfangen,- n. dejire, longing for. 
Vcriangern, v. a. to lengthen, fro. 

long, protraS. 
Verltingemag, f. lengthening, fro- 

Verlanren, v. a. to mafk. 
Verlafa, m. inheriUnce ; convtutivH. 
•Verlaffen, v, a. to leave, forfake, 

suit, abandon j fich aaf etwM -» tt 

rely upon. 



Verlaffung , f. forfaking, leaving, 

VerUffenfchaft, f. inheritance, /-f- 

crjion (der. 

VerUHern, v. a. to calumniate, JUm. 
Verlafterung, f. calumniation. 
Vcrlauf, m. expiration, caurfe (^ 

time J; particular t. 
Verlaul'en, ». a to eroft running; 

fich ., to go afiray ; to run away, 

». n. (von der Zeit) to pafs away. 
Veriaugnea , v. a. to deny, difomx, 

VerUugttung, f. denial, abnegation. 
Verlaut, m. dem Verlaate nach, ac- 

cording to the rumour. 
Verlautan, v. n. ficb^'laffen, togi- 

ve a hint , give to underjland ', 

CI verlautet, tt is faid. 
Verleben, v. a. to live. 
Vcrlebt, a. decrepit, worn with age. 
Vcrleehzen, «. n. to leah, run. 
Verlegen, v. a. to tranfport, trani' 

fer ; to miflay, nUf place ; to tar, 

barricade; to furnifi with ; cin 

Buch., to publijk a book. 

Verlegen, a- corrupted or fpoUtdby 
lyi^gi - "feyo, to be at a /•/», . 

Ve/Iegenheit, f. embarraffment. 

Verlcger, m. advancer, pubtyker. 

Verlegiing, f. tram/erring; mijlty. 

Verleideo, v. a. to difaufb. 

•Verleiben, v. a. totind, let ojkty 
to grant, give. 

Verleihuog,/. /raiJR^, Uttlng ovt\ 
grant, giving. 

Verleiher, m. tender. 

Verleiten, v. a. to miflead, feiute. 

Verleitung, U feducement. 

VNlernen, ». a. to unlearn, forgft. 
Verleren, v. a. to read aloud. 

Verletzen, v. a. to hurt, wound. 

VerletzHchf a. violable, vulnerable, 

Verletzong, f. hurt, wounAng, vie* 

Verleumd'en, ▼. a. to backbite, ca- 
lumniate, traduce. 

Verleumder, m. backbiter, calumai' 

Verleumderirch, a. calumniout. 

Vcrlaumdiing, f. calumny, detraSion. 

fich Verliebe», w.r. to faU in tote 

V^HIabt, a. enamoured, amorous, in 

fich »V«rliegen, ▼• '. *o kecome rot- 
ten, ot fpoiled by lying. 

•Verlierto, ».a. ** lofe i fich., /* 
withdrawi verloren •gcben, to gi- 
ve upi v^loreo •gchen, to lofe, i' 
tojli •(>•> verloren nacheay '' 

Verloben, %• »• '• affiance, betrol!. 
Vcrldbnift, «. Verlobung, f. ajfai- 

ce, betrothi^tnt. 
VerloderB, ykn. to flare away. 
Verlogcn, ■%<<>"i '« lyirg. 

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VerlobocB, v. •. t» rtfiUie. 
VerlooCen, v. a. t»p«rt witi « tklng 

h caMing lots. 
•Verldfchen, «. n. f he enHnguifitd. 
Vcrldtben. v. a. tofoder. 
Vcrluft, ID. /«/*/, damage, detriment. 
Verluftig, ad. Ach . macben, to/ot' 

Vermachcn, v. a. to Jlop, Jkut, elo. 

fe ; eincm etwas •, to bequeath. 
VcmtJIchioirs, n. ie^ueathmntt It- 

VtraMhIcn , «. a. /• give in mar. 

rimge £. (kh ., to marry, efyou/e. 
VtrmiOilung, f. t/pou/afi. 
Vermafinen, v. m. to admonijk, en. 

Vcmuhner, m. mdmont/ker, enkorter. 
Vermahnuog, f. admonitiont enhor. 

tation . 
Vemtaledeien, v. a. to atenr/e, ex- 
Vrrmaledciiin^. f. ejtteration. 
Vermalen, v: a. to paint avsay. 
Vcrnutntein, v. a. to palliate. 
Vermiintelung. f. palliation. 
Vertnauern, v. a. to mure up, vatl 

Vermchrcn, y n. to augment, 

treafe, multiply. • 
Vermebrer, oi. angmenter, encrea- 

fer, hulHplUr. 
Verrachrung, T. 'augwuntation, en. 

creaft, multipiitatlon. 
*Vctmei<lcn, v. a. to avoid, for kear, 

V«a(net4Uch, a. avoidable, evitakle. 
Vamteidung, f. avoidance t for hear- 

»nce, emtation. 
Vermeineo, v. a. to mean, pre/umt. 
Vermeint, a. prt/umptive. 
Vermelden, v. a. to tell, mention. 
Vermeldungt f. mention. 
Vermengcn, v. a. to mingle, inter. 

Vermengung, f. MtrmiMture. 
Vermerken, r.a. to perceive i tots' 

ke, interpret. 
*Vermeflren, V. a. tomea/mre; fich., 
to meafure wrong i fich ., fig. ti 
/wear highly, to make hold. 
VcrmefTen, a. temerariout. 
Vermeffienheit, f. temerity. 
Vermietlten, v. a. to let, lei out, 

Vermieiber, m. hirer, letter. ^j 

Vemaieibuiig, f. letting, hirin^t 
Vfrmindern, y. a. to diminijh, leffen. 
Verminderang, f. diminution, 
Vcrnifcben, v.a. lointertAx, inter, 
mingle} fich fleifishliclT., to lu 
uiith a woman. 
Veriairchung, f. mtxtnre } die 

Bcirchliche., lying tidth. 
VensiOien, v. a. to mifm 
Vcrmittcln, v. a. to ttediate, inter. 

pofe. 1 

Vcrnaittelft, ad. hy i^ant ^. 
VermitteWngi i. mematiom, tnterpo- 
jStiou. *■ 


Vamittler, m. mediator, Merpo/er. 
Vermodern, v. n. to rot, nuulder. 
Vermdg*, ad. hy virtue of. 
•Verindgen, V. a. &n. to prevail, 

avail } to he ahle ; zu ctwas ., to 

perfuadt, or difpofe to. 
Vermiigen, n. ahihty, power j /ot^ 

Vermttgend, a. ahlei rick. 
Vermunimea, v. a. to majk, ^Jgvife. 
VermilnseD, v. a. to mint out, up. 
Vcrmutben, v. a. to pre/ume, Jnp- 

Vermuihlich, a. likely, protahle. 
Vermuthung, f. prefhmption, fuppo- 


ntmlta, flight- 

. to nail up. 

Vern«hmlicb, a audible, per teptihlt., &ch., to mifr 
Vernebnilicbkeit, £. audiUene/t, "' "^ ' 

Vernebmung, f. hearing. 
fich Verneigen, v. r ■ to make a conr. 

Verneiacn. r. a. to deny; unfay. 
Verneivend, a. negative 
Verneinung, f. denials, negation. 
VcrniCbten, v. a. to annihUfte, undo. 
Vernichtung, f. annihUation. 
Vcrnicien, v. a t» rtvet. 
Vernunri, f. rea/on, fin/e. 
VernUnlteln, «. n. to rea/on too ni- 

Vernllnrtig, a. rea/onahle, rational. 
Verniinfilehre, f. logie. 
yemiinfilebrer, m. logician. 


Vernacblitfligung, f. 
Vcrnageln, *.a. to 
Verna'ben, v ». to /ow up. 
Vernarren.r. a. to fool . trifie mway\ 

ficb in eine PerfoD-, to doat upon. 
Vemarcbcn, v. a. to lavijk away in 

'Vernehmen, ▼. a. to ptrctlve,4ear. 
Vernebmen, n. hearing, pereeivingi 

good or had inUlligi 

Vcrpflegang, f. froviAng-for, Ue. 
Verpflichten, ▼. a. to hind, oblige. 

oblation, enga- 

Verpflicbtung, f. 

Verpfurcben, v. «. to hun^. ' 
Verpicheq, v. a. to pitch. 
Verplaudern, T.a. to prattle away, 
Verpraffen, ▼. a. to gormanAze, 

fj u a ndm away hyf*afling. 
Vcrproviartiiren . v. a to provide 

vifluattt fiore with promfions. 
Vcrpuffea. V. n. T. to dttonixe, 
VerpufFnng, f T. detonation. 
Verquicken, *. a. T to amalgamate, 
Verquicken, n T. amalgamation.' 
Verratfkinen, VcrraoBmein, «■ a. to 

ram up, barricade. 
Verrafcn, *. n. to overgrmo witk 

Venaihen, v. a. to betray. 
V*n.iih*r, m. betrayer, traitor. 
Verratherin, f. traitrefs. 
Wrtiithcrei, f. tria/on, treachery. 
^rritherifeb, a. treacherous. 
Verrauchcn, v. n. to evaporal*. 
Verraucbung, f. evaforaUam. 
Vcrrechnen, ». a. to reckon upi 

:rnunrtlot, a. reafonte/s. 

lUrnunftrcblufs^ m./yUogi/m. 

^rordnen, *. a. to vrdm,in, order, 
co"JfUute, di/po/e', ArseneU, to 
y ffcrihe. 

Wcoxdneter, m. commifary, 

\fcroidnung , f. order , ordinance, 
yiifpofition ; preftription. 

Fcrpachten, t. a. to Uaft, farm. 

Verpachtcr, ni. lea/er, 

Verpachtung, f. leafing* farming, 

Verpallifadiren, v.a. to palifade. 

Vcrpartircn, «. a. to put afide ille- 

Verpeflet, a. infefltd. 

Verpfifblea, v. a. to pale, empale. 

VerpBinden, v. a. to pawn, pledgtf 
mortgage, dip, engage. 

Verpfifndiing, f. pawning, dc, 

VerpfeffeTO, ▼ a. to over .pepper. 

Verpflinzen, v.a. to tranfptant. 

VerpflancuDg, f. tram/plantation. 

Verpil«gen, v.a. to froviiefor,nur. 

reckoning up ', f 

Vencchnuog, f. ; 

reckoning. * | 
VcrreckeR. *. n. to die i ein vet- 

recktes Tbiet, morkin, 
VerreUen, v. a. da» Spiel -, to vow 

never to play agatn } ficb - , to 

/peak ami/s. * 

Verreifeo, v. n. to /ct out, to take 

a Journey i v.a. to /fend in tra. 


Verreifsen, V. a. to tear in pieces. 
Verreiten.v.a. to /fend in rtdtng. 
Verrenkcn, v. a. to diflocate,di/tori, 

wrench, /prain. 
Verrenkung, f. £Jloeation, dtjortiom. 
Verrennen, v.a. to Jfop one's pa/ 

Verriebten, v. a. io da, aa , p*r- 

/urm, atchieve, di/patch, 
Verrichtung, f. performance, ettchie. 

vement } hufinefs, aj'air, 
Veiriechcn , v. n. to e^oratt, 

grow, vapid, 
Venriegeln.v.a. to holt, bar, 
Verringern.v. a. to lejtn, Aminifi* 
V«rringerung, f. dtminutton, 
Virrotten, v.n. to rufl. 
Verroftung, f. rufttng. 
Veirucht, a. lexod, wicked, villainous, 
Verruchiheii, f. lewdnefs, wicked. 

nr/s, villany. 
VerrUcken. v. a. to remove, difpUce^ 

das Concept ., to SJappoint, frw 

firat* tHt aim , den Verftaad -, 

to make mad. .* 

V'errikkl, a. craxed, nfd; elnV«f- 

rik-kter, mad. ntan. 
Verrlicktheit, a. madnefs, craaednefs. 

Venufen, v. a. to decry. 
Verrufen, a- darned, iteryti. 
Veri, m. ver/e. 



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«M Vllt 

n. (ton CMrrbnnrfv rnffm^. 
Vcrfalcen. ». «. ta ^t^ , Ji^^^ 
Verbancln, t *. t firlt,, ¥, y 

U*ftmht€, ta^gytgtU , irmtktr, 

e»n»eme. r«i/M 

V«f.a.-I„„,. f. ,f,^f^,^^4™ 
VcHkiwrn. V. o. V^fU^m^f,, 

U ftur. '^J^' '• *' * 'i'Mukm^dr 
Verftum-if,, f. n^gij^.."^^ 
Verfebubeni, v ,, ,, A// 
Verfohaffen, T.a. l, /. *, ..r*. ft.^. 

Verichaffung. f. ^rar^wtmtwt, tU^rfi,u7f, 
Verfchanaen, ♦. « u r.^r.,^ 
yerTchanrung, f. Jaix,rt.i.^r-ri. 
Verfcbarren , t. ^^ r-j i.^^ j, ^ 

ground, iiterr, *,rv. 
•Verftheiden, V. H, /^ ^^f^r, 
Vwfcheokao, ♦. j ,.,. ^,„ ^^^^ 

M«<>> «/•» i W.Jp, flier ., ^*/r// 
VCTfcberxen, v. a. j-j rryifr -ii,j, 

to f iff tit. ' 

ycrfcheuchcn, ». a, i'^ h^wf, f^i^ltf 
Verrcbickan. ». , f^/.^^/J^.^ 

•Verfchieben, t. a. ^# JiAh.'-J, i f,un 

Verfchiebung. f. AV-, 

dry, feotrmt, difirrr^t, i^A.J. 
Verrchiedenheit, f. vanrlj, din-fg. 

•Verlchief.«n. v. a 4 Hth ,, w. r. f« 
ootr^oot i tojkcft nuiftj, n T, lin 
der Malerd) r« J,jfr„tf, ^ y^ n. /. 
U/t itt colour. 

Verfchimmeln, ». u^ t<r mpttUr 

•Verfchlafeii, ». ,. to t^ft or t^tsi'it 

V«rrchU<en, a. drinufr 

Varfehlag, «,. f^t^t^.n ^ 
•Vcrfcblagen. ♦. %. xo left */ i^f. 

(»OBi Sturoac) <* «/ j . -fe^r,, 

-•UOen, to air i t* «vlll jvitlitt 
- , « witi not d^i CI 'r(Trchfera, 
nieht riel, /Arrr Jj rr^i g^rtl ^f. 
/ertnee ; et »erfcSljf^i mir j*ith[-„ 
it is tHdiftrtnt tr mt. 
Verrchlagen, a. cumMitg, troffy 

cr*/tint/x. " ^ ' 

VerfcbUnimeii, r. mii'/iii ttiM m-^^. 
•Verrchleicken, r. n, to /.|Jr »iwr 

fich. /^/<«* •■""^ 
Verfchlaiern, t. a. tt ; rrA 
Verfcb aimen, T.a. r^j#.v «^^tl>Jt^mt. 

VerEcJirrpptn, T- t. u mi/oimti^ JwA 

V'ctrclaJtcrMEl], .. a. /4i Uk or tim- 
fr »f J t, frtt. 
'f.tftViUmaifrn, v.x. to i^rmir. 

''''rrrfbita^tD, t. a. ^> drna ^r^ /pidJlL 

/■?u. af 

\ ETlfhllUfh^n, ^. ,. fg .^^^^i ; pi, 

ViU-Jlhimjtliunj. *,n. r^f /d m f ab:< ^, 
'^^•#"1/* 1 *t3t Dura - , to Jt'\-i 
axTii lArrJl. ^ 

V«tb:]iar»Bli«n. v.a. it drf^/r, HJ. 

Vtftciinis.-.U,,, *^a. 10 Atj.JI tibivi 

Ml* /ro/i,fr 
■Vtrfctn,c<f>*h, ». a 1 Vcfv^^rJ^KH 
V'erbbfDtflifD, *«■. & »^. n. r.i Hfd/ 

V&rtFirnerj.«4 ».*, fa «f ^^r tfK 

m^.,fL.'<, ./J ^ tiokt. 
V'ETirfcuBiffeu^ v.*. fa rin<fnmf i 

. - -uhfliuii, a tannin/^ ttjfiy, 
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■Vtxrchnfidrn, v. a. ia fui aMiaj 
f^ ffif j»L-rf i to gtli, iaJifoSe 1 r 

Vcrtchtieittt^ t.h, to jrurr. A^p,. 

Verfcfir.MCiint, m. r«itw4. 
VerlE>iniJ|i,(en, Tk a. /« fftri/fc.H(P ,,,^4 
' /"-^'jri M- i. ^ tok4j*„f at, 

\fFr:h./ncO| T *- tO fp*fw,}fiit^r4 

Vt^ri;|i^'ntrn, ». a. ro rmiti!>Jk. 
\'etfi:Jirn.t:r-j(i.|!. f, trnhK/kiFrnt^ f 

Utff, irtmpiLom. 
VttCc'^ >. a, /o rmft .tar. 
VirrfchiBiibcn^ IP, ■ ro pwifjrjwi^ ! 

iVtrfcbiEihcm r, a, Im fit„f-4mt ipitt 

lueti JflirmJ fa brrifr/^ri Arie 

l.?Hrhrirtr.inj[, f ioni, eirigmifsnt^ 

^Varkltttitti, y^t. it d^rr^ ^ try 

VcrtihiKitnfftn , f . n. /p wri^tiie^ 

VrrfcbuL^ m, 4flxj>t ^rMO-djnn^tta/, . 

Vrwkh.Mtn, ^ a. <« ir S4,r/rj', Jc- 

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V'wi\ho\iiKn, ¥, a. t,fadt.J,td- r 
'►^^^VfWi;^-,ig<rEi , ,. r, la*f,». 
v*ff=:hwii^fT,t,g^ r. «#af/r< 

\tftrhi*«ltqt V,,, t9 eiiM/s,mi ^. 
• V rrfch h ciBBO ■ T » a . to ittt Jiifm. 

WrTctiwtUt.H, If. .. tMg^rm^m^tr 
\ ■^rftfiwt|g«.n(, J, s'rmwtdiAlmg. 
V,tfcliw(od*„, ,, , /yi»i^^ Aa.a, 

t'«rri:l"**ndi!r, im., iavijitr^^ fj^tnd^., 

rt*. fpt mi//],- if t, firt^^ti 
t rrirhiVEndEriicb^ A prodigmf tm 

I ^'r.l.-}il»-e(i(|i,ji(, f Jj^j,,, ^fp. 

VfkLwle^tu.^ a. ttofi^/iM^ Ittit. 

'r*.M\vwit^$jcnhth, f. tipUmfi, / 

V^^fE^i^LnJenj, T,fi, fa dr/attrtf 

/i4 iTr'j y^rr< 
ViiJ-iVhli-Mxtn, ».*. ta/fJ Ku|4/«Ai^: 
b., . fa f'rgft, 
Vcrfcfr^tilirEn^ V. a, fa ri^'urr^ fii 
/tmr; Tich mit^ tE^cra j«nuBd<b 
- , /• wtm/fi^f^ 
>i kh PA nrrir, ni- rmtJpiwMtwr. 
iV^j-rrhwdriiDBp f r.njar^iftnr. raa- 

./f(r*W*w, rB4ffmrv^i 
'Vrrreban, v. a fa «Brr/^, ovrriiimii 
t^ trr, fmil, mifi • mlc e[w*i-, 

^4' adf^mytfT J titfi ., "v, r, fa i^ 
Jtolii; rich cJQcT SifhE .. *• M- 

"V^rU^trn^ tar rt-rgr^ m/Jfmit. 
f^ttCrtn^n, If, a- fa i^|. 
VErfthun^, f^ AdtwiUj/rtti^n. f wj, 

Vtr'fn4mn(j f- i;'mivya>\it* 

VarLcnb^Ri *. a. Jk^b* 

VWhiMQ. ». a, fa «ij>iarr. i/^*- 
fJ-, tmn/fte/ti Ifl di/ffatlf, t^^irf. 
ffMbf, fa rr^Hxr; in die Kct>Si- 
*Endcftkch^, fa i,ff,^iMtw^ \<(Wf. 

UJacn} Id HJ* ;, ^^itiEia Scklaj; . , 
fa Jlft*t a ^/«cj' ; {Tcr^liiKLrnl ta 
^iHT^j ^^f,ai«rfa^<; (aptwtar- 
teii; fa r(^(y^ m*/"fr, 

Vntfcjrtam, w. a. fa ji^t au)^. 

VtrriclHm^ » ft. Jfl •/i'^fi '* f* 
>r#i J^tb aiarr iicbe., ta/tTHft 

VtTlich^ri;, Sl aguird^Jn-ff. 

VtrncberuBJ, f. */,fij,f*i ^jc/mt- 

'Ver[Kdril*1^|,a. tp /ffH atnrj^ 
VErfieiiCld^lf.f. lJ> Jt^^ ftmi b/, 
I Vt:rfieff luH^^ f . Jri^i4fj; . 





Vcr<l«ft, a. irjft 

Verfilbern, ▼. a. to JUtr x fig. U 

• Vcrfinseo, v. a. U fitig «m> 

• Verfinkan, t. n. ttjink. 
VerfinnlicbcD, v, a. U rtnitr fen. 

Versmaeher, m^ vtr/ijitr. 
Versmacherci, (. vtrJjlcttUn. 
Verfoblen, v. a. U fUt. 
Verf^nen, ▼. a. U afpta/e, ttmtU 

tUUi fich., t» rtftncilt. 
VerlShner^ m. reeoncUer, coneUiatc* 
VcrfSbolich. a. fUcmbU, propHimUt. 
VerrShnlichktit, f. pUembiiity. 
Verf^nopfer, n. propitiatory faeri. 

JUt, ato$umtnt. 
VerfobnuDg, f. rtcontitiation. 
Verforgen, v. a. to provide /or, f. 

ke e»rt of, mmintain, furnijk \ to 

provide with ntttfmrieM\ jcman. 

den ., to btjloti) upon fomtbody on 

employment \ feine Kinder . , to 

Verforger, m. provider, maimtainer. 
Verrorgune, f. mninttnnnce, f-Jitn. 

»nre ; ^f^HJkmtnt, fettUmtnt. 
Veriparen, v. a. <* d*Jer, ^dtiay. 
fich Vcrfpiltea, v. r. to come too Ute. 
Verfpiitung, f« retardation . 
Verfperren, v. a. to bar, block up; 

to dock or clofe up. 
Verrperrung, r. barring l eloJingup\ 

embargo ) btockado. 
•Verrpeten, v. a. to f tit upon, on. 
VerfpieUn, v. a. to toft, be mlofer 

loje the game. 



VaHUlaben, «. a. to dujl away. 

VarftauehcQ, v. a. tofprain, wrenek. 

VerflauchuDg, f. fprajjtiug, wrenek. 

•Verftecben, t. a. to fow up. 

Verfleckcn, v. a. to iide, affiond- 
Verfteben, v. a. to under/land ; to 
M(«n;. fich zu etwas., to rifol. 
ve upon ; fich auf etviat - , to ii 
Jkilful in, at} erwas zu. •gebcn, 
to give to underjiandi fich mil 
einandar ., to agree ; dat vrrftehi 
fich, tkat it beyond aU queflton. 

fich ■Verfteiacn, «. r. to climb, too 


Verflcigerp, *. a. to fell by auOion. 
Verfleigerung, f. auffian 
Varftainern, *. a. /• petrify. 
VerBcinerung, f. petri/affion. 
Vcrftellcn, v. a. to dufgure, de. 

form ; fich ., to difftmble. 
Veraellung, f. disfiguration } di^ 

•Verfterben, ». n. to dU, deceafe. 
Verftimmen, v. a. io get out of tune 
Verftocken, v. a. to obdurate, k«r- 

den ; V n. fa rot. 
Verftockung, f. obduracy, aidura. 

Vernohlen, ad. elande/hnely, furrep. 

Vcrftopfen, v. a. to Jiop, ohftrud, 
Verftopfung, f. flop, obfiruUion. 
Verftorbeoc, m- defunS, detea/ed. 
Verttdren. v. a. to difper/e, di/turb. 
VoriUkui^. f. difperjioi 

, V. a. to fccff, deride. 


Verfponang. f. derifion, mockery. 
•Verfprcchen, r.a. to promife, en. 

gmge i ein Cewehr -, toforefpeak 

« gun } fich ., to engage ; to mif. 
y*y». "I^** i fi«h etwas von je. 

manden ., to hope or enpeH from 

Var&rccban, a. promife. 
Verfprcehong, (. ef^oufait. 
V «Vcrfpringen , v. a. to fprain by 

Verfpritzen, v. a< to f pout away, 

VeWpdnden, v. a. to bung. 
VaxIpUren, ▼. a. to perceive, 
VerflVhIcn, v. a. to fleet. 
Veritand t »• undemanding, inteU 

ieaifenfe. ^ 

Varflandaskrifta, pi. inteUeOfalt. 
Verflindig, a. underjanding, kuo0. 

ytg, fkUfui. 
Ver&ndigen, v. a. to expifin. 
VeHUlndlich. a. inteUigibt. 
VerfUtndliahkcit, f. inteSigibUiiy. 
VerftXndnift, n. intelUgmce. 
Verftilrkcn, v. a. to Jire^tken, reiU' 

VerftVrkung, f. reinforfemtnt. 
Verftatten, v. a. to pwmii, allow. 
Vcrftattang, f . permijma, allowance. 
V«rftanban, v. n. tojL away in dnJI. 


blunder, fault. 
. V. n. to blunder; 
t0 expel, rxjea, repudiate , „ 
fill put ^ want. \tion. 

Verfto&ung, f. enpulfion, repudia. 
Verftreichen , v. a. to do over, 
clofe i *T. nt to p*fs mway. 
Vernrcuen, v. a. to diJSpatt, difperfe 
Verftrcuung, f. dijipahon. 
VcTfirickeo, v. a. to infnare, ilia. 

Tcrflrickung, f. illaqueation . 
V^Audiren, «■ a- to fpend- or con. 

Jume in fiudying.' 
VarftUmmeln, «. a. to mutilate. 
V^niinmclung, f. mutilation, 
V^rflummen, v. n. to grow dumb. 
Vfrftutzen, v. a. to cutjkort. 
Varrucb, m. emperiment, trial} effay 
ylrfuchan, ». a. to try, e>iperiment\ 
to tempt, entice ; einen Wcin &c. 
• , to tafte i fein Heil . , to try 
one's ckance. 
Verfucher. m. tempter, enticer. 
Verfuchung.V. experiment, enamini^- 

tion} temptation. 
Varfudcln. v. a. to foil, befmear- 
fich VarfUndigcn, v. r. tojtn a^ainjl'. 
VrrrUndigung, (.finning, ofence. 
VerniTten, v. a. to fweeten. 
Vertkndeln, v. a. to dandle away, 

to trifle away. 
Verianzen, v. a. to dance away, 
Vertaufcban, v. a. to exckange, bar- 
ter, truth. 

Varuuifchung, f. exckange. 
Vaneufeli, a. devilijk. 
Vertheidigen, v. a. to dtfeud. 
Venhaidiger, n. defender^ defeit. 

Vertheidigung, f. dtfenre. 
Verrbeilen, v. «. to dijlribute. 
Venheilung, f. dlftribution. 
Veribeuatn, t. a. to enkanee. 
Verthulicit, a. fpnding. 
•Verthun, v. a. i« confunu, fpeud. 
Vertiafan, v. a. to deepen. 
Vcn.ierung, f. deepening. 
Veriilgan, v.a. to extirpate, d'firey. 
Vcrtilgcr, m. extirpator. 
Vcriilgung, f. extirpatiom,extinfHon. 
Verira«ki. a. odd,JlTange, devUiJk. 
VenraK, m. contraH, agreement, fii- 

pudatton, pafHon. 
•Vcmagen, r, a. to Wear out j to 

nrif place , /• carry Io a wrong 

place} (enragcn) rtf bear, fufer, 

tidure} (verrdhucn) to reconcile ^ 

nch ., to agree. 
Venrilglich, a. foeiable, peaceable. 
Vertrilglichkait, f./»*<a*/«/if//. /«. 

Venrauen, v. a. to truj^ intruft j 

fich jemandm ., to confidt in j 

to unbetffom to. 
Vertraucn, n. confideuce, trufl. 
Vertraulich, n.famUtmr, intimate. 
VcTirauUchkeit, f. familiarity, inti. 

VertrMuraen, t a. to dream away. 
Vertraut, a. confident, tfufty. 
Venraute, m-tni. confident. 
•Venreiben, v. a. to drive «<miy, 

differft} to expulfe, bontjh} die 

Z«it., to pafs away} Waaren-. 

to fell. 
Verireibung.f. exptdfion, banijkment. 
•Venreten, t. a. to crofs by fiep. 

ping before 1 to tread down} j«. 

mandes Stelle -, to reprtftnt one. 

fuptily kis place} jemanden., to 

defend, intercede ; fich den Fuft -. 
^ to d'fiocate the foot. 
Venrcicr, ■>. intercejor ; reptefen.' 

Vertrftung, f. reprefentation ; dtfen. 

te. inUrcejfion} difiocation. 
Vertrieb, ta. fate 
Veriricbene, m. exile. 

Vcttrinken, v. a. to confume In or 

miM drinking j to drtve away by 

drinking. ^ ^ 

Venrocknen, r. if to dry up. drain. 
Venrdflan, v. a. to give one fair 

Vertrdnung, {.fair words, kopes. 
Vcnufchen, v. a. to cover, kuA uP, 
^ fi'Jle,fmotker, '^ 

Veriibeln, v. a^ to take ill. 
VerUben, v. a. to commit, perpetrttt. 
Visrunehrkn, v. a. to difikonour. 
Veriinebrang, f. dijkonour. 
Vcruneinigen, v. a. &fich.| to d\f. 
unite \trak. 

Verunglimpfea, ▼.«. tod^ame, de. 


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Verunglimpfaag, f. drfamatlon, it. 

VerunglUcken, v. n. to mift, vtif- 
■ car TV, perijk. 

Veruahciligen, t. Entheiligen. 
Verunreinigen, v. a. to dtJiU, pol. 

lutt, eontaminatt. 
Vcrunreinigung, f. dffiUmemt. 
Veruoftalten, v a. to dtsM[UTt. 
VeninflaltDng, f disjlgu^ilon. 
Vtfunireuen, ». a to tmhtzzte. 
Veranireoung, f. emlv*ztit»ent. 
Verurftehea, y. a. to caufit ocea- 

VeraTtbcilen , w. u. to doom, con- 

dtmn, ftntnct. 
Veruribeiluflg, f. doom, condttHHa. 

tion, ftnttntt. 
Venrielrifhigeii, v. a. to multifiy. 
V«nriei(aUiguh|ti f- mtdtiplUatim. 
Vervoljkommnen, «. •. to acctm- 

ftjk, impromi. 
Vervollkommnung, f. mecomfl^. 

mcnt, improvtmtnt' 
Verrorthcilan.t Bevonbeiten' [it»g- 
• Vcrwacbfen, v.n. to tmnUk hjf grow. 
Verwachfen, «. trump -bachtd. 
Vcrwahrci^ v. a. to Itetfi, pre/ervt, 

guard, knd. 
Verwabrer, m. trtftrtftr, keeptr. 
Verwahrlicb, ad. j« tvjtoiy 
Verwahrlorea, *. a. to ntgU(l,Jligkt- 
Verwabrlofong, F. fugURfulntJs, 
Venwabrung, f. etjtody, knping, 

pre/or motion. 
Vervrahrungtrainel, n. prefirvmUot. 
Verwaifatj «. orphan. 
Verwalten, v. v. a. to managt, ad- 

miHiJler, adminijtrate. 
Verwalter, m. admin\/trat»r ; . ei- 

net Landgutt, eoutttry .Jhward. 
VefVtlterin, f. adminifiratri^ } Jle- 

toard't wife. 
Verwaliung» f. managtmtnt, ad9ri»i- 

Verwandeln, v. a. to alter i to me- 

tam»rpkoft, transform, tranfmute. 
Verwandemng, f. alteration } meta- 

norpko^t, trantformation, tranf. 

Verwaudt, ■• related, allied A. 
Verwandte, m.flt f. relation, kin/- 

man, kinfwoman. 
Vcrwandtfchaft, f. reUii«H, kindred. 
Verwarnen, i. Warncn, 
•Verwafcben, v. a. to confume in or 

taitk u>afiiMg ; /• wajk avtayi (ver. 

plaudarn) to gofip away. 
Verwcbeo, v. a. to confume in or 

raitk weaving ; to inttrwtave. 
Venvechreln, r.m. te ekanget^ift, 

permute, eac/tan^e' 
Verwechfelang, t. permutation, ea- 

Vemvegen, a audacious, temerarious, 

ioU, daring. 
Verwegenheil, f. temerity, holdnefs. 
Verwchen, v. a. to blew, away. 
Verwehreit, v. a. to kinder, keep off , 

impede, crofs, forbid, imterdta. 

Verweigerlicb, a. deniable, refufaile. Verwundem, ». a. & fieh ., ir. r. 

Vcrweigern, ». a. to deny, rtffvfe. 

Veiweigerung; f. denial, rrfufal. 

Vcrweilen, v. n. to abide, Jlay. 

Vcrwcihmg, f abiding, abode, Jlay 

Vcrweinen, ». a. to uieip away. 

Verweii, m. rebuke, reproof, repri- 
mand, rtprektnfion. 

•Verwclfen, ». a. to refer to , 
banijk'y te rebuke, reprove, reprU 
mana, ttprekend. 

Verweii'ung, f. reference i ianijkf 

Vcrwelken, y. n. to fade, flag, oii- 
ther. "'^ 

Verwelkurg, f . decay, fading. 
Verwenden, v. a. to turn away \ 
to employ, apply; viel Geld aul 

- , to fpend muck monty in j . ficb 

- , to intercede. 
Venvendung, f. intereejion. 
"Verwerfen, v.n. to mi/can 

. to throw away i to jumble, turn 
r } to tranfpofe ; fig. to rejeil. 

Verwunderung, f. wondering, wonder. 
Verwdnrchen, t. a. to curfe, imprc 

Varwttnrcht, a. (bezaubrn) charmed. 
VerwUnfcbung, f. curje, imprecation. 
VerwMraen, v. a. tojia/on too muck. 
VerwUften, v. «. to wafle, ruin, de. 

Jtroy, defotate } to fpoll. 
VerwUfter, m. deftroytr; fpoUer. 
VerwUaung, f. defolation, devejla. 

Vcraagen, v. n. to faint , dejpair, 

Versagt, a. difcouraged. 
Verzagtheit, f. defpondenty, defpair. 
fich Verciiblcn, r. i. to mifreckon. 
Verzapfen, t. a. to tap out. 
Verzappein, V. n. .•{aflTen, to let 

one defpair . petifki 
VerzMrtcIn, v.a. to f addle, cocker. 
Verzifnelt, a. fPoiled. 
VerzMrtclung, f. fadMing, cockering. 
Vcrwerflicb» a. rtjeUable. Verzilunen, v. a. to hedge up , inj 

Verwerfung, f. rejeiiton. , to enclnfe 

Ver^Mfen, v. n. to corrupt, rot; v. Verzianung, t. entiofurt. 

a. (verwaltcn) to adminijler, Verzecben, v. a. to earoufe. 

Verwcfer, aa. adndntftrator . Verxebnten, v. a. to tithe. 

Verweslicb, a. perijkable, corrupt- Verzehren, v a. to confume, wajte, 

tble. tat. 

V'crweUicbkeil, f. corruptibility. Verzehrer, m. wafier, confumer. 
Venwefuog, f. corruption; (Vcrwal- Verzehrung, f. confumptton, waJUng. 
wng) admln{firation. Verzeichneti, v. a. to mifdraw; to 

Verwetten, t. a. to lofe bf betting. pen down, regifler , write down, 
Verweiiert, a. damned, confounded. record, note; to ffeclfy. 
Vcrwlcbon, a. lafi. Verzeicbnifi, n. jpecijicaHon , it. 

Verwickeln, T. a. to entangtt, im. fgnation ; catalogue; lifl, roll; 

plicate. Invoice i note; inventory. 

Verwickelung, (. antangling, impli- Verzeicbnang, f. mifdrawing ; pen- 

cation ning down, regi/lerirg, Wf. 

Verwiefener, no. exile, outlaw. •Verzelhen, ». a. to pardon, forgive. 

Verwildern, v. n. to grow wild. Verzeibung, f. pardon. 

Verwilligen, ». Bcwilligfen. Verzerren» » a. to wry, difiort. 

Venwindeo, v. a. to interwifi; {Hhatj Veraerrung, f. di/lortion. 
winden) to overcome. ilVerzetteln, v.a. to fratter, dijipate, 

Vcrwirken, t. a. to knead thorouM Verzicht, f. renunciation ; - •thun, 

ly; (begcben) to i 
ben -, to forfeit. 
Verwirkung, i.forfkitkre. 

Venwirren, v.a. to complicate, «i- 

tangle^ to confound, jumO^; 

ficb mit etwat., to intermeddlA 
Vcrwirrt, a. complicated, entangle, 

confounded t perpieued, dijturbh^ 

puzaledt . (in Kopfe ) dijiraffed, Verzinnen 

crack - brained. trw— :..r-» 

Verwirrung, f. complication, entangl. 

ing ; corfufion ; perpiestion* 
Verwifchen , v. a. to wipe away, 

blot out, deface. 
Verwittwet, a. widoived, dowager. 
VerwSbnen, v. a. to cocker, f addle. 
VeTwdbnung, f. cockering. 
Verworfen, a. reprobate. 
Verworren, a. intricate. 
Verworren^itf f. confufon, intri- 

Verwanden, v. a. to wound, kutt. 
VtTwundung, f. wounding, hurting. 

dat 2E. to renounce. 

1 «Verziehen,' ». a. to mlfeducate; to 
dijiort ; to draw away j •¥. n. (• 

Verziebung, f. diflortion. 

Verzieren, v. a. to decorate. 

Verzlerer, m. decorator. 

Vereierung, f. decoration. 

Vcrzinnen, v. a. to tin over. 

VWsinfcn, v. a. to pay ufe, interefl, 

Verzitiriing, f. interefl. 

Verzogern, v.a. to tarry, fiay, de- 
lay, t^tard. forejlow, detain., 

Verzogettingt ^' retardment, retar- 

Vcrzollen, V. a. to pay cuflom. 

Verzolhmfc f. Paying cuflom. 

VcTEUckcA, V. a. to fugar ; toft- 
gar loo muck. 

Verr.uckunt f . convulflon. 

Verrug, m/idelay, flay. 

Verzvcifelnl V. n. to defpair, dt- 






rcnweifeU, ■. itfptnit, 
Verzweifclung, f. itffmir, difytr*. 
Hon, dtfyondtntj. 

Vefperbrod, o. itPtr. 
Vefperpredigt, f. tvening • /ermwm. 
Vefperseit, f. «//(rn«M. 
Vetiel, f. do*y. 
Vcttir, m. to^fin \ untie. 
Vetterrcbaft, f eoujinjiip. 
Vcxiren, v. •. t» vtm, trouUt ; to 

j'ter, rmil. 
Vixirerei, f. vtxmtiom % jeering. 
Vetier, m. vitier. 
Vicir, m. vite/terent. 
Vicarial, n. vieemtrenty. 
vie*, a. (in ZuMmfnenf. ) vlte. 
Vicekanzlcr, m. vUtckmntettor. 
Vicekonig, na. viterey. 
Victualien, pi. viflumh. {tie. 

Vieh, n. be«K, irute ; xahmet-, cat- 
Vieharzeneikunft, f . art of ktating 

Vieharzt, m. veterinarian, cowlteck. 
Viehdieb, m. eattle -Jt eater i (gan- 

xer Herden) abaflor. 
Viebfutier, n. fodder. 
Viehhandcl, m trade in cattle. 
Viehhindler, m. trader in cattle. 
Viehhtn, m. herdsman. 
Viebiicb, a. he^ly, i^t, brutal, 

Viebmagd » t. maid or fervant for 

the tattle. 
Vicbfeuche, f. murrain. 
Viehftall, m.Jiablefor tattle. 
Viebuift, f. fe{fture - ground. 
Viehwcidc, f. fajlure, fojturage. 
Viebsebntc, m. tithe on tattle. 
Viebzutht, f. tattle • breeding- 
Viel, a.&ad. murh, many ^ zu viel, 

too mueh. 
Vieldeuiig, a. of multifarious figni, 

f rations } ambiguaia. 
VicUeuiigkeii, f. ambiguity. 
Vielcck, n. polygon. 
Vtdekic, •• polygonal. 
Vielerlel, a. many, multifarious. 
Vitlfacb, a. mamfJd, multifarious. 
VieKstliig, a. manifold, iterated, muU 

VIelfirltiBkcit, f. multlplitity., 
Vielfiirbig, a. varicoloured, varie- 

VielftrbigVeit, f. pariegaiion. 
VieUraft, m. gully, gut, gfuttont.* 
VialfritGig, a. gluttonous. 
ViclfrXriigkeit, f. gluttony. 
Vialfbr*. m. polypus, multiMde. 
Vieintftig, a. polypous. 
yielgelicbt, a. muck-btlo^d. 
VieJgStierei, f. polythei/uh 
VjelgUUtg, ,. of great mine. 
vielbeit. r. multitudt. \ 
VjeljJthrlg, a. 1/ many jfxrf. 
Vielleicht. a, perhaps, hay bt. 
Vielmal, Vielmah, ad. many times- 
VielmKnnerei, f. polyandry. 
Vielmeht, ad. mtre. tiLch moni c. 
rather. ^ 


Vieircitig, a. multilatrral. 
Vielfylbig, a. poly/yllabital. 
Vielweibcrei, f. polygamy. 
Viclweniger, ad. muck Itfs. 
Vielwiffcnd, a. acfuainted with ma. 

ny arts and ftientts. 
.Vielwiffer, m. polyhiftor. 
Vier, n.fouri A. four i (inKarien 

und auf WUrfcln] eater. 
Viereck, a. fuadrate, fjuare, jua. 

dr angle. 
Viertckig,a. ouadrangular, quadra- 

tf, ffuare, fytattd. 
Viercn, t. a. tofyuart. 
V'ierer, m. fourth, four. 
■Viercrlei, a four diftrent. 
Vierfach, VierfMldg, n. fourfold. 
VicrfUrft, m. tetrarch. 
VierfUfii^, a. quadruped* fourfooted. 
Vierjiihrig, a. yuadr,ennial. 
Vierling, m. groat i fourth part. 
Vierinal, nA.four times- 
Viermalig, a. four times repeated. 




Vifirmari, n. Vinrflab, m. gage. 
Vifuation, f. idfitation. 
ViGtator, m. exct/, 
Vifitircn, t./t- to rijit. 
Vitriol, m. vitriol. 
Vitriolifch, a. vUriotate, vitriolic. 

Ifiiure, f. vitr'iolie aeidi^. 
Vliert, n. fletee. 
Vocal, m. 1/ovitl. 
VogeJ, m. bird,fowti ein luAigcr 

- , fig. mag. 
Vogclbauet, m. bird.tage. 
Vogrlbccrc, f. /orb. ' 

Vogclbcerbaam , m. fervka.. tree, 

Vogelbeitze, {.fowling with hamis, 
Vogelduna, m. fmalljhot. 
Vog«lf>ng, m. fowling, birdtng. 
Vogjiirifnger, m. femler, birdma»t 

btrd. catcher. 
Vof,emimn, f. fowling . puee, bird.. 

'0gelftti, a. out. lowed. 

Vierrudefig, a' with four benehes ^ Vogelaarn, n. fowler's net. 

Vicrfcbrfitig, a. fjuared, robujtf 
Vierfeitig, a- fuatrilattrad. 
Vierfp«nnig, a. wHk four horfes. 
Vierfylbig, a. muadr^abUal. 
Vieriiigig, a. of four iayi\ datvicT' 

tiigig^ Fieber, quartan. 
Vicrte, a. fourth. 
Vienebalb, a. three and a half. 
V'tenvl, n* fourth fart, ^uarti fuar. 

ter; d|# erfle .dcs Mondps, prime 

qf tk$ moon; das letzie>i warn 

^ tkt moon. 

ienofrlle, f. quarter of a yard. 
Vierteijahr, n. ^harter of a year, 

tktre months. 
Vicneljahiitf, a. of three months. 
Vicnelpfuou, n. quarter of a pound 

Vicrt^lftundr, f. quarter of an hour. 
*'ifrtens, a fcwthly. 
iieribcilen, v. a- to quarter. 
inbeilig, a. quadripartite- 
irang, f. fquaring, quadrature. 
Vjfcrzehn, a. fourtetn ) • Tage, a 

Vprzohner, in. fourteenth. 
rzcbate, n. fourteenth. 
zig, n. forty, 
aigcr, ta. fortieth. 
, \tTz\iiythxi%, ». forty years M. 
Vicrzigfle, n. fortieth. 
Vigneiie, f. head-pieee. 
Vioit, f. violet. 
Violeit, a. violet • blut. 
Violine. f. violin. 
Violinia, m. vio/i/l. 
Violon, m. bafs-viol. 
Violonccll, It. violontello. 
Viper, f. viper. 
Virtuort, m. virtuofo. 
ViCr, n. (am HelmeJ btvtr % (an 

Gewebre) tUm. 
Vinrcn, v. a. tagiage\ (zielen) (« 


. gagtt. 

Vogelbaus, n. Vogelbecke, t. aviary. 
Vogelherd, m. fowling -floor. 
Vogelkirrcbe, f. bird's therry. 
Vogelleim, m. bird. lima. 
Vogelneft, n. bird'snfPl. 
Vogelpfeife. r. bird. tall. 
Vogelfcheucbe, f. ftart • cr«iy. 
VogclfchieiseD, o. Jkooting at a mot*. 

den bird- 
VogclfohJag, m. gin. 
VOgclflange, f. pole for m wooden 

bird ; lime • twig. 
Vogelftcllen, n. catehina rf birds. 
Vogelfteller, m. birder, bird.eateh«r. 
Vogelwicke, f. birdjlart. 
Vogt, m. bailtj^. 
Vogtci, f. baiiiwici. 
Vogtcilicb, a. belonging ta « baUi. 

Vogilchen, n. fee. farm. 
Volk, a. people, nation. 
Vdlkerrecht, n. law rf aationt- 
V51kerr:hart, f nation. 
Viilkerwanderung, f. migration of 

the nations. 
Volkrcicb, a. populous. ( 
VolktmVrcbcn, n. popular tale. 
Volksregieralkg, f. democracy , 
VoU, n.full; fig. drunken. 
\Qmht\g, n. full .eared. 
Vollauf , ad. abundantly » fmptr. 

VollbliJng, a. /anguine , fuangui. ■ 

VoliblUugkeit, r. /anguitun*/s. 
•Vollbringen , «. «. to aceomplijh, 

atthieve, eon/ummatt. 
VoUbringung, f. attomptljknent, at* 

rhttvtment, ton/ummation, 
Vollbtirtig, a. T. gtrman. 
VoUendcn, v. a. to end, ^finijk^ ttr. 

minate, atthieve. 
Vollcndt, ad. befides, moreover. 
VoUendung, f. ending, finifiing, ttr. 

mination , atihitvtment. 
V611erei, i.mlfittony. , 
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Volinihreo, i. Vollbrtngen. 
VollgUhig, t. of full maluf. 
Vollbeit, (.fuUtft, fUnUmii. 
Voltiiiluig, a . #//i>// mn* 
Volljihrigkeit, f . full agt, mtlorU^ 
Vdllig, ». /fcZ/j fuiU, ptrftiii cor. 
fuUnH ad. tkortughly, t>ut*\ 
Vdlligkeit, i.fnttttfs\ frpultnty 
Volikoinaien, • tonfummutt. me- 
complijktd, HrftR ; ton^tU ; full 
Vollkomroenhcit, f. ptiftffitn. 
VoUmacbi,f. autkotity, plenipottnee 
VoUmond, m. /«// mmr. 
VollRiindig, a. ttmplttt, pUnmry, Im> 

ttMTMi. fuU. 
VollftHndigkeit. f. etmpUUnt/tt im. 

ttgrttjf, fulmtfj. 
VollftimniiR, :.compittt rf it^M- 

mtnts ; fymphoniout. 
VoUftrecken, i. VoUzieben, & VaU- 

Vollwicbtig. a. cf fuU wHgkt. 
VoUzkhlig, a eompMt, integral, full. 
VollsMhligkcit,. r. epmpktene/itfkl. 

•Vollzieben, v. a. U fnUM, txtem. 

te, eftOiMU. 
Vollzieher, m. eMtcutar} An, f. 

VoUzichong, f. tMtcutUm. 
VolontMr, n. volunteer, 
Vonitiv, B. vmiit puke. 
▼on, prp./rMi, ^, h* •" » **»" 
eimndcr, mfunieri von einander 
♦fcheiden. to pmrt, iifolvf, fipt. 
rMtt ; von Jugend unt, from yeutk; 
von frcicn SiUcken, freely i von 
da an, tkenct fortk \ von nun an, 
kentt fortk ; von danncn, tkenct\ 
von oben barab , from on kigk ; 
vbn aufien , from vOtkout , von 
nsuen, »nev>, ufrtjk, tgain 
fame, afmr, aUxff. 
Vonndtben, ad. . •haben, to need, 
Uck, uupir; -«feyn, to h neeef. 
Vor, prp. ktfore j for j vor dierem, 
vor dam- formerly, in f«rmtr ti. 
met, ktfore tkU time j vor Alters, 
to time of Mi vor alien Din. 
gen, aiove «tf{ vor wia nacb, 
now mt iefore. 
VoritlMrn, pi. •neejlors. 
Voran, ad. h^aire. 
Vorarbeiten, v a. to 

work in preparation. 
Voran*, ad. bi^ore \ .bezablen, to 
Afnia* money, pay h^ore kmnd; 
lUtUi^lB, to antieipatei .'ba'. 

V Oil 

Vorbcdcutco, v. a. to, 
Vorbedeutung, f. omen, progn^/tie. 
Vorbebalt, m. refervmtlon. 
•Vorbcbahen, v. a. to put <f} U 

rrferve. , 

Vorbci, ad lyi gone} done- 
Vorberciten, v. a. to prepare. 
Vorbereitting, f. preparation. 
Vorbericht, m mdMrtifementt pre' 

Vorbefcbcid, m. citation. 
• Vorbefcbeidcn, v. a. ta eite, fum. 

Vorbeftimmeo, s. Vorber&e. 
Vorbeogcn, v. a. to hnd; fig- tt 

Vorbeiigung, f. prevention. 
Vorbcwur*(, B. knowing, knowledge. 
Vofbild, n. type, pattern 
Vorbilden, v. a. to repre/enti pr^- 

Vorbildlicb, a. typic, pypkal. 
Vorbildung, f. repre/entationt pre' 


Vbinden, v. a. to tit h^ort. 
Vorbiue, I. Filrbitte. 
Vorbobcen, v a. to frefetrate. 
Vorbote, ln»Jore.r%mner, karhingtr\ 
^ fig f^reboHmg, foretoken. 
"Vorbringen, v. a. <a /r^(rr, fro- 

duce, advance. 
Vordach, n. jutty,Jutting,pentkouft. 
Vorder, a. fore. 
Vordcrfoii, m for^oot. 
VordergebXudc, VorderbaM, n. fo. 

Vordeniund, m.for^age, 
Voitierhand, f. wrijl. 
Vorderhanpt, n.forekead. 
Vorderfaiz, m. T. premift. 
VoHkrfl, a. forem^. 
VorderAube, f. fore- room. 

Vordcrtbeil, n-f^epart. -. r ./- — 

Vordenrcffco, n.- avant-guard, vaug vorbmtu, n. forekou/e, kaU. 

foitward. J Vorhaut, i. fortJHn, frtpuce. 

Vorderzahn, m foretootk. • Vorher, ad. b^ore ; kuf 

Vordri(ngen,^v. a. to preftforwaM- 
*Vordringen, v. n. to advance. I 
Voreilen, v. n. to ka/ien k^ore, Jo- 
rerun, t 
Voreilig, %. forward- " 
Vorciiigkeit, f.forwardne/r. 
•Vorcmbalien, v. a. to witkko/d,ft. 
tatn. V 

Vorforderung, f. ei/aiiam. _ 

VorfUhren, v. a. to Mug . tarrxf 

lead k^ore: * "^l 

Vorgang, a. prteednuti occntrtncA 
VorgMogcr, m. pridecefor, amUctfo^ 
Vofginijig, a. previous. 
•Vorgcben, V. a. to prtttnd, give 
Vorgcben, n. pretext. 
Vorgebirge, n. eape^ fortUmd, J 

VorgcfaUt, a- pnconeeivtd. 
•Vorgcben, v.n to go before, pre. 

eedt } fig. to be a pattern ; (her- 

vor ragen) to over. t^; (vorfal- 

Ian) to Oaf J, happen. 
Vorgemach, n. antickamber. 
Vorgcmeldet, Vorgenannt, a. ^ore. 

Vorgericht, n fpo&kjmeat, firjl dljk . 
Vorgefchmack, «. Vorfcbmack. 
Vorgefetzte, ta. fuperior, overfeer. 
VorgeRern, ad. b^ore ye/lerday. 
Vorgla'nzen, v. n. to ott-JUne. 
•Vorgreifen, v. n to anticifmte ; Im 

Uribeile., /* preoccupy. 
Vorgreifuog, f. anticipation ; preoc- 

•Vorhaben, v.a. to be girded with tic. 

fig. to intend, dejlgn } einen , (• 

eMomtnei to ckide i ein GcrchMft-, 

to be about- 
Vorhaben, n. intention, intent, drfign. 
•Vorhahen , v. a. to bold btfore, 

fo'tk'f fig. toreprefent} to upbraid 

witk, reproatk. 
Vorband, t- fore. hand; lead. 
Vorhanden, a- at handf ready, ex. 

Vor bang, m. curtain. 
~ Vorhangen, v. n. to hang b^ore \ 

i» jut. 
Vorhitngen, v. a. to hang b^art. 
Vorhaupt, a, forehead. 

-jn, t0 iMwr CI „ 

•ietsen, to fuppofe i to frefup. 

Vorauiretzung, f. fuppofi^o* \ pre- 

Vorbauen, v. a. to pmtntt obviate. 
Vorbauung, f. prevention, obvtation. 
Vorbedacht, m. fore . tkought i mit 

' , on confideration. 
Vavbcdileliug, a. eonjUtrate, 

VorentbaltOBg, f. witkkoldlmf. 
Voreiinnerung, f. t. Vorbericht. 
Voierrt, %A.flr/tip, before all. 
Vorerwkbnt, t.^f ore - mentioned. 
Voreflen, n. fpoin • meat, firft eour- 

fe of meat. • 
Vorfahr, m. ancejior, predecejor. 
•Vorfabran, v. n. to get btfore in 

driving; to drive the coach befo- 

Vorher, ad. before; kurz vorher, « 
little mkile before j ■•hefchlier»en, 
to predetermine; -bcAimmen, t* 
prei^nate; ■ lagen, to for rf ay, 
foriteU; - 'feban, to former, pro- 
vide; . verkUndigen, to fore/a- 
fropkefy, prtdiR; '"'" " ' 

*• forejay, 
iflen, tofo. 

reknow; • aeigen. to forefkew. 
iftimmung, f. predejnnatioi 

■ Vorherbel».....u««_ 
^ Vorhergebend, m.~preeedeni. 
^hcrig. >. Vorig. 
VorhetTehung, f. forefeeimg, fore. 

VorhcrvtirkUndigung I f. prophtfy, 

predion - 
Vorbin, itA. before, kerettfor*. 
Vorhof, m, court, yard. 
uriviMg i wo arsvc vt Komtn vrju- Vorig, a. tormer , laft , lute. 
re the door. Vorietzt, \ Jen 

Vorfall, m. cafe, accident, hap. Vorkaur, ^ /< 

-Vorfallen, v. n. to happen, to to.\ ment. i 

me to pafs. jVorkanren, >. n. to formal. 

Vorfechter, tn. champion. [VoTkinftr.nAforeJatler. 

♦Vorfinden, v.a. to find. jVorkehr, f.^ecautton, prtvenUf 

Vorfordem, V. a. /a n/r./MUNM. I me^re, X^ 

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>refiatAng, fortfiol- 


Vorkthrcn, ▼. a. to uftt make mft •/• 
Voffkenntniffe, pi. frtUnUn*ry fcU 

•Vorkonmen, V. n. 1o frtvtnt 

ke Utmttttd (fich zuiragen) to hap- 

ftUt Mcut i (tchc'incn) to Jr*tn\ 

t0 appttr. 
•Vorladen, v. a. U citt , fummon. . 
Vorladung, f. citmtitn, fummonSt 
VoTlagc, r. T. tttifitnt. 
Vorlaod, n. fortland. 
Vorisineft, ad. Ung dge, long Jince, 
•VoHaflen, v. a. to admit to 
•Vorlaufen, <r. n. to/or ertitt, outrun. 
VorlSufcr, m. /orerknnir,prteur/or. 
Vorliufig, a preliminary. 
VortcBcn, *.a. /* put to, it/ore i 

SpciCen ., to ferv* uiitMi einc Fra- 

g« ., to propof* m qutjion. 
'^ VorlcKcfchlols. n. pmdlotk. 
•VorleCsa, v. a. to rtad to, 
Voilefer, m. rtmdtr, Uflurtr. 
Vorl«rung, f. reading, trffure. 
Vorlctct, a. l^ but one, penulti- 
Vorleacbtent v. a. to Jkine before ; 

to out Jkine i fig. to be a pattern 

Vorlieb, ad. . •oebmen, to be eon- 
tent, to put up witH. 
Vorliebe, f. prtdUtSion. 
Voriagen, v. a. to tell idleJloHej. 
Vormacbcn, v. a. to put before ^ to 

give • pattern by one's own per. 

y»riRin4 ; fig. to deeeive. 
Vormalen, « a. todrato, or paint 

befo-e\ to give a pattern ty one's 

eruin drawing 
Vormalen, f. Vormab. 
Vormalig, ». former. 
Vormah, nd. formerly, ^fore-time, 

Vornann, ta. foreman, 
Vormauer. f. wall; fig. barricade. 
^VormelTcn, v. a, to uumfure be' 

Vonniitag, m. forenoon. 
Vormitiiigig, a. Vormutagt, ad. in 

the forenoon. 
Vormand. m. gua'dian. 
Vormundrchaft, f. guardian/kip. 
Vornoundfchaftlich, a. guardian. 
Vorn, ad. btfore ; von vom, anew. 
Vorname, m. ckrifiian-name. 
Vornehm, a. gentle, tminent. 
• Vornehmcn, v. a. to put on , bf 
fare } to take in band ; eincn . , 

ta examine } upbraid vUk^ (ich . , 

ta refolve to. 
Vornehnicn,n. dejign, Meftion, ia. 

. Vornebnlicb. ad. ekUjly/prtneipal. 

ty, e/peeiaUy. 
Vornehmfte, a. frimtt frjt, tkief. 

cJkiefeJlJoremq/t, prinAal, eapUai 
•Vorpfeifen, t. a. t» wftftle to. 
Voipfaudarn, r. a. to 0attle ta. 
Vorp<>ftct>i m. out - gkard. 
Vorpredigen, v. a. ftf frtatk to } 

fig. to It&ure. 


Vorragen, v. n. /• overtop. 
Vorrang, m. preeedenee,f»rem^fta' 

ee, fuperiority. 
Vorraib, n. _fiore,Jlotk, provifon. 
Vorrsiihig, a. entant, at kand. 
Vorratluhaut, n. Voirathtkammer, 

t./iore.koufe, magaaine. 
Vorrecbnen, v. a. to reckon tOt ^- 

Vorrecbi, n. prerogative. 
Vorrede, f . prifate, preamble. 
Vorreden, v. n. to /peak brferei v. 

a to tell, /peak. 
Vorredner, m. prefmcer. 
Vorreicben, v. a. to produtei v. o. 

to over. top. 
'Vortciten, ». n. to ride btfore. 
Vorreiter, m. forejpurrer. 
VorrUcken, ». n. to advance ; v. a. 

to move before i fig. to upbraid, 

Voiriickung, f. ttiprobration. 
•Vorriifen, y.m. to caU forth. 
Vorfaal, m. kallf floor. 
Vorragen, v. a. to tell, entertain 

VorfMnger, m. precentor, 
Vorfatz, m. rejolutiom, pwrpofe, de. 

fign } mit . , itfgnaS}^, on pur, 

Voricbein, m. zum > •kommea, to 

appear ; xum. *biing«n, to bring 


Vorlcbiebcn, «. a. tojkove to, be. 

fore; «inen RicKcl ., to bolt. 
VorfcbleftMi, V. n. to Jkoot forth, 

before ; to outjhoot ; tojutty; •». 

a. to advance. 
Vorfenlag. m. propojal, propojltion, 
-Vcfrfchlanen, ».,a. to beat to, be. 

fore} (im Prcife) to overrate; 

eincnt etwas, lelnen »a ccwas>, 

to propoft. 
Vorfcbmack, m. foret^/le, 
Vorfchmecken, v. n. to tajte. 
•^Vorfcbneiden, v. a. to carve, tut, 
Vcrfchneidcr, m. carver , 
^rfcliDtfll. ad fo'voard, kajfy. 
Worrchreibcn, v. a. tb fet a wri- 
Jing - eofy ; to prefcribe, order. 
»f orfcbreien, v. n. to cry to } to 



,rr.- J 

cry down. 

brfcbrift, f. writing » copy } fre- 

Ycripttont order. 

Srrchub, m. aid, kelp, fupply, 
Vorfcbaben, ▼. a. to put yourfkoes 

Vorfcbufi, m. advanced money. 
Vorfcblitien, t. a. Futter . , to give 

Vorfchttizen, ▼. a. to pretend, 
VorfcbUtzung, f. pretence. 
Vorfchwaizen, a. Vorplaotlera. 
(icb •Vorfehen, v. r. to take care, 

Vorfebang, f. providence. 
Vorfetzen, v. a. to put la^ before, 

to fet btfore } to prepoft ; tich .| 

to dejign, determine, intend- 
V»rfeuUeb, a " 

. defigneit vilftd. 

Vorficbt, t.f»r^gkt,pnMuH0H. 
Vorfichiig, a. cautioui, Hreum/pe». 
•Vorfingen, r. a. to Jiug to j to temd 

the choir, 
Vorfiiz. m. ckmiri frtfiiaitjkip-^ den 

. •baben, to prefidt. 
•Vorfitzen, ». n. to prtflde. 
Vorfommcr, m. fpring-time. 
Vorforge, f. care, attention. 
VorOiann, f. relay, fet tf harfes. 
Vorfpanncn, ». a. to put korfet or- 

onen ta; eInTuch., to tenter be- 


Vorljptegeln, r. a. to deceive. 
Vorfjpiegelting, f. deceit. 
VorlWer, n. prelude ; entertainment. 
Vorl|i!elen, v. a to prelude; ta en- 

tertain with playing Uc. 
•Vorfprecben, v.a. to /peak befo. 

tt ; ^v. n. to out . tune. 
•Vorrpringan, v. n. to leap btfore i 

to out . leap ; to jut. 
^prlpning, m-Jart, advantage, 
▼orfpucken, v. n. tafartbade, 
Vorfladi, r.fuburb. 
VoriUfdtar, m. fuburban. 
Vorfiand. m. fecwity, eamtfl. 
•Vorftcchcn , v. n. to Jiine forth, 

out. do, Jut; ♦v.a. to prick be. 

Vorfteeken, T. a. ta pta btfore; ela 

Ziel ., to prtfj,. ' 
Vorflecker, ta. pin; mitlepin. 
• V<»fteben, w. n. to Jut ; to ^ppemr; 

(nhndctt ) to mifgive ; eiftem An- 
te - , to admin^er, govern ; Ofc- 

fchSfiea ., ta manage, averfee, in- 

Vorftebe% m. overfeer ^ intendant, 

infpeHor, furvtyor. 
Vorftallen, v a. to put btfore; to 

prefestt; to reprtfent; fich-, to 

imagine, think. 
Vorftellig, ad. jeraandaa ctwaa .at- 

cben, to demonjtrate. 
Vorftellang, f. repre/entatian ; re. 

Vorftrecken , t. a. to put forth; 

ileibcn) to advance, lend. 
V'VorJlreicbcn, v. a. to mark. 
Vorftricken, v. a. to hnit on, 
Vorfucben, v. a. to fearck, 
Voruozan, v. n- to teadtk* dance; 

to out'doMce. 
Vortilnzer, n. leader tf « dance, 
Vonbeil, m. profit, advantage. 
Vonheilhart, a. advantageous, pro- 

ftabU. -» » /- 

•Vonhun, v. a. to put «m ; fich •, 

to difitnguijk one's /elf. 
Vonrab, m. avant. guard. 
Vurtrag, m. delivery ; fropojttion. 
"Vortragen, ». a. to bear or carry 

befbrei fig. to iff liver; ta propound. 
Vortreflfficb, a. excellent. 
Vonrefflicbkeit, f. eaceUenty. 
^Vonreten, V. n. to Jtep btfore; to 

ftep forth.. 
Vortritc, m. precedeuee, 
Vtrilber, ad. «j } p^. 


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»ar WA« 

Vorilbung, J. pretxtrcUmtU; 
Vorurthcil, n. prtjudUt, prtp«fftf. 

Vorwand, m. preUmi, frttentt/ tt- 

Vor«rMrii, ad. ant/truMrd, formtrds. 
•yorweifen, v. a. U prtdtut, tJikU 

lit, >«•» fortk. 
Vorwei fungi f. fMkiHtUiit 
Voiweli, {. farmit mgt> 
• Vonvenden, v. a. t« frtUnd. 
•Vorwerfea, tr. a. <« tkrom hiftri } 

fig. u tMprokrttt, mpiraid nitk, 

Vorwerk, n. vHU, country .ft*U 
VorwiiTen, n. knonttdgt, privtH. 
Vorvritz, m. pertne/s, /•rwariUt/j, 
Vorwitzig, a. pert, forward. 
Vorvfon, it. T. prtptfition. 
Vorwurf, m. t^probratlon', repreoih. 
Vorxaicbncn, v.a. to draw in imita- 
Vorzeigen, t, a. to produce, tttkibH' 
Vorzeiger, m. txhihUor ; Vorceiger 

dieret, tkt hearer rf tkit. 
•Vorziehen, v. a. den Vorhang ., to 

draw the curtaim irfore } fig, 

Vorsimmcr« m. /ort^rtam, antii- 

Vorzug, m. prtferenct* 
VorzUglicb, a. prtferahU. 
VorzUglichkeii, f. prrferahUntfs. 
V«iiren, t> n. to vote. 


Waare, f. utre, ia«reka»di/e, cemmo. 

Waarenlager, n. uare »koMfet Jlort- 

houfe, magazine. , 

Wabc, f. eomk, konty.comk, 
Wachy ^. awake. I 

Wache, f. g^rd, waitk, aiard. 
Wacben, v. n. to wahe i to gu^rd^^ 

Wachfeuer, n. vtatck-^rei trefet. 
Wachgcld, n. ward' money. , 
Wachhabend, a. being on duty. 
TVacbhaui, n. wattk, wattk- koufi. 
Wachbdider, m. juniper. 
Wacbbolderbaum, v^, juniper -tree. 
Wacbboldcrbeera, f. juniper - kerry. 
V^acbparade. f. paradt. 
wacbt, ft. wax. ■ 
Wachram, a. watchful, vigOant. 
Wacbfamkcit, f. waUhfuln^t, edgU 

Wacbsbild, n. tikenefs rf wok. 
Wacbsbleicba, f. pUctfor kteaek. 

Wacbtbleicbier, m. waji - iUacker. 
WachsboOirer, m. embofer in idm. 
Wacbfebiff, n. guardfiip. 
•Wachfen, v. n. to grow, incrtafe. 
Wiicbl'em, a. wajten. 
Wacbtfackcl. f. torck. 
^'^dugelb, a. at ycUom «/ •««• 

Wacbskerxe, f. Wachsllcht, n. U- 
fer, waji. candle. 

wacbtleinwand, f. Wacbttncb, n, 

Wacbsmalerei, f. taa* - painting. 

Wacb»perle, f. was . pearl. 

WacbipflaBer, n. cerate, fear -datk. 

Wacbspomade, f . waji • pomade. 

WacbsAock , m. kook rf a wax- 

Wachstbuni» m. growtk, inereafe. 

Wacbftabe, f. guard- room, watck. 

Wachtzieher, ni. vmnckandler, 

Wacbt, t. Wache. 

Wachtel, f. quail. 

WacbtelKarn, n. quail- net. 

Wacbtclhund, m. fitting . kound. 

Wachielkdoig, m. laud. raU, 

Wachtclpfeire. f. bird-call. 

Wachtclweitzen, m. cow - wkeat. 

WMchter, m. watekman. 

Wacbtmeiacr, ta. fergeant of korfes 

Wachtburm, m. karbitan, 

^tAKkclig, a. wavering, makUing, 
totitring, rocking, loofe, 

Wackaln, v. n. to walbk, •aver 
totfcr, rock. 

Wacker, a. amorous. 

Wade, f. calf, pi. calves. 

Waffel, r. wafer. 

Waffcleifan, n. wafer, ira; 

Waffen, p). arms. 

Waffenichmid, m. armourer, 

Waifenaillftand, m. truce. 

WafTcntritgcr, m. armour * ktarer. 

WafTnen, v. a. to arm. 

Wage, r. balance. 

Wagebalken. m. keam. 

Wagegeld, it. cujiom for weigklmg. 

WageM*. ~ ' 

Wahlen, ». a. ti ekaofe, «ML 
Wrfblerlfcb, a. nice. 
Wabintbig, a. etigikle. 
Wahlfthigkeit, f. eligaauy. 
Wablfolie, f. ehOive fmccjloa. 
Wablfilri), m. prtnce-eteOor. 
WablpUiz, m. pUce for eleOtoM. 
Wablreidi, n. ele3it>e kingdom. 
Wahlipruch, m. fymbol. 
Wahlftatq f. WablpUti, m. JttU 

Hf battle. "^ 

Wabmimme. f.fufrage, vote, voice. 
Wablug. ID eUaing-day. 
Wablzimmcr, n. eltOing . ratm. 
Wabn, m. erroneous opinion. 
WMbnen, *. A. to tkink, prefunu. 
Wabnfinn, Wahnwitz, m. pkrenJf, 

frenzy '^ ^^' 

WabnCnnig, Wahnwitzig, n. fran- 
tic, crack- brained. 
Wabr, a. true, genuine, veritable. 
WMhrcn, w.u. to dure, Ai/T. 
WVhreod, prp. during. 
Wabrhaft. Wabrbafug, a. trve,fu. 

re, veracious. 
Wihrfaaftig, Wabtiich, ad. etrtaiu. 

ly.forfootk, verily, in truth, 
Wahrhaftigkeit, f. veracity. 
Wabrbeii, f. trutk, verity. 
•Wabrnebmen , v.. a. to perceive, 

animadvert, advert. 
Wabrnebroang, f. pereeptiou. 
Wabrfagen, V. n. to tell fortune. 
Wahrfager, m. .in, f. forUme.tet- 


. kravo. 
Wagekloben ; m. ckeekt ff a ka. 

Wagekonft, f. jtattcs, 
Wagemcifter, aa. weigker, 
Wagen, m. wa^on, wain, carriaget 

ckariot, coaek. 
Wagan, t. a. to venture, kaxarL 

WKgen, T. a. & «v. a. to balanf, 

vuigk, poifet fig. to ponder. « 
Wagenbure* (. barrieado.^ 
WagendeichicI, f. rMcA. ]»«/«» , 
Wagenkette, f. cartman's ckain.i 
Wagenleiter, (. waggon - ladder, t 
WagenrnfeiO^ m. waggon- mafler, 

Wagenifa, it. waggtn • carriage 

coack - wkeel. 
WagenTchmiere, f. greafe. 
Wagen(cb<mpen, m. coack . kou^e. 
Wagenwind«, f. draw - beam for a 

Wagcrecbt, ». korixontalt level. 
Wagltcb, a. kaxmrdous, venturatis, 

Wagner, n. tartwrigki, 
Wagnift, f. 8c n. kaxard, jeopardy. 
Waglcbale, f.fcaU, ka/n, bafon. 
Wahl, f. ckoice, ekflioa, •ptioH. 

Wabrfagerei, WahrAgung, f. for- 

tntie . telling. 
Wahrrcheinlicb. 4. liko, hkely, ve- 

rifimilar, veri&mHous, frokakU. 
Wabrfcheinlicbkeit. f. hkiUkood, 

probahilitys verifimUity. 
Withrung, f. during, lajHmgi raU, 

value} valuation. 
Wahrzeicben, A. token, JigM, nmrk. 
Waid. m. woad. 
Waidballen, m. woad-latl^ 
Waidfifrber, m. woad-dier. 
Waifc, r. Waifehkind, n. arpkmn. 
Waireobaok, n. orpkan . koufe. 
Waifenknabe, m. orpkan -koy. 
WairenmMdcben, a. orphan -girl. 
Wairenmuttcr, n. f^trmotker qf 

Waifenvater, m. f^erfatker rf or- 

Wald, in. wood, for^, grove. 
WkMbruder, n. kermU. 
W.ldefe), m. wiU afs. . 
WaldgcCchrei, it. kue ef kmttmen. 
Waldgotvm. mood. god, /atyr,fyU 

Waldgotihu t. mood.godJefs, dry. 

ade. . 

Waldlioaigi^ m. wild koney, 
Waldborn^* tvlnding -korntfrench' 
^ korn. 

Waldbnbn, k, mood. cock, 
Waldbiiter. if. for^fttrU fervani, 

keeper ef Ac xaood. 

'aldhikke, f4«wW.Aa(* 



WaMiofat, a. woci.Ukit 
Waldig, a. no»dy. 
WaJdIercbe, f. wd-Urk, 
W^alJmann, m. fortjlir. 
Waldmeifler, m» xMoivri. 
Waldocbs. m. i»/«^, miU huU. 
'Waldrecbt, n. wood . right. 
WaldrchJange, (. wood-fntke.- 
Waldn«di, 7. forrj . town. 
Waldienfel, Waldmenfeb, m. I«. 

Waldung, f. w»»d,ja>»0dUmd, 
Waldvogcl, in. mood. bird. 
Walke, i.ftdltng.fulkry. 
Walkco. «.a uJuU. 
■ Walker. m./uUtr. 
Walkererde. f. fuller* s utrtk. 
Walkerlohn, m.fmUagt. 
Walkfaft. n. fulling, trough. 
Walkmiihle, f. fuUing^miUt gigg- 

Wall, «. rmmptrt; vmlm. 
Wallacb, m. gelding. 
WalUcben, v. a. to geld. 
Wallen, ». n. (w>'m bcdenden Waf. 

fcr) to buiHt; (vom Mecre) to 

OMVc; (<tom Blutt) to Jltt^ i aur 

Erden ., to tt Mlioe-, to umlk. 
Wallfahrt, (. fllgrim»gt. 
Walirahnen, y.n. to go om pUgrU 

mage. I 

WaUTahrter. m. tUgrim, 
Walliirch, m. vAale. 
Wallfifcbfang, m. v^wi^Jkiry. 
Walllilcbfknger, m. wkat^Jher. 
'Wallnuft, f. vmIhuI. 
'Wallraib, na. fpermaceti. 
Wallrols, n.Jtmhorft. 
Wallung, t. fiujkimg, flujk, 
U^allwuis, m. titalkuort. 
WlOfck, a. foreign i ein wXllcher 

Hahn, rarlr^.foci; die vriiircbe 

Spracb* , itallan language i di« 

wiircb* Sat,, walnut. 
Walteiii V. o. to dij^fe \ fchalten 

and • , f0 rvUe. 
Walze, f. ToUtTt eylindtr. 
Walxen, ». a. to roll. 
WstUcB, V. a. to roUt vtelter \ fich 

., to wallovBf welter. 
WalMnfSrmig, «. eyUmdrit, eylin. 

Walxenftcin, ra. rolling -/lone. 
W^alscr, m, jig, round, about. 
V/^Ubotz, n. rolling. fin, 
Waaane, f. dew. lap. 
Wamnt, n. waijl.coai, doublet' 
Wainpe, i. dew. lap i weakfidf, bet. 

ty, ^unrh. 
Wanien, x. a. to Jerk. 
Wand, f. wall } partition } -die fpa. 

ni fcbe -, fotdtng .Jheetu 
Wandel, m. behaviour, eourfe ^ li. 

fe\ Handel und ., tradiandtrurk. 
WandeJbar, a. mutakte, Changeable i 

Wandelbarkcit, f. dee^, tratineft. 
Wandeln, v. a. to trivet, wander. 


Wanderer, n. trave/ler, vmnderer. 
Wandeijabr, n. travelling. year. 
Wandern, y.n. to wander, travel. 
Wanderrchaft, t. travelling, perf. 

andenmaon, m. traveller^ 
WanderHab, m. watkingft^f, 
Wanderung, f. migration. 
Wandhaken, m. wall. hook, 
Wandlaut, t. Wanze. 
Wandlcucbter, m. fconce. 
Wandrchraubo, f. xnatl ./crew, 
Wanduhr, f, hou/e. clock. 
Wange, f. thtek,jowl. 
Wankelmulb, m. WankclmiUbig. 

keit, f. feklenefs, into-Jtancy. 
WankelmUtbig, n.jckle, incoyOUnt. 
Wanken, V. n. to totter, roek} (Im 

Cehen) to waddle, Jl agger. 
Wann, ad. dann and .,fomttimes\ 

%. auch Wenn. 
Wanne, f. fon, van ;. eoop. 
Wannen, t. a> to fan, winnow. 
Wannen, ad/von>, a Woher. 
Wannenweher, m. windkover. 
Wanft, m. belly, paunek, 
Wanze, f. bug, punite. 
Wanzif, a. buggy. 
Wapcn, n. armj, ^tutehton. 
Wapenkonig, m. herald, armoryt, 
Wapenkunde, f. blazonry. 
Wapenkunft, f. ker^Udry,' armory. 
Wapenfchild, n. toat qf arms, 
Wapnen, ». WafFnen. 
Wardein, m. offayer, 
Warlich, 1. WabrhafUg. 
Warm, a. warm'y koii e« {ft nif'*, 

/ am warm. 
WSrnv, f. uarmne/i, warmth. 
Wjirmen, v. a. to warm, keat. 
WSrroemefler, m. T. thermomettr. 
Wifrmflafche, f. w«r«iirg./«N. 
Wiirnipfanne, f. chafftm, 
Wamen, v. a. to warn, eaution, 
'Warnuni, f. warning. 
Wane, f« barbican, boatom. * 
Warien,' v. n. to flay, wait i r. a. 

fcines Beruf> See. • , to mind, at- 

itndi cincn Kranken, eio Kind ., 

1^ ii«r/(, tend ISe. 
Wfrter, m. waiter, wuiHng per. 


Wandelftern, m. flmtk* 

terin, WartTrau, f. nvrfe. 

^tgeid, n. nurfing -or vbaiOmi^ 
. J<iyi r*ptHanee . fay. 
Wartung, f. nurfery, tending. tuky, wJUrefore, on what 

WXrwolf, to. were, wolf, man.wolf. 
Warz», r. (an der Brutt) pap, nip. 

pie ; (auf der Haut) wart. 
Warzig, a. wtrty. 
Wai, pr. wkati {etvtu) fomttking. 
Wafcbbank, f. wajktng. bench. 
Warohbeeken, n. ba/n, bafon. 
WarchblXuel, Bi. xoajking- beetle. 
Wifcbe. r. wajking ; (leinenet Ce- 

rXih) linen. 
•Wafcben , ▼. a. 8c n. to wajk i 

(plaadem} to gojip. 

IWHrcber, m. wajur'. maU-goMp, 

[Wsrcherei, f. gojlptng. Idle talk. 
Wifcberlohn, m. wajk-pay. 
Wafcbfart, n. wa&ing > coop. 
Wafchfrau, WiUcberin, f. we^/ktr, 

veajking . woman, laundrefs. 
Warcbbafi, a. gojfpiag, lofuaciont, . 

Warcbfaaftif keit, f. tofuaeity, tal. 

Wafcbbaai. n. waA. houfe. 
Warcbkeflel, m. waJk.kettU, tk^f. 

Waichkorb, m. bafltetfor Akm* 
\K''arch)appen, at. dijkrtout. 
Wafchleine, f. rope for Unem. 
WaCchwanne, f. toojk . tub. 
Wafiebwaffer, n. wa/k. water, 
Wafen, m. fod, turf, clod. 
WafTcr, n. water. 
WafTerader. f. vein o/frejk wtttr, 
WalTerbecken, n. badn. 
WafTerbebXItnir*. i. WaflTerbiUer. 
WafTerbefcbreibang, f. kydrografky. 
U'aflerbicne, f. drone. 
WaflerbUre, f. bubble. 
Wanerblatter, f. water mfoek, 
WalTerbobneV f. eoloeafia, egyptim 

Waflcrbrei, m, haKy pudding. 
WaiTeibrucfa, m. hydrocele. 
WafTerdamm, m. dike. 
Waflerdampf, m.Seam of water. 
WaRerdicbc, a. imperpiout to water, 

'W*Kvtxe\metx,ra. water. pail\ (von 

Leder) bucket. 
Waflerfall, m. faU rf water, emta- 

raff, ca/cade. . 
Waflerfarbe, f. watercolows. 
Wanetfar*. a- water .tub. 
WaOerflarche, f. toater .fiaft. 
WalTerHutb, f. waterfiood, deluge, 
Wafleifurcbe, f. water .furrow. 
Waflergeficri, n. water. tub j pl.T. 

WafTergeflUgel, n. waUrmfowl. 
WaOergewMcba, n. water. plant. 
Waflarglai, n. water .glajs. 
Waflergraben, m. water . trenek. 
WaOarguft, m. gre^Jkower tfraim, 
WaOertiZltar, m. refervoir of water. 
Waflerbubn, n. waterhen. * 
WaOerbund, m. water .fyanUt. 
WXlTerig. a. wajhy, watery, watertjk, 
WitfTerigkeit, f. wateHJkneft. . 
Waflerkanne, f. ewer. 
WafTarkaaen, m. refervair of ■«• 

. , ifitrn. 
WafTerkeflcI, m. tkafen^, 
WafTerkopf, m. kydroapkalnt. 
WalTerkrug, m. water . crock, wo- 

ter. cruet, 
Waffprkunfl, f. waterwork> 
Waflerlehung, (. afuedufl, condiM, 
WaiTerlinfeiv, pi. duck. meat. 
Waffermann, m. T. afuarint* 
Waflerroaui, f. xoaterrat, 
Waffermolch^m. liaard. 

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VaffemlU*, f. 

WXffcrn, V. •. 8e o #• iMirr, irrf- 

««''i #• difmlti to/tmk. 
VVaflsmuCi, f. ttttrgpt 
W^'^-iscrl. , f C0unurfta*d ptmrt. 
W'V .(, f. wmitr.pMk. 

^^'* , (. wmUr .trimi 

Wav . m. frmtrmnt, r»mt. 

W...l.^-,.!. ti 

WfTrtfaielt. a. irrUftioms, wtttry. 
V^titkitinnt, f. wtter . tturfi. 
Vm ITi-i TV>lir ir , f . wmter . ^ipt. 
W*^«^fJ>»<:en, m. dtmmgt fy immn. 

W,rr-x:-rUu, t.kydrtfh^fy 

W^Ji^, .r,.,i ;. , f. danger of inunda. 
Von, h-gk./lom' 

WaOMpinnc, f. mattr'.jiitUr. 

. kttgkt 0/ u 

Wafferlbipger, m. tMpmmft tf water. 
WaOMpinnc, f . " 
WaflTerrpritM. f 
Wafflrnand. n 

Waflerfl^ndcr, m wter. uk. 
Waffcrftrabl, n. tVr, Jiowt •/ Mfrr 
W.rrerf.icht, f. iroffy. 
WaiTernkhtig. a. dfpjitmi. 
W.ferfiippa, f. iM/«r.jrM/. 
Waflcrihier, n. cfM/ir tekmml. 
WaflVrtrinker. ra- umttr . drinitr. 
Waflertroprrn, m.^. 
WifTeriibr. f. wrf/r- c/ac*. 
WXflTarung, f. wattring, irrigation. 
Waflerwage, f. kj>dromtter. 
Wafferweide, f. tvUtm, ejltr. 
Waflerwerk, n. toater.wtrk. 
WafTerwirbcI. m. vAirlfaU. 
Wafferwoge, f. btllaw. 
Wafferxoll, m. vaUr.tM. 
Wat. f. JkMUi^. 
Watcn, V. n. /• cmIc. 
Waifack. m. wallet. 
Watfcheln, *. n ta pmddU, 
Wane, r. wadding. 
Webe. f. wr*. w^. 
VVebcn, t. a. <• aMMj v. a. to «M. 

M ; la nari. 
Weber, m. weaver. 
Weberbanm, m. larcMr'/ ^am. 
Weberblatt, o weaver's lay. 
Weberei, f caraaia^. 
Weberrchiffcbcn; o. weaver*/ Jhut. 

WcbarrchlicbM , f. Arm . wtaveVi 

Weberftubl, m. /«««. 
Webartriu, n. treadU ^ a Uem. 
Webercattel, m weaver's warp. 
Wecfafel , m muijltude, rkange ,turn\ 

ex(ku nge x kilt of emekangt . • 
Wechfalbank. f. kank. eMckange 
Wcchrelbrief, m. kill ff emtkmngt 
Wecbrelcoan, m. tour/e tfe*. 

WechCelieber , n. iniermUting /e. 

Weah£feln, ▼. n. & •'. U ekange , m. 
rfctta a 

killi ,f eMekaage. ^ 

Wechfelracht, n. Jlatmte lams eon- 

uruM kUls •/ ejirkange. 
Wecbrerfcitia, a reHfrtat. 
Wecbfclfweirc. ad. ky turns , alter. 

natflr, adtemaHvetjf. 
Werhslcr, m. hanker, eamker. 
Week. m. wig i roU. kntter. 
Week en, r. a. /• wake. 
Wecken, n. %»aktng. 
Wecker, m. alarym-wattk, 
Wcdel, m. tatli krujk. 
Wedein, v.n. to wag, fan. 
Weder. e. neitker ; • noch, nor. 
Wegt i. awajf ; ad. goke^ fi:blaeb^ 

vpcg, In • plain manner. 
Weg, m way, read, walk ; geradet 

Wegea, di*eSljf\ unier Wegei, 0m 

tke way. 
6ch •Wegbcgcbco. v. r. to akfent 

one's filf 

Wegbeiften. ▼.«. to kite away. 
WegbUren, v. a. to Mew away. 
•Wcgbleiben, v. n- to Jlay out. 
Wegbrennen, v;a. to turn away\ 

to turn down. 
•Wcgbringcn, ▼. a. to bring or tar. 

ry awa^. 
WegdrXngen, v. a. fa p^Jk away. 
Wegeamt, o. road.otite. 
Wegeaufreher, v. jLrveyor of tkt 

Wegabau, m- road . keatimg. 
Wegebereiter, m. repairer of high. 
Wegebreii, n. way ^kr oat. ^wayi, 
Wegegcld, n. wktelage. 
Wegcn, prp. for, heeaufe, on ac. 

count of, ky reafon »f. 
Wegefkule, r waymark. 
Wegefcbeide, f. trofs-way. 
Wegcfcbneckc, f. dew . late , dew. 

Wegewart, f. eiekory, fuceory.- 
^Wegfahren, v. n to ride away i 

*v. a- to tarry away. 
•Wegfalleo, v. n. to ke omitted 
•Wcgfangea, t. a. to eatrk away. 
WegRilireii, v a <• tarry away. 
^Wcggebcn, r a. to give awUy.^ 
go away. 
Wegkehrcn, v. a. to Jwetp «tm 
-Wegkommcn, V. n tolemve 

l»ft\ fig. to futeted't to tome 
'WeglaiTen, v. a to Uane out, omit. 

•Weggehen, v. ■. to gt 
Wegkaufen, v. a. to for 


Wegfegen, v. a. to put afide. 
'Wcgleihen, v-a. to lend out- 
Wegmachcn, v. a. to Jkoeep away 

fich ., to witAdraw, make of. 
•WegmBlTen, v. n. to ke obliged to 

go, ben- A for another plate. 
'Wegnrhaacn, «. a. to take away. 
Wegrafren/v. a. to take amay, fweef 

WegrXumen, ▼. a. to remome. 
Wcgieife, r. departure. 
Wegreifen, v. n. to fet out on a 
Journeyt >« depart. 


'Wcgrtiriea, v. a. to take «•«». 
break oft down. * 

Wegrifcken, v.n.&a. to remot. 
>Wegrufen, v. a. to tall away. 
Wegfchaffei, v. a. to carry mwmy, 

to dfmifjitofeU. •'* 

Wegrcbeaken, v. ■. to give awmy. 
Wegfrhicken, •Wegfendeo, v. a. 

to fend away. 
•WagCrbiebcn. ▼.a. to remove. 
Gcb •Wcgrchleicban, v^ r. to Jleal 

WegUhweamen, v a. to float amay, 
Wcgregelfi. *. o. to faU of. 
»Wegfehen, v n. to look ajede. 
Wegfcixen, ▼. a. to put amay ; fich 

Uber andere., to think one's /iif 

wxfer, better tit.\ fich Obcr cu 

was , to flight. 
•Wegreyn, » n. to ke ak/emff to 


WegAccken, v. a. to put away^ afi. 

dr ; to hide. 
•Wegfteblen, v. a. to purtoimi fich Jleal of. . 
•Wcgftorten, v.a. I« pufk aiway. 
•WcgAreicben, v. a. to take away} 

to leratfh out. ' 
•Wcgibiin, V a. toptitajidt, awmy. 
' Wcgtrageo, v. a. to turry away» 
•Wegtreien, ». a. to Jtep amayi 

*v.^a to wear out by going. 
We^ehen, v. a. to blow away. 
Wegwcifer, m. guide \ waymark. 
~ Weg\wenden, v. a. to turn away. 
Wegwerfen, v. a. to throw or tqjl 

Wegwifchea, ▼. a. to wipe away. 
'Wegaiehea, v. a. to d-aw ^way ; 

•». n. /• draw of, remove. 
Wch. ar Webc, i. 10a, woe} wehtt 

mir, wo me.' ad. .•than, to ahe t 

fich . «than, to overjfrain lUmfttJ. 
Web, o. wo\ Wchen •faabcn, to ht 

in labours^.. 
Wehen, tr 9& n. to blow. 
Wehfrau, Wcbmutter, f . midwife. 
Wehklage. f. waU, Umentatton. 
WebkUgcn, v. n. to wail, lament. 
Wehmuih, f.fadnefs, forrowfulntfs, 

WehmiUbig, a. dol^ul, fad, forrow- 

Wehr, f. d^*nte\ weapon. 
Webr, n. xoear, w*rr. 
Webren, v.a. to keep of from; ei- 

nem ctwaa . , to Jorbtd; eio«r 

SaChc.. to obviate, or event i fich 

■ , to defend one's Jelf. 
Wehrgtbaog, n. belt. 
Webrhtft , a tapabU of bearing 

«rmi,' ca^Mr rf drftnding one'* 

felf; - machcn. to arm. 
Webrlot, •. weaponlefs, unarmod. 
Webraan4i m. miliUry order. 
Wchtage, Tpl. fmart. 
Weib, n. tdaaian, pi- women ; wife. 
WeibchcR, ik. Jke.fimale, mate. 
Weiberarbeit, I*, womanly work. 

y/t^tVi^tJLvomen's cunningnefs 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

W«ib«nBmDa , m. lutTitut ium\ 

'Weibcrrtob, mL. r*p« ^f mvmtu- 

Wci bitch, a. Hii«rk»ut , </<rMM«lr, 

^VcibJich a. /tnUmimtt ftmrnlt, (m- 

V^eiblichkeit, f./tminuUly, 
WeibkbUd. Weibrrolk. a. Weiba. 

'WcibdUck, n. iv«in«m, miuh. 
>Veich. %.frft, wk. 
IVcichbili), n. frtunff, ioundmry, 
Wrich«. i.frfti«/t, ntmkmt/s\ (Dttn. 
ne) ntmi JUt j (von der WitfclM) 

•Weicbeoi ▼• ■• U m«kt or gitte 
IM7 ••■ fiaei ; U it/i ground ; #• 

ft out of tkt vaoy\ to runmwoy, 
g. to jneld. 
Weichco, ▼. a. 8t a. to mtetrottt 

/offen,/omk, VHoktu, o^oUtfy. 
Wcichbeit, f. ftftnt/j, toornkm*/ 
'Wcicbhcrsig, WeichmUtbig, a. 

iUr . kettrttd, /oft. 
'Wreichberxigkeit.f. temder . koarUd. 

\l'eichlidi,a. ^0imUtU, wtmk,fyft, 

'VireicMichkeJt, f. fftminvyt iN«i. 

nt/'. nutty. 
^Vdcliling, ». wtfJtUxg, votm^umry. 
^Veichrdzopf, m'. trUo fotouit*. 
IVcide. f. ptJtuTf, pojiuragt. 
Weide.f. Wcideabaum, n wittow, 


^Vcideaiaan. m. fporttmmm, hunter. 

WcidcnXanitch, a. otmmtUf fportj. 

^Vaideaiannichaft, f. otnoMoH. 

M^cidemcfler, n. htmgtr. 

Weidao, ▼. n. to gftxe, p^urt, 
fttd't v-a. to tnd\ Ticb mit lea* 
rer Hoffnong ., to enlittain ont's 
Jklf with vmi» hopts ; die Augen 
. , <• dtligkt one's eyes. 

Weidcnbach, m. hrook bordered wUh 

hig, a. ten- 

Wcidengeburcb, n. wiUow-piot. 
Weidcnbols. n. wUiow . vood. 
^Vcideakorb, m. wiUom . bafltt, 
Weidealaub, n. wiltom. temvei. 
W^eidaplats. m. Miure . ground. 
UTeidaiaek. m. Weideufche , f. 

hunter's hag 
^Veideiprucb, m. huntswfn's fatu. 

Wcidewerkt n. venmilon, hunting. 
Weidgefcbrei, n. hunting mtry^ hue 
Waidicht, n. wUlow -ptotfied, oMiet. 

ground. * 

Vrcidlicb. a. br^oe i wi. foundfy, 
Weife. f. reel 
Weifcn, v a. to reel, i 
fich Weigern, v. r. to^tfufe, deny. 
Wcigcning, I r^fufei, denioi 
Wcihbilithor. id mUtp- genermi 
\Veil»c, f . (ein Vof«|) gtede, gkdi 

'kite. 4 


Weiha, f. eomfetration.fn^o: 
Weihen, v. a. to tonfeA-mu ; to dt. 

vote, dtduote. 
Weiber. in. pond, vnnry. 
WeiJikeffel, n koty . wier . pot. • 
Weihmefle, f. eon/etrating.mofs. 
Weihnachten, pi thrifimmt 
Weihnacfaiiabcod, m tkri/hmos-tv . 
Wcibnachufea, n. rhrijltnos .ftqjl 
WcibnachugelcbeDk, iw ehri^atai. 

Weibnachttiag, n. ehrijhnas . day. 
Weihraucb m . ftonhxntenft. 
Weibwaffcr, n. holy - jatoitr . 
Weihwedel, n. holy.nater./prinkle 
Wail. ad. whiU, during: c beeouf,. 
Wei land, a<l once, formerly, Uu. 
Weile, f. whUe. 
Weilen, t. Verweilen. 
Weiler, m &n. hamltt, vilt. 
Wein, m- wmei (Weinfloek) vlne-y 

• bauen, to tiU vines ; . •lefen, to 

gntker gropes i . keltern, to /rr/} 

WeiniCnite, I. Weinlefe. 
Weinbau, n. titling of vines, 
Weinbaiicr, m. tiller of vintt* 
Weiabeere, f. g'ope. 
Weinbeerkern, on. grmpefton*. 
Weinberg, m. vintyoyd, vtnet, 
Weinblatt, n. vine., leaf. 
Weinblttihe, f. vine . blofem. 
Weinbutie, f. vine . coop. 
WeindroOWl, f. betcufco. 
Weinen, v.n & a. to wetp. 
Weincrlich, a. tmekntd to VHkp, U. 

mentmbie. * 

Weineffg, na. vinegor. 
WeinCaCs, n. wine-eojl. 
WeivAafcbe, f. v>int-flo,Jk% wine' 

Weinganen, n. vineyard. 
Weingilrii\fr, m. vlne.drefir. 
Weingcbirge, «. hiils of vine. 
Weingegend, f. vinous country. 
Weingeiil, m. vinous fpirit 
Weinglak, n. wine - gla/s. 
Weinhandel, m. wiut . tradtm 
WeinbilDdlert m. vtntner. 
^ eiobaut, n. vintry. 
Wcinberen, pi. wme - mother, tees 

of mine. 
\%inholx, n vine. wood. 
minbiteel, a. vine- hill. 
IfKinbUire. f. huji of grapes. 
Weinhiitei » m. heeptr ^ a vine. 

Weinicbt, a. vinous, viiny, 
Wciniahr, n. vinttgt. 
Wetnkauf m- purehafing ^ vAne. 
WeinkelUr, m. vintry. 

IWcinkeher, C wme-prtfs. 
Weinkern, m. graftjlone. 
Weinkofter, Weinvifirer, m. «te<< 

Ita^tr, vnn* ■ cunner. 
Weinland, c wine .'country. 
Weinlaiib, n vine leaves. 
Weinlefe, f. vintage, vindewitation, 
Weinlefcr, m. vintager. 
IWeininaiktt m. wifte« market. 

Walnmaft, o. wine . meafitre. 
Weinmonat, m. wine, month, OSa, 

\K^einipouer, f. wine. mother. 
Weinpfabl, m. vim. prop, 
VVeinprefle, f. wine.prtfy, 
Wf it.raupe, f. ^nt^etUr. 
Weinriurch, n. wine .fuddling, 
Weinrcbc, f. vine. 
Weinfauer. a. win*. 
WeinTa. erfich. a. fomewhat mt^. 
M'eii),rchank, ra. vinlry. 
Wemrcbcnlce, m. vintner, tavern. 

Weinlcbepke, f. vintry, 1g$trn, 
\A einfte in, m. tartvr* 
Weioflock, m. vine. 
Weinfuppc, f. candle. 
Wetnirauba, f. bttnth or tltjler ^ 

WviDtrinker, m. wine . drinher. 
Weinwachs, m. growtk of wine. 
Wfeiozcicben, n. fign ef a tavern. 
Veil, ad. cinem etwa« .maehcnf 

to make one believe. 

Weife, a. wift,fogi. 
"'elfa, m.yag 

fage, wife man, phitofo. 

Weiie, f. manner 1 melodic, tune. 
• WeHen, V a. tojhow./kewi Gch. 

•laOen, to be doeiblei ctwirdfich 

. , time wUl Jkow. 
Weircrr in. hand \ (in einem Bia. 

nenftocke) jueenbee. 
Weiiheit, f wifdom. knowledge. 
Wei«beitiE«bn, 1 Siockzahn. 
Weitlicb, ad prudently, w/tly. , 
WeiU, a. wkiie, blank ; . n. whUe. 
Weiflagcn, ». a. to forefay , fore. 

tell, trophefy, prediH, d.vine. 
WriiTager, m. prophet, prcdiatr,fa. 

retetter, diviner. 
WeiOkgerin, t. profhetefs, divine. 

WeiOagiing, S. prophecy, dMnaHon. 
Wciltbier, n. whae beer. 
WriTtdorn, n. white thorn » hawm 

thorn. ' 

Wrifte, a. white. 
WciTte, f. white, whittn^fs. 
WeiCien, v. a. to whiten, white.wajk, 
Weifier. n>. wkittner. {.J\A' 

WeirtAfch. m. whiting, blay, bteai. 
Weifti.e(ber, m tower. 
Wci&crau, a & ad hoary. 
Wci(»kohl. m. white <abbagi. 
WeiMich, ad whtely. 
Weifspappel, f. abrle. 
Weif«wiir«, f falomon's feal,. 
WciTung, f. ordc'T. 
Weit. a. far. dijfant i wide, large; 
ad./«r; nveiicr nicbit, nothing 
cife i bei weiiem, ♦> far. 
Weitc, r. dijancci targtnefs, wide. 

ficb Weiien, v. r. to widen. 
Wcitlifvifig, a, ample, pr^ut, d^fuft, 

WciiUuiigkeit, f. ampliation, proti. 
xity, i^fivtntfs. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


^■ff«raillU«, f. m*UrmiU. 
WtStrn, ». «. 8e n to mattr, IrrU 

B»tt ; to difatt } «0 /m4. 
Wafferaurt, f. ttttrppt 
WaOerpwIe, f funterftOtd ftmrl. 
Waflcrpoeka, f. wmttr.ptk. 
Wan>Tprob«, f. wmttr . tri^l 
WalTrrrabc, a. €»rmor»nt, romt. 
Waffcrrad. B. tuOer . mitt . wheei. 
WiTcrratze, f. wmitt>r^. 
Wafleivrich, a. irrigyomj, wmttiy. 
Waibrrinne, f. iva/«r - ttitr/t. 
. Waffierr6hre. f . umttr . ^i^. 
WairM|iJud«n, m. tUmagr fy Immn. 

Waflerrcheu, a. kyd'^pkohpui. 
WafTerrebcu, f. hydrc^kpby 
Wafl'crtchlangc, f. wttr .fnmkt- 
Waffertnofh , f. danger cf tnunda. 

t' ' ■*■ "tml. 
Wi ■ I M ^ .. . . m . tMpmmft of water. 
Wi [frr^^ i njif , r. mater .JitfUr. 
Wl^TCTfVfJfK*. f v»*t*r . ffout. 

WilTt^4linikrj m iM/rr. firA. 

VVarTfrrtrihJ, wu.Jtt.Jkootaf water- 

W' f jrr»/.j^. 

Vl'iTMnirhii[(, a. itafjuai. 

W ■'Ce-rfiiri|f c , r, water .gruel. 

U?i fieri hic r , n afuatie amimmt. 

W»(rrritiit^rr. IB. iMfrr . ^ittirr. 

M'4 fTat I FLipi t n . n. water -dref. 

WitTfrirthr, i. water^ t/ack. 

WJH^B^Lfig^T J watering, irrigation. 

'U'''ifr«r^«er, p. kydremtter. 

WaJrerwcide, f. wiZ/MD, •/frr. 

Wafferwerk, n. water .work. 

WafTerwirbal, in. wkirtpoot. 

WalTerwoac, f. ktltow. 

Waflerxoil. m. water, toll. 

Wat, f. JkkUow. 

VVaten, v.n. to watt. 

Waifack. m. waUet. 

Wacrchdn, *. n to waddU. 

Wane, r. wadding. 

Webe. f. wei, weft. 

Weben, *■ n. to WMoe\ v. a. to wea- 
ve ; to work. 

Weber, m- WMwr. 

Weberbaiim, m. larcvfr*/ heam. 

Weberblait, n weaver's lay. 

Weberei, f weawng. 

Wabarrchiffchan; n. weaver** Jknt. 

WcbaifchlicbM , f. Uuen . ««•*» 'j 

Weberftuhl, m. toom. 

Webcrtriu, m. treadle ^f a /«««. 

Weber cettel, m weaver's warp 

Wcchrel. m vuijitude, ekange, turn', 
ex<k<mge\ kilt of eMckangt.* 

Wachfclbalg^m. ekangeltng. 

Wecbfelbank, f. kamk, **ekange 

Wcchfelbrier, m. kUl ^ trnthange 

Wecbrelcoan» a. eourfe tf e*- 

WechCelfiabcr, n. inUrmUtiug fe. 

"WtohMn, ▼. A. & «. to ekange , est. 
fham • 

Wacbrchrc^anng. f. retkwming if 

kil't of eMtkange. 
Wechfclracht, n. Jlatmte ta^^ 

mtng kdls of exrkangf. 
Wecbrellcuia, a renprocml. 
Wecbfchweire. ad ky turm, 

Hotfly, adtertiatively. 
Wechsler. m. banker, ramttr. 
Week, m. wig; roU. kutftt. 
Weckcn, r.a. to wake. 
Wecken, n. waktng. 
Wecker, n. alarum- weUtk^ 
Wcdei, m. u./; *ri<>l. 
Wedein, v.n. to wag, fa*. 
Weder. e. ntitker ; . noch, ■!> 
Wegt i. away; mi goke\ l^hltcbt 

wag, in a plain manner. 
Weg, OB OM*, road, walk *, ^fT4d 

Weges, difeaiyi umer Wr^ t^t > rt, 

tke way. 
6ch •Weahegcben, v. r. fa aft/tit 

one's filf 
•Wegbeiften. ▼. a. to kite ni^iy. 
•Wegblafen, v. a. to blow ^i^'t- 
•Wegbleiben, r.n. to floy ni-t. 
Wegbrennen, v. a- to bum •tvitfjf, 

*r B to burn down. 
Wegbringcn, ▼. a. to brimg ^r tsr 

ry away. 
WegdrXngen, v. a. to Oufit »iti,<tj, 
Wegcamt, n. road.oMce, 
Wageauffcher, v. jLrveyoT tf t^t 

Wagcbau, m- road • beatlmg- 
Wegebereiter, m. repairer tf ^-'i;^- 
Wegebreit, n. waf- broad. '^^*.^i 
Wegageld, n. wktelage. 
Wegen, prp. for, beraufit *a oc- 

fount of, by rea/on of. 
Wegefkule, f waymark. 
Wegefcbeide, f . ero/s - w^. 
Wegc&hncckc, f. dew . £b« , dih'- 

Wegewart, f, eiekory, fucttry 
'Wegfahren, v. n to ndt aamy { 

•» . a. to earry away. 
WegfallcB, V. n. to be omituJ 
•Wcgfangcn, v. a. to eatrk bu-j/. 
Wegfiihran, y a to carry 
•Weggeben, v a. to give gutmjt. 
•Weggehen, w. b. to go jiiua^. 
Wegkaufcn, v. •. to fore^*l. 
Wegkehren, v. a. to fwetp *{i'ip^ 
-Wegkomnicn, v. n to it**" ; /m 

lofi\ fig. to fiuceedf to toM* fff 
WegUiren, v. a to leave ott, >:vuj^ 
•Wrglaufen, ■*. p. to run ouay- 
Wagfegen, w. a. to put ajldfr 
•Wcgleiben, ».a. to lend aut 
Wcgmachen, v. a. to fweep fli*aji 

fich ., to witkdraw, mak^ «/f 
WcgmUfTcn, v. n. to bf »i'ij'^ ^ 

go, boumdfor anoiker platt 
Wcgnchoaen, «. a. to takt dus^r 
Wegrafren.'v. a. to take 

Wegriumen, Y. a. to rtMo^ . 
Wegieife, r. departure, 
Wegreifen, v. n. to fet tut en 
journ^t to depart. 

•WflKTaiftpn, Vr a^ to take mwa», 

i<^toi er/; J^mfm. 
WfiBniftcrt^ T.ti.Jhii jr* remo^. 
•WrfiTuirn, v.m^, tn (mU mway. 
V-'tgff.h^flc-^i, ^, 0- tw ttrry a»ay\ 

l» i/mfi. j, ft/tfi. 
U'c^i^frhEfikan, y t, tir ffve awmy. 
Wtgfrt\iek€n, ^Wrgfendea, t. a. 

t- fr^d Mwaf. 
•We|ifi"lsitli*r, V ». t' Ttmove, 
lich 'Wrgirhleklwb^ f, r. to Jleal 

U'cAffhwcffitn^bf T % ufioatmmaj. 

S^ EtfE^rln. 1. s\. tf t'ad ofT. 

>\Vt?^'ffhen. T n. ftf /«R# afide. 

Wt-^hiwcn, -9. M. t* fml away ; fich 
I'lhir «niJtit ., /• t*iii one's /iif 
f flf, iwitr*^ tSei fick abcr cu 
^11 , t*Ji\gki, 

■Wit^fcya, V n. ffl ^ aijenti to 

Wffj^ncckfiH, V. a. In }i»t awayt «|/f. 

aV ^ tn A,dt. 
'W-e^ttehltA^ it^a. Upnrt»iu}Bch 

■ , la Jte*i wi 
■Wrtlk-.hcn^ *.i. U pMjk away. 
■WtfjAreUtiEiii, t. >. to lake awmy I 

* V^ 'tgi bijn , T m, topMia^dtt ammj. 
' "A't jnrj(jcn» w.a- U f^^ry etway^ 
'W9|{irtitn, T. a- a Jeep away ^ 

*' . * tv tirfa r omt i:t noimg. 
U'atfMith^ii, * A. to Hwia away. 
WngivLlfcr^ tu. jlAn^j | laaymisrk. 
•Wcjij^^Urnlrnj t.i, U tarn away. 
<Wej^trlcn, ^1 4- (>? Ikrow or caji 

vVt:^wirch«ni ▼►». ts wtpo mway. 
^Wtfi^Ebxs, V: a, t^ d-aw eiway I 

*%.ft im d*mvt HTjf, ttmo9e. 
Wfh, or Webr, i- ^*, w**; well* 

inlif, it^ mi! Rd. ' 'iNon, to ake I 

(ith - •4*1(41^ '* **!■ ■./?"«■ Aim/tlf. 
W«b, n. ir.j Wet LCI 'IiAbea. r« ta 

Wab4nj< Wehinunier, f. midwife. 
Wthbli]tr, r. vjni/. ijrw^tefiM. 
W«bl^laKCfl. V. n. fir cuai^, lament. 
WchiTiuib, t fintottfi, foritnfulnefs, 

WcbiuULtii i t a . iaUfbi, fadt forrom. 


VVcthrK IT- */*«« 5 vtapn. 

WetrtiLi.if.t lu 4"/ of from i ei- 
Tieai i:(*at . , Fi' /*rktdi *•'»*' 
S*clw -n I" riwiw, #rf*ni/; fich 

Wflirgtljilcifin n. ttlt. 
W^Uhalt , a MmbU of bearing 
a ■!■(,' ci/«Wf ^ J^vding one'* 
frif-, - oacbra., rt o-'m. 
U'ebrl'i^ t. mtap."il'/tf unarmed, 
futtp V-'ebr^aL m. «i/Jii'> order. 

I Wr<hriir)4^ f. 5^**i.afl4f work. 
I WeUff^5 ft, K jummt^'i fmnningne/s. 

Digitized by VjOO' 


m. UMtritmt ■»») 
Weibemob. m. rtp* ^f mtmtm. 
Weibcrftttcl, m. pillUn. 
Wcibifch, a. HM«irUms , ^§vminmt*, 

Weiblich ■. /tmnimt, ftmmUt cm. 

WcihlKhkeit, f. /tmin*U»9. 
Weihtbild. Weibrrolk, b. Weibt. 

pcrfon, f. ai««MN. 
WeibBikk, n. v)*m»%, wtuch. 
Weieh, : frft, wmk. 
Weickbili), n. frtttnH, bounimry. 
Wciche, \.f^tmtfs, Ufmkn*/ti (IWii 

lie) iMsi >ir } («oa der WSfcbe) 

•Weicbeni ▼• B. f« aa'r or givr 
»€j> or flott ; to loft ground ; r» 

ft out of tkt woyi to Tunawaj/, 
a. tejn*U. 
Wcichca, *. •. 8c «. (0 moetroMt^ 

foftin,fomk, wtoktn, ofoU^fy. 
Weichhcii, t.fiftmt/j, vMokntfi. 
Weicbberxig, WetchmUthig, a. <«». 

*r . h€arUd, toft. 
Weichhcrsigkeit.f. ttuier . kfrUi. 

Wcichlicb,a. igtwOmmUt womk, fyft, 

Wetchlicbkeit, f. ^twUnm^t utmk. 

*tj<. nutty. 
Wcichliag, ». totailing, volm^uory. 
Weichfelzopf, m. trita poUuicm. 
Weidc. f. ptifturt, ffturagt. 
Wcidc, (. Wcidenbaum, m willow, 

vitky. ' 

WeideBtBB. m. fiortsmmH^ hunttr. 
WcidMDMnnircb, a. oemttie, fforts- 

Weidemannfchart, f. otnmtiom. 
WeidcBcflcr, n. kmmgtr. 
Weideo, v. o. to g'ost, ff^urt, 

fttdi V. a. to timd\ fich mit lee* 

rer Hoffnung •, to tnttttain ont*$ 

fdf wttk vaim koptt ; die Augen 

• , to dt light omt's *yts. 
Weidenbach, m. krook kardtrtd witk 

WcidengebUTcb, n. wtUow . plot. 
Weidenbols, a. wUlow . wood. 
Wcidenkorb, m. willow . bajhtt, 
Weidenlaubt n. willow. ltavt$. 

Weidaplau, m- p^imn. ground. 
Weidataek, m. Wcideufch* , f. 

knnffr'i kag 
Weidcrprach, m. kuntswfn''t /ttu. 

Weidewerk, b. vtnatlon, kunting. 
Wetdcefcbrei, n. kunting mtry^ kut 
Wtidichi, n. willow -plot, fed, oMitr. 

Weidlicb. a. krtot\ 9A. /ommdly. 
Welfe, f. ,tei 
Weifen, v a. to rut. r 
fich Weigern, *. r. to *ifnft% ituy. 
Wcigcrung, I rtfnfd, dtniol 
Wcibbifehof, m- oicdfr genertt- 
Wtibe, f. (einVogj) gUdt, mUdt. 
kit*. M 


Weihc, f. eom/ecroHom./nSUu. 
Weihen, ». a. to (onfe^mu j to dt. 

votf, de(ttcote. 
Weiher, m. pond, vivmry. 
Weiftkeflel, m koty . woitr - pot. • 
WeihmeOe, f. eon/ic^ating.mafi. 
Weihnachien, pi. thrift mat 
Weihnaefatiabcnd, m tkttjhmos^oi . 
WeiknachufeR. o. rhriftmat .fe^fl 
WcibnachugeCcheak, iw ekriftmat. 

WeibnachtMag, m. ekrijhn*t . day. 
Weihraucb m . /ranktnrtnft. 
Weibwaffer, a. kofy-.wattr. 
Wcibwedel, m. koly.wattr.fprinkle 
Weil, ad. wkilt, during J c. luaufe. 
Weiland, a<l onct.fotmtrly, lau. 
Weile, f. wkilt, 
Weilcn, t. Vcrwetiea. 
Weiler. m & n. kamlrt, vill. 
Wein, m mntt (Wcinfloek) vint; 

- bauea, to till vtmes ; . •lefea, to 

gatktr grmpts ; - keltera, to frtfi 

l^^nKra'te, I. Welalefe. 
Wainbau, m. tUling of vints. 
U'einbauer, m. tiller 1^ vinoa. 
Weinbeere. f. g^ape- 
Weinbcerkern, on. grmp*ftont. 
Weinberg, m. ointyard, vinet, 
Weinblatt, a. vint-ltoj. 
Weinbliltbe, t. vini . tlofom. 
Weiabuitc, f. ^ne . coop. 
WeindroliVI. f. keeeajico. 
Weinen, v. n & a. to toeep. 
WeiBcrHdi, a. H^limed to wtUp, U. 

Weiaeflig, m. vinegar. 
Weiabrs, a. wint-caji. 
Weiynafcbc, f. wine./tajkt wine. 

Weingartea, m. vineyard. 
WeingiirtMr, n. vine, drefftr. 
Wcingebirge, «. kUli of vine. 
Weingegend, f. vinoui country. 
Weiiigeiil, n. vineuj fpirtt 
Weinglak, a. wine - glajs. 
Weinhandel, ai. wine . trade. 
WeinbilDdler, m. *iii/Nfr. 
^einbaut, a. vintry. 
wcinbcfea, pi. mme-moikfTf lees 

)f wine. 
inholz, a vine . wood. 


inhiteel, m. vine ~ hill. 
iiabUire. I 

. f . huji of sr*ht' 
Wcinbiitm , m. keeper ^f c via*. 

Weinicbt, a. vinous, winy. 
Weinjahr, a. vinttgr- 
Weinkauf m. purckafong ^ wine. 
WeinkcUer, m. vintry. 
Weinkelter. £. wme-Ortfs, 
Weinkern, m. grafrjlone. 
|Weinkoftcr, Weinvifircr, m. ttime. 

1 taller, witu • runner. 
Wcinland, o wine .'tountry, 
WeinUub, n vine leaves. 
Weinlefe, f. vintegt, vindemimtion. 
Weinlefcr, m. vintager. 
WcioBiarkt, m. winf * market. 

Walamals, a. wime . mea/kre. 
Weinnoaat, m. wine . month, OSa, 

\a^einiaouer, F. wine .taotker. 
'Weinpfabl, m. vine-prop. 
Weinprefle, f. wine-prej/, 
Weiiirauue, f. vint^etttr. 
Wc'nrauich, m. wime .fuddling. 
Weinrtbe, f. vine. 
Weinfauerj. a. winy. 
Weinfai erUch, a. fomewkat mtt^. 
Weiiifchaak, m. vinlry. 
Wemrcbcnke, m. vtntner, tavern. 

Wein&br^ke, f. vintry^ MMm. 
\A;yihftci n, m. tartar. 
Weioflcxk, B. vine. 
Weinfuppe, f. candle. 
Wetniraube, f. ktmek or clt^fkr ^ 

Wvlntriaker, m. wine 'drinker.. 
Weinwachs, n. growtk of wine. 
Weinzeicben, a. ftgn e/a tavern. 
Veil, ad. eineai etwat .maehcag 

to make one Mieve, 
Weife, a. wife.fagi. 
Weife. m./age, wife man, pkilofo. 

Weife, f. manner ; melodie, tune. 
WeHea, V a. tojkow,Jkewi fich- 

•laflaa, to ke dotikle; etwirdfich 

., time wHlJkow. 
Weifcrr ro. kand ; (in eiaem Bia. 

nenftocke) jueentre. 
Weiibeit, f wi/dom. knowledge. 
Wcisbeittsabn,' 1 Siockxabn. 
Weitiich, ad prudently, wt/tly. , 
Weils, a. wkite, blank ; . n. wkiie. 
Weiflagen, ». a. to forefay , fore- 

tell, propkefy, predtH, d.fine. 
Wriflager, m. prophet, prediaer,fo' 

reteUer, diviner. 
Weiffagevia, t. frofketefs, divine. 

WeilTaguag, S. propkery, divination. 
Wcibbier, a. wktte beer. 
Weiftdora, n. white <A«r« , kamm 

tkorn. ' 

Wfifte, a. wkite. 
Weir«e, f. wkite, wkitenefs. 
Wcir>en, t. a. to wkiten, wkite-wajk, 
Weifter, at. wkitiner. [fA- 

Weifsbfch, m. wkiiing, blay, kleai. 
Weifti.ecbcr, m tower. 
Wi:i(*i;raii, a & ad hoary. 
Wei(»kobl, m. wkite tabbagt. 
Weiftlicb, ad wkttely- 
Weiftpappel, f. abtU. 
Weiftwurs* f falomon*t feal, 
Wei Tung, f. order. 
Weit. «. far. diftanfi wide, Urge\ 

ad. /ar; veiier nicbtt, notkiug 

tife \ bel weiiem, by far. 
Weite, f. ^fiance ; targenefs, mide, 

ficb Weitea, v. r. to vaden. 
Wcitliturig, a, ample, prol**, difufe, 

IWcitliiuiigkeit, f. amptimilon, proli- 
\ xity, dtfujivenefs. 


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Wcitfchwdit, ■. pr0UMt prollM0Us, W«iigk«U. f. pam^i^^ ftfmntfi 

I .-J.J ^.jj„.. meioe-, «jr •an iJ/ic /t^. 

Wenigftent, ad. «< irmji. 

Wenn, ad. 8c c. mk^, ■/) wrnti 

nicht, mnltfs, tMctfi. 
Wer, pr. uA« ; war e* t'iet fry 

Werben, w. n. um enun-, u fkf 
fori um ein FriUft>iimnj^r -^ 
to curt, !••• ; V. ■. ^ildiiea ,, |£7 
/^^Tt rci/ir; mil Grwah -, i^prt/*- 
Werber, m. rteruiUn^ ^^tr. 
Wcrbung, f. l*9y, iw-^i/^g- 
•Werden, ». n. to *r!'*j*i'. jr«»t */ 
Werder, m. fmaUiJiA^d. 
"Weifwi, V. 1 <*<Arflo, f*/i r^ifl 
Tbieren) #• «4f/^ , linf^ \ iiiHi . 
(von Holte) , r« fi/f^ 4«Ar^. 
Wcrg, n. r»0. 
Werk, n. mHiom, ieei^ u^rA. 
Werkelug, f. WerknE. 
Werkbaus, n. houft ^ ftr^tmwn^ 
Werkleute, pi. vtorkt^^n- 
Werkmanni m. w^k^^m^- 
Werkmeifter, n. uwr Jl Mdjf f r. 
Werkfchuh, n. /«•#. 
Werkftau, K. Jhop. 
WerkfleUig. vd. .nifticn, t, wj. 


Werkfttiek, n. frtt-^<i^t, 
Werkiag, m. workmf^- i/hjl 
Werkthifiig, a. optrauit, t^rMzim. 
Werkseug, n. injlt^mratf ttaii Mt- 

Wermuih, m. a>#rwfi -rf- 

IWerth, a. i0trth,^ar ; - -Icbi:! ica , 
t0 tktm. ^ 

Wcrtb, n. tt>«rfi, M/«r, 
Weribfcbiitzung, f- t^am. 

Ungatiniti, ttHoui. 
WeitfchweiSgkeii, f. proiUitty, it- 

Weiiriehiig. %. far .Jigktti. 
Weiticn, m. wktat. 
WaitzenMrnta, f. nak**t~hmr^ft, 
Weiitenbier, n. vthtnttn httr. 
Weit^enbrod, n. whiattm irtmi. 
Weitaenkorn. n. whtatem ^ratm . 
Weiiscnanehl, n. wktaltM mtml, 
Weiiacaftroh, n. wheateujlrmu). 
Webber, welcba, %r«lchea, pr. wh«, 

vtkitk, vokat. 
Welcberlet, a. ^ wiaf kind. 
Welk. a. v,Mtrti,fUed, dt€^d. 

Vr>lk«n, «-a.&fl, to tiikitf^^ftdt, 

V/f 1 1 tUMftm 1 1^ . t^if . ttff qf < ruifrr. 

Wril*, r. iiww» kiftmf^f*^. 
U'el^anf&nijlp «. ^Himi^r/-. 
Wcti. m. Jkai.Xji.. 
Wa1^ F. mtridr 

Wrh«LECT, ■ <i^* */ ^^* 9Br(d. 
Wrl|b<;g«h|p'HeT1, r Mjtvritat tvtut. 
Ui^cllbcrUbtnii t./tr irnrfrnrd- 

Wali1)«fiihre3txia|i, f. frnfm-isrufkjf. 

WrlL^«haLi4«f n /iJ4*(/ 41/ <** tfjrW. 

'WvtiKellllUc'hfl, m, pru/at ^i*/. 

WfUtT, IB' Af tftmi U^T. 
IVcUrr , U . wrmiktr ^ Jtrft 

Vl'nE«rra|nii«, (^ 

W«l^':4'lilhnr in. ^rmfkfffmfk. 
W'^iivrlcJutL'hitti, iF^ i , CI wcuerleocl 

WtiiiLtitiiciasti, n. il^hUmtng- 
WmtrU, ir- i. <4 t*itiitri fig. 

WfttjfrOrali], » jfrti>4 ^ iigkHninf(, 

^^itt.rvtIl1Li[ih^ We Ltrrlianiich, a* 

W<ltklugb«u, I. fft,*iHtt, di/trt- 

Wehkfifper, WeUkrcis, m. gUh, 

Wehkugel. f. gloht. 

Wcltknndig, a. notoriomt. * 

Welilauf. m. eour/e of tkt vorU. 

Weltlich, :fitutmTi xaorUly. 

Weltlichkeit, f. fttulartty ; vtorWU 

WeUmann, in. polite wtmni wortd- 

Welimeer, a. oetmn. {^Hifg' 

Weltpriefter, *. Weltgaia)icb«. 

Weltarich, aa. ehmate. 

Welitbeil, m. part qf tkt toorld. 

Weltwetfe, m. & {. pkitofopktr. 

WrUweikbeit, f. pkUofopky, 

Wem, pr« to wkomi Wen. wkom. 

Wendekreii, Wcndesirkel, m. tro- 
pic. J 

Wendeltreppe, f. toekt* ..Jlmirt. 

•Wenden, v. «. to turn ; (ich an 
jeroand ., to apply to fonubody 
Cch aur Rechtcn &c. -, to turn to 
tkt rigkt tie ; aiif ctwas, an jc 
nand^n -, to b'Jiovo upon. 

Wendiing* f- turning, turn. 

Wenig, a. lead. littU,fn»i «in., 
c iiltU. 

ftantt, motttr\ «!«*■ 
no\rt, kuJtU'y d.i I, 
ficknefs \ dai gencii 

rB). tm^at^omy eouttnMaii, 
, is v^tt, Jkarftn. 

, tt u-^M i 6f. to !*«/« 

Bie., tkt 

rr^i, fui. 

, AfiliiTJ>ir.| 

viealtk ;'fein-an ein<'hi ^'Hm ht- 
ben, to rrjidt\ %\t\ M ir^-rn j^b. 
r.ben , to m^ke mu-r. ^i.i ; \ti] 
We rem von etwai miii.iin, tiutnt^ 
ke muck of. 
Werenlot, a. unfuhff^ 
Wefentlicb, a. c/^n 

Werentlicbkeit. f. fJfntinUj.. 
Wefpc, f. vB9jp. 

Wefpenneft, n. xomffi i'^. jL 
Weft, Weffen, pr. t^.^/i. ^ 

Wefihaib, Weftvt-eit.'iJ. takyf 
Weft. m. wtjl, wtj . b.;i>i. 
Wede, f. waijteoet. 
Wellen, ad. wrji. 
WeflerbeoBd, n. ekt-i/''m - fieffi- 
Weftlich. a. w/l, UrJirTt, uj/trfy. 

Weft warn, ad. o«J»uju;r.J. 
Weftwind, m. we/l - 'vind. 
Wette, r. bttt, Quf fr ; ctn Ait » , 

in emutation or tvnt*i-t\irn of. 
Wetteifer, m. tmulAt-^r., wmtfnti<!^ 
Wetteifern. ». n. rn m^ttni,, tw:,- 

tote, vie. 
Wetten, v. a.&n. r^i i^tgrr- 1 i*3, 

ket, kotd • veogtr. 



Wi< lifcn, 

^itar iiith fcitom. 
WifhiiH, a. \iit\ffkiyi of die uieigkti' 

•ftrtimti of farjifueneem 
Wirhii|s;NEa^ r. vMgkit imfartMce, I 


WickdluM, p./fniking elamti. \ 

fiE^kcljiintl , n, thUi In /tamtUng i 

WicliEktai Vn.a, fg ut^iflrj^; in et> 
wM^i <' b-ra^ b^, rttbr*/ t ein | 

fCind-j imfoiaidii^ llch aus etner 
SprkK -< r? wMTicatt wnm*t /e{f, 
Wicltciic^ke, n. f\i.-o4ihns el^atM. 

Wtddar, «i, nm 

WMdert tjr|i. agminjf, zmntretry U. 
WidErbcilen, v. r^ t^ fwntrrndtd. 
Wifterrahrcnp *+ q. r^ A»PP"i, ta 

WidEVh-ifTfl, o tM« 

Widi!t]n»Su m. f*ek^ 

Wiatth^hvn, V.9- tt k*U Uek, 
WidfjlEHcn, v^ * I* t^nfuttt refute, 
\Vi4srle|j,itch^ »- firn/nral/e. 
WidtM^fLLtiBf f. fwr/uitiiom, tefu- 

Widci-Tich, a. fjJ^Jjiir. nmufeoms. 
WidEflkl^keh, f* itdioufneftf «««. 




WiJcr^Mien, *. a. t» AfuUe, 
WhdErrjit^icb* a. j//fg*'. 
VrifitrrrtbUirtkrit, f. iHegoliijr. 

Will^^TTciti-, i. fDitTtiiaion. 

•WldBrTufth* '."^irt- <» recmmtt 

\\'LJtiTutlir>ip, ■■ ftf *f recanted. 
\\iilririffcei,,l» <ii^i*f*ryt untago. 



ndcrfehein, i. Wicdtrfdicin. 
cb Widerrctsen, *. r. to •ppofc- 
INderfetslich, a. opfofitt. 
ndcrfetzlicbkeit, I. apptjlitnefi. 
K^it^erfetauagi f. opfofitioU' 
Viderfinn, m. ntmjtnft. 
H^iderfinnigt •• nanf€i\fic»l> 
VidetfpMnftig. a. TtJrtR^ry^ t^/H- 

note, ptrver/e, comtum»<i»mj . 
A^idcrfpMnfltgkcit, (. o^Hmty, con. 

tumarj^. it^'*' 

IViderfpiel, n. contrary, ttmnttr. 
tWidcrfprecbeo, v. n. t»€»ntrmAS, 

WidcHjprecher, m. etntraiiSet. 

Widerforucb, in. eontraSfhen. 

Widerftand, m. rtfifitnct, opfofHrn. 

•Widerftehen , v. n. to wityl*nJ, 
gmimjland, refi/l, ofpoft } e« wl- 
dciftckt mir , it mom't go down 
ftUk mt. 

Widerfiehlich, a. rtfiJMU. 

Wi4erftrcb«n, ▼. n. to opfoft, rifijt. 

Widerftrcben, o. rtfifttnc*. 

«WidcrflreUen, v. a. to difputt, con. 

WiderwKnjg, a. contrary, mdver/e, 
I rro/si,pit9iJk. * 

WiderwXrdgkeit, f. aivcrfity. 
Widcrwille, m. grnist, ill. wUl. 
Widman, v. a. to dedicate, devote. 
Wldrig. a. eomtrary ; ma»/tons. 
"Widrigkeit, f . contrariety j nauft' 

Wic, ad. kovt c. as. 
'Wiedehopf, m. vakoop, hoop. 

IWlcder, ad. again, anevo, afr*^. 
•WiedarbeilMn, v. a. to hitt in re. 
•Wiederbekommca , 

a. to get 
to return. 

*Wiederbringan , ▼. a, 

Viederbringlich, a. retritwaHe. 
K^edererionerung, f. rtcolieffion. 
Wicdarerfiattung, f. repayment, n 
' turn, rejlitution. 
<^WiederfindeD, v. a. to J!nd afiat 

Virderfurdcro, v. a. to redemand. 
I^'iedergabe, f. reddition. [rate. 
•VViedergebSbfen , v. a. to regene. 
•Wiedergcben, v. a, to return, re- 
.Jtore, redeliver. 
Wiedogeboten, a. regenerate, 
Wiedergebun, f. regeneration. 
WiedergUCnxcn, v. n. to gl^er, JkU 

me bright 
Wieder^aCien, v. a. to re/atuie, re- 
^ turn one's faluie. 
^iederbali, m. echo, rtettuiig. 
wicdcrhallen, ▼. n. to eckof receko. 
hViederherftcUong, f. rejauration, 

ViederholeOt v. a. to re0ai. 

iViederholung, f. repetmpn. 

>^ed«rkMuen , v. n. & •. to tktw, 
tkew the cud, ruminatt. 

inmlerkaufca, ▼. a. t*rcpi&chafc, 

My •£•*»' f 


Wiederkebr, f. return. 
Wiederkehren, v. n. to return. 
WiederkomiDaB , t. n. to come 
iaci, return. 
Wiederkanft, f. returning, return. 
•Wied«mabmen« v. a. to retake. 
Wiederragen, v. a. to teU again. 
Wicderfchall, m. echo, refiun^ng. 
Wirderrchallcn, v. n. to rtfound. 
Wiederichein, n. refulgence. 
Wiedeifchicken, •Wicdcrrendcn, v. 

a. to fend bach, 
Wi'ederti(ur«T, a. anahaptift. 
Wiedendncn, v. n. to refound. 
Wiedemm, ad. again, ant\», afyefi. 
Wicder •vergeltcn, v. a. to retaliate. 
Wiederveigeitung, f. retaliation 
Wicdenrcrgehungsrechi, n. rig^t of 

rttatiatien. ^ 

Wiega, f. cradMt. 
Wiegen, v. a. to rock. 
•Wicgen, v. a. & n. to weigk, 
Wieganlied. o. iuUafy. 
Wi^crn, v. n. (• noigk, 
Wicfe, f . meado». 
Wierd, n. vseafei, neexel. 
Wiefenwacbf, m. meadows. 
Wievielfte, a. der, die-, who of the 

Wiewohl, c. tkougk, although, koxo. 

Wild, a. uald,favag,e, fierce. 
Wild, n. ganr, deer, vcnifen. 
Wildbaho, f. Une tkrougk aforefl, 

kunting . place, 
WildbratMi , Wildprcubratcn , m. 

rocjlcd- venifon. 
Wilddi^, m. poacher. 
Wildf#)g, m. game caught^; kare • 

hroMed fellow. 
WlWbeii, f. wiUnefs, fercentft, fa- 

Wildkafb. n. deer, calf, 
Wildmeifter, m. verderer, 
WildnetB, n. deer .hay. 
Wildnifs, f. Kildtrnefs. 
Wildpcrn, v. o. <« have the fmtU ^ 

Wfldprct, n. game, deer, venifon. 
[drcfaadan, m. damage 'caufed hy 




Wille, m. U){//; mk ., o* purpofe, 
v^ully ; WiUcns •ttyn, to have 
Jmnd, intend I einem xu.vfeyn, 
^comply nitk. 

TViltfabreo, v. a. to comply wUk. 

WiUfahrig, a. complaifant, com 

WillfMhrigkah, f. cemplaifamci, com. 

Willfabrung, f. compliance, actum, 

WillkBhrlich, a. arhltruhU, arhU 

Wiatmcln, r. n. to faarm wUk, h 

crowded, full of. 
WimmcrD, v. n. to whimper. 
Wimpcl, f. pennon, pendant, Jheom 

iiper, f. eye.lafk. 
WincI, m. wind'. .madieB, fig. to 

hrag. boaji of. 
Windbeiual, m. hoafler, 
Windblafa. f. wlnd.ktadder. 
WinJbruch, m. windfall ', J. triad, 

WindbUchfe. f. air. gun. 
Winde, f. pulley, draw, team l 
windlc, ilade ; (cine Pflanxe) win* 
der. . 
Winiei, n. wind. egg. ~ - 
Windel. f. fwaddtiugclotk. 
Windelkind. a. Wickelkind. 
Windeln, r. u. to fwathe,f waddle. 
Windelfchnur, f. fwaddlingband. 
'Winden, v.a. to wimdi die HKn. 

dc ., to wring one's tUuuU. 
Windfackcl, f. torch. 
Windfahne, f. weathercock. 
Windrang, m .folding - fcreen. 
Windhund, m. WiodTpicl, b. grey. 

Windig, a. windy. 
Windlade . f. chefl ^ the found.- 

board ^ an organ. 
Winalocb, n. vent-hole. 
Windmacher, m. braggart, boajler. 
WiodmeUer, ro. T. aMcmomttcr. 
WindmUhle, f. wind- mill. 
WindmQUer. m. wind, miller. 
Wiylpiflole, f. air . pi/lol, 
Windpocke, f. wind- pock, 
Windr6brc, I. wind. pipe. 
Windrcbaden, m. damage catfed bj 

Windrcbief, a. warped, cafi. 
Windfchirm, m.foUtitg-fcrttn. 
Windfeiie, f. tee. 
Windaill, a. c^m. I 

WindfttUe, f. calm. 
Windfucbt, f. tympany. 
Winduhg, i. winding, volume. 
Windweifer, m. ancmoftope. 
Wink. m. hint', (mit deA Augan) 
winh\ (mitdcnKopfe} rm/} (aaik 
der Hand) beckoning. 
Winkel, m. angle; comer, nooh. 
Winkel^c, f. hedge-marriage. 
Winkeleifca, Wiakelmaff, a. iron* 

Willig, a. wiUing,/ree, reaiy. 

en. *. BewilUgeti & fii 

Willigkeit, f. wUllngnefs, readinefs. 


Willkommen, a. welcome, mdmet. 
Willkummen, m. reception, welco- 

me', etumfy drinking . cup. 
WillkUir, r. Millt, arhiirtrintfc. 

\^Kclhakea, m. T. eompojingm 

Winkelig, a. angular, cornered, 
Winkelpredigcr. m. hedge, preacher* 
Winkelrccbi, a. right, angular. 
Winkelfchule, f. kedgi .Jikool. 
WinkeUug, m.Aift,trUh. 
Winkcn, v. a.&n. to hint i M 

wink ', to nod', to btthon. 
Vt^inrdn. V. n. to wail, moan, 
Wintet', m. winter. 
Wimcrabapd, M. mlnttr -itiint^* 

•fli wit 

WiDterarb«U, f. winter .Imhur, 
Winterbirn, f. wMer-ptmr 
Wintcrgetrcide, Wimtrkoro , n. 

mtnter. <-#rn. 
Wi merge wiicbt, n- vrimttr - pUnt. 
'Winterhad, a. 'wintry. 
Winicrholc, n. miHttr . viooi. 
Wiaterklcid, n. mint€r .infs, gsr. 

Winiermonai, m. winttr. month, 
Winiern, v. n. to grout winter. 
WSnterobft, n. winttr -fruit. 
Winterquanier, n. winttr .^umrtrrtt 
Wimerrofe, f. Moljr.koft. Mj-r»/t. 
Winterreiie, f. nortk.fidt. 
Winccrug, m . vAnter . dmy. 
Winterwetteri n. vamttr. wtathtT' 
Winterzeit, f. winttr ./tafon. 
Winzcr, in. vkmt.irtfftr. 
Wincig, a. pttty^ fmrnUf me. 
Wipfel, m. top. 
Wippc, f. itink\ .der Miiazeo, 

WippcB, V. a. Geld., to clip. 
Wippcr, m. clipper. 
Wippgalgsn, a. gikM. 
Wir, pr. UK t w <«lbft. we our. 

irfoel, m. wkirl, vorttj, ; (Schei. 

tel) crown i (an den Saiteninaru. 

menten ) peg. 
Wirbclbcin. n. turning. joiMti . 

dcfl ROckgraie*, vertefr: 
Wirbclbaft, Wirbclig, a. verUgi. 

Wirbeln, v. n. to trAJr/j (»on den 

VSgcln) to warbU: 
Wirbclwind, n. whirl, wind, tor. 

Wirked.v.n. to work, optratf\ 

a. to work, eftff, eftffuatei den 

Teif., to kncmd'y SirUiupfe., tt 

miUfiockingj i (weben) to wtave. 
Wirkllcb, a e««a/. real, true. 
Wirklichkeit, f. afluatntfi, remUty. 
Wirkfam, a. workinn, ««'««» ope- 

rniixn, effHivt, *Jita<iout. 
Wirkfaoikeii. f. tgifaey. 
Wirkung, f. t/ta, optrntion, nOion. 
Wirkungtkreit,iD. province, fpkere. 
Wirren, v. a. to tntangie. 
Wirrtcarn, n. entmnglei thread. 
Wirrfeidc, f. rtfmft of filk. 
Wirrflrob,n.A«w h^'*8 •«' flf*'' 

Wirrvrarr, m* confufion, hurly-burly. 
Wirih, m. tmndlord. hoft, innhtepe-i 

hujband'. mojltr of Ike hou/e 
Winhin. r. k^e/s. mlire/s, U , 

dyi lady of the hou/e. . •* 

Wirtbrchart, r. knfianiry, tnnkeep. 

WinhlchaFien, v. a. to keep mm Imi; 

to kujkund. 
Wirthrchafier, m. kujbmni. 
Wirihrchafdicb.'a. kyjkandlng. 
WmhshaiM, n. jFrn, tmvem, alr-Aen* 

drag, ettnti ftf 

Wfe, kter.kou/e. 
ifch, a. v^i/t, 


Mnrcben, r. a. to wife, wkijk ; v. 

n. davon., to Jlip away 
Wifchcr, a. wi *•, (Vemcis) cui/e. 
Wifohlappen, m. mot clout. 
WiicliKich, n. wiping tlout. 
Wifoel, m. ■4 htjkrtt. 
Wifpern, v. a. 8t u. to wh>ffer. 
Wifthcgierde, t dt^re of knowledge 
Wifibegieng, a. dtjlrous if hnowinfi 
•Wiflen, V a &n to Ammii; urn 

etv«ak •, to he frivy to; . •laSeo, 

to fend word i zu . •ihun. to mu. 

kt one to iMM»| einea Daok., 

to take wtU, k ndly. 
Wiflrn, n. knowingi aeinei Wir. 

fcn*. tknt I know ff \ ail - and 

Willen, knowingly 
Wi<T<Mircbaft. r. knowledge, feience. 
W.flWnfcha^Uicb. *. fitntifital. 
WiflentUch, a. anewm^, wil^. 
Wiftinutb, a. tinglu/t, ki/mutk. 
Wiiiern, v. n. to tkumder ) v. a. to 

Wiitening, f . memtker ; ( Gerocb ) 

Wiitwe, f. widow % cine 

Wittwenicbalt, a. donry. 
Wittwenfiu. a. widow't/eat, f/Ute. 
Wiiiwenfland, m. ttduity , widow. 

Wiuwentraucr, f. : idow'j meeds. 
Wiitwer, a. wUawer. 
Witz, a. wit, Wittinefs. 
Witzelei, r. wttttnjm. 
Witzein, v. n. U make ^fe ^ wit. 

Wiizi({, a. witty, ingenious, mitted. 
Wiizif rn, v. a. to track wit, 
Witzling, a. wtt, witling. 
V' wktrei cif, tn cafe. {of. 
Wobei, ad whertky, whereto, wherf. 
Woche, f week, fennigkt ; die Wo. 

chen, pi. a woman'* lying in ; fie 

Ite^'t in ., Jhe is lying in. 
Wochenbefuch , a. vifit to a wo* 

man lying in. 
Wochenheu, n. ekUd.ked. 
Wocbenceld, n. weekly pay. • « 
Wochenkind, n. new. horn ckUf 
Worhenlohn, n. weekly pay. ^ 
WocbenRube, ff. room IT * »«#•» 

lying in. I 

Wochenag, ra. day ^ tke n^. 
Wocheiitlicb, a- weekly. ^^^ 

Worhenweife, at*, iv '■Uy. ^ 

Wdcbnerin, f. woman lying in. 
Wocken,a. t Rocken,Spinnn>cken. 
Wodurch. ad. wktrtky, 
Wofern, c. if, in eafe ofi. nlcht, 

WofUr, ad. wkerrfore , /or wkat, 

Woge, f. HUoWy wave. 
Wogegen, ud. agkbf^ or far mkat. 
Wogig, a. wavv. 
Woher, ad. whence. 
Wobin, ad. wkiter. 
Wohl, ad. wtUi air ift ., /«« wetl} 
l«bcnSic../are meUt 



WoU, n. meal, good, Un^. 
Wobltcbtbar. a. rtfpeaed, ^fUemti. 
Woblan. i. go to I wetil come m' 

wohlan denn ! well ne« / 
Wohhinftindig, a. meU- kecomig,k- ' 

WobUnflbndigkeit, f. deeenej. 
Woblbedacht, a. well, eonjidered. 
Woblbediicbtig. ad. conjlderately. 
Woblbefindcn, n. ie„.g well. 
Wohlbeleibt, a. corpulent. 
Wohledel. Wobledelgeboren. Sir- 
Web lehrwUrdig. a. reverend. 
Woblergchen, n. meUkeing, proff*. 

Wohlerzogen, a. well. bred. 
Wohlfahrt, f. uieal, pro/peritj, kap. 

WubUeil. a. rfee*, 
Woblfeilheii, f. ckea ne/r. 
Wohlgebildct a ' meti .fornstt. 
Wofalgeborcn, Sir. 
Wohlgefallen, n. Hking melt, plea. 

Wohlgeaeint, a. well . intended. 
Wobl^eauib, a umU. humoured. 
Woblgeratben, a. weld, bred, wtU- 

Woblgenich, a. fweet /cent. 
Wohlgefchaack, a. dtltetoms taJU, 

Wchl^czogcn, a. weil.educmted, bred. 

Wohlhabcnd, a. warm, opuiewt. 

Wobllclang, a. eupkony. 

Woblleben, n. kigk.lffe. 

Woblineinend, a. aJftfUonate, 

Woblrcdcnhcic, f. elofue^rt. 

Wohlfchmack, i. Wohlgcfchaark. 

Wohlfeyn, n. welfare, pr of ferity. 

Wuhlftand. m- dtcenry % prafptrity. 

Wobhhai, f. benefit, favonr. 

WohhhSter.a. benefa^o^, favourer. 

Wob!ihi(ferin, f. benefaSre/i. 

Wohltbiiug. a. ben^rent, charUmblt. 

Woblthifiigkcit, f. ken^eenet, eta 

Wohlihun. v.a. to da nxlf; to bt- 

Wohlverbalten, n. good eondud. 

oWoblwollen, ▼. n. to «■•> maU. 

Wohlwollen, n benevolence. 

Wohnbar. a. hakitaUe. 

Wobnen, v. n. to live, dmeti, abide, 
re&de, lodg,. 

Wobnhafi, a living, dneUing, abid- 
ing, lodging ■ 

W^nhaiu, n. dwelling . koufe. 

Wohpplatz, m. dwelltng.placi 

Wohnftube, f. day. room " 

Wohnikg, f- dwelling, domkU, abo- 
de, mU*****' lodging. 

Wolbert, '».m. to vault, artk. 

Wolbiing^ f. vault, arck. 

Wolf, m* wolf, pi. wolves i (torn 
Rcitcn) ^itlow. • » 

Wdlfin. f. Ji*u wolf. 

WolBfch, a. wolvfjk, 

Wolftbund. JB. woif dog. 

Wolfshungefc a. hungry ^ev. ^ 



MTolftjvBd, f. ciMft for Uolves. 
^Volftpels, n. fur of walvts, 
Wolke, f. ehud. 
'Wdlken. v. a. /• tltwi, 
Wolkcnbrach, m. rain •fp»ut' 
^VolkcnhimiDcI, in. w(/«iii. 
Wolkcnfitale, f. pOlmr •/ « doui. 
VToIkig, a. cUfiyt tioudti. 
Wollc, f. »»«/ 
"Wollen, a. viooUn. 
•WoUva, V. n. to uUi, U ht »<//• 

'Wollen, B. vtlitim. 
Wbllcnhandel, m, dealing in »««/. 
WollcBhiindler. Wollenwebcr, id. 

tDM/rn . draftr. 
Wollichi, Wollig, a. vatoly. 
Wollkrifinpel, f. nrd. 
Wollmarki, m. wtfi.mmrktt. 
Wolllack.B. W09t-fatk, utoi-pmtk. 
Wollfchur, t. JUariHSi JUaring. 

Wolirpinoer. m. wool -fplnner. 
WoIKpinnerin, f. vso^ -ffinjltr, 
WoUoA, f. v9lufiu»nfmt/t,/tmftMti. 

WollUAig, a. vUufiuous, •emtreouf, 
I Mifmi, libidinous, fenfual. 

WnUOAIing. m. voluptumry. 

WoUuftTmicH. r. ventfft di/taft. 

Womit, ad. uJurtvMk, hy im^. 

Wonne, f. dellgkt, Joy i kti/s. 

WoonemoBai, in. fioy, 

Wonnig, a delicious. 

Viov%7\, ad. taker rat, wkirihy, 

'W'^rau,*, «d. wkereon, wkertto. 
'.- Worao,', ad. from takai , vAiek, 
mkereoif, out of tokuk. 

Worein, td. tvkereinto, into tnicf. 

Worfcln, ». a. /» fan, winnow. 

'WorfCcUtatl, f.fnn. 

"W or fttn:%t,.f. funning. floor, 

"Worgta, *. «. to keck. 

Wotin, id. wkerein, in wkithf im 

Wornacli, ad. mfttr wkUi. 

Won, n. nordi von . au ., ntri*. 
tim. ver Sally. 

Wanerhucl, n. diSlonary, Itjiicon. 

WonforCchtr, m. etymotogj/l. 

'WonforfcboiW. (. etymology. 

'WortfUgung, f. fyntam. 

'WbngepraCnge, n. pompous w»rdt. 

Wortklaubcr, m. eritit. 

Wofftkram, m. verhofity. 

Wdrtlicli. a. yOfhal, literal. 

WortregiAer, n. indtn rf words. 

Wonreich, a. copious. 

Wonfpiel, n. pun, fuikUe, 

Wonflreit, n>. logomacky. 

HSMrtverftand, m. liter ml frnft. 

Wortwccblel, m. MfpuU. 

wtfrfibcr, ad. wkerttt, whtrtaioui, 
wtereoH, wkereover. 

Woninter, ad. wktrtuMitr. 

Wofelbft, ad. wktre. 

Wovon, ad. wkere<ff, of wkUk. 
V/inat, ad. before ivAkA, from wkmt. 
W a, ad. ukeremt, whereto, whtrt' 
.tk.fmr wkici, wk»t* 
". II. 

Wuchet, m. ufury, 
Wucheter, m. nfurer. 
Wiichethaft, a. ufurious. 
Wuchern, *. ^ & a. to prtQlft ufu. 

ryi to tkrive, pro/per. 
Wucin, m. growtk ; Jkspt. 
Wudein, V. n. to wrf. 
WUhlen, y.n 6i». todig, tkrnt up. 
Wulft, m.fmrdingal. 
Wund. a. galled, fretted. 
Wundarzenei, f. vulnerary , 
Wundarceneikunft, f. furgery. 
Wundarzt, m. furgeon- 
Wiindbaliaip, m. vulnerary kat/am, 
Wimde, f. kurt, wound. 
Wondeifen, tt. found, pr ok*. 
Wander, n. woUier, miracle. 
Wunderbar, a. wondrous, mirmeu. 

Wunderding, n. praAgg, wamdraus 

Wundergabe, t. faeutty ^f perform. 

fng miracles. 
Wunderglaube, n. keHef im won- 
ders, miracles. 
Wnudcrkind, n. wondrams tkMd. . 
Wnndcrkrart, f. wonder . working 

Wunderlicb, •• Jhangi; fremkijk, 

Wundcrn,v. 1. & fich ., v. r. la wm. 

der, ke ^/^on*Jhed, amaxed. 
Wunderiun, a. miraculous, frodu 

underfehen. ad. eMtraordimarily 
rare. ~ j 

Wunderihatcr, . m. dotr ar ftrfor. 

me' of miracles. 
WunderihXtig, a. miraeulami, 
Wunderibicr, n. monjt^r. 
Wundervoll, a. jvoisJcrftU. 
Wunderwerk, n.muracU. 
Wundcrzeicben, «. prodigy. 
Wundficbcr, n. wound .fever. 
Wundpflafter, n. wound . plajler. 
Wundfalbe, f. v^erary MagMlitf. 
Wundwaflcr, n. vulnerary water. 
Wunrch, at. wijk. , 

WUnlchelruibr, f. dittnatory waad. 
WUnfchen, v. a. to wljk. 
WUrde, f. dignUy, konour. 
WUrdern, v. a. to value, rate, 
WUrdig, a. wortkyi tflimakU. 
WUrdigcn, v. a. to deign i tavatat, 

WUrdigkcii, f. worthinefs. 
WUrdigung, f. deigning j ^Imaiion. 
Wurf, m. eajl, tnrow j (von Thic 

ren) litter. 
WUrrel. m. dU, pi. dice; T. cuke. 
WUrfelig, a. eukic,, tmkicali cktcke. 

WUrTeln, v. a. (».^(UZcttge&c.) 

to ckecker, 
WOrfclfpiel, iw dki|f. 
Wurfgam, Waiuetk^ o. tm/l.iut* 
WurTDfeil, n. darf. 
Wurffpicrs, m.javeliM. 
WUrgen, v. a. to Jh-amtt€$ tkHki 
Fedarvicb., ta kill. 

Jjargengel, m. d,^a,ing mgal. 
WUrger, m. JhangUr. ' " 
WUtken, «. Wirken, 
WuraB, m. worm, vermin, reptOe* 
Wurmarat, m. fuack, mammtekastk. 
Wurmen, v. I. to ve*,/ret, U*u. 
Wurmrfenx, f. vermifuge. • 
WurmlBnalg, a. urm^farm. 
Wurm g a. fig maggotty. 
Wutmloch, n. worm . hole. 
Wuroimehl, n. worm-duM. 
Wurroichneider, m. Ae tA«# warm 

a dog. • 

Wurmflicbig, a. warm y eaten. 
^;^Tii, f faufage, puditng. 
Wurllreiter, m. parafite. 
WurOTuppe, f. pudding, krotk. 
WUr.e. t./puti (bci denBra.i«o) 

Wurael, f. too*. 
Wurzclnann^ m.JSmpUr. 
Wuraeln, v. n. to root, radUaU. 
WUraen, v. a to feafom,fpUe, 
Wdrabaft. a./pu}, iron^Mc. 
WUrxhandel, WUrskram, m. gra- 

WUrshlndler, WBKktImer. a. 

WUraladen, n. grocer's Jkap. 
WUranelke, f. clove, 
Wuft. an. filth, fmut,dirt, naJUne/s. 
Wttil. a. unkakited, wajle > wUd, dlf. 

WUfte, WUftcnei, f. defart, wilder. 

nefs, waflc. 
WUflling, m. J^dtkrift, dt/Tolute 
ft How. • 

WuHunc, r. w^e.tand. 
Wutb, f. ragcfttry. 
Wbthen, V. n. to foam, t 

Wdtberig, m. outrageous fellow, 

W&thig, a. mad, forming, raging, 


Zach, ••. Zlhe. 

Zkcke. 1. Zecke. 

Zacken, m. tootk, prang, Hne. 

Zacken, v. a. to tootk, indent. 

Zackig, a. toothed, indented. 

Zagen, v. n. to ke dismayed, dis. 

Zaghaft, a dljkeartened, timorous. 
Zaghafiigkeit, f. timorous difpeJU 

ZHht, a. tough, atfcaut, ctmmmjf, it. 

naciout, ropy. 
ZVhbcit, r. tougknefs,UfcoJSty, clam- 

minefs, ropinefs, tenacity. • 
Zahl, r. nuinke^i cipktr, 
Zablamt, n. pay - dha. 
Zablbar. a. paJaU*. * 

ZXblbar, a. numerakU. 
Zihlbret, n. counting . katri, 
Zablen, v. a. to pay. 
Zidilen, v.a» to caunt, nUmktr. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

"' 1 



, m. My**'- 

ZHbltT, m. T. RiiM 
Z%blfigur. f. cifktr. 
Eabloteifter, 'm. fajmi^/ltr, 
Zablpfenaig, m <ounter. 
Zahlraicbt a. numertiu. 
Zabltag, m. pajf^- • 

ZaWung, f *•>*.#, p^ymnt. 
Zahiwocbc, f . vttk far 
Zablvron, a numitr. 
ZabiD, a. Umt, mUi. 
Zibmbar, %yiompt*hlt. 
Zitbinen, v. a. to 4mm, *tmifyi «>» 

Pferd ., t0 brtmk a ktr/t. 
Zdhmung* f • tmming* 
Zabn, n. Uttki ( ao UtUrn ftc. ) 

dinttls, itntuUt. 
Zabnarst, m. inti/t. 
Zahobrecbot, n. toMh . hrtmktr. 
Zahnan, t.n. U irui Uitki v. IT. 

t0 deni. 
Zahnen, n. dtntM0m, 
Za^nflcifcb, n. gum. Jam* 
ZabDbdbie, f. to»tk.k»U- 



Zi(bn;g.,a. to0tkidt dntti. 
ing ^tkt ttttk. 


I, n. tkstttrbtf or gmmjk' 

Zahnlott a. ttotkli/t. 
ZabnlOcke, f. Uttk -Mtpifg' 
ZahnlUckif , a. ttotktijt. 
Zabnpulvtr, n. to»tk.ptniir» in- 

tr^. ' 

Zabnrchmerzcn, pi. Zahowcb, n. 

Zahnlcbniti, n. T. itnttU dtnttde.. 
Zabnaocber, m. UotkpUktr. 
«KU>re, f. itar. 
Zange, f. tongs, pmir ^ ttngt i (b«l 

den Pferden) gatktrtrs. 
ZXngatdMB, B. nipptrs, pimctrt, 
ZaBk, n ' "^ 

. fwmrrtl, wrmmgh, aiUrtm- 

Hon, far. 
Zankeiren, b. arrmni vJxrw. 
Zankan, ». o. to fuarrtl, mrangU, 

•iitremU, Jmr ; ficb ., to /aU out 

witk, to iifputt. 
Zitaktf, IB. wramgkr, fumrrtUer, 
ZMnkerei, f. mUercmtiom, eomt^. 
Zlnkifcbi a. fuaml/omt. 
Z»nk(ucht, f. iiuirrei/ome«&Jp0fitioH. 
Zaokflkbtif, a. tiUg^tu, fmrrtl- 

ZXprcbea, B. utuU. 
ZapTen, m faueel, tMp ; (an Gao. 

men) keck, giottis. 

Zapfea', v. a. to Up, drsm. 
- - ■ b, B. /«i • 

ZMfenioch, b. /auett-kOt, imp- 

ZapfaaAieicb, m. tattoo. 
Zapfar, m. taf/ler. 
Zappeln, t. n. to/jpravtti to iremUt 
Zan, a. tendir, fnft\ wtak ; deii. 

ZardMii, r. ttndtrntft, wtakmtfi, dt. 

ttt^O't Aftnt/s. 
ZInlich, a. ttndtT*M*» <#(>"'««'<j 

fond, amorous. . « ^ . 

ZXrtlicbkcit, f. ttndm^fs, fttftut/s^ 

^"tUng, n. ttniirtiMgt/omdUmt. 

Zar«r. t.Jlkrf. 

Zarerig, a. featdng, futMing. 

ficb Zafarn, ». r. to /tax*, /ujui. 

Zifpel, f. Jkaln,JLin. 

Zauber, m. ckarm' tmckantmtnt. 

Zaubcr«i, ,f. ckarms, enekantment, 

mmgie, nttromancy, for eery. 
Zaubcrar, m. tkarmer, mogman, en. 

tkafyttr, neeromanrtr^ /oreerer. 
Zauberin, f. enekantre/s, wUck. 
Zaub«rircb,a. ekmrming, entkantiug, 

Zauberkraft, Zaabcrkunft, f. wUek' 

Zanberlateme, (. magU lantern. 
Zaubern, *. a. to fpell, ekarm, em' 

ckant, u/e mtckcraft. 
Zauberiing, m. wugu ring. 
Zauberrpiegel, n. magie mirror. 
Zauberftab, m. magic wand or rod, 
Zaubcrnimmc, ( enckanting voice. 
Zauberiraok, n. pkilter.